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  1. It may be against the rules. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. While it’s a nice suggestion, it’s a -1 for me. We’re far away from the days of SAMP.
  2. Exactly this, we hear it almost every so often on the news how a police officer was discharged because xyz. That's a token example of people getting overwhelmed/tripped out on the power they're given. Other than the Not roleplaying car crashes etc - These all seem like IC issues.
  3. The San Fire member you're on about would be me, you made no attempt to hide that despite after this post saying you wouldn't bash anyone. However, I'm unsure which 911 call you're on about, given, I've always known your name seeing as the Marathon incident came up. You burst into LSNN's HQ and someone screamed your name and said you had a firearm and this was nothing to do with my characters IC boyfriend.. IC is IC, I called the cops on you because of the threat of a firearm. How is that a power trip? I've never interacted with you ON DUTY, only off duty as a civilian. I apologise if I've ever upset you OOC for my IC actions. But, I roleplayed something even a regular civilian would do - Call cops on a threat, whether it be legitimate or not.
  4. Generally I roleplay around bodies as ‘oh they must just be drunk or maybe passed out’. Given Los Santos’ crime rate, I generally roleplay any reaction to a death infront of my character not in emotional turmoil if its a PK. Cause lets face it, im not gonna roleplay my character falling into a depression about it cause he might end up standing next to the same person who PKed in a bar an hour later. But, will always roleplay CKs having a more profound, lasting impact on my character. If they were simply a patient and there was a chance they could be helped. It’ll hit him, quite a bit. But, if its someone close, then you bet your butt he’s gonna have a somewhat difficult time. My character is an ex-Firefighter and current Fire Marshal, generally he’s a little bit desensitised to your everyday body. But, it doesn’t make him immune or numb to seeing things.
  5. There needs to be rules such as these, otherwise the High school would end up much like the iteration that was on LSRP that was quickly shut down because of constant issues of a high crime rate and trolling. GTAWorld has such a high crime rate - It makes sense to have such rules in place to ensure the experience is a fun one for EVERYONE involved. Not just the students. 'attempt by the author of these rules, perhaps out of laziness or an attempt to skirt recent changes, to give themselves the power of 'Admin Discretion' which was just abolished.' - This is completely wrong. In what school is there anything more than petty crime? Would it make sense for large scale drug operations out of no where? Would it make sense for murder to happen out of no where? (Given, most shootings turn into murder on this server because no one knows how to descalate an issue with simply words - everyone will just provoke fist fights/gun fights). Just because an area is 'full of guns' - Doesn't make school shootings okay. If they were to allow school shootings, I guarantee there would be half a dozen a day if not more because of how stupid the crime rate is on the server. Davis High School exists to give the illegal roleplayers a shot at an experience similar to ULSA and is something they have wanted for years. Rules mean, those who would break them don't ruin the experience for others.
  6. Jorgensen


    Found what the suggestion was about this can be L&A'd >_>
  7. thank you @Fireworks, can you make one for me?
  8. Last night I drove past Davis LTD and there was about 4 brightly coloured Sandstorms.
  9. Ruano is one sexy mfer - Can I stroke the moustache?
  10. Or some people seeing your dog dead, or seeing other players dog dead while they see it fine. Or putting into the vehicle and taking out again killing it. Would nice to see an extension for other factions such as SFM too so we don't have to rely on admins all the time. Especially if a handling admin logs off if the scene takes too long so we have to wait for things such as if the scene would involve accelerants etc.
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