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Found 12 results

  1. This thread follows the story of Noah Wade, a weathered politician who currently serves as the 33rd Secretary of State, and his journey to learn the ways of beekeeping. With this, I just want to keep track of my progress and promote the idea of passive roleplaying in general. By no means am I a beekeeper in real life, so my knowledge comes from 3 YouTube videos I've seen in the span of 2 days. STATUS: 2-stack brood boxes erected, 8 frames each. Queen bee is at work after cage was removed; first bee package installed. No signs of harvestable honey yet.
  2. SAN ANDREAS PORT AUTHORITY The Port of Los Santos, also known as the Los Santos Harbor, is a seaport managed by the San Andreas Port Authority, a department under the San Andreas State Government. Directed by Hank Preston, the Port Authority's mission is to: ensure that San Andreas' water, air, rail, and surface transportation assets are developed and operated in a cohesive, coordinated, and safe manner in order to provide maximum efficiencies and benefits to shippers, receivers, and passengers; to assure optimum business growth, technology development, investment, job retention and improvement in quality of life. The Port of Los Santos occupies 7,500 acres of land and water along 42 miles of waterfront. The Port is located on the south side of Los Santos, east of the Los Santos International Airport. The Port has 25 cargo terminals, 82 container cranes, 8 container terminals, and 113 miles of on-dock rail. In total, The Port of Los Santos and Port Authority of San Andreas have thousands of current employees in various areas, such as office and support staff, security, customs, longshoremen, and other labor staff. In 2018, approximately $236 billion worth of cargo came through The Port of Los Santos, with many of the top imports being furniture, automobile parts, automobiles, apparel, and electronics. The Port also loads container ships for export to various trading partners such as China, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. The most imported type of goods into The Port of Los Santos for the 2018 calendar year were, furniture (408,673), automobile parts (361,984), and electronics (278,782) EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The San Andreas Port Authority maintains a continuous open recruitment process in order to fulfill staffing requirements for laborers, support staff and maintenance workers. In order to file an application for employment, please visit the San Andreas Port Authority Headquarters at the Jetsam terminal or file online. Below are current employment opportunities available; LONGSHOREMAN / DOCK LABORER SALARY INFORMATION: $36,000+ weekly (not including bonuses) LONGSHOREMAN / DOCK LABORER JOB REQUIREMENTS: Performing labor work in a marine terminal, warehouse or yard environment, baggage handling, heavy weight package handling, manual loading and unloading from trailers, railcars or trucks. To include frequently pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting in excess of 50 lbs. and occasionally exerting in excess of 100 lbs. Must be able to adhere to a standby schedule which includes day and night scheduling, overtime, weekends and holidays. Must have the ability to read, write, and speak basic English. Must have the ability to function effectively in a fast paced, team-oriented work environment. Must have the ability to work independently with limited supervision and strong initiative. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees. Must have the ability to think logically, follow procedures, instructions and make sound decisions. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform all manual labor functions in accordance within the GC/Vessel Stevedoring operation and safety guidelines. Work with forklift basket up to heights of around 14 feet to place or remove container hooks or strapping used for lifting containers, pipes and general cargo. Secure cargo with chains/binders when preparing for lifting. Strap cargo by utilizing lashings, container hooks, wire rope weighing in excess of 100 lbs to assure safe operation. Maintain a clean work area, free of debris or safety hazards and awareness of surroundings (i.e. vehicles, people, equipment, etc.) at all times. BUREAU OF SAFETY CLICK HERE TO APPLY The Bureau of Safety is an integral part of the San Andreas Port Authority, as it ensures that all apparatus, personnel, and civilians perform their duties in a safe and up-to-standard environment. Furthermore, the Bureau ensures safety throughout the port by employing licensed, armed safety officers who are put through additional in-house training and certification programs. SAFETY OFFICER SALARY INFORMATION: $30,000+ Weekly (Probationary.) 42,000+ Weekly (Full officer status.) SAFETY OFFICER REQUIREMENTS: You must be 21 years of age or older. You must have at least a valid PF license and are in the process of getting a Guard Card. You must have a valid Driving license. Able to work full time and should not be working for other employers. