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Found 12 results

  1. *You found this notes, clipped on the wall around the city*
  2. "What is Blue Water Logistics?" Blue Water Logistics, or BWL for short, is a one of a kind Trucking Company. Our family offers its drivers the best possible compensation and benefits packages in the business. Our beautiful blue family does everything in its power to make sure that its drivers are handsomely rewarded, as we don't just want them to dip their toes in the business, we want them to make a life in it. But maybe they don't want to make a life in it? Well, we don't discriminate! We accept employees on a Part-Time basis, as well! "What can I expect from working for BWL?" We're glad that you've asked. We like when potential employees ask us questions, as it shows they have a keen eye for detail and they care about the future. You don't want to get ripped off, and we don't want to rip you off! Let's outline some of what we offer below. Pay: 93% Commission on Weekdays, 95% Commission on Weekends. Currently we are working on structuring added bonuses, such as when our drivers increase the ranking on their license, as well as bonuses for when our drivers regularly complete an average of 10 deliveries a day over a full week. You heard right, ONLY 10 deliveries a day to earn a bonus! Benefits: The benefits that we extend to our drivers beyond their normal pay is fairly straight forward. We have an Employee of the Month program in which we handsomely reward our best driver over the span of the month. And no, you don't need to be with the company at the start of any given month to achieve this, nor is it tied to the amount of deliveries completed. Our drivers will be issued a company vehicle in which they are able to make deliveries with, insurance and fuel provided. And should some gang member attempt to rob you, we'll make sure that the officers that arrest them make sure their kneecaps have a nice little accident on the way to jail! Not enough? We also intend to host monthly events, such as drift competitions, drag races, and cookouts! All of which has the goods supplied by the company. "What experience do I need?" Close to nothing! Drivers must be 18 with a valid Driver's License and when you come to the company, you will be required to test for your Trucking License ((20 Hours in Game Time, no actual test)), other than that our Supervisors have provided the best possible care for new employees by creating a Trucking Manual. It outlines everything that it takes to be a driver. Need a little extra TLC? We can provide a Ride Along to show you the ropes! "I'm interested. What's the next step?" The next step will be to contact any of the following Team Members in order to apply. If you have any further inquiries, you're also welcome to send questions, comments, and concerns to them. Director: @lukashein CEO: @LittleRainbowz Chief Financial Officer: @BassDropYou
  3. **You would stumble upon a post made by a young woman in search of work** Are you tired of having to print all those copies by yourself? Too crammed with meetings to even head out and grab your own coffee? Stress no more! My name is Genevieve Giovanni and I'm looking to work as either a receptionist or an office assistant. I'm organized, able to answer the phones without a problem, and greeting clients is a no-brainer. I'm also very skilled with things involving beauty, skincare, and dealing with nails so if any spas or salons are hiring as well, feel free to contact me too. If you're hiring or interested, please email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM's only))
  4. Digital Den in Mirror Park is hiring a manager! Looking for a dedicated manager who's knowledgeable about electronics to run the store and take care of day to day operations! You'll receive a good salary, commission off of every product sold and weekly pay (inquire for more information) Send an email with the following format if interested: Name: Date of Birth: Address: Phone Number: Experience: ((Being able to use /bad is a must))
  5. Adexo Recruitment is looking for businesses and organisations to join its repertoire of potential employees for the citizens of Los Santos. We aim to provide a sustainable recruitment system throughout the city, providing not one, but many different opportunities and roles for our fellow citizens. Many people often look for work on a day to day basis, some with real talents and skills that often go under-looked as they fail to have the necessary means to establish themselves with real professionals and opportunities. This is where we aim to help ! BUSINESSES AND/ OR ORGANISATIONS We connect with businesses and organisations, trading contact details. We then add them to our database as potential clients. Upon needing staff, the business or organisation will contact a member of ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff. A supervisor or manager will be sent to consult face-to-face, taking details of the work required, amount of staff needed, staff payment etc. The team at ADEXO HQ will proceed to search through our list of agency workers, finding the best 'fit' for the postion. One of the ADEXO Recruitment supervisors or managers will then deliver the employees to the place of work, signing a contract with the business/ organisation regarding the well being of our employees as well as agreed payment. AGENCY RECRUITS/ POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES Upon contact being made with ADEXO Recruitment, a meeting will be held between a supervisor/ manager and said potential employee. The skills, talents, qualifications and personal job requests will be stored in out database. This is to provide the best match possible. Once an business/ organisation has requested personnel, if you meet the criteria, a call will be made to you, asking you to come to the HQ for pickup. You will be delivered to the place of work, will meet with the employer and be debriefed on what is required from you. At the end of your shift, you may leave the area of work alone, or request pickup. You MUST report back to HQ at the end of a