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  1. * The following would be embedded into the Anna Rex website, it's twitter account and sites hosting job postings with alternative contact methods listed as a text to 20664342 or an e-mail to [email protected] (( forum PM GivenchyParis ))
  2. (Click on the image to access the magazine) Make sure you follow all of our updates by liking our page Comments enabled but moderated. Reply format: User: Username Comment: Comment
  3. ICYDOLL ENTERPRISES Icydoll, Founder and CEO of Solana Beltran, Inc. Solana Beltran, Inc. is a legal corporation created in 2022 by a woman who shares the same name following the success of her brands. Powered by social media and influencer culture, the company is dedicated to redefining the traditional boundaries of the fashion and entertainment industries in Los Santos, and it has two brands under its umbrella: BODY by Icydoll and STRUT by Icydoll, as well as several brands in development. This company has set itself apart as a pioneer of successful influencer marketing, both through the sale of goods and paid promotions, quickly building up a hefty capital and a good reputation with the public. This thread will monitor the operations and development of the corporation and its workers. Our goal is to provide a realistic and modern business roleplay, blurring the barriers between corporate roleplay, social media marketing, and fashion. If you want to join us, please contact Barbie via Forum PM. We are not looking for novices as we expect a certain standard of roleplay.
  4. Follow us on FACEBROWSER! Send all your business inquiries to our email: [email protected]
  5. Previous Page Next Page Who? Los Santos based agency that will be the forefront of providing models for companies in areas of the advertising industry; commercial, advertising, and fashion modeling. The team here at Elegance Marketing are young, dynamic, passionate and diverse. We are very passionate when it comes to our models and clients. We are proud to be launching and hope that you will join us in our venture to better the modeling landscape within Los Santos. What? Elegance's aim is to create a unified voice for the LS model industry. Its activities are informed by the main objective of its members which is to discover, develop and represent fashion models so as to enable them to enjoy profitable, safe and fulfilling careers. Members meet at regular intervals and maintain an on-going dialogue with clients from all sectors. These dialogues are conducted with the view to enhancing the working conditions and welfare of the models which the Elegance members represent. Aim? 1. Promote the interests of fashion model agencies which in turn have a duty to manage the careers of their models to maximum benefit 2. To maintain good health and wellbeing of models 3. To maintain the ethical standards of the modeling industry 4. To provide a voice to the media 5. Public point of contact for inquiries 6. To provide a clear route for models to report, in confidence, any incidents of harassment and abuse 7. To ensure that when models leave Elegance they've got a portfolio of work and have boosted confidence. Social Media Selena Winslow Natsumi Uchiyama Craig Warren Rina Lee Huck Dickens Frederick Lane Elliot Byers Skye Love Frederick Lane Yoo-na Whang Alyx Rodriguez Jake Carter Evanglyn Blackwood Jazmyn Hollo Leo Carter Adriaan Pretoria Find and follow our models on their social media to keep up to date with their journey within Elegance and what they do outside of Elegance. Take a look at their individuality and cultivate an elegant mind. To join our team use this link here to explore the requirements needed for this company. Previous Page Next Page
  6. Dion "Dooda" Quinn was born February 3rd, 2004 He started YouTube at the age of 15 but didn't really get known on the platform until he was 17 with his fashion videos with him showing people on how to make stacked jeans, self tapered jeans, and he street wear. He started his own clothing brand once he gained a audience on YouTube called Aurora selling his custom hoodies along with shirts and hats. Close friends of Dooda call him DQ from a child hood name but his YouTube name came from his ex girl-friend she heard his grandmother call him "Dooda" and people around school started to call him Dooda instead of DQ so he decided to make it his YouTube name. Dooda is now 18 still living with his money and doing YouTube aching his goal to he successful in life.
