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  1. Advertising with the Los Santos Daily News The Los Santos Daily News is one of the biggest up and coming online and print newspapers in the Los Santos County. Our website gets hundreds upon thousands of clicks a day, and each article will get on average hundreds, occasionally thousands, of clicks localized in the Los Santos County area in 24 hours. The going rate for our advertising space is $10,000 per week, with an offer for 6 weeks being $50,000. Each banner ad you wish to purchase will be a separate contract. Therefore, if you plan to advertise for two businesses using two different banners, then you would be paying $20,000 a week. Or if you wish to advertise for one business using two banner adverts, that will cost $20,000 a week. Until June 1st, 2022, there will be a life time deal where your business will permanently be advertised on this site at the cost of $300,000. To place an advert with the Los Santos Daily News, please fill out the following form and email it to [email protected] Name: Phone Number: Email Address: Company Name: Company Phone Number: Company Address: (online businesses may write N/A) Company Email Address: Nature of Company: (Explain your business in two sentences max.) Role within company: Confirm whether or not that you are authorized to act on behalf of the company written above: (Y/N) Amount of weeks: Amount of adverts you wish to purchase: I fully intend to provide my own banner ads: (Y/N) If yes, the Banner Ad(s): (Please ensure your advert is roughly 4:1 aspect ratio, following this.) If no, I understand that having the LSDN create an advert will incur an additional fee of $25,000: Please provide details: (Colour scheme, mottos, etc. The LSDN will try to accommodate what we can for your advert) Advert Domain Name: (Where does the adverts go? Try to include a link, even if it is just a Facebrowser page) I have read and confirmed the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page: (Y/N) Signed: We require at least one method of contact, whether it be by mail, phone number or email address. Inability to provide a single method to contact you by will mark your application as null and void. Terms and conditions: ((the adverts on articles and main threads will always link to the post below, no matter what they show. the post below will be a list of ads present on LSDN, which will link you to the business/destination of your choosing.))
  2. **The following appears on the LSNN website as an announcement. As a static webpage, comments are naturally disabled. ** LSNN Political Reporting Policy By Allegra Nixon _____________ This document aims to clearly set forth LSNN’s approach and stance to political coverage in San Andreas, for the sake of ensuring full transparency and accountability where necessary. The topics covered are: LSNN’s stance on political coverage Bias and favor Public interest Frequency, volume and equal opportunities Additional measures of transparency Advertising Complaints and issues _____________ LSNN’s Stance on Political Coverage We believe that the media plays an incredibly important role in informing the citizens of what’s going on politically in San Andreas, and how this affects them. This often involves distilling otherwise complicated political information and jargon in a manner which is digestible and comprehendible. The network, while committed to stamping out bias at every possible juncture, believes that misinformation should be avoided at all costs. As such, every effort will be made to ensure that reporting is as factual as possible. LSNN still retains its right to investigative journalism. We believe it is our journalistic duty to publish topics of public interest, and that in some cases, this may result in certain parties coming under critique and scrutiny. We also wish to reiterate that we are not a court of law, and that we are permitted and indeed encouraged, as a media organisation, to publish topics of public interest even while investigations may be ongoing and conclusions yet to be reached in the eyes of the law. Where hard evidence is of course preferred, we still value personal testimony provided it is from credible and reliable sources - which are deemed as such entirely at our own discretion. It is the belief of the network that this is indeed the nature of the political beast, and that anyone in a position of responsibility should be prepared to answer to the people. We serve as the medium – connecting the politicians to the people – and reserve the right to embody any questions or concerns they may have, and to provide commentary and critique where necessary. We want our audience to find value in our political reporting, and to feel that we are providing useful and relevant information which could otherwise be overlooked or remain un-investigated. It is our duty to ensure that such reports are entertaining as well as informative, which is reflected in our reporting style. _____________ Bias and favor LSNN retains a firm commitment to political neutrality, as is stated in the above. As part of this commitment, any employees at LSNN who are charged with covering political stories are in no way permitted to allow their own political stances to affect their reporting style. Every American citizen has the right to vote, however we require that our political correspondents do not share their own political voting intentions through their reporting. This can easily be misinterpreted, however, so for full clarity: our journalists are still permitted and encouraged to provide critique and critical thinking when dealing with political matters. Doing so does not mean that a journalist is biased: far from it, it means they’re doing their job. It should also be noted that, whilst rooted in the pursuit of truth, journalistic styles can also venture into the sensational, dramatic and overly critical. This again is not an example of bias or misrepresentation, but rather necessary tools at any journalist's disposal to ensure that their story is interesting, entertaining and informative. _____________ Public interest It should go without saying that anything related to the official political procedures of San Andreas, such as legislature changes and proposals, elections and so on, clearly fall within the public interest and thus LSNN is obliged to provide coverage. However, for clarity, LSNN also believes that it is not just the policy that the people vote for; it is the individual. Attributes such as trustworthiness and reliability are thus within the public interest. Therefore, any action of a public figure which calls these attributes into question, regardless of whether this is related to their policies, work or their private lives, falls within our remit to cover. This has been provided for clarity as we believe that actions such as, for instance, adultery, criminal behaviour and so on, serve to inform the public about the attributes of the individual, and thus we are obliged as a media organisation to cover. _____________ Frequency, volume and equal opportunities Of prime concern to all political parties with regards to media coverage, is often the topic of “who gets the most limelight and attention”. This section aims to set the record straight. Our approach here can be summed up as follows: “Every politician and political party will be given equal opportunities for media coverage, both during elections and after-the-fact. However, if one individual or party is conducting more newsworthy activities than others, we will absolutely not censor ourselves purely in the name of balance. Coverage will come to those who earn it, and we at LSNN reserve the right as journalists to be the ones who decide that.” In practise, this could look like the following: During an election period, all interested parties will be contacted equally and given the same opportunities from the offset. However, if one candidate or party is more active than another, the likelihood of them attaining higher volumes of coverage is naturally increased. Not only does this ensure that hard work is rewarded, it means that we are not over-censoring our news agenda purely to attain “balance”. Likewise, if a party or individual comes under fire for a certain reason, or is involved in a scandal, it stands to reason that they too will attain higher levels of coverage (albeit with a different lens). This too is unavoidable, and part of the natural flow of the news agenda. The specific actions being taken by LSNN to ensure equal opportunities from the offset are as follows: A balanced programme of political guests on broadcasts and in articles. Both parties featured in a story or update will receive equal time and opportunity to provide comment. We reserve the right to report even without comment, but will state as such during our reporting. It remains entirely at the discretion of LSNN as to whether or not a story is relevant to LSNN’s audience, and thus, we will not guarantee coverage of every event or comment. _____________ Additional measures of transparency The following steps are also being taken by LSNN to ensure neutrality in reporting on political issues: LSNN staff will not accept gifts from any individual associated with a political campaign. LSNN will regularly meet, in equal measure, with the party leaders and any independents to address transparency concerns. An internal complaints committee is on standby for dealing with official complaints or alleged breaches of the policies outlined here (more on this later) LSNN is not obliged to provide full releases on any informants or tips that are received, as we have an obligation to protect the personal information (and in some cases, anonymity) of our informants. Every effort is made by LSNN employees to ensure that information received is credible and fact-checked whether reasonably possible to do so. _____________ Advertising As a business, LSNN provides potential advertisers with the opportunity to showcase their services to our audience. Our platforms for doing such include: Banner adverts on articles Facebrowser adverts Pre and post-broadcasting radio announcements Political parties and individuals are permitted to advertise with LSNN even during election periods, though the nature of such communications will clearly be labelled as “ADVERTS” and not as journalism. As such, advertising features which are presented as journalistic features are prohibited for our political advertising partners (also known as advertorials). It is important to note that LSNN, while happy to work with political parties and individuals on providing a medium for advertising campaigns, will absolutely not allow such arrangements to impede on our duty to provide honest and critical journalism. Political advertisers therefore have to accept that the arrangement is for advertising alone, and in no way “buys” reporting favor with our employees. _____________ Complaints and issues The above policy is in action immediately, and we encourage any concerned parties to get in touch with us if you feel that any of our reporters have breached these guidelines in any way. We have set up an internal committee to assess all complaints, which consists of the following individuals: Carry Saunders Allegra Nixon Legal Counsel (As appointed by LSNN) The findings of these committees will be communicated directly back to the complainant, but we are in no way obliged to publish this beyond direct communication. To register a complaint, please email [email protected] _____________ Closing thoughts We hope that you now better understand LSNN’s approach to political news coverage in San Andreas. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Allegra Nixon directly at [email protected] ** Comments are disabled, as this is on a static page **