shift. FEES AND CHARGES At ADEXO Recruitment, we will charge on a basis of the work being held, amount of employees sent, amount of time on shift and recurring clients. ADEXO Recruitment employee client fees are as follows: $1000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems 10% of income made whilst on shift for ADEXO Recruitment will be taken DIRECTLY from your wage through the employer. ADEXO Business and Organisation client fees are as follows: $2000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems $500 fee per ADEXO Recruitment employee sent Charge for the amount of time ADEXO Recruitment staff are required to work. ((PRICES WILL VARY)) To contact ADEXO Recruitment, please contact one of the following. Daily Phone Number - 6839590 Out of Hours ((OOC Contact)) - Discord - BowcieTT#0677 ENROLL YOUR BUSINESS HERE! SMALL PRINT - EXTRA INFO Before agreeing to send the required people to fill the position, a contract must be signed with ADEXO Recruitment as for insurance and liability purposes. This will be done when meeting to express details of required position to be filled. The wage that will be paid to the ADEXO Recruitment sent employees MUST be confirmed on the face to face meet to express details of position to be filled. Once agreed, the contract will be NON-waivable. If the person/s sent to you meet any requirements that give you the impression of wanting to hire them full time (outside of ADEXO Recruitment) a fee is placed on the transition as the person was sent by ADEXO Recruitment. Any grievances MUST be reported to ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff, who will compensate and deal with the issues appropriately. Any more information can be provided with a face to face meet with a member of ADEXO Staff.
  6. Short description: Good quality of life change, to an already commands overfilled script. Detailed description: Remove the command /starttaxi and include the taxi shift under /startshift (without the government funds). Commands to add: Remove /starttaxi. Include taxi workers in /startshift (without the government payment) Items to add: None. How would your suggestion improve the server? Additional information: This will decrease the amount of commands a player must remember on the sever. Also it’s an easy implement and an easy check In the /startshift command. if(vehid == taxi) run_starttaxi_code; Good quality of life change, to an already commands overfilled script.
  7. Greetings Sirs and Madams, I would like to make a quick and simple suggestion involving the big trucks and trailers from the main game. I have not put much thought into the job description, because I want to hear other people's suggestions and ideas considering this matter, since I do believe that there's a lot of "truckers" out there. So, the idea is (I thought of the simplest one I could), to make it similar to the courier one, but instead of delivering around the city (and that one point at the mining location), make us deliver stuff all the way up at the north, end of the map, or just somewhere in Blaine County. BUT, double the pay, or at least 8ncrease it by 75% or 80% of the courier pay. That's it. It's really short and I kept it that way, because I'm open to ideas. I know there are lorries around, but there's no fun in that. (for me at least) Cheers!
  8. Introduction Khrushchevskaya Industries was founded in the year 2018 by Natasha Khrushcheva. It is a commercial construction, metalworking company located in San Andreas which gets its own supply and export it internationally as well as nationwide. We are a full service, general building contracting company specializing in public and private projects. We employ a highly skilled workforce and our employees have extensive experience in all areas of commercial construction, from pre-construction to close out. We believe in doing what we say we do and always deliver an impeccable work product on time and on budget. The consistent, reliable service we provide evokes accolades and referrals from satisfied customers. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of our organization and excellence is demonstrated in everything we do. Since we went operational, we began to gain clients in San Andreas and soon were recognised by the local market as a trustful supplier. In time recognition became international, so products as well as services were demanded overseas. The company imports and exports materials and use them to make quality materials which allow it to maintain a high standard service. It is the goal of our industry to become the leading service in the market and to be number one the supplier in San Andreas and East Asia. Krushchevskaya Industries is committed to employing a culturally diverse workforce and actively seeks out minority and women-owned subcontractors to be a part of our team. El Burro Factory Our team has been engaged in metal working for a short time, but managed to get workers who had experience for many years, and has successfully established itself both in the local market and on export markets. Our production process is equipped with fully modern equipment which will guarantee the customer the quality and accuracy of our work. All metal work is carried out by highly-qualified personnel. The Factory Offers these services: The Construction Company “Krushchevskaya Industries” is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team. Krushcheva Industries covers most construction work to: A permanent or temporary building or structure Civil engineering work like roads and bridges Preparing the site, eg laying foundations and providing access works Demolition and dismantling Building work Alterations, repairs and decorating Installing systems for heating, lighting, power, water and ventilation Cleaning the inside of buildings after construction work Architecture and surveying Scaffolding Carpet fitting Making materials used in construction including plant and machinery Delivering materials Work on construction sites that’s clearly not construction, eg running a canteen or site facilities We Strive 150% to make not only our customers happy, but our staff too!