  7. · ABOUT US Belladonna Modelling is Los Santos’ premier modelling agency, leader in talent discovery and model management. Comprised of a dedicated, experienced and creative team, Belladonna has set the standards of what it means to model. We have been quietly growing over the past few months, aiming to become the largest and most successful modelling company, giving employement to models, photographers, stylists and much more. We are launching our online Fashion Magazine and we are planning to host different events. As an industry leader, Belladonna continues to challenge the status quo with its clients, and broaden opportunities for all of its talent. Belladona believes in the potential of the entire individual and has taken an unyielding stance against segmenting talent by race, age, or size. · FASHION NEWS ((Click on the pictures to open the articles)) · JOIN US Model: Participate in our photo shootings and be a public face for our agency. (Males and Females) Photographer: Be in charge of taking photos and handling lighting equipment at the sessions. Stylist: Make up artist and hairdresser for female models. Fashion advisory for the sessions. Fashion Designer: Design the clothes the models will be wearing. Talent agent: recruit new models and represent them, helping them getting deals and gigs. Article writer: Write fashion related articles and business reviews for our online magazine. APPLY NOW · CONTACT US We are currently looking for potential partners and sponsors. If you are interested in hiring our models for advertisement campaigns, events and private parties contact [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or call 2246. **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  8. Rico Godwin III a/k/a Juice Loc#3 a/k/a Juice God a/k/a 360 Juice Age: 18 Height: 5'11'' Weight: 185 lbs Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/RG3 Rico "Juice Loc#3" Godwin III is the son of Rico Godwin Jr. (Juice Loc#2) an OG from the Crystal Heights Hustler Crips; a defunct Crips set that was hit with a major gang injunction in the late-2010's, where most of the active gang bangers and OG's were locked up for several drug and murder charges. Juice was born into the gang life, coming from a lineage of Hustler Crips that started from his grandfather, Juice Loc#1. Due to that fact, Juice has always spent time with his big homies and would often get in trouble with them. Although, he would never get the brunt of the consequences as he was always protected by the older gang members. They will often take the fall for the young Juice Loc. Growing up, the culture of fast life and fast money was deeply ingrained in Rico's mentality. Even though his big homies would encourage him to stay in school and continue pursuing his budding Football career, he would always pick the streets because of the allure of money, girls, clothes, and power. Heavily influenced by his older peers, he would continue on the cycle of hustling and blowing a bag on expensive clothes and jewelry. With the motivation to get money by any means necessary, he would join the gang on flocks and licks. Being almost always the youngest of the group he would get the smallest percentage of their earnings. Unsurprisingly, he would always blow his money on Jordan's, gold plated chains, and the latest fashion trends. Being dependent on the protection and care of his big homies, the gang injunction would take a toll not only to the Crystal Heights Crips set but also to Juice's psyche. As he witnessed all of his closest friends and elders get locked up he was left only with his father's guidance (or lack thereof). Them not seeing eye to eye a lot of the times, he would pave his own way and methods to securing the bag. He now works at Strawberry's 24-7 after dropping out of high school, getting paid the minimum wage. Juice also moonlights as a taxi driver, using his father's taxi cab whenever it is available and if he needs extra cash. Often, Juice daydreams of living a lavish life, fucking Los Santos' hottest bitches, driving the most expensive cars, wearing the latest drip, and flexing it all on social media. Rico "Juice" Godwin III by @ch0lo (click on the portrait for his incredible character art portfolio)
  10. Discover the hottest nightclub trends at Singletons! While there isn’t anything better than going to a club with friends on a Friday or Saturday night, picking the right outfit for the occasion can be stressful at times. Club clothes can’t be too formal or you’ll look overdressed, and your style can’t be too casual or you may not be dressed up or fashionable enough to get in. Before heading out on your night in Los Santos, you’ll also want to take into consideration if you’ll be able to dance in your ensemble. To make your life a little easier, we are showing you some good options on what to wear to a club like Singletons. From black and white patterns which are never out of fashion, to neon colors that make your outfit pop, we are showing you the hottest options to have the best time of your life at any club. Purple and yellow sequin strapless dress ($1,200) Model: Nina Garavano Pink neon skirt ($800), black crop top ($500) - Model: Penelope Halcro Light blue skirt ($800), black crop top ($500), fanny pack ($300) - Model: Emma Bailey Bright lime green mini dress ($1,000) - Models: Calypsto Clark & Adrian Rossi Left: Black and white mini dress: ($1,000) - Model: Emily Price Right: White & Green flower blouse ($700), black skirt ($500) - Model: Akina Hashimoto Black mini