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Conduct security patrols. Conduct Health and Safety inspections. Maintain security checkpoints. Enforce the port rules and regulations. OPPORTUNITIES: CBRN Specialist. H&S Inspector. Medical Assistant. Customs Officer. RECRUITMENT, INFORMATION AND CONTACT LINES: The Port of Los Santos bolsters a number of dedicated Foremen and Sub-Foremen who are dedicated to bringing aboard only the best longshoremen. If you're interested in employment or information, refer to the list of names below who may be able to assist you. HANK PRESTON DIRECTOR OF PORT AUTHORITY Appointed Director of the San Andreas Port Authority February 9th, 2021. Hank Preston, a lifelong public servant, working for the State Government. Known for his reliable management abilities, working within the Department of Labor and the Port of Los Santos for nearly thirty years, Preston eventually saw his appointment in early February 2021 as Director by Secretary of Labor Diane Renwick. As Director of the San Andreas Port Authority, Hank oversees all day to day aspects of San Andreas' Ports in conjunction with the multitude of private and public entities that operate therein. Employment numbers and public safety has seen drastic improvement at the Los Santos Harbor since his appointment. This project is a part of the San Andreas State Government faction. This faction does fall under the semi-legal category as we allow individuals with illegal affiliations to join. Our goal is to breathe more life into blue collar roleplay at the harbor. We strive to bring interesting roleplay to all that are interested in roleplaying in the area, whether you are a company, criminal or an average civilian. Our plan is to promote and incentivize good roleplay and character development through meaningful roleplay. Should you have any questions, concerns or are interested in becoming involved with the faction please reach out to @NexusExodus USEFUL LINKS IC WEBSITE FACEBROWSER DISCORD
  3. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. Former LS COO Charles Lockhart confirmed as State Attorney General BY RANA KHATI Alta City Hall. On Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, the Senate Public Safety and State Security Committee convened for the confirmation hearing of Mr. Charles Lockhart for Attorney General. Mr. Lockhart was most recently the City Operations Officer for the greater Los Santos area. Throughout the hearing, Mr. Lockhart clarified and espoused his approach to criminal justice. He indicated that with regard to the death penalty that it should only be used only as a “last case resort” reserved for acts of mass murder or terrorism but ultimately should remain an option for those cases. With regard to organized crime, he expressed that there is a lack of manpower with regard to both the LSPD and LSSD task forces and indicated his office would attempt to increase support in this regard, whether that means a recruitment drive or seeking out of city transfers is unclear. Senator Ernst pressed Mr. Lockhart on what his office might do to tackle fraudulent charities, Mr. Lockhart referred back to his previous answer of ‘increasing resources’ to the relevant departments. With regard to the recent corruption blowout from Former Mayor Oswald Halford, Senator Burris asked him if there was anything that can be done to prevent this situation from ever happening again. Mr. Lockhart simply stated that as Mr. Halford was caught and prosecuted, “there isn’t much more that can be done when the system worked” Senator Burris pressed him and challenged the idea that the system worked with regard to the corruption and Mr. Lockhart’s reply was that “nobody knew of these allegations prior to him taking office” and then remarked as if Senator Burris was calling for a global surveillance of citizens home, office, and vehicles. Senator Burris has made no such proposal at any point during the hearing. On marijuana criminalization, Mr. Lockhart expressed that there are too many resources going towards the policing of marijuana that could be better expended in other areas of criminal justice which shows a willingness for his office to pursue a more lenient policy towards marijuana offenders. Mr. Lockhart was confirmed with a majority vote of four Yeas, those voting in the affirmative being Senator Frank Ernst, Senator Ethan Schmidt, Senator Gabriela Morales, and Senator Dwight Burris. Senator Gabriela Morales leaving the confirmation hearing. Senator Gabriela Morales, a prominent member of the city and state Democratic Party offered her comments after the hearing: When asked about the recent civil unrest with regard to former Mayor Halford’s corruption scandal, Senator Morales offered words of encouragement: UPDATED January 21, 2021: Lockhart in the Hearing - Taken by Ms. Nayeli Greyfeather @Greyfeather Thank you for supporting independent journalism Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! > Comments are enabled
