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  1. When you word it like that, I definitely agree, well said. However, I definitely think SAPR needs to not be limited even more than they already are.
  2. Theres no "IC agreement" that they're bound by. The only "agreement" is a year+ old OOC LFM List of restrictions imposed on the faction that has long since been outdated, abandoned & ignored by both factions. They're State Police Officers. They're sworn in by the STATE, not by the Sheriff. I don't know where you're getting your information from, but the Sheriff's Department has no say what-so-ever on what SAPR can or can't do in terms of general law enforcement, lol. The only thing SD takes instant control over instead of SAPR is murders, kidnappings, and other high profile crimes that require detectives, SWAT, etc. California State Parks Peace Officers are also /Park Rangers/, but they're still STATE POLICE OFFICERS. A little bit of research goes a long way in cases like this.
  3. As for the comments saying "SAPR just pulls people over because they're bored, baaaah reee" Give me a damn break, y'all acting as if the LSPD & LSSD don't do the exact same thing? Thats what police do, both IG and IRL. They're POLICE. If you break the traffic laws, they're going to pull you over, regardless if you're in a park or not. Do you think the CSP IRL are going to ignore you going 100MPH in a 60MPH zone if it's outside of a park? News flash, they arent. Know why? because they're POLICE. With STATE WIDE jurisdiction. Sometimes police officers pull people over for petty reasons or because they're bored. LSPD does it, LSSD does it, SAPR does it, and guess what? IRL police do it all the damn time as well, so get off the topic of SAPR & traffic stops, thanks.
  4. Well said, but another main reason why a lot of the original members left is simply because they got sick and tired of the extremely unfair restrictions imposed on the faction. Ever since the faction started, this community has been head hunting & witch hunting for reasons to limit them as much as humanly possible, and as evidenced by comments in this thread, it's clear that some members of this community still lack the ability to think like grown adults & accept the fact that SAPR was unique & needed. Look at HAPA for example, it was completely shut down due to fishing license issues, which is fine, but it took nearly a year for it to be re-written, because everyone that actually cared about that type of RP got tired of being restricted & left. It's so easy for people to put the blame on SAPR, when the blame really should go towards certain people in administrative positions that dislike SAPR & utilize their administrative powers to impose ridiculous & overkill restrictions on it. SAPR used to be great, and it is still great, but it's far too late for it to be what it used to be, and that fault lies entirely on the community & the administrators that imposed the restrictions that killed the enjoyment to begin with. As @Poeticsaid above, when all you get is shit on 24/7 for simply doing your jobs & enjoying the RP you have, motivation quickly diminishes. It happened to me, I used to be on GTAW daily, enjoying every second of my RP with SAPR, until we got restriction after restriction after restriction, constant belittling & harassment by the community, and all of our complaints essentially thrown in the trash, all because certain members of power disliked the faction & all their friends joined in on the anti SAPR bandwagon, and all that stemmed into a lot of members leaving. SAPR has been trying on a daily basis to get the community to open their eyes and see the benefits of having SAPR, but it's easier for people to stay on the anti SAPR bandwagon like toddlers instead of actually admit when they're wrong. It's hard to be motivated when you get treated like garbage by everyone for no reason. :shrug: The majority of members left because every time they tried to provide unique RP, they got shut down. All the people with amazing ideas for the faction were essentially told no, all because certain people in LFM & high positions in other factions & the community disliked SAPR. Hell, the restrictions & dislike for SAPR were so petty that SAPR was denied a namechange from SAPR to "San Andreas State Parks" to match their IRL counterpart (California State Parks) because "People would mistake the SASP to mean State Police". Yeah, so what? SAPR ARE State Police Officers. We weren't even allowed to say "State Parks" in Departmental radios or general conversation, it was that petty. Even when the cruisers literally say "San Andreas State Parks" on the side. For the last year or so I've been keeping all this shit bottled up because I was told I'd receive administrative punishment for speaking my mind about the unfair treatment towards SAPR by LFM & the community in general. I actually got forcefully demoted due to trying to dispute certain restrictions. But now I don't play GTAW anymore, my RP days are over, so I'm not staying silent about these issues anymore, they can ban me for all I care, enough is enough.
  5. Name one time in the entirety of GTAW's history where a "PEACEFUL PROTEST" was actually PEACEFUL & not just used as an excuse for the DM happy trolls to attack cops & cause chaos without being punished. I'll wait.
