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Found 6 results

  1. The Salty Clam, widely known as Vespucci Beach's hot spot for a good time. A place to go for a quick drink, a good bite and a great laugh with a barrel full of patrons of each end of the bar. In the heart of the beach, we chose to be the center of fun, creativity and with a constant source of entertainment with what our atmosphere has to offer. The ATM is only a step away The bar, the grill, no matter who and when? Our customers are happy and always laughing. Being around the beach can be a burden with competition, but that's where we stand out. To all our patrons: your safety is priority! We'll call you a cab, ensure you're safe and sound and arrive at home in the darkest of hours! Please don't be a stranger, come in and take a seat and make yourself at home! Vespucci Beach | Bay City Avenue E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Rum )) Main businesses page: The Salty Clam Bar And Grill From 1:AM to 1:AM this floor is always open, it's never too early to get your legs moving, especially with the new contests, events and parties being thrown as of late! Bring your mix and poison to the floor, dance with the locals and drunks, don't forget to drink water and grab our weighted basket of ribs and fries! Every other week we plan on releasing a new contest for the customers to get in on, yes this does sometimes include a cash prize or perhaps a free bottle of beer or wine, who knows! We have everything from: Charity Night. Open Mic Night. Bar Olympics. Stand Up Comedy Night. Dance From The Past. Disco Night. Halloween Bash. Trivia Night.
  2. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. 'Vibe Check' for the New Year: Street Interviews BY RANA KHATI Los Santos lit up at night. A common sight for a city full of night owls. It's been 21 days since the New Year dawned on Los Santos and the city simmers in a state of quiet uncertainty. Recent events have seen the Mayor imprisoned and State officials huddling to figure out the next steps, but have these events changed life for the average citizen of Los Santos? The Rana Report took to the streets and interviewed every-day Los Santans to find out just that. We asked them about what life is like for them these days, what struggles they and their neighbors are dealing with, and what their favorite parts of the city are for relaxing and re-centering their mind. Noelle, 23 Legion Square Noelle told the Rana Report she had been in Los Santos for about one week and already managed to find two part-time jobs in Bartending and Reception, but noted how difficult it was to find even basic temporary housing. She's currently forced to sleep in a hotel room and already has had her car stolen by Los Santos' notorious car-thieves. Her favorite part of Los Santos is the Vinewood Hills. Legion Square, Mission Row, LS. Jordan, 27 Alta Jordan has been living in Los Santos for a little over one month and has been supporting himself as an independent taxi driver. His biggest struggles are turning a profit in a city whose criminal elements seem to target taxi drivers on a regular basis. He told Rana: "I got robbed twice of nearly all my money, I work, I earn, then I get robbed of all what I earned, can you believe it?" He enthusiastically shared that his favorite part of living in Los Santos was and will always be the beautiful women he has the honor of driving on a regular basis. Jordan and his taxi in Alta Val, "in her 20s" Conroy's Gym, Textile City The Rana Report saw Val going toe to toe with a man in when fighting in the cage over at Conroy's. Val moved here two months ago from Liberty City and so far, one of her favorite hobbies is sparring, she shared that she loves the rush it brings and that it can make anyone stand tall and keep going. Val sparring at Conroy's in Textile City Madeleine, 24 Mission Row Madeleine has been living in Los Santos for eleven years and told Rana that the biggest issue she's seen remain unresolved is the crime epidemic that has swept the city for years. A self-described "Goth", Madeleine enjoys relaxing in solitude, taking luxurious trips to the local cemetary, and cutting loose at the local goth club, The Crypt when she's not working at her day job. Madeleine attending to customers in Mission Row "Trigger", 18 Davis We found Trigger hanging out with some friends on the sidewalk. He's been living in Los Santos every year of his eighteen year old life and he told Rana that the biggest problem they were facing in Davis was over policing and what he described as "Snoovers." We suspect this might be a set of neighborhood rivals. Davis, Los Santos Stu & Chu, 24 & 23 Little Seoul Stu & Chu, two residents of Little Seoul, told Rana that one of the biggest obstacles their facing is a lack of community engagement especially in their Little Seoul Running Club and the speedy car racers that rush down the streets at dangerous speeds. Chu told Rana that speed bumps would help Little Seoul out with that last problem. Both men said they enjoyed going to neighborhood staples like Wook's Tea House or Mr. Liu's Pool House after a long day. Stu in front of an apartment building in Little Seoul Shane, 27 Blaine County Rana found Shane waiting for a speedy and efficient car modification over at Route 68 Garage in Blaine County. Shane's only been in Los Santos for two weeks but he's already got a plan to join either the Police or Sheriff's Department. While he hasn't been able to find housing in Blaine, he's currently staying in the city but comes out to Blaine frequently. He's leaning towards joining up with the Sheriff's Department because he grew up around deputies and to cut loose there's nothing he likes more than hanging out with friends around town. Shane at Route 68 Garage in Blaine County The future of Los Santos lies in the hands of everyday folks like these and addressing their needs is crucial to making 2021 a year of not just peace but a year of prosperity for all. If the city and state government can make meaningful changes to address the housing and crime issues while also factoring the way policing is done in different neighborhoods, citizens from every corner of Los Santos might be able to enjoy themselves even more in our unique and diverse metropolis. A peaceful sunset over Paleto Bay Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent journalism > Comments are enabled
