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Found 9 results

  1. CLICK HERE TO PLAY NOW Leaderboard will be updated regularly. Site administrator reserves the right to take down any scores. For a valid score, upload a picture. If score is in question, video recording is required. Comments are enabled. Name: Comment: Score (image):
  2. Paddy


    Not the typical kind of game that makes it's way to the gaze of some, but this is one I found particularly interesting and surprisingly difficult. Unrailed! (Steam) Anybody else play this one? If so, tell us about it: Record length Favorite/Least Favorite Theme Favorite Wagon I've got around 500m so far. My favorite wagon is the Dynamite Wagon by a distance, followed by the Ghost Wagon. Also I hate the Halloween theme with a passion.
  3. Smoke on the Water is considered a head shop. We specialize in paraphernalia used for cannabis and tobacco, but that isn't all! We have clothes, home décor (such as posters, wallpaper...), and a few other oddities. The shop is located in Vespucci Beach, just by the outdoor gym. We open during day time, but we are looking into expanding our services during the night with deliveries. No items are currently on sale. Check back later? Run into some trouble? You didn't get what you ordered, or anything of the sorts? Please contact us through the number (24816) or by email [email protected] ((PM)) and we'll get you sorted.
  4. What happened in Mission Row? A mysterious event occurred in the Mission Row police precinct today. Police were preparing for a "suspect" to come inside and presumably fill out a form of some sort (We all know the LSPD loves their bit's of paper). However, when the man entered he was taken into custody and has not been heard from since. I ask you, the readers, who was this man? what did he do to warrant such an offense on his freedoms? Only time will tell, stay posted for the full story as Sparrow News digs deep to unravel the truth. If you have any information please, do not hesitate to reach out. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
  5. Gang Killing in Strawberry. On Tuesday night 4 bodies were found outside Bert's Tool Supply Co. Three in the Alley, and one on the side walk outside the parking garage. A nearby witness claimed it was the Main St. and Families gangs fighting each other. The fight was attributed to "Gang Politics" by the witness. When pressed further, the 13 year old claimed "They just don't F*ck with each other". Upon investigation of the scene police officers found assault rifle casings. When asked what happened the Officers on scene stated they could not comment on an ongoing investigation. After going to the police station Officers said events like this occurred all the time. Are we as citizens of Los Santos just ok with this? A lack of caring? A lack of transparency form our Police force? Why are bodies piling up in the street with no answers? Is it just because it's "Gang Politics"? Do people not matter in Los Santos? These are the questions I pose to you, the reader of Sparrow News your independent news source, focusing on what's getting overlooked. Stay tuned for our next pieces on local business in Los Santos, and city biker gangs taking crime to Sandy Shores. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
  6. Nyheim