dress with sleeves ($1,800) - Models: Isabella Guzman & Billy Benson Left: Black strap mini dress : ($1,000) - Model: Seo Moon Right: Black blouse ($800), Red skirt ($800) - Model: Maria Panfilova DJ: Aaron Walker ((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano)) **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  11. Exclusive interview with Anna Rex: “I want to empower women with my brand and vision.” BY NINA GARAVANO Anna Rex in her Portola Drive store She defines herself as a fantastic, sexy and intelligent person; she wants to be successful in the fashion industry. Anna Rex shares with LSNN her story, plans and secrets. Let's start talking about you, your background. Who is Anna Rex? I could say that Anna is a regular woman that believes in her dreams, ideas and wants to empower women with her brand and vision. She's very confident and finds the good in everyone. But, I'd love to describe myself as an artist and as some who has a creative mind. That's lovely Anna. What made you interested in fashion to begin with? My mother was a model during the 80's for a lot of brands in New York. She always brought me to the backstage, and I was always so fascinated by the gorgeousness of these women, the makeup, dresses, the sparkle. For sure it was love at first sight. I have to thank my family, because they have always supported and helped me, especially when I was about to fail. They are a great inspiration and my family is everything for me. That's lovely! It seems that you've always carried fashion in your veins then. Let's get more personal here, what's your taste in fashion, what type of clothes do you like wearing? My personal style is mostly about my mood. Most of the time I wear heels, it seems uncomfortable, but after a while you get used to wearing them daily. I would like to say that I am a casual person, but I have to admit that I love haute couture, and the best feeling is when you look in the mirror and like what you see, your body, how the dress fits you. I recently took a look at the Versace, Valentino, and Bulgari collections. They are truly stunning and I have great respect for these brands, and what about Miuccia Prada and her last collection? No words, or maybe one: amazing. Let's move on to your company. Why did you choose your own name for it? Because I want to make history. This thing may seem very megalomaniac, but I want to leave a sign on the industry. I mean, all of us know brands like Gucci, Prada, Versace, etc. They put their personal name on the company, why? I think it's not just a name, it's a way to say "Hey, that's me, my ideas, my opinions, my vision of this industry," and it's the same for me. Anna Rex is not only the company. It's just me, the way that I used to express my creativity. Talking about the future, how do you see yourself and the company in some years? What are your goals and dreams? A growing company full of talented people that don't have any fear to make a step forward and express their idea in a design. A company of success, that inspires people to be free, to don't care about others. This is my idea for the company, something that makes you feel great with what you are wearing. And about this I want to give a big thanks to every member of my team and my investor. They helped me to make my dream true, and I'm so grateful about this opportunity, and hope to make all of them proud of our job. That's truly amazing. Can you tell me more about the products you are going to sell? We have a lot of products. Our main target is women, and we have bags, makeup, cosmetics, beauty lines, fragrances, shoes and a big variety of clothing that can be casual or classy. One of our departments is mainly focused on jewelry and accessories, so we can make custom jewelry based on the choice of our lovely customers, something really unique. I see, do you target people with a high purchasing power? We have some targeted options for everyone. Our partners are all around the world and they provide us with high-type materials that we use for our products. We strictly select our providers and check their factory to make sure that they respect their workers and didn't abuse of child labor. Sadly, it's something very common, so this increases our retail prices. Let's move on with a more personal question Anna. Are you currently seeing someone? I'm sure our readers want to know some details about your love life. Not really, I'm actually more focused on my work and myself. I see, launching your own store must keep you busy. But are you open to start seeing someone when things are up and running? I really don't know. An important relationship for me ended some weeks ago, and it was very hard to accept it. That's why I say I'm focused on myself. When my relationship ended, I was in pain for a lot of days. But the morning came again, and I was to act like nothing happened. It was hard to recognize me in those days, and one morning looking in the mirror, I thought "God, what are you doing? You are a fantastic, sexy and intelligent person, wake up." That day I promised myself that I would be the top of my priorities, and here I go. Oh, what happened with that relationship? Why did it end? Probably we were both busy and it didn't work. Sad, but true. You can love someone and still choose to say goodbye, if you don't have time for someone, maybe it's just better to let him go. Not easy for sure, but it could be a new way to find happiness. I can't imagine someone letting Anna Rex go. I'm sure you are everything any man can