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Found 3 results

  1. Short description: I propose making changes to the current traffic lights and how they work. There is kind of a double standard with a couple traffic rules and I feel this would improve the realism on the server as well as make laws more consistent. Detailed description: Currently (as I've been told by a PD officer ICly and Admin through /helpme) traffic lights are to be used as more of a "caution" to other cars. If it's a red light, approach with caution to other cars but it's not necessarily required to come to a full stop if no cars are present. In contrast to that, I've been told that a "STOP", whether it's on a sign or on the road, one must come to a full stop regardless. If not, one can be ticketed for this traffic violation. This kind of breeds a double standard on where one car should be required to stop per realistic traffic laws. Not to mention that going through an intersection is dangerous enough with some people not even slowing down if they don't see a car (sometimes by mistake, which causes accidents). I propose (if possible), to add in code/script or whatever the technical term is, to have the traffic lights change on a timer. Not a long one, but 3-5 seconds. Then you can institute the traffic rule back that would require people to USE traffic lights as you would in real life (green light means go, red light means stop). Unlike having to stop at EVERY traffic light, they could be used as real traffic lights. The 3-5 second timer would mean they don't have to wait very long if it's red and should alleviate a lot of the issues with accidents, consistency of traffic laws, etc. How would your suggestion improve the server? I feel that this would add more realism to the server, being that traffic laws currently require people to STOP at a stop sign/stop notice on the road. Having working traffic lights for people to follow would simply just fall in line with that. Intersections would be less dangerous with people being required to stop at a red light. It would be a lot more black & white for people traveling through cities. The short timer for lights to change would help people who might complain about having to now follow the lights, but 3-5 seconds isn't a long time to wait (so don't complain lol).
  2. Initial Thoughts? FAQ: 1) I see there's a few state agencies listed here? Will they be around during launch and can I get in them? ALL state agencies mentioned in the penal code will be NPCed during the first few weeks, if not longer (months). This does not include the courts - more to come on that for a later date. We are considering dissolving the 'city court' system and just having it all at the state level, which will provide streamlined service to the community. 2) bruh i aint doin a week for "X" wtf? Sorry. (times are up for debate, please post below) 3) I gotta be imprisoned for life if I go over 25 hours in certain cases? Yeah, the goal is to prevent insane crime sprees and for it to have a meaningful event for your character. Serious crimes should be taken, well, seriously. For your character, there should be significant reasons to commit crimes that would add up to that magnitude, and would warrant the risk of life in prison. Btw, you can still get parole. Anyway, this isn't a finished document, but please feel free to ask questions and post below.
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