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  1. You never went on a date with my char, forever disappointed -Easter Bunny
  2. I didn't even read this wall of text but I'll upvote anyways because I think you're probably right.
  3. Why do you put the brand of perfume in your character description. I don't know what a channel.or Gucci perfume smell like.and you probably don't either. It's pointless fluff. No one cares about perfumes. Same for dudes with cologne.
  4. Why is no one ever role-playing taking a piss or having to take a dump. It's like not human, this is heavy rp.
  5. Little idea what if when you upgrade your car with the exception of wheels, tint or.maintenance the car can't be moved out of the garage idea for like 12 hours. That way it would be realistic and people that care about the roleplay would stay and those that don't would leave. The.mechanics wouldn't have to rush the roleplay and could take their time with each car?
  6. Bellomo is rolling in his grave right now. Eggman the friggin' legend glad to see you around.
  7. You know first off we should stop calling it trucking when.in reality it's far from trucking as It's more like a courier job like Fedex or UPS. Most of trucking IRL is drybox trailers and just doing dock to dock. The type of trucking we have is just not trucking. Honestly the trucking system in LS RP wasn't actually bad. There was a lot of oocly owned industries that produced goods needed in order to produce crates and materials to end up with a.final product. We need something similar and more engaging than spamming loading and unloading crates. The new trucking system was flawed from the start and honestly super boring and not designed around roleplay. It's really hard to get a trucking job to engage in roleplay but I think its something that can be done. But having businesses penalized because of a lack of truckers isn't a good idea. Honestly if trailer sync would work then we could have proper trucking. And if any devs are listening maybe talk to real truck drivers that actually knows what trucking is before you design something. Illegal trucking could be something nice too to engage with more roleplay. When I mean illegal trucking I don't mean smuggling drugs or firearms but having the option of carrying more weight than you are legally allowed to. That could be cool.
  8. amen to that, if you wear checkered clothes, to my character that';s what you are wearing. I don't see the points of client side mods, only you sees them.
  9. You're actually right but it's the same reason why we have speed limits on our roads. Clearly the robberies have not improved in the last years. And I'd be curious to see the roleplay that happens after the robberies. Because I doubt that its fueled by IC motivations. And yeah in a perfect world we'd be be able to remove the bad apples but it's not possible and we always end up here.
  10. My very based opinion. Robberies on random individuals don't bring good rp for anyone. I feel like robberies should be prohibited if they don't have an actual reason. They usually end up in ooc conflict and sure maybe a few good roleplayers benefit from it, but for the most part it's just bored people that hope they'll end in shootings. Just ban random robberies.
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