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  1. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Hope you've been doing your kegels, babe. Letter from the editor: Sis, stop reading the story and BE the story. Submit your gossip to our handy and under-fucking-utilized gossip submission form. Chop chop. Also Like, Subscribe, Share, is this your first time online? Click HERE ! LSVIXEN XOXO ❤️ LS Vixen Podcast: Episode 3 "Breast Episode Evar" XOXO, DISCLAIMER >Comments are enabled!
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  4. Stay connected with us by clicking the image below: Click onto the image to read Diversify's sixth volume: Leave a review for our magazine: Username: Rating (1-5 stars): Comment:
  5. This episode was broadcasted live on June 24, 2023. The logo of Icydoll’s Fashion Courtroom flashes on the screen, an upbeat song starting to play as the show begins. The cameras show the live audience clapping from different angles. As the music reaches a culminating point, the cameras transition to a pair of vertiginous high heels as two doors open on the set. Soon enough, Icydoll walks out, smiling at the audience. Icydoll is wearing a Glasier Los Santos trompe-l’oeil dry wet dress, she keeps smiling, waving at the audience as she steps up to the stage, finally sitting down on the armchair. She crosses her legs and looks up at the camera. Icydoll says: Thank you, thank you. Welcome, darlings, to the Fashion Courtroom, where style is law and fashion is put on trial! Before we start, make sure to share your thoughts online with the hashtag #FashionCourtroom! Icydoll says: Let’s not waste any time because we have a /lot/ to unpack today. Court is in session! Icydoll flashes a dazzling smile to the cameras, the audience applauding for a brief moment as the screen flashes the logo of the first segment: Party Patrol. Icydoll says: Alright, alright. We’ve seen a lot of events happening in the fashion industry during the past weeks, which brings us to our first segment: Party Patrol! Today, we’ll be focusing on one of the biggest events of the month… As you guys know -unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, which- if you have? It’s okay, you didn’t miss much… (Icydoll giggles, shaking her head and wafting her hand in front of her.) Icydoll says: I’m sorry! Jokes aside, earlier this month, Prestige Global Network threw an event: the Prestige Fashion Show and the Miss Los Santos election. (Images and clips of the fashion are displayed on the screen behind Icydoll, courtesy of PGN’s Facebrowser.) Icydoll says: Your girl attended. /Of course/. How could I miss one of the biggest fashion events? Icydoll says: So, the event happened at the Richman Hotel, where the pool was transformed into a runway. We’re all accustomed to Miss Hendricks’ peculiar taste, which transpired throughout the event. Icydoll says: I think the setting was an interesting choice by Prestige. To me, it was giving very much mid-2000s America’s Next Top Model vibes. The runway over the pool, the fake plants in the water? Shoot, I was surprised the models didn’t come out walking in some inflatable human-sized pool ball like in that one episode. Icydoll chuckles with the audience, glancing down at her cards before clasping her hands around her knee. Icydoll says: I know a lot of people think the Richman Hotel is a hot location for events. I mean, it’s in Richman… fancy right? I’m guessing this is why Miss Hendricks picked it as the venue for the show. I mean… at least Ashley is making it easier for sex workers to attend- The audience gasps, laughing out loud. Icydoll says: What? It’s true. We all know what goes on in that hotel… Hahaha! In all seriousness though, the event was MC’d by Miss Carry Saunders and was split in two parts. Icydoll says: First, the fashion show and then the election of Miss Los Santos. Before we get to my opinions on those, I would like to congratulate Miss Meryem Shirinova for winning the crown. Let’s clap it up for Miss Los Santos. Icydoll begins clapping, the audience joining in thereafter. She’d nod and settle down, smiling at the camera before continuing. Icydoll says: Yes! Congratulations to her. Miss Shirinova brought home a flashy title and a big check. $250,000 if I remember correctly. Okay Prestige! Big ballers. Miss Los Santos has taken to Facebrowser to express her joy after winning the title. I quote: “I am Miss Los Santos 2023! It does not matter where you are from, what religion you believe in or how you look, everybody is damn beautiful! I want to