  6. Because they are POLICE OFFICERS. STATE POLICE Officers, to be exact. If you want realism, SAPR should have more jurisdiction than both the LSPD & LSSD combined, as it's exactly like that IRL. Ontop of that, because the SD was ignoring the county like the plague, theres a reason it was riddled with street racing and crime for months before SAPR was even thought of, lol. ------------------- ----------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Do you expect POLICE OFFICERS to just ignore crime because it's not in a park? Oh please. "Sorry, I know that guy just murdered 5 people, but it's not in a park so I cant act upon the OATH I SWORE TO THIS COUNTRY" Give it a rest. SAPR has been treated like dirt by the general community ever since it started and it's disgusting. Every chance y'all get, y'all complain and complain and complain about NOTHING. Ever since the faction first started, they've been treated so unfairly by everyone, heavy restrictions & just constant unfair bullshit thrown at them at a near daily basis. The only reason nobody is speaking out about it is because they CANT. In fear of receiving server punishment. For example, I got forcefully demoted on an OOC basis because I publicly criticized how the faction was being treated unfairly, but since I no longer play GTAW, I dont care anymore, the time for silence is over, the time for taking it on the chin and just accepting it is over. SAPR is a great faction, and its fucking DISGUSTING how this community treats them on a daily basis.
  7. How bout y'all just let SAPR be? IDK why everyone is so hellbent on shutting them down, ever since the faction first started, it ain't right and it ain't fair. They work their asses off on a daily basis, and yet they get harassed, talked down upon, and constantly have to deal with people trying to shut them down for literally no reason other than the classic superiority & elitism mindset of certain individuals in certain factions that has plagued every RP server that's been created.. It's ridiculous. SAPR should be SAHP, of course, but they 100% should NOT be shut down, at all. As someone who was in SAPR for the majority of their time in GTAW, the county would be 100% dead if it wasnt for SAPR. Love it or hate it, thats a plain hard FACT. Y'all can say LSSD is active & was active in the county all you want, but I'm sorry to break it to you, it wasn't. Hell, before SAPR, I'd go to the county and just drive around for hours & I'd see MAYBE one cop every half an hour, thats not "activity", hate to break it to you. The anti SAPR mindset a lot of you have needs to stop, it's ridiculous and makes no damn sense. Full stop. 95% of the hate on SAPR is because they're actually doing their jobs & stopping crime & y'all are just salty you can't escape to the county to get away from the police because the county is dead anymore. "Having a third LEO faction makes no sense" Give me a damn break. Just let SAPR do their thing and stop hating, damn.
  8. And yet they didn't, and thats exactly why SAPR was made to begin with, try again. The amount of SAPR haters is ridiculous, like y'all fr gotta get over it. SAPR is an amazing faction, and frankly I'm sick and tired of all the useless, un-necessary & unwarranted hate towards them. If the LSSD "could do exactly what SAPR does just fine" then why havent they? Why didnt they? Why arent they? Why was the county crime riddled & extremely inactive on the LEO side before SAPR was made? Why was it riddled with street racers, murders, etc etc before SAPR was formed? Why was LSSD spending their entire shifts in Davis & the city in general, avoiding the county at all costs if they could control the county just fine & do what SAPR was doing? Hmmm? Dont worry, I'll wait. SAPR is needed, and it's doing perfectly fine. SAPR is the best thing to happen to the county in such a long time, and ever since it was made, y'all have been trying so hard to discredit them & get them shut down, give me a fucking break. I don't even play GTAW anymore, but I'm still seeing constant baseless anti SAPR bullcrap.
  9. Paleto has never been RPed as a city & frankly I've never heard the term "City of Paleto". It's always been the Township of Paleto Bay, same as the Township of Sandy Shores, etc etc. So I don't see the comparison you're trying to make.
  10. Referencing them as "trucking job" etc literally has no effect on roleplay quality what-so-ever. It's a location you go to get hired for trucking jobs. So calling it "trucking job" is perfectly acceptable. It very much would be a petty rule. There's plenty more important things we should focus on instead of people calling a depot "the trucking job place". Like the typical "I tHoUgHt I wAs WaNtEd" excuse for killing every cop they see. Also, if you want people to use proper terms for everything, the term is "Heavy Roleplay", not "Hard Roleplay". To be honest.
  11. I mean, does it matter? Not really. It's still a valid term in character. You go to the Trucking & Taxi Depot to get the jobs. So calling it the "Trucking job" "Taxi job" "Mechanic job" etc etc makes perfect sense. Why make a rule about something that's not an issue what-so-ever? Someone calling it "Trucking job" "Taxi job" "Mechanic job" etc etc doesn't have any affect on their roleplay ability or quality in the slightest. Making a rule over something as petty as this is just gatekeeping at that point. I've been here for 2 years now & I call it "Trucking job" "Taxi job" "Mechanic job" etc etc. Sue me.
  12. Takes about 5 hours IRL to fly between LA & New York. I see no reason why it should be any different here lol
  13. Just hope this fixes the dying playerbase here. I have absolutely zero interest in going to LC & I'm sure quite a few others feel the same.
  14. Username: cheesecakefactory Comment: who? im sorry but if you're only known on fucking facebrowser of all things, & barely even on that, you arent famous or a sensation, youre just another rich thot craving attention from everyone, you aint shit lol
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