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Found 2 results

  1. So... I want some opinions on what I as a burnt-out player on GTAW should do... Because every time I HOP on there is NOTHING open... Or NOBODY to RP with... Because everyone's busy whispering in groups or talking to their cliques it's like they don't talk to anyone outside of their group. Honestly, I'm assuming it's me just being burnt out or just tired of Text-Rp in general. Like don't get me wrong GTAW is fun with friends or other people. Problem is you can't "Find RP" or other people to play with because they're busy whispering in groups EVERYWHERE you go like a bunch of anti-social kids.. Like I''ve joined LSPD enjoyed it for a bit then got terminated mostly for inactivity as I had a busy schedule I also didn't like that as it was filled with OOC toxicity.. (There was always some BS with people in the faction) (Because God forbid you defend yourself against someone being an ASSHOLE). I still have yet to join a crime faction because I overly feel like it's going to be the same thing with people, so I refrain from attempting to join one but I will possibly give it another try. Before writing this post I literally hopped on GTAW not too long ago. Stared at my screen for like 5 minutes then got off because there was nothing open of interest... I walked around looking for people and to no avail NOBODY even stops to even at least have a conversation with you, you can't find people on the street at night either because everyone's just busy having ERP sessions at night or busy doing crime. Don't get me started on people recommending "Passive RP"... What is there to gain doing passive RP? When no one is around to at least see or commentate on what your character is doing? Not to mention.. Another issue I'm having is the /to text command. When I'm directly speaking to someone... Apparently people can still miss what someone has said despite "/to" BEING a PINK EXCLAMATION mark in the text.. That's honestly just a shitty excuse for people to ignore your character when chat isn't even moving. Then they have the audacity to complain when you form IC beef with them because they decided to ignore you. Now this may sound like I'm ranting but in my perspective it's just downright annoying being on GTAW to only hop off after driving mindlessly for an hour because nobody even gives your character a chance to at least have some sort of impact because they're busy talking to strictly faction members or people they OOCLY know outside of GTAW. I have more to say.. But if anyone can give me some hindsight or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong or what I CAN DO as a player to further enjoy this server. Because by the looks of it. This may be my last year playing GTAW.
  2. Hey Jerm here, I have a question how do you even make GTAW enjoyable to play? It feels like I make a character and it gets boring after a while of playing, I currently have two characters I rotate on and one I haven't touched for a while... I honestly feel like I'm out of touch with this RP server because for me it gets pretty boring as it's difficult to make IC connections with people. After all, you either don't have much to offer or too little to offer in terms of status and popularity in the city or people just straight up pretend not to see your chat because "hurr durr chat is moving too Fast" like there are times I've been talking to people and all of a sudden... they didn't see what I wrote when just a few people are talking. Makes me feel like I did something wrong or my character isn't worth talking to. I'm not ranting, just here to get some tips or some sort of lecture on how to enjoy this server don't get me wrong I LOVE this server I don't hate it... at times for me it gets boring a bit later into the day as all I'm doing is driving around endlessly waiting for things to open up and don't icly have anyone to really contact to set things up in terms of RP
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