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  1. The following is a list of popular brand-names and companies in the GTA universe it may be useful to know. Original list compiled by @Silverfish in 2019 but never completed or expanded upon. I'll be doing that! I hope this is a useful resource for anyone. Good for figuring out what your character drinks or smokes. ALCOHOL CIGARETTES & TOBACCO SNACKS & SOFT DRINKS CELL PHONES WEAPON MANUFACTURERS FASHION BRANDS AUTO MANUFACTURERS
  2. GTA:World vehicles / My take on realistic vehicle portrayal guide! Credits: Welcome to my vehicles guide! There's two parts to this guide: Part 1 - Showcasing all the vehicles on the server and which dealerships to find them at with pictures drawn from the server, so you no longer have to run from dealership to dealership to find the vehicle you want! Part 2 - A guide on what vehicles are suitable for lower class/young characters, with pictures, prices, and a short description for each one. Disclaimer: I have written the names of every vehicle under the dealership's name so you can use ctrl + F to search for a vehicle's name and see which dealership it's available in. So, let's get this guide started with. Part 1 Noun's Motors "Vapid Chino Classic - Bravado Youga Classic - Gallivanter Baller - Albany Virgo - Vapid Torrence SSO - Obey Tailgater - Declasse Granger - Dinka Thrust - Albany Washington - Annis Hellion - Declasse Yosemite - Albany Presidente - Ocelot Jackal - Vapid Scout - Benefactor Streiter - Obey Rocoto - Benefactor Schafter - Benefactor Schafter 2010 - Gallivanter Baller II - Vapid 4x4 CaraCara - Annis Kawaii - Vapid Executioner - Albany Presidente C-STR - Vapid Cara 2020 - Gallivanter Baller LE - Gallivanter Baller LE LWB - Lampadati Felon - Dewbauchee Exemplar - Lampadati Felon GT - Benefactor Schafter V12 - Dundreary Stretch - Ocelot F620 - Dewbauchee Rapid GT - Benefactor Schafter LWB - Dewbauchee Rapid GT convertible - Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio - Lampadati Furore GT - Grotti Carbonizzare" High End Autos "Albany Manana - Declasse Tornado - Declasse Tornado Convertible - Vapid Peyote - Flash - Declasse Yosemite - Fathom FQ 2 - Benefactor Serrano - Shitzu Hakuchou - Albany Cavalcade II - Pegassi Bati 801 - Inverto Coquette Targa - Albany Alpha - Benefactor Dubsta - Mammoth Patriot - Benefactor Dubsta Sport - Benefactor XLS - Annis ZR-380 - Bravado Gresley Hellhound - Enus Huntley S - Lampadati Novak - Obey 9F - Bravado Banshee - Obey 9F Cabrio - Annis Elegy Retro - Dewbauchee Massacro - Obey 8F Drafter - Dinka Jester - Grotti Bestia GTS - Enus Paragon R. - Obey Argento - Coil Taranis" Mirror Park Dealership "Maxwell Asbo - Dinka Blista Kanjo - Vapid Uranus - Vapid Victor - Cheburek - Fagaloa - Burgerfahrzeug Club GTR - Obey Omnis - Declasse Sabre 550SS - Clique - Ubermacht Seraph - Savestra - Deathbike - Issi Classic - Sentinel Classic - Riata - Canis Kamacho - Tulip - Lampadi Michelli GT - Retinue - Streiter - Dinka Sugoi - Vapid Ellie - Karin Everon - Impaler - Classic Gauntlet - Vamos - Lampadati Komoda - Karin Sultan Classic - Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire - Comet Retro - Comet - Ubermacht Rebla GTS - Flash GT - Jester Classic - Vapid Dominator Classic - Z190 - Rapid GT Classic - Deviant - Comet RS - Vapid Dominator GTX - Albany V-STR - Overflod Imorgon - GT500 - Raiden - Pfister Neon - Classic Cheetah - Pariah" Sanders Motorcycles "Pegassi Faggio Sport - Western Rat Bike - Dinka Enduro - LCC Hexer - Shitzu PCJ 600 - Western Zombie Bobber - Western Zombie Chopper - Western Slave - Western Bagger - Shitzu Vader - Principle Nemesis - Pegassi Ruffian - LCC Templar - Pegassi Esskey - Western Wolfsbane 2010 - Principe Diablous - Western Wolfsbane - Western Wayfarer - LCS Lycan - Western Hellfury - Western Daemon - Western Diabolus - Western Angel - Western Freeway - Nagasaki Carbon RS - Western Revenant - Dinka Double-T - Western Daemon Custom - Western Sovereign 2010 - Western Sovereign - LCS Nightblade - LCC Avarus - FCR1000 Custom - Western Wintergreen - Western Nightblade - FCR1000 - Nagasaki Chimera - Dinka Akuma - Western Cliffhanger - Gargoyle" Premium Motorsport "Vapid Radius - BF Surfer - Benefactor Panto - Karin BeeJay XL - Bravado Paradise - Emperor Habanero - Albany Buccaneer - Declasse Stallion - Imponte Dukes - Vapid Blade - Alamo - Declasse Tampa - Declasse Sabra Turbo - Bravado Buffalo - Karin Sultan - Bravado Gresley - Bravado Gauntlet - Ubermacht Sentinel XS - Ubermacht Sentinel Cabrio - Ubermacht Zion - Ubermacht Zion Cabrio - Bravado Buffalo S - Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom - Ocelot Lynx - Maibatsu Penumbra FF - Inverto Coquette" Downtown General Motors "Dundreary Regina - Vapid Minivan - Declasse Rhapsody - Benefactor Glendale - Karin Dilettante - Vapid Stanier - Vapid Tow Truck (Slamvan) - Dinka Blista - Bollokan Prairie - Cheval Surge - Vapid Stanier 2 - Vulcar Warrener - Declasse Merit - Cheval Fugitive - Bravado Bison Utility - Bravado Youga Classic 4x4 - Bravado Bison - Zicronium Stratum - Albany Cavalcade - Bravado Rumpo - Karin Intruder - Vapid Dominator - Canis Seminole Frontier - Declasse Gang Burrito - Albany Landstalker G - Vapid Huntley - Imponte Beaker Dukes - Vapid Gauntlet - Declasse Burrito Sport - Karin Kuruma - Benefactor Schwartzer - Hijak Khamelion - Vapid Contender - Benefactor Surano" Downtown Autos "Pegassi Faggio - Bravado Rat-Loader - Emperor (Rusty) - Declasse Asea - Declasse Rancher XL - Albany Emperor - Chavel Picador - Karin Asterope - Willard Faction - Albany Primo - Dundreasy Admiral Classic - Vapid Stanier Taxi - Bodhi - Albany Esperanto - Vulcan Ingot - Vapid Slamvan - Declasse Voodoo - Willard Faction Custom - Dinka Hakumai - Weeny Issi - Maibatsu Penumbra - Declasse Premier Classic - Dundreary Virgo Classic - Vapid Bobcat XL - Karin Rebel - Vapid Sadler Retro Sport SWB - Burgerfahrzeug Furzen - Vapid Slamvan (Lost) - Dinka Blista Compact - Declasse Premier SS - Bravado Youga - Brute Pony - Declasse Moonbeam - Dinka Chavos - Declasse Voodoo Custom - Imponte Ruiner - Vapid Sadler Retro Sport LWB - Ubermacht Oracel XS - Declasse Vigro - Declasse Premier - Vapid Sadler Retro Sport Crew Cab - Karin Futo - Bravado Recursion - Schyster Fusilade - Imponte Phoenix - BF Club - Ubermacht Oracle - Moonbeam Custom - Benefactor Glendale Custom - Dundreary Landstalker XL - Vapid Razor - Albany Manana Custom - Classic Ubermacht Zion - Willard Faction Custom Donk - Virgo Classic Custom - Buccaneer Custom - Vulcar Nebula Turbo - Declasse Yosemite Rancher - Vapid Chino Custom - Hermes - Vapid Peyote Glasser - Weery Dynasty - Sabre Turbo Custom" Fly'Out Helicopters "Nagasaki Buzzard - Buckingham Maverick - Maibatsu Frogger - Buckingham Swift - Buckingham SuperVolito - Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon - Buckingham Volatus" Sea Seagull "Speedophile Seashark - Speedophile Seashark (Two-Tone) - Shitzu Suntrap - Nagasaki Dinghy (2 Seater) - Nagasaki Dinghy (4 Seater) - Shitzu Squalo - Tug - Shitzu Tropic - Pegassi Speeder (Painted Body) - Pegassi Speeder (Wooden Body) - Shitzu Jetmax - Dinka Marquis" Bicycles Shop "BMX - Cruiser Bike - Scorcher C - Scorcher Mountain Bike - Tri-Cycles Race Bike - Whippet Race Bike - Endurex Race Bike" Bilgeco Industrial Vehicles "Deludamol Rumpo - Vapid Speedo Express - Bowboy Burrito - Construction Burrito - Vapid Speedo - Bugstars Burrito - Human labs Boxville - Public Utilities Boxville - Go Postal Boxville - Post delivery Boxville - Maibatsu Mule - Maibatsu Mule - Meteorite - Clown Speedo - Maibatsu Mule Armored - Pony - Vapid Benson - MTL Pounder" LS Airport Aircraft "Buckingham Vestra - Buckingham Nimbus" Airport Leases "Karin Dilettante - Maxwell Asbo - Benefactor Panto - Dinka Blista" Freight Sales "Taco Van - Vapid Tow Truck (Large) - Scrap Truck - Brute Shuttle Bus - JoBuilt Hauler - HVY Biff - Coach - Bus - MTL Packer - MTL Flatbed - JoBuilt Phantom" Utilities Vehicles Sales "Nagasaki Blazer - Declasse Tornado Junker Convertible - Declasse Tornado Junker - Bf Surfer Rusty - Nagasaki BF400 - Bravado Duneloader - Zirconium Journey - Maibatsu Sanchez - Karin Rebel (Rusty) - Nagasaki Street Blazer - Maibatsu Manchez - Canis Seminole - Brute Camper - Vapid Sadler - Canis Mesa - Vapid Sandking SWB - Vapid Sandking XL - Dundreary Landstalker - Declasse Burrito - Canis Mesa Offroad Package" Sandy Shores Aircraft "Western Duster - JoBuilt Mammatus - Mammoth Dodo - Western Cuban 800 - JoBuilt Velum - JoBuilt Velum 5-Seater" Part 2 In this part, I will explain what vehicles make sense for lower class characters, whether they're criminals or legal characters. These cars are suitable for anyone living in South Central, Blaine County, or any other generally lower class characters. That is not to say that everyone in South Central or Blaine County is poor, but the majority of the characters would come from low income backgrounds, so these cars would be a good choice for them. I will cover vehicles from every category (Pickup trucks, SUVs, sedans, etc.): 1 - BMX - $1,200 Without a doubt, by far, the most used vehicle by young gangbangers and young people in general, for good reason. Your young hood character is most likely not going to be able to afford a car at 16, so this is what they'd realistically have for transportation. It allows for so many roleplay possibilities and opens up a lot of avenues for your character to explore. 2 - Dundreary Regina - $21,000 This car is cheap, old, and is one that your character could borrow from their parents, grandma, uncle, etc. And that way, you don't have to RP your poor hood character owning a car at 18 or however old they are, and instead, borrowing a family member's car. 3 - Karin Intruder - $66,000 The Intruder is a great option for someone who's in their twenties, works a low income job and can afford their basic needs and has a humble living. This car is also popular among gangbangers and is a great four door option. 4 - Declasse Asea - $20,400 The Asea is another fantastic option for a low income character who is maybe on the more legal side. A bartender, a young security guard, a store clerk. This car is small, compact, but also a four door. It's fitting for most people and realistic for someone who is getting their career started. 5 - Albany Emperor / Emperor Rusty - $24,000 / $18,600 The Emperor is a very popular car in South Central and is fitting for any character who's from the "hood", regardless of their age. The customization options on it are extensive too, which makes it suitable for the young characters who realistically would want to pimp their car out. 6 - Declasse Rancher XL - $20,400 The Rancher is a great option for people roleplaying any lower class character in the city or in Blaine County. It's an SUV that's fitting for people who are on the older side but still part of the lower income population. 7 - Karin Asterope - $26,400 The Asterope is very similar to the Asea in terms of aesthetics and performance, just a bit bigger but essentially serves the same purpose and is a great option for anyone looking to get a car for a young character who is still kickstarting their career. The Asterope is also a very popular option with Slavic immigrants in the US. 8 - Emperor Habanero - $49,200 The Habanero is what could be referred to as a "soccer mom" car, and is suitable for any lower class family. That isn't to say that it's only restricted for those people, but it's definitely an option worth considering for such characters. 9 - Vapid Radius - $20,400 The Radius, similar to the Habanero, is another family SUV that is affordable and is a great option for someone who is a little older but still relatively living in a low-middle class family. 10 - Vapid Minivan - $30,000 Once again, the Minivan is another family alternative that is similar to the Radius and the Habanero in the sense that it's suitable for any old character who has their own family. 11 - Dinka Blista - $45,600 The Blista is a compact hatchback that resembles the Volkswagen Golf, a German car that is favorable by the younger population. It is by no means suitable for a family or someone who plans on using it to transport people often, but it's a great option for any young person who is looking for a cheap car to get them from Point A to Point B. If your character is someone who is struggling to afford a car while getting their career started, this is an option they'd consider. 12 - Karin Dilettante - $36,000 The Dilettante is another compact hatchback, similar to the Blista with the main different being the fact that it's a 4-door instead, which makes it more suitable for someone who is going to be traveling with large groups often. 13 - Bravado Bison - $60,000 The Bison is one of the cheapest pickup trucks on the server and is a fantastic option for a multitude of different types of characters. It isn't a flashy truck such as the CaraCara, which it makes it a realistic option for any lower-middle class characters, and is favorable by most suburban people. However, that isn't to say that this isn't a fantastic option for anyone who's looking to get a starter pickup truck. 14 - Vapid Bobcat XL - $48,000 The Bobcat XL is another pickup truck option that much like the Bison, is cheap and fits a more suburban / county setting, but is a great option for anyone else who is interested in getting a pickup truck. The Bobcat is a car favorable mostly among Americans, and not so much by Europeans, Asians, or other ethnicities. 15 - Vapid Sadler Retro Sport SWB - $48,000 Last but not least when it comes to cheap and low end pickup trucks, we have the Sadler. Again, the Sadler is used mostly by Americans, especially up in the county, and it's within the same price range as the other two pickup trucks mentioned in this guide, which means it comes down to preference when choosing one of them. There is a lot more cars that are fitting for lower class characters, however, the 15 vehicles shown above are a good starting point and should give you a well-rounded idea about the types of cars that would be affordable by criminals, young people, or generally anyone who isn't on the wealthier end of the spectrum. More vehicles may be added in the future, and if there are any suggestions to improve this guide, please add them in a reply to this guide, I'm more than happy to edit and continue to improve this guide for a long time.
  3. One of the most annoying issues that I've dealt with was RageMP not starting up no matter how many times I launch it, and upon inspecting the process it's frozen at some random RAM usage which can result in nothing but killing the process itself via Task Manager. I heard people say the problem is based on dated systems or PC not meeting requirements. The issue itself although hard to explain seems to be not related to the compatibility but to the RageMP itself. The process appears frozen or stuck at loading for one reason or another, but in fact the process is paused. And the solution for it seems rather simple. Just for your information, this solution might not be 100% fixing all the issues, it might not even work for you, I post it because it worked for me. I take no responsibility for if your game is broken after applying this method, although I doubt it could since it's not interfering with game files or anything. Step by step guide how to resume the frozen GTA5.exe process. 1. Download Process Hacker for your OS or any advanced task managing software that allows you check the processes and pause/terminate/resume them. I don't have any suggestions as I only used the Process Hacker so far. 2. Launch Process Hacker, it's very similar to task manager, leave the software running in the background. 3. Launch RageMP window, and select a server from the list. 4. After a while the game should initialize, you will notice a PlayGTA5.exe tree, with SocialClubHelper.exe, Launcher.exe and GTA5.exe. When you notice GTA5.exe becomes stuck on any memory usage and pauses from further loading and doesn't go further, press right click on the process and you should have 'Resume' on the list. 5. The game from now on should load properly, if it gets stuck again just resume the process once more, until the game fully loads. I haven't seen a solution like that for the problem anywhere on RageMP forums or in google and I've been dealing with it for quite a while, so I hope it helps you fixing your game and saves you from this irritating issue.
