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  1. Rest in Peace. x

  2. I'm not entirely convinced I would enjoy RDW. Sure, it's a great concept and I'm sure that some of the creative beings among us would be able to do something great with it. That said, it would be something MILES outside of my comfort zone and I am not sure I would be totally able to settle into something so radically different to what I'm used to. As a courtesy to those who knew what they were doing, I'd probably steer clear of it so as not to disrupt the operations of such a setup. Certainly an exciting prospect for those who are looking for a change of scenery though. Bring it on and see what comes from it.
  3. Are you meaning for specific use in GTA World or more broadly? I'm not sure what you by your query. What type of DLC Packs? What crashes? What do you mean by something else? If you can fill me in on these points, I may be able to assist you better.
  4. Are you using a vanilla game? Also, check the EAC related channels on discord for various potential fixes.
  5. Hey, big congratulations to everybody (especially @UTOPIA) 😁
  6. I think this is a very vague one to put out there and you'd need to be more specific about the scenario's where you'd want to see this. It's the modern day; everybody has camera phones now, somebody's recording somewhere, somehow. Is this really something you want? And if so, when and why and how often?
  7. Hello. I've contacted you via discord to try and resolve this matter. Thanks.
  8. Hello! This is a little frustration as there doesn't seem to be any consistent cause for your crashes, however as you state that it's since EAC, I would direct you to the #eac-crashes channel on the GTAW discord which may have your issue listed. To give us a better understanding of what's going on, how long can you typically play for before these crashes happen? Do you get a reasonable amount of playtime? Very little playtime? Is it totally random?
  9. In this instance, it may well be a temporary fix to make use of Steam's screenshot system (if you launch GTA V via steam), ShareX, or any other applicable capture software. Nvidia has been having some compatability issues with the recent EAC mandate (albeit somewhat inconsistent). This will allow you to at least continue to use fullscreen until a more permanent solution is found by RageMP and Nervous.
  10. It is sometimes the case that components can be an issue. I was on one of my characters looking to buy a Wiwang alarm, and visited every single store on the map only to find them either locked or out of components. In the end I was fortunate that an administrator came to my aid, but it was a frustrating experience as a consumer, not least of all because visiting every store in a state is not what I would consider realistic. So sure, I agree that not everybody will be happy with the system due to experiences they have, but It's certainly understandable as to why it's designed in the manner it's designed. Infinite stock has ramifications to the economy. Removing the dynamics of live demand from businesses removed the unexpected nature of trucking, and makes it a mini-game, not a genuinely roleplayable experience. There will always be checks and balances. I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with the system, it's just like buses IRL. None come for thirty minutes and they all arrive at once.
  11. While I agree with you, I also feel I should point out that GTA IV had similar mission based multiplayer, albeit the missions were VERY limited and it was typically quite unpopular. Also, we should keep in mind that although it is the first expansive version of online, it's evolved over time. The Online experience on GTA V now is very VERY different to what it was at launch and I think there is wiggle room in the debate for people to suggest that the evolution was not for the better.
  12. What program do you typically use for taking screenshots? Steam? ShareX? Something else?
  13. A very exciting announcement no doubt. I look forward to seeing the media that Rockstar release over the coming months/years. I don't really remember the hype for GTA V incidentally. I do however remember the hype on the lead up to GTA IV. The little videos that popped up, the obsession with the screenshots that Rockstar released. It really did have me worked up in a good way. Not sure why I didn't get so hyped about GTA V. For the pessimistic crowd that are doubting the quality, I do urge you to try to adopt a positive approach. Yes, GTA online is certainly not something I enjoy or subscribe to, but you can't claim that the singleplayer GTA V wasn't an absolute gem. That is the standard you should look at, not the micro-transaction world that is GTA online. I'm sure that we'll see another inspired storyline that is unexpectedly intrinsically tied in with other strands in some way. Roll on the next few years!
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