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  1. That's exactly what I thought about while making this thread. But, I wanted to see how people reacted if I suggested or at least discussed about a full-on racetrack instead(If that intention makes sense lol). I had a slight dilemma about this while making this thread, not gonna lie. I originally tried posting it to suggestions but I asked a friend and told me maybe this can fit more in the General Discussion's forum section(Which I don't blame him, I also thought it would be more fitting).
  2. I have an idea about the Maze Bank Arena/Stadium. So, here goes; Map a legal racetrack located in the interior of the Maze Bank arena. Maybe reuse the demolition derby interior from the Arena War update and furbish it so that it resembles a proper racetrack? Why I have this idea? Well, honestly it'll help with the current car community of GTA:W. In order to go racing, whether you like it or not, you have to either go for illegal racing in the countryside/outskirts/canyons or join the current legal motorsport events such as ASCOSA. I believe that with this addition, it can be a good training grounds for people in the racing scene(maybe just normal car enthusiasts in general) and a cool hang out spot. I would like to add that if a suggestion like this were to get added, I'll most probably like it to be after GTA:W goes 1.1. I know rendering and sync for 0.3.7 isn't the greatest thing in the world. I'd like to know what feedback I'll get from this idea!
  3. Lemme just chime in. The main concern I have is that Just that what @Misuu had said, this is not how cars work. The main purpose to maintain a car in the 1st place is to give it a longer life. Ideally, maintaining your car won't require as much repair on its parts. ((credits: https://magazine.northeast.aaa.com/daily/life/cars-trucks/benefits-maintaining-vehicle/)) In the process of the maintenance you would most probably change out the faulty parts, so really car maintenance, or maintaining a vehicle in general wouldn't work that way. Though, even if you maintain it properly and whatnot, the car would still wear down but at a very slow and minor pace, so; suggestions like this would be more viable.
  4. Short description: Make /bad(and other sub-commands, /badblip, etc.) for public use. Detailed description: Make it so that /bad can be used by people who are non-donators. As of the current status, you must need gold donator or higher to gain access to the /bad command. Now while that may be negated by just... donating yourself, there are people in GTA:W that love and support the server, though they don't want to spend their money on the donator perks because - A. They don't have a bank account(maybe underaged), or B. They want to spend their money on something else. So really, it's a lose-lose situation. Commands to add: - Items to add: - How would your suggestion improve the server? Well, you don't have to 100% depend on other people to place the blip and the business advert for your business. This can cause problems because maybe your friend needs to do something else, and because of that, half of the time you'll just end up not opening the business. My main character is a mechanic at a garage, and most of the time I want to open the garage by myself or with a friend who works at the same garage, just that I'm screwed if that other friend is not a donator and maybe the other friends who has gold donator or above. So, in my eyes, making it available for non-donators would be a quality of life addition. Sure, it would be a bit of a sucker punch to the people who just got the donator perks just to gain the access of /bad, but a change like this can be a life-changer. This would also improve the server by making it less Pay-2-Win-esque to a certain extent. Additional information: I'm not good that good suggestions so if any tweaks or whatever should be added or removed, I'm all ears.
  5. Day 1 - October 5th, 2020. Day 2 - The Next Day (October 6th, 2020) Day 3 - The Shipment (7th October, 2020) Btw it's kinda long so bear with me lol Day 4 - The Engine Rebuild (8th October, 2020) Meant to edit them yesterday but I had to sleep shortly after doing the screens rip Day 5 - Engine Swappin'(Parts 1/2) (12th October, 2020) With a bit of help from his buddies. Day 6 - Engine Swappin'(Parts 2/2) (12th October, 2020) By far, the longest I've made Day 7 - Test Drive (13th October, 2020) Day 8 - Gaugin' and Brakin'(Parts 1/2)(19th October, 2020) Day 8 - Gaugin' and Brakin'(Parts 2/2)(19th October, 2020) Day 9 - ???(??? October, 2020)[WIP] Day 10 - ???(??? October, 2020)[WIP] Day 11 - ???(??? October, 2020)[WIP]
  6. It can be possible. However, the people with the toastiest of PCs would suffer a lot considering how much mapping your PC has to load for the game.
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