  4. (( https://gov.gta.world/ )) (( https://gov.gta.world/ ))
  5. Faction Introduction: The San Andreas Government is the newest legal faction on GTA:World. This faction aims to simulate a realistic state government, without clear parallels to any particular real-life state, with a general non-binding nod to California. Its primary purpose is to develop and portray a unique system for this community that is plausible, effective and engaging for role-play. As the umbrella of the branches of government and respective government organizations, SAGov offers something for everyone with an interest in legal role-play. Whether you work as an official in a nonpartisan bureaucracy, or as a cut-throat political operative vying for influence in the battleground that is the State Senate - this faction offers a canvas for players to create their own character stories with a meaningful impact on the broader server sandbox. This faction encompasses the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the State Government. The San Andreas State Government will emphasize roleplay around political activity and state legislation, while the City of Los Santos will focus more on the administration of the municipality and the services it provides. Given time, we aim to strike a balance between the two that will benefit everybody involved. Welcome to the Government of the State of San Andreas. The State of San Andreas - History The State of San Andreas, formerly known as the Republic of San Andreas, was established in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War, which concluded in July of 1848. San Andreas was granted statehood in the United States after the subsequent Treaty of Alta Hidalgo with Mexico. The state would come to encompass a large portion of the landmass of the south-western seaboard. Typical of new American states, an ad hoc government was established in September of 1848. The first gubernatorial elections took place on November 13, 1849, with the renown abolitionist William Tobias Rutford winning office for the then progressive Republican Party. His cabinet would constitute the first cabinet of the Executive Branch for the state. The San Andreas State Legislature was also formed, which comprised a unicameral 20-member Senate, whose composition has changed over time. Simultaneously, the Judicial Branch was also established, bringing the Rule of Law to an otherwise uncivilized and often harsh environment. During the American Civil War, San Andreas officially supported the Union, making significant financial contributions. Due to the significant presence of pro-Confederate sympathizers, the state did not actively take an official role in hostilities. At the conclusion of the war, San Andreas benefited immensely from this position of effective neutrality, being relatively undamaged by the conflict. The political landscape would gradually change in the wake of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Reconstruction period, with progressive Republicans and status quo Democrats generally contesting each other for the remainder of the century, right through the Prohibition era. Throughout both World Wars, San Andreas emerged as a prominent center of industry and commerce on the west coast, eventually rivaling the north east of the country in economic capacity. The political climate of San Andreas, like that of the U.S. in general, would see a realignment in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The progressive wing of the Republican Party would gradually defect to the Democratic Party, now absent the more conservative Dixiecrats, who found a new home in the Republican Party. San Andreas remained a progressive state, and the once dominant Republican Party would eventually give ground to the Democrats as the new face of progressive politics. This trend has held, with a few deviations over the past half century, with moderate Republicans occasionally winning power, despite the clear progressive demographic. Rural conservatives however, formed a strong base for the Republican Party through the 20th Century, and the trajectory held into the 21st Century. The Government of San Andreas - Current State San Andreas is a predominantly ‘blue’ state, trending toward Democratic governments and frequently voting Democrat during presidential elections. Within the state itself, the Democratic Party has held supermajorities in the Senate throughout the 1990s into the mid-2000s. While the state can be characterized as politically progressive, the conservative opposition has grown considerably in reaction to the polarization of Democratic state politics. In the 2010s, the Republican Party began to regain ground with moderate senators turning once safe districts into swing seats through balanced agendas encompassing moderated social policies and