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  1. Username: cheesecakeone Comment: easily the most useless article in recent times, holy fuck lol
  2. God, yes please. Extremely annoying seeing the ad system be spammed with stuff that wouldnt be there irl.
  3. Staff doesnt care about unrealistic and out of control robberies? I'm sure thats why they amended the robbery rules and took stricter action against unrealistic robberies.
  4. Username: countycopper Comment: "“once you’re 19, you’re no longer a teenager” is all I had to read to lose 100% of my faith in the company. Originally thought it was just one bad apple but nope, the leader himself showcases how fucking braindead he is. How is a nineTEEN year old not a TEENager? The fucking word is literally in the age are you seriously that retarded? I didnt think it was possible to be that fucking stupid...
  5. Still for sale. Asking price dropped to flat $100,000 OBO.
  6. There's plenty of other ways to express your opinions without being hostile like that, man. Please elaborate on your issues so we can properly discuss and solve them for you.
  7. My feelings are simple; Advertisements from actual escort companies? Absolutely, why not? See them all the time IRL, especially in urban areas. Advertisements from individuals that say shit like "Young sexy girl looking for any job"? Absolutely not. The issue isn't with the escort ads, the issue lies with the people obsessed with ERP on an OOC level that are too lazy to actually make any effort towards genuine RP. It's already against the rules and admins need to take stricter action with it.
  8. Holters/Duty belts can be found in the undershirt and decal section of the clothing store. However, keep in mind the IC laws regarding open carry. As for security clothing, I don't believe there are any clothes open to the public that say "Security" other than the GTA Lore "SecuroServe" which isn't an actual business IC, however there are plenty of combinations that can be made to look like a generic security officer.
  9. Username: AmandaLockford Comment: Using the library computer for this like I do every once in a while to check the news. There is NOTHING being done to help us. I've been homeless & living at the camp in strawberry since I was 16 & in the last week alone I've been beat up, bullied, mugged, & attacked like 5 times. Even the police don't help us, despite them constantly saying they are. Every time I call them for help with the payphone they ignore it completely. When I asked why, they told me its because all the payphone calls are automatically declared as prank call
  10. Indeed they do, come to Park Rangers instead
  11. that one canadian dude that got rank locked in SASP & forced to namechange because they gave out "too many traffic tickets"?
  12. did I post here already? if not, wsup
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