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Found 10 results

  1. Bobb

    Pharaoh Cosmetics

    Los Santos' gateway into the beauty world Pharaoh Cosmetics is a brand-new cosmetics store in the heart of Del Perro on Prosperity Street Promenade. We sell a wide variety of perfumes, makeup products, skincare products, nail polish and much more. We also provide makeup sessions for those who want a professional to take care of their face. Make sure to check our store out when we open! In the mean time, visit our socials and our interactive online catalog. Book an appointment with me if you'd like to get your makeup done or even a tanning session through my email or Facebrowser, or even order some products that aren't on display, we'll order them for you for a reasonable [email protected] Follow us on Facebrowser! Visit Pharaoh Boutique, Burton's Website Visit Pharaoh, Del Perro's Website © 2023 by PHARAOH COSMETICS.
  2. * The following would be embedded into the Anna Rex website, it's twitter account and sites hosting job postings with alternative contact methods listed as a text to 20664342 or an e-mail to [email protected] (( forum PM GivenchyParis ))
  3. Rockford Gifts is a gift store located inside the Rockford Plaza, Los Santos. Our store is selling all kinds of gifts ranging from plushies, wrapping papers, pillowcases, season-themed gifts, wish cards, sweets, drinks, and many more. Customers can also find items for pet owners such as food, treats, toys, and other pet accessories. The store currently offers accessories for dogs and cats only. We are constantly looking for new products and our goods are only the best quality. Visit us today on the third floor, store number 15, or order online on our website here. ONLINE ORDERS & DELIVERY Rockford Gifts is offering online orders and delivery options to all customers. You can order all of our items online from the comfort of your home and get them shipped to your address. USPS currently offers two types of deliveries: Standard shipping and Express shipping. All orders are processed within 24 hours from our side. In case we find missing or incorrect information in your order, we will be contacting you via email before you pay anything. Orders have to be confirmed and paid before we ship them to your address. How to order? Visit our website here and pick items you'd like to buy. Note down the full item name and the SKU (which can be found above the price, when you click on each item). Click to see the guide. Head to the "Online Orders" section and follow the instructions. Click on the "Order Online Now" button and fill out the simple form. Make sure to include the SKU of each item and possible variants of the items you'd like to order. We also offer gift wrapping services to all customers. Make sure to include any special preferences you might have in your order otherwise the items will be packaged in a nice and matching gift bag/box. Upon sending an order, please wait for the confirmation email. The email will be sent within 24 hours and you will have 24 hours to confirm the order and complete the payment. Once you confirm the order and your payment arrives, we'll ship your order as soon as possible. Shipping to hotels or motel rooms is at your own risk! Your order will be sent to your home address via the United States Postal Service. USPS offers two delivery options and they are explained down below. We aim to process all orders within 24 hours from our side. USPS will be in contact with you once they pick up your order. In case you have questions or issues with the process, please email us at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) and we will respond as soon as possible. USPS Delivery Options: Standard Shipping - Price: 400$ - Your order will be delivered in 3 business days and you will be notified via SMS. Express Shipping - Price: 600$ - Your order will be delivered in 1 business day and you will be notified via SMS. Other Services: Gift Wrapping Service - Price: 300$ - Would you like to give gifts that are too good to open, or have a special present that you'd like to be wrapped? Maybe you don't have the time or the interest in wrapping lots of gifts. With our gift wrapping service, you don't have to worry about this anymore. We have a large stock of papers, ribbons, embellishments, and we can also include a note card. We are constantly updating our stock too. Gift wrapping service is available both in person during regular openings and also when ordering online. Please include all specific details in your online order. CONTACT US & VISIT US Our shop can be located inside the Rockford Plaza in Burton/Rockford Hills, store number 15. We recommend using the entrance from Hawick Avenue. The store is situated right next to the food court and toilets, allowing our customers to enjoy their shopping trips to the full extent. The plaza also has free parking in underground garages, free Wi-Fi, charging stations, free toilets, and many more. Visitors can also enjoy Cinema City located on the other side of the mall. Contact: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) - You can also visit us personally for general questions or inquiries. Website: https://gtaw.link/rockfordgifts
  4. Calabrone Sports Golf Catalogue Calabrone Sports Tennis Catalogue Calabrone Sports Order Form Calabrone Sports Careers/Jobs
  5. Nyheim