  9. To Whom It May Concern, Benedetto Enterprises is keen on obtaining diligent and perspicacious employees. We are currently in seek of MINERS for our recently emerged MINING BUSINESS which consists of employees mining, refining, and then selling the ore. We are willing to pay a decent cut of our income as long as the employee is working. We will provide the truck(s) used to mine with high storage capacity and have supervisors monitoring you, and helping you. If you are interested, please email me as soon as possible. These slots are limited and we are only interested in individuals who will work hard. Respectfully, Leonardo Benedetto CEO of Benedetto Enterprises
  10. Brenko

    Petty Crime

    Short description: Add more petty crime options. Detailed description: I think it would be beneficial if things such as shoplifting, general theft (from houses and vehicles, such as car radios and GPS systems) and similar forms of small time crime were added. For example being able to break car windows and steal car radios, shoplift alcohol and cigarettes, break into houses and steal electronics etc. A pawn store would be added for you to sell the items at and it would be a new form of business. Potentially, the components for the pawn store all come from theft such as this. So there could be a 'thief' job and it basically means you steal and sell to the pawn store as a component delivery (at it's most basic level). I think it would add a lot of RP and a much more immersive way of making money for low end criminal characters as oppose to working legit jobs or simply being on welfare. A more active approach to crime. Also add police alerts so that 1/10 times you shoplift, the police recieve a call from the store. The car alarms will obviously alert police and others to break ins and homes can have burglar alarms which do the same. Second, the drug system should really be revamped. It has no benefit right now and is basically a dead end if you want to make money (and unless money were made an RP only concept, how much cash you make does matter). One idea could be changing the effects. Would it be possible to make something like Meth (which is used by gang members in LA to aid in violence) reduce damage taken by a small amount? That way it would be beneficial to use and would create many more drug addicts. I'm not sure how the other drugs should work, though. Another aspect of drug dealing that could work is instead of just relying on other players, to have a delivery system. Similar to how the jobs like garbage collection work, you could take calls/texts, drive to a checkpoint and do the deal. You'd have to stock up first of course and can deal until you are dry, then re-up. Have a system to alert police once in a while, such as a witness or neighbour calling the cops about a drug deal in progress. Also perhaps have a 1/50 chance you get robbed and they run off with the gear without paying. Back onto the Pawn store, the way I envision it working is that it's purchased like any other business, but instead of receiving components from legitimate jobs and sources like most businesses, the component delivery is handled by the thief job. The pawn store can then sell certain items using the components. Maybe knives, machetes, hatchets and other shady weapons that aren't exactly legal or illegal. Things of that nature. The type of things it could sell are very varied. Pawn stores oten sell everything from guns to cigarettes. Commands to add: /Thief, /Steal, /Deal, /Shoplift, /Breakin. Items to add: Car stereos, GPS, cigarettes, laptops, televisions, games consoles, computers. How would your suggestion improve the server? The level of RP that could come about from operating and utilising a pawn shop would be immense. From RPing an addict or petty thief stealing from cars and stores, to a burglar stealing from luxury homes, a home invader in the hood, to a shady store owner purchasing these goods, all offer an abundance of RP opportunities and player interaction, especially among the criminal fraternity. Pawn stores alone could be great RP hubs for criminal characters. The drug suggestion would offer a better way to be active in selling drugs and would make them much more relevant than they currently are. Both suggestions also offer new RP opportunities for police as they can now choose to respond to more small offences and petty crime issues as oppose to waiting for more violent and serious offences. It offers a more dynamic range of choices and opportunities. Home security systems could also be sold by businesses to stop burglars and thieves, along with store security options. Additionnal information: Store hold ups or similar forms of robbery would be good, too. But I'm not sure how they would be best implemented.
