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  1. Username: Anarchy Comment: SD is corrupt af, now PD harasses the director of LSNN. maybe upkeep the peace instead of keeping the citizens under fear. fucking disgusting, PD. Shame on you and I hope IA comes around to bite you in the ass
  2. just wait for my dm clips. loving it boys!
  3. I mean.... makes sense? But no. PD down bad if they need NPCs to chase. Plus not sure if it'd be possible anyway. Cons outweigh the pros here; there has to be a different approach to this particular issue. So no.
  4. oh boy, hide ur family. go wacky, lose your marbles ye
  5. what does lsnn stand for again btw? 🙂
  6. Who is Dennis Sidwhale and is AnneMarie single yet?
  7. Username: R34LG4NGST4K_K1LL3RK_DAVISK Comment: FUcK 12K FUcKInK PIGS oKInK oKInK
  8. You laugh now, but it is a crucial piece of equipment for my character development and to allow us to immerse ourselves during our shared ERP. +1
  9. Username: MussoliniDidNothingWrong Comment: there are italians living in sa? i thought they move to better places. not shithole to shithole
  10. Username: iGoToClubs Comment: everyone is jealous of doux because their shitty nightclub wasnt filled up with doux’a friends. all of you are pathetic and this article is useless - let the man live his life
  11. Username: iDontGoToClubsAfterG6ShotFantasiaHallUp Comment: who?
  12. Username: LogicOverTragic Comment: lol dumb question. literally sweatshop wages and working conditions, ofc they arent bankrupt retard
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