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  1. Considering the majority of kids are in gangs, why not have a gangbanger dad? Nobody would want to do that as they'd be gunned down every time they ask for rent.
  2. Not sure why you guys are still arguing soccer when it's not relevant to the discussion lmao.
  3. Not to mention an insta forum report for not fearRPing.
  4. Football suffered from syncing issues iirc, first player needed a good connection to be playable iirc.
  5. Title speaks for itself, what legal roleplay would you like to see more of?
  6. What was the 12 year old even doing in Paleto?
  7. Username: NevadaNoob30 Comment: Y'all need to get a life and stop harassing the port workers.
  8. Your argument doesn't make sense. There's no demand because majority of players only meet medicalRP if they crash a car or get shot, by introducing more clinics there is a chance they know one of the people running the clinic and get involved in medicalRP.
  9. That wouldn't happen and you know it. MedRP is niche, at most we'd get 5-6 more clinics who all have people they know and can start off with.
  10. I was enjoying it and had plenty of decent RP with multiple businesses and factions, I stopped because LFM told me to start a faction or they'd ban me. More medical factions means a larger amount of players involved with medicalRP, all of those people know other people. If we just have one centralized faction for medicine we are severely limiting the amount of people engaging in medicalRP as caregivers or recievers.
  11. Because the gov is happy with PHMC and don't want anything else.
  12. Centralization isn't key. Centralization is how the majority of medical RPers I know have gotten sick of it. Alternative Healthcare in general and in RP can't survive without a primary care system. Like Koko pointed out, majority of us medicalRPers don't want to join Hope or PHMC, because we've been in them and want to operate independently.
  13. I was literally told to apply for a faction despite being the only person in my practice.
  14. Because those of us who want to work as GPs want to be independent. Evil circle really. Again, doesn't matter what is ICly permitted when LFM actively oocly prevents the creation of medical factions
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