  4. MOTORCYCLE CLUB RP: Female Roles Around an MC This is a brief guide to role playing as a female around a motorcycle club (MC) based on information gathered from articles online, autobiographies, and documentaries. There is a vast amount of information out there, some of which even contradicts itself, so this information should not be taken as 100% fact and should just be taken as a general compilation of information from various sources, interpreted by myself to make the most sense. At the end of the day, female’s roles in MCs will vary club to club and it’s ultimately up to you to decide which type of female character you want to portray. That being said, it is important to keep in mind that MC’s are heavily male dominated (and some may even argue, a little sexist) and as a female you will never be a member, HOWEVER you can still be treated with as much respect as one. What is property? Being called property by an MC may sound like a derogatory term to someone outside of biker culture, however amongst MC culture, it’s a badge of honor and a heavily respected role. It is a common misconception that being called property means you are owned by the entirety of the club and your purpose is to ‘service’ them, however this is not true. When an MC member asks a female to wear his property patch, it’s akin to declaring to the entire club (and even outsiders) that that female is his woman and/or that they’re in a serious relationship and that she is under his protection as well as the clubs’. In addition, the property patch serves as a warning to others that the female is taken and should be treated with respect and not hit on (by other members) or disrespected. Other terms used for property is Ol’ Lady or Old Lady, WAGs which stands for Wives and Girlfriends (again these terms very club to club, member to member). What property is not: Property is not a female that is free for any member of the club to use for his own pleasure. There are different terms for the women willing to sleep with any/all members. Property are NOT members. Yes, wearing a property patch is a big deal and you are part of the clubs ‘family’ but you are not equal to a member. Members can only be male. So do not expect to be included in club meetings (church) or brought along to dangerous situations - if the club genuinely cares about your well being, you’ll likely be told to go home and sit tight. Sweetbutt’s roles in an MC Sweetbutts are women who hang out around the club and will hook up with any/all members. Sometimes their goal is to become property however, it is somewhat unlikely to achieve getting a property patch after sleeping with multiple members of the club...yes, there’s a bit of a double standard here - the male members get praised for sleeping around but women are looked down on for it. That being said, most of the time sweetbutts do not end up being property due to the implications of her having been with more than one member, for example, an off handed remark could be said by one of her past lovers and cause a riff between members. That is not to say a sweetbutt can never become property, however, it is a more challenging thing to achieve if you go this route. Depending on the club and/or member, these types of women may be referred to as: sweetbutts, pass arounds, turn outs, patch bunnies, bike hoppers, patch whore, club bunny, lay, club slut (this is not a full list, there’s tons of terms that mean the same thing as these). House Mouse’ role in an MC A house mouse is typically a younger female who will live with a member for free in exchange for cleaning and keeping up his house. Sometimes these girls are underage runaways, other times they’re similar to sweetbutts who just need a place to stay. The relationship between a house mouse and a member can be completely platonic or it can have a sexual aspect to it. Sometimes a house mouse might live with an Old Lady and her man, and she will help around their household doing chores and such. These types of females are typically respected and protected by the club. Citizen Wives' role in an MC There really isn’t a role for them in the club. These types are typically kept away (or voluntarily stay away) from all club business, events, and members. They do not get involved with their man’s club life at all. These types often just live at home and raise the family, and/or work a normal legal job. Do’s and Don’ts of being a female around an MC: Do support the club: wear supporter gear, go to events, make/bring food and drinks, socialize with other members and females (old ladies or even pass arounds) Do bond with the other old ladies and be open to learning the ropes from the ones who’ve been around longest. Do go to club events and on rides with your man. Do offer to plan events and/or help around the club house (cleaning, or restocking the bar etc). Do get to know your man’s brothers (other members of the club) but in an appropriate manner. Do show respect to members. They are your man’s brothers, the ones looking out for both him and you, being on their good side is beneficial to everyone. Do know your place in the club. As property you are not a member and you may not be included in the inner workings / goings on of the club and you should not try to force your way into knowing about such things. Do have your man’s back in sticky situations. For example, one time the cops came to a club business and began frisking members; my character’s old man was carrying an illegal handgun and he slipped it to her to hide. She would have gladly taken the fall for him if it came down to it, in order to protect him and the club from coming under further heat. Adding onto this - club businesses are sometimes transferred to member’s Properties in the event that they or the club ends up getting arrested/imprisoned - having the business in a non-member’s name keeps the asset from being seized and shut down. Don’t cause scenes: ie drama with other females (unless you’re intentionally doing it for RP sake, but be aware of the repercussions - being cast out / asked to stay away from future club events / gatherings or even being dumped by your man.) Don’t disrespect members. Ever. No matter how angry one makes you. Bite your tongue. This also includes - pulling weapons or hitting a member. Don’t do it. If you do, you’re risking your own life as it’s seen not only as disrespectful towards that member but to the club overall. Don’t disrespect your man in front of his brothers. If he tells you to do something in front of them (within reason), you should listen to him out of respect. If you have a problem that’s between you and your man, save it for when you’re home. You don’t need to emasculate him in front of his club - it looks bad on both of you and could lead to you losing respect and favor of other members. Don’t disrespect the patch / cut / vest / colors. Do not get your make up on it, do not spit or step on it in anger, do not desecrate it or damage it in any way. In some cases your man may not even want you touching it - for example if it’s sitting on a chair or something, he may want you to ask him to move it. This varies club to club and member to member - some guys may be cool with you touching it, others may be strict about it. When in doubt, ask your man. Don’t talk to those outside of the club about the club. This includes your friends, your family, strangers, cops, reporters, anyone. Anyone who is not in the club (or part of the family, ie other properties) does not need to know anything about the club, and if they want to know, you should direct them to ask your man. Don’t repeat anything your man has told you in private about the club. It’s not uncommon for a member to disclose some insider info to his old lady. He is not technically supposed to do that, because she is not a member, however sometimes men find solace in venting to their woman. Anything he says should stay between you and him. Even if other members of the club mention the thing you heard or ask you directly if he’s told you anything, you should keep it to yourself. Don’t ask about, snoop on, or get involved in ‘club business’. This means if, as mentioned above, you have knowledge about something going on in the club amongst members, you should not go out of your way to get involved / stick your nose into it. That is not to say you can’t be brought in to assist with something though, but you should wait for a member to ask/invite you to do so. Don’t give your man an ultimatum of “me or the club”. Most likely, he will go with the club. This one is more of an opinion but, consider the risks of wearing your property cut when you’re not around your man. You may not know who is an enemy to the club or your man and if you’re seen with his name on your back or the club’s name/logo, you could be making yourself a target. Ultimately it’s up to you when/where you want to wear it, but consider the risks beforehand and be prepared to handle them accordingly. So You Want to Become Property? Here’s How to Start: Obviously to start this, you’ll need to get to know members of a club. They can be tricky to find, but one sure fire way to probably find some members is to look for a line up of bikes parked outside of a business. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask what club they’re with - assuming they have a cut on (vest, colors, etc. many names for this as well). Once you get to know them better, ask about supporter gear - a lot of clubs sell t-shirts or hoodies that say “Support Your Local [Club Name]” or simply “SYL_” the last letter being the first letter of the club name. This shows your interest in the club and I’m sure whichever member you’re seeing will appreciate your support of that aspect of his life! Another way to meet members is to look for businesses they may own. A lot of clubs own bars, strip clubs, garages, and gyms (not limited to these but these are the common ones). Most likely a few members will be hanging out at, or even operating these businesses. A third way to meet members is to watch for ads on social media (facebrowser) advertising club rides or events that they are hosting and then attend those events! Some things to be careful of when you’re going for a property patch are: Does the member you’re getting to know even want property? Or to date someone seriously? Or are they looking for a quick hook up? If it’s the latter option, you will likely not be considered as a potential for being property, and if his brothers find out he hooked up with you, they may not be interested in seeing you seriously either. With some clubs/members the simple act of riding on a member's bike with him can be viewed as a sign of you seeing that member. It may be in your best interest to NOT ride with a member until you’re sure they’re the one for you. Otherwise, if things don’t pan out and you now start riding with another member, you may be viewed as a “bike hopper” which as stated above can be a type of sweetbutt. Try to avoid dating members from different clubs at the same time. Some clubs may not get along with each other and if one or the other finds out you’ve been seen with the opposing club, you may be burned with that club or even both. How to get a property patch? Really there’s not much you can do besides support the member of the club you’re dating, get to know the other members, show you’re serious and trustworthy, and follow the rules above. Ultimately it will be up to your man and the club to decide if you are worthy of wearing a property patch. Typically the process is something like: you date the member for awhile, he may or may not ask if you’d wear his ‘property of’ patch, he brings it up in church/a club meeting (this varies club to club, sometimes there is a vote, sometimes there isn’t) and they vote whether you deserve to rock the property patch or not, if the vote passes you’ll be presented with the ‘property of’ vest, if the vote doesn’t pass you may just need more time proving yourself to the club or getting to know members and showing them you’re a good fit to bring into the family. A note on DRESSING properly while riding a motorcycle: I've seen it a ton (and been guilty of doing it myself), where females around clubs will wear dresses, heels, short shorts, skirts, etc. while riding with a member. This is somewhat unrealistic and would also be very dangerous if it were IRL. If you're wearing a skirt/dress, it's very difficult to straddle a motorcycle & ride behind someone - your dress or skirt will ride up and possibly show whatever you have on underneath for anyone/everyone on the road to see. Wearing shorts poses danger because if you were to get in an accident, or your man accidentally lays out his bike, you're going to burn the absolutely hell out of your legs (also known as road rash - google it if you don't understand the severity of this). Additionally, while wearing shorts you can also get burnt by various parts of the bike if you were to accidentally brush against them (the exhaust pipe for example). Proper footwear is also very important - heels and flip flops are not very secure footwear and you risk losing one in the midst of riding. I'd recommend going with sneakers or boots. Another thing to consider is the time of year - is it summer and very hot or is it fall/winter and cold? Riding on a motorcycle you get a lot of air so during colder seasons, it will feel even colder due to the air rushing by you and you'll likely want to be bundled up from head to toe (leather jacket, gloves, face covering/helmet, long thick pants, boots). In conclusion - be aware of the risks certain clothing items have and make those choices with intention! Now, let's talk hair... I know we all love our hair looking pretty and styled nice, but the amount of wind you get while riding a motorcycle will mess up your hair. Your best bet is to tie your hair back for the ride and then let it down afterwards to prevent some nasty tangles! TIP: /hairtie braids works best with a helmet! Sources and further reading material: Biker Chick Definitions according to Biker Trash Network (Some of these I don’t personally entirely agree with) Just a nice little blurb from a biker about Property Rules Bikers make their WAGS follow (again some of these I don’t personally agree with, and again it'll vary from club/member, but there are a few good ones here!) In depth essay about the various roles of women around MC's Hope this guide was helpful and if there's any further questions, feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer them! Have fun biker babes 💜
  5. Yooo wagwan my people, lots of people been asking me "YO FAM HOW YOU EDIT YOUR SCREENSHOT LIKE THAT?" "HOW COME YOUR SO QUICK WITH YOUR SCREENSHOTS" Well that's because I use the /blindfold method instead of a chatlog parser. (YUCK). However some people get confused with the blindfold method when it comes to "blending" your text into the screen. None the less, I'm going to share a quick guide with you guys on how to edit screenshots using the blindfold method WITHOUT doing any type of blending to your text. (Thank god for the blindfold tool). This method is nothing new, I learned it a while back during my time on LSRP. Hope you guys enjoy. NOTE: THIS EDITING STYLE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE GTA ON STEAM ONLY!!! REQUIREMENTS: Photoshop Blindfold tool Photoshop Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1b1jSya3myVjWS4hQiNhQMdUmtfwCmv1R/view Blindfold tool download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/orxdzvfsc0qpuf6/Blindfold.atn/file Downloading & Installing Photoshop and blindfold tool Step 1.) Download Photoshop. Step 2.) Download the blindfold tool. Step 3.) Drag the blindfold tool into Photoshop and it should automatically open. Step 4.) Once PS is open, click Windows > Actions then your blindfold tools should be visible. EXAMPLE: https://gyazo.com/a0e78b89bd4e5efecd640081361214e9 Taking your screenshot in game Step 5.) Take a BLANK screenshot in game, be sure to use the F8 button for this screenshot. Step 6.) Now for the text type /blindfold and take a screenshot, be sure to use the F12 button for your text. Editing your screenshot in photoshop Step 7.) Open Photoshop. Step 8.) While in photoshop open your blank screenshot. This PC > Local Disk > RageMP > screenshots > play_gta_world_22005 Step 9.) While in photoshop with your SS open, press Ctrl + N to open a new page. Set the width to 800 and the height to 600 pixels. Step 10.) Go back to your original SS in your first tab, click and drag it over to your second tab. EXAMPLE: https://streamable.com/tql1o2 Editing your text in photoshop Step 11.) Now it's time to include the text you want in the screenshot. Press Ctrl + O, Local Disk > Program Files (x86) > Steam > Userdata > 397763335 > 760 > remote > 271590 > screenshots Step 12.) Using the rectangular marquee tool, you will select the text you want to include in your screenshot. Step 13.) Once you have selected the text you want to include in your SS: Ctrl + C then Ctrl + N. Press OK without touching the dimensions. Step 14.) A new page will open to fit your text only, once it opens. Press Ctrl + V to paste the text there. EXAMPLE: https://streamable.com/dhmilb Step 15.) Once your text is pasted on the tab, be sure to click on it once to ensure that it is selected. Once selected, you will click "Blindfold" on your actions menu/blindfold tool. Step 16.) The black background should automatically disappear and your text should be ready to go. EXAMPLE: https://streamable.com/w03o78 Adding the black background to your text Step 17.) After removing the black background click & drag the text into the blank SS tab and position it the way you want. Step 18.) Once you positioned your text, click on the rectangle tool and ensure your colors are set to black. Step 19.) Once done, still using the rectangle tool you will add your own black background to your text. EXAMPLE: https://streamable.com/9y2kr0 AND YOU ARE FINISHED! Now you know how to edit screenshots without using a damn chatlog parser. Once you get used to this type of editing style, screenshots take no longer than 5 minutes to edit. Here's a video of me covering Step 7 all the way to Step 19. https://streamable.com/w0itng FINAL PRODUCT:
  6. With the possibility for illegal factions to acquire a chop shop, and the recent update regarding powergaming rules, it is mandatory to roleplay chopping up a vehicle before running it through the script to acquire the car parts. I believe this was the case before, in theory, but now it’s on paper and it’s mandatory. In this little guide, I’ll touch over how I personally have roleplayed chopping vehicles throughout the course of a few months in the most simple and understandable way I can. First of all, the car-theft part of this was already touched on a previous thread which I’ll link under this paragraph. It’s well explained so I don’t think I need to repeat anything that was said there. Props to @Pags for this guide: Now, you got your stolen vehicle, drove up to your garage or chop shop. Now what? Now the dismantling process begins. There’s many ways to roleplay this, whether you want to go for a more meticulous, careful way or a more brute force one, it’s up to you. Keep in mind, this is a long, tedious process in real life that could take up hours or even days, so the objective here is to make it shorter and fun to RP around, but sufficient to be up to the server standards. Exterior and engine: You got your vehicle parked up and ready to be worked on, where do we start? It’s obviously up to the person, and this is going to be some sort of a walkthrough of how I do it without going into specific details that I mention in the emotes when I do it. First thing, reach for the hood latch and open the hood. This seems daunting at first, since engines have a lot of parts and whatnot. For the sake of roleplay, some parts are skipped or assumed to be removed in the process. Once you get the hood open, disconnect the battery. This will turn off all electronic systems present in the car, except those that have self batteries. Some cars will have anti-theft. Some of these systems work with the car’s battery, some have their own which keeps it alive for a while if the main battery is disconnected. With the current state of things, it’s impossible to determine which type of anti-theft you are facing. So we’ll leave it at that. Once the battery is out, you need to focus on the engine and what surrounds it. Get rid of any wires, tubes and hoses connected to the engine. After that, you need to remove the exhaust system and transmission, otherwise the engine is not going anywhere. For that, you need to first, lift the vehicle with a car jack, then get underneath. Once you are under the vehicle, a quick google search will tell you what the transmission and exhaust system is. Once you remove the covers, bolts and whatnot, you have successfully removed both parts. Now, for the engine block. (Note: Draining the many fluids present in a vehicle, such as oil, coolant, transmission fluids and whatnot is something that I personally skip, as it is implied that it would’ve been done during this process). For the engine, you’ll need to remove the front grill first, for ease of access and extraction. Now, you can either attach the engine to an engine hoist and pull it up, or use a small crane and let it drop down. This is up to the player and how they decide to roleplay. You can either, as well, unbolt the engine mounts or brute force your way through them with a circular saw. Once the engine mounts, transmission and exhaust systems are detached, you can freely raise or lower the engine out of the vehicle. As for the rest of the engine compartment, the main pieces you should focus on should you wish to roleplay this part, are the radiatior and fan, carburetor and alternator. Up to you if you want to take this parts off, and a quick google search should be enough to tell you how to do that. As for the rest of the exterior, same applies. You can take your time and be careful with it, or brute force your way through it. Whether you decide to unscrew and unbolt the doors, hood and trunk carefully or cut through it with a saw or a blowtorch is up to you. You can remove the roof by doing horizontal cuts on the four corners of it, then pulling it up. As for the side and front fenders, most of them are held up with clips and screws, so that’s easy work. (Note: At this point, glass would also be removed from the vehicle, such as windshield and whatnot. This is another part I tend to skip considering that, most likely, the glass will end up shattered and tossed away). As mentioned before, the car should be raised from the ground with a car jack or any other tool you wish to use or is available to you. You can easily remove the tires using a tire iron or an impact gun, taking the rim nuts out and pulling the tire out of the Wheel well. After that, you want to remove the brake pads and rotors, and any other pieces you wish to focus on such as brake lines and whatnot. Interior: Now, your car is “naked”. No exterior parts, no engine, transmission or exhaust. So, what’s left? The interior. You can remove the dashboard by detaching the glovebox and pulling it out of the dashboard. Then, you can reach for the side screws and the center console. Once that’s removed, you can pull the dashboard forward, reaching underneath to undo all the wiring. If you are brute forcing your way around, it doesn’t matter if the wires are ripped. As for the seats, they rest on two sliders which usually have four bolts, two at the front, and to at the back. You slide the seat forward and back, removing the bolts from both sides as well as the seat belt anchor point. Disconnect the wiring underneath the seat, then wiggle the seat out of the sliders and pull it off. (I personally skip the seat belt anchor part). After removing all the seats and dashboard, you should be left with just the chassis. You can either cut it with a circular saw, blowtorch or leave the chassis whole and store it somewhere else. As for the disposal of parts you don’t need and want to get rid of, it’s up to the player. Could roleplay leaving them in a scrapyard or tossing them at the nearest lake, alley, or wherever you see fit. Notes: Credits to @Deano776 for commenting this! "I’d say a large part of vehicle chopping would be down to chassis numbers and VIN codes left on panels as this can trace the car down to model, year, country of manufacture etc. A VIN can usually be seen in the front window of a car to easily identify it. There’s also a tag in the engine bay which is riveted on and can link the body to the engine. The biggest giveaway for a car being chopped would be dodgy chassis codes in the floor of vehicles under the carpet as they’re embossed into the floor. Depending on who wants the panels/what country it goes to - they could just be ground down or cut out and a new one made up and welded in." I think it's a neat thing you can include in your chopping RP to give it more depth. Conclussion: That’s it. Now you have a car chopped in many parts you can use. Whether you sell them or use them at the factory to create other items, it’s up to the player. At the end of the day, it’s up to the player how many parts the want to keep or how in depth you want to roleplay it. However, the roleplay should be sufficient, not rushed in any way and somewhat in detail. Hope this guide is helpful or at least, serves as a general guideline for those who wish to partake in this kind of roleplay.