conservative economics. The administration of Governor Robert Brandt began in January 2017. Brandt, a prominent urban Democrat born and raised in the city of Los Santos, ran on a platform to balance the budget and strengthen private sector growth. Brandt’s policy proposals were more moderate than his progressive predecessor, Governor Enrique Cortez. Despite Brandt’s moderate policies, the Republican Party began to reassert itself through successful campaigns in the State Senate, corresponding with a rise in conservatism in San Andreas politics. State political pundits continue to speculate the causes of Republican resurgence, with some hypothesizing that decades of Democratic control are bringing about voter fatigue. Others point to a growing desire for balance among undecided voters. Whatever the actual reason, the Republican Party has continued to grow in spite of a once inhospitable political environment for conservativism. The 2019-2020 session of the State Senate was rocked by the unexpected announcement by Secretary of State Helen Marshal, that Los Santos County would effectively be redistricted to grant the city greater representation within the legislature, in line with census data which indicated that population growth had outpaced its present allocation of a single senator. The proposal would see Los Santos represented by five state senators. The political fallout of the redistricting plan was significant. Republicans vehemently denounced the move, with Republican leadership labeling the decision as “radical” and “another step toward tyranny.” The San Andreas GOP, appealing to their rural base and undecided voters, secured sweeping victories in the Senate elections for the 2020-2021 session. These electoral wins represented the largest Republican Senate gains in decades, even earning the GOP senators in the historically Democratic stronghold of Los Santos. As of the current 2020-21 session, the Democratic Party holds a slim majority, with the Republican Party in clear ascendance - aiming to turn the State Senate firmly ‘red’ for the first time in nearly twenty years. Organizational Chart: (( OOC Information: )) (( The faction leaders at this time are @Copacetic as the Lieutenant Governor, head of the faction in general. The leadership of the Judiciary of San Andreas will be awarded to @TNG. The leadership of the Department of Justice will be awarded to @Brett. The leadership of the Senate of San Andreas will be invested in a President Pro Tempore, themselves elected by the elected members of the Senate of San Andreas. If you have any questions referencing the Senate of San Andreas, please contact your respective senator, the one that represents your district. Current Senators: Northern District: @Eriks Southern District: @Certified Lover Boy Jola Eastern District: @MrValencia Western District: @SunFun Central District: @liq Blaine County: @vrb If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us ICly or OOCly. It is our privilege to help solve issues and get people involved in government RP. Please note that this faction thread is a display of our faction and any screens posted on it must have approval from faction leadership. Finally, we want to show massive appreciation to @Nervous @Notbond @Sharvit @HaveADream and @Doosty for helping set this idea up and allowing us to RP something so very new to the community. )) Join our discord
  6. Adexo Recruitment is looking for businesses and organisations to join its repertoire of potential employees for the citizens of Los Santos. We aim to provide a sustainable recruitment system throughout the city, providing not one, but many different opportunities and roles for our fellow citizens. Many people often look for work on a day to day basis, some with real talents and skills that often go under-looked as they fail to have the necessary means to establish themselves with real professionals and opportunities. This is where we aim to help ! BUSINESSES AND/ OR ORGANISATIONS We connect with businesses and organisations, trading contact details. We then add them to our database as potential clients. Upon needing staff, the business or organisation will contact a member of ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff. A supervisor or manager will be sent to consult face-to-face, taking details of the work required, amount of staff needed, staff payment etc. The team at ADEXO HQ will proceed to search through our list of agency workers, finding the best 'fit' for the postion. One of the ADEXO Recruitment supervisors or managers will then deliver the employees to the place of work, signing a contract with the business/ organisation regarding the well being of our employees as well as agreed payment. AGENCY RECRUITS/ POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES Upon contact being made with ADEXO Recruitment, a meeting will be held between a supervisor/ manager and said potential employee. The skills, talents, qualifications and personal