    Wup Et Dux

    ((Thread will be updated))
  7. WE SEE YOU ALWAYS THE INTERNET "A massive platform to do whatever your little brain can imagine. What brings someone to do crime on the internet, one might think? Something so creative and mind-blowing to be used as a platform for heinous crimes. What brings someone to hack? To truly ruin someone's personal life on a social and financial level? The answer's easy. Money. The internet has been around for decades. So has cyber-crime. Desperate and cunning coders and programmers willing to do anything to become notorious over the world wide web. Good or bad hackers exist online. Some do it for the better of the world, such as the notorious hacker group 'Anonymous'. Some do it for the fun of ruining games, such as 'Lizard Squad'. And some do it for pure personal gains, such as 'Mazafaka'." But HOW can a hacker get into another system? Viruses, Worms and Trojans. Some fine examples of this are the following: 2000: ILOVEYOU Worm 2001: CODE RED 2004: MyDoom 2009: ZEUS Trojan 2010: Stuxnet 2013: CryptoLocker To name a few. Hackers have used these exploits and neatly crafted tools to do things their way. Even if you're protected by an antivirus, you might just slip up. THE GROUP So who are the BL1TZ SQWD? "They started as a trolling group for popular First Person Shooter video games, such as Call of Duty and Halo. Known for their vulgar and "Net" based commentaries when playing these games, these individuals have been a true menace in the gaming community since 2008. The group grew into game coding, releasing popular gaming hacks in 2010. After a succesful year, they saw alot of potential in each other, as they grew in numbers and in infamy, on the social media platforms such as; MySpace, Facebrowser, Youtube, 4Chan, and Reddit. Using the browser cache and cookies to infiltrate personal passwords and personal information, social security numbers and security cards. They developed more advanced phishing, trojans and ransomware. Getting into more organized cyber-crime such as doxxing, SWAT-ing and selling revenge-porn. Seeing major success around 2012 and 2013, they started developing more advanced and hard-hitting malware, such as the notorious "AP0L0" Trojan that saw minor success during early 2013. It was not until October 2013 that the Trojan saw more and more widespread infection around the internet. The trojan would be sent via encrypted and phished Support Emails from major video game services. The virus would later infect the notorious System32 folder in the PC's root. The trojan would later start to slowly delete important files as the user would continue to use their system. The virus would after a couple of days to weeks tell the user that he's been infected with said virus, and to regain the lost important files, they would need to donate a specified sum of Bitcoin to the hacker. If the goals were not met, the victim would lose all personal files to their computer, and as a result, would brick the computer until a factory reset would be placed. Fast foward to 2021. The group has been seen doing multi-international hacks, such as the 'Fleeca Cyber Attack' in 2019. Alongside other small jobs, like the hacking of multiple profiles on FaceBrowser, which led to major doxxing and information leaks, nude photograph leaks and multi-layered email breaching." THEIR GOALS So what are these hackers even acomplishing with these crimes? What are their motivations? "Simple. These people want to be known, and feared. They know that the world circles around technology. They will use that to their advantage. They know this method will get them paid, and get people talking about them. To rule the web and make it their playground is their sole desire. OOC So you might think. Why the heck is a hacker group in GTA World? Simple! ROLEPLAY! We want something in this server that seems to be missing. Something that is very real and very topical to this day. We aim to bring cyber-crime into a realistic ingame perspective. We will do crimes such as IC hacking FaceBrowser accounts. Helping criminal organizations with security and more online based operations. But, wait... There's no hacking scripts in the server! How will this even work, you might ask? Simple again! ROLEPLAY! We will always ask people OOC about intruding into their IC online life, before doing the dirty work. Spreading Viruses and making ourselves known. We want to have OOC consent of the victims before we do anything IC wise. This is VERY important. If the victim complies, it can benefit both the client, victim and the hacker with good RP and development ICly! We value roleplay over all here! It should be fun and exciting! If the victim declines, then you have to simply accept that fact and move on. Tell the client that it simply didn't work out as planned OOCly. Who can even join the hacker group? ANYONE! If your character has any knowledge of hacking or tech, they're more than welcome into the squad. Just know. Once you're in, you need to pick up a disguise, as we will NOT show our true identities to anyone except ourselves. Not even our allies. We will not take any form of online transactions. It's either hard cash, or bitcoins. The banks are too untrustworthy to be used by us. To be recruited, write to Pettie on the forums! Come. Join. Prosper. Evolve. Win.
  8. (( DISCLAIMER: THIS BETTING SITE IS MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES AND FOR A GAMING COMMUNITY. NO REAL MONEY IS BEING INVOLVED BUT ONLY FICTIONAL MONEY FOR THE GAME OF GRAND THEFT AUTO V. )) LSBetting.website is the #1 Los Santos ONLINE Betting Website! LSBetting.website is your most trustworthy and secure way to bet online at the comfort of your home or work without having to walk over to a betting shop to play. Our exclusive website is your friend and we're updating daily with the new bets on Soccer & MMA matches. Visit our website NOW on the following link and register FOR FREE to bet online: https://lsbetting.website/ (( In-Game Competitions )) LS Soccer Association Matches Bellicose MMA (( Real Life Competitions )) UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League English Premier League Spanish La Liga Italy Serie A UFC MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Are you ready for the challenge? May the odds be with you, player! Sign up TODAY! (( In order to complete your registration on the LSBETTING.website you will need to join our discord server to verify your account. Your CHARACTER needs to be 21+ years old to be able to gamble legally. https://discord.gg/UWwNYkHJ4c JOIN OUR DISCORD TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT ON LSBETTING.WEBSITE , OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT BET! ))
  9. Online Casino 18+ Caesar Online Casino is an electronic casino hosting roulette and blackjack. Offering x2 on winnings, Caesar offers a unique tailor made experience for its customers. With a reputable name, Caesar expands its operations across LS, by offering speedy delivery times on winnings whilst being in the comfort of your own home! Why get all dressed up to go to a Casino, when you can sit at home and win some money? Try now, and you will not be disappointed! How it works? We will host your game after receipt of your payment, showing you the entirety of the roulette table and the roll from start to end - ensuring complete transparency and maintaining gambling etiquette. How do you pay? Once you've decided to play, you'd place your bet by buying chips (( Command is: /banktransfer [Amount] Thomas Alo )). We also accept tangibles I.E (Vehicles & Property) our value surveyors will provide scrap/market value for each vehicle/property. How do I play? For roulette, you select either: - Red/Black - The number and their respective colour - Odd/Even - 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 The odds are calculated as followed: - Red/Black // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000.00 if you win) - The number and their respective colour // 10.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $10000.00 if you win) - Odd/Even // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000.00 if you win) - 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000 if you win) For Blackjack, you select either: The goal is to get 21 - above is a bust, under is fine however if the dealer gets 21 first then you lose. The odds are calculated as followed: 2.00 on all bets (I.E $1,000 gets $2,000) Rules 1. All bets are non-refundable. 2. If you say hit, then change your mind immediately after, however the action has been clicked/executed then this will stand. Meaning no re-do’s or refunds. 3. If it’s a draw in Blackjack, then it is a re-bet (meaning we go again) 4. Doubling up means you sacrifice your initial payout for a larger one. This does mean that if you lose you will not get back the initial payout. 5. A game will only be played once you fill out the form. 6. Max bet is $350,000. 7. If you're banned on the terminal (Twitch) It means you're not welcomed to play. Any bets you make will be non-refundable and your games will not be played. DISCLAIMER: FOR YOUR BET TO BE REGISTERED, YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR PURCHASE VIA EMAIL. ((Fill out the form below)). Form: IG Name: Game/Bet type (if roulette): Screenshot: Twitch Name: Mailing List (Discord): https://discord.gg/PYBegk5 Game Screen:
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