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Found 20 results

  1. This thread will portray the life and times of Frank R. Buntz, a 47-year old sleazy criminal defense attorney in Los Santos. CHAPTER 1: "That's All?" - START | END CHAPTER 2: "The Devil's Lawyer" - START | END CHAPTER 3: "Hell in a Handbasket!" - START | END CHAPTER 4: "Sinner Street Blues" - START
  2. Name: Mika Sawachika Age: 18 Nationality: Japanese Occupation: J-Pop Artist/Singer Voice Claim: Nanaru Mika Sawachika is a J-Pop artist hailing from the beautiful city of Kyoto, Japan. At the young age of 18, she's already accomplished so much in her music career, and now she's all set to embark on an exciting adventure to America. Born on March 12, 2005, Mika is a true talent who captivates her fans with her incredible voice and mesmerizing performances. Before she became a J-Pop singer, she was actually a ballerina dancer. She started dancing when she was just five years old, and her talent for ballet was simply mind-blowing. Mika would grace the stage with her graceful movements and touch the hearts of everyone who watched her perform. As she grew older, her love for music started to take over. She couldn't resist the magical power of singing and the way it could touch people's souls. Mika made a courageous decision to follow her dreams and pursue a career in J-Pop music. In 2017, at the age of 12, Mika debuted as a J-Pop artist! People fell in love with her angelic voice and the emotions she poured into every note. Mika continued to showcase her versatility as an artist and winning the hearts of fans all over Japan. Now, after six years of being a J-Pop sensation in her home country, Mika is ready to take on the world. She's packing her bags and heading to America, eager to share her music with a brand-new audience. Mika's journey to America isn't just about music; it's about breaking down barriers and bringing cultures together. She wants to show the world the beauty of Japanese music and the unique influences that have shaped her sound. Mika believes that music has the power to unite people, no matter where they come from. Aside from her incredible talent, Mika is known for being down-to-earth and genuinely caring about people. She cherishes her fan's support and always takes the time to connect with them on a personal level. Her humble nature and infectious smile have endeared her them from all walks of life. As Mika Sawachika steps onto the international stage, she's poised to become a true global sensation. Her unwavering dedication, boundless talent, and passion for music will undoubtedly lead her to even greater heights. The world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Mika's extraordinary journey, and there's no doubt that she'll continue to inspire and captivate audiences with her enchanting voice and electrifying performances.
  3. This thread will follow the development of Andre Dubois. Character story TBA.
  4. This will follow the progress and story of Skiver Industries, the company is a hub for all things work. The focus being quality blue collar jobs in the county and city. Jobs such as Trucking, Construction, Towing, and much more! Recently reformed from the previous name "Coastal Industries" The company made a slight transition into the new year after settling a law suit with the corporate share holders. About Us Welcome to Skiver Industries! Our company was formed in 2020 under the name Coastal Industries, but we recently changed our name to better reflect our expanding services and growing team. At Skiver Industries, our focus is on providing exceptional logistics and shipping, construction, and recovery and repossession services to our clients. Located on Joshua Road in Harmony, we are proud to be a local business that is committed to hiring residents from the area. We believe that by investing in our community and the people who live here, we can build stronger relationships and create better outcomes for everyone involved. Our team at Skiver Industries is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We understand that every project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations. Whether you are looking for reliable logistics and shipping services, expert construction solutions, or trusted recovery and repossession support, Skiver Industries has the expertise and resources to get the job done right. We are committed to delivering outstanding results and building lasting relationships with our clients. Thank you for choosing Skiver Industries. We look forward to working with you! Our Services At Skiver Industries, our core services are Logistics & Shipping, Construction, and Recovery and Repossession. Here is an in-depth explanation of what each service entails. Logistics & Shipping: Our logistics and shipping services are designed to help our clients move goods and materials efficiently and safely. We provide a wide range of logistics solutions, including freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and transportation management. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific shipping needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs. Our logistics and shipping team is experienced and knowledgeable, and we use the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that our clients' shipments are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Construction: Our construction services cover a broad range of projects, including commercial, industrial, and residential construction. We work with our clients from the planning and design phase through to completion, providing a wide range of services, including project management, site preparation, excavation, and building construction. We are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship, and we use only the best materials and equipment to ensure that our clients' projects are completed on time and on budget. Towing Recovery and Repossession: Our recovery and repossession services have been revised to specialize in towing services. Our towing services are designed to help our clients recover and transport vehicles efficiently and safely. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific towing needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs. Our team is highly trained and experienced in towing and transportation, and we use the latest technology and techniques to locate, recover, and transport vehicles efficiently and effectively. Our towing services cover a wide range of needs, including emergency roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, impound towing, and long-distance transportation. We use only the best equipment and techniques to ensure that vehicles are safely and securely transported to their destination. Our team is also well-versed in the legal and regulatory requirements of towing and transportation, and we ensure that our clients' interests are protected throughout the process. At Skiver Industries, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and outstanding results. Whether you need emergency roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, impound towing, or long-distance transportation, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done right. How to find us Skiver Industries is located on Joshua Road in Harmony (GPS Skiver Industries), a bustling and growing community in the heart of the region. Our location is easily accessible from major highways and transportation routes, making it convenient for our clients to visit us or for our team to reach clients in the area. Our fleet of vehicles is diverse and well-maintained, consisting of ten Speedos, two Boxvilles, eight Mules (four of which are hybrid), four Bensons, two Pounders, two Flatbeds, two Tankers, four Utility Trucks, one Mixer, one Tiptruck, and one Scarp Truck. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and safety features, and we take great care to ensure that they are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards. We are always available to answer questions or provide information about our services. The best way to contact us is through our website, where you can find our contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and a contact form. We also have a social media presence on Facebroswer, where we share updates about our business and industry news. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, and we are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. We take pride in our fleet of vehicles, which is a critical component of our ability to provide reliable and efficient service to our clients. Whether you need logistics and shipping services, construction solutions, or towing and recovery services, Skiver Industries has the expertise and resources to get the job done right. Apply today! For further information reach out to our Human Resources Department or visit our depot in Harmony today! Contact information Human Resources contact info 6397512 (Aspen Duffy) - Human Resources 6719 (Chandler) - Operations Manager (( OOC SECTION )) INTERESTED IN JOINING? VISIT OUR HIRING SECTION TODAY OR JOIN OUR DISCORD! WE PROVIDE QUALITY ROLE-PLAY EXPERIENCE THAT FOCUSES ON NORTH AMERICAN BLUE COLLAR WORKING SECTOR. WE STRIVE FOR STANDARDS ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE. No comment section is visible anywhere on the site. It would be none existent, nor would there be a chat board for reviews or chatting.
  5. About Us Midas Capital Group is a Los Santos based private equity group that invests in, and partners with businesses in the US. Our founding team has collectively developed investment strategies in small businesses, lower middle and middle markets, creating value for businesses across a wide range of industries including business and consumer services, technology, security, transportation, healthcare, industrial and environmental services. Why Private Equity? When business owners reach a critical point with their company and make the decision to sell all or part of the company, many decide to partner with a private equity firm to take their business to the next level. Private equity can mean a lot of different things, but to us, it means investing in private companies to help them grow. If you’re a business owner or founder, taking on a partner is a big step, and can create a lot of uncertainty. We’re here to answer your questions about how all of this works and what it can mean for you. To start, here are some of the main reasons why top-performing private companies are increasingly deciding to bring on a private equity partner: To provide shareholders with partial or total liquidity. To have “two bites at the apple” – partial liquidity in the first transaction, and a potentially bigger payoff in a later transaction. To gain additional capital for expansion or acquisitions. To get a strong partner with aligned interests who can help them grow their company. To have a sounding board for their ideas and challenges. To gain access to “best practices” from other leading companies, as well as senior-level contacts at potential customers and alliance partners. To get help recruiting senior executives and building a strong Board of Directors. To benefit from the financial sophistication of private equity partners. To get experienced help identifying, analyzing, negotiating and integrating acquisitions. Investment Criteria Our process begins with identifying a financially healthy business with substantial organic and add-on acquisition growth prospects, referred to as a “platform company”. We collaborate with the platform’s leadership team to develop a strategic plan for the business which includes mitigating key person risk, enhancing infrastructure, and investing in targeted growth programs, to create a valuable legacy business. Exit strategies include IPOs and sale of the business to another strategic buyer. Overall, the most important investment criteria are: Stable and recurring cash flows Market position Favorable industry trends Several avenues of growth Strong management team Low capital expenditure requirements Investment Inquiries Midas Capital is always looking to meet with companies ready to take the next step. We are currently investing out of our main fund and are actively pursuing new investments. If you have an opportunity that falls within our investment criteria, or if you know of an experienced management team with an interesting idea in its field, please use the template below and send us your inquiry via e-mail. Firstname: Lastname: Phone: Business Name: Business Address: Industry: Monthly Revenue: Monthly Profit: Contact Midas Capital Group, LLC. 2001 San Andreas Avenue, Pillbox Hill, Red E. Office #19 Los Santos, SA [email protected] 191-29230