  7. This guide is to serve new players to help get them started on our wonderful server without overwhelming them of the many features and will provide them with everything they need to know in order to jump into roleplay. So you got wind of this heavy-roleplay text based server and you just can't wait to jump in and start playing, but before you do, you need to make a character, this section will cover all things related to just that. While waiting for your whitelist to be approved by members of the Support Team, you don't simply have to wait around twiddling your fingers, you can already begin the process of making your character. Your character must have a backstory, and this is the perfect time to begin this, open up notepad or any other text program and start picking your mind and typing away at who your first character is going to be. Below are some pointers to avoid; - Your character must be the age of 16 or above unless you plan on joining them into a gang as per server rules, these characters cannot be younger than 12. - Don't name your character after someone famous, it's against the rules, use a proper name and not something trollish or memey. - Make your character have both strengths and weaknesses, they are not superman. - Be consistent with your characters backstory. Take your time when writing your characters backstory and really get yourself immersed in it while making it plausible and enjoyable for yourself. So you got accepted into the whitelist? congratulations! time to get in to the game and create your character. Make sure that when you log in to the server that you use the proper upper and lowercase with your username from the UCP. Try to make your character look the part of who they are Is your character a 14 year old gangbanger? try to make them look young to reflect that. Is your character an old man with back problems? add some grey hair and wrinkles. Do what you can in the customization to reflect your character for who they are, doing this will give you respect from the community. Don't worry if you can't add that detail you're looking for in the customization such as having a big scar across your face and more, you can add these details into your attributes that other players can view, we'll go into that later. Don't make your character have a 6 inch nose, its both unrealistic and against the rules, an admin will most likely force you to change it and you may be punished, your characters appearance must stay within realism. So now you're picking some clothes for your character, you don't need to worry too much about this as there are clothing stores in-game and you can change them at any point for a measly $100 which isn't a lot. Wondering why your arms or stomach are clipping through your clothing? try cycling through the torso options to find the right one that isn't clipping. Controls F3 - Toggles your cursor on and off. F4 - Toggles the left hand side clothing interface on and off allowing you to view and type in chat. Arrow Keys - Will allow you to cycle through the clothing options, alternatively you can use the mouse. Your character arrives to Los Santos, or has already been living here, all depending on your characters backstory. You will spawn in at the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA), since its your first time logging onto the server with a new character, you will be prompted to start the tutorial. It's highly advised to run through this as it will give you a few pointers as well as a free car and a phone to get you started. Once you've received your car from the car park across the road from your spawn point, you will get the option to register your car or not, if you don't, it means that your car will not have a license plate and if driven, will be illegal, registering your car comes with a free 30 days of insurance. Continue to follow the tutorial and read through what its telling you in the chat, it will lead you to the phone store where you'll buy your first phone. It will then lead you towards the licensing center where you can buy multiple licenses for your character, start with getting your driving license, unless you plan on driving illegally without one. Once you've finished your driving test you'll now own a driving license and be legal on the roads! If you, for what ever reason didn't register your car, you can /call 206 to register your car after receiving your phone, make sure you're seated in the car. If you have to restart the tutorial at any point for whatever reason, you can use the command /setstep 0-25. Tutorial Screenshots Vehicle Controls / Commands Y - Turns your engine on / off. (Use /engine if this bugs.) W, A, S, D - Forward, reverse, left and right. Spacebar - Handbrake. F - Enter driver seat / exit vehicle. G - Enter passenger seat. H - Headlights. Press multiple times to toggle high beams and off. E - Horn. L - Locks / Unlocks your vehicle. /vg - Opens the menu to spawn your vehicle. /vp - Despawns your vehicle. /fuel - Refuels your vehicle. (Must be at a Gas Station on the blue blip with your engine off, must remain in the car while the script finishes.) /vd r, /vd l, /vd rr, vd rl - Opens / Closes each car door. /vw, /vw r, /vw l, /vw rr, /vw rl - Opens / Closes each car window. /hood - Opens / Closes the hood. /trunk - Opens / Closes the trunk. /cw [text] - Whispers inside the vehicle, visible only to the people inside the vehicle. /cb [text] - Out of character chat visible only to the people inside the vehicle. While in your vehicle with all windows up, only the people inside your vehicle will be able to see messages in /low. There's a few different type of jobs that you can do to get yourself started. You can work at a 24/7, farm grain, go fishing, trucking, garbage collector and more. While the starting script jobs aren't all that bad, I highly recommend keeping your eyes open for advertisements from other players that are recruiting employee's for their businesses, you will find more enjoyment roleplaying with other people more often. You can find people listing job advertisements here on the forums. Trucking - Deliver goods to player owned businesses so that their stock doesn't run out. Make sure that you don't race when doing this, admins will punish you for it. Farming - A simple script that helps out on a local farm to harvest grain, which you then sell for a profit. Taxi Driver - Become a taxi driver and drive real players around to their destinations. Fishing - Make some extra bucks by going fishing and enjoy some peace. Garbage Collector - Collect trash bags from the messy streets of Los Santos. Keep in mind to not rush and roleplay properly. Other jobs, 24/7, Ammunation, Gas Station, Mask Shop and more - This list will offer you all kind of jobs that you can roleplay around with other players. You will get $5,000 per hour online for your first 40 hours for a total of $200,000 to get you started on the server. Immerse yourself into the sandbox that is GTA World, there's a vast amount of things for you to discover and roleplay, you'll come to experience them over your time on the server. Start by familiarizing yourself with the Personal Assistant by pressing (i), here you'll find a lot of useful things to access, specifically the list of open businesses where you can go to and roleplay with other people, these can vary from many different things, from nightclubs, mechanic garages, cafes, bars, gift stores, liquor stores, airsoft - the list is endless! Your character will start to meet others in-game and no doubt you'll start doing things together and before long you'll realize how hooked you are. Make sure you study the rules so that you avoid punishable offenses. You can also read up on other player guides to help you progress. There's a lot of features on this server that you may also want to check out. Make sure you join the Discord Server - Should you need help or have questions there are plenty of lovely people who are willing to help you, refer to the newbie-help, support-game and support-web channels. Stay consistent with the character that you're roleplaying. If your character is 16 years old they're not gonna own a luxury sports car, nor will a 25 year old working at a 24/7. Take time to really consider if your character would realistically be able to do or own something before you waste your time roleplaying something unrealistic which people may frown upon. There's no such thing as having nothing to do on this server, you can always use your head to create roleplay no matter the situation, for example - Let's say your character is homeless with no cash and is also a drug addict, you could attempt to rob someone, or a 24/7 for food. There are tons of ways to create roleplay, you just need to pick at your head to formulate it. Be mindful of your attitude - Never mix your Out of Character feelings In-Character, remember that no matter what happens, if you get shot, are Player Killed, Robbed, that it's all roleplay and development for your character, there is never a "loss" in my eyes because the only thing of true value in roleplay is the roleplay itself. Common Roleplay Terminology IC (In-Character) - This means that you're actively roleplaying your character or are requesting / referring to in-character events or situations. OOC (Out of Character) - The opposite of IC, you're currently not roleplaying your character or are referring to something out of character. Metagaming (MG) - Using out of character knowledge in-character, whether it is beneficial to your character or not. This is against the rules. Powergaming (PG) - When your character roleplays taking action that they wouldn't be able to realistically do, or against another player without giving them a chance to respond and actively roleplay with your actions. This is against the rules. Fade to Black (FTB) - This means that a section of roleplay will be played out passively with a few lines of text and not actively. Voided - This means that a particular moment of roleplay essentially never happened and your character completely forgets about it, only admins can void a roleplay situation. Deathmatching (DM) - When a player randomly kills another player without cause or reason. This is against the rules. Vehicular Deathmatching (VDM) - When a player randomly kills other players by the means of running them over. This is against the rules. Player Kill (PK) - When your character has been killed. You will be able to respawn but will drop most of your items on your corpse besides your phone and licenses (never return to a scene to loot your body this is against the rules). All events leading up to your death your character must totally forget about. Character Kill (CK) - This means your character is killed permanently, gone from the server forever. CK's will show globally in the chat "John Doe has been killed." in red text. You can choose to CK yourself by doing a /report requesting it from an admin, but remember that you can only name change a character using real life money from the shop, donator packages will receive certain benefits per month, every package contains 1 name change per month. Admins can also choose to CK your character if you don't properly roleplay fear with your character. Players can also request for CK permissions from admins on the forums, but it must be a valid cause for doing so. If you feel your character was wrongly character killed, you can appeal it to admins here. You can also delete a character once every 2 weeks, this will not save your assets like a name change and will work like a fresh character slot. There are a ton of commands in GTA World, over time you will become more accustomed with them, but for now, here are some more common and useful ones to help you get started. Roleplay Commands T - Opens the text box allowing you to type. /s [text] - Allows your character to shout, extending the reach of your text. /low [text] - Allows your character to speak in a low tone, reducing the distance at which people can see you type. (/l for short.) /w [name] - Whispers to another player. Only the other player will see this message and its used for in character purposes. /b - This is the Out of Character text chat, should only be used if necessary. /me [text] - Roleplays your character's feelings or actions. E.G - "/me walks to the bar, she smiles widely to the bartender as he approaches." - "/me begins to sweat heavy from the intense heat of the midsummer day." /melow [text] - Same as the above only this will only be visible to a smaller reach of people surrounding you. /melong [text] - Same as /me but with a bigger radius to surrounding people. /ame - Same as /me but this only appears above your characters head, should be used for shorter emotes such as - "/ame answers her phone." /do - Is used to describe something to the surrounding players, for example - "/do The people surrounding would notice blood dripping from my right arm." /dolow - The same as /do but with a shorter radius. /dolong - And the opposite of the above, as this increases the radius. Phone Commands /ph - Opens / Closes your phone. /call - Calls a contact or a number. /phonedirectory - Lists the phone directory. /contacts - Lists all of your phone contacts. (Use /contacts 5 to only list your contacts that are online with their phones turned on.) /h - Hangs up the current call. /loudspeaker - Toggles the loudspeaker on and off. (Surrounding players will be able to hear the person on the other end.) /taxi - Calls a taxi to your current location. Misc Commands /helpme - Puts in a ticket to the Support Team in-game, this could be anything from a question or when you need help that may not require an admin. /report - Sends a ticket to the admins, this is most commonly used to report another player for breaking the rules. Do keep in mind that you may be waiting a while during peak hours, if you don't get a response in time you can always report a player on the forums, make sure you have as much evidence as possible, video, chat logs, screenshots. /cancelreport - Cancels your report to the admins. /attributes - Here you can set your characters age and attributes, this can be the weight and height of your character, the color of their eyes, if they have scars and where, general visible features of your character. You should not put anything else in here, for example "My character loves dancing." - Let people find that out about your character, people don't look at you and say "Oh that guy loves dancing". /examine [name] - Allows you to examine the attributes of other characters. /fixinvi - Entered a property and some of the walls or furniture didn't load? try type this command to refresh what's invisible. /fixveh - If your vehicle is bugged, this command should teleport it to you. (Don't abuse this as you can be punished by admins.) /fixloc - Entered a property and fell through the floor? use this command to teleport yourself back to the entrance. /fixrevive - Did you die due to a bug? use this to revive yourself. (Don't abuse this as you can be punished by admins.) /anim - Opens the animation window. Can add animations to the animation wheel (U) for quicker access, can also type animations such as "/anim sit". /ad [text] - Will send an advertisement to the ads system. (Read the rules before doing this.) /ads - Will open the advertisement interface displaying recent advertisements and upcoming events. /pay [name] [amount] - Will pay another character the amount of money specified. /inv - Displays everything on your character. /weather - Shows the current weather. /outfit - Opens the outfit menu allowing you to change saved clothes. (Must be in an interior or by an unlocked vehicle.) /toggleidlecamera - When you don't move a certain amount of time, the idle camera kicks in and starts wandering around your surroundings, this command disables it. /highlight [name] - Highlights a characters text allowing for them to be more easily seen. /damages [name] - Shows current damages on a player. I don't want to flood you with many more commands than this as there's a lot more, the list may increase over time though should more seem suitable for new players, however if you wish to see the majority of server commands, refer to the guide here. I made this guide as I feel we need a new, updated one, I'll continue to keep this thread up to date. If anyone wants to reply to help with this thread then I welcome it with open arms, I would love for the community to contribute to this guide so that we can maintain an up-to-date beginners guide together, whether its fixing my mistakes or suggesting something to be added to it.
  8. Hey, This will be short. I want to share with you all a very nice website that speaks about all things GTA-5 cars in great depth. Did you know that neons and exhaust tips significantly affect your car's centre of mass and subsequently it's handling/on-road (indirectly) performance? You do now. Such a resource will probably come as a "thank you, captain obvious" to many, but I'm sure a good bit of people will appreciate it. The website offers, like already suggested, in-depth explanations when it comes to vehicle modifications and how they truly can affect a vehicle. It contains spreadsheets with real-top speeds and literally everything. I take absolutely ZERO credit for this. Just sharing the love. Now and without further to do: https://broughy.com/gta5carupgrades Picture for effect
  9. As the city's election approaches, a wide array of candidates vie for seats in the Greater Los Santos area. The two main parties, Democrats and Republicans, present their plan for the city and have already managed to make rounds of news, with more to come in the days ahead. In the spirit of this election, LSNN presents the 2020 Los Santos Election Special, which aims to inform voters on key issues and familiarize you with the candidates running for District Representative. This page will constantly be updated with top news stories and other revisions. KASPER KARTOWSKI AND THE LSNN TEAM © 2020 Los Santos News Network. All rights reserved. (( COMMENTS ARE DISABLED ON THESE PAGES. EACH PAGE IS A SUB-SITE OF THE MAIN LSNN WEBSITE AND NOT AN ARTICLE. )) PARTY QUESTIONNAIRE We asked the leaders of both political parties the following hot topic questions. Feel free to read if you would like greater detail on both of the parties' policy positions and the reasoning behind them. Does your party believe that mandatory minimum sentences for convicted felons must be upheld by courts? Democrats: As long as a penalty prescribed in the penal code is not cruel and unusual, judges have no choice but to apply it.  It is often said that judges have discretion to be lenient or severe; that is true, but also true is that their discretion not unfettered.  The lower and upper limits are set by the policymakers and put in the penal code by them. The court should have no choice but to sentence in the prescribed range of the Penal Code. Republicans: We do not believe in arbitrary enforcement of the law. We believe that a minimum is a minimum, therefore it is mandatory. Should the death penalty should be handed down on violent offenders? What about non-violent ones? Democrats: We believe that there should be an automatic, mandatory appeal whenever a death sentence is handed down.  No convicted person should condemned to capital punishment without the approval of our highest court. San Andreas does not currently have automatic direct appeal for any convict sentenced to capital punishment.  In such cases, higher courts should review the offenses and unanimously agree to a verdict. For non-violent offences, we think it would not only be barbaric, but might even rise to cruel and unusual punishment to impose capital punishment. Republicans: Murder and rape are crimes that we consider irredeemable. It goes against our principles to allow people who have committed great harm against defenseless victims to go unpunished. Violence against children, the elderly and other helpless individuals absolutely deserve the maximum punishment prescribed by law. We believe non-violent offenders should both be punished and rehabilitated. Today, hundreds of Los Santos citizens sit behind bars in the county's correctional facility. The overwhelming majority are people of color. What will your party do to address this issue? Democrats: Sometimes, we hear explanations that amount to perpetuating stereotypes — we hear variations of “they don’t want to contribute,” or “they just need a job." The issue is often treated as if it is the result of a single barrier.  But it is usually not just the lack of a job.  If you address only one barrier, the response becomes ineffective.  Our approach must recognize the complexities behind these realities, and it must involve multiple disciplines if it emerges that the issue is a number of barriers rather than a single barrier. Our response would involve four stages: (1) identify exactly where the problems are, (2) consulting the broader community about their needs, such as relevant experts, the policing community, social workers, (3) design, which would include drafting solutions, and (4) implementation, where we would pass the finished bill into law. Republicans: We wish to give those who suffer at a disadvantage because of discrimination or mental illness a chance to fight and appeal their conviction. Most importantly, we want to prevent this kind of statistic from increasing. We plan to do this by partnering with local clinics and outreach organizations to help keep every citizen looked after and cared for, along with keeping them employed and successful. In recent months, several protesters have called for a cut in police funding and suggested placing it into the hands of other services. Does your party support extracting and rearranging police funding? Democrats: We do not support the ‘defund the police’ movement. Instead, we aim to start with offering people alternatives to turn to. Welfare checks and mental-health related calls will be coordinated with new health departments, and mental health hotlines will work together with public service departments to keep people safe. This way, the police can use their assets and funding to focus on the areas where they need it most, including violent crimes, traffic, and community patrol. We do not want our police to be underfunded, and we hope that this way, we can ensure their funding is stable while still offering the potential of redistribution, should it be necessary or beneficial. Republicans: We do not believe in defunding the police, nor creating another entity to replace them. This defeats the purpose of reforming justice and law enforcement, at least at a local level. We do believe mental health services need a buff, our city lacks an official provider, apart from local clinics that are not nearly as supported or funded as much as they should be. We want to increase oversight with every department, in order to quell discrimination and corruption. We believe, in order for this to be possible, these departments will require more funding and guidance. It is a long journey of oversight and community outreach that will effectively hinder discrimination and corruption. If in power at City Hall, how will your party ensure that no one tries to profit off of their political success? Democrats: Our candidates, collaborators and employees have been scanned and checked multiple times before receiving an offer of employment from The Democratic Party. In addition, the Chairman and the Vice Chairman lead a specific internal control team which keeps track of any suspicious movement by our collaborators. We strongly believe in our team, supporting them as much as possible in the operative field as well in the political environment, but all our members are aware of the constant checks we run on them to keep things clear and fair for everyone but mainly for the citizens of Los Santos. Republicans: Oversight is very important. Under previous administrations, we have been kept in the dark. Very little was published and there are not many points of contact for people to connect with in order to voice their concerns. We plan to totally reform the government by implementing strict no-nonsense anti-corruption and oversight laws that will ensure job activity is upheld and corruption is non-existent. This also means implementing new positions that interact with the public more frequently, much like the LSPD's MRCAD division. Will your candidates be mandated to release their tax returns to the public? Democrats: All our candidates (i.e. District Representative, Deputy District Representative) will be mandated to release their tax returns to the public and have them visible to everyone. The Democratic Party has no secrets and we also put a lot of effort into what we do because we want to deliver only the best for our supporters and everyone in the City of Los Santos. In the upcoming weeks we will be releasing our tax returns to the public domain in order to let people understand that paying taxes is something necessary to have our city grow and become a better place. Republicans: No, but if we win, we would publish salaries for each title within the government. If elected, how would your party deal with obstacles from the opposition? Democrats: Our party was the first to reach out to the Republican Party’s leadership in order to set up meetings to discuss our communication during these elections. We find it important to establish a proper channel of communication so we can deal with the elections and campaigns in a fair and just way. We aim to continue the trend of communication throughout the next term. While we may disagree with our political opponents’ opinions, we respect their intelligence, skill and experience. By keeping communications stable throughout the term, we aim to get the best out of everyone’s capabilities. Our motto is Forward, Together, and that’s together with everyone. Republicans: As civilized people, we must frequently appeal to others, through logic and reason. Everybody uses these tactics, whether it's during a simple conversation or a full on debate. Even if there is opposition in power, we'll be doing our best to make sure there are policies in place that will benefit the people of Los Santos. Does your party plan on raising, lowering, or maintaining the current tax rate? Democrats: We will neither lower nor raise the tax rate. To ensure renovations for hospitals, set up a new health department, fund education properly and provide child services, as well as institute numerous other programs, lowering the tax rate is not feasible. To ensure families prosper, we do not wish to raise the tax rate, either, as higher taxes can be burdensome. Our research into the finance department has shown that the government is able to afford our plans, as long as the current tax rate remains in place. Republicans: While we are traditionally inclined to cut taxes, we believe the current rates in place by the city are fair. We will not be increasing or cutting them. This is subject to change though. If elected, would your party introduce any new taxes? If so, explain what the purpose of this tax would be. Democrats: Our party supports programs that aim to fight against climate change. On a federal level, the United States of America turned its back on the Paris Agreements of 2015, municipal and state governments now have the duty to take the task of climate change prevention upon themselves. This includes setting a clear price on greenhouse gas emissions. This tax would aim to give companies incentive to switch to cleaner power sources. On the other hand, we wish to reduce the taxes and registration costs on electric vehicles to incentivize people to look at cleaner alternatives to gasoline. Republicans: At the moment, the only potential tax we have thought of introducing is one on tobacco. Tobacco is indeed harmful substance, but