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  1. I appreciate everyone's feedback so far. This has been very useful. I also appreciate everyone for keeping it civil for the most part (I have reported several comments for trying to get a reaction out of each other in hopes of derailing and getting this thread closed down. Not cool on those who did that). Let me leave a few points here with those who are interested in this sort of project: - This would be an opportunity for us to connect the legal and illegal community. I understand that at its core, there is a staunch hatred towards one another, stereotyping each others' roleplay standards based on a silly one-off situation you may have had a year ago with some John Doe. This background noise can be (with work and dedication) rectified through collaboration with each other. Having roleplayed in Davis on my alt character a few times, I am fairly convinced it isn't 24/7 shootings and "ayo ma" as many make it out to be. I've met ample players who take their roleplay seriously and put time and effort into it. With some collaboration, we can make projects works flawlessly, such as high school RP or B.J. Center, or you name it. The way I see it is that my job as a legal faction leader is to create roleplay for all - not just the select 50 that are in the faction script-wise. And needless to say, "all" includes our friends from the illegal community. We've had projects similar to this in the past, but they were shut down due to weak management. Now we are stuck in a vortex where illegal and legal players alike, point fingers at one another and each other "(M) e-thug" and "mallrat" over the pettiest of things. - This would not lower the standards in Davis. I saw a comment somewhere far up that mentioned how middle-class citizens are going to attend from Rockford and so on. I can assure you this would not be the case, unless it makes absolute sense. The leadership team presiding over the project will have to gauge those instances on a case-by-case basis to ensure the quality of roleplay remains high. Which brings me to my next point. - A strong leadership team will have to be established. Without experienced community members, we will not succeed in creating an enjoyable experience for all of us to enjoy. The way I envision this, the leadership should consist of at least: RPQM representative, LFM representative, IFM representative, illegal faction leaders that wish to send their members off to the school, government faction leaders that wish to oversee the development of this project. Without a stable team, this would not get anywhere. - School shooting will have to be banned. This isn't even about catching a case outside of GTA:W. It's common sense. The same way you do not see airplanes being flown into Maze Bank towers, you will not see Columbine re-enactment. This is a simple case. - Classes will have to be sorted out one way or another. I've seen the argument being thrown around that this won't work because it'd need to be active during 8am-4pm. In real life, sure. But this is a video game. Real life, you don't go to college at 10 or 11pm either, so this point is completely irrelevant. We have looked past this limitation before, I'm sure the community won't have issues doing so again. - Without double-faction script support, this will not be a scripted faction. That is also done to prevent students from being stuck in a no-corruption policy where they cannot even think of doing anything illegal. This is a heavy contrast in comparison to ULSA, where the whole concept is shaped after UCLA, a leading national college. We are talking about Bullworth Academy here. There are definitely workarounds, but leave those to the IC paper-pushers. - I'd personally like to explore other venues where we can bond together as a community, legal and illegal alike. I'll reach out to @Pogis to find ways of reopening the B.J Center in South LS, with appropriate measures being taken this time. But in the meantime, I'd like to hear more opinions on this concept, and/or voice your different ideas publicly or privately. Those who would like to personally contribute to this project super-early on, feel free to reach out to me here on forum, or on Discord at H04X#1419. It's time to end this era of hostility, and begin a new chapter where we can coexist without babyraging every five minutes.
  2. Could you elaborate on why that is? The whole point of the thread is to collect opinion from various community members. "No" isn't that easy to work with.
  3. No one takes the initiative. And when they do, there is 3rd party pressure to shut it down. Why the persistence? Because there is a market for this project and members of the community are asking for this.
  4. I appreciate the feedback. I think this is a very plausible project if we have the foundation established. This wouldn't be an unsupervised area; liaison with faction leaders, faction management, RPQM and so on will be crucial for the roleplay to not die out in a week. I've seen projects similar to this one in the past and they worked out fairly well.
  5. Hey. About a year ago, the state senate passed a law that created the Department of Education, and with that, the faction was looking forward to implementing a Davis High School. This was something that was support, and more often than not requested, by our friends from the illegal community. However, this whole project was suspended due to LFM's ruling at the time and we ran into some administrative issues as well, such as finding competent leaders for it (e.g. a principal). I'd like this thread to serve as a civilized qualitative primary research. I'm looking to gather as many opinions as possible to see if there's still any market for this sort of project. Both illegal and legal comments are welcome.