thank everyone who did not stop believing in me!” End quote. Icydoll says: We also secured an exclusive interview with Miss Los Santos following her election. Let’s have a look. Icydoll shifts to the side slightly, glancing at the screen behind her as the interview begins rolling. Liv Callahan is wearing an elegant white dress shirt layered with a short camel tweed dress, with her collar tied by a printed scarf; with miniature Mona Lisa paintings hanging from her ears. Meryem Shirinova wears a custom made blue dress with gold panthers on it. She combines this dress with gold jewelry and matching blue shoes that have exactly the same color of the dress. Liv says: Hello there, Miss Shirinova! First and foremost - congrats on making history as Miss Los Santos 2023! (Liv speaks with a relaxed tone, overacting at times. She flashes a wide smile at the camera before turning her attention fully to Meryem.) Meryem says: Hello, good evening! Well thank you so much for having me here tonight! You look fantastic tonight. (Meryem would have a calming voice that scratches a little when she speaks. You can hear her Azerbaijani accent and she also rolls her "R" slightly.) Liv says: Why thank you. You look amazing yourself. Now–... I have to ask, what was going through your mind when they announced your name as the winner? Did you imagine you’d wind up taking the win unanimously? Meryem says: To be honest with you, I didn't expect to win the competition. I have not been in the model industry very long and I am still learning a lot every day. Every woman who participated in the contest were all terrific, especially the three other finalists who also had great potential to be Miss Los Santos. I really appreciate that the jury saw the potential in me. When I was named as the winner, it was such a wonderful feeling, I didn't know how to react at first, but I surely know I will never forget that night! Liv stares right at her as she speaks - attentively nodding along to each of her words. Liv says: I can imagine. It was quite a win— You definitely charmed the jury! Now, Meryem— You’re on a contract as a model with Prestige. Tell us a bit about your experience working there. What has it been like collaborating with one of Los Santos' most influential fashion companies? Meryem says: That is right Liv! Working with Prestige has been absolutely fantastic! When I started in May, I received such a warm welcome from all the members. But I can only say that you have to be open to learn a lot, because you really learn new things every day, whether it's fashion tips, modeling practices, meeting new people or just simple stories of experiences, everyone helps each other. Liv says: That's right!... Actually, I'd love to ask more about that. You've been in the public eye with Prestige for just over a month. You've gone from being a new face in the industry to being crowned Miss Los Santos. What's the secret behind your meteoric rise to success? Meryem says: First of all, be self-confident, do that and wear what YOU think is right. Then there is also that you should just be yourself. I was born in Azerbaijan, and my culture is not comparable to the culture of Los Santos. I am proud to bring my culture to this industry and to be able to be who I am. And last but not least, never give up, because only people who keep getting up in a fight are true winners. Liv says: Now— As Miss Los Santos, you'll be representing the city on various platforms. In fact you’ve already made a speech at Diversify’s latest Pride event supporting donations for LGBTQ+ related associations. Meryem Shirinova keeps her posture while talking. She has a smile on her face while she talks. She moves her hands elegantly and confidently during the conversation. Liv says: What other initiatives or causes are you passionate about advocating for this year? Meryem says: I just want to make sure that no matter what you look like, what religion you believe in, what gender you love or where you come from that every single person out there is beautiful and that everyone should have the same opportunities. Liv says: Now... Since this week's theme is the latest Prestige Fashion Show and party. Any fun anecdotes on that night? A sneak peek into the party’s behind-the-scenes shenanigans, per se? Meryem Shirinova laughs for a moment at the question. Meryem says: Oh yes! The evening contained a lot of nervousness, joy, but also fear. We were all a little afraid of falling into the water to be honest. We made a bet that if someone fell in the water, they would have to