we have yet to fully negotiate the possibility or specifics of this tax. If elected, what kinds of infrastructure, housing, or other projects would your party support and how much would these projects cost? Democrats: We will look to landlords and real estate managers to help solve this problem. One of our policies is the Rental Housing Assistance Program, which would create a website that gives landlords and tenants the tools to make renting properties easier. By creating a clear overview of sort-able listings, people can search based on district, price, and the amount of rooms of each type in the property. After the tenant and landlord have come to an agreement, the website would automatically help set up a contract based on the information the landlord provided, which protects people against tenant fraud. Republicans: We intend on building low income housing projects, as well as temporary housing for the homeless and destitute veterans. The housing program for veterans would be much like a shared quarters in a shelter. Proof of service will be required, obviously. Projected costs for this project are not yet final, but we believe them to be in the four hundred-thousand range. This includes acquiring real estate and renovations. Does your party support running budget deficits (creating debt when expenses exceed profit) to fund city projects or other city services? Why or why not? Democrats: We are willing to bring the government into debt only should it be a good thing for the economy in the long-term. Government debt is not a bad thing for the economy in the short-term, as it opens a way for foreign bodies to invest in our growth by purchasing government bonds. Investors help economic growth when government debt is active, since it is less risky. If a reasonable amount of debt is necessary to improve our citizens' quality of life, Democrats are open to it on a short-term basis. However, we will always be dedicated to a stable economy and this will come first when weighing the pros and cons of any sort of debt, and will not go into debt should it not be absolutely necessary. Republicans: In most cases, we do not support running deficits and we seek to cut unnecessary expenses. But there will always be certain programs that are a necessity to the people and rely heavily on financing. For example, we hope to help charitable organizations through incentives such as grants. How does your party plan to protect the LGBT community? Democrats: In the first release of our party manifesto, we included a section under rights that extends the ban on discrimination on account of orientation in employment, housing, public accommodations, and other areas, to include discrimination based on gender identity, gender expression and sexual characteristics. This is only our first step in helping the LGBT community. Our team consists of people of various backgrounds, walks of life, ethnic groups, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities. These people were chosen not because of their backgrounds, but because each of them is exceptionally capable in their positions. We believe every person should be given the chance to prove their ability without hindrance in regards to their background. Republicans: We are currently not aware of any major local dilemma or statistics that prove the LGBT community suffers. We are aware that there has been incidents across the nation regarding discrimination and abuse, however it is hard to tackle these issues on a local level when there is no data available to work with. If in power, will your party continue the affordable housing initiative? Democrats: At the moment, we think that the affordable housing initiative is not correctly brought to the poorest neighborhoods as it should be. If in power we will continue this noble cause but we won't just sit there and see how it goes, but we'll be enforcing this initiative and give the possibility to everyone to afford a decent and safe place. Republicans: Yes. In a recent study, researchers listened to 1.2 million 911 calls and found that police officers use their firearms more often than in previous years, and that most cases involving police firearms being pulled occur in black communities. Can this statistic be lowered? If so, how will your party work towards that goal? Democrats: There is no easy, quick solution to cure the problem of racism. But we believe the statistics can be lowered by thoroughly lobbying to the government of San Andreas to take inspiration from a number of progressive acts throughout America. The Police Integrity Transparency and Accountability Act from Colorado aims to collect racial profiling data and demographic data on police arrests. An act like this would ease the process of filing lawsuits in the event of unfair treatment. On top of that, it would prevent the transfer of problematic officers to different departments, make the use and release of body cameras mandatory, and require officers to intervene if they see their coworkers using unreasonable force against citizens. There is no easy, quick solution, no clear answer to the cure of precariousness problem of racism. But we have many options, and there are many steps we could take in the right direction. Republicans: It absolutely can. We have plans to work with the LSPD's leadership and staff to help review and reform policies that result in these kind of incidents. We wish to also implement more outreach programs to help create a safer environment in these communities, without the need of increasing police presence or harsh action. Should your party form government, what would its first priority be? Democrats: Our top priority will be to satisfy Los Santos' citizens' needs. We are now listening to their problems one by one, giving a voice to everyone. For example, we're currently working on city’s public health system. No more will people be discharged within hours due to a lack of space and good rooms in hospitals. No longer will the mental health epidemic be neglected. We intend to work with the COO to make the establishment of the Department of Public Health one of our top priorities. Republicans: Implementing oversight/transparency/anti-corruption laws and policies. What is the biggest problem we face as a city right now? How does your party wish to solve it? Democrats: The biggest is hard to say. There are many problems within our city, from racial segregation to homelessness, to the lack of mental health resources and support groups, to the lack of education. Our hands will be full, but we have a good number of people ready to solve everything. With the cooperation of the bright minds of both parties, we can work towards solving multiple problems at a time. Our motto Forward, Together is also our approach to solving the city’s problems: together. Republicans: Unemployment and lack of access to medical facilities. Unemployment is a major issue across the nation. It is imperative we work with organizations such as ULSA and unions to help quell this issue. Medical facilities require our support across the city to ensure people are healthy and cared for, they desperately need our support to make this a reality. What is the biggest problem we face as a city right now? How does your party wish to solve it? Democrats: The biggest is hard to say. There are many problems within our city, from racial segregation to homelessness, to the lack of mental health resources and support groups, to the lack of education. Our hands will be full, but we have a good number of people ready to solve everything. With the cooperation of the bright minds of both parties, we can work towards solving multiple problems at a time. Our motto Forward, Together is also our approach to solving the city’s problems: together. Republicans: Unemployment and lack of access to medical facilities. Unemployment is a major issue across the nation. It is imperative we work with organizations such as ULSA and unions to help quell this issue. Medical facilities require our support across the city to ensure people are healthy and cared for, they desperately need our support to make this a reality. If elected, how will you judge your success or failure as a party in government? Democrats: We would judge our success based on the effectiveness of our initiatives on our citizens, including the communications program, the poverty resources program, the suicide prevention lifeline program, the immigration resources program and other policies in our manifesto. Republicans: The measurement of our success can be judged in the way we have benefited the people of Los Santos and the policies we implement. 1. LSNN will follow up with parties to verify that promises made during the campaign are scrutinized. This article is not verifying the truth of the statements, however LSNN will report should changes occur. 2. The policies reflect currently available information provided by the parties, which may fluctuate between candidates. Candidates are subject to change and are based on the most recent available information, as per the City Clerk. 3. No third party candidates are running in the 2020 Los Santos election. © 2020 Los Santos News Network. All rights reserved. (( COMMENTS ARE DISABLED ON THESE PAGES. EACH PAGE IS A SUB-SITE OF THE MAIN LSNN WEBSITE AND NOT AN ARTICLE. )) Mayor of Los Santos Charles Galloway (D) Oswald Halford (R) Northern District Manjot Singh (D) Jonathan Spencer (R) Central District Richard Orosco (D) Alex Flynn (R) Southern District Wallace Abbasi (D) Jose Ortiz (R) Western District Tanya Sun (D) Joshua Shepherd (R) Eastern District George Valencia (D) Thomas Busch (R) Blaine District Badar Khan (D) Joseph Hoffman (R) © 2020 Los Santos News Network. All rights reserved. (( COMMENTS ARE DISABLED ON THESE PAGES. EACH PAGE IS A SUB-SITE OF THE MAIN LSNN WEBSITE AND NOT AN ARTICLE. )) Los Santos City Hall is divided into six (6) electoral districts, with each getting one representative. You must reside in the district in which you are planning to vote. To find out which district you'll be voting in, refer to the map below. Central District Pillbox Hill, Mission Row, Alta, Hawick, Burton, West Vinewood and Downtown Vinewood. Northern District Vinewood Hills, Richman, GWC and Rockford Hills. Western District La Puerta, Little Seoul, Vespucci, Del Perro, Morningwood and Pacific Bluffs. Eastern District Cypress Flats, Murrieta Heights, El Burro Heights, La Mesa, Mirror Park and Eastern Vinewood. Southern District Strawberry, Davis, Rancho, Banning, Chamberlain Hills and southern La Puerta. Blaine County District The entirety of Blaine County, including the towns of Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores, Strawberry, and the areas of Grapeseed and Harmony. City Property The Los Santos International Airport and the roads around it, and the industrial docks. This area is known as a non-district zone, which means it is governed by city hall as a whole - no representative is given due to low population, but the area is still under Los Santos city limits and government. 4. Maps not to scale and are to be used as a general aid. Maps may have slight inaccuracies as there is no official district map provided by the government. Some dwellings may be part of a different district than expected, so refer to your address and ballot information. Contact City Hall if you are unsure where to vote. © 2020 Los Santos News Network. All rights reserved. (( COMMENTS ARE DISABLED ON THESE PAGES. EACH PAGE IS A SUB-SITE OF THE MAIN LSNN WEBSITE AND NOT AN ARTICLE. )) Democratic party campaign disunity? An interview with county-hopeful Democrat, Badar Khan Special Report: Parties battle for the youth vote Special Investigation: Democratic party candidate Richard Orosco accused of beating ex-girlfriend Democratic Party statement regarding recent allegations towards Mr. Orosco Ex-girlfriend of fired GOP candidate Orleans speaks out Alexander Orleans acquittal reveals Faggio used as sex aid © 2020 Los Santos News Network. All rights reserved. (( COMMENTS ARE DISABLED ON THESE PAGES. EACH PAGE IS A SUB-SITE OF THE MAIN LSNN WEBSITE AND NOT AN ARTICLE. ))
  10. Thanks to @Doakes and his latest update of his helper, now you can use it to edit screenshots on GTA world. All you have to do is to take one blank and one /blindfold screenshot, and when you are done open both of them using Doakes helper. Then all you have to do is to click on the RP lines on the right side and move them around as you like. It's very easy way of editing screenshots for those that don't know how to properly do it with photoshop, paint.net etc. Here's the download link : https://github.com/kfirprods/doakes-helper/releases/tag/v6.2
  11. INTRODUCTION Hello. This guide is meant for people who want to realistically portray a modern-day Italian-American mobster. This guide is still a work in progress and receives updates over time. The final form of it is meant to cover all aspects of LCN roleplay and to be the main lighthouse for those who are new to this RP and those who need extra guidance. Chapter 1: Creating a Character Name: Selecting a correct name is essential. How do you know what names are correct and which ones aren't? First of all, you want to have an American first name and an Italian surname. Secondly, you want to make sure that the last name you select is NOT famous or even worse - the lastname of a known mafioso. You can do this by simply entering your surname into a Google search. You don't know what names you want? You may use Fantasynamegenerator website or any other to generate both American and Italian names. Examples of good names: Steven Gialano, Peter Scaldi, Harold Galifani ect. Age: Since you will be starting up fresh in the criminal underbelly of sunny Los Santos, it's best if you roleplay a young guy 18-28 years old. That is the perfect age for you to be worth something already. Sure, you can be older, but remember that being older will not grant you any perks. You must also take into account your character's position. If you are starting a faction or joining one that will give you a high rank (underboss/captain), you might want to start with an older character. Background: You must form a solid background for your character before even approaching this sort of roleplay. It will help you know your character better and will also make a good impression OOCly on the faction you are attempting to join. It is recommended that your background is that of a struggling person as NOBODY joins organized crime out of boredom. You must also have your reasons for willing to take the extra step, wether its greed, desperate need to put bread on your family table, hunger for power, path of revenge or anything else. Appearance: Take whatever you've seen in the movies, grab it by the neck and toss it off the roof of a 12 story building. These days mafiosi dress like your casual civillian. Nothing that draws attention. You have full creative freedom on anything past that. As far as vehicles go, always pick something simple that does not draw any attention. Avoid sportscars at all costs. Mobsters do not want to be noticed by the IRS so they will often hide their wealth. Personality: Before you come up with your character’s personality as a mobster, you first and foremost need to come up with it as a human being. Always keep in mind that even the most hardened criminals are, at the end of the day, humans just like everybody else. They all have their quirks, their flaws, their own priorities and life concerns. Considering you will spend a good chunk of time yapping with your fellow gangsters about simple things unrelated to crime, having a fleshed out backstory is key. Maybe your character’s wife divorced him recently and paying alimony annoys him to no end, maybe your character’s son is going to study law school and he can’t wait to tell everyone about it, maybe your character is having a bad day ever since he poured a cup of coffee out on his favorite shirt in the morning. It is all in your hands, just be creative and realistic. Chapter 2: Ranks and mechanics of a LCN faction Hierarchy: The hierarchy of LCN factions is rather simple to understand. Below is an image of a hierarchy tree of a typical LCN family as well as descriptions of each specific rank and their duties in the organization. Rank explanation - Boss: The highest position in the family. He gets a cut of all the operations the family is involved in and has full control over each part of the organization. Bosses come in different forms, some choose to be a dictator that keeps all of the hard-earnt money from the family, others tend to be more charitable and treat their underlings good as well as re-investing the money into the family. All the captains in the family elect a new boss once the old one is gone, however sometimes a person may take the position by force and influence. Despite being the CEO, a boss can not lay their hands on another made man. They may issue fines or even order a hit as punishment, but it has to be with proper reason. Rank explanation - Consigliere: Also known as an advisor, a person of this position has a direct line to the thoughts of the boss and often is an older member of the family that holds a great amount of respect and trust from the soldiers all the way up to the boss himself. Consiglieres are often times intelligent as they are the main advisor to the boss and are supposed to help the boss refrain from making any mistakes. Rank explanation - Underboss: This is the first rank of the so called "administration" of a mafia family. An underboss is the core middle-man between the boss and the captains as well as the soldiers. He is the official second-in-command and is selected for this position solely by the boss himself. An underboss also keeps an eye on what's taking place within the family. If any issues arise, he will either take care of it himself or forward the info to the boss so he can make a decision. Often times, an underbos is also responsible for collecting all the kick-ups from the captains and forwarding them to the boss. Rank explanation - Caporegime: Also known as capo or captain, this person is like a mini-boss of their own. They command a group of associates and soldiers who carry out orders, plans and day-to-day activities. Caporegime is also the first "administration" position. The group of associates and soldiers that a caporegime commands is often referred to as a "crew" or "faction". This rank is directly responsible to the underboss and boss. Rank explanation - Soldier: An inducted member of the family, also sometimes referred to as "wiseguy", "good fella" or "button man". When you become a soldier, you also become a "made man" which means that while you generate income you are untouchable without proper reason within the family. In older times, you would need both of your parents to be of Italian descent to become a soldier, however these days it is only required that you at least be of Italian descent from your father's side. Often times a soldier will run their own crew of associates or have some under their wing and reporting directly to them. Soldiers report to and kick up to a caporegime/captain/capo who is a highly respected member within the family. Associates and outsiders are supposed to treat soldiers and all the ranks above a soldier with immense respect. They are also given more information and know more about the inner machinations of the family. Soldiers are also meant to be teachers to all the associates looking to become someone. Soldiers will often teach an associate the ropes, tell them what to do and not to do, who is important and who is not. Rank explanation - Associate: Introductory rank where a criminal needs to prove his worth and value to the family. An alternate way of referring to an associate is calling them "connected". Every associate has a soldier they report to, or in very rare instances the captain (caporegime) himself. You become an associate when a soldier notices your work and takes you under their wing. Being under their wing means that they will protect you (minimally) and help you run your schemes. From that point on, you are expected to pay a percentage of your illicit earnings to the soldier you report to. As an associate you are a worker bee for the family and also the go-to for all the dirty work that needs doing. Associates can be of any nationality, religion or ethnicity. While a soldier may coach and help an associate, the associate himself is not really protected within the criminal world and can be seen as "expendable" by his superiors. Becoming "Made": Being made is simply becoming a full member of your organization and a part of "this thing of ours". This means you are to be respected more and grants you a few privileges, as well as more responsibilities. Usually there is a ceremony for when a new criminal is initiated into their respective family, but the way it goes down varies differently between organizations. Soldiers also sometimes have their own crews of associates. Making money: Forget what you've been told about "honor" or "omerta" or any of those things. Today's mob is all about money, money and more money. The whole purpose is to make money. If you're a good earner with a cool head - you'll go far. If you idle around and do nothing - you'll be an associate forever. Now, how exactly do mobsters make their living? By any scheme they can muster up. Literally. You would be wrong to think that a true mafioso stops scheming for a minute. Sure, the ''mainstream'' ways of dealing dope, weapons and extorting businesses are there but it's much more. For example, you may get yourself running some sort of a scam, perhaps even set up your own illegal card game. If it makes money - it's good enough. If you are struggling to come up with anything, don't be afraid to ask others for advice. Kickups: This might be a little shock to some, but every mobster is supposed to give a cut of his earnings to the person he reports to in the family. Money goes up, shit goes down. Don't oversweat yourself, but make sure your envelope is solid if you want to impress fellow mafiosi. There are no minimum or maximum amount one needs to put in, however a super low amount may be taken as an insult. Vouching: One of the most important, if not THE most important piece of mob politics. Vouching is a process where one person puts in a word for another person while risking his reputation, or even his life in the process. If you vouch for someone, you are either giving them a boost and a good word to the higher-ups or you are saving them from some trouble they might have gotten into. However, you must remember that it comes with a risk, if you vouch for someone and they turn out to be someone very unreliable, or even a snitch - your ass is on the line too. Even for the fuck ups they make - your ass is on the line. This risk ensures that mobsters only risk their reputation and life only for something they know for sure is true. Vouching can also happen when someone recommends an associate to be inducted into the family. Opening the books: "The books" refer to the made man status. If someone tells you "the books are open" it means the family is allowing some associates to become soldiers. If someone tells you "the books are closed" it means that for the time being there's no way of becoming made. Traditionally, everyone in the family would be notified of this process in one way or the other and all members that are already made should not have any beefs with any of the associates getting a promotion, however it varies from family to family. Making your bones: Historically, this term refers to finding out if an associate that has been proposed for membership has what it takes. Making your bones meant murdering on behalf of the mob with no reward in mind other than proving yourself. However, since murder is a high risk these days and attracts a lot of unwanted attention, many LCN families have shifted to alternatives. For example, you may be asked to cripple another person in order to make your bones. Do note that in roleplay servers, most LCN factions do not actually adjust to realism on this point and may ask you to carry out a murder in order for this step to be completed. Chapter 3: Approaching an LCN faction Great, so you've created a decent character, you understand how things work. Time to join a faction of like-minded individuals. How you do this will either make or break your attempt. There are many correct ways and many incorrect ways, but I will dissect only two of more popular methods that are valid. Remember that there are many other ways as well if you are creative. So let's dive into it. Moneymaker route: This way requires most effort but it also guarantees the best chance of you being accepted with open arms. First of all, you should create a scheme and put it in action. As long as it makes money and it's realistic. You might be selling knock-off watches on the street, boosting cars, creating fake charities, anything works. When you have your operation up and running, you will want to hang out at places where the members of your faction hang out. Come there often, get drinks if it's a bar or a club or whatever. Get to know the people that frequent it, make yourself known. Maybe even let someone there "accidentally" know that you for example sell fake watches or something. Just as bad as you want to make money, so do other mafiosi. You will be probably checked out and approached by someone who is already connected, they'll try to take a bite of your action - let them. If you're under their protection, it's a good gateway in. Friendship route: This route has a lower success rate, but it is easier to perform. Again, you will need to go to a mob-infested neighborhood and hang out there often, make friends with the people around. Let it be known you're struggling, you're in need of work. Chances are, there will be a mobster who takes a liking to you and needs a guy to help with a scheme. Take it from there. Victim route: This primarily works for more established and somewhat wealthy characters. If you have a character who is getting their store shaken down for protection money, you may just pay the criminals in question just to get a way in. A lot of store owners are actually interested to pay the fee to the mob just so they could make friends in it, get help with all or any moneymaking schemes they have in mind, often involving their business or simply to get a loan that the bank isn't willing to give. Chapter 5: Mob Politics The world of La Cosa Nostra is a very political one, maybe more political and technical than any other criminal organization in the world. While the mob rules are broken on almost a daily basis, it’s rarely a given that the one breaking them will be punished, meanwhile the one that follows the rules to the letter might be on the receiving end of something they may not like. What makes it the way it is? Some mobsters are savvy and good at politics and influence. Others just aren’t. There is no clear cut ruleset you should follow in order to be good or bad at mob politics, oftentimes your fate will be decided for you, especially if you are a low ranking member. With that being said, it is a game of who you know, what evidence you have, what reputation you have and how much money you bring in for your borgata. Yes, money you kick up has a factor here as well. If you are keeping your bosses’ pockets fat, they will be less inclined to rule against you in a sit down, though do not expect them to always rule your way. Knowing how much treachery there is in the life, one must always keep their ears and minds open to what is happening around them and interpret correctly, or else they will fall like many other mafiosi have. Politics also play a huge part in how certain situations could develop. For example, former Lucchese soldier John Pennisi