  6. Got a case? Contact Cynthia and her network of legal professionals across San Andreas Why Cynthia Vasquez? "The law was conceived to serve all of us. My name is Cynthia Vasquez and I have spent nearly a decade as a practicing attorney, determined to fight for clients who are on the verge of giving up, who believe the system is rigged against them and fear that they will never see justice. That persistence established Vasquez Law, my philosophy provides its foundation. You will find support here, real people committed to helping you through a handpicked network of attorneys, striving to meet your legal needs across the State of San Andreas. There is no perfect attorney, but there is an attorney perfect for you. We are what law firms should be, trust in us, trust in a brighter future, trust in the law again." - C. Vasquez Vasquez Law transforms the process of legal advocacy. A broad, proprietary network of attorneys empowers clients through unprecedented choice, unparalleled expert access, and pioneering technology. Since graduating from Havard University Law School in 2012, Cynthia Vasquez has concentrated her talents on redefining the justice process, and propelling her profession into the 21st century. Services Attorney Cynthia Vasquez represents clients in a wide variety of areas which include but are not limited to: Personal Injury Criminal Defense Workplace Injury Employment Law Business Law Medical Malpractice Traffic Tickets If Cynthia cannot help you directly, her network of legal professionals across the State of San Andreas are ready to hear about your case. Contact Us Fill the form. It's easy. First Name * Last Name * Phone Number Email * Case Type * By submitting this form, you understand and agree that submitting this form does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not confidential or privileged and may be shared with other counsel to determine our ability to provide representation. (( Message @CV with this form filled out. )) Join Our Network Are you looking to join our network of legal professionals across the state of San Andreas? Fill out the application form on this page. First Name * Last Name * Phone Number Email * Firm Name * Firm Website * Firm Location * Service Areas (list all) * What type of cases would we refer to your firm? (Provide Specifics) * Have either you or your firm ever had any disciplinary violations? Y/N * In which states are you and your firm in good standing, without any prior or pending disciplinary issues? * List any awards or recognition YOU have received as a practicing attorney What is your philosophy when dealing with clients? * What procedures do you have in place to ensure clients are responded to promptly? * On average, how long does it take a LAWYER from your firm to respond to clients? (Indicate hours/days) * How can clients reach you? * Please indicate which times you are available to speak with clients * Early Morning (6-8am) Business Hours (9am-5pm) Evening (6-10pm) Late Evening (8-10pm) By submitting this form, you agree that the information provided is accurate and current. This application does not confirm a co-counsel or division of fees agreement. (( Message @CV with this form filled out. )) Vasquez Law APC. Cynthia M. Vasquez, admitted in San Andreas. Attorney Advertising. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements. No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. Services not available in all jurisdictions. Although this firm maintains joint responsibility, some cases may involve co-counsel or be referred to other firms. Past or prior results afford no guarantee of future outcomes or similar results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits. Information on this website should not be construed to be legal advice. Your use of this website does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Information you provide through this website may be shared with other counsel to determine our ability to provide representation. © 2022 Vasquez Law APC
  7. For a free consultation, please email me at [email protected] ((clicking the link PMs me)) REVIEWS/COMMENTS ENABLED: Username: Comment: Rating (if applicable) out of 5:
  8. The Holy Association "There is no community where everyone is rich; neither is there a community where everyone is poor (Jerusalem Talmud, Gitten 3:7)." The Jewish immigrants who settled in the USA came in waves throughout the Modern Era. Countries like Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and Russia came over along with their Jewish beliefs. Even in the 19th century, the U.S. Census recorded eight Jews living in Los Santos in 1850 after San Andreas admitted to the Union. Their signification contributions include arts and culture, science, education, architecture and politics. After a Jewish man was elected first councilman in 1850, the first informal Sabbath services was conducted by a lay rabbi in 1854. From here they strengthened as some focused on organizations to keep afloat. Different Jewish people came together to found organizations which developed the Murrieta Heights and assisted in the creation of Universities in San Andreas. Though there wasn't a specific distinct Jewish neighborhood, roughly 2500 Jews lived "downtown" in the 20th century. It is described people in 1910 even donning the street "Jewish Street" and the area to its south. Smaller groups however lived in the University, Westlake, and wholesale areas. Despite that, these areas seen a steadily decline between 1900 and 1926. That didn't stop the increase as Jews, as 2500 grew to 65,000 in the mid-1920s. As Jewish