color their hair pink for a whole month, and believe me that was a great motivation to give our absolute best. We kept each other motivated the whole evening and that was definitely a positive feeling, because we are one big family who supports each other. Liv says: Moving on now. What can we expect from you in the future, Miss Los Santos? Any exciting projects or collaborations coming up you’d like to announce? Meryem says: Well first of all, as a model you will see me in magazines, on catwalks, fashion events and much more! You will also see me often at Sessanta Nove in the future, because I am the assistant manager of this clothing store and together with my business partner Ines Nervetti we will make sure that the brand is in good hands. Liv says: Sessanta Nove, huh? Should we expect a new collection in the near future? Meryem says: Yes for sure, and there will be something exciting coming up for all the Prestige fans, so stay tuned! Liv says: Exciting! Will it be a new phone case? (Liv asks with a smile. She crosses her legs again.) Meryem Shirinova shrugs her shoulders and chuckles afterwards. Liv says: Well Miss Shirinova, thank you so much for joining us. Congratulations again on your big win. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future! Meryem says: Thank /you/ for having me, love! Olivia Callahan slowly turns to the camera. She cracks a wide smile. Liv says: This was Liv Callahan, back to you Icy. The clip stops rolling, cutting back to Icydoll and the set. She’d nod her head, turning to face the audience. Icydoll says: Thank you Liv. We’re all really happy for Miss Los Santos. Anyways! I do have some opinions on all of this. Of course, these are just some /suggestions/. Take it or leave it. But honestly… you should definitely take it. Icydoll says: So, the first thing I would have changed- besides the location but we’re over it now- is the attendees list and the seating attribution. Of course, the event was open to the public which is admirable, I’m always happy to see fashion being more accessible… However. Icydoll says: In any decent runway show such as in Liberty City, Paris, London or Milan… the seats are usually deliberately assigned to relevant people in the industry. That ensures that designers, editors and other fashion people get the best look at the collection. Especially in the front row. Unfortunately, Miss Hendricks went the “VIP” route, which is surely more appropriate at a club or at a bar. Once again, I attribute that decision to Ashley’s peculiar taste. (Icydoll flashes yet another smile before resuming.) Icydoll says: My first advice to Ashley… Girl. You need to scale that shit down. The seats were empty! Also, why the hell were there /stalls/? I was very confused. I couldn’t tell if these stalls were tarot readers or hot-dog stands but all I know is that it was giving county fair… Let’s keep it simple next time. You only need three things. Icydoll says: One, a good venue. Two, a guest list. Three… an actual collection? Haha! (Icydoll chuckles in her palm, side-eyeing the camera with a playful gaze before glancing back down at her cards.) Icydoll says: Overall… I have to say that I liked the idea of the event, but I was disappointed by the execution. (Clips of Prestige models walking the runway roll on the screen behind Icydoll.) But at least the lookback video was shot well, kudos to Edward Carter. Icydoll says: Anyways… I think I gave y’all enough context. I know y’all want to get to the interesting part. It’s time for our next segment: Trend Tribunal! (Icydoll claps her hand in anticipation, flashing a dazzling smile as the jingle of the next segment starts to play.) An upbeat bouncy song introduces the next segment as the audience claps. Icydoll maintains a dazzling and charismatic smile until the music ends and the audience simmers down. Icydoll says: Alright, alright. Order in the courtroom, we’re getting into what matters the most… Fashion! Just so you know, this is my favorite segment. So! Today we’re obviously gonna look at the looks of none other than the judges of Miss Los Santos. The jury was mainly composed of familiar Facebrowser faces. (Icydoll glances down at her cards.) Icydoll says: Of course, Miss Ashley Hendricks was one of the judges, along with her sister Chloe. Local icon Miss Faith Labelle was also present, along with Mister Aaron Kim and Miss… Ava Baker? (Icydoll seems perplexed for a second, before continuing to list the panel.) Another judge was… “Prestigious Model” -whatever that is- Victoria Cavalcanti… And last but