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  1. I am currently working with City Officers JoeWarner and Mecovy who head up the Treasury and Engineering offices, respectively. We're implementing a city contracting system that would hire X company to provide X services for X amount of time. It's a little more complicated than that, but just know there will be several ways for players to start companies and be paid for doing work that's historically been done by the government on other servers. So yes, towing, impounding, security, and so on can be done by private companies. This way players aren't solely relying on grinding script jobs - they can actually RP something and get paid. So just keep your eyes peeled and follow this section for the coming updates. https://gov.gta.world/viewforum.php?f=84 And if anybody has a suggestion or something they'd like to see, you're more than welcome to talk to the our City Engineer, their department, or even myself.
  2. Pretty simple: faction members, specific ones if possible, should be able to lock specific rooms or at least city/police/so on properties in general.
  3. I agree partially, Torque. Yes, if people try and abuse this by having an entire faction of 13 year olds committing crimes, but one could argue that the absence of clear proof that at the time of committing the act they knew its wrongfulness would apply more often than not to a teenager. We can talk about changing it, but I think the focus is on that second part. It's a prosecution by the court for crimes committed. Right now, most of the prosecutions will be done by the City Attorney and company for law enforcement related cases. The work put into casefiles and sentencing time empowering the courts are a deterrent to crime and a reason to be cautious and discreet when committing said crime. I'm open to more discussion about all of this. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Initial Thoughts? FAQ: 1) I see there's a few state agencies listed here? Will they be around during launch and can I get in them? ALL state agencies mentioned in the penal code will be NPCed during the first few weeks, if not longer (months). This does not include the courts - more to come on that for a later date. We are considering dissolving the 'city court' system and just having it all at the state level, which will provide streamlined service to the community. 2) bruh i aint doin a week for "X" wtf? Sorry. (times are up for debate, please post below) 3) I gotta be imprisoned for life if I go over 25 hours in certain cases? Yeah, the goal is to prevent insane crime sprees and for it to have a meaningful event for your character. Serious crimes should be taken, well, seriously. For your character, there should be significant reasons to commit crimes that would add up to that magnitude, and would warrant the risk of life in prison. Btw, you can still get parole. Anyway, this isn't a finished document, but please feel free to ask questions and post below.
  5. We have a Public Defender and are also accepting assistants - just msg me. Updated to include that.
  6. Maybe something more practical would work out better, a mock trial IG, maybe.
  7. ObZen


    g2a son hit me up for the discord link, don't wanna advertise ?
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