mentions how he was not touched in a club brawl, just because a Genovese captain heard he was on his way to get inducted into the Lucchese crime family, and his name was passed around. Chapter 4: Pro-tips TIP #1: Do not use any non-local "slang" or Italian words. Majority of today's Italian-Americans couldn't speak Italian even if their life depended on it. TIP #2: Don't wait to be spoonfed, create your own schemes and roleplay. People like that are valued both on an IC and OOC level. TIP #3: Do NOT base your roleplay on ANY TV series, movies or any other form of pop media. TIP #4: Do not try to join by simply coming into a mob-run place and asking for jobs. You will most likely be dismissed and laughed at. (Exception is when you apply for a legit job that the place is recruiting for) TIP #5: Crime takes up only around 10 percent of a mobster's day-to-day lives. Make sure you showcase your character's personality and talk about regular shit like sports, politics, cars or anything else that guys chat about. TIP #6: Remember that every mobster knows that there are law enforcement agencies out to catch them. Be careful of how your character behaves if you don't want to be caught on your first day. You may even roleplay paranoid in some instances. TIP #7: Don't be afraid to ask. If you have ANY questions OOCly, contact one of the more known LCN RPers in the community, they are most often more than happy to help out and talk to you. TIP #8: Be creative. Creativity unlocks so many doors in this type of RP and it will also make your time RPing a mobster more fun not only for yourself but also those around you. TIP #9: If you want inspiration, take a look at respected LCN factions within the community, analyze their screenshots to get a boots-on-the-ground understanding and don't be afraid of not knowing everything from the get-go. TIP #10: If you want to learn more, read through Department of Justice reports or some newer articles on the mob. I will post some links down below. Chapter 5: Mothers, Women & Kids Though the typical mobsters tend to have full potential to be cruel scumbags to fellow wiseguys and other people, you'll often find them chivalrous and showing courtesy to women, even more than your average civilian in most cases. It goes back to the roots of how Italian-American families have always been. Starting with the household, these guys love their mothers more than anything in most cases. Remarking something off about a guy's mother is the stupidest thing you can do. These guys can butcher bodies, tear them apart without any sense of remorse, but when it comes to facing their mothers they're no better than little puppies. The scene in Goodfellas where the guys stop by Joe Pesci's mother's house, end up stopping by for food is a great example of this. Then there are wives. Most of these guys hold a great amount of respect and hospitality towards their wives. It's contradictory in the sense a lot of the wiseguys happen to have a girlfriend on the side. But that's for later. Whatever may the guys be doing outside, as soon as they step into the household? They make up to be reasonably good husbands. It's not often they'll curse or use profanity around a woman. They take good care of their wives and families, trying to be the best providers they can be. They don't deserve any prize, but just because of how the culture goes, they know for a fact their superiors in the criminal world wouldn't see a wiseguy the brightest too, if a guy cannot keep his family situation in control of his ability, and let it spiral out. For this reason, the connected guys know they have to keep their wives happy however they can. For some wives, it could be expecting anything materialistic from time to time, be it jewelry or expensive clothing. While some expect and hope for their husband to be home every day for their dinner. It's a woman to woman thing, but the guys usually try and live up to it. Reason being simple, they have enough on their plate all day at work, they don't expect and want another headache once they're home. But at the end of the day? Just like anybody else, guys aren't an exception from the usual problems a married couple could have. There's always problems they deal with as a man of the house. It can be any little problem that every other parent faces, but possibly magnified because they're likely to be out of the loop being busy with their own work until it becomes a major problem or hearing somebody else. They may have overdue bills, kids dabbling in drugs, dropping out of schools, in-laws that could possibly be pestering them, and of course wives could be naggy too. The woman usually handles household work, and looks after the kids, though the pressure could be felt. Though these guys come over society's conventions and live scandalous lives, murder people left and right, when it comes to marriage and family they're not much different like anybody else. Arguements over dinner, spending of money, disagreements with kids, indifferent sex. Now speaking of girlfriends, it ties to the roots of the mobster lifestyle. Being unfaithful. And there's a plethora of women out there who are attracted to this lifestyle, aggressive and available. To add to this, wiseguys usually socialize a lot more than civilians. Be it in their forties or fifties, they are always involved in something social. Be it having dinner with their family, helping kids to bed, kissing their wives, then going out again for a few hours, nightclubs, bars, fanciest restaurants. It's a natural human tendency to be drawn to anything they're surrounded by every night, which in a lot of cases happen to be charming women. They succumb to these temptations, so that they can go home and keep things calm in their household. If not all, most wives of connected guys completely know what's going on in their shadows. They know what they signed their lives for when tying the knot. The woman usually knows not to ask about business and what goes on when he's out of the house. As long as one isn't sloppy and a complete jerk about the fact, not having his own house and family involved with other women, it usually doesn't grow to be a problem. Again, girlfriends can be another source of stress too. If the man had one woman busting his balls, now they're two or three. More problems to hear about and deal with. And speaking of girlfriends, the easiest way to earn yourself a trip is to mess with a connected guy's girlfriend, wife, or daughter. Possibly the stupidest thing one can do which is extremely hard to recover from. Even if a wiseguy would've broken up with somebody, it's only for one's best to still run off of her like she's caught the clap. Find somebody else, period. Again as always, unwritten rules but the consequences are extreme. Chapter 6: Friends & Relationships Connected guys spend time day in and out with each other. They might be playing cards, hanging out in their favorite joints, games of pool, hug and kiss each other like brothers, attend other guys' family meets, kids' birthdays. Interestingly enough, they care about each others’ family as their own, not hesitating when it comes to pulling an errand or two for them if a guy can’t be there or do it himself for any reason. Now naturally, one could easily say they're like /friends/. But that's one analogy to be not mistaken by. You have no friends. You can't afford to be or have one. Being a friend in its literal meaning could be trusting anybody to their fullest, sharing all the thoughts going in your head to them. But in the life, it can mean being vulnerable. Now naturally, guys get close to each other. They are all friendly, sharing laughs and having a good time, but not friends. The reason being, the word 'friend' has value less than a grain of salt when you're asked by your higher to take the apparent 'friend' out. As a matter of fact, the guy who might kill you is likely going to be the one closest to you. That's what you can count a 'friend' for in the life. So in general, the guys are lonely for the most part. When they're with their family, they might want to be with their girlfriends. When they're with them, it may be they want to be with other girlfriends. When they're with the other ones, and at this point they're likely thinking to be with other wiseguys. Now again, drawing to the point being with wiseguys they worry about being whacked. To put it simply, they don't make any effort whatsoever to make deep connection with anybody. You don't often see them ever open up fully. They spend most of their time happily running their schemes, cheat & kill people. It comes back to the nature of work. The only ones they can trust is their own self. Again, all of the above only serves to be the typical behaviour and mindset. It should in no way restrict you from getting creative with your character and have a few traits out of the norm. Chapter 7: Going to "College" Going to prison, for someone dedicated to a life in organized crime is not unexpected. While your feelings going in may vary between characters (Some being more frightened than others), prison can be one of the most rewarding things for your character. Very rarely will you receive a better chance to forge connections with other gangs and characters. This section will go into some information about both GTAW’s prison system specifically as well as general information on how to conduct yourself realistically in prison. Prison systems in the United States, especially on the west coast are self segregated by race. This is especially true on GTAW and pretty common knowledge in the general populous. This segregation is enforced by the two main prison gangs, The Ayran Brotherhood and The Mexican Mafia through their various surrogate gangs. This leads into the very first rule of prison RP. Don’t piss off the prison gangs. Now, this rule serves as a guiding line. Not only is it a sure fire way to get your ass in trouble, it’s also wildly unrealistic. You are in their house and your character would be very aware of this. You are no longer on the streets and your character would quickly begin to understand that the guards are there to keep you in the jail, not to protect you from each other. However, this is and ends IC, OOCly the county jail has a strong OOC community. Leading to the second rule of prison RP. Always join the prison discord, participate in jail events. Upon entering prison on GTAW, request an invite link to the inmate discord. Because of the wide variations in playtimes, it’s not always easy to have a set schedule. To work around this the LSSD discord has an inmate channel used for the OOC coordination of events like work details, canteen time and general RP around the cellblock. Many people make the mistake of never joining the discord and miss out on these events, leading to them getting the wrong impression about the jails RP. I actually recommend spending a longer amount of time in jail if it means you get to experience the events. Don’t RP a know it all. A lot of guys think because they are experienced street criminals, that their knowledge would transfer over to jail. This is just not true, your first time in prison is your first time in prison. It’s ok to admit this to others in prison and by doing so it lets the prison's lifer population give you the best experience possible. It’s ok to RP a newbie, they’ll show you the ropes IC. Chapter 8: Murder Murder is an inevitable part of the life, but it isn't like it is portrayed in the movies. There are quite a few things to know about ordering or performing a hit. So, first of all, every wiseguy knows that in today's world it is quite easy to get caught for killing someone and then you're off the street for a while. That's why it happens rarely these days, but when it has to happen, all cards have to be played perfectly. Ordering a hit: There are two main keys to ordering a hit. First off, who is the target. If the target's a made man, you must have a very strong reason for their death. If they're a petty associate that causes you issues? You still need permission, but it's far easier to acquire. Murder of a soldier or any rank above without the OK of the boss is a deadly sin, there is no way one can slither out of that. Once you've got the ability to get rid of someone, you need to pick who will do it. Usually it's an associate looking to prove himself, or a soldier who's ready to follow orders or is close to the target. When you order a hit, you have to be vague in case someone's listening and also you can't give any details to the assassin. Once you've given the order, your job's done. Performing a hit: You've been given an order to kill. So how do you go about it? This really depends on your character. If your character is street smart or smart in general, he will want to do it quietly and make sure the body's never ever found. If your character's a meathead who snorts a few lines to start his day he might actually do a messy murder that will land him in prison. If your character is paranoid, he might take tons of extra steps to make sure no evidence is left behind and after the job he'll still be going crazy that he might've skipped something. There are many ways of performing a hit and it's up to you and your creativity how to carry it out. Mental toll: One of the most eye-poking mistakes is mobster characters who are cold-blooded killers. Sure, there are those people that are complete psychopaths, but that comes with a cost too and it is difficult to even portray properly. You must really think about your character and his background when you consider what mental toll a murder will take on him. Killing a person in real life isn't like shooting an enemy in a video game. Depending on who your character murdered, he will most likely be having nightmares, maybe even develop a constant never-ending fear of getting caught, he might fall into depression, he might start taking drugs to numb the trauma of having to take a life. Roleplaying impacts of this is both good roleplay and good character development. Shelving: One of the most commonly used alternatives to solve internal issues without murder is to shelf people. Shelving means that once a mobster breaks the rules or upsets his superior, he is shunned from all of the family's activities. Fellow mobsters are ordered to not do any business with you, to not even talk to you. You're no longer connected and you mean nothing. Although, there have been many instances where mobsters are brought back in from their shelf periods. Remember, that in LCN factions you shouldn't go around murdering people - try ALL other alternatives first. It's insanely difficult to get away with a murder in 2021. Chapter 9: Modernization 90 percent of the information that you will stumble into about the mob online are heavily outdated. Especially documentaries. It is important for you to understand the modern-day LCN landscape. Even the dumbest of mafiosi know that they're being watched and that everything they do can be easily traced. Everyone in the life is trained on how to take basic measures to ward away attention. Even the schemes themselves have changed. Mafia went from running numbers on the streets into online casinos, from driving around with a few hookers in the car to craigslist adverts for "escorts" and more! When thinking of a scheme, carefully think out if that scheme would work in 2021 and what's the most modern way of doing it? What's the safest way? Chapter 10: Applying the knowledge It is important to note that considering the fact LCN is a criminal society, there are no handbooks being handed out to new members. When criminals get hooked up with the mob, they don’t know every single mechanic until way later. How do they learn? Through experience. Nobody tells you what’s right or wrong, outside of the criminal’s mentors as well as the higher ranking members while you are an associate. While in some instances criminals do read internet sources as well as books on the topic of LCN, a lot of them come into the game by a learn-as-you-go method. Therefore, you should take into account the learning process for your character. Another important thing to note is that generally, RPing a know-it-all is mostly frowned upon by most mob factions and you should make your character a real living, breathing person. USEFUL LINKS: https://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/10/nyregion/10mob.html https://www.justice.gov/usao-edny/pr/10-bronx-and-westchester-based-members-and-associates-gambino-crime-family-indicted https://www.justice.gov/usao-edny/pr/seven-members-and-associates-gambino-and-bonanno-crime-families-indicted-racketeering https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2uSLdAAa4UEp_3ZpFElgfA/videos https://aboutthemafia.com/ http://www.gangsterbb.net/threads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=8&page=1 http://theblackhand.club/forum/ https://thenewyorkmafia.com/ CREDITS: @Copa Cabana; @Flow; @Henning;
  12. Since the last glasses guide hasn't been updated in 2 years, I decided to make a completely updated guide for current version and 1.1, including all new models, textures, and high res imagery at an angle to assist in profile. If there happen to be any mistakes, please feel free to let me know! I intend to keep this guide completely updated. It's about time you become fashionable, x. FEMALE: MALE: Thanks for taking a look! Hope it helps! xoxoxoxo
  13. So basically I have seen so many people struggling to make their screenshots. Well it's not that hard to make roleplay screenshots. You'll just need to watch my video, follow my steps and you'll be okay. Some of you are from SAMP aswell, so this video is basically for people who like those kind of screenshots. Programs you need: GTA:W Assistant: Guide and download link here. Photoshop: N/A for legal reasons. LSRP+: Download Video:
  14. High-quality character images [Menyoo] A guide by @honey. / @jessica SUPPORT DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Menyoo 450+ members! Hiya! Welcome to my first guide based on how to get high-quality character images! This can be a long process at the start however once you get a hang of it, it should be perfectly easy and quick to do! If you don't know what "images" I'm talking about.. here are some examples! . Step 1: Getting the right programs! (They're hyperlinked! Click on 'em!) The first step to all this, of course, is getting the programs you need! These are all very simple to get and you need to create a folder in your downloads and download all the following additions! (They are all safe, personally tested!) Menyoo - This is the main thing we will be using to make them look extra spicy, it's a single-player trainer mod. If you don't know what that is, it basically makes you admin of single-player and gives you access to everything on the game that you could possibly want. (Animations!) Scripthook - Menyoo can't work alone, they need Scripthook's help! OpenIV - This is what we are going to use later on to add stuff that we want which isn't in-game, you need this to make sure everything you're doing is safe and away from your main game! (I'll explain how!) Once you have all of those in a download folder, proceed to the next step! Close GTA if you have it open... you don't want that open at this point. Step 2: Preparing your Scripthook and Menyoo Now that you have the programs, it's time to get them set up. Locate your GTA5 Your GTA5 is, if using Steam, within your Steam folder. If you don't use Steam then I'm sure you'll know how to find it and if you do use Steam and saved it in a funky place, you must know what you're doing. For me, my GTA5 is in the following path. (Follow it) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V Open the Scripthook Zip When you open the zip you are going to see the following 3 things: Open the "bin" folder Move everything inside of the bin folder to your GTA5 main folder. Open the Menyoo Zip When you open the zip you are going to see the following 4 things: Move only the "menyooStuff" and "Menyoo.asi" in to your GTA5 main folder. (If you are unable to do this, you need to right click the rar folder in your downloads, go to properties and unsure that it has a tick by unblocked! Credit to @Law) Perfect! Now you have what we're going to use to customize your screenshots (Menyoo) and what we need to run it, (Scripthook). Step 3: Preparing OpenIV This one is a bit more tricky and isn't easy on the eyes so make sure you're following each step appropriately. Open "ovisetup.exe" What you're opening right now is what we will use later to ensure our GTA5 is safe for any mods that are put in, this is your safety net. Follow the instructions As OpenIV installs, it will be giving you confirmations and what not, it's all good. If it says "Do you want to make a mods folder?" at any point, say YES! It may not happen until later but keep it in mind until then! Run OpenIV Now you have OpenIV, it is going to look very daunting but don't worry, you won't need to mess with it for long if you don't want to. Step 4: OpenIV Now that we have OpenIV, this is our first step in taking amazing screenshots, we are going to go through the ASI Manager and enhance our experience. Go to the "Tools" tab Go to the "ASI Manager" option Install all of the available options Step 5: Testing! We've added everything we need to to begin testing! Now here is what you need to do: Open GTA5 Go in to "Story Mode" (It will load really slow if you're not tabbed in to the game) Click "F8" twice This should bring up the Menyoo menu top left of your screen! Step 6: Getting your character Making your character in Menyoo is going to be a task and you really need to stick with it. Getting your character's attribute values You need these so the character you take photographs of actually looks like your character in-game. Here is how to get them: Go to your UCP Go to "Characters" Select the character you want to use Just under the name on the left side should be a drop-down "Face Attributes" Take a screenshot or leave the tab open. Getting your base character You now need to make that same base character within your single-player world. Open the Menyoo menu (F8) Go to Player Options → Model Changer → Multiplayer Models Go through the options and select "Freemode Female" or "Freemode Male" Be surprised by how funky your random model looks like. Go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Default Components Now go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Outfits → Save Outfit To File → Name it whatever you want! Applying your face attributes It's finally time to start sculpting your character! Go to Player Options → Wardrobe → Head Features Adjust all appropriate sections to fit your character Or you can reference this guide for an EASY QUICK convertor: The attributes are different You will notice that the attribute names are slightly different however they do change the same thing. On GTA:W there are some options that are not yet accessible so always make sure you are converting a character from GTA:W over to Menyoo because it will not work the other way around, they'll look too different. This stage will take some time to perfect but once again, it's all worth it. Saving the outfit Remember to keep saving your outfit, do not use "Apply outfit" when saying but instead "Overwrite file" on your selected outfit. Remember that if your character is in an animation when you save the outfit, it will bug and not work so make sure you're not in one. Step 7: Getting your pictures! Now that you have your lovely character in game, it's time to start fiddling around with other settings to get the perfect picture! Options Weather Options - Change what kind of atmosphere your picture will have as well as the weather. Time Options - You have free reign over the time of where this picture will take place, if you want it to not move, you can pause the time! Object Spooner - If you want to have a more custom backdrop, use items and you can even make other people too! Animations (Cannot be used with Snapmatic) These are going to play a huge part in what your screenshots will look like, so how do you use them? Player Options → Animations (→ All Animations → Search) Capturing the moment Now it's time to either Snapmatic it or Rockstar Editor! Snapmatic Snapmatic is basically just the camera app on your characters phone. You can access the phone but clicking the UP arrow key and then guiding it to the Snapmatic app. All of the pointers and directions are given to you on that app! It's basically like your character taking a selfie, a very simple and easy feature. A word of advice: Do not left click to take pictures, they come out looking horrible! Instead, hide the grid with G and just taking a regular Steam screenshot or a screenshot with whatever program you use! Rockstar Editor To use Rockstar Editor, once you have yourself set up in the position you want to capture, you need to click "F1". This is Rockstar recording by default so unless you've changed it, it will work. Leave it to record for about 10 seconds and DO NOT tab out! Once you feel that you have sufficient footage, you can click "F1" again and it will stop recording. It's now time to edit it! Step 8: Rockstar Editor (Skip to step 9 if you used Snapmatic) Now we have our recording, we need to fiddle with it and adjust it to capture the exact picture you're after. Open the map and go all the way right in the black tabs and select "Rockstar Editor" Create a New Project Add New Clip - say yes to everything after this. Camera When you have the option to enter the "Cameras" tab, you are more often than not going to select the "Free Camera" option. This, combined without OpenIV plugin allows us to do so much with the camera! You can zoom in and out as well as tilt it! "Remember that you can enable the free camera in Menyoo and toggle it using F3 - it's another way to go when it comes to taking screenshots." (Credit to @hentai!) Depth of Field If you're not sure of what this is, this basically is what you want the camera to focus on in your image. Normally I set this to my own custom one however the default one works really well! Effects These are just your filters and general effects, saturation, contrast, brightness and vignette. It is entirely up to you if you want to use this however normally I add what I want afterwards. From this point in Rockstar Editor, it's all about exploring! There are no limits for what you want to do, within reason, and this is entirely up to you! Make your pictures unique, funky places, whatever you want! Click "H" to hide the overlay and click "F12" to take your screenshots! Step 9: Editing your pictures Everyone is going to have a different way that they want to edit their photos when it comes to how they look. It's also important to keep an eye on clothing clipping as well as just general maintenance for your character. Colour correction Makeup enhancement Skin correction Shape correction Shadow correction Clipping correction Expression adjustments Adding in logos or other third-party items I use Photoshop to edit my images as well as the ones I do for others if you ever have any questions regarding this feel free to reach out to me and I'll either sort it for you or teach you how to do it yourself! Step 9.1: Photoshop This is actually another guide made by @xanx but it is completely worth the read! The guide got removed 😞 Thank you for tuning in! I hope that this at least helped you and if not, let me know what would make it easier to understand or follow! I haven't gone into detail about how to add mods or how to edit the photos but if that is something that you'd like, just let me know. If you have any questions about this, feel free to drop a comment and or tag me and I'll answer it as soon as I can! Please avoid Forums PMs as answering questions on this thread may help someone in the future!