job requests will be stored in out database. This is to provide the best match possible. Once an business/ organisation has requested personnel, if you meet the criteria, a call will be made to you, asking you to come to the HQ for pickup. You will be delivered to the place of work, will meet with the employer and be debriefed on what is required from you. At the end of your shift, you may leave the area of work alone, or request pickup. You MUST report back to HQ at the end of a shift. FEES AND CHARGES At ADEXO Recruitment, we will charge on a basis of the work being held, amount of employees sent, amount of time on shift and recurring clients. ADEXO Recruitment employee client fees are as follows: $1000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems 10% of income made whilst on shift for ADEXO Recruitment will be taken DIRECTLY from your wage through the employer. ADEXO Business and Organisation client fees are as follows: $2000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems $500 fee per ADEXO Recruitment employee sent Charge for the amount of time ADEXO Recruitment staff are required to work. ((PRICES WILL VARY)) To contact ADEXO Recruitment, please contact one of the following. Daily Phone Number - 6839590 Out of Hours ((OOC Contact)) - Discord - BowcieTT#0677 ENROLL YOUR BUSINESS HERE! SMALL PRINT - EXTRA INFO Before agreeing to send the required people to fill the position, a contract must be signed with ADEXO Recruitment as for insurance and liability purposes. This will be done when meeting to express details of required position to be filled. The wage that will be paid to the ADEXO Recruitment sent employees MUST be confirmed on the face to face meet to express details of position to be filled. Once agreed, the contract will be NON-waivable. If the person/s sent to you meet any requirements that give you the impression of wanting to hire them full time (outside of ADEXO Recruitment) a fee is placed on the transition as the person was sent by ADEXO Recruitment. Any grievances MUST be reported to ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff, who will compensate and deal with the issues appropriately. Any more information can be provided with a face to face meet with a member of ADEXO Staff.
  7. As Nervous announced before, we can expect an election system coming really soon. Personally, I am really curious about your opinion about political roleplay. The reason for this thread is to create a place where you can share ideas and concerns about political and government RP. To start the thread, I will ask three questions: 1.) What do you expect from an in-character political party? 2.) How would you change the current politics in Los Santos? 3.) Do you roleplay any political identity in your character currently? Please keep the thread civilized and avoid real-life politics.
  8. PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY Name: Henri de Montesquieu Gender: Male Date of Birth: January 21, 1972 Born: Bordeaux, France City: Los Santos, San Andreas Political Party: Republican Party (GOP) Biography: Henri de Montesquieu (January 21, 1972) is a French jurist and politician, who had once served as the 15th Minister of Justice (Ministre de la Justice) for the French Government in 1997. His court opinions helped lay the basis for modern French parliamentary law and made the judiciary a coequal branch of government along with the legislative and executive branches. Montesquieu was the longest-serving Minister of Justice in French legislative, judiciary and executive history, he dominated the department and office and played a significant role in the development of the French legal system. Most notably, he reinforced the principle that the judiciary are obligated to exercise judicial review, by disregarding purported laws if they violate the laws. Thus, Montesquieu cemented the position of the French judiciary as an independent and influential branch of government. Furthermore, he made very important decisions relating to conservatism, affecting the balance of power between the governors and the governed during his early years in office. In particular, he repeatedly confirmed the supremacy of parliamentary law over general law, and supported an expansive reading of the enumerated powers. Resigning his government office in 2016, Montesquieu moved to Los Santos with his family to expand his government experience on an international level, establishing further connections in the State. He currently serves as the 1st Attorney General after a complete overhaul of the State's Government system. The family aims to build the State's first Federal Bank and a family winery. Education: (a) College of Juilly (LL.B.), University of Oxford (LL.M.) (b) S.J.D in Law, École Normale Superieure (ENS, Paris). Career: 15th Minister of Justice (Ministre de la Justice) (1997-2016) Associate Justice / Chief Justice (2017-2018) 1st Attorney General (2018-) Family: Brother(s): Jacques de