ask for. God, don't make me blush. Do you think that women like us, who are running their own projects, struggle to find a stable, committed relationship? Yes, it's hard for a lot of things. My campaign said that "Future is Female," because for men, sometimes it's hard to accept that a woman can succeed in their job. This also happens in the relationship, probably they just feel threatened by the power that women can have. Luckily, not all the men are scared by us. We just have to find someone that can accept this truth: we can't be only a wife, or someone that has to take care of her partner. We can, and we have to always be more. Reach our goals. Nothing makes you happier than success in what you love. Wise words Anna, what else do you want to say to every other woman who wants to follow their goals? Just want to say that it's not easy, and the first problem is always money, I had an investor that helped me to make my dream happens, and I can't be more grateful for this, but I want to break a lance to the program settled by the Senator Valeria Reyes about the government subsidies to women-owned small businesses. Could be a start. Maybe this can help women to start their dreams, and you just have to try. Don't be afraid to fail, it's part of the game. Anna Rex being interviewed by Nina Garavano Anna Rex in front of her store Anna Rex and Belladonna models (Nevaeh Lynch, Nina Garavano & Penelope Halcro) for her campaign "Future is Female" > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  12. Fashion meets Rock; The best outfit ideas to look like a rockstar By NINA GARAVANO Undoubtedly there has always been a link between fashion and music; one influences the other and vice versa, in a never-ending shift of trends. A lot of major fashion trends were born due to music, and it’s extremely important for musicians to keep a fresh and fashionable image. After all, fans support artists that they can feel identified with, their music, lyrics, and also their clothing aesthetic. We have asked local musicians what they think about this symbiotic relationship between fashion and music. Laura Vinadetti is one of the most talented and promising singers Los Santos has. She usually plays at pubs such as the Blue Lion, and after dropping from college she wants to follow her dreams of becoming a famous artist. She stated that "Image depends on the musician, the mood, the theme, the weather even. Some musicians love to dress trashy to prove a statement. Some are just very flashy, and some others just wear comfortable clothes and set new trends, like me." We asked the same question to Brad “lil” Hata, one of the most relevant DJs and pop artists this city has ever seen. This is what the author of “Out of the blue” hit said: "I, myself, being an artist, think appearance is very important in music. It sets new trends, allows people to express their interests within fashion through the different genres of music. The different outfits for each genre are so wide and allow people to express how wild or calm they want to be with fashion. It can also showcase an artist/performer more. 'What will Brad be wearing this time?' This overall makes it very important for artists to express these fashion eyes and gives them that look." Whether you are going to a concert or just want to look cool while hanging out with friends, we are going to show you some ideas to bring rock music to your style. Graphic print tees are a must-have, always combining them with black skinnies, or ripped jeans, finished with platforms. Or if you want to be more daring, a black or white latex skirt combined with boots will always give that sexy rock chick vibe. Whatever style you like the most, we are showing you the best outfits to make you rock! Black printed t-shirt ($700) - Black choker ($500) - Model: Alexis Faith White mini skirt ($800) - Black crop top ($500) - Black platforms ($1,000) - Model: Nina Garavano Black mini skirt ($800) - White sweater ($1,000) - Black boots ($1,200) - Model: Penelope Halcro Purple mini skirt ($900) - Black chain top ($1,000) - Pink choker ($500) - Model: Emma Bailey Denim jeans with flames ($600) - Black boots with flames ($800) - Studded black vest ($800) Model: Seo Moon Gray t-shirt ($500) - Denim shorts with fishnet stockings ($600) - Studded boots ($800) Model: Maria Panfilova Left: Leather jacket ($1,200) - white t-shirt ($600) - leather pants ($1,000) - Model: Brad Hata Right: Studded black vest ($800) - Ripped jeans ($600) - Model: Peyton Bradford Leather vest ($900) - Gray t-shirt ($500) - Black jeans ($700) - Model: Felix Brown > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  13. The best summer dresses to sort your 'picnic in the park' wardrobe No summer wardrobe is complete without without a patterned dress. Whether you opt for geometric shapes or florals, bright dresses for the summer season are a must. Summer is the best time to opt for dresses that sit either on or just above the knee. However, finding a flattering, shorter dress can be tricky. Luckily, we are showing you the best minidresses, confortable and flirty, all of which promise to carry you seamlessly from day to night, office to dinner, beach to city. Stay fresh and have all eyes on you wearing these dresses. Blue strapped dress with yellow dots: ($1,000) - Model: Penelope Halcro Beige mini dress with blossom cherry flowers pattern: ($1,500) Model: Nina Garavano Light blue mini dress with yellow flower pattern: ($1,200) Model: Chloe Castellani Left: Pink and white mini dress: ($1,000) - Model: Emma Bailey Right: White mini dress with cherry pattern: ($1,500) - Model: Chelsea Pierce Dark blue mini dress with flower pattern: ($1,700) - Model: Seo Moon Lime green dress with dots; ($1,000) - Models: Chelsea Jameson & Tommy Rivers ((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano)) **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  14. Nyheim

