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Found 3 results

  1. BUSINESS SECTION RULES I GENERAL RULES The business area is used to showcase your in-character business. In order to create a thread you need to make sure that all the rules below are being followed and understood: Businesses which have no replies for the past 42 days (6 weeks) will be Locked and Archived under inactivity. Business area replies MUST remain In Character at ALL TIMES. (Check point II for exceptions.) As owner of the thread, you are responsible to maintain it and report any user that isn't following any rules within the thread. No IC comments are allowed unless the thread owner has specified a comments section template which must be posted in the first reply. OOC screenshots are completely forbidden. If you want to post screenshots of your roleplay that are resolving around a business, please post those on a Character Story of yours or on a thread located in the Screenshot Gallery section. Businesses that are client orientated such as night-life, restaurants etc, are advised to use a format as if it was a review website in order to adhere to realism. II EXCEPTIONS FOR OOC USE Acceptable case of OOC: "[...] contact us under the E-Mail [email protected] (( Forum PM [Insert Forum Name] ))" Business owners may post a link to their screenshot gallery/faction topic/unoficial group at the first reply. Whenever OOC is used, the brackets must be used. (( EXAMPLE )) Reserving the 2nd/3rd reply of the thread for future use. III NOTES The following rules will be enforced in the business section on the forums. Any post that breaks these rules in any way will be hidden and warned. The business section is meant to be fully In-Character at all times, you are not go Out-Of-Character in any way. Everything written in this section is strictly In-Character. The only accepting case of Out-Of-Character text is refered on point II.
  2. https://discord.gg/MzqW2hFeUh Business Community (( All of the information below is OOC information )) Do you have a character that is running a business, or are you interested in doing so in the future? Then you are invited to join the new Business Community discord server. This platform is intended to foster discussions about business roleplay, improve roleplay standards by learning from each other, generate new roleplay ideas and business concepts for use on the GTA World server. You can find some useful information here on how to set up a business and fund it if you run into trouble. However, the main goal is to provide a place to discuss opportunities and challenges with each other, exchange ideas, and help improve the overall quality of the roleplay experience surrounding businesses. After all, businesses play a very important part in facilitating roleplay on the server. https://discord.gg/MzqW2hFeUh
  3. I got arrested accused of "hit and run" and "homicide temptative". The thing is that (if it's because of the only recent incident I had) it simply did not happen. And even if it did, the RP that went after it was completely invented. I had a small discussion with some guy at a garage, so I decided to leave it (that guy ended up being an off-duty officer). The thing is that maneuvering to exit in my car, I apparently ran him over. I left the scene because I did not hit him on my screen. He ended up calling the cops and charging me of "hit and run" and "homicide tentative". That's the first problem but the thing is that apparently when I left, he RPed as if I ran him over at a high speed (at least above 50 mph), although that's impossible when trying to exit a garage: "Once Oscar started up the engine of his vehicle, the suspect sped directly into Officer XXXXXX, giving absolutely no chance or the time to dodge the charge, injuring his legs in the process, knocking him down to the ground. XXXXX was admitted into the emergency room at Davis Central Hospital at around 12:20 with grievous leg injuries. Further details on the injuries that XXXXX sustained include bleeding, bruising, and swelling around the shin area of both legs." The third problem is that when I got pulled over, it looked like if the guy that I supposedly ran over had read my licence plate and he knew who I was (although we dont know each other and my licence plate is hard to read (on purpose) "B8BB8B8") since I had a warrant on my name, and there was no one to confirm my identity. The only thing he had was the description of my drafter (which again, is not a unique car). I'd like to solve this as soon as possible since I have a 30 hours arrest in my character and also to be sure that this kind of things doesn't happen to other people and everyone is ensured to RP properly.
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