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  1. PALETO BAY SAWMILL The Paleto Bay Sawmill, nestled in the heart of Paleto Forest, was once a thriving hub of activity for the local community. However, in recent years, it fell into a state of disrepair and abandonment, leaving many jobless and without hope. That was until the Department of Labor, under the visionary leadership of the Wade administration, struck a deal with the private owners to lease the sawmill and breathe new life into it. Now, thanks to this agreement, the sawmill is set to once again become a beacon of hope and opportunity for Paleto Bay and the surrounding areas. The agreement between the government agencies and the sawmill's owners aims to not only bring jobs back to the county, but also to ensure that the sawmill operates in a safe and efficient manner. With the Department of Labor and the Office of Planning and Special Projects overseeing the project, the community can rest assured that the revitalization of the sawmill will be executed with the utmost care and attention to detail. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Like many other government-sponsored fields, the Paleto Bay Sawmill has an ongoing recruitment process to meet the need for workers. To apply for a job, you can either visit the Paleto Bay Sawmill Office or submit your application online. The following are the current job opening(s) available: MILL WORKER / LOGGER SALARY INFORMATION: $30,000+ weekly MILL WORKER / LOGGER JOB REQUIREMENTS: Perform labor work, including frequently pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting in excess of 50 lbs, and occasionally exerting in excess of 100 lbs. Must be able to adhere to a standby schedule which includes day and night scheduling, overtime, weekends and holidays. Must have the ability to read, write, and speak basic English. Must have the ability to function effectively in a fast paced, team-oriented work environment. Must have the ability to work independently with limited supervision and strong initiative. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees. Must have the ability to think logically, follow procedures, comply with OSHA regulations and relevant state laws, instructions and make sound decisions. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Feed conveyors, hoppers, saws and drying machines. Sort, pile and transport wood products. Remove scrap lumber and wood chips for reprocessing. Clean machines and work areas. Operate cranes, saws, forklifts and dump trucks. Drive long haul flatbeds and trucks. Heavy lifting using timber carriers. Package finished timber products such as firewood and woodchips. RECRUITMENT, INFORMATION AND CONTACT LINES: Due to its recent reopening, the Paleto Bay Sawmill is currently looking to fill various and necessary roles in order to begin the pipeline. If you have past experience in similar fields, and you believe yourself to be a good fit for supervisory positions, refer to the list of names below: This project is a part of the San Andreas State Government faction. Much like Port Authority, this also falls under the semi-legal category as we allow individuals with illegal affiliations to join. Our goal is to promote more blue collar roleplay around the county, and to offer engaging roleplay opportunities to those who enjoy the area, regardless of your affiliations (business, criminal, or ordinary citizen). Our aim is to encourage and reward quality roleplay and character growth through impactful roleplay experiences. If you have any inquiries, issues, or are interested in joining our faction, please don't hesitate to contact us. USEFUL LINKS - Paleto Bay Sawmill - San Andreas Govt.
  2. OOC: ((The aim of this faction is to provide the server with a more expansive and clear view of the agricultural hub that is put into place around most of the county area, with the main focus being on the La Fuente Blanca Horse Ranch, but with goal to further assist other farming roleplay to build a realistic supply of farmed goods all around the map. With such a vibrant city such as Los Santos, the secondary focus is on the non-stop consumerism. While most other necessities are taken care of, food is a constant that seems to be handwaved by most, and we intend to facilitate that form of roleplay, helping build the type of supply a region like San Andreas would be reputed for. Alongside that is the goal to try and give a lot of players the reprieve from city life and be able to further better experience RP in the county.)) ((For any direct inquiries, contact on Forums or on Discord @ Kushiel))