  3. Interview with Omar Ortiz, Anthony Ramirez's lawyer speaks after his client execution; "I am against capital punishment all together. There's no human way to kill a person" BY MICHAEL GOLD Los Santos, SA. On 27th of April, 2021, the date set for the execution of Anthony Ramirez, the killer of Deputy Corner Stacy Nguyen. LSNN was able to get an exclusive interview with Omar Ortiz the lawyer of Ramirez in the LSNN studios on the day of the execution. Michael Gold and Omar Ortiz in the LSNN studio Michael Gold: Good evening Los Santos, this is Michael Gold and you are watching LSNN live. On the 4th of April, 2021, and before dawn, Anthony Ramirez was arrested by Police Officer II Eduardo Rojas, on El Rancho Boulevard, Cypress Flats. The nineteen years old was accused of killing police Officer ranked as Deputy Corner Stacy Nguyen. As stated in the autopsy record, Officer Nguyen suffered from three rifle caliber rounds to the head, with exit wounds meaning no bullet fragments were collected during the autopsy. However, one 9mm round was recovered from her abdomen area. The head caliber rounds had damaged the brain, which lead to her death. His honor Michael McMurrary was the assigned judge of the case and District Attorney's Office Prosecutor Melanie Cromwell was the Prosecutor. On the 21st of April, 2021, the final hearing for State of San Andreas v. Anthony Ramirez was held in Greg E. Joplin courthouse, on Ginger Street, in Little Seoul. The defendant, Anthony Ramirez, has been indicted on the charges of First Degree Murder, Possession of a Prohibited Firearm or Explosive Device and Discharging a firearm in public. The purpose of the hearing was for summary judgement. Ramirez throw a speech in the courtroom, while every one listened. In his speech, Ramirez plead guilty. After Mr. Ramirez's statement, Justice McMurray stated that he finds mister Ramirez guilty on all charges, then he announced a 15 minutes recess in order to debate sentencing time. "Now to address mister Ramirez. I find it the highest of crimes for you to take a life of one of our peace officers of this great state. Due to the gravity of these crimes and your complete disregard at the time the total lack of care for life and the highly violent nature of the murder, this court sentences you to Capital Punishment, death by lethal injection", said Justice McMurray, announcing Ramirez's punishment. Today 27th of April, 2021, is the day Ramirez was executed. And today we have in the studio Mister Omar Ortiz, Ramirez lawyer. Welcome Mister Ortiz. Omar Ortiz: Thank you, Mister Gold. It's a pleasure to be here with you today. Michael Gold: Mister Ortiz, first we would like to know how were you approached and by whom to take the case? Omar Ortiz: I was approached by the partner of Mister Ramirez. She reached out, extremely sick with worry as you could imagine. Michael Gold: Accepting such a case with very narrow chance of winning, is very difficult to accept, let me first show my admiration for you stepping to take such a case. Can you please tell us why did you accept it? Knowing that losing is more probable. Omar Ortiz: Well, Mister Gold. A case isn't just about winning or losing. It's about the individual. Mister Ramirez certainly had a tough life, he went through things that you could probably not even fathom. The case to me, wasn't about winning. It was about ensuring Mister Ramirez had a fair trial, as he's entitled to like every other citizen within this great state. Michael Gold: Speaking of which, do you believe Mister Ramirez had a fair trial? Omar Ortiz: I believe from a legal standpoint, his trial was fair yes. Although I am firmly against capital punishment. Michael Gold: Are you against the capital punishment in this specific trial or in general Mister Ortiz? Omar Ortiz: I am against capital punishment all together. There's no human way to kill a person. The lethal injection can take awhile to actually bring about a persons death, it can take multiple doses. It is also stated to, likely be rather painful. Not only that, it makes a public spectacle of the persons death. An entire nation watching your death. Regardless of the crime, any execution violates a persons right to life. Mister Ramirez was expecting his first child, a son. This child will never meet their father. Their only knowledge of their own father will be nation spread news articles of his death. It's barbaric, to say the least. Michael Gold: Some citizens, who would be on the opposite side, seeing the capital punishment is just justice, they would say that the officer as well might have children that will never see her again because of Mister Ramirez act of extreme violence against her, and they would be in favor of executing him, to bring justice to the lady. Don't you believe that this opinion is correct as well? Omar Ortiz: My heart goes out to the family of the officer. That is without a doubt. I can't even begin to imagine how they are feeling. Yet growing up, my mother always told me that two wrongs don't make a right. Mister Ramirez would of faced justice within the prison system. Yet he wasn't given that chance, he was murdered. The only difference being his murder carried a seal of approval. Incarceration is supposed to be about two things. The first being justice, the second being rehabilitation. Yet with capital punishment, neither of these are achieved. The only thing accomplished was revenge. Michael Gold: This will lead us to the rehabilitation topic. I can say from your words that you are supporting it and you want to see the state pushing it forward, how do see this system will add value to our community? Omar Ortiz: I feel work is definitely needed in terms of rehabilitation. As of current, the prison system within our state is focused more around the punishment and breaking down of incarcerated individuals. Yet what I believe we should be doing is working with these individuals and building them up to a point they can once again be a positive and functional member of general society. If you look at the countries where this outlook on incarceration is supported, you will see they have much lower rates of re-offending. Our current system puts these individuals at a much greater risk of re-offending. To put it in perspective, look at the case of Toa Asau. A homeless child, living on the streets with no food or water. Yet we put him to trial- as an adult. We then sentenced him as an adult. We placed him in an adult facility, within the same holding unit as adults. We are the only western nation that does such things. Michael Gold: Point proven mister Ortiz. Now let's go back to the day of the final hearing. We all saw Ramirez having a statement that he prepared trying to convince the judge and the courtroom that he has changed. "I'm a reformed man. The US rehabilitation programs really did come through. I'm closer to my God. I went through tens, maybe hundreds of books. You can confirm that I've been on good behavior. I'm really a reformed man. I think, with the rehabilitation I've been through, I can be once again be a productive member of society. I hate myself for what I did. I think about it day and night. It's nothing I thought I'd be capable of doing. There's not much more to be said. Your honor. I plead guilty. I was caught on camera. I only ask the courts for mercy with my sentencing and a second chance at life. I'm still young and have a lot to look forward to" Stated Ramirez. Ramirez plead guilty on that day, and even the judge re-asked him about it. Were you the one behind this move mister Ortiz? How did you two co-ordinate? We saw you support him by patting his back after he finished. Omar Ortiz: First of all, that speech was not prepared. Mister Ramirez stood up and spoke on the spot from his heart. Mister Ramirez made his own decision to speak to the people within the courtroom. He was also true in his words. He had changed, he had found faith within the system, attending church and reading books from the library. He became very interested in earning an education, on better himself as a person. Mister Ramirez- before being placed within the system, faced a number of difficulties. Addiction, notably. Yet he had come to accept this. He was ready to admit this. He was at a stage, where he was able to progress and own up to his actions. Mister Ramirez really did regret his actions. He was torturing himself on a daily basis. He found it hard to live with what he had done. This was the first time he had ever been convicted of a violent crime like that. Yet he didn't try to hide from it. He was ready to face it. That was the only purpose of his speech. To express his emotions to the courtroom, he was after all, human just like the rest of us. Michael Gold: Sir are you the one who advised him to plea guilty in that courtroom? Omar Ortiz: Mister Ramirez made the decision himself and I'll admit, I was proud of him. Michael Gold: Such a big case that took all that media coverage, how do you feel after losing the case? And are you still in contact with the family? Omar Ortiz: I spoke to Mister Ramirez' partner before coming here. I expressed my condolences and checked that they were comfortable with us discussing his trial and punishment on the news today. I will remain in contact with them and offer my support. The loss of the case means nothing to me, the loss of Anthony Ramirez' life does. Michael Gold: We send our condolences to both families for their loss. Human being life is very precious, and needs to be kept always as that. This interview with the first public speech of Mister Ortiz after the last hearing of the case. You have seen it exclusive on our screen, LSNN. Thank you for being with us mister Ortiz. Omar Ortiz: Thank you for having me, Mister Gold. Michael Gold: So, Los Santos this was all what we have for tonight. I am Michael Gold, you were watching LSNN live. Our aim is to keep you always informed, it is your RIGHT to KNOW.