not least Miss Raen DeJagger! Alright, enough talking, let’s get into the looks. The first look appears on the screen, it is a black and white picture of Ashley Hendricks and Faith Labelle posing on the event’s red carpet. Ashley is seen wearing what looks like a plain crop top along with belted chino shorts and an open trench coat. She accessorized the outfit with several layered choker necklaces and cross print fishnet tights. Icydoll says: So our first defendant is none other than Ashley Hendricks herself. Hmmmm. Let me take a closer look. (Icydoll thins her eyes out, turning to look at the screen.) Okay, so. Ashley is known for her pretty laid-back style, which is why I’m not surprised by this look. Would I go as far as saying that I /like/ it? Absolutely not. Here’s why: Icydoll pauses to pick up her “Icydoll’s Fashion Courtroom” mug. She’d take a long sip before resuming. She’d point at the mug, saying jokingly: Icydoll says: It’s Casamigos, if you were wondering… Anyways, my issue with this look, besides the fact that it’s definitely not appropriate for the occasion… The accessories. I think Miss Hendricks would have been fine rocking that crop top and these shorts, if she dressed them up. Actually? (Icydoll raises a finger, taking a couple seconds to reconsider.) No, the crop top has to go, just the shorts. Shorts are cute and comfortable for summertime, and very easy to dress up when you know what you’re doing. The cameras cut to the audience nodding and carefully listening to Icydoll as she speaks. Icydoll says: First of all, the fishnet tights gotta go. Don’t get me wrong, fishnet is still trendy -mostly on the East Coast- but cross print /and/ fishnet is a little too much information in my opinion. My advice to Ashley? Try to incorporate fishnet in different pieces. Recently we’ve seen a surge of fishnet on the runways of Liberty City, but in unusual forms. A fishnet dress, a fishnet top to layer. The world is your oyster. The screen behind Icydoll switches to some images of Liberty City streetwear looks, showcasing fishnet used as a layering piece such as an undershirt or a statement piece such as a fishnet bag and a fishnet dress. Icydoll says: Yeah, this is more like it. /I/ personally wouldn’t rock this look but I think Miss Hendricks could pull it off. (Icydoll flashes a brief smile.) And as for the trench coat… once again, let’s modernize a little. It’s summertime so there is /one/ rule to keep in mind. Short jackets, in. Long coats, out. Unless it’s a statement piece which in her case isn’t. You have multiple options, Miss Hendricks. It could be a tweed jacket a-la Proenza, it could be a blazer if you’re going for a more business core look. In that case, my personal favorites are the cinched checked jackets that we’ve recently seen A.W.A.K.E. do for Spring Summer 23. The screen showcases some examples of the suggestions Icydoll just made. Icydoll says: Yes… love those. My final suggestion is to leave the stacked chokers in 2016 and opt for something a little more mature. According to her Facebrowser page, Miss Hendricks is /thirty-eight/ years old. And I know she can afford some /real/ jewelry, so here are my alternatives: Icydoll says: One way to go which will /never/ fall out of style is “Less is more”. Don’t get me wrong, doing too much is fun sometimes, but you have to pull it off. I think Ashley's style calls for thin, barely-there bracelets or necklaces, stud earrings. Discreet jewelry. A lot of Italian brands have been releasing cute bracelets this season, Anna Rex is also one of my go-tos for quality discreet earrings. The screen flashes different Anna Rex jewelry pieces, in particular the “Bourgeon” and “Or Rose” earrings. Icydoll says: I'm actually wearing earrings by Anna Rex today. They’re really perfect for any occasion. This is more age-appropriate, for one. More elegant, for two. And it looks like real jewelry, not what my little cousin gets from Claire’s! Oh and the necklace is Glasier. (Icydoll beams a wide grin to the cameras.) Overall, I give Ashley’s look a five out of ten. It’s bad taste but it’s not /horrible/. Anyways, let’s take a look at our next defendant. The screen switches back to the red carpet photo, this time focusing more on Faith Labelle. She’d be seen wearing a red and black ball gown decorated with arabesques, along with a black standalone hood and a singular fingerless glove. Icydoll says: Oh! Let’s get into Miss Labelle’s look. Faith’s look is definitely more appropriate for the occasion, however I do have some suggestions, still. Firstly