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  1. Like Biscuit says, start one! Problem is, its a MASSIVE amount of work.
  2. Yes, I realise not all gang members are twelve year olds. My comment was a thing called' sarcasm' or 'joke'. Hence why I made it so unrealistic as possible.
  3. I would call upon my network of informants and private investigators and proceed to note everyone the people who called the cops on me are familiar with, then roll up with a crew of 12 year olds I paid $50 each and shoot the shit out of them. That or just talk to the cops. Dumb topic.
  4. Suggestion kinda speaks for itself. I've been trying to leave a group (Which I did succesfully), but I still have admin rights over it. I click 'remove admin' but it says I can't remove admin rank from a super admin.
  5. Great! Please contact me on 210696 or on my email ((forum pm)).
  6. Vapid Speedo Express I'm proud to present a wonderful workhorse that I am unfortunately selling. It's in good condition and I've invested in a top of the line security and performance package. There's also a set of solar panels installed above to charge any tools you may have. Has GPS as well. Images and pricing Vehicle images (( And vstats )) Buyout price: 70.000 For viewings or further questions, either contact me on 210696, my email [email protected] (( Forum PM to Coburn )) or leave a comment below.
  7. About the Property Coburn realty are proud to present this moderate apartment, which has been turned into a home business apartment with 4 rooms and a bathroom. - A decent-sized bathroom with the usual amenities and also a washing machine and dryer. - Living room / Office, armchairs can be turned outside working hours. CCTV covering the entire room to keep the disposable room safe as well as your entrance. - Disposable room, currently used by the owner as a place to store medical supplies and equipment. Can be used for anything. - Kitchen / Dining room, f
  8. Medical roleplay! It's only boring if you just instantly go afk and don't interact with your saviors, it'll usually save you from a PK too if you're lucky. And who knows, you might learn some cool stuff, idk.
  9. I've mentioned it to my clinical supervisors as a way to keep my medical knowledge up, they think it's a lovely idea if it works for me. There's no real point to hiding it, people don't really give a toss what you do. I enjoy playing GTA:W and yes I do get teased for it occasionally, but I dress up as a roman legionary and doctor as well so that's OK)
  10. Username: CoburnMD Comment: Yesss! Good luck dude. If you need cheap health insurance, let me know man!
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