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  1. It's hard to roleplay *every* crash because some do indeed happen due to desync or lag and some people don't like it when that happens. But, to be honest. Crashes should be roleplayed properly. I've seen people literally roleplay just getting thrown forward in their seat in a major crash and drive off because they don't want to face repercussions of a dangerous driving or endangerment charge. When crashing at 50+ rear ending or front on would probably not be saved by just wearing a seatbelt.
  2. Has been suggested before, I’d like to see the prices lowered myself. But, as something thats completely optional as part of World i dont think it’ll happen. whats annoying though is the prices used to be much lower before when you paid in actual money and not World Points (VIP used to be like…90 euros or something?)
  3. Gotta say no to this one. Whilst Requests take a while, this isn't the way to fix it. This is just making it unfair for others who might not be able to buy WP and miss out on a lease cause someone else can afford to skip the queue.
  4. Considering most of the items she is on about are usually sold in stores for double the robbery limit, if not more. No. Supporting this.
  5. Dune-O's Halloween Dune-O's is happy to announce we will be joining this years Halloween Maze of Horrors at the Kortz Center, Los Santos with the Department of Cultural Affairs. Join us for drinks, burgers, hotdogs, ice cream and more from 20:00. Our stall is directly next to the dance floor. We look forward to seeing you at the event and hope you have a spooktacular weekend!
  6. Then gang RPers going deep with them hunting rifles 'cuh'. Knew they'd be useful someday.
  7. On NVE and vanilla I never had issues prior to this update. But, I do now get noticable frame loss, even on vanilla.
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