  15. Trucking The trucking industry in GTA:W is popular, offering generous pay as well as the opportunity for development in your character's story. There's a lot of questions asked in regards to this industry, so here it is, a guide covering the job as a whole. The Basics If you're a newcomer to the server, the trucking job cannot be started independently or with an established company until you have reached a minimum of 20 hours on the character you're wanting to take up the job on. This gives the player a bit of time to explore the server, meet and interact with the community and acquire a general perspective on the do's and the don'ts. There are three ways of going into business as a truck driver, those being Independent, Rental and Company. All consist of the same work with some differences to pay and a few other aspects to note. Independent Trucking solely relates to the player buying their own delivery vehicle and delivering components requested by businesses in need. This offers the driver full pay whilst delivering, yet can lack IC interaction seen as you're in it by yourself. There is obviously the interaction with other drivers, but most would be seen to be getting on with their work, or communicating between themselves with respect of them being employed within the same company. A tax rate of 20% applies. Rental Trucking provides the character his/her own vehicle to delivery requested components with a tax rate of 30%, meaning the driver will receive 70% of each delivery total. Again, with the same points to note above. Rental vehicles usually consist of a black color, and are unable to be changed. However, depending on your experience, the rental service will offer you vehicles suited to such. A Junior Trucker would be able to rent a Mule, as a Trucker would be able to take out a Benson and so on. The rental company for Trucking on GTA:W can be located at Buccaneer Way Terminal, shown as an orange clock icon. Shown below: Upon arrival, approach the door to the rental company and type the "/startshipment" command to bring up the list of vehicles that are rentable through this service. What vehicle your character has eligibility to rent and use will be displayed clearly so there is no confusion. Shown below: Company Trucking is the most immersive when it comes to delivering and general RP. If you are new to the server, you will commonly find Logistics companies being advertised daily. The employer is directly responsible for supplying delivery vehicles to their employees, and rate-of-pay will be decided by said employer as well. Usually commission rate will be advertised at 90%, meaning that 90% of the total delivery earnings will go to the driver with the 10% being paid into the company. The commission rate isn't always the same with every company with some offering more and some, less. To join a trucking company, look out for advertisements and call the number provided which will direct you to the company's HR team who will lead proceedings from there. Often, you will be invited down to their building where an interview will be conducted. Companies offer a lot more when it comes to trucking roleplay. Positions as HR reps, Security, Supervisors, Fleet Technicians etc. to better suit what the player is looking for in terms of progression and development. Trucking Experience relates to how many deliveries said trucker has done over the course of their employment into the industry, either through a company or independently. As the total number goes up in correspondence to your deliveries, more vehicles will be given permissions for as well as giving you a new rank. These ranks are shown below: -Van Driver- Vehicle(s): Rumpo/Burrito/Speedo (x5 crates) Deliveries: 0 - 25 -Trainee Trucker- Vehicle(s): Boxville (x8 crates) Deliveries: 25 -100 -Junior Trucker- Vehicle(s): Mule (x12 crates) Deliveries: 100 - 250 -Trucker- Vehicle(s): Benson (x15 crates) Deliveries: 250 - 500 -Experienced Trucker- Vehicle(s): Pounder (x20 crates) Deliveries: 500 - 1000 -Senior Trucker- Vehicle(s): N/A - Reserved for trailer implementation. Deliveries: 1000+ Note that, if you haven't acquired the total amount of deliveries needed to rank up and gain permissions to use the bigger vehicles, this applies whether you are an independent trucker or working for a Company. Buying your own Pounder will not allow you to use it if you are below the 500 delivery total necessary to drive it. Commands and Bug Fixes The command list is explained throughout the process of trucking via in-game alerts as you approach your destinations, either it be the the supplier or the business. However, as this is a guide designed for new players it wouldn't be right not to include the list so, here goes: /startshipment - Either at the door of the rental company or when inside your own or company owned delivery vehicle. This will bring a list of businesses which are currently requesting crates with additional information such as what components they are, how many crates have been requested and for how long. Businesses can set their requests to extra pay on this list - if this happens, click the business to see how much extra they are giving for each crate. Extra pay is used for businesses which are more out of the way, or are desperate for components. (Once a destination is selected, your GPS will be automatically directed to the chosen supplier first and then the drop-off destination. No need to worry about that!) /pickupcrate - will be used when you reach the supplier and drive through the large, red blip. Before you begin, make sure that you roleplay your actions, opening doors etc. for a more immersive, realistic feel. /loadcrate - Will place the crate you have picked up from the supplier into your delivery vehicle. Repeat the process of picking up and loading until your vehicle is full and cannot hold anymore. The GPS marker will change to a new location, step back into your vehicle and on your way! ---- Upon reaching your destination, you will be prompt by some new text letting you know it's time to unload and deliver. /unloadcrate - Will unload the crate from the vehicle, again, make sure to RP your actions for a more immersive atmosphere. Crates will unload one by one as they are picked up and loaded - the point where the crate is to be delivered to is indicated by a brown trucking icon on the map, usually towards the front door of the premises, but every location is different. /sellcrate - Is the final command to finalize the process of your hard-work; the crate will disappear with cash being added to your hand. Repeat the unloading and selling process until all crates have been delivered, and the total number of deliveries you have done is displayed in the chat box. This is the only way to get the total number of deliveries up, so if you're wanting to know out of curiosity and can't remember - do a delivery! ---- With all scripts, there can be the occasional bug here and there. Some common ones are not being able to pick up crates when first arriving at the supplier and/or not being able to unload crates when reaching the business requesting. Usually if you are encountering these issues, and have been prompted to go ahead with your command chain to complete the process via the chat box - the fix will usually be sorted with a quick /changechar and loading back into the game. Note that doing this will remove your progress, but never fear! If your vehicle did not have any crates loaded into it, and you've relogged to fix the issue with not being able to pickup crates, after /startshipment again you can choose the same delivery location and supplier and the script should register this time. If you did have crates in your vehicle and relogged to fix an issue of not being able to unload crates outside the business, /startshipment will bring you a list of all businesses currently requesting the same type of component in your vehicle. E.g. If you had 5 vehicle part crates in your vehicle and was delivering to Auto Exotic, when you /startshipment again, it will show you Auto Exotic as well as any other business requesting car parts. If your character has bugged out with a crate in-hand, you can always /loadcrate and /unloadcrate which will fix these types of issues. If you find that the business selection list is empty, this is not a bug - this simply means that no businesses are currently requesting crates at that time. It's been reported as a bug before, I'm here to let you know it's all good! Uniform It's commonly asked, so I'll include. If you are working as an independent delivery driver or through the rental company, the choice of uniform is your own, yet really it'd come down to a realistic perspective e.g. you wouldn't see a delivery driver wearing a brand new suit and tie as its quite the manual, grinding job. Shown above is my character's old attire whilst working for a company. Where it was picked out especially for the company itself, something like this would be considered satisfactory in terms of realism. Trucking Companies usually have a uniform readied to assign to their employees, so if you are planning on joining a company, chances are that the attire will be sorted out when getting shown the basics. General roleplay For a long time, trucking has been thought as a script job to grind with minimal RP to gain stacks. It isn't how this, or any job on the server should be perceived. It is noted as you begin searching for your shipments to roleplay all actions accordingly - this doesn't only have to relate to roleplaying opening your doors, taking crates out, closing them and leaving. This can get very repetitive, which could lead to a lack of interest in the job itself. The business requesting components is more of less going to be active. It's usually a nice, fun little twist to sign off your deliveries as you go, getting the owner to sign for said deliveries and notifying if there would be anymore. Conversing with other drivers can also lead into some interested conversations. Dropping crates you have unloaded, incorporating a scene which isn't possible with the script into your roleplay to make the overall experience more enjoyable for not only you, but those around you. I'm sure business owners love that little bit of interaction they get from drivers, especially when it's diverse and not rushed. That's about it for the guide on the basics of the trucking job here on GTA:W - there are things which aren't included here such as radio chatter and other roles which can be employed into whilst working for a trucking company and that's just because this is to cover the basics in a bit more detail. Hope this helps!
  16. This guide must be performed BEFORE the update to continue playing on GTAW until Rage releases an update. You can of course patiently wait for Rage's update and do nothing, which will just prevent you from playing for a day or two. Video Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_qg6iqbxtY Text Guide 1. Head to your GTAV game Directory: Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V Epic Games: C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GTAV Rockstar Launcher C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V 2. Take the following files: GTA5.exe GTAVLauncher.exe (PlayGTAV for Epic) update/update.rpf You will have to create the "update" folder in your "backup" folder, then just take update.rpf into that backup folder. 3. And COPY them into a "backup" folder somewhere else on your PC (Suggested: Desktop folder called "Backup") In update: 4. When GTAV updates Let it do so, and wait until it fully completes the update. Copy the files (GTA5.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, and the folder "update" into your main GTAV directory and replace any currently existing files. 5. (Rockstar Games Launcher ONLY) To prevent the game from updating again : Hit Start - Type "firewall", Hit Enter Hit Advanced Settings on the Left hand side Select Outbound Rules New Rule > Program > Select your game > Hit Next Select Block This Connection > Next Leave all three network types checked > Next Give it a name > Finish Repeat the process for Inbound You'll need to delete this rule once the update can be deployed. How to revert all of your hard work: Simply verify game files through whichever platform you run. It'll take a few, but eventually it will replace all the old stuff with the new stuff. If you'd like, after the GTAV update, copy the new versions of the same list of files, so after RageMP updates, you'll just simply drag and drop and be updated. Backup files to download if you didn't back it up Steam : http://www.mediafire.com/file/jeapk6aijmiazmn/backup.rar/file Outdated
  17. Knowing


  18. How's it going, man? I hear you want to walk on the steps of how to be a proper San Andreas hippie. Well I tell you what, man, it’s not as easy as you might think. Picking up a tie dye shirt, getting a headband over your head and smoking a blunt doesn’t make you a hippie, amigo. So pick up your notebook and a pen and listen up… Actually, screw the notebook, too many trees are being cut to make it. It’s killing the environment. INTRODUCTION The hippie movement initially started off as a youth counterculture of the 1960s, along with other groups that were mostly composed of people who protested against war, fought for civil rights, free speech and of course equality. It’s believed by many that the hippies came from San Fierro, and so the city became known as “The place where man can escape the man”. I won’t go into full detail as to how the hippie movement started off, dude, I’m not an Wikipedia article. You just have to know that it boomed during the 1960s, especially after 1967, when the famous “Summer of Love” festival went on. Tents, Crazed-ass music and a lot of mescaline vodka, which leaves us to the next chapter. CHARACTERISTICS 1.1 - The art If you probably haven't realized already, man, the hippies are the founding fathers of the psychedelia subculture you've probably heard about. When you want to picture yourself a hippie the first thing you go to, man, is the atmosphere, the buzz, the vibe. Getting the perfect vibe means getting your hands on the perfect sound, and that's the music, dude. Now, the oldies prefer the sweet sound of a psychedelic rock record, some classic hard rock and even some heavy metal. Stuff like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix and the list goes on, dude. However in the recent years some hippies have started adopting some newer sounds, especially in the metal area, with the introduction of stoner rock/doom metal. Sounds of bands like Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Down, 1000mods and Sleep now populate the speakers of the hippie festivals nobody should know about. If it gives you that good trippy feeling, man, the sound is good to go. Now the imagery, man, the painting. You can't be a hippie without knowing how to decorate your place/car/everything into giving you the perfect buzz, man. YGHtPPV, dude, a.k.a. You - Gotta - Have - The - Perfect - Psychedelic - Vibe. I wish I had the words to explain to you what I mean, man, but maybe these pictures are gonna give you the right idea: 1.2 - The fashion This one's an easy one, friend. If you can't get this one out then why you should even try? It's okay, man, I'm only kidding. Hippies are about accepting, so we're gonna let you in anyways, even if you look like an idiot, you're bound to learn, right? And the time for learning is now, dude. You can pretty much wear whatever you want (as long as it's nothing too offensive or too superficial now, you know? Oh and most importantly, no brands, man, everything either self-made, bought at flea shops or second hand) but you know, tie-dye clothes, man, they're a must to have in your pile, even if you don't wear it. One of the most important things to have as a hippie is the long hair, friend, whether you're a man or a woman. Dudes often had beards, and chicks wore little to no makeup, and go all day without bras. And now, accessories, man, you'll always see a hippie wearing them: headbands, head scarves, those long beaded necklaces and the list goes on. Again, you probably know all these man from all those pictures you've seen of different events, which we'll talk about later. 1.3 - The beliefs When I say "beliefs", friend, there's three things I'm talking about here: Sex, Religion and Politics. SEX: Many used to say that hippies were "promiscuous, having wild sex orgies, seducing innocent teenagers and every manner of sexual perversion.", many of which were kinda true, but it had nothing to do with hippies, man, I tell you, it was all just some bad timing. But you know what we did? We took it and made it become something, man. "If it feels good, do it".. classic line. RELIGION: We don't bother with Christianity, man. If anything Christianity kills cultures, and remember that. We instead go for more spiritual stuff, like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, you name it. There are some very spiritual hippies out there, friend. We call them "high priests", they can give you more detailed teaching on practices you should go through to experience spirituality at a new level, man. POLITICS: We couldn't care less about politics, man, but if you want to label us as something, you could label us as libertarians, I guess. We're pacifist, friend, and that's all there is to it. Make love, not war. 1.4 - The drugs I bet you were waiting for this one, man. It's time to talk about the thing that makes the hippie a hippie... psychedelic drugs. And the most important of all: dope, pot, grass, you name it. When it comes to weed friend, you have many different types of hippies, but we're gonna talk about the most common ones: The Grower and The Consumer. Now, do I really need to go into detail about it, man? Yup, I do. - The Grower: The dude, the man you're looking for when you're out of lucky trees. They grow it, they know everything about growing it, they can find you the best weed. These guys tend to go a bit away from the commune though, man, and adopt a lone wolf lifestyle, like way lone wolf, man. If you have no experience, these guys are gonna be a though one to find, cause you know, they're lone wolf and well lone wolves are alone and like... You know what I mean. They usually sell their stuff, but some are kind enough to give them out for either free, or a very small price, only condition is that they have to smoke with you. - The Consumer: The most common type of hippie you can ever find, dude. And when I mean it... I mean it. You'll find these toking them, talking about them, passing them around, but never selling them. They usually buy from the growers, or from other people. They never really tell you, unless you're worthy of knowing, know what I mean? Like I said, you also have other types of hippies when it comes to psychedelics, dude. You just have to find them out for yourself. IMPORTANT EVENTS & PEOPLE Now that you know how and what the hippie thinks, man, it's time to get on going to my favourite subject: History of the San Anne Hippy. Don't worry, you don't really need to remember all of these, you'll probably forget half of them after your third acid trip, it happens to everyone. But if you want to be far out, you should listen to some of these: 2.1 - Events - "Get The Hell out of Vietnam!" protests: We talked about how pacifist we were, man, but when there's war out there, the hippies were out to stop it. Loads of people gathered out and protested against the Vietnam War, but did they listen to us? They didn't.. And now look what happened. - The PsycheyD-Gathering: Back in 1966, man, the damn government decided to make LSD illegal, because they were too mad we were right about war, and well.. We didn't like it, man. Around seven or eight hundred hippies gathered around the Gant Bridge Park and protested, in our own way. We showed the people that LSD doesn't turn you into a lunatic, man. Because, to be frank, it doesn't. - Summer Of Love: the place where everything started, dude. If you're talking to one of the old schools, they're surely gonna remember this one. 100,000+ people, man, that's like... TOO MANY, dude. Tents, loud psychedelic rock, drugs and most importantly, friend: love, friendship and equality. Random people who joined us, dude, went out enlightened. - The Great Communes: After Summer of Love, we started calming off into our own realm of wonders, and starting making large communes around the places. One of these largest communes were The Dandelion Fields and The Village. The Dandelion Fields were mostly just a normal commune, with hippies taking off into their day to day lives, the numbers sure helped them. The Village is a different story, one of the most spiritual place in all of hippie culture, dude. I mean like, so far out that even the furthest out can't even out it, you know. That's where you find the High Priests, if you know how to search for The Village. - Psychestivals: Your usual psychedelic rock festivals, dude, like the Summer of Love, only not much to remember from them, unless you were there. Though there was a very crazy one during 1986, man, that most people call the Fierro '86 Love-In, but we call it "Psychedeliczilla Festival". You won't believe how many psychedelics people took that day, man.. I think we broke three records in one week. 2.2 - People - The Merry Pranksters: A group of hippies and followers of the novelist and fellow traveler, Ken Kesey, one of the most far out dudes out there when it comes to the psychedelic life. Anyhoo, these Greenwits were super into how far out Ken was, that even started living communally at his home in Bayside. They were known for dealing LSD and all other types of magic to a local biker chapter, but most importantly, they were known for "The Great Greenwit Escapade of 1964", when Ken Kesey and the Pranksters all got along in this cool bus called "Furthur" and traveled through the U-S of A. - The Diggers: San Fierro Activisits and Street Actors who started mocking the 60s government and the issues around it, as long as some other problems in the USA at that time, including the sudden commercialization of the hippies, dude. But, man, most of our real fellow travellers knew deep inside that they were right, and that we were slowly becoming the very thing that we disliked the most, but after all we didn't try doing anything about it, in the 70s we were as mainstream as pop music, but nowadays we're all good. These digger guys also organized some kind of mock event called "Death of the hippie", don't know much about that, really. They weren't bad guys, they even gave out free stuff to the people. Maybe they were fellow travelers, like all of us. - Yippies: A couple of rogue offshoot hippies who started parodying the government and different political parties. They were funny, I'll have to be honest, especially the piggy. But, like the diggers, they were also mocking some of their own fellow travelers. - John Lennon: How can you not know John Lennon, man? - Charles Manson: I don't even want to talk about this superficial scum, dude. - Blake "Merlin" Batty: Fellow traveler and creator of Beam Me Up. The Blaine County government has once tried to stop his by hiring a toxic waste specialist to test the soils around, which at first showed high level of toxicity in the area. Merlin and his followers protested against this and ordered a second test to be taken, and thus the test came back negative, and no toxic waste was used into making Beam Me Up. LANDMARKS An important part of being a hippie, man, is knowing your places. Here we got some of the most known hippie landmarks in all of San Andreas, man. BEAM ME UP What we have here is the pure work of the modern hippie, dude. People who have seen that the problems of today's society can't be fixed anymore, so they've decided to gather around and work on getting help from our own universe, man. And now time for some more history: The creation of the mountain started back in like 1990, when a super cool dude by the name of Blake "Merlin" Batty decided it was time to try and gather the people of Blaine County and seek help from aliens. At first, he got a little bit of kicking around from certain locals, dude, but that only encouraged the hippies to come out and help the man express himself. It only took him adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of lead-free paint to get the creation done. Unfortunately though, in 2010, old Merlin died of a heart attack, but the hippies can still be found at Beam Me Up, working on keeping the place clean, because of all the vandals coming around the place, like some idiots who thought it was a cool idea to show off their loud muscle cars at the place, only to leave a huge mess. CERES VALLEY The only standing hippie commune in Blaine County, as of now. Here's where your fellow travelers hang around. The community was an usual trailer park during the start of the 80s, but as time went on, the place is now basically a prime hang around spot for all the fellow travelers. SUNSET SHORES / STAB CITY Even though it might not look like it, man, Sunset Shores was and currently is used by fellow travelers as a get-along hang-around place every now and then, because of The Range and all. On your day to day life you'd mostly find different other squatters, rednecks and whatnot. So along with your average psychedeliacs you'll also stumble onto a vast variety of high-proof distilled spirits. You might be wondering why the place looks all bikery and stuff, well, dude, it's simple. Back in like 2000-something some motorcycle club gang took over and basically kicked out all the travelers and squatters. Since then the bikers left and now the originals are all back and well. TRUTH'S DOME OF PSYCHEDELIC WONDERS When it comes to drugs, man, all of us hippies search for the perfect trip. One of these perfect trips can easily be found at this place, man. The Dome, like the name suggests, is owned by a super mysterious but far out dude called "The Truth", and has been the go-to place for all consumers from around the word, man. We can't tell you much about the guy who owns the place, because, dude, we really have no idea about it. Only some are lucky enough to know what The Truth is, like me, but shh.. no telling, man. Unfortunately though, this place is mostly just a myth by now, and I can't really pin-point you the location. But who, knows, maybe The Dome will make a return one day. GRAPESEED Grapeseed is an agricultural settlement dedicated to providing San Andreas with its food. Most of the area consists of large fields of crops and livestock along with barns, sheds, and silos containing the necessary equipment to maintain the crops. The rural town stays true to its slogan and is mostly meant for agriculture or labor To normal people, Grapeseed seems like a boring land full of farms, which is like true, in a way. However, dude, what most normal people don't know is that Grapeseed is the land and home of many potheads, growers, amphetamine makers and various other groovy freaks. A majority of people in here make it, sell it, consume it, man. There's no way out of it. CAPE CATFISH Small fishing pier going east of Grapeseed and southeast of the El Gordo Lighthouse. Cool little place for fellow travelers to hang around in. It's a common place for Toxic Waltzers to show up, almost as if they're living there. Despite their name, they mean no harm. WHAT YOU SHOULDN'T DO Now that I laid down everything you should keep in mind about keeping to your hippie lifestyle, it's time for you to know some of the stuff that you should DEFINITELY NOT do as a hippie, man. 1. Don't just stand around smoking weed or taking psychedelics all day, man. Live your life, you got so much stuff you can express yourself through. Make art, play guitar, practice yoga, you can do ANYTHING, man. 2. Not all hippies are crazed-out conspiracy theorists, dude. As a matter of fact, no hippie is a crazed-out conspiracy theorist, they're truth-seekers. 3. The word "HATE" should never be in your vocabulary, man. You don't ever "hate" something, you just don't like it, and that's all. 4. You DON'T have to be dressed so stereo-typically, man. You can wear whatever makes you comfortable, man. After all, that's what it's all about. 5. Hippies aren't dumb, dude. We've even had our own philosophers and writers. We have our smarties, and our dumbies, you know? Right on, man, if you've done everything right, you can finally get along with the subculture, dude. And now, remember: Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out, Screw the system.
