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  1. this is fucking cooked content @heathen
  2. only reason i come back on these forums
  3. any of u cunts on eu central hit me up
  4. Every time I rejoin the GTA:W discord the bot still see's me as muted, which I am not and proceeds to automute me. anyone know how to fix this pls ! ! !
  5. surely this isnt real? what are they going to gear up for? this?
  6. No, they are not needed whilst it adds cool rp for a group, they're not required in the server 🙂
  7. this was a thing on RCRP & whilst it was fucking sick to have, it's the dumbest thing to have on another hand no
  8. very best of luck to you all
  9. ❤️ Was with you from day one, know how much time and effort you have put into this project, big love big C ❤️
  10. Like the title says, whats your take on it? It pops up in most discussions so lets have it civilly here? I will personally report anyone who tries to derail the thread.
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