Montesquieu (age 35) Wife: Vivienne de Montesquieu (age 43) Children: François (age 25), Sébastien (23), Léon (22), Pierre (age 21), Marie (age 20), Camille (age 19), Jacques (age 17). HOUSE of MONTESQUIEU The Montesquieus are a prominent political, legal and banking family, from French origin, that established political, banking and financial systems throughout Europe by the 18th century, moving to Los Santos, San Andreas in the late 20th century in hopes of establishing and dominating those sectors in a city riddled with criminal and gang activities. The Montesquieu dynasty had its genesis during the 17th century when François-Xavier de Montesquieu founded a banking business and a conservative political institution in his native country. Over time and with the help of François’ children, the family business expanded throughout several European countries, later controlling the world’s largest banks and political institutions. The Montesquieus story began with the humble beginnings of its founder, François-Xavier de Montesquieu. Born in 1750, François was raised in a Jewish neighbourhood in Bordeaux, France. As a child, he lived in a full house with about 30 other family members. François learned about the business and political world at an early age—his father, Bertrand de Montesquieu, traded coins, silk and other commodities for a living. One of Bertrand's clients was the King Louis XV of France. François became an orphan at the age of twelve following the death of his mother. His father had died a natural death the year before. He decided to take on an apprenticeship with a banking firm in Paris, France shortly after turning fourteen. During his time there, he learned the ins and outs of banking, business politics, foreign trade and later national and international politics. François-Xavier de Montesquieu, along with his brothers, continued the commodities and money trading business that their father started — including selling rare coins to King Louis XV of France, who eventually became the European continent's richest man. Soon he was providing other banking and later political services to Louis XV and a number of other nobles, and by 1770, François was given the title "Crown Agent" which was heavily politicised (this might be a cause to why Henri eventually rises to power in the French Government in the late 1990s as the first Jewish politician to become the longest-serving Minister of Justice - it is up to you to decide how he possibly rose to power, this is just a possibility). By 1778, François married and went on to have seven children – five sons and two daughters. The family wealth has been divided among many descendants and heirs throughout the years. Today, their holdings, which span a number of diverse sectors such as political and civil, financial and business, alongside their wealth falls under the direct hands of François’ latest heir; Henri de Montesquieu. Most family members today are employed by political and financial institutions they have founded or largely invested in. The remarkable success of the family has solely been due to a strong interest in the civil service and the financial sector, being entrepreneurs and smart, effective players in the game of politics and business. François' descendants continue to finance global political, legal and financial operations and contribute to scholarly, humanitarian endeavours. Currently, the Montesquieu family is focused on establishing the Federal Reserve Bank of Los Santos, which aims to stimulate the city’s economic climate and create a stable, rich and flourishing city, providing a fair financial system to all its inhabitants. They also aim to work with other agencies around the state to help establish a functional and effective criminal and civil justice system. The family motto is: Imperium, Iustitiae, Intellectus, meaning "Power, Justice, Intellect."
  9. Hey everybody. We're still figuring out how these clubs work but I figure I'd post the first topic. Straight to the point, what are some things you'd like to see out of the government on this server?
  10. What are your initial thoughts? We still have more to post about the courts. Specifically, we don't know if we have the ability to maintain such a complex system (judges on every case in a timely manner, police and fire lawsuits, and so on). Additionally, we need officials for the following positions: Executive Branch: City Attorney [X], Public Defender [X], Asst. City Attorneys [Hiring], Asst. Public Defenders [Hiring] City Clerk [X] City Treasurer [X] City Engineer [Hiring] Legislative Branch: City Council Members [Hiring - 3] Judicial Branch: Judges [Hiring - 3] If you are interested in any of these positions, please send me your character's background and experience in these areas, as well as intentions for this role. I'll gladly speak to you about any of these roles as well. If you have any suggestions, please post below.
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