immigrants and their families came in significant numbers around the 1920's, seen Murrieta Heights home to the largest Jewish community at the time. Acts like the Immigration Act of 1924 attempted to suppress the rapidness as the population of Jews in Los Santos continued to increased. Throughout this time Jews played a hand in creating or developing many Los Santos business and cultural institutions, including the real estate and fashion, and entertainment industries. The Jewish Community as a whole were tight knit, even dedicating a synagogue to a Sephardic Jew who opened the first supermarket in America in 1927. The first Sephardic synagogue in Los Santos was dedicated in 1932. As time went Jews even participated in protest in 1945 in regards to treatment of the Jews in Germany. This led to the Los Santos Jewish Community Council being incorporated in 1936. By 1940, the Jews had the seventh largest population of all cities in the United States. As World War II came to a end, almost 300,000 Jews lived in Los Santos by 1950. This number only grew as more immigrants came over along with Soviet Jews in 1989. The mafias in Israel rose in the 1990's, as they fought over control of gambling and drug rackets for the following decades to follow. With car bombs, grenades, and shoulder-fired missiles hits across five continents, they are among the most vicious and sophisticated worldwide. At a certain point in history, they controlled 80% of the global ecstasy trade partnered with street gangs in LS in order to distribute. As crime families like the Abutbuls, Rosenteins, Alperons, and Abergils even placed hits on cops, judges, and politicians. Despite the recklessness of the Israeli Crime Families, they also managed to establish a global network of gambling and drugs across America, Asia, and Europe. The Abergils' mob syndicate was considered one of the world's top 40 drug importers in the US. With the need of finding distribution, the Abergils' reached out to an upstart Latino street gang known as the Vineland Boyz. With the Vineland Boyz' feuding with the Mexican Mafia, access to Israeli's product brought a new market of drugs on the radar. Owning manufacturing labs in places like Israel, Belgian, and Morocco; The Abergils produced ecstasy pills, cocaine, and hashish. There only problem at the time was distribution. As the 2000's approached, Israeli Crime Families like the Abergils' ventured out to Los Santos. At the time, the Vineland Boyz was sick of being man handled by La Eme, and the Abergils' needed protection and distribution in LS. Just after they agreed on a deal, the feds eventually caught on as the product flooded the market. In July of 2002, there was a drug bust involving three groups with some Israeli players and bodyguards in attendance. Though the Abergil Crime Family was able to follow through, inner turmoil and heat led to their demise. In 2003, the Vineland Boyz ended up shooting a police officer, which led to them being put on the radar. By 2005, 13,00 Law Enforcement Officers participated in a huge sweep to shut them down. The Abergil Crime Family was in and out of prison, as the main players are behind bars up to date. The Holy Association is a tight-knit group of mainly Israeli descent from all walks of life scattered around Los Santos, Vespucci Canals mainly. The group stems from a hard-working background as most affiliates are used to poverty at some point in their life. Growing up, seasoned affiliates of the group experienced organized crime around their communities whether it be in Los Santos or the Holy Land. Those who participated got involved in a number illicit activities such as money laundering, racketeering, extortion, gambling and such. At a time OCG's from Israel were funneling millions of narcotics, mainly being ecstasy pills as it flooded the United States in the 2000's, members of the Holy Association participated in the distribution as well. Despite ties being cut as the years went on, the Association managed to co-exist. With big plans in the future, The Holy Association seeks expansion from a tight-knit group into an organized crime group.
  9. Serenity Wellness is looking for influencers to promote our clinic! Responsibilities include: - Connecting the brand to potential patients through various social networking platforms. - Developing and implementing innovating social media strategies. - Creating and writing relevant content for social media posts. - Publish content as per schedule - Sharing all important information and links via social media. What you must bring to this role :- A decent size following base on Facebrowser or other social media platforms. - An interest in beauty, aesthetics, and holistic wellness.- Excellent communication skills.Benefits include :- An awesome work environment in Burton with a great work-life balance.- Employee discount- Mentorship. - Commission based referrals. Reach out to me at 3494 or over DM with interest.
  10. [VACANT] Marketing and Patient Outreach Manager Serenity Plastic Surgery and Wellness Clinic is hiring a marketing and patient outreach coordinator! You will enhance our brand and build a strong online presence in our communities through various social media platforms. Responsibilities include :- Facebrowser page management- Networks with physicians, influencers, physician’s staff, the local community, and businesses in your targeted territories.- Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-taskMake high-quality marketing materials, newsletters, advertising, and digital content.- Optimize user engagement, grow follower base, and attract new patients.- Create an influencer program.- Help coordinate injection parties.-Help maximize positive online customer reviews.- Plan and promote live and virtual events.What you must bring to this role :- Proven ability to plan and execute special events.- An interest in beauty, aesthetics, and holistic wellness.- Excellent communication skills.Benefits include :- An awesome work environment in Burton with a great work-life balance.- Employee discount- Mentorship.Reach out to me at 3494 or over DM with interest.
