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  1. Kevin and his chin for days, really loving the interactions with you guys. 😃
  2. Dune-Os Rising Star Festival Stall - Day One (26/07/2021) ((Special thanks to @Fenris for his work on this event!))
  3. I definately don't think GTAWorld is dying, we regularly still hit 700+. I think the reason we don't in the day is because of timezones, people have work, people have lives. Covid is pretty much over or slowly becoming so. So, many people are back to normal work. Quality? Maybe. But, the server itself isn't dying.
  4. Dune-Os @ The Rising Stars Festival, Paleto Bay Dune-Os is happy to announce our attendance to the Los Santos Government's Rising Stars Festival in Paleto Bay from the 26th of July to the 1st of August. From 7pm every evening, we'll be serving drinks, food and renting out some leisure equipment we've got available. We're running our usual menu as well as some Festival favourites. As always, remember Students, Law Enforcement and First Responders get a special discount! Just show your Student ID or badge.
  5. I mean, I've always roleplayed late 20s, my oldest character is late 30s. I think it's just a thing of people not really wanting to RP flaws with their characters. I could be wrong. But, yknow. It's just a vibe I get.
  6. Dune-Os @ The SAASCAR Blaine Aviation Grand Prix - 24/07/2021
  7. Dune-Os at SAASCAR Dune-Os is happy to announce Dune-Os has been announced as an official sponsor and vendor of SAASCAR's 2021 Season, the team will be at the Blaine Aviation Grand Prix from 3:30pm serving Dune-Os house ice cream, drinks, burgers and more. Can't make it today? You can look forward to Dune-O's providing food services for every SAASCAR event in the future. Tonight from 20:00, Dune-Os will also be opening its doors publicly for the first time as a bar. Named as SAASCAR's official Afterparty. We look forward to seeing you at Sandy Shores Airfield from 3:30 or at our afterparty tonight!
  8. No, it isn't. You're allowed to impersonate them (As in impersonate a Government Official) with Admin permission though.
  9. People have just paid to have an animal follow them around. 🤷‍♂️ I dont think much has to be explained. If they have a dog, yes it means they're roleplaying having one. Pretty sure you could RP one without having to donate for a visual dog. I dont get your question?
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