I love the effort and I especially like the finger waves she did, unfortunately she chose to cover them with a… hood. Icydoll purses her lips, perplexedly looking at the screen. She eventually looks back at the audience, lifting a finger to say: Icydoll says: Nah. (The audience begins laughing, Icydoll doesn’t pause, continuing:) No but for real, the hood has to go. There was an attempt but it didn't work in my humble opinion. As for the dress. I believe this is a bridal dress, but in red and black.. Hm-... The dress, ugh. One side of me wants to say cunt, the other side wants to say tacky. Knowing Miss Labelle, camp was her goal. I understand the idea but… Icydoll says: I really fucking hate the dress. (The audience gasps.) I know! I’m sorry! Faith, you know I love you but I can’t lie to the audience… I hate this dress. Here are my alternatives: Icydoll says: If we wanna serve camp? Then I’d head straight to Antonio Marra’s modernized rococo bridal dresses. They’re fun, they’re thoughtful, they’re camp. Simone Rocha and Molly Goddard are also great options for this vibe. (The screen behind Icydoll shows the dresses made by the designers she mentioned.) I could definitely see Miss Labelle in either one of those, if the goal is to give camp. Camp doesn’t shy away, you have to go /all out/. Faith is one of the few people that actually can pull off camp so I’d like to see her in something even bolder. Icydoll says: I give Miss Labelle’s look a six point seven out of ten. We love the effort, we want to see a little more research, better references. Moving on! The screen fades to a press picture of Aaron Kim walking towards the jury desk in a khaki tailored suit and dress shoes that are definitely a little too bulky for the cut of his pants. Icydoll turns to look at the picture, flashing a smile at the sight. Icydoll says: Okay. Mister Kim went for the traditional route, a suit! Normally I’d say it’s a boring choice but I absolutely love this suit on him. Aaron does have taste. It’s tailored, the color complements his skin very well… I don’t have a lot to say about this look. I think it’s simple but it works. Icydoll says: Actually! The shoes need to go, it’s giving daddy but not in the right way. Like it’s giving /dad/. I give Mister Kim’s look an eight out of ten. It’s appropriate for the occasion, it’s simple, it looks good… and /thank God/ it’s tailored. There’s nothing I hate more than a non tailored suit. Let’s move on. A picture of Victoria Cavalcanti fades in on the screen behind Icydoll. She’d be seen wearing a burgundy mini dress with a plunging neckline and pleat details. Icydoll says: So this is Miss… (Icydoll looks down at her cards once more, double-checking before resuming.) Victoria Cavalcanti. Hmmm. I don’t really know what to think about this look. I think it does look pretty good on her. The color is pretty bold, it contrasts well with her skin tone. This is a bit basic to me, maybe a little too much? Don’t get me wrong, I love deep necklines. However in this instance, I think the combination of the neckline, the color /and/ the length of the dress is… tacky. Icydoll says: I think Miss Cavalcanti has nice legs, so I don’t mind seeing a short dress on her. (Icydoll glances at the screen, inspecting the look once more.) Okay. Here are my recommendations though: We want to keep the hemline around the mid-thigh. To counterbalance the length, I would go for a higher neckline, maybe even some sort of bodice. I may be wrong but given her name, I’m assuming Miss Cavalcanti is Italian? I can see her in a romantic look. Icydoll says: Some details like small crystal embellishments or ruffled embroidery with a sky-high hemline would be perfect on her. That way, the legs are shown off and the eye isn’t distracted by everything going on on the upper half. (Examples of whimsical mini dresses seen on European runways roll on the screen as Icydoll gives pointers, they’d focus on fabric and material over provocative necklines.) Icydoll says: I give Miss Cavalcanti’s look a… seven out of ten. It’s okay. I mean it’s kind of cute but yeah. Not anything groundbreaking. You look good, Miss Cavalcanti, let’s try something a little more researched next time okay girl? Anyways… The screen transitions to a picture of Chloe Hendrick’s look at the event. She’s seen wearing a pink short blazer, paired with a white skirt and top. Icydoll turns around once more. Icydoll says: Ah! Miss Chloe Hendricks. Mmh. Well, it’s a pink blazer and a white skirt. (Icydoll glances at the audience.) Y’all see