  11. Hey. About a year ago, the state senate passed a law that created the Department of Education, and with that, the faction was looking forward to implementing a Davis High School. This was something that was support, and more often than not requested, by our friends from the illegal community. However, this whole project was suspended due to LFM's ruling at the time and we ran into some administrative issues as well, such as finding competent leaders for it (e.g. a principal). I'd like this thread to serve as a civilized qualitative primary research. I'm looking to gather as many opinions as possible to see if there's still any market for this sort of project. Both illegal and legal comments are welcome.
  12. Marcus Diaz, born December 15, 1999 in South Central, Los Santos. As a child, Marcus had a mother that was a drug addict and father that was extremely depressed. At the age of six his mother was arrested for possession of ecstasy. She was caught red handed by the police officer using the substance red-handedly on a backroad in her car. Marcus had no family members that were close to him as they all became distant after his mother had refused to give up narcotics after her family found out. As time went on, Diaz bounced from foster home to another which was most of his childhood. Marcus would often get abused and neglected by every set of foster parents he had, thus toughening him up from an early age. He finally had a plan, he was always told he was a gifted basketball player and decided to try to better his life by indulging himself in the school basketball team. At the time his Middle School was going on losing records, being 19-26. Marcus joined the tryouts the following year, making it as a leading Shooting Guard. The team’s record was boosted to 33-12, giving them a leading record throughout schools in that region. Diaz was named a miracle and looked up to even kids older than him. This didn’t last for as he got a career ending leg injury, which meant that he would have trouble playing spots and pushing his body for a long period of time. Now, with sports no longer being in the picture; Diaz was more focused on good grades in school because his once dream was crumbled in the palm of his hands. It took a while but Marcus slowly started to excel in school, actually being called the “smart kid” for once. There wasn’t much to his highschool life, being the normal student, and doing being more focused in school than he was in females. At the end of highschool, Marcus came to the decision that he would work as he tries to figure out what career he wanted to pursue. Marcus registered as a personal bodyguard as he considered all his choices.
  13. Like the titles says.. and why? RP-wise, money-wise, I wanna know all about it.
  14. Nayeli Grey Feather Oops! When she was born, Nayeli was named "Gray Feather" for her grandfather, Gray Eagle. The nurse, an Irish woman who helped Nayeli's very young parents complete her birth registration, mistakenly wrote in the British-English spelling of "grey". iná At age two, her father - a Navy Corpsman - was killed in the battle of Ramadi, in Iraq. Nayeli's mother (iná), already affected by schizophrenia, moved back to the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. She began drinking heavily. As the psychiatric condition deteriorated, Nayeli and her mother were shunned. A few days before her fourth birthday, Nayeli's mother died of complications arising from liver disease. Nayeli and her mother were found a week later by Gray Eagle. Nayeli was huddled close to her mother's body, still holding her hand. Nayeli has only one old photograph of her mother; showing her shawl-dancing. It's the one thing Nayeli would never give up. Learning Gray Eagle took her from the reservation and for eight years they travelled together in his RV, moving from ranch to ranch. Nayeli did manual work, as well as tracking and trapping with her grandfather. She never started school until she was 12 years old and the Bureau of Indian Affairs threatened to have her removed from Gray Eagle's care. Although she had already learned to speak Lakota, now she was home schooled by Gray Eagle, including finally learning English. Gray Eagle Nayeli both loves and dislikes her grandfather. Gray Eagle is a veteran of the Korean war and an ex-Marine; he is very strict with Nayeli. He believes she should be with a Lakota man, and is unashamed in his belief that the Sioux People are culturally and racially superior. He distrusts wašíču (white men) and loathes hašapa (African Americans), who he believes are all gangbangers. He calls them all "Snoop Dog". Nayeli fights with him constantly about his racism, and she does not want to be with a Lakota man. She distrusts Lakota for ostracizing and leaving her to die. Strengths Flaws ❂ Tenacious ❂ Distrusting ❂ Loves to learn ❂ Painfully shy ❂ Loyal to her friends ❂ Fascinated by death ❂ Self-reliant ❂ Loves animals ((This is my first attempt at a character story, and I know I've already missed some of N's development. I don't have much experience, so please be patient as I work it all out. Thanks so much for reading ❤️ - JM))
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