  4. The following topics contains information about Enrique Torres and the Public Communications Division of the Los Santos Police Department. Screenshots from some of our roleplay activities. The purpose is to give you a sneak peak how we handle the PR of our faction. PCD is assigned under Professional Standards Bureau, professionalism is our number one priority. The thread will cover Torres' attempts to become known in the Department, earn some credit and reach positions. INTEGRITY IN ALL WE SAY AND DO
  5. ((Only reactions are allowed, articles will be linked in replies))
  6. What happened in Mission Row? A mysterious event occurred in the Mission Row police precinct today. Police were preparing for a "suspect" to come inside and presumably fill out a form of some sort (We all know the LSPD loves their bit's of paper). However, when the man entered he was taken into custody and has not been heard from since. I ask you, the readers, who was this man? what did he do to warrant such an offense on his freedoms? Only time will tell, stay posted for the full story as Sparrow News digs deep to unravel the truth. If you have any information please, do not hesitate to reach out. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
  7. Gang Killing in Strawberry. On Tuesday night 4 bodies were found outside Bert's Tool Supply Co. Three in the Alley, and one on the side walk outside the parking garage. A nearby witness claimed it was the Main St. and Families gangs fighting each other. The fight was attributed to "Gang Politics" by the witness. When pressed further, the 13 year old claimed "They just don't F*ck with each other". Upon investigation of the scene police officers found assault rifle casings. When asked what happened the Officers on scene stated they could not comment on an ongoing investigation. After going to the police station Officers said events like this occurred all the time. Are we as citizens of Los Santos just ok with this? A lack of caring? A lack of transparency form our Police force? Why are bodies piling up in the street with no answers? Is it just because it's "Gang Politics"? Do people not matter in Los Santos? These are the questions I pose to you, the reader of Sparrow News your independent news source, focusing on what's getting overlooked. Stay tuned for our next pieces on local business in Los Santos, and city biker gangs taking crime to Sandy Shores. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
  8. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. Former LS COO Charles Lockhart confirmed as State Attorney General BY RANA KHATI Alta City Hall. On Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, the Senate Public Safety and State Security Committee convened for the confirmation hearing of Mr. Charles Lockhart for Attorney General. Mr. Lockhart was most recently the City Operations Officer for the greater Los Santos area. Throughout the hearing, Mr. Lockhart clarified and espoused his approach to criminal justice. He indicated that with regard to the death penalty that it should only be used only as a “last case resort” reserved for acts of mass murder or terrorism but ultimately should remain an option for those cases. With regard to organized crime, he expressed that there is a lack of manpower with regard to both the LSPD and LSSD task forces and indicated his office would attempt to increase support in this regard, whether that means a recruitment drive or seeking out of city transfers is unclear. Senator Ernst pressed Mr. Lockhart on what his office might do to tackle fraudulent charities, Mr. Lockhart referred back to his previous answer of ‘increasing resources’ to the relevant departments. With regard to the recent corruption blowout from Former Mayor Oswald Halford, Senator Burris asked him if there was anything that can be done to prevent this situation from ever happening again. Mr. Lockhart simply stated that as Mr. Halford was caught and prosecuted, “there isn’t much more that can be done when the system worked” Senator Burris pressed him and challenged the idea that the system worked with regard to the corruption and Mr. Lockhart’s reply was that “nobody knew of these allegations prior to him taking office” and then remarked as if Senator Burris was calling for a global surveillance of citizens home, office, and vehicles. Senator Burris has made no such proposal at any point during the hearing. On marijuana criminalization, Mr. Lockhart expressed that there are too many resources going towards the policing of marijuana that could be better expended in other areas of criminal justice which shows a willingness for his office to pursue a more lenient policy towards marijuana offenders. Mr. Lockhart was confirmed with a majority vote of four Yeas, those voting in the affirmative being Senator Frank Ernst, Senator Ethan Schmidt, Senator Gabriela Morales, and Senator Dwight Burris. Senator Gabriela Morales leaving the confirmation hearing. Senator Gabriela Morales, a prominent member of the city and state Democratic Party offered her comments after the hearing: When asked about the recent civil unrest with regard to former Mayor Halford’s corruption scandal, Senator Morales offered words of encouragement: UPDATED January 21, 2021: Lockhart in the Hearing - Taken by Ms. Nayeli Greyfeather @Greyfeather Thank you for supporting independent journalism Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! > Comments are enabled
  9. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. A Nightmare in Fantasia: Two Dead after G6 Shooting at Magnolia Event. BY RANA KHATI Fantasia Event Hall Logo. On January 23rd, 2021, a Gruppe SIx guard fatally shot a young African-American man after a security breach lead to a brawl on the dance-floor of the Fantasia Event Hall; later, the same guard was then fatally shot while sitting detained in the back of an LSPD cruiser. The G6 Fantasia Hall shooting has seized the internet in the recent days, with press releases from Magnolia Records, G6, and Fantasia, a call to protest G6, and many often conflicting online accounts of what actually happened. The Rana Report contacted both G6 and Magnolia Records to hear what their understanding of the truth is to present you with a more solid understanding of the nights events from the different perspectives. G6 Armed Response Logo Rana sat down for an interview with CEO Clifford Hunter of Gruppe Six, who has been the CEO for half a year now: Manager Daniel Jones (left) & COO Melissa Cole (right) of Magnolia Records We also sat with both Chief Operations Officer Melissa Cole and Manager Daniel Jones of Magnolia Records who were on scene at the event and had their own perspective of the harrowing event: While we are unsure at this time whether Fantasia Event Hall will be taking civil action against G6 with regard to the lost revenue, we are sure that the loss in lives is a cost beyond measure. The LSPD has no comment at this time. The story will be updated with a link to the CCTV footage when it is released by Magnolia Records. With a community in heartache, a demonstration planned for tomorrow January 25th is sure to bring people together to express collective frustration, grief, and anger but may provide the necessary closure many need. The Rana Report will be covering the protest and has reached out to Fantasia Event Hall to arrange a final interview on the harrowing night, perhaps to lend the last bit of clarity needed for Los Santans to have a clearer picture of a truly dark night. UPDATED 10:58 pm 1/25: CCTV Footage Released With the release of the CCTV footage, one can see much more of t he situation. below you can see the young man being shot for the first time in the crowd, The Rana Report cannot detect glass bottles near his position. The images show the initial shot and as he is falling after having been shot three times, another security guard winds up for a strike with the flashlight. While it does show the security officer shooting the young man a number of times, the CCTV appears to show that the guard stopped shooting once the victim was on the ground. These images are disturbing and should not be viewed by sensitive readers. Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent news! > Comments are enabled
  10. Man-hunt in progress after three police officers slaughtered, one wounded. DAVIS, Los Santos -- Two deputies, one police-officer involved in a high-risk traffic stop were shot dead by a suspect with a fully automatic assault rifle. One police officer was wounded and is now in critical condition. The County Sheriff's Department tweeted 22-year-old Victor Vasquez is wanted in relation to the attack and should be considered armed and dangerous. Vasquez now faces several felony murder charges, however it is likely it could be upgraded to capital murder, depending on his intent, detectives said. Early Tuesday morning, authorities believed he may have been inside his mother's house in the area of Carson Avenue and Brogue Avenue in Davis. Officials, including members of the SEB team, surrounded the home. After members of the tactical team stormed the house, it was revealed that the suspect was in fact not inside. Authorities said his mother wasn't aware they were searching for him as she had been at work. "This a nightmare scenario for our city.” said a City of Davis official. “Davis is a city where everyone should feel safe, and the Police and Sheriff Department help in that goal. I implore anyone who has information on the whereabouts of the suspect to contact authorities.” Anyone with information about Vasquez’s location, whereabouts or any relevant information is asked to call 713-274-9100 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.