anything crazy about this? (She pauses with pouty lips.) The cameras cut to the quiet audience, showing their blank faces for a few seconds. Icydoll says: Exactly. I don’t have anything special to say about this, all of the advice I’ve given earlier applies to you too, Miss Hendricks. Let’s be a little more daring, we’re /soooo/ bored right now. (Icydoll feigns a yawn, flipping her bundles behind her shoulders as she plasters her media-trained smile back on her face.) Icydoll says: Baby, that outfit could put a cup of coffee to sleep. I give you a four out of ten because you wasted some screen time with this outfit. (The audience laughs.) Icydoll says: Alright my loves, I think this is enough looks for tonight. There were two more judges but I think my brain is overstimulated by all of the mistakes. I need a break. (Icydoll fake wipes her forehead dramatically before picking up her mug and taking a sip.) Icydoll says: Before we conclude tonight’s episode… guys. Y’all know I love me some drama. (She flashes a devious smile, taking yet another sip, this time with widened eyes.) I think it’s time for our last segment… Scandal Sessions! The same upbeat song introduces the final segment as the audience cheers and claps, ready for the tea. Icydoll giggles behind her palm, smiling ear to ear as she waits for the audience to settle down. Icydoll says: Alright my babies, we've reached the climax of tonight's episode and guess what? I've been saving the juiciest sip of tea for this very moment. (Icydoll's pearly whites gleam with excitement.) Today’s scandal is on theme with the rest of the episode, because it /allegedly/ happened during the Miss Los Santos election. The cameras show the anticipating faces of the live audience as Icydoll nods her head gravely. She’d then flash a quick grin before speaking again. Icydoll says: Now, let me set the stage for y'all. Picture this: the Miss Los Santos pageant, where the jury allegedly had many connections. Yup, seven folks all intertwined with Prestige in some way or another. You feeling the bias already? Cause I sure am. Now, there were twenty-five contenders vying for that Miss Los Santos crown. Miss Meryem Shirinova took home the title, as we all know. But here's the tea... Taking a dramatic pause, Icydoll takes a sip of her mug, milking the suspense as the audience leans in. Icydoll says: Rumor has it—keyword, /allegedly/—that things weren't all sunshine and stilettos. Some people are saying the election might've been rigged. Allegedly, of course. Don’t shoot the messenger, I'm just here to spill it, baby! People are side-eyeing the fact that the entire jury had a Prestige connection. Conflict of interest? I mean, if there were any non-Prestige contestants in the mix, how fair was it for them to go up against Prestige models with a Prestige-packed jury? Icydoll locks eyes with the audience, raising an eyebrow as if to say, "You feel me?" Icydoll says: Right? I mean, if I were in their place, I would also find it shady. But hey, what do I know? Out of those twenty-five beauties, Miss Los Santos was unanimously crowned by the Prestige jury. Now, I get why the public is side-eyeing this whole situation. I think Miss Hendricks could've invited some fresh faces from the fashion scene who aren't glued to her company. There are plenty of names out there, like Anna Rex for example, who could've added some spice to that jury. You feel me? Cause in any legit democratic election, you don't want just one party ruling the panel. Icydoll says: And oh, how I would've loved to hear Miss Hendricks defend herself against these allegations. I'm sure she's got a perfectly reasonable explanation... or so we hope. But alas, she was apparently unavailable to share some words. Icydoll says: Well! Whether or not this shit is actually true, we’re interested in knowing what /you guys/ think! (Icydoll looks straight into the camera, pointing at it with a wide smile.) Remember to share your thoughts with the hashtag #FashionCourtroom! Icydoll slowly puts her cards down, clasping her hands together as she concludes the segment. Icydoll says: That wraps up tonight's episode, my darlings. Thank you for joining us in the Fashion Courtroom. We'll be back in no time with another episode. (Icydoll flashes a dazzling smile.) Court is adjourned, mwah! The theme song of Icydoll’s Fashion Courtroom plays as Icydoll slowly stands up. She’d wave at the clapping audience before strutting towards the exit of the set, showcasing her Glasier dress one last time as the credits start rolling.
