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  1. Unless they have CK Perms for you, then it'd be a PK, unless you wanted to CK out.
  2. As the title says. Ban kidnap robberies. It's unrealistic & shouldn't be accepted here. 9/10 robberies involve kidnapping the victim & driving them to the middle of nowhere specifically to rob them, it just makes no sense. Why would anyone go from a year or two in jail for armed robbery, all the way to 15+ years for kidnapping & armed robbery? All over a few dollars? It makes absolutely no sense & should not be allowed. Robberies are supposed to be for the RP, not the rewards, so why allow these unrealistic & ridiculous kidnap robberies to begin with?
  3. It's a known issue. Nothing to do with your computer, it's a RageMP issue. I know people with $10,000+ setups & they have this issue as well. Its just RageMP being garbage as usual.
  4. I'm all for allowing it as long as we force people to write properly. The spam of "young female looking 4 work" bullshit is a no no
  5. From personal experience, the slow militarization of the port area, all the random stops & searches for no reason really kills a lot of drive for truckers. Just my two cents.
  6. Lets not turn this into another anti SASP shitpost thread. It has nothing to do with Rangers, no need to bring it down that road.
  7. Username: cheesecakefactory Comment: maybe if she stopped jumping to the victim card any time someone said something about her, thism wouldnt happen. if you make yourself an easy target, people will target you.
  8. Username: cheesecakefactory Comment: if its clearly "fake news" why bother responding to begin with? just makes you look bad. dont give them the attention they so desperately want and they'll get bored, not very hard. plus its no secret that will flanary is a wannabe cop that failed every LEO agencies recruitment so hes stuck being a fake mallcop
  9. Keep the snow until New Years Day, like. It's 5 days out of 365 days of the year. You can survive 5 days of snow filled interiors. Get over it, ffs.
  10. Username: cheesecakefactory Comment: "amount of rangers being down in davis, rancho, and other city area" yet rangers have only been in the city like 2 times LOL "REEE POLICE DOING POLICE THINGS OH NO THE TRAVESTY!" shut the fuck up u illiterate fuck
  12. when did this go from "Screenshots with threatening auras" to "post the cringiest, randomist shit you can"
  13. Name: cheesecakefactoryEmail: [email protected]: g6 is literally the worst of the worse lmfao. shooting an unarmed teenager for riding his bike, shooting an unarmed man for a fist fight, trying to pull people over & run over a teenager for throwing a rock at you and chasing and trying to ram an unarmed teenage girl for tresspassing? yall are a fucking joke, honestly. the only people that work for yall are people that cant get into ANY law enforcement department, bunch of wannabe cops, thatss all you are. #cancelgruppe6
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