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  1. The problem is, people will not join LSSD or LSPD. But, then they join places like SASP and SANFIRE expecting the same action as the former does. Even though SANFIRE has said and I quote from their forum; ’if you are desiring an agency where you are free to patrol as you please and enforce the penal code, and where action such as pursuits and shootouts are rife, then the State Fire Marshal is not for you’. Admittedly I have seen handfuls of those that have prior used State Parks and SANFIRE as a stepping stone into PD and SD because recruitment is generally a tad easier, they’ve then etheir transferred to Parks or when PD/SD allowed it, transferred there. But, I have been in SANFIRE well over a year now with a few months break and realise its not everyones cup of tea when tried and realise it’s not entirely what they’re looking for. Back on topic though, I think a faction has to be created with more than just culture and the want to roleplay an aesthetic in mind. Creating SAHP will only further dilute the LEO player base and I don’t believe as it has been suggested prior, closing nicher LEO factions is the answer, especially with how much effort is placed into such factions and how little of the player base compared to membership of both niche LEO factions wants SAHP You have to admit, it will be a few days, maybe a week of hype before faction members grow bored and begin to tread the thin line of what their faction was granted to do and what they shouldn’t be doing out of boredem.
  2. I would be down for this. HOWEVER, there may be faction CK’s in which, the faction hides the body so well that, people never find out the persons dead. Presumed that they just disappeared out of State etc. those sort of deaths, would never get to an obituary. If this is done, there needs to be thought put into it.
  3. Already suggested time and time again, always denied. Game limitation and impossible.
  4. Arson Awareness Week 2024 Cypress Flats Hardware Store, Target of the Arsonist 'Caesar Cipher Arsonist', 8th March 2023 (Credit: G. Stone) Arson Awareness Week concluded yesterday, a week designated by the U.S. Fire Administration on raising awareness of arson nationally running from May 5th to May 11th - The goal of this year’s campaign is to provide residents with strategies to combat arson in their neighborhoods. The U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reports state that an estimated 16,800 intentionally set fires in residential buildings occur annually in the United States. These fires result in an estimated 280 deaths, 775 injuries and $593 million in property loss each year. In the San Andreas Penal Code, FA. 301 Arson is outlined as; A person who willfully and maliciously sets fire to or burns or causes to be burned or who aids or advises the burning of, any structure, forest land, or property. But the question is, what really makes someone want to burn a house down? The motivations behind burning homes and other structures are curiosity, vandalism, concealing another crime, excitement, revenge and insurance fraud or arson for profit. Curiousity Curiousity fires are the most often fires caused by juveniles, as highlighted in last year's Arson Awareness Week - youth fire setting should be dealt with early, educating children in the danger of fire setting tools and that they are not toys. The misuse of fire has many variables including age, motivation for firesetting behavior, type of fires set, ignition materials used to set the fire, and the child’s understanding and limitations of fire. Firesetting behavior is often a symptom of the problem and may be manifested through stress and crisis in children’s lives. Concealing Another Crime As proven, arson is a destructive crime - Arson is sometimes used to mask or conceal another crime such as murder. The criminal sets the crime scene ablaze with the goal and hope that the victim's death will be attributed to the fire and not other causes. Other crimes such as burglary and larceny are also commonly covered up by fire set by intentional fire setting. Excitement Some fires can be attributed to the excitement of an individual. But, excitement fires can be nuisance fires but may escalate to home destruction. Excitement-motivated arsonists desire the mental thrill associated with setting the fire and relish the attention that fire and subsequent investigation can bring them. They rarely intend to injure or cause harm to people. But, don't have the requisite knowledge to keep the fires under control. Revenge According to the National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime, the motive that is most common for serial arsonist is revenge, approximately 41 percent. An arsonist will often target the home or property of someone in retaliation for an actual or perceived act or injustice against him or her if they believe they have not faced repercussions. Insurance Fraud/Arson for Profit Insurance Fraud, also known as Arson for Profit. Is a criminal method of obtaining money from a fire loss policy. Torching homes for an insurance payout. However, these acts endanger innocent neighbors and brave local firefighters, and even