  19. Hi! This is a picture heavy thread, so everything has been hidden within spoilers! Credits go to the respective creators, I'm simply gathering these in one place for the community to use. Some colors are not exact, as they require metallics or pearlscents. Gauntlet, Dukes & Tampa Colours - 1969-70 Chrysler More Vintage CUDA & Dodge colors by JR_DEATH (GTAFORUMS) Vintage Chervolet Colors Chevelle Colors Issi Classic - Mini Cooper Dominator GTX - Modern Ford Mustang Colors Jester Classic - Toyota Supra MK4 Schlagen GT - AMG GT Modern Ferrari Colors Vintage Ferrari Colors Peyote Colors - Vintage style Vintage Lamborghini car colors Vintage Rolls Royce Colors Vintage Jaguar colors Mixture of Lancia, Alfa Romeo & Ferrari colors on a Michelli GT Modern Dodge Colors - Credits to JR_Death (GTAFORUMS) Random Supercar colors - Credits Cold_08 (GTA FORUMS) Wildcard colors
  20. This is a guide for using the furnishing/mapping system in-game. It takes 5-10 mins to read thru. TUTORIAL TIPS & TRICKS Once you have your custom interior set up in-game and you located where you're going to map, it's helpful to avoid rotating the first floor you place (Build facing North). This way when you purchase more floors and walls, they will spawn in straight or at a 90 degree angle to where you need them, in which case a couple Sharp Z rotations will do the trick. This basically eliminates the need to free-hand rotate, at least where floors and walls are concerned. It also makes moving furniture and lights around easier. Don't want to build facing North for accurate windows or other reasons? No worries. There are now Copy/Paste Position and Copy/Paste Rotation options available (these show up when you buy a furniture through /sf or select an existing piece of furniture). Try copying a wall's rotation and pasting it onto a light- you can now duplicate them and move them in one direction going straight along the axis of your walls. Use /fixinvi periodically while mapping to fix shading and lighting issues. "Ghost items" which are there visibly but cannot be found in the furniture list may be corrected using /reloadprop. If not, they will disappear when the server restarts. To fix the twitching/flickering of textures that happens when two items directly overlap, follow these steps: Find one of the items in the property furniture list (or use click mode) and go into "Move mode" Change the movement speed down to 0.2 (the lowest) by pressing [ and press W, the up arrow and the left arrow once. Then, change the move speed to .21 and press S, the down arrow and the right arrow once (the opposite directions). Now, press Enter to save your changes. After /fixinvi the twitching should be fixed, not leaving any visible lines. The principal at work here is: you're subtracting one movement from another in order to create a movement which is smaller than at .20 speed, which would otherwise be the smallest movement. The reason? To fix the twitching without leaving any visible lines. Don't map in the dark! Fancy Lamp and Flood Light are the lights that stay on during the day. Once your walls are up, it's helpful to put those around so you're not squinting in the dark. To get an accurate interior size, you can count the steps of your exterior's perimeter or use a large item for measurement while mapping, like the massive white and red tile (/sf massive). Also, be sure to get basement approval by Property Management before construction. You will find floors, walls and trim (all the essentials!) in the last two pages (11&12) of the buy menu, under "Walls / Floors / Roof (1-4)" Dressers (/sf dresser) can be used to make custom kitchen cabinets and elevator doors or black topped table (/sf black topped) are popular counter-top pieces. Join the Property Management Discord for mapping support and property related questions. https://discord.gg/RuAyYPn Need more guidance? Check out @BabyFelon's guide here, which includes property commands and much more.
  21. Since I have seen people complaining about the lack of content that people put when they try to hotwire a car, steal a house or a hotel, I've noticed that there is a huge flaw about this kind of criminal activities on the server, which in my opinion is good, which means that we don't come home from work at the end of the day, turn on the computer and spend 3 or 4 hours playing GTA with a robber or a murderer. I see at least a discussion every two weeks regarding this topic. Since this happens, I have decided to provide some useful information about it, to improve the overall quality of RP and to everyone interested in improving their content. As I have always heard, with great power comes great responsibility. I do ask everyone in this community, to not use these files for any criminal activities IRL. I do also want to say that I will not share the source of these files regardless of any type of bonuses I may be given IG. I've spent a couple of hours reviewing these documents making sure that they are accurate and do not have any type of links/names who may say who's/where's the source. If you have any request's or questions regarding other subjects you may ask in the comments below and I'll be glad to provide more information/files on the specific topics. Automotive_Locking_Systems.txt MIT_Guide_To_Lockpicking.pdf Techniques_Of_Burglar_Alarm_Bypassing.pdf The_Art_Of_Lockpicking.txt The_Warded_Lock.txt Hotel_Locks.txt
  22. Psychologist and Patient roleplay Hello everyone. In this guide I will try my best to give you an overview of how to roleplay a Psychologist and also how to interact with one if you decide to roleplay a patient. What is a Psychologist and what does he/she study? A psychologist studies normal and abnormal mental states, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior by experimenting with, and observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments. What does this mean? A psychologist technically is someone who even has the authority to conduct social experiments for research purposes, if allowed by the Psychologists Ethics Board. A Psychologists can be anyone. That tittle can be claimed by anyone and can be used to scam if the person wishes too. Now how to confirm if someone is a proper psychologist, and he/she is actually roleplaying a good intent? Usually the prefered terms are Clinical Psychologist and Counseling Psychologist. Anyone who uses such tittle for himself and still tends to scam or do it only for money should be reported for poor portrayal. Now, what is the difference? Anyone who has a level of BA(Bachelor) education, can be a psychologist, but to be a Clinical Psychologist or Counseling Psychologist you require a level of Phd(Doctorate), which usually takes up to 9 years to finish. What is the difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist? (Patients read this) Usually players tend to create character with symptoms that sometimes a psychologist can't help with. This happens because of the misconception that comes with the before mentioned terms. We already mentioned above what is a Psychologist, but what about the Psychiatrist? A Psychiatrist is someone who treats mental health conditions like, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and addiction. Psychiatrist are medical doctors, psychologists are not. Psychiatrists prescribe medication, psychologists can't. Psychiatrists diagnose illness, manage treatment and provide a range of therapies for complex and serious mental illness. Psychologists focus on providing psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help patients. Great! Now you know how to tell the difference. How to get started? Now that you've accumulated the information above, you're ready to create a character and dive into the roleplay. Well no! Sadly a psychologist needs a workspace. You'll need an office, that can have at least a couch and a sofa. If you already have those it's awesome, but if you don't, there are a few options. First you can rent a place. Working from home is a great solution. If you're looking forward to be more appealing, then it's best if you have an office. Those can be easily obtained with a lease request forwarded to Property Management through the UCP system, and they're affordable. Another option is working somewhere. The server currently has many options for you to get started. Factions like Government and Police Department usually open their applications for civil positions, where they will require a psychologist. Another way to work for someone is a clinic. Players open private clinics, like Hope Health Clinic for example, and they tend to hire a wide range of staff, in order to have a variety of employees with one field of expertise. "I have a workplace, what do I do now?" When working by yourself, in your house or office, you'll need to start advertising your activity. Make sure to leave your phone number. What is important is not to overlap appointments. Set rules for yourself. How long do you want the sessions? How much will you charge per session? That is, if you'll work by yourself. Now when working for others you don't have much freedom. Let's work with the three examples. Government, PD, and Clinics. In government you'll be hired by the Public Social Services department. You will answer to a director and what needs he or she will have. There will be times that you will be called for projects. ICly you will be needed to provide your point of view on a project that will impact the civil populace and give your opinion on what is more benefitial for them. Another duty you will have is the welfare of staff. Being reponsible for employees mental health and stability is a psychologists job. I will not mention PD as the only job you have there is the welfare of staff. Now when it comes private clinics, you will be provided with a workspace. The owner/manager will advertise the clinic as a whole. If there are patients that will require a psychologist, you should be up to the task for it. Working alone is nice, but I recommend working with others as it gives more dynamic to your roleplay. None the less, it's your choice and your style of roleplay. "I have a patient!" (Patients read this) Great! Now you have a patient. If you're lucky the patient is someone who has visible symptoms and is expressive with his behavior, and you're able to finalize a diagnosis. But what if the patient is not that cooperative? Well you start making basic and simple question like, "Why are you here?" "What do you think is wrong with you?". If you're someone who can come up with better solution of how to make someone talk is even better. What I would suggest is that you, as the psychologist, use a fair amount of /do that would ask for any visible trait, or for any repetitive behavior. Anything that might give you a lead and start tracking down the root of the problem. On the other hand you have to expect the player behind the patient to give you a lead. This is a very delicate roleplay, and if the patient decides to roleplay a cold attitude, no generic behaviors, blank facial expression and give short cut answers, then you have no chance of breaking down that patient. It's not the psychologist foult, it's the patients. You patients roleplay have to realise that this type of roleplay is to help your characters. If you decide to give nothing about your character to the person roleplay a psychologist, then there is nothing we can do. In game is really hard to decipher a characters mind, so you have to be collaborative. Just a little paragraph as why I should be a reliable guide. I've roleplayed as a Psychologist for a while now. I'm currently roleplaying as part of government, a volunteer in a lower class clinic, and I take private appointments. I've doing this for the past 6 months. Meanwhile in real life, I've studied 1 years Human Behavior. A part in the field of psychology that explains why a person acts a certain way, or why a person does a simple action like standing, in a specific way. My knowledge is not on an academic level, but I've practiced for a while. I hope this guide can help those who want to roleplay a psychologist or those who want to roleplay a patient. Thank you for reading.