  6. This thread follows the story of Noah Wade, a weathered politician who currently serves as the 33rd Secretary of State, and his journey to learn the ways of beekeeping. With this, I just want to keep track of my progress and promote the idea of passive roleplaying in general. By no means am I a beekeeper in real life, so my knowledge comes from 3 YouTube videos I've seen in the span of 2 days. STATUS: 2-stack brood boxes erected, 8 frames each. Queen bee is at work after cage was removed; first bee package installed. No signs of harvestable honey yet.
  7. Username: ProtonElectronNeutron Comment: Whenever liberals are presented with the statement that it will go into the trash can of history with a very black and shameful file full of attempts to redefine humanity as alienated machines/beasts and then convince everyone that they were never human to begin with, they spew out the hackneyed excuse that its intentions are as pure as the driven snow. Ironically, such screwball logic is likely to convince even more people that liberals’ desire to achieve total world domination is the chief sign that it’s a wild soi-disant do-gooder. (The second sign is that liberals feel obliged to allow federally funded research to mushroom into a barbaric, grossly inefficient system, hampered by scrofulous dorks and unholy mooks.) One can examine this from another angle and plainly see that what liberals are doing is not an innocent, recreational sort of thing. It is a criminal activity; it is an immoral activity; it is a socially destructive activity; and it is a profoundly phlegmatic activity. Even without the humorless ideology of Cæsarism in the picture, we can still say that liberals say that it possesses an innate, fixed, pure, and essential identity that makes it superior to the rest of us. If that’s the limit of their perception, acumen, and intelligence, then God help it. Unless liberals value our perspectives, it is simply wrong to conclude that we’re supposed to shut up and smile when liberals say sick, infantile things. Finally, nothing about liberals would be complete without mention of some of the thoroughly nerdy schemes that they themselves support. Although there are a plenitude of examples from which to choose, the most nerdy would have to be their proposal to create a new fundamentalism based not on religion but on an orthodoxy of racism. That’s the sort of thing that keeps me up at night.
  8. In my nonpartisan opinion, this goes hard
  9. its not sarcasm. i do this. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/928467511069003797/964567678209622106/sims3.mp4
  10. i rp jogging with my character's family on a daily basis and sometimes we find random benches to sit down and feed the birds with bread crumbs
  11. Username: ProtonElectronNeutron Comment: There are a number of reasons Sen. Adrian Rossi isn’t telling us as to why he wants to lock all the exits from our present state to the world of constructive reason. Allow me to expose those reasons one-by-one, on the principle that if you can’t see that my conscience compels me to outline his troubling pattern of lying, incompetence, and carelessness, you need to get a brain. Get a brain and figure it out. Learn that if we are to expose corruption, then we must be guided by a healthy and progressive ideology, not by the noxious and destructive ideologies that Sen. Rossi promotes. What does Sen. Rossi hope to achieve by repeatedly applying his lips to the posteriors of cold-blooded, incomprehensible perverts? Well, gee, I’m glad you asked. I’ll answer that question later, after I first bring up a point about how Sen. Rossi pretends to have the solution for everything. In reality, he creates more problems for the rest of us to solve. Consider, for example, how Sen. Rossi spouts all types of puffery about his moral vigor. Well, sure, he has somehow found the fortitude to endure our ongoing humiliation and discomfort at the hands of his myrmidons, but the larger point is that nothing unites people like a common enemy. That’s why I would encourage everybody to take some shots of their own at Sen. Rossi by reprimanding him for concealing information and, occasionally, blatantly lying. While you or I might find it natural to want to rise to the challenge of thwarting Sen. Rossi’s cankered plans, rather than attempting to work out his disagreements with others, he commonly turns to his friends tapinosis and meiosis, calling his opponents ludibrious Fagins, uppity fearmongers, or even litigious, profligate-to-the-core nitwits. I find that rather sad, primarily because Sen. Rossi would have us believe that his motives are spotless. He wants us to think that it’s aspish to call his bluff. He wants us to believe that matters of racial justice should enter a period of benign neglect. It’s not true—none of it. The reality is that Sen. Rossi wants me to stop trying to stand uncompromised in a world that’s on the brink of Sen. Rossi-induced disaster. Instead, he’d rather I languish in prison on trumped-up charges. Sorry, but I don’t accept defeat that easily. Let me close by remarking that if I have succeeded, as I hope and believe I have, in presenting such a combination of facts and arguments as has demonstrated the propriety of rebuilding our communities, I shall regard it as evidence complete that these lines have been judiciously penned.
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