their own family. These senseless acts of insurance crimes also hit all honest homeowners with repercussions of raised premiums due to said crime at a time when money may be tight for all. Los Santos County Arson Arrest Statistics for 2023 Be Aware of Ways to Safeguard Homes, Buildings, and Property Acts of arson rob communities of valuable assets, lives and property - It destroys more than buildings, it can destroy lives. Arson can devastate a community resulting in decline through increased insurance premiums, loss of business revenue and decrease in property values. The Office of The State Fire Marshal can assist communities reduce the occurrence of arson and reduce its devastating effect by making residents aware of measures to safeguard homes and property. Protect Homes from Arson Arson destroys more than homes; it can devastate a neighborhood resulting in decline through increased insurance premiums and a decrease in property values. The fatality rate for intentionally set residential fires is more than double that of other residential building fires? (Source) So, keeping that in mind. Here are some tips of how you can protect your home; Illuminate exterior and entrances Ensure your home is well lit, ensuring lights are installed on every side of your home. This ensures if someone visits, they are able to be seen even in the nighttime. You could also invest in motion-activated lighting near the entrances to let you know when someone approaches your door. But thinking inside of your home, you could also think of time sensitive lighting inside your property to give the illusion of an occupied home and give the idea you're at home! Clear obstructions Clearing all obstructions can assist with keeping your home visible to the street. But, also helps keep flammable material minimal. Aim to trim or remove shrubbery that blocks the view of your home from the street. Ensuring to trim bushes and plants during growing season especially as plants may be liable to grow bigger and become dryer. Install security and fire alarm systems Consider installing security and fire alarm devices that can transmit an alarm to the police or fire department when the home alarm sounds, this can also notify your neighbors in the surrounding area and as well as that, alert you and your family too. As well as this, home sprinklers reduce the risk of death and property damage by 82 percent. Keep doors and windows locked Ensure your home is secure by installing deadlocks on all external doors and entrances so people cannot invite themselves into your house as well as install window hardware with spring-loaded bolts that insert through the window frame into the wall frame these are less likely to be easily opened with something as simple as a credit card. A simple locked door could be the deterrent that saves a house from arson. Clean your house An abandoned-looking home makes for an easy target - Ensure you secure your home if you plan to go on holiday or need to vacate for whatever reason. This may include adding additional locks or boarding up broken windows or other openings. Keep your home clean from any trash such as unused and unneeded paper, trash, cleaning supplies, partial cans of paint and other materials that could become kindling and fuel a fire. Also ensure if you aren't taking your vehicle with you, find somewhere safe to store it. Most car fires are started to cover up other criminal activity or simply as an act of vandalism. Preventing Arson at Construction Sites Everyone can do their part to prevent arson acts at construction sites, but awareness is key. Did you know that buildings visibly under construction or renovation are the most vulnerable to arson? Due to the higher accumulation of waste, ordinary combustibles, limited access, minimal water supplies and hazardous operations increase the challenge, here's some tips for construction sites (Source); What contractors can do Contractors can ensure to store solvents, fuels, tools and in a securely locked container or remove them completely from the site when not in use or in attendance to the site as well as ensuring they clear as they go, removing any waste or debris to minimise potential kindling. Securing a site can also help with locks on any doors or gates and having security that actively patrols when people are not presently working, drive-bys of the site can also be requested from law enforcement to ensure your local officers are aware of construction on-going in their local area. What community members can do Be aware, that awareness is key to prevention. Be aware of any construction on going in your neighbourhood and ensure any suspicious activity at local sites is reported to local law enforcement appropriately. You could be the difference between preventing an act of arson. Preventing and Reducing Arson at Abandoned or Vacant Buildings Vacant and otherwise abandoned homes and other structures can be treacherous for firefighters as they lack the structural integrity of a well maintained property Theres four ways communities can help reduce the negative impact associated with unsecured abandoned or vacant properties and keep firefighters safe; Monitor, Secure, Inspect and Mark. Monitor