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  1. Nice! Just wondering do we have already feature like this yet in Tennis court gaming?
  2. Hi sup man! Long time no see 😎

  3. Username: Ssiregar90 Comment: Never been there but might try after reading the review!
  4. Username : Ssiregar90 Comment : That place is awesome, nice cake and drinks. Shout out to my good friend who works there, EVE!
  5. This thread is amazing! Amazed and funny at the same time! haha
  6. Rest in Peace brother

  7. Name: Ssiregar90 Movie 1: Back to the future Movie 2: Hercules
  8. Rating : ★★★★★ Username : Ssiregar90 Comment : Definitely Crème de la crème (the very best I ever met)
  9. Name: S.Siregar Comment: Shit I need to keep the old habit, not to gamble too much!
  10. It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end -Ernest Hemingway Terima kasih and "SAMPAI JUMPA" PS: Click the link above if you interested joining our society and next adventure of us!
  11. Rating : ★★★★★ Username : Ssiregar90 Comment : I got my imported luxury watches here. Friendly and responsible staff! Definitely gonna recommend this to LS people!
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