  11. January 25th, 10:00 PM By Natalia Vorobieva.. A Mystеry? Russiаn cuisine is probably still largеly unknown. Thеrеforе it is not еasy to ratе it for forеignеrs. Oleg the owner of Trоika rеstaurant told us about how he is offering everyone a taste of a culinary mystery. When we asked why he opened his restaurant in Los Santos, he told us: "I always wanted to make a place for Russian people and those who are interested to find out more about our culture, where people can erase their cultural boundaries and differences to enjoy the taste of food we make with love." Like all great empires, Russians had a great cuisine, influenced by many cultures, like French, Chinese, Turkish, Finnish, and many other. Therefore once we talk about Russian cuisine we are talking about the cuisine of the largest country in the world and many nations in it. But not everyone is interested in sharing their culture and opening their hearts for a new experience. That's what Oleg, the owner told us: "I am deeply outraged with recent Russophobic trends, I have been always hospitable to anyone who visits my restaurant, but recently I have felt the growth of negativeness towards men and women of my culture, so I went to make a research. I found out that there were bot farms that spread hatred through the internet. They want us to be busy fighting while they push any agenda they want. I want them to remember, that we are the nation that has invented the AK-47." Healing wounds. As America Tomorrow rose in popularity, we have gone through a similar experience. When provocative entities have attacked our company refusing to play by the rules set by corporations. One of the local radio enthusiasts named "DJ Paul" who runs his station out of the garage, has stated that "Russia is a petrol station with nukes." That's not the first attack coming from one of many pirate radio stations. Russian cuisine is an amalgamation of many traditions, yet none of them has ever been marketed or made a meaningful foray into foreign markets. Today, America Tomorrow and Troika have united to shed light and break the cocoon of prejudice, showing the warm and inviting side of Los Santos' restaurant industry. We decided to go for soups, a visiting card of Russian cuisine, and it was outstanding! Borsch, fish soup, cabbage soup – the possibilities are endless. Traditionally eaten at the start of a meal, soups are believed to aid in the digestive process. Troika has a Russians have a mind-boggling variety of soups: rassolnik - chicken soup with pickles, solyannka - meat soup with olives and sausages, okroshka - a cold soup made of chopped vegetables, orange borsh - cabbage soup, soup s frikadlkami - meatball soup, uha - fish soup and the list goes on. There is one secret that makes Russian soups so good - podjarka - which is a pre-frying of chopped onions, grated carrots, and a little bit of garlic in vegetable oil. Troika offers the most authentic experience all around Los Santos, while offering a chance to dive deep into a culture of a far and mysterious land. We rate this restaurant ten out of ten and suggest every gourmet to postpone their affairs and visit the best Russian cuisine restaurant you can find in San Andreas. Think your friends would be interested? Share this story! The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of AMT.
  12. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. State Senate unanimously clears Marijuana Decrim to move to a final floor vote. BY RANA KHATI State Senate Hearing on Marijuana Legalization On Sunday January 24th, 2021, the San Andreas State Senate Public Safety and Security Committee convened to debate a resolution calling for the decriminalization of the use and sale of marijuana throughout Los Santos and San Andreas. Senator Dan Cardenas (R) chaired the debate and present for questioning was Dr. Danielle Shaw of Pillbox Hill Medical Center, Sheriff Dale Kelly of the Los Santos Sheriff's Department, LSSD Captain Isabella Ramirez, Unit Captain of Twin Towers Correctional Facility and LSSD Civilian Administrator Jameela Calvin. Activists came out in support of the measure in favor of decriminalization as well as with hesitation towards some of the senators: Baba Black, 44, a "Right to Blaze" activist: “Republican(s) lie… [regarding] herb. I think.. Republican will make a big lie and stop legalization.” Rana Khati: Would you be surprised if they supported it at the end of the debate? BB: “Ja, mon, but they are heavy into.. greed 'n de poison world.” (Quotes rendered from West Indian patois.). Prior to the debate, Senator Dwight Burris (D) shared his expectations regarding how it might go: Senator Burris: I'm expecting us to get this over with, we have a lot more on our plate, weed should have been legal a long time ago. If you see anybody making a fuss, it's clear cut party politics, I'm expecting my colleagues to use common sense. Senator Ethan Schmidt (R) provided an optimistic viewpoint prior to the hearing: RK: I wanted to get your impressions beforehand. Whether you have an open mind to the idea or not. Senator Schmidt: I do have an open mind to the idea, any idea. I think that's what democracy is about. Senator Dan Cardenas chaired the historic hearing and ensured an orderly and time efficient proceeding, he operated with impartiality as chairman and assigned and enforced time evenly across the board. He afforded time in the beginning to opening statements from those invited which are reproduced below. Dr. Danielle Shaw & Captain Isabella Ramirez opening statements on behalf of Pillbox Hill & the LSSD respectively Opening statement of Dr. Danielle Shaw of Pillbox Hill Medical Center: Opening statement of Captain Isabella Ramirez, Unit Commander of the LSSD Twin Tower Correctional Facility: Sen. Gabriela Morales (D), unfortunately photographed nearby a trash-can during her opening statement. Senator Gabriela Morales (D) is the primary sponsor of the resolution, which ultimately calls on the Senate to convene on a vote to a final bill that addresses the core issue- the decriminalization of marijuana use and distribution throughout the state. While largely seen as a symbolic vote to prioritize a hot-button issue, Senator Morales's floor time was sharply focused on inquiring about the potential positive effects of such decriminalization: DC: Senator Morales is recognized for 5 minutes. Senator Morales: Sheriff Kelly, Captain Ramirez, Doctor Shaw, thank you for your statements today, I'm sure many in the audience watched on with happiness at hearing your candidness. Legalizing marijuana is at the forefront of the Democratic agenda, but I hope that we can move this resolution beyond party lines, so again, thank you. I'd like to just ask, Doctor Shaw, whether you have statistics or even anecdotal knowledge of health complications at PHMC (Pillbox Hill Medical Center) in regards to consumption of cannabis? DC: I am yet to see such a case Senator, its far more like we'd encounter issues with other prescription medication like Oxycodone. The worst you'll get from Marijuana is a hungry stomach and feel a bit sleepy. GM: Thank you, Doctor Shaw, can I ask a further question, is it likely you would prescribe marijuana, or cannabis, to treat certain aliments in accordance with scientific evidence? DS: Correct, there are many conditions which would benefit from Marijuana. To list a few, Parkinsons, Anxiety, HIV or AIDS, or even as a pain relief in cases of severe trauma. GM: And therefore, do you believe that it is beneficial, from a healthcare standpoint, to have cannabis as a valid option for medical and recreational use? DS: I do. Senator Frank Ernst (R) challenges the issue, questioning those called to the hearing. The most critical of the resolution in it's current form, Senator Frank Ernst (R) used his floor time to question the Law Enforcement witnesses on potential drawbacks of decriminalization from a criminal justice standpoint. The debate was tense between the Senator and the Sheriff, but became contentious particularly with interjections from LSSD Civilian Administrator Jameela Calvin and Dr. Danielle Shaw. Senator Frank Ernst's questioning: Senator Ethan Schmidt (R) and Senator Frank Ernst (R) seated at the Republican side of the dais. Senator Ethan Schmidt (R) offered a brief line of questioning with regard to the witnesses stances on the various categories of legalization and medical use-cases: Senator Ethan Schmidt: I have a question for all three of the witnesses. If we are to separate medical usage of marijuana, decriminalization of marijuana, and recreational use of marijuana into three different categories. Which categories would you support, not support, or remain neutral on? DK: To start off, I do believe of marijuana for medicinal reasons should be left to medical professionals. They probably know whether it is safe to do better than I ever will. As such, I won't be commenting on medicinal use. Decriminalizing the use of marijuana, thus making sure the users are not treated as criminals has my support however. I believe Captain Ramirez has already shed some light into why that may be. I have no comments on recreational use, however. DS: Senator, if I may. I'd be in strong support for its medical use, as well as decriminalizing it. I'm also in support of recreational. ES: Thank you. One more question. Marijuana is currently decriminalized under 15 grams. Under what use case would more than fifteen grams be necessary for medical usage? DS: Senator, such quantities would be akin to allowing patients to not make frequent trips to the hospital. Same type of scenario goes to if we allow them to grow their own plants. It helps reduce the workload on my staff for such prescriptions ES: Thank you, I yield the rest of my time to the chair. Senator Dan Cardenas (R) offered his own line of questioning: Senator Dan Cardenas: Sheriff Kelly. Are you in favor of legalizing marijuana distribution... and giving people the power to wholesale marijuana? My question extends to the Sheriff's deputies as well. DK: I'm neutral on the matter. DC: Thank you. I extend the same question to Ms. Shaw. To repeat, are you in favor of legalizing marijuana distribution and giving people the power to wholesale marijuana? DS: I am Senator, provided provisions are made to ensure correct taxation, regulation to ensure its sold to those of age, and general safeguards akin to that of