  23. Motor Vehicle Collisions (WIP) Traffic collisions also called motor vehicle collisions (MVC) can happen quite often in a roleplaying server but many of you may not know how to roleplay them realistically. This guide will give you a brief summary of the different types of traffic collisions and how can you roleplay them outstandingly. We will not dig into the physics and the statistics too deeply but if you are interested, you will find many sources at the bottom of this guide where you can look up the data yourself. To make you an easily understandable guide, we will dumb the real information down a bit to a point where it is mostly realistic but no too hard to understand and implement to your gameplay. You don’t need to be a hundred percent realistic. This is a game, you can cheat a little but keep in mind how realistic the injuries you are roleplaying is. If you are involved in a collision, take your time, roleplay realistic injuries, and give a few days for your character to heal. The more serious you take the injuries, the better the experience will be both for you and other players. This is a roleplaying server, keep that in mind when you drive around with high speeds. Pedestrian collisions The key factor when it comes to pedestrian collisions (when a pedestrian is hit by a car) is speed and the mass of the vehicle. To make it simple, we will do the math with an average car and we will not care about the mass anymore. Even though, keep in mind, getting hit by a taxi and a truck is not the same. The following information represents a realistic survival chance if you are hit by an average car. Safe to say, if you are getting hit by a car as a pedestrian, every collision over 50 miles an hour should end up with the death of your character in that situation. [SOURCE 1] [SOURCE 2] Head-on collisions To be absolutely realistic I should mention that there are many-many factors in a head-on collision (mass of the vehicles, direction, and a million other things) but to keep it relatively simple, I will talk about the survival chances when two absolutely similar cars collide head-on. The key here is to give you a brief idea about how likely it is to realistically survive a collision but as before, you will find the source below and you can dig into the math if you want to be super-super realistic. [SOURCE] [place for the table of injuries -- will add later] T-bone collisions We call it a T-bone collision when someone hits your car from the side. The biggest factor in survival is the speed and the weight of the vehicle. For example, if an SUV hits a smaller car, the driver of the smaller car will most likely end up with more severe injuries due to the weight of the cars. To simple it down, we will drop the weight factor and see our example with two identical vehicles to give you a brief idea about the survivability. Of course, if you are driving a bigger car (or truck) your chance of survival will be bigger but if you are on the other side and getting hit by an SUV while you are sitting in a sports car, your injuries will be more fatal. The passengers of the vehicle that was hit on the side tend to suffer more severe injuries as the neck is less resistant to sideways impacts. [SOURCE] [place for the table of injuries -- will add later] Rear-end collisions Rear-end collisions typically not as deadly as head-on collisions for one because head-on collisions with another vehicle usually combine the speed of the vehicles whereas rear-end collisions do not. During a blast, the position of patients in reference to ground zero contributes to the possibility of severe injuries and survival. To roleplay rear-end collisions, you can follow the head-on collision table with slightly lighter injuries. As always, use common sense: if someone hits you from behind with 70 miles an hour, most likely both of you will end up in the hospital for a very long time. However, collisions with lower speeds will require less medical attention compared to other collision types. [SOURCE 1] [SOURCE 2] Rollover collisions When it comes to rollover collisions we cannot speak about one main factor such as speed. One thing is sure: after a rollover crash, you will not be able to just crawl out and leave the scene in most cases. You will need medical attention, you will possibly have broken bones, internal injuries, and so on. Try to use the tables above and make a realistic assumption of how your character is injured in the collision. Rollover collisions are extremely dangerous, keep that in mind when you roleplay your injuries. Long story short: if your car rolls over, you better wait for the EMS and not just run away with the remaining cocaine in your bag. [SOURCE] Conclusion Driving around with high speed can easily lead to the death of your character. Watch your speed and slow down at intersections, check for incoming traffic. If you cannot avoid the collision, try to slow down to make the impact as small as possible. After the collision, try to guess the speed you collided with and use the tables above to roleplay your injuries. Use common sense and try to roleplay realistic injuries. If your vehicle is bigger then you can roleplay a higher survival chance but on the other hand, if you are driving a sports car and a truck hits you, the injuries might be a lot worse. After you roleplay your injuries and the Fire Department saved your life, take some time, and roleplay the healing process. If your bones were broken on Monday, try not to run away from the cops on Wednesday. You can speed up the process but use common sense and take the injuries of your character seriously. Thank you for the help @Trukken, @Bash, and @patty for the proofreading and medical details. If you found a typo, terrible grammar mistakes, or wish to add something else, please send me a private message here. **This guide is not done yet!**
  24. Dealership Guide The original dealership guide was way out of date, and the author went inactive. The following values are up to date for - GTA World Cars & Bikes Cars & Bikes Bicycle Shop BMX - 0 KG - $1,000 Cruiser Bike - 5 KG - $1,500 Scorcher Mountain Bike - 5 KG - $2,500 Tri-Cycles Race Bike - 5 KG - $3,000 Whippet Race Bike - 5 KG - $3,000 Endurex Race Bike - 5 KG - $3,000 Faggio Shop Pegassi Faggio - 5 KG - $5,000 Downtown Autos Pegassi Faggio - 5 KG - $5,000sa Bravado Rat-Loader - 25 KG - $7,000 Emperor (Rusty) - 12 KG - $15,500 - Note: Also known as Emperor Beater Declasse Asea - 12 KG - $17,000 Declasse Rancher XL - 40 KG - $17,000 Albany Emperor - 40 KG - $20,000 Cheval Picador - 40 KG - $22,000 Karin Asterope - 25 KG - $22,000 Williard Faction - 25 KG - $23,000 Albany Primo - 25 KG - $29,000 Vapid Stanier Taxi - 25 KG - $30,000 Bodhi - 40 KG - $32,000 Declasse Voodoo - 25 KG - $35,000 Willard Faction Custom - 25 KG - $35,000 Vapid Slamvan - 40 KG - $35,000 Vulcan Ingot - 40 KG - $35,000 Weeny Issi - 12 KG - $37,500 Maibatsu Penumbra - 12 KG - $38,000 Dundreary Virgo Classic - 25 KG - $39,000 Vapid Slamvan (Lost) - 40 KG - $40,000 Karin Rebel - 40 KG - $40,000 Vapid Bobcat XL - 40 KG - $40,000 Dinka Blista Compact - 12 KG - $41,000 Bravado Youga - 65 KG - $42,000 Declasse Moonbeam - 25 KG - $43,000 Brute Pony - 65 KG - $43,000 Declasse Voodoo Custom - 25 KG - $45,000 Imponte Ruiner - 25 KG - $45,000 Ubermacht Oracle XS - 25 KG - $45,000 Declasse Vigero - 12 KG - $48,000 Declasse Premier - 25 KG - $48000 Karin Futo - 12 KG - $55,000, Schyster Fusilade - 12 KG - $65,000 Imponte Phoenix - 12 KG - $75,000 Ubermacht Oracle - 25 KG - $79,000 Moonbeam Custom - 25 KG - $79,600 Willard Faction Custom Donk - 25 KG - $81,500 Virgo Classic Custom - 25 KG - $89,400 Buccaneer Custom - 12 KG - $89,400 Vapid Chino Custom - 25 KG - $91,200 Hermes - 25 KG - $93,000 Sabre Turbo Custom - 12 KG - $129,600 General Auto Shop Dundreary Regina - 40 KG - $17,500 Declasse Rhapsody - 12 KG - $25,000 Vapid Minivan - 40 KG - $25,000 Benefactor Glendale - 25 KG - $28,000 Vapid Stanier - 25 KG - $30,000 Karin Dilettante - 12 KG - $30,000 Vapid Tow Truck (Slamvan) - 25 KG - $34,000 Dinka Blista - 12 KG - $38,000 Bollokan Prairie - 12 KG - $43,000 Declasse Gang Burrito - 65 KG - $44,000 Cheval Surge - 25 KG - $45,000 Bravado Rumpo - 65 KG - $45,000 Vulcar Warrener - 25 KG - $47,000 Declasse Burrito Sport - 65 KG - $47,500 - Note: This is the gang-less gang Burrito. Vapid Speedo - 40 KG - $48,000 Cheval Fugitive - 25 KG - $49,000 Bravado Bison Utility - 40 KG - $50,000 - Note: This is the "The Mighty Bush" version. Bravado Bison - 40 KG - $50,000 Zirconium Stratum - 25 KG - $51,000 Albany Cavalcade - 40 KG - $52,000 Karin Intruder - 25 KG - $55,000 Vapid Dominator - 25 KG - $61,000 Vapid Guardian - 65 KG - $80,000 Karin Kuruma - 25 KG - $125,000 Benefactor Schwartzer - 25 KG - $145,000 Hijak Khamelion - 12 KG - $175,000 Vapid Contender - 40 KG - $225,000 Benefactor Surano - 12 KG - $250,000 Noun's Motors Vapid Chino Classic - 25 KG - $34,300 Bravado Youga Classic - 65 KG - $42,000 Gallivanter Baller - 40 KG - $45,000 Albany Virgo - 25 KG - $52,000 Obey Tailgater - 25 KG - $65,000 Declasse Granger - 40 KG - $65,000 Dinka Thrust - 5 KG - $67,000 Albany Washington - 25 KG - $70,000 Yosemite - ?? KG - $78,000 Ocelot Jackal - 12 KG - $88,000 Benefactor Schafter - 25 KG - $90,000 Obey Rocoto - 40 KG - $90,000 Gallivanter Baller II - 40 KG - $92,000 Gallivanter Baller LE - 40 KG - $105,000 Gallivanter Baller LE LWB - 40 KG - $112,500 Lampadati Felon - 25 KG - $130,000 Lampadati Felon GT - 40 KG - $165,000 Dewbauchee Exemplar - 25 KG - $165,000 Benefactor Schafter V12 - 25 KG - $180,000 Dundreary Stretch - 25 KG - $190,000 Ocelot F620 - 12 KG - $195,000 Dewbauchee Rapid GT - 12 KG - $200,000 Benefactor Schafter LWB - 25 KG - $220,000 Dewbauchee Rapid GT Convertible - 12 KG - $220,000 Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio - 12 KG - $250,000 Lampadati Furore GT - 12 KG - $265,000 Grotti Carbonizzare - 12 KG - $270,000 High End Autos, Albany Manana - 25 KG - $32000 Declasse Tornado - 25 KG - $41,000 Declasse Tornado Convertible - 25 KG - $41,000 Vapid Peyote - 25 KG - $42,500 Pegassi Bati 801 - 5 KG - $65,000 Fathom FQ 2 - 40 KG - $75,000 Benefactor Serrano - 40 KG - $78,000 Shitzu Hakuchou - 5 KG - $80,000 Albany Cavalcade II - 40 KG - $93,000 Inverto Coquette Targa - 12 KG - $99,000 - Note: Also known as "Coquette Classic" Mammoth Patriot - 40 KG - $100,000 Benefactor Dubsta - 40 KG - $100,000 Albany Alpha - 12 KG - $100,000 Benefactor Dubsta Sport - 40 KG - $125,000 Benefactor XLS - 40 KG - $135,000 Enus Huntley S - 40 KG - $175,000 Bravado Banshee - 12 KG - $205,000 Obey 9F - 12 KG - $246,000 Obey 9F Cabrio - 12 KG - $261,000 Annis Elegy Retro - 12 KG - $265,000 Dewbauchee Massacro - 12 KG - $270,000 Dinka Jester - 12 KG - $290,000 Grotti Bestia GTS - 25 KG - $333,666 Premium Motorsport Vapid Radius - 25 KG - $17,000 BF Surfer - 40 KG - $30,000 Benefactor Panto - 5 KG - $30,000 Karin BeeJay XL - 40 KG - $39,000 Bravado Paradise - 65 KG - $40,000 Emperor Habanero - 40 KG - $41,000 Albany Buccaneer - 12 KG - $48,000 Declasse Stallion - 25 KG - $48,000 Imponte Dukes - 25 KG - $52,000 Vapid Blade - 25 KG - $52,000 Declasse Tampa - 12 KG - $55,000 Declasse Sabre Turbo - 12 KG - $57,000 Karin Sultan - 12 KG - $60,000 Bravado Buffalo - 25 KG - $60,000 Bravado Gresley - 40 KG - $72,000 Bravado Gauntlet - 25 KG - $75,000 Ubermacht Sentinel XS - 12 KG - $77,000 Ubermahct Sentinel Cabrio - 12 KG - $89,000 Ubermacht Zion - 25 KG - $93,000 Ubermacht Zion Cabrio - 25 KG - $98,000 Bravado Buffalo S - 25 KG - $175,000 Ocelot Lynx - 12 KG - $190,000 Inverto Coquette - 25 KG - $210,000 Mirror Park Dealership RUNE Cheburek - 12 KG - $65,000 Vulcar Fagaloa - 25 KG - $65,000 Vapid Clique - 25 KG - $75,000 Annis Savestra - 12 KG - $80,000 Sentinel Classic - 12 KG - $90,000 Vapid Riata - 40 KG - $90,000 Issi Classic - 5 KG - $90,000 Western Nightmare Deathbike - 5 KG - $90,000 Canis Kamacho - 40 KG - $95,000 Lampadati Michelli GT - 12 KG - $100,000 Declasse Tulip - 25 KG - $100,000 Vapid Retinue - 12 KG - $105,000 Benefactor Streiter - 12 KG - $110,000 Vapid Ellie - 12 KG - $110,000 Declasse Impaler - 12 KG - $115,000 Declasse Vamos - 25 KG - $130,000 Comet RS - 12 KG - $180,000 - Note: Also known as the "Comet SR" Vapid Flash GT - 12 KG - $186,000 Jester Classic - 12 KG - $195,000 Karin Z190 - 12 KG - $198,000 - Note: Also known as the "190z" Rapid GT Classic - 12 KG - $200,000 Schyster Deviant - 12 KG - $200,000 Vapid Dominator GTX - 25 KG - $290,000 Grotti GT500 - 12 KG - $350,000 Coil Raiden - 12 KG - $360,000 Pfister Neon - 12 KG - $490,000 Classic Cheetah - 12 KG - $550,000 Ocelot Pariah - 12 KG - $595,000 Freight Sales Taco Van - 65 KG - $30,000 Vapid Tow Truck (Large) - 25 KG - $35,000 Scrap Truck - 65 KG - $35,000 Maibatsu Mule 2 - 100 KG - $47,000 Brute Shuttle Bus - 100 KG - $55,000 Maibatsu Mule Armored(Maibatsu Mule 3) - 100 KG - $57,000 JoBuilt Hauler - 25 KG - $80,000 HVY Biff - 100 KG - $80,000 MTL Pounder - 100 KG - $85,000 MTL Packer - 25 KG - $95,000 Vapid Benson - 100 KG - $95,000 Bus - 100 KG - $95,000 Coach - 100 KG - $95,000 - Note: Also known as "Dashound" JoBuilt Phantom - 25 KG - $100,000 Utilities Dealership Nagasaki Blazer - 5 KG - $6,000 Declasse Tornado Junker - 25 KG - $8,900 - Note: Also known as "Tornado Beater" Declasse Tornado Junker Convertible - 5 KG - $8,900 Bf Surfer Rusty - 40 KG - $9,000 Declasse Burrito - 65 KG - $13,000 Nagasaki BF400 - 5 KG - $20,000 Bravado Duneloader - 25 KG - $21,000 Zirconium Journey - 65 KG - $21,000 Maibatsu Sanchez - 5 KG - $23,700 Karin Rebel (Rusty) - 40 KG - $26,100 Nagasaki Street Blazer - 5 KG - $32,100 Maibatsu Manchez - 5 KG - $33,000 Canis Seminole - 25 KG - $33,000 Brute Camper - 65 KG - $42,000 Vapid Sadler - 40 KG - $47,000 Canis Mesa - 25 KG - $55,000 Vapid Sandking SWB - 65 KG - $60,000 Dundreary Landstalker - 40 KG - $65,000 Vapid Sandking XL - 65 KG - $65,000 Canis Mesa Offroad Package - 40 KG - $70,000 - Note: Merryweather Mesa Sanders Motorcycles Pegassi Faggio Sport - 5 KG - $7,500 Western Rat Bike - 5 KG - $8,000 Dinka Enduro - 5 KG - $17,000 LCC Hexer - 5 KG - $26,000 FCR1000 Custom - 5 KG - $27,000 Shitzu PCJ-600 - 5KG - $27,000 FCR1000 - 5 KG - $28,000 Western Zombie Bobber - 5 KG - $31,000 Western Zombie Chopper - 5 KG - $31,500 Shitzu Vader - 5 KG - $35,000 Western Bagger - 12 KG - $35,000 Principle Nemesis - 5 KG - $39,000 Pegassi Ruffian - 5 KG - $40,000 Pegassi Esskey - 5 KG - $42,000 Principe Diablous - 5 KG - $43,000 Western Wolfsbane - 5 KG - $45,000 Western Daemon - 5 KG - $47,000 Nagasaki Carbon RS - 5 KG - $52,000 Dinka Double-T - 5 KG - $53,000 Western Daemon Custom - 5 KG - $53,000 Western Sovereig - 5 KG - $55,000 LCC Avarus - 5 KG - $56,000 Western Nightblade - 5 KG - $58,000 Dinka Akuma - 5 KG - $63,000 Western Cliffhanger - 5 KG - $80,000 Gargoyle - 5 KG - $95,000 Bilgeco Industrial Vehicles Clown Speedo - 40 KG - $9,0000 Bowboy Burrito - 65 KG - $95,000 - Note: Also known as "Mc-Gill Olsen Burrito" Public Utilities Boxville - 65 KG - $10,0000 - Note: Also known as "LSDWP Boxville" Human Labs Boxville - 65 KG - $100,000 - Note: Humane Labs Boxville Go Postal Boxville - 65 KG - $10,000,0 Bugstars Burrito - 65 KG - $100,000 Construction Burrito - 65 KG - $100,000 Pony - 65 KG - $110,000 Post Delivery Boxville - 65 KG - $120,000 Deludamol Rumpo - 65 KG - $120,000 Boats Sea Seagull Speedophile Seashark - 12 KG - $18000 Speedophile Seashark (Two-Tone) - 12 KG - $18,000 Shitzu Suntrap - 40 KG - $35,000 Nagasaki Dinghy (2 Seater) - 40 KG - $55,000 Nagasaki Dinghy (4 Seater) - 40 KG - $60,000 Shitzu Squalo - 40 KG - $65,000 Tug - 100 KG - $105,000, Shitzu Tropic - 40 KG - $150,000 Pegassi Speeder (Painted Body) - 40 KG - $30,0000 Pegassi Speeder (Wooden Body) - 40 KG - $300,000 Shitzu Jetmax - 40 KG - $320,000 Dinka Marquis - 65 KG - $370,000 Aircraft Fly'Out Helicopters Nagasaki Buzzard - 25 KG - $550000 Buckingham Maverick - 40 KG - $650,000 Maibatsu Frogger - 40 KG - $700,000 Buckingham Swift - 40 KG - $850,000 Buckingham SuperVolito - 40 KG - $980,000 Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon - 40 KG - $1,000,000 Buckingham Volatus - 40 KG - $1,500,000 Sandy Shores Aircraft Western Cuban 800 - 25 KG - $730,000 Western Duster - 25 KG - $750,000 Mammoth Dodo - 25 KG - $800,000 JoBuilt Mammatus - 40 KG - $950,000 JoBuilt Velum - 40 KG - $950,000 JoBuilt Velum 5-Seater - 40 KG - $950,000 LS Airport Aircraft Buckingham Vestra - 40 KG - $800,000 Buckingham Nimbus - 40 KG - $950,000 To-do list: Add graphics Update the thread to make it look more neat Credits: Nervous for the permission & vehicle codes. St3fan[NL] for the vehicle codes.
  25. Hi, this is just small guide I think I will make to help people who are completely new to role play and would like to learn complete basics of the most commonly used commands in RP server like GTA:W. I think there might be a guide similar like mine, but I thought maybe I will refine and go in more depth for each command for better understanding. Sorry if not so good, I will edit later on I make this in a rush. 1. /me This command is an action command. It is the most commonly used command in role play. /me is used to describe your characters actions. It can be anywhere from getting up to get a glass of water, to picking up the phone. E.G: /me stands up, dusting off his shirt. Result: John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. E.G 2: /me reaches his dominant hand out, offering Bob a handshake. Result: John Doe reaches his dominant hand out, offering Bob a handshake. 1.1. In the examples shown above.. when you use /me it will be used for your characters name. This mean, when using this command you do not need to use /me and follow with your character name, otherwise it will come out as something like this: Incorrect E.G: /me John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. Incorrect result: John Doe John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. Important: You do not have to type your character name out after writing /me. 1.2. When use /me, try not to capitalize letters following it. Your sentence will look much more clean and nicer if you do this. Incorrect usage: /me Capitalizes the first letter of starting sentence after /me. This does not look good. Incorrect result: John Doe Capitalizes the first letter of starting sentence after /me. This does not look good. Instead, do this: Correct usage: /me does not capitalize the first word, after /me. This looks much cleaner. Correct result: John Doe does not capitalize the first word, when using /me. This looks much cleaner. If you are using multiple sentences in one /me [action] then you would place a period '.' to end sentence and capitalize as normally would following new sentence. E.G: /me gives an example of above. This is how to properly write more than one sentence with correct capitalization. [1.]: /me command is used to perform actions. It can be used to describe what your character will do. [Refer 1.1.]: /me substitutes for you character in game name, you do not need to write it after writing /me. [Refer 1.2.]: You should not capitalize the first letter to start you action . If it will contain more than two sentences, then capitalize as normal after. 2. /ame Now we will talk about /ame. This command is very simple, very basic. In fact.. /me and /ame are the same commands, with minor nuances. Beyond their immediate denotation, they are performed slightly different. Below I will show difference examples: The command /me permanently appears in the chat box. Whereas /ame appears over a characters head, and for a short duration; it disappears afterwards. You can use this command for very short actions or emotes. /me is predominately used for long actions whereas /ame is used for very small actions. /ame can also be use for when you want to perform an action from far away to a player who may be across street from you for example. This is because the command appears above a character so it can be better visible from farther distance. E.G: /me stomps his shoes on the steps before entering inside the property. He lifts his opposite foot, using it to scrape against the side of his right heel to assist removing his shoe; repeating this. E.G result: John Doe stomps his shoes on the steps before entering inside the property. He lifts his opposite foot, using it to scrape against the side of his right heel to assist removing his shoe; repeating this E.G: /ame takes a drink. /me is used for long or detailed actions. /ame is used for small actions, or used when far away from another player where the radius or /me would not be seen. This command shows above a characters head, whereas /me does not. 3. /do This command can be used in conjunction with /me. It can be used to further detail an action your character performed, or can be used to ask question. E.G 1: /me walks up to property door, trying the door. /do Is the door unlocked? E.G 2: /me searches around for a clean cup to use. /do Are there any clean cups in the sink to use? E.G 3: /me pays the bartender, taking the Bloody Mary. [result]: John Doe pays the bartender, taking the Bloody Mary. /do The amount paid would not cover the costs. [result]: (John Doe): The amount paid would not cover the costs. This command can be used hand in hand with /me. It is used to further detail actions emotes, or to ask questions during role play. 4.1. /s, /low, /b. 4.1.1. /s This command very straight forward. IT is a /s(hout) command. You use this command when you want to make it clear your character is raising their voice, or shouting. Correct usage: /s I hate being broke! Result: John Doe shouts: I hate being broke! 4.1.2. /low This is another very straight forward command.. it is a command used when you want to lower your character voice and speak lower. As a result of this, the radius of which your text is seen is greatly reduced compared to typing without using /low. It can be used when you don't want other people around to hear what you say. Usage: /low Hey, you see that person over there? Result: John Doe [low]: Hey, you see that person over there? /low is used to 'speak' lower. You can use /low to lower the radius in which your text is seen by players nearby. It is a role play command, that mean it should be used for anything in character and not out of character. 4.1.3. : /b This command very simple. You use it to type (o)ut (o)f (c)haracter (ooc). This command is used for anything as said.. out of character or otherwise mostly unrelated to the game. If you want to use smiley faces, poor capitalization and punctuation, abbreviations then you use this command. This command also will be used for RP scenes that require a pause and require admin intervention for explanation. In Character and Out of Character should not be mixed. Correct usage: /b gta wolrd rocks lol ((: )) Result: (( John Doe: gta wolrd rocks lol ((: )) OOC stands for Out of Character. It is for mostly anything unrelated IC or game itself. It can be used for any situation that need to be resolved which require admin intervention and RP paused. You should not mix ooc with ic and vice versa. Click here for complete list of basic server commands.
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