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  2. no, its not an ic issue since there is no moderation of FB ic, its all OOC, the website is misused and brings so many missed opportunities of good roleplay, all because it's clouded with ERP fanatics
  3. It just gets to the point that no matter who, if they're usually a female, they're posting indecent photos, regardless of their character, everyone has too much confidence and its not what the whole idea of FB should be.
  4. Yeah I can see why they'd do that. As you said a new system is in the making, so I'm sure we're all quite excited for this 🙂 all those except mr shawcross cant find the @
  5. Thank you Selena for your reponse, I know you're busy. I think your reply has saved us from a lot of anger in the future! My main question was what is the admins take on the state, not just moderators, I will, in the future take your advice and feel to report if necessary. In the meantime, I'd appreciate if the thread wasn't locked due to one response and we continued to gather feedback from the community if that is okay?
  6. 100%! This is what the site should be about, not selling your characters nudes/posting nudes etc. It's a great site for arranging roleplay, but it tends to lead to people arranging only sexual roleplay
  7. Hi Selena Thank you for your response! I am trying to gauge the communities opinion on the state of Facebrowser, I wanted to air my opinion and see if others agree with what is going on with the site & hopefully write something up to contact yourself or someone in the FB team to see what the plan of action is, since it is currently not used as it is intended. Back in 2018 when I joined the server and when I first joined FB on my first character, it was a site for adverts, communicating and uploading some subpar menyoo photos, which was great. Now it's all half nude chicks, dudes portraying character they're not and a lot of people just RP over FB rather than logging in! As someone who leads FB, what is your take on this?
  8. whilst i agree, there used to be a time where the TL wasnt full of that, and it was a good addition to the server, I'm just struggling to see how it can be a benefit if we have over 75% of people not roleplaying their character that they roleplay on the website.
  9. this is a genuine general discussion and id like to get the feedback from the community before moving towards staff 🙂
  10. Facebrowser is the make of facebook, idk what ya'll got going on your TL but mines family pics, memes & selfies, not 95% nude pictures standard 😉
  11. Why is Facebrowser turning into a softcore porn site? I really don't understand how it helps improve RP and IMO it needs to be looked at by staff. What is your opinions? Do not derail 🙂
  12. would someone be so kind to tell me what BF3 reality mod exactly is? is it like squad etc?
  13. my two favourite white boys keeping it on lockl @BLASTER.HBSH& @Bubonic take it far lads
  14. honestly? i dont mind ppl being shitheads to eachother, we cant just run away from criticism and pretend we're all perfect
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