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  1. peeped the first page, thought this shit was real life
  2. It's crazy how shunned the gang/illegal community is and restricted when something like addition of a high school is talked about.
  3. Maybe somewhere in the middle of the city because it won't make sense to have people IRL driving all the way from Davis to Vespucci or Vinewood to go to school. That'd be like driving from Compton to Hollywood to go to a public school, which is a 45 minute IRL drive.
  4. has to be done right and can't be cringe or weird or full of e-rpers/people who don't understand american hs culture.
  5. I like this a lot. it's something I've always wanted to be seen done, and I'm glad you guys are doing it right.
  6. Yep. For some of the most basic, slow, nothing special cars they're very poorly overpriced. I see why people would rather just save up a little more and get the cooler, sports/fast/luxurious cars. Also, bikes IRL are pretty dirt cheap, even 2021 ones. Not here tho. Why?
  7. Cool, add them - but can we make the economy cars...more economic? Seems like people over pay for the average car. With the adaption of new cars/tuners etc in the future, can people RPing normal working wage/not rich actually be able to afford the "cheaper" cars?
  8. That's the most ugliest thing I've ever seen. This isn't IMVU.
  9. I can agree with both of these, come to think of it I'd also rather see a good high school.
  10. A private boarding school, map in a shopping mall next to it and get some decent RPers and not weirdos to do and it'd probably be a lot of fun. Add mini games for classes, since nobody wants to go to school IRL then school on here. School, classes, minor drug use, frats, house parties, dorm parties, hanging at the mall etc etc just sounds enjoyable and like fun, char. development RP.
  11. A rich family done right, and not trollish or silly - make it interesting by having conspiracies around your family name. Like the Rockefeller family.
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