  6. (Click on the image to access the magazine) Make sure you follow all of our updates by liking our page Comments enabled but moderated. Reply format: User: Username Comment: Comment
  7. ICYDOLL ENTERPRISES Icydoll, Founder and CEO of Solana Beltran, Inc. Solana Beltran, Inc. is a legal corporation created in 2022 by a woman who shares the same name following the success of her brands and involvement in the fashion industry. Powered by social media and influencer culture, the company is dedicated to redefining the traditional boundaries of the fashion and entertainment industries in Los Santos, and it has two brands under its umbrella: BODY by Icydoll, STRUT by Icydoll, Glasier. Los Santos, as well as several brands in development. This company has set itself apart as a pioneer of successful influencer marketing, both through the sale of goods and paid promotions, quickly building up a hefty capital and a good reputation with the public. This thread will monitor the operations and development of the corporation and its workers. Our goal is to provide a realistic and modern business roleplay, blurring the barriers between corporate roleplay, social media marketing, and fashion. If you want to join us, please contact Barbie via Forum PM.
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  9. * The following would be embedded into the Anna Rex website, it's twitter account and sites hosting job postings with alternative contact methods listed as a text to 20664342 or an e-mail to [email protected] (( forum PM GivenchyParis ))
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  11. Follow us on FACEBROWSER! Send all your business inquiries to our email: [email protected]
  12. Previous Page Next Page Who? Los Santos based agency that will be the forefront of providing models for companies in areas of the advertising industry; commercial, advertising, and fashion modeling. The team here at Elegance Marketing are young, dynamic, passionate and diverse. We are very passionate when it comes to our models and clients. We are proud to be launching and hope that you will join us in our venture to better the modeling landscape within Los Santos. What? Elegance's aim is to create a unified voice for the LS model industry. Its activities are informed by the main objective of its members which is to discover, develop and represent fashion models so as to enable them to enjoy profitable, safe and fulfilling careers. Members meet at regular intervals and maintain an on-going dialogue with clients from all sectors. These dialogues are conducted with the view to enhancing the working conditions and welfare of the models which the Elegance members represent. Aim? 1. Promote the interests of fashion model agencies which in turn have a duty to manage the careers of their models to maximum benefit 2. To maintain good health and wellbeing of models 3. To maintain the ethical standards of the modeling industry 4. To provide a voice to the media 5. Public point of contact for inquiries 6. To provide a clear route for models to report, in confidence, any incidents of harassment and abuse 7. To ensure that when models leave Elegance they've got a portfolio of work and have boosted confidence. Social Media Selena Winslow Natsumi Uchiyama Craig Warren Rina Lee Huck Dickens Frederick Lane Elliot Byers Skye Love Frederick Lane Yoo-na Whang Alyx Rodriguez Jake Carter Evanglyn Blackwood Jazmyn Hollo Leo Carter Adriaan Pretoria Find and follow our models on their social media to keep up to date with their journey within Elegance and what they do outside of Elegance. Take a look at their individuality and cultivate an elegant mind. To join our team use this link here to explore the requirements needed for this company. Previous Page Next Page
  13. Dion "Dooda" Quinn was born February 3rd, 2004 He started YouTube at the age of 15 but didn't really get known on the platform until he was 17 with his fashion videos with him showing people on how to make stacked jeans, self tapered jeans, and he street wear. He started his own clothing brand once he gained a audience on YouTube called Aurora selling his custom hoodies along with shirts and hats. Close friends of Dooda call him DQ from a child hood name but his YouTube name came from his ex girl-friend she heard his grandmother call him "Dooda" and people around school started to call him Dooda instead of DQ so he decided to make it his YouTube name. Dooda is now 18 still living with his money and doing YouTube aching his goal to he successful in life.
