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Ronnie two poles

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  1. Can we have some good American brands that people wear here that isn't just Addias? How about Jordan, Nike, Champion, Dior etc? The default clothes in the game are outdated about 10 years back. We don't wear xxl t shirts and baggy jeans anymore like SouljaBoy Tell Em, it's not 2007. NHBSSCC v3 is very good. Needs more t shirts. Check out stores like Fashion Nova, SHIEN, Macy's etc.
  2. This. This is perfect and realistic. When you call 911 in real life, it takes about 45 ish seconds to a minute (a little more or less) for the actual dispatcher to broadcast the emergency. I think it'd be completely realistic and fair to implement a timer.
  3. I find that kind of hard to believe considering when I was in LSPD the entire department joined the channel as soon as someone central'd the shots fired or a 911 popped up. Then show up deep like a 6 star GTA wanted level. Maybe that happened one time but.
  4. I'd have to semi disagree. There where a handful of pretty good factions at that time going back and forth. The end of Meadows DTO brought in Palm Tree Piru and the other gangs in that time period had decent rivals and the RP was fun. After PTP ended I joined LSPD, which still wasn't bad for the time. 2017 came and everything went down hill.
  5. feels like legal rpers really support this change lol
  6. I know LSRP's standards are shit tier now, but damn do I wish ppl that came here from LSRP held the standards here from like 2016.
  7. Space gangs outside of the normal neighborhoods and map in aesthetics to farther away areas to influence new faction concepts. Take GTA SA's map, Glen Park is a drive from IDK, Willowfield...? So spacing gangs out would be better overall, but that's up to faction leaders and mappers to come up with concepts for farther away neighborhoods to make them feel more poverty struck.
  8. bro u got two poles issit?

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    2. CertifiedKiller


      wot? wot?  wot?  wot? 


      u fucking wot? 


      ill fucking shank u fam r u fucking skunked? are you fucking mad you fucking little dickhead r u fucking skunked?



      *Throws acid in your face* 

    3. Ronnie two poles

      Ronnie two poles

      ok doddy do it, ya fockin twat

    4. CertifiedKiller
  9. Indeed. That reminds me, I remember a time on LSRP people did the CK challenge. Which pretty much meant when they died realistically and not under the terms of rule breaking - they CK'd. It was a unique challenge I barley remember and I'm sure it changed the outlook on RP. If more people took loosing their life seriously or going to jail for long periods of times, both law enforcement RP and illegal RP would improve.
  10. Never said you had to limit your RP to anything, but my suggestion was based primarily off the point it's silly to start off as a drug lord lol. Of course you can be ambitious and get their in your development, but I also don't think everyone should have that similar goal. Just take the RP with the flow of things and see how it ends up. I do like the idea of being a 40 year old and having a crisis. Thought ab making a char like that myself.
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