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  1. 2 lazy u smelly bitch
  2. not to be that nigga but..not every robbery needs to be planned like a megamind
  3. just don't do this...problem solved
  4. Yes, some people rob for items after they lose shit, that's good and bad and something that could be fixed if there were different ways to acquire specific items, in general.. my fellow real nigg- ilLeGaL rpErs you should roleplay realistic emotions, fear and actions AND try to get out as fast you can..
  5. Anyway, back to actually being a real [email protected] is spitting all the facts that you need, this isn't saying that some people don't roleplay robberies like a fucking brainlit robot but at the end of the day robbers IRL and on this server most of the time want to get in and out very quickly, the same way there are a few bad apples in the criminal side of things there are a few bad apples in the civilian side of things...I personally try to make all my robberies quick but as detailed as possible and usually refrain from robbing with more then 2-3 people..but at the same time if you just want
  6. 10/10...the passive aggression in this one took it from a 7/10 to a 10/10 reply for me
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