alcohol distribution. With those accounted for yes, otherwise, no. DC: Correct taxation, as in... tax which would effectively fall on distributors? DS: Correct. DC: Thank you. I don't believe in new taxes, but OK ... so you say we should raise taxes on small business, dispensaries and even individual growers? DS: I'm saying, if you'll allow me, to introduce a small tax like we do on alcohol sales, which can be used to generate income in support of communities, to use against tackling real crime or healthcare from its aftermath. DC: Essentially sales tax for marijuana. I see. My time has expired. LSSD Sheriff Dale Kelly answering questions. The Senate voted unanimously, all six senators voting yea to move the resolution to a final floor vote when a full bill is presented. The Democratic Senators were naturally elated regarding the results. The Rana Report got the impressions from the Republican Senators to get their view of how the hearing went and how they wish to move forward on the pressing issue. Rana Khati: Did todays session adequately ease any of your concerns regarding this resolution's decriminalization of marijuana? Senator Ernst: This resolution is a non-binding procedure that simply expresses a sense of the Senate. It's unknown to me why Ms. Morales didn't draft an actual bill to present to the Senate. As soon as I see an actual bill discussed, you'll know my exact thoughts. RK: Did the information from Dr. Shaw or Kelly inform you more greatly? Was this a productive use of your time? Senator Cardenas: Yes indeed. I feel it's important that we hear from our law enforcement on the matter. They're the ones on the street actually keeping citizens accountable. We learned that the police don't even charge for marijuana unless it comes along with additional charges. Now whether these arrests make it to court... that's a question for the district attorney. RK: And did this ease any of your concerns with regard to the proposed resolution, potential amendments nonwithstanding? DC: I believe so, yeah. It seems like we're not enforcing this anyway— why should it be there, right? But I don't want my name on saying that we should strike all notions of cannabis and marijuana from the penal code. Not without proper legislation. RK: Do you know whether your constituents are in favor any form of Marijuana decriminalization initiative by the Senate? FE: Polling indicates that this is a popular issue, sure. But, it's on us as public servant to ensure that any form of decriminalization and legalization doesn't harm the public, our children, or our economy. DC: I know Central wants to see marijuana legalization. We all heard Dr. Shaw today and Dr. Shaw and her hospital are exactly in my district. I can't overlook the sensational... nature of the issue. Indeed. I support Frank in his statement here. RK: Senator Schmidt, did todays hearing resolve any questions you may have had regarding this issue? Senator Schmidt: It sure did. I believe we've set the right foundation to look into fully legalizing marijuana. The people of Blaine County have made it clear they are in favor of legalization, therefore I am obligated to fulfill it. But as Frank said, as public servants, we must make sure it is done through thorough deliberation. FE: Which is precisely why I took issue with some of the language in the resolution. How can we make commitments if we don't even know what an outline of the marijuana bill looks like? RK: Do you believe your colleagues across the aisle are providing this level of due diligence? ES: I believe my colleagues across the isle should've proposed a bill with specifics on how they wish to carry out legalization. Which authorities get delegated licensing. And everything else which needs to be discussed. FE: Again, I'm not sure why Morales proposed a resolution, but I'm sure it's because she wants to look like she's doing something on the issue without actually proposing something concrete. RK: Thank you for your time Senators. The Rana Report has reached out to the office of Senator Morales regarding the insinuations on her motives in bringing the resolution to the floor and we are currently awaiting a response. The article will be updated when we receive one. All in all, activists elated as they left the courtroom; the sense that the government was actively listening to the will of the people was undeniable. We caught up with Baba Black, the activist we spoke to prior to the debate: Rana Khati: So before the hearing you stated you thought the republicans might vote against. How do you feel about the result... an unanimous motion for this to proceed... with the republicans [Yea] vote? Baba Black: Ja, mon. I think dem Republican hide dey rasism nao, seen? Dem wanna be I and I savior nao widde Biden adminis-tray-shun 'n ting, seen? Dey wanna be moa moderate widdey policy. RK: Do you think they will vote yea on the final bill? BB: I no-no. Dem sneks inna grass, yano. We also spoke with Ms. Nora Patterson, the Curator of Culture Los Santos City Government RK: Are you able to give your impressions of today's events? Nora Patterson: Well. It's nice to see that they have opened the floodgates regarding marijuana use. I fully agree on the legalization of marijuana. It's silly of them to keep it illegal for any longer. The Rana Report will continue to update the public regarding the fate of marijuana decriminalization legislation throughout the State of San Andreas and the city of Los Santos. Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent news!
  13. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. 'Vibe Check' for the New Year: Street Interviews BY RANA KHATI Los Santos lit up at night. A common sight for a city full of night owls. It's been 21 days since the New Year dawned on Los Santos and the city simmers in a state of quiet uncertainty. Recent events have seen the Mayor imprisoned and State officials huddling to figure out the next steps, but have these events changed life for the average citizen of Los Santos? The Rana Report took to the streets and interviewed every-day Los Santans to find out just that. We asked them about what life is like for them these days, what struggles they and their neighbors are dealing with, and what their favorite parts of the city are for relaxing and re-centering their mind. Noelle, 23 Legion Square Noelle told the Rana Report she had been in Los Santos for about one week and already managed to find two part-time jobs in Bartending and Reception, but noted how difficult it was to find even basic temporary housing. She's currently forced to sleep in a hotel room and already has had her car stolen by Los Santos' notorious car-thieves. Her favorite part of Los Santos is the Vinewood Hills. Legion Square, Mission Row, LS. Jordan, 27 Alta Jordan has been living in Los Santos for a little over one month and has been supporting himself as an independent taxi driver. His biggest struggles are turning a profit in a city whose criminal elements seem to target taxi drivers on a regular basis. He told Rana: "I got robbed twice of nearly all my money, I work, I earn, then I get robbed of all what I earned, can you believe it?" He enthusiastically shared that his favorite part of living in Los Santos was and will always be the beautiful women he has the honor of driving on a regular basis. Jordan and his taxi in Alta Val, "in her 20s" Conroy's Gym, Textile City The Rana Report saw Val going toe to toe with a man in when fighting in the cage over at Conroy's. Val moved here two months ago from Liberty City and so far, one of her favorite hobbies is sparring, she shared that she loves the rush it brings and that it can make anyone stand tall and keep going. Val sparring at Conroy's in Textile City Madeleine, 24 Mission Row Madeleine has been living in Los Santos for eleven years and told Rana that the biggest issue she's seen remain unresolved is the crime epidemic that has swept the city for years. A self-described "Goth", Madeleine enjoys relaxing in solitude, taking luxurious trips to the local cemetary, and cutting loose at the local goth club, The Crypt when she's not working at her day job. Madeleine attending to customers in Mission Row "Trigger", 18 Davis We found Trigger hanging out with some friends on the sidewalk. He's been living in Los Santos every year of his eighteen year old life and he told Rana that the biggest problem they were facing in Davis was over policing and what he described as "Snoovers." We suspect this might be a set of neighborhood rivals. Davis, Los Santos Stu & Chu, 24 & 23 Little Seoul Stu & Chu, two residents of Little Seoul, told Rana that one of the biggest obstacles their facing is a lack of community engagement especially in their Little Seoul Running Club and the speedy car racers that rush down the streets at dangerous speeds. Chu told Rana that speed bumps would help Little Seoul out with that last problem. Both men said they enjoyed going to neighborhood staples like Wook's Tea House or Mr. Liu's Pool House after a long day. Stu in front of an apartment building in Little Seoul Shane, 27 Blaine County Rana found Shane waiting for a speedy and efficient car modification over at Route 68 Garage in Blaine County. Shane's only been in Los Santos for two weeks but he's already got a plan to join either the Police or Sheriff's Department. While he hasn't been able to find housing in Blaine, he's currently staying in the city but comes out to Blaine frequently. He's leaning towards joining up with the Sheriff's Department because he grew up around deputies and to cut loose there's nothing he likes more than hanging out with friends around town. Shane at Route 68 Garage in Blaine County The future of Los Santos lies in the hands of everyday folks like these and addressing their needs is crucial to making 2021 a year of not just peace but a year of prosperity for all. If the city and state government can make meaningful changes to address the housing and crime issues while also factoring the way policing is done in different neighborhoods, citizens from every corner of Los Santos might be able to enjoy themselves even more in our unique and diverse metropolis. A peaceful sunset over Paleto Bay Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent journalism > Comments are enabled