Monitor and keep watch of all vacant properties. Properties that are secure and well-maintained, even though they are unoccupied, are not the problem. Those that have no viable owner and are unsecured and accessible to unauthorized entry require immediate attention to prevent fires and other criminal activity. Secure Keeping unauthorized occupants out of vacant and abandoned buildings is key to preventing fires. Unsecured vacant or abandoned buildings are intrinsically more dangerous than occupied structures. While there are many ways to secure properties, boarding is most effective - If done properly with a properly co-ordinated surveillance program make a property very difficult to enter. Properties also secured this way make a structure less prone to deterioration due to weather and other elements. Inspect Inspect and evaluate vacant or abandoned buildings to identify potential safety issues that first responders would face if they responded to a fire. Personnel assigned to inspect vacant or abandoned buildings should use extreme caution when entering and moving throughout these structures. Potential hazards for both inspectors and first responders include; Fall and trip hazards, Hazardous Materials, Ongoing criminal activity, Standing water in basements, Unauthorized occupants, and Unstable structure. Individuals partaking in inspections should always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment and if concerned can always contact the Office of The State Fire Marshal. Mark Mark buildings after they are secured and inspected. This provides a visual cue to firefighters responding to a fire, indicating that the property is vacant, was evaluated and found to contain hazards to firefighters. Youth Firesetting Harping back to last years theme youth firesetting, children are often curious about fire. While curiosity is normal, there are things you can inform parents and caregivers about to prevent children from experimenting with fire. Educate children. Teach children that fire is dangerous. Only adults should use matches and lighters. Teach children that fire is dangerous. Fire is a tool, not a toy, and must only be used by adults. SANFIRE's 2023 information sheet on AAW2023 Everyone has a part to play when preventing acts of arson, unlike vandalism, arson destroys lives and property - Education is key to prevention and steps can be taken to avoid falling victim yourself. If in doubt or you witness an act of arson, The Office Of The State Fire Marshal with the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection can be contacted 4-4-4. 7 days a week, 365 Days a year.
  5. +1 Maybe have the slot work akin to multi-faction. But, you have to actually have to show intent to join JSA/DAO. So people don’t just make a character using the slot and then don’t actually and then upon leaving that slot is ‘locked’ again.
  6. Wildfire Preparedness Week 2024 Utopia Gardens, Mirror Park, September 2023 Wildfire is coming, are you ready? The most common question asked in San Andreas. May 1st signalled the beginning of a week of awareness with Wildfire Preparedness Week - In some places a month-long campaign. A week of asking questions like, how prepared are YOU? for Wildfire season. Wildfire conditions are an emergency and such fires can have catastrophic consequences. So, you and your loved ones must be armed and prepared with knowledge of what to have and what to do should you be involved in a Wildfire situation. READY Ready? we'll cover numerous topics involved in San Fire's READY, SET, GO! initiative. Each covering different steps citizens of San Andreas can take to ensure they are ready and prepared for when Wildfire strikes. Get Ready; Create and Maintain your home with defensible space and adapt your home to cope with fire conditions. Taking into account drought conditions when maintaining and landscaping your home as well as Firesmart landscaping that can not only help you assist you in keeping your garden tidy. But, also safe - Helping you keep your home safe from the risk of wildfire. Defensible Space & Drought Defensible Space Creating Defensible space and adapting your home is essential in improving the chance of your homes survival under wildfire conditions. Defensible space is a buffer zone you create between your home and any wildland around your home such as grass, trees, shrubs and brushland. This space helps slow of stop the spread of wildfire and helps protect your home from catching fire from embers, flame contact or radiant heat. But, proper defensible space also helps provide firefighters with a safe zone to work in, to help defend your home in wildfire conditions. If facing drought conditions, removing dead or dry vegetation is always a must and if possible incoporating things such as hardscape such as gravel, pavers, concrete and other noncombustible mulch into the first five feet of your home. If you cannot water a plant? It's not worth the risk. Firesmart Landscaping A fire smart landscape necessarily isn't the same as a well-maintained yard. Fire smart landscaping is using fire-resistant plants and strategic planting to help resist the spread of fire to your home. In San Andreas, fire-resistant plants are an amazing