    My Artworks

    Some of you might or might not know me - I was pass content creator in FiveRP 2017 before the merged Either way is time to show some activity around the forum (which I am mostly active in-game and facebrowser) As part of my artworks that I am mainly creating for my characters and overall community members along the road (To be clear - all my shots been taken through SP (Menyoo) while having everything to look identical as possible in terms of IC) (And no graphic mods whatsoever - all been taken through vanilla with high max settings through the Rockstar Editor) (I am using heavy third software such as Adobe Photoshop mainly / Lightroom / Illustrator / Spark / and so on) This is one of my most if not my main successful Artist / Designer / Photographer character of mine That responsible for basically everything that I do - as he known by the name - Yoel Lewis ( For his entire facebrowser profile - https://face.gta.world/Yoellewis ) My second and most favorite character of mine known as - Jenny Nyheim ( As most of my time I am playing with her mainly as being a model and so on ) ( For her entire facebrowser profile - https://face.gta.world/Jenny ) ( As well as having her own website page that dedicated to her whole modeling profession www.Nyheim.me ) Community Artworks As part of my contribution to this beloved server where I work alongside with players nor editing or photograph them ( Check my main Artist page at - www.Yoellewis.me for more artworks of mine that I continuously doing ) In-game 100% IC Capturing ( Before and After ) Overall I will keep pushing my limits and do arts as far as I am part of this community Thanks for all the support and requests that I am getting from you guys! Much more to come! ( I'll keep updating the thread which I have more behind the scenes ) And please bare in mind that as much as I would love to keep contribute and to be able to help everyone out I might not be able to do so due to a health condition of mine that takes most of my time from being 100% and do so for everyone around.
  15. Check out the best bikini trends of Summer 2021 Summer is finally here! Whether you are going to Vespucci, Chumash or Paleto, or you are simply posting a lot of swimsuit photos from your home, you need to make sure you are fully up to speed on which bikinis you should choose. Already, we have seen an influx of stunning new swimwear trends bubbling this summer. Check out the bikini trends you're about to see everywhere this summer, the colors that really matters and the kitschy new details you need to try. From Bandeau tops to flashy colorful retro designs, you're about to crave a warm summer's day more than you ever have before, so brace yourself and enjoy. Red and white striped bikini ($600) - Model: Nina Garavano Black and silver bikini ($800) - Model: Remi Rose Colorful Retro Bikini: ($500) - Model: Maryvonne Bourcier Left: Red Triangle Bikini: ($500) - Model: Iselin Holm Right: Blue, cyan and pink Bikini: ($600) - Model: Aimee Strauss ((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano)) **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  16. Fashion meets gambling at Swallow Longue & Casino If you’ve ever watched a casino movie or two like Ocean’s Eleven, Casino Royal, Rain Man, or Leaving Las Vegas, you’ve likely noticed all the beautiful attire and accessories the guests wear. In fact, this is one of the biggest parts of a casino. The attire, the looks, the styles, and getting all dressed up. Undoubtedly, Swallow Lounge and Casino is one of Los Santos most relevant venues where people not only gamble and entertain themselves, but also get to know other people and make always important connections. If you don’t already know it, gambling is a huge mental thing. There is a major mental and psychological aspect involved in gambling. And, you’d be surprised at just how big of an effect clothes and attire can have on your mindset. Whatever the situation, clothes and gambling attire can have a major impact on your gambling mindset. Either if you come to Swallow to play poker, blackjack or simply to drink a cocktail and mingle at the bar, it’s always important to care about your image. After all, you’ll have to be well dressed if you happen to win one of the luxury cars they raffle at the fortune wheel. Take a look at the different attires we recommend and pick your favorite! Purple mini dress ($1,800) - White heels ($1,200) - Silver Neckless ($4,500) Model: Remi Rose Left: Red cut out midi dress ($2,200) - Silver moon neckless ($3,800) Right: Cream suit ($3,200) - White shirt ($1,000) - Red tie ($700) Models: Olivia Hill and Nicholas Rizakis Black cut out mini dress ($1,800) - Black boots ($800) - Golden watch ($3,200) - Model: Nina Garavano Black and white mini dress ($2,200) - Golden neckless ($2,200) Model: Siggy Einardottir ((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano)) **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  17. Latest urban trends at Hades Nightclub by Magnolia. Watch the photo gallery. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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