  14. · ABOUT US Belladonna Modelling is Los Santos’ premier modelling agency, leader in talent discovery and model management. Comprised of a dedicated, experienced and creative team, Belladonna has set the standards of what it means to model. We have been quietly growing over the past few months, aiming to become the largest and most successful modelling company, giving employement to models, photographers, stylists and much more. We are launching our online Fashion Magazine and we are planning to host different events. As an industry leader, Belladonna continues to challenge the status quo with its clients, and broaden opportunities for all of its talent. Belladona believes in the potential of the entire individual and has taken an unyielding stance against segmenting talent by race, age, or size. · FASHION NEWS ((Click on the pictures to open the articles)) · JOIN US Model: Participate in our photo shootings and be a public face for our agency. (Males and Females) Photographer: Be in charge of taking photos and handling lighting equipment at the sessions. Stylist: Make up artist and hairdresser for female models. Fashion advisory for the sessions. Fashion Designer: Design the clothes the models will be wearing. Talent agent: recruit new models and represent them, helping them getting deals and gigs. Article writer: Write fashion related articles and business reviews for our online magazine. APPLY NOW · CONTACT US We are currently looking for potential partners and sponsors. If you are interested in hiring our models for advertisement campaigns, events and private parties contact [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or call 2246. **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  15. Rico Godwin III a/k/a Juice Loc#3 a/k/a Juice God a/k/a 360 Juice Age: 18 Height: 5'11'' Weight: 185 lbs Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/RG3 Rico "Juice Loc#3" Godwin III is the son of Rico Godwin Jr. (Juice Loc#2) an OG from the Crystal Heights Hustler Crips; a defunct Crips set that was hit with a major gang injunction in the late-2010's, where most of the active gang bangers and OG's were locked up for several drug and murder charges. Juice was born into the gang life, coming from a lineage of Hustler Crips that started from his grandfather, Juice Loc#1. Due to that fact, Juice has always spent time with his big homies and would often get in trouble with them. Although, he would never get the brunt of the consequences as he was always protected by the older gang members. They will often take the fall for the young Juice Loc. Growing up, the culture of fast life and fast money was deeply ingrained in Rico's mentality. Even though his big homies would encourage him to stay in school and continue pursuing his budding Football career, he would always pick the streets because of the allure of money, girls, clothes, and power. Heavily influenced by his older peers, he would continue on the cycle of hustling and blowing a bag on expensive clothes and jewelry. With the motivation to get money by any means necessary, he would join the gang on flocks and licks. Being almost always the youngest of the group he would get the smallest percentage of their earnings. Unsurprisingly, he would always blow his money on Jordan's, gold plated chains, and the latest fashion trends. Being dependent on the protection and care of his big homies, the gang injunction would take a toll not only to the Crystal Heights Crips set but also to Juice's psyche. As he witnessed all of his closest friends and elders get locked up he was left only with his father's guidance (or lack thereof). Them not seeing eye to eye a lot of the times, he would pave his own way and methods to securing the bag. He now works at Strawberry's 24-7 after dropping out of high school, getting paid the minimum wage. Juice also moonlights as a taxi driver, using his father's taxi cab whenever it is available and if he needs extra cash. Often, Juice daydreams of living a lavish life, fucking Los Santos' hottest bitches, driving the most expensive cars, wearing the latest drip, and flexing it all on social media. Rico "Juice" Godwin III by @ch0lo (click on the portrait for his incredible character art portfolio)
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