choice as they are drought resistant too for periods even outside of Wildfire season - The best part is, you don't need a lot of money to fire smart your landscape and in most cases can increase property value and help water conservation while making your home look beautiful. Keep in mind though, there is no such thing as "fire-safe" plants. All plants whether fire-resistant will burn under the right conditions, regardless of how they are classified. Environmental factors as well as how well a plant is maintained also factor into this. In some situations, the same species of plants may be fire-resistant in one environment and flammable in another depending on drought conditions, growth, and dead material. You should think about whether you will be able to take care of a plant to the point it doesn't pose a risk to your home. When Fire smart landscaping, you should always aim to follow the minimum vertical clearance and the minimum horizontal clearance. SET Get Set; Before Wildfires strike it's important to make sure you and your loved ones get set. Prepare yourself and your family for the possibility of having to evacuate; Create a wildfire action plan, assemble an emergency supply kit and establish a family communication plan. These should be all familiarised with all members of your household. Wildfire Action Plan Wildfire action plans should be prepared in advance of wildfire season, to give members of your family and yourself time to familiarise themselves with it. Below is a checklist of all that should be thought of to be included. But, always keep in mind, everyone's action plan will be different; Designated emergency meeting places outside the fire or hazard area - these can be critical in helping establish who is accounted for. Several different escape routes from your home and local community - routes should be practiced often so they can be familiarised. A family communication plan - designating an emergency contact such as an out-of-area friend or family to act as a main point of communication for all family members in case of separation. Prepare your Family Evacuation plans should be easy to understand, especially for those families with younger children, and should help them understand how to respond quickly in case of a fire and how adults can escape with younger infants. Plan in advance of wildfire season and practice your family's evacuation plan and actions you can do to remain safe when a wildfire is nearby. It's important to talk to younger members of your family, especially children at a level they understand and won't potentially frighten them. The U.S. government has many resources online that can help guide and offer tips for families with young children such as the U.S. Fire Administration, Sesame Workshop campaign, FEMA, and the U.S. Forest Service. Families should plan diligently and with special consideration for older members of the family and those with disabilities; The U.S. Fire Administration and American Red cross can help in these cases with resources online. Emergency Supply Kits Emergency Supply Kits should be put together long before a wildfire or other natural disaster occurs and should be kept accessible in case of emergency where the need to evacuate is necessary. Families should plan to be away from home for an extended period and each member of the family should have a kit personal to them. Backpacks for work are great for quick-to-grab storage. But, items such as food and water should be carried in a tub for easier transport. You should aim to have things such as a three-day supply of non-perishable food and three gallons of water per person, a map with evacuation routes marked, any required medications, spare change of clothing, money or credit/debit cards, a first aid kit, sanitation supplies and copies of important documents (Birth certificates, passports, insurance, etc). GO! Give you and your family the best chance of survival by evacuating early. Knowing you're ready to go also means knowing when to evacuate and what to do if you become trapped. Before any evacuation, it's essential to have prepared in advance with action plans, pre-evacuation preparation steps, and monitoring the wildfire in your area. San Fire will always liaise with local government entities to ensure evacuation orders and announcements are carried out in a timely fashion - So make sure when a wildfire is on-going in your area to ensure you listen for announcements and if a Fire Marshal or government official visits your home with an evacuation order, you help them, help you. San Fire works with government entities such as the Los Santos Fire Department, Governer's Office of Emergency Services and the San Andreas Government to ensure that an emergency meets the criteria for an evacuation order. Paleto Lumberyard Fire, June 2023 While Wildfire Preparedness Week may be coming to a close, the education SANFIRE does to ensure all citizens of San Andreas are prepared incase of an emergency will continue. Expect in the coming weeks to see an increase of educational posts, possible events and more as we look to engage with the community on this important topic. So, the only question remains...Are you Ready to Ready, Set, GO?
