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  1. That is some good reading there! Glad to see it. Yes, the title says onlyfans-characters cause... if the main thing that defines your character is "onlyfans" (hence why I said onlyfans-character) then that's an issue, in my opinion. But of course, the thread is to comment about people whose main gig is farming money through sex menyoos.
  2. i will make it even bigger in the OP for those at the back yes i dont wanna have my beautiful discussion locked
  3. Hello! We all have seen, heard, or been told about someone who received a ban for ERPing too much. We probably also know people who ERP a lot and are not touched... but this is not the matter we're discussing today... The discussion is about onlyfans characters, everyone who uses either FaceBrowser or QuickDate has seen those characters that look like they exist only to make sexual menyoos and sell them for a bunch as "onlyfans content" however, and for obvious common courtesy reasons... We are not gonna name-drop or witch hunt! And some of those, are only Digital Identities (within our already digital world, like Digimon-ception), so... the question is... same as rule 19 forbids the ERP-only characters... "Characters/Accounts that exist only for the purposes of engaging in sexual roleplay are forbidden. Every character needs to participate in roleplay outside of sexual activity in order to not be in breach of this rule." SHOULD ONLYFANS-ONLY CHARACTERS BE REMOVED ASWELL? Will be reading you! Keep it civil please!
  4. Very sad words to read, even more given this is a VIDEOGAME. I am not planning any time soon to accept any sad realities in a videogame. I am here to have fun and roleplay. In that order, without breaking rules.
  5. Not really either LOL, just wait 3 months and have it expunged LMFAO. If you are a legal player who is suffering from FLD gatekeeping due to lack of good cause for a CCW (this isn't on FLD though, they are forced to act this way), your best options are: A - Get your PF and avoid getting caught concealed-carrying, meanwhile get as many PF guns as you can. When cops retire your PF license, they nearly never put the effort in recovering the guns you may own. B - Simply get illegal guns. You don't even need to try too hard, you can get each piece for around 15-20k. Even if you are a legal character, it is not difficult at all. If you don't do either of these? Good luck being a walking money bag for illegals.
  6. That's actually a VERY GOOD description of the three scenarios that are possible. It is incredible IFM is accepting CKs for self-defense situations, honestly, but they really are. Some random kid from (X place) whose highest achievement in the server has been getting 3 ajails, will have your 2000 hours character CKed cause they failed at mugging you. Honestly, my recomendation for ALL civilians who defend themselves with a gun? Always try to go for option C. Then make sure to roleplay the trauma accordingly, but... at least you won't lose your character.
  7. That is not really true. You get caught with an easily accessed illegal firearm? As long as it's just a pistol, and you are not a felon previously? 3 hours in prison. which you will turn into barely 1 hour with the x3 time.
  8. Nah, they rob you either way, without knowing if you got a gun or not. If you got no gun? They rob money and items If you got gun? They rob money, items and gun At least with the gun you stand a chance.
  9. Source: i got offered several pistols for 15-20k not even looking for them Wanna add up the cost of ccw + buying a pistol at Ammunation? Same price.
  10. Honestly, that is not quite the valid argument. Matter of fact, it is cheaper and easier to get an illegal gun than a legal one, for a civilian aswell.
  11. Hello! Following SCOTUS ruling: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-61915237 I feel it is appropiate to bring this topic up for discussion. As it stands, the application to have a CCW requires to provide "good cause", which is the same exact case SCOTUS struck down with their most recent ruling. If we are attempting to portray the counterpart of Los Angeles, California; the need to abide by SCOTUS rulings should be something obvious. Before anyone tells me to handle this IC, its Faction Management, as far as my understanding goes, who forced good cause to be a thing. Anything but removing the "good cause" requirement would be a big hit to immersion and proper portrayal of a city in the United States of America. Or at least, that's my opinion. I'll be reading you! Keep it civil please
  12. As far as I am aware, and from my experience in the LSPD, players need admin approval to get drugs / weapons in prison.
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