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  1. While I'm a big fan of integrating systems to allow for actual laundering money beyond just RPing it, I do believe that having an actual IRS goes over the heads of almost 99% of the entire server. Keep in mind that a big chunk of the population is non-American and that most of the Americans on the server are not necessarily well versed on the tax system, I mean who is? However.... I do think that a passive role in monitoring should be made available to members of FM to encourage laundering or staggered injection of funds or through a NPC faction which flags it to the LEO factions in place at this time. While I think that this would be a nice addition, it would require a big shift in mentality from the server population, which I am uncertain will be reached. If FM decides they wish to roll such a thing out, and they seek help, my PMs are open. Until then, we'll just have to settle for passively roleplayed laundering.
  2. I simply scrap my cars, it costs me about 5-10k extra in lost value. But it makes up for the idiocy that you would otherwise have to deal with with lowballing buyers and what not.
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