  11. lamberto29


    Smuggling Detailed description:Smuggling, a prequest for Gun/Drug importing, the system would work alongside or replace the current method of importing Guns/Drugs. Rather than Guns/Drugs appearing in warehouses through an act of god, They would be fractionally or entirely dependant on imports, less so for some things than others. I.E you are not gonna grow cocoa (cocaine) in Los Santos that can only be imported/smuggled. Weed, guns and other similar things would have a element of it being smuggled in, however their will always be a home presence for this stuff (Home growers, stolen weapons with numbers removed). What we would suggest is having a system similar to the current weapon/drug import system Requiring people to apply on the forums to be a “Smuggler” giving rp reason and story behind them being this. These smugglers would evidently need to have vehicles and connections to make the logistics work, planes or boats as an example and connections both in county and foreign to be able to import/smuggle this stuff in and get rid of it. The IC/IG way this would work is that you would have smuggling factions similar to gang factions however rather than trying to own turf and become involved in gang based illegal activities they would be focused on keeping their heads below the radar and shipping in illegal goods for profit. Import goods could be broke down into two varieties. Street: Weed, Pistol, Sns Pistol, .50 Pistol, Vintage Pistol, Machine Pistol, A.P Pistol, MicroSMG Mini SMG, Shotgun, Sawn-off Import:Coke, Heroin, Smg, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, vests, cuban cigars, Bullshark Tesosteron The Street ones would be attainable directly for gangs, meaning they do not need it smuggled in by a 3rd party but would be able to get it potentially at a lower price in bulk from smugglers. The Imports would only be attainable via smugglers, these smugglers would get the goods when ordered by 3rd party (i.e street gang) and get rid of them ASAP The mechanics of this would be simple, have certain locations be “spawnable points” for the package, both for the Smugglers and street gangs. The Smugglers locations would be remote islands/at sea and need bringing back to the island and then getting to the final party (person who ordered it) The street gangs who get their goods via “street” means would potentially have remote locations on island as pickup points for them to collect said goods from. In both cases the containers would be sealed and you would get no use from them until getting them to their final destination. Commands to add: /CP (/CollectPackage) /LP (/LoadPackage) /UP (/UnloadPackage) Items to add: “Packages” box to be collected with goods in. ,Boat trailer for cars/vans, allowing smugglers to take their boats to the most logical place to sail from. How would your suggestion improve the server? These suggestions would add a level of realism to the weapons and drugs on the streets being difficult to get. The opportunities for roleplay would be greatly expanded as it would give county Sheriff’s work in the remoter locations, the city police would be able to try running checkpoints etc. to try prevent them getting into the city, SEB/FIB could have operations and investigations to try and catch these smugglers/gangs in the act. All of these allowing for more meaningful and impactful roleplay rewards for good policing. This would also give the air units of LEO more reasons to take out helicopters and potentially even reason for naval trained units with boats. As for the gangs and none LEO’s, the basic civilian won’t be affected apart from occasionally seeing a checkpoint or something. The gangs that currently exist would have far more realistic roleplay for obtaining illegal goods that involves active gang interaction and a realistic risk of being caught red handed. The smugglers who bring in the “foreign” import goods would be the most affected as this would give them an ability to do work of some kind that makes sense RP wise and would also create interaction opportunities. This would allow for effective law enforcement to affect the criminal economy of the world. This would also allow for more meaningful intergang interactions of a violent nature, i.e Mexicans trying to jack the Russians as they are bringing back a van load of gear. Additional information: The crates would only be loadable in appropriate vehicles, i.e you wouldn’t be trying to sneak guns into the hood with a supercar. The smugglers would have to remain independent from gangs and should not be associated with them in any way other than selling them goods. A potential discount for smugglers who get approved for certain vehicles (Boats and certain planes) As good smugglers keep a low profile this might see an increase in bribery attempts and the use of Hush money, Both of which are criminally underused currently. On this map are some rough ideas for placements of some “package” pickup points Yellow: Street/gang based pickup points. Blue: Smuggler pickup points. (for the smugglers points anywhere in the sea could work too. This is an idea from Horratio Totsen and myself.
  12. Walker Law is now HIRING. Walker Law is now hiring secretaries, paralegals and a personal assistant to work for the firm. You will be paid a competitive wage. The jobs will require a fair amount of travelling however it is perfect for anyone looking to start their career and build up a good level of experience. The duties of the roles vary but they will all be challenging and require good personal skills. Walker Law is also hiring BAR certified lawyers, however, these positions are limited and often only given contractual work. Apply within at [email protected] Please include your name, number and address so that we can arrange an interview. (Walker Law is a subsidiary of Khrushchevskaya Industries) Eric Walker. 3581323
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