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  1. Seriously. I think I suggested way back that mid cars shouldn't be so expensive.
  2. glad to see people still doing this
  3. American whites who are from the suburbs who portray to be something they really are not. British who act "hard" but never seen even a crumb of that lifestyle. Someone who forcefully talks with Ebonics but Ebonics isn't apart of their culture.
  4. I wonder why these servers cap at such a low amount then, when they have ques of 200+ people. Prob to make $$ off that exact fact lol. because unlike some RAGEMP servers on REDM and FiveM they have tier based monthly subscription services (some that get as high as $20 a month) to let you into the server que first.
  5. holy shit LMAO wait for the british cowboys oi mate gimmie your fuckin premium ciggies before i shiv ya wit me bow an arra
  6. People with the silver spoon lifestyle glorify the hard life both IC and OOC because it's been portrayed to them via their peers as "cool"
  7. I hate to break it to you man, but dumb ass criminals do exactly all of that IRL. Does it happen a lot more frequently on GTA:W? Sure. Dumb criminals do not think about the risk but only just the reward. People do commit crimes, crazy crimes such as murder knowing that in most major cities there are cameras on every literal corner. "Being dumb on GTAW is is always an excuse for convenience, not properly portraying a criminal who is just stupid. It's always taken to the extreme in super unrealistic ways." The reason they really do it is because the illegal RP scene is super boring, there isn't much else to do. Everything on GTA:W is catered to the LEOs, club goers, ERP, etc. There is no fun aspect to it. I'm not saying go extreme and let them do anything they want, but just like my previous post - it's just not enjoyable. My last post covers this exact issue.
  8. Exactly bro, like all of us here been RPing since the dawn of GTA RP and it's just burnt trying to be this super elite RPer who is trying to rewrite a Michael Simon script for HBO. This server is full of people RPing who they wish they could be, appearance, confidence, etc - but the problem isn't that simple, these people all RP the same Kim K. bs super model EPR second life club goer, and the server lacks so much on the illegal side, it's just flat out boring as hell. Same ol night club, same ol car meet, same ol British police. Yawn. It gets old after years and years, esp if you have been RPing forever and just want to have some fun. Not everyone wants to do this super life simulation 1:1 ultra realistic supreme shit anymore. We did that years ago, sorry for who missed out. Everyone knows how to RP by now, lets have fun. Most of us are in our 20s+, you think we wanna do that supreme elite shit anymore?
  9. Another problem with that is here, we try to emulate real life a little too much. Also, it's weirdly frowned upon that people can't RP dumb criminals...but IRL, 9/10 criminals are dumb...so if you do stupid crimes here on GTA:W you're considered a rule breaker.
  10. IDK I mean you'd expect most people to understand the concept of any RP considering most of us been doing it forever now. I think people stopped caring about how well they RP illegally because of how boring it truly is.
  11. servers boring and due to illegal rp being so sub-par, it's hard to imagine gta:w having that "golden era" of rp, illegal factions etc.
  12. funny because it's prob people that live in europe that do exactly this, because they can't rp americans either. any type of americans, cops, gangs etc.
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