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  1. Username: PastorWoods Comment: Pastor Beckham, it's a very good cause that you're fundraising for. I'm currently in the process of becoming the pastor for the Great Chaparral Hill Valley Church and would love to work with you. You can contact me at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) if you would like to work together every now and then.
  2. +1, and nerf the knuckledusters too.
  3. I did it multiple times when I was in the faction (albeit more than 4 months ago), at most we'd get one bored cop taking a statement then leaving again, not worth the bother lmao. And most gunshot vic's just npc their treatment because "they have to go"
  4. Introduce cooldowns for (old) paid systems. Want a blip? Sure, lasts 30 minutes like the last ones but there's a 15 minute cooldown. Want to furnish? Sure, first 500-750 props are free.
  5. Congrats, you have fallen pray to what being on the internet is like.
  6. Can't wait to RP a highway assassin and rob and murder people who pass by.
  7. I bought a cheap spray-bottle from IKEA and filled it with oil, I spray a few pumps of oil on the stuff I drop into the air fryer, gives a little better. But yeah, airfryers are amazing.
  8. Insert derailing comment.
  9. Yes, this. I don't want to be a stuttering epileptic in RP, more fun to be one IRL
  10. As a person who runs a pest control company, I'm also offended by this.
  11. So he's willing to risk getting another felony just because the dude can't bear not getting into a club? Sounds totally legit.
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