  14. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. LSFD saves one injured in flipped car crash on Del Perro Boulevard! BY RANA KHATI The car and LSFD doing their best to secure the scene. In the early hours of Monday January 25th, 2021, a car swerved to avoid another and ended up toppled over upside down in a dramatic scene off Del Perro Blvd. The currently unidentified man miraculously survived this harrowing incident and is in stable condition and being transported to Pillbox Hill Medical Center for treatment. Another involved in the incident was visibly shaken but otherwise completely unharmed. With the recent epidemic of car speeding some politicians and community groups have called for speed bumps throughout Los Santos, whether the State Senate and city government will heed this call is currently unknown. Information courtesy of lsfd.live Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent news! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  15. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. INTERVIEW: LSFD Junior Journalist Edgars Gudlevskis kicks off campaign for state office BY RANA KHATI Edgar Gudlevskis (R) The airwaves have no shortage of offers, deals, and sparkling advertisements, but Edgars Gudlevskis is the only candidate for an as-yet-undetermined State office who has begun to sell his campaign in the early month of January. With six months until the elections, Los Santans will undoubtedly see a chorus line of candidates dance before them in the months to come and the Rana Report will endeavor to interview each and every one of them with the thoroughness you might expect from a job interview- after all, they are vying for the most important job in representing the public interest. We sat with Mr. Gudlevskis in at The Rotten Apple bar in Strawberry for a beer and a quick interview on his campaign, his political goals, and his background. RK: Let's start off with the basics. What's your name, age, and the office you are running for? EG: Edgars Gudlevskis. I'm 27. I've filed paperwork to represent the Republicans in the upcoming election. I expect to run for a Senate District position, possibly Blaine County. We're also looking at the Mayor Election situation, but we're not too sure on that yet. RK: When you say "We" are you speaking about the city-wide Republican party or you and your team? EG: Well, I've filed as a Republican, but I don't believe in party labels. I'm more of an independent with policies that focus on freedom. That can be seen on my campaign website. RK: Okay so you don't have particular coordination with the local Republican officials just yet? EG: The initial paperwork has been filed. I've been in contact with party officials about my plans. We're moving forward right now, so far so good. RK: Mr. Joseph Hoffman is the Republican City Council District Representative for Blaine County. Is he someone that you've worked with in the past? Do you have any opinion on how his work has been as a District Representative? EG: I'm not a fan of any of the Senate District Representatives [sic], that's partially why I'm so passionate about running. I support the Republicans slightly more than the Democrats, but it's really just a formality. RK: Let's talk about your past. How long have you lived in Los Santos, what has your job history been like, and how has it made you the perfect candidate? EG: Well. The people will be glad to hear that I love to fight for them. I've been here for a little while, not too long, but I love this city and its citizens. I have volunteered at many local businesses, including the Grand Casino in Rockford. I also have a connection with the Los Santos Fire Department in their Public Relations division. EG shows RK a badge issued by the Los Santos Fire Department denoting him as a Junior Journalist. They serve the people. That's why I associate myself with them. I want to serve the people as well. RK: Recently the Senate convened to nominate former City Operations Officer Charles Lockhart to be Attorney General. In his hearing, he was asked about the recent corruption scandal from former Mayor Oswald Halford. He was asked whether he thought anything could be done to have stopped the corruption before it happened. He said "the system worked" [and implied] that there was nothing really that could have been done. Do you agree with this or do you have a plan to make our elections less prone to this sort of corruption? EG: I must say that I think there are things that we can do. RK: What would some of those be? EG: What that is... It's going to be tough to really look at those changes. But I think we need a system centered around people, transparency, and freedom. Freedom is my major platform. I reiterate this over and over and over… It's stamped all over my website too. But I want freedom. Elections need to be free and fair. People need to have faith in the system and I'm going to fight to make that happen. RK: In the Senate, if you are elected you will have the power to write and propose legislation. Do you have any experience in writing legislation in your personal history? EG: Writing legislation is important. I went to the University of Latvia and earned a degree in Economics. I would focus a lot of my legislation on the Economy, but also on freedom. I want gas prices to be lower for the Trucking and Taxi Cab industries. So I need to take a look at supply and demand. I think the Senate also needs to look at supporting the farmers. One way we can do that is to provide them with grants and ensure that their crops remain valuable in our markets. RK: I'm seeing freedom is a big theme. Can you give me your positions on the following hot-button issues: The Housing Shortage, Marijuana Criminalization, LGBT Rights, and Second Amendment Rights? EG: Marijuana should be legal. LGBT will have equal rights, I am fighting to protect and 'EXPAND' the Second Amendment. Three very important... issues. I'm very clear. Legal. Equal. Protect. RK: Do you have a plan for expanding housing so people are not living out of hotels? In Blaine, the housing shortage has people living in the city who work in the County. EG: Expanding housing, well there's pros and cons to that issue. At the same time, I've lived in a Motel and I loved it. So I'm looking at that carefully, but I really think I'm pretty neutral on that issue. I'd probably vote to expand housing due to the shortage. I'd love to hear more about it from the people. RK: Public housing you mean? EG: Er. Yes. Look. I've been around all of the districts. I've been in restaurants, bars, gas stations, all of it. The people are starting a movement behind Edgars. Behind... me... You know? That's important. People are going to be shocked real soon. RK: You, like so many Los Santos citizens, are someone who made Los Santos their home but still have a culture from another place. I am like this too. How does your Latvian culture inspire you to be a better Los Santan? EG: Well. I love my home country of Latvia, but it had its problems. So does Los Santos. One thing that I've learned about being here in Los Santos is that I love working with the people. I love farmers, fishermen, bartenders, dealers at the casino, citizens, police, firemen. I think we can find unity in that because we're all the same. Our backgrounds may be different but we're all from Los Santos, we're all living here. We need to work together to make it better, and even though I'm from Latvia, I'm fighting for them regardless. For more information about Mr. Gudlevskis and his campaign, you can find his website linked here. Are you part of the movement, do you have questions for Mr. Gudlevskis? Sound off in the comment section below and have your voice heard! Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent journalism > Comments are enabled
  16. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. BREAKING NEWS: Two detained in LSPD raid on Sabella's in Mirror Park BY RANA KHATI LSPD Tactical Team initiating the raid on Sabella's On Thursday January 21st, 2021, a tactical team was deployed and raided a Mirror Park/Murietta Heights bar known to locals as Sabella's at around 8:00 PM. The teams were tightly organized with assault rifles and had an armored car, suggesting they expected a level of resistance. The raid was performed in under an hour producing two suspects who left with armed officers and were summarily transported to Mission Row PD for detainment and questioning. The first detainee approaching an LSPD transport. The second detainee to have been transported from Sabella's The LSPD offered no comment at this time. Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent journalism > Comments are enabled Edited 1 hour ago by Al-Malikah
  17. * You hear an intro jingle as soon as you start the video. * The camera focuses on Dmitry Ostrovsky's face. He would wear a rather concerned and tensed up facial expression as he would address the viewer. * Dmitry Ostrovsky wears a military-style jacket, resembling a French military officer's uniform from the 20th century. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: This is Ostrovsky Live from Los Santos, San Andreas. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: This week, a story that shocked the journalistic world, finally came to an end. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Today with me is my colleague and friend — Natalia Vorobieva; who's recently been acquitted of all charges! * You would see a full-body shot of Natalia. * Natalia Vorobieva keeps her eyes low on the floor. * Natalia Vorobieva has multiple marks of recent beating, her face is covered with bruises. * Natalia Vorobieva runs her eyes through the studio, as if looking for escape route, she gulps audibly. * Dmitry Ostrovsky frowns his eyebrows, forcing a serious facial expression. He'd look right at Natalia. Natalia Vorobieva says: My name is Natalia Vorobieva, I have been a journalist for a long time. Natalia Vorobieva says: From my young age I knew that I want to speak for those who can't speak for themselves. Natalia Vorobieva says: I wanted to stand for those who can't stand for themselves. * Natalia Vorobieva's voice is jumping as if it takes her great strength to keep herself in control of her emotions. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Right. For those who are just tuning in— * You would see a close-up of Dmitry's face. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Just seven days ago, on January tenth— Vorobieva has been arrested and /charged/ with incitement of riot and disturbance of peace. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Today, I am glad to have Natalia back in our studio, as her charges /have/ been dropped as of today. * Natalia Vorobieva wipes her eyes, releasing a exaggerated sigh. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Did the DA actually empathize with Natalia and her abuse by the LSPD? Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Or couldn't the DA office fabricate believable evidence to /silence/ her for good? * Dmitry Ostrovsky faces away from the camera. He turns towards Natalia instead. * Dmitry Ostrovsky's tone would sound concerned and focused as he'd speak to Natalia. * Natalia Vorobieva shudders as attention shifts to her. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: So, Natasha, I can't help but notice these awful, awful bruises on your face. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: What happened? Natalia Vorobieva says: I— I— * Natalia Vorobieva gulps audibly, she gasps for air to maintain her breath. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: (away from the camera) Can we get her some water please? Natalia Vorobieva says: They forced me through degrading process of giving DNA samples. Natalia Vorobieva says: Officer took the DNA kit, and the moment he opened my mouth... He said that I am going to get raped. He just walked up close to me and whispered that in my ear. Natalia Vorobieva says: He said that women like me end up being rape toys of hardcore criminals. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Excuse me— He said what?! This is breaking news, everybody. * Dmitry Ostrovsky turns towards the camera again. * Dmitry Ostrovsky gets riled up. His vocal tone would reflect that. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: A deputy. From OUR taxpayer MONEY. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: TOLD her. She'd end up being a RAPE TOY!!! Dmitry Ostrovsky says: We knew about the existance of Sheriff GANGS for a LO-ONG time! Dmitry Ostrovsky says: But this is just troubling! How would you feel— Dmitry Ostrovsky says: If your wife or daughter would be firstly HARASSED by the police! Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Then wrestled down, like an ANIMAL!!! A DAMN ANIMAL!!! Dmitry Ostrovsky says: She wasn't resisting! Remember that!!! * Dmitry Ostrovsky's face would become more red as he'd act up more and more. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Then, your hypothetical daughter or wife would be dragged out in CUFFS!!! Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Charged with a bullshit accusation of rioting and disturbing of peace! Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Disturbing of peace! WHAT peace?! Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Is this PEACE?! Look at her face— Is that PEACE?! * Natalia Vorobieva looks at the camera with her watery eyes and innocent expression on her face. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: When a DEPUTY, funded by OUR taxpayer money— Tells you deserve getting raped by a scum criminal— Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Is that PEACE?! Tell me please!!! * You would see a close-up of Natalia again. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: So what did he tell you next? W— What happened afterwards?! Natalia Vorobieva says: So, they gave me a prison uniform and told me to change. Same officer. He pushed me inside the room, but he didn't close the door completely— Natalia Vorobieva says: He stood there, whispering comments about my body. Natalia Vorobieva says: As I was changing my clothes. Natalia Vorobieva says: It was a nightmare, I was never treated like an object before. It have scared me, deeply. I feel dirty, It is difficult to see myself in mirror. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I simply have no words for this... Dmitry Ostrovsky says: This SCUM of a human being! He's not even worthy of being called a HUMAN BEING!!! * Dmitry Ostrovsky adjusts his microphone. Natalia Vorobieva says: So— When I walked inside the cell there was a woman covered in gang related tattoos. Natalia Vorobieva says: She said that the only way for her to be released on parole is to do what she has to do next. Natalia Vorobieva says: She had a sock with something inside it, probably a lock or a rock. Natalia Vorobieva says: She said that administration forced her to do it. Or she won't see her children any time soon and is going to miss her daughter's birthday. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: So... Who do you mean by the "administration?" Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Do you mean LSSD? Natalia Vorobieva says: T— Yeah, the Correctional Officers, yeah. Seems like my arrest and everything that happened after it was planned. Someone actually sat behind the table and planned the way to show me "how things are done in this state." Natalia Vorobieva says: She said she has to teach me a lesson, so I know my the line I should not cross. And then— * Natalia Vorobieva voice jumps, as she starts sobbing again. Natalia Vorobieva says: She started beating me with the lock. Natalia Vorobieva says: She said: "Media? There is no media, hoe. There is your reality check. * The camera zooms in on Otrovsky's face again. He pauses for a moment, as of he's trying to make sense of everything he has heard. His reddish face would almost be glowing on your screen. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: So let me just sum this up really quick. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: You've been set up by the authorities to share a cell with a gangbanger— Dmitry Ostrovsky says: That confessed she'd been instructed to beat you up for parole rights? Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Am I getting it right? Natalia Vorobieva says: That's correct, Dmitry. She continued beating me through my time in Twin Towers. Natalia Vorobieva says: They wanted to break me down completely, so I would pack my things and leave Los Santos. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: And did you plead for help? Did you actually approach authorities? Natalia Vorobieva says: I tried to. But they acted like nothing is going on. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: This is obviously very concerning. Your face speaks for yourself. * You would see a close-up of Natalia's face again. * Natalia Vorobieva's face shines with innocence and pain, as she looks into the camera in a theatrical manner. * Dmitry Ostrovsky continues to talk for another two hours about Natalia's time in prison. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: This is it for today. Ostrovsky Live, here with me was a prominent journalist Natalia Vorobieva. Dmitry Ostrovsky says: Thanks for joining the conversation. We'll be back next week.
  18. LOW STANDARDS 2020 YOUR GUIDE TO THE LOCAL LET-DOWNS As the city's election approaches, a wide array of one hundred percent not-robot clones vie for seats in the Greater Los Santos area. The two main parties, Democrats and Republicans, present their nearly identical plans for the city and have already managed to make rounds of news, with more wife-beaters sure to come to light in the days ahead. In the spirit of this election, LSVIXEN presents the 2020 Low Standards Election Special, which aims to toughen up voters and ready them for all manner of scandal, horror, sexual trauma, car-fondling and any and all sorts of sordid tentacle fetishes that may come to light regarding the, yet again, 100 percent human candidates running for District Representative. This page will constantly be updated with top news stories and other revisions if can remember to do so between copious amounts of cocaine. © 2020 Los Santos Vixen. All fights deserved. Yes, they are still in style. We recommend them with a flared bell-bottom. A little irrelevant to election coverage though. Moving on. © 2020 Los Santos Vixen. All tights preserved. Here we go, now we're cooking with gas, let's roll down the list. Mayor of Los Santos We'll deal with this shit next month. For now.. this is basically them. Northern District Manjot Singh (D) Joshua Spencer (R) Candidate Fun Facts! Manjot Singh guaranteed the LSVIXEN never once murdered a hitchhiker and ate them. Not even once. Joshua Spencer for his part has assured the LSVIXEN that his love of the troops and veterans is "absolutely non-sexual. Haha... Unless?..." Central District Richard Orosco (D) Alex Flynn (R) Candidate Fun Facts! Richard Orosco vows to beat the shit out every single woman's rights issue in Los Santos! Bold stance! Alex Flynn has confirmed that he does NOT CRY WHILE HE MASTURBATES AT ALL. Good to know. Southern District Wallace Abbasi Mk. II (D) Jose Ortiz (R) ERR0RC4ndidate FVn Facts! Wallace Abbasi guarantees voters that he feels all three human emotions, happy, sad, and 01100010 01101100 01101111 01101111 01100100 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110010 01110011 01110100 01111001 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 00101101 01110010 01100001 01100111 01100101 Jose Ortiz loves watching strong women fight. Some nights he even pays homeless women to fight each-other for his amusement! Charmer! Western District Tanya Sun (D) Joshua Shepherd (R) Candidate Fun Facts! Tanya Sun guarantees that if you say Prosperity three times in a mirror she will haunt your dreams until your untimely demise. Joshua Shepherd enjoys plaid and has come to terms with him not receiving a single Korean vote. Chins up buddy! Eastern District George Valencia (D) Thomas Busch the Third (R) Candidate Fun Facts! George Valencia is extremely sensitive about his deformed thumbs and does not want anyone talking about them. Thomas Busch was told by Papa Busch that this election was actually purchased just for him because he was a very good boy this year! Blaine District Badar Khan (D) Joseph Hoffman (R) Candidate Fun Facts! Badar Khan is really excited about his initiative to give every single citizen in Blaine County their very own vaguely ethnic name. Joseph Hoffman got his own durn fortune by playin' them poker tourneys in Las Venturas. He's fixin' on doin' he same with the city budget! © 2020 Los Santos Vixen. All blights ensured. Disclaimer -> Comments are enabled ADD US ON FACEBROWSER OR PERISH.