  3. Short description: Job applications Detailed description: We could have "Jobs" section and have people apply for different jobs which would be with "okay" pay. Commands to add: Depends on the job. Items to add: Security trucks How would your suggestion improve the server?: It'd present players with more legal jobs and those who would pass the application, having good admin record, all the requirement - he'd be able to get the job he applied for. Requirement to apply: PF licenses CCW licenses Guard card (guard exam) Good admin record Good reason why you wish to apply for the job. This would similar to trucking, expect it'd be as a special-type of job - it'd pay decent, higher than regular trucking - as this is more risk and tougher way to get in. Example: Security firm (script-wise/server wise) - players who are accepted would be invited into a job, which would give them access to the security truck. And this would work similar to TRUCKING system, expect they'd go to banks and union depository (we could let them to have command /garageopen /garageclose - and allow them to open / close the garage-doors for the depository, and have that as the trucking firms HQ. They'd do deliveries from point A - B's, and further they'd go - to bank to Paleto Bay for example, the larger their paycheck would be. They'd have access to a side-firearm, a pistol (not a combat one, but a regular pistol) and shotgun's. Shotgun's would work like the police gun-rack /take 1 for shotgun and /place 1 to place it back. NOTE: People who would wanna apply for this, would have to first get WEAPON LICENSES, CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPON and do a GUARD CARD exam. If individual has it all passed, he could apply for this JOB APPLICATION, and if his admin record is solid and he is straight up role-player, he'd be become a security truck driver. Each time he'd leave the union depository, he'd see how much money he'd be moving. "Your moving 20.000$ to Pillbox Bank" and etc..it'd be random. If the vehicle gets hit for example - by a crew, they'd have to have lock-pick/explosive even (illegal factions step in) to break into the back of the truck. And high-jack the items. The truck-driver would have a panic button that he could quickly activate and notify PD&SD. This could promote heist RP and additional legal job - and its a huge risk, since stopping a truck would be difficult and he'd active the panic button quickly. NOTE: There should be at least 7 cops on duty in order to do this. (Combined PD&SD) Additionnal information: Why not? Another possibility for a legal job and have heist-crew RP'ers have something to do, rather jack stores. IF security guard is caught abusing and making it easy for robbers, aka - easily giving them the stuff (which is easy to spot if its OOC related) - he'd be removed and even face a temp-ban. Player would be able to get himself the security outfits the skin - or we could have a game-made skin for his custom character, same way we did with sheriffs. He could wear some sort of a long-sleeve shirt and a GREY kevlar and holster, similar as PD & SD has in their /uniform. Security truck Union depository
  4. Hey everybody. We're still figuring out how these clubs work but I figure I'd post the first topic. Straight to the point, what are some things you'd like to see out of the government on this server?
  5. Initial Thoughts? FAQ: 1) I see there's a few state agencies listed here? Will they be around during launch and can I get in them? ALL state agencies mentioned in the penal code will be NPCed during the first few weeks, if not longer (months). This does not include the courts - more to come on that for a later date. We are considering dissolving the 'city court' system and just having it all at the state level, which will provide streamlined service to the community. 2) bruh i aint doin a week for "X" wtf? Sorry. (times are up for debate, please post below) 3) I gotta be imprisoned for life if I go over 25 hours in certain cases? Yeah, the goal is to prevent insane crime sprees and for it to have a meaningful event for your character. Serious crimes should be taken, well, seriously. For your character, there should be significant reasons to commit crimes that would add up to that magnitude, and would warrant the risk of life in prison. Btw, you can still get parole. Anyway, this isn't a finished document, but please feel free to ask questions and post below.
  6. What are your initial thoughts? We still have more to post about the courts. Specifically, we don't know if we have the ability to maintain such a complex system (judges on every case in a timely manner, police and fire lawsuits, and so on). Additionally, we need officials for the following positions: Executive Branch: City Attorney [X], Public Defender [X], Asst. City Attorneys [Hiring], Asst. Public Defenders [Hiring] City Clerk [X] City Treasurer [X] City Engineer [Hiring] Legislative Branch: City Council Members [Hiring - 3] Judicial Branch: Judges [Hiring - 3] If you are interested in any of these positions, please send me your character's background and experience in these areas, as well as intentions for this role. I'll gladly speak to you about any of these roles as well. If you have any suggestions, please post below.
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