  3. Diamond Casino: Time To Play Your Cards Right! Written by Kate Park, April 16 2023 Published by Scarlett Remington, April 16 2023 The anticipation is over, and the wait is finally over! On the 15th of April 2023, The Diamond Casino & Resort opened it's doors to Los Santos. Visitors can expect a breath-taking gaming, and entertainment experience. The luxurious architectural project can be found in the North Los Santos on Vinewood Park Drive, you can't miss it. The casino features state-of-the-art gaming with a wide selection of table games, slot machines, the regular raffles and even a lucky wheel! This is all designed to provide that exciting and immersive gaming experience. Whether you know where to put your money, or if you're a first timer you'll be sure to find a game that suits your interests and skill levels. Richard Farace told the Insider that "they are here for everyone." This certainly shows both in regards to the array of games, but also differing financial stakes that can be placed. Yet the casino is beyond placing a few chips here, and there, instead they aim for the Diamond Standard ensuring that every fantasy is fulfilled. Roulette, Blackjack and Poker are all available to play with trained, and attentive hosts, creating conversation and enthralling games to keep you entertained during your stay. Beyond the typical games the casino hosts a raffle - on the grand opening guests had the option of purchasing a relatively affordable ticket with the hopes of winning a Ubermacht Cyber! Then the Wheel, the lucky wheel as it's coined. It's all or nothing with this, feel a sense of self-importance as you spin through the prizes infront of a large crowd bagging thousands, or walking away with nothing. You'll be familar with the works of Richard Farace from The Grand Rockford Casino. Mister Farace and his accomplice Vincent Dippolito parted ways when his business partner flew back home to Europe leaving Farace to come up with greater, and new idea's to capture Los Santos Citizens. Mister Farace stated: "I took the lead, had Rockford for a couple of years and finally decided to bring Los Santos a new location, actually revive one, which I know everyone love. " It's evident that the casino is committed to providing safe and responsible gaming environment. There is stringent security measures in place and a dedicated team around every corner able to assist players. From the minute you pull up, you have the option of valet parking, taking that added stress away from you as you are assisted inside to the floor where the fun can commence! If you're not into the gambling scene, and perhaps you wish to watch instead then the Diamond experience still caters for you! The resort offers a well-stocked bar, with you'll be pleased to know more than one bar-tender being able to quench your thirst with top-shelf liquors. You might think about taking your drink to one of many lounges within the floor, or perhaps upstairs to the rooftop. Los Santos will be fortunate to have such a resort during the summertime with fabulous views of our city. Soak in the sunrays next to the infinite pools with drink service close-by for you to enjoy. It's beyond gambling, it's a venue and one that you should consider for your next big event whether that's a wedding, a birthday party, or a work-do. I was fortunate to have been shown around the upper-floors of the resort by Mister Farace. Whilst I haven't yet had the opportunity to enjoy an overnight stay, I had the pleasure to explore each of the rooms that are on offer starting today. Whether you've pre-planned a stay using the online booking system, or decided right there in the moment after enjoying a night of gaming to stay the resort offers a luxurious accommodation for you. The prime location of Vinewood hills allows you to step out and explore local attractions both closely in Los Santos City, or delve further north towards the county parks. I've not yet had opportunity to experience the hospitality but if the casino floor had anything to go by, I reckon we're in for a real treat. It's reported that staff are always on hand to make the stay as pleasant, and personal as possible. The standard king suite is available for $6,000 per night for up to two guest, and gives home away from home vibes. It gave of a cozy, warm, calm environment and is furnished with a more than sizeable king bed with a unbelievably comfortable foam mattress. The step-up from king suite, is the executive suite going for $12,000 a night. The room itself was nothing short of spectacular, in my opinion of course, as I walked through the door I was blown away with the views. A 180 degree view of the Vinewood area, and hills beyond. Within lay a spacious sitting area and again a king-size bed, not to mention the marble bathroom with luxurious bath, and rainforest shower. Then we have the penthouse suite, a one-of-a-kind which almost deserves it's own YouTube video, or article given the sheer size of the room. For $40,000 a night, you and three other guests can "take luxury to the next extreme." I counted three or four different rooms during my tour of the suite where again that superb skyline view lit the room, or rooms in this case. The amenities include a private terrace for alfresco dining, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, a king-size bed for you, and two other beds for your guests. I urge you all to go and make your own views, and opinions about this place. It's a gem, something we don't really see in Los Santos too often. I ask you to comment below and rate it yourself. I was able to ask some at the opening what they thought of the place, because everyone's opinion matters. Ratings and Comments Anonymous Male, age 30: Overall I rate it a 9/10. The staff was fantastic and the building is spacious. However, in the beginning? There was a lack of blackjack tables and the line is very long. Kaia, age 22: 10/10, the place is doing really well for it's self and appears spacious. It's entertaining that's for sure. Anonymous Female, age 25: 9/10, it's cool. I love the design but the vibe isn't perfect. Anonymous Female, age 22: 5/10, it's lowkey boring, too many white people, and too much marble.