  19. The 'Winners' Where are they now? The sun sets on this election cycle. Both Charles Galloway and Oswald Halford sweep the remaining crumbs of cocaine from their respective large mahogany desks and prepare their battle-mechs for the Mayoral race next month, realizing almost instantly that they can now comfortably not answer any of losing candidates calls ever again unless they are particularly wealthy. A new day dawns on Los Santos, a new day where half the council is Red, the other half is Blue, and one hundred percent of the citizens are just curious what they will actually do for them. The Los Santos Vixen was curious about that question as well. We tracked down the winners and interrogated them on their plans after the big win! © 2020 Los Santos Vixen. All fights deserved. Candidate: Jonathan Spencer (R) District Representative for the Northern District Where we found him: Lurking masked under the bleachers at ULSA. What are your plans? "Oh-ho Jonny-boy is just enjoying a little 'me-time' right now. Pass that bottle of lotion for me and give me a little privacy." Candidate: Tanya Sun (D) District Representative for the Western District Where we found her: In the bathroom mirror of the iSeoul Cafe after saying her name thrice. What are your plans? "Prossssssssssssssssssperiiiittty" Ms. Sun then vanished into thin air after the lightbulb flickered. Candidate: Alex Flynn (R) District Representative for the Central District Where we found him: Desperately trying to be recognized at a coffee shop What are your plans? "Wait? You recognize me? Thank god, people keep saying I only won because of my whole opponent beating his girlf-" We got incredibly bored and decided to move onto the next winner. Apologies. Candidate: George Valencia (D) District Representative for the Eastern District Where we found him: Actively choking out a prostitute in the Havana Sauna with a permanent smile. What are your plans? "Fuck bitches, get money." Candidate: Wallace Abbasi (D) District Representative for the Southern District, Ayatollah of Los Santos. Where we found him: Shedding his 'human' skin after his mid-morning prayer. . What are your plans? "<:// SHARIALAW.exe initialize. 01001001 00100111 01101101 00100000 01100001 01101100 01110011 01101111 00100000 01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01100001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101111 01101101 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01101111 01100110 01100110 00100000 01101010 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01101101 01100101 00101100 00100000 01111001 00100111 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00111111 >" Candidate: Joseph Hoffman (R) District Representative for Blaine County Where we found him: Fully inebriated outside of a Waffle Hut at 6:20 AM What are your plans? "Wai-wai-wai-wait yersay'n -hic- I'm the fuckin' mayor?" Disclaimer: -> Comments are enabled ADD US ON FACEBROWSER OR PERISH.
  20. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Buckle your seat-belts, fuckers. Letter from that bitch editor: So I thought to myself, how can I start this blog off with a bang but not... you know, too much of a bang. You have to have some kind of build up to the juicy stuff, a little suspense to get things nice and hot before WHAM! hitting everyone with a little fire before motherfucking Vesuvius. Anyway, you can totally expect more juicy content moving forward and remember you can always submit your anonymous gossip or hot takes to our email at [email protected] (PM Al-Malikah with a LSVIXEN tag). ADD US ON FUCKING FACE BROWSER AT: https://face.gta.world/pages/LSVIXEN❤️ No guarantees that I'll, like, read it or reply though. KISS KISS XOXO ❤️ In My Sights: Cover Charges So I was spending a usual night bar-hopping and trying not to send flirty texts to both my parole officer, my ex, and my daytime psychologist (they're all fairly hot and hotter when I'm buzzed) and I realized around the fourth nightclub that something was getting in the way of my dreams. Something was blocking my ability to enjoy the night. Something was infringing on MY pursuit of happiness and creating a barrier to getting ass-fuckingly, pants-wettingly, phone-weepingly wasted in public AND was going to inevitably cut my night off early. It was the fucking COVER CHARGES. At first I blamed the vague entity that is capitalism because that's def my drunk go-to... but then I thought... wait... it could just be assholes in every day life and I could just yell directly at them from this Internet Cafe in Little Seoul! The enemy could actually have a face! So I'm going to break it down here why Cover Charges are fucking stupid and why it's fucked up for everyone involved. You're stealing from the bartenders and strippers. So like, when I go to a titty bar to like support my fellow female dance enthusiasts... I want to throw large stacks of money DIRECTLY AT THEIR BREASTS. When I go to a bar with a really good bartenders I want to throw large stacks of money DIRECTLY AT THEIR BREASTS (male or female). By having me pay six hundred dollars at the door, you're taking the money that I would have otherwise THROWN DIRECTLY AT THEIR BREASTS and putting it in some scowling man's pocket. If he at least showed a little titty it would make sense but they frequently do not and they do not enjoy when I ask them to give me a little bang for my buck. MOVING FORWARD! It's a fucking buzzkill. Nothing like meticulously coordinating an outfit, assembling a sturdy Trojan horse for your many mental illnesses, and waiting all day doing some menial job only to have the momentum of fun and chaos interrupted by a panicked night time run to the ATM. Plus when I'm on a date, I want the dude spending money on ME not like... some rando dude in sunglasses who yells at you if you park directly onto the sidewalk. If you're going to be assholes and extort us at the door you could AT LEAST put an ATM on premises. That's like... basic science. You're creating an elitist atmosphere and that's fucking lame. So I have a bit of money. I deal with rich people like... all day. If I wanted to inhale the ass-fumes of the 1% at night, I'd chum it up at the GWC Country Club. When you put forward 'standards' that exclude large swathes of the population, you make a place incredibly homogeneous. AKA. Lots of white people. Lots of wealthy people. Not a lot of diverse experiences. Not a lot of people with unique and interesting felony charges who are weirdly interesting in telling you all about them in their car out back. Just pay the damn security company. Look. I'm not here to start like a war with security companies. I'm just saying that these dudes need to paid up front and not bug people at the door. They can still frisk. God, they really can. For hours. In public or private. They can even wand me if they want. But I'll be damned if I pay for that privilege and honestly it just like super sucks to get cute to go someplace and then BAM! Half your money is gone, you're drinking a Long Island to recover from the financial blow, and you wake up half naked in a Denny's parking lot the next morning all because of that damned cover charge. The security companies don't want that. None of the guests want that. The strippers don't want that. The Denny's doesn't want that (according to the Cease and Desist they sent me at least). Anyway, this rant has gone on way too long. Expect a spicy one next time all about the FLACCID FUCKING POLITICIANS of Los fucking Santos. Send in your hottest political gossip and have it featured in the next article! The theme is "Overheard in LS Political Circles." -> Comments are enabled Answer our latest FB poll today and sway the conversation. Today's question is "What the fuck is a Manjot Singh?"
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