  7. "In the city, lights glow like neon promises."
  8. Caesar Cipher Arsonist Arrested Rockford Hills, Los Santos - On May 6th, 2024 SANFIRE Law Enforcement made an arrest concerning the then ongoing investigation into Los Santos Serial Arsonist known as the Caesar Cipher Arsonist later identified as San Fierro local Natasha Barnes was arrested and charged with five counts of FA. 301 Arson after a year-long investigation across multiple incidents of intentional fire setting. On February 27th, 2023, SAN FIRE attended a structure fire at the Tower Way Utility Station, the first of many Incidents concluded to be arson across the East Los Santos area, with target spots being La Mesa, Cypress Flats, Murietta Heights, and the LS Port with one reported incident breaking away from the M.O or modus operandi under the Olympic Freeway in Strawberry with a vehicle fire. Tower Way, Cypress Flats, Strawberry and Elysian were all targets. (Credits: G. Stone) Barnes first interacted personally with SANFIRE speaking with then PR Deputies Turner and Jorgensen. Enquiring about arson cases as a civilian during Lieutenant Governor Noah Wade's swear-in at the State Capitol, West Vinewood on March 1st 2023. This would fuel later communication with SANFIRE, taking a personal liking to mention the aforementioned duo in her M.O. - Leaving graffiti in a mixture of Ceasar cipher and other ciphers as well as typewriter written notes to communicate with investigators. The next incident deputies would respond to was a hardware store situation on El Rancho Boulevard, Cypress Flats on March 8th, 2023 where the arson case would take a dangerous turn with two Los Santos Fire Department firefighters injured in fire suppression efforts after falling through the roof of the building. Said firefighters have since made a full recovery. However, the incident highlights the importance of acting swiftly to ensure people's safety - This incident was also the first in which she communicated with then-Deputy Turner. Natasha Barnes' (far left, background) first encounter with deputies, captured on the SANFIRE Social media page. After March 8th, with SAN FIRE deputies still investigating. Barnes or, 'The Cipher', as she named herself seemed to go inactive for a period and disappear from the investigator's radar completely, with Barnes declared a person of interest it is understood at this time she traveled back to San Fierro, where she was known to SANFIRE's San Fierro unit due to arsons in their locale before the Los Santos incidents. This was also made clear to investigators in prior notes found at El Rancho and Tower Way respectively. During this period, the case was closed with no further leads - It seemed Barnes had finished with her time of activity. However, in the middle of the night of June 13th, 2023, SAN FIRE received an interdepartmental call from the Los Santos Fire Department regarding a vehicular fire under the Olympic Freeway which firefighters along with the Los Santos Police Department were in attendance. On first arrival, there was nothing to suggest that this had anything to do with their now-declared serial arsonist. However, on investigation, evidence found that Barnes declared she was still out there and very much still interested in pursuing, what she would later state was 'a game' with arson investigators. This would be the first and only time Barnes would deviate from her known Modus Operandi - Leaving no form of communication with investigators other than graffiti. Sometime during the Summer, Barnes would then become involved in another then-Deputy Fire Marshal and also local journalist Gabriel Stone, a media partner of SANFIRE and the Los Santos Fire Department - Communicating outside her arsons. The first mistakes she made in her activities as investigators began tracking her activities outside of incidents. Firefighters tackle the Murietta Heights fire (left) and Deputy Fire Marshals apprehend Barnes. (right) Eventually, Barnes' activity resurfaced on February 2nd, 2024, and became more dangerous at a structure fire on Plaice Place, Elysian Island next to her old employer of IMEX at an Aurum substation. Firefighters were forced to play defensively and Aurum was contacted to shut off the grid in the area, from this incident onwards Barnes began to change the cipher used in her messages - it was known that she also gave Journalist Stone a different cipher from that that was offered to investigators at this point. Fast forward to May 4th, 2024. Another fire would be reported in a similar area of East Los Santos on the Murietta Heights oil field of a structure fire. This would be Barnes last arson as investigators closed in on her after Stone reported that she had no longer ditched her phone as she had done prior - Leading Deputy Fire Marshals and the Arson Prevention Team to the Rustic Tavern in Morningwood where she was detained under a forty-eight-hour investigative hold. In the evening, SAN FIRE Public Relations held a subsequent joint press conference with the Los Santos Fire Department's Community Liaison Office's Community Liaison Officer Sage Fowler and Public Information Director Calvin Serrano at LSFD's Station 52, Rockford Hills - Confirming to media the current situation regarding the investigation and take question from media partners. The Arson Prevention Team, in conjunction with Deputy Fire Marshals, executed a warrant on multiple vehicles. On May 6th, the investigation finally reached its conclusion with the Arson Prevention Team in conjunction with Deputy Fire Marshals and state partners at San Andreas' State Parks Maritime Enforcement Team executed a warrant targeting multiple vehicles owned by Barnes, in Morningwood - Deputy Fire Marshals found evidence tying Barnes to the multiple incidents when they uncovered phosphorus as well as phosphate being stored in the presumed vehicle that was being used in the attacks as an accelerant along with several spray paint cans in Moringwood. A tugboat was also targetted in Banning, confirmed to be Barnes' residence and makeshift workshop where she was planning her attacks, recovering a typewriter believed to be used to create the notes used to communicate with investigators as well as materials used to create the makeshift fire starters. Barnes was subsequently interrogated under Miranda and explained her motivations for the attacks. "For over a year, San Fire, in collaboration with multiple Law Enforcement agencies and members of the community, has been diligently investigating a series of arson incidents that have threatened the safety and security of our great State. The arrest of the individual responsible for these heinous acts represents a monumental milestone in our collective effort and promise to protect our community and uphold the law. I am immensely proud of the tireless dedication and unwavering commitment demonstrated by every member of San Fire through this lengthy and complex investigation. From the brave Firefighters of our partners at the Los Santos Fire Department who responded to the scenes of every devastating fire, to the skilled investigators who meticulously pieced together evidence, the forensics that analyzed the evidence, and the administrative staff who provided crucial support behind the scenes, each and every individual within our departments played an integral role in bringing this case to a successful resolution. I would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to our law enforcement partners, as well as members of the public who provided valuable tips and information that aided in our investigation. It is through collaboration and cooperation that we can achieve such a significant outcome. While we celebrate this victory today, we must also remain vigilant in our ongoing efforts to prevent and combat arson in our community. The safety and well-being of our residents will always remain our top priority, and we are committed to working tirelessly to ensure that San Andreas remains a safe and thriving place for all who call it home. In closing, I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone involved in this case, from our dedicated firefighters and investigators to our law enforcement partners and the residents of Los Santos. Your collective efforts have made a tangible difference in our community, and I am honored to serve alongside each and every one of you." Special Operations Division Chief Luke Barrett said in a statement to SANFIRE Public Relations. Barnes was formally arrested by SANFIRE Law Enforcement on the evening of 6th May. and has been booked for five counts of FA 301. Arson. Natasha Barnes was booked into the San Andreas State Prison and has pled guilty to all charges. We'd like to extend our thanks and appreciation to our agency partners in the Los Santos Police Department's forensics division, San Andreas State Parks' Maritime Enforcement Team (MET), and our media partner Gabriel Stone of Los Santos Insider for their cooperation. Photography Gallery ###
  9. Small QoL as, if you own the page or are admin of said page you are commenting on a post of - You will be forced into commenting as the page itself, so if you desire to comment on a page post, you cannot unless you wish to post the comment as the page itself. It'd be a good QoL if we could choose similarly to facebook which we are commenting as the page itself or the actual user themself. I'm pretty sure it used to post as your character. But, now you don't have the option to.
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