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  1. @Hunmble Adnan You still interested for 45? @18Cowboys and @stoian97 not answering.
  2. The Life of an ADA A horrible PAS By Cyril Regas
  3. The questions about dashcams are many, all of them posted at the beginning of this topic, but I can repeat them for you. When do the dashcams start and stop recording? Do they record all the time? Only when the sirens on? Do they record a short span before turning on the sirens/strobes? Do they also record a short span AFTER turning off the sirens/strobes? Do they always record audio and video together (before, during, after the strobes/sirens...), or sometimes just video? Where are the microphones that record audio? Do they only record inside audio? Outsi
  4. And this is an OOC matter. There are cops confused about this, and they give bad information to other players in general. Some other cops may abuse this too. How do I know if the second cop I ask is giving me truth information? Do I need to keep talking to higher rank ups? When do I stop? Staff has also made rulings on stuff like PF License Abuse (Rule 13), that could be controlled ICly. That's just not feasible, or logical.
  5. I don't want to know it IC. I want to know it OOC to make sure the evidence given is acceptable and not cop-abused, as simple as that. And I have seen, in the many months I have on my record as attorney, and ADA now, many cops saying different things. I literally see no reason why someone would be against making this information public to stop possible confusion and/or intended abuse, well, I can think of ONE reason for people to be interested in others not knowing anything about it. That's what staff is for, to rule for the whole server. LFM can tell us
  6. I know it's in your manual, but I want it made public. There is no way people can abuse this knowledge, other than to protect themselves from people with evil intent abusing the little knowledge we have about it. There is a rule that fits all the cameras of LSPD vehicles, as it's stated in your manual. The ruling about civilian dashcams and other dashcams is nothing but a possible side benefit from this suggestion. The main part is to make public the specifics of LEO dashcams
  7. Enough is enough with this matter, in my humble opinion. When it comes to court cases, that's a conflict that happens WAY TOO MANY TIMES: "Did the dashcam of the car record this? Did it only record video without audio? Did it record audio too?" Questions I think that need to be answered, about LEO dashcams and posted somewhere well public so there is no more conflict and abuse about this (sometimes it is abused on purpose, sometimes by mistake) are the following: When do the dashcams start and stop recording? Do they record all the time? Only when the siren
  8. @18Cowboys Got a phone number? Still interested?
  9. @stoian97 Sold to you for $48,000. Send me an email with your contact number. In case you don't get in contact in a period of 24 hours, it will be sold to the next highest bid @18Cowboys
  10. @stoian97 @Hunmble Adnan @18Cowboys Bidding currently at 48, closing in 8 hours.
  11. My game just stays like this. Only clientside mod is the bikersmp thing (the kuttes and that). I do nothing strange, as usually, I click on Rage, click on the server, it loads in and stays here (instead of load resources to then go to log in screen and that)
  12. Extra 24 hours until the bidding closes then. @Hunmble Adnan @18Cowboys
  13. No, I don't roleplay a cop, so you are wrong! Also, the argument of illegal RPers saying that would make sense if being PK'ed mattered AT ALL, you literally lose NOTHING.
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