    Wup Et Dux

    ((Thread will be updated))
  6. Adexo Recruitment is looking for businesses and organisations to join its repertoire of potential employees for the citizens of Los Santos. We aim to provide a sustainable recruitment system throughout the city, providing not one, but many different opportunities and roles for our fellow citizens. Many people often look for work on a day to day basis, some with real talents and skills that often go under-looked as they fail to have the necessary means to establish themselves with real professionals and opportunities. This is where we aim to help ! BUSINESSES AND/ OR ORGANISATIONS We connect with businesses and organisations, trading contact details. We then add them to our database as potential clients. Upon needing staff, the business or organisation will contact a member of ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff. A supervisor or manager will be sent to consult face-to-face, taking details of the work required, amount of staff needed, staff payment etc. The team at ADEXO HQ will proceed to search through our list of agency workers, finding the best 'fit' for the postion. One of the ADEXO Recruitment supervisors or managers will then deliver the employees to the place of work, signing a contract with the business/ organisation regarding the well being of our employees as well as agreed payment. AGENCY RECRUITS/ POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES Upon contact being made with ADEXO Recruitment, a meeting will be held between a supervisor/ manager and said potential employee. The skills, talents, qualifications and personal job requests will be stored in out database. This is to provide the best match possible. Once an business/ organisation has requested personnel, if you meet the criteria, a call will be made to you, asking you to come to the HQ for pickup. You will be delivered to the place of work, will meet with the employer and be debriefed on what is required from you. At the end of your shift, you may leave the area of work alone, or request pickup. You MUST report back to HQ at the end of a shift. FEES AND CHARGES At ADEXO Recruitment, we will charge on a basis of the work being held, amount of employees sent, amount of time on shift and recurring clients. ADEXO Recruitment employee client fees are as follows: $1000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems 10% of income made whilst on shift for ADEXO Recruitment will be taken DIRECTLY from your wage through the employer. ADEXO Business and Organisation client fees are as follows: $2000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems $500 fee per ADEXO Recruitment employee sent Charge for the amount of time ADEXO Recruitment staff are required to work. ((PRICES WILL VARY)) To contact ADEXO Recruitment, please contact one of the following. Daily Phone Number - 6839590 Out of Hours ((OOC Contact)) - Discord - BowcieTT#0677 ENROLL YOUR BUSINESS HERE! SMALL PRINT - EXTRA INFO Before agreeing to send the required people to fill the position, a contract must be signed with ADEXO Recruitment as for insurance and liability purposes. This will be done when meeting to express details of required position to be filled. The wage that will be paid to the ADEXO Recruitment sent employees MUST be confirmed on the face to face meet to express details of position to be filled. Once agreed, the contract will be NON-waivable. If the person/s sent to you meet any requirements that give you the impression of wanting to hire them full time (outside of ADEXO Recruitment) a fee is placed on the transition as the person was sent by ADEXO Recruitment. Any grievances MUST be reported to ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff, who will compensate and deal with the issues appropriately. Any more information can be provided with a face to face meet with a member of ADEXO Staff.
  7. Short description: Add more convenience store items such as alcohol, etc. Detailed description: Add more items to convenience stores such as chips, juices like orange juice, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages like beer. Commands to add: None. Items to add: Chips, orange juice, cigarettes such as Redwood Gold and regular alcoholic beverages normally sold in convenience stores such as Patriot. For example, in real life convenience stores sell cigarettes and alcoholic drinks like Corona. How would your suggestion improve the server? I believe that my suggestion could help improve the server because liquor stores as well as tobacco places are usually inactive. People usually like roleplaying to purchase their items and convenience stores are more often open than liquor stores and tobacco stores which is why I believe that having regular items like these in convenience stores would help improve roleplay by a lot. For the other items I stated like chips, this could help roleplay a lot as many people want to purchase all of these items that are not actually available in all convenience stores scriptly. Additional information: None.
  8. Digital Den What? Digital Den is a retail store that sells Video Games, Consoles, TV's, Laptop's, PC's, Tablet's and a wide array of Electronics and Technology, including accessories. We aim to offer delivery and installation in the very near future to meet all your convenience needs. Who? Aaron Sharp is the owner of Digital Den and works on the front lines of operations as a shop floor assistant, till operator, delivery driver, tech installation and anything else the job entails. His goal is to offer premium products and affordable prices so the masses can enjoy the various technology themselves. Where? Digital Den currently has one shop open, located on the corner Sinner Street and San Andreas Avenue in Textile City. Social Media Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/DigitalDen/
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