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  2. petition to get tomatoz removed from staff till this is at 20 2
  3. With the browser popups being as buggy as they were and causing issues, I don't support this. IMO there is nothing wrong with tabbing out and opening a window. Heck, you could even shift tab on steam and use the steam web browser.
  4. Had a quick read over this. Very informative guide and everyone with intention of rping in the jail should read this.
  5. really fucking like this concept
  6. INTERIOR DESIGNER NEEDED Hi! I'm looking for an interior designer to come to my apartment and spice it up! I'm after a modern take on the beach front apartment I own! If you think you can provide me with a service I'll be happy with feel free to contact me! (details will be at the bottom of this advert) If you have previous work I would love to see it. Location is Ocean Front Walk. Top story apartment with a balcony overlooking the beach! Specifics, budget/payment & floor plans can be discussed privately. Contact info 5165841 J
  7. Yoak

    Crazy White Boys

    this is hot as fuck, love the screens keep them coming @X & the boys.
  8. I have to agree with this part of the comment. ALTHOUGH. It's a really nice idea to try and have a guide for people to follow who want to do legal roleplay. I really do like the idea because some people do need guidance so if you'd like help with this let me know! @ThatDutchPerson
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