  4. SAN ANDREAS PORT AUTHORITY The Port of Los Santos, also known as the Los Santos Harbor, is a seaport managed by the San Andreas Port Authority, a department under the San Andreas State Government. Directed by Hank Preston, the Port Authority's mission is to: ensure that San Andreas' water, air, rail, and surface transportation assets are developed and operated in a cohesive, coordinated, and safe manner in order to provide maximum efficiencies and benefits to shippers, receivers, and passengers; to assure optimum business growth, technology development, investment, job retention and improvement in quality of life. The Port of Los Santos occupies 7,500 acres of land and water along 42 miles of waterfront. The Port is located on the south side of Los Santos, east of the Los Santos International Airport. The Port has 25 cargo terminals, 82 container cranes, 8 container terminals, and 113 miles of on-dock rail. In total, The Port of Los Santos and Port Authority of San Andreas have thousands of current employees in various areas, such as office and support staff, security, customs, longshoremen, and other labor staff. In 2018, approximately $236 billion worth of cargo came through The Port of Los Santos, with many of the top imports being furniture, automobile parts, automobiles, apparel, and electronics. The Port also loads container ships for export to various trading partners such as China, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea. The most imported type of goods into The Port of Los Santos for the 2018 calendar year were, furniture (408,673), automobile parts (361,984), and electronics (278,782) EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The San Andreas Port Authority maintains a continuous open recruitment process in order to fulfill staffing requirements for laborers, support staff and maintenance workers. In order to file an application for employment, please visit the San Andreas Port Authority Headquarters at the Jetsam terminal or file online. Below are current employment opportunities available; LONGSHOREMAN / DOCK LABORER SALARY INFORMATION: $36,000+ weekly (not including bonuses) LONGSHOREMAN / DOCK LABORER JOB REQUIREMENTS: Performing labor work in a marine terminal, warehouse or yard environment, baggage handling, heavy weight package handling, manual loading and unloading from trailers, railcars or trucks. To include frequently pushing, pulling, carrying and lifting in excess of 50 lbs. and occasionally exerting in excess of 100 lbs. Must be able to adhere to a standby schedule which includes day and night scheduling, overtime, weekends and holidays. Must have the ability to read, write, and speak basic English. Must have the ability to function effectively in a fast paced, team-oriented work environment. Must have the ability to work independently with limited supervision and strong initiative. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees. Must have the ability to think logically, follow procedures, instructions and make sound decisions. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform all manual labor functions in accordance within the GC/Vessel Stevedoring operation and safety guidelines. Work with forklift basket up to heights of around 14 feet to place or remove container hooks or strapping used for lifting containers, pipes and general cargo. Secure cargo with chains/binders when preparing for lifting. Strap cargo by utilizing lashings, container hooks, wire rope weighing in excess of 100 lbs to assure safe operation. Maintain a clean work area, free of debris or safety hazards and awareness of surroundings (i.e. vehicles, people, equipment, etc.) at all times. BUREAU OF SAFETY CLICK HERE TO APPLY The Bureau of Safety is an integral part of the San Andreas Port Authority, as it ensures that all apparatus, personnel, and civilians perform their duties in a safe and up-to-standard environment. Furthermore, the Bureau ensures safety throughout the port by employing licensed, armed safety officers who are put through additional in-house training and certification programs. SAFETY OFFICER SALARY INFORMATION: $30,000+ Weekly (Probationary.) 42,000+ Weekly (Full officer status.) SAFETY OFFICER REQUIREMENTS: You must be 21 years of age or older. You must have at least a valid PF license and are in the process of getting a Guard Card. You must have a valid Driving license. Able to work full time and should not be working for other employers. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Conduct security patrols. Conduct Health and Safety inspections. Maintain security checkpoints. Enforce the port rules and regulations. OPPORTUNITIES: CBRN Specialist. H&S Inspector. Medical Assistant. Customs Officer. RECRUITMENT, INFORMATION AND CONTACT LINES: The Port of Los Santos bolsters a number of dedicated Foremen and Sub-Foremen who are dedicated to bringing aboard only the best longshoremen. If you're interested in employment or information, refer to the list of names below who may be able to assist you. HANK PRESTON DIRECTOR OF PORT AUTHORITY Appointed Director of the San Andreas Port Authority February 9th, 2021. Hank Preston, a lifelong public servant, working for the State Government. Known for his reliable management abilities, working within the Department of Labor and the Port of Los Santos for nearly thirty years, Preston eventually saw his appointment in early February 2021 as Director by Secretary of Labor Diane Renwick. As Director of the San Andreas Port Authority, Hank oversees all day to day aspects of San Andreas' Ports in conjunction with the multitude of private and public entities that operate therein. Employment numbers and public safety has seen drastic improvement at the Los Santos Harbor since his appointment. This project is a part of the San Andreas State Government faction. This faction does fall under the semi-legal category as we allow individuals with illegal affiliations to join. Our goal is to breathe more life into blue collar roleplay at the harbor. We strive to bring interesting roleplay to all that are interested in roleplaying in the area, whether you are a company, criminal or an average civilian. Our plan is to promote and incentivize good roleplay and character development through meaningful roleplay. Should you have any questions, concerns or are interested in becoming involved with the faction please reach out to @NexusExodus USEFUL LINKS IC WEBSITE FACEBROWSER DISCORD
  5. Black Dove Night Club West Vinewood | Los Santos Welcome to Black Dove Night Club! The #1 club in West Vinewood! Looking to celebrate an event or just enjoy a night out? Then we're the place for you! Click here to learn more! | Like & Review us on Facebrowser!
  6. Next Year in Jerusalem The Story of Hersh Blumberg Treading the thin line between crime, orthodox Judaism, and legitimate business
  7. As stated in the header of this advertisement, I am currently seeking a warehouse and/or a stand alone garage.
  8. La Barra La Mesa | Los Santos Welcome to La Barra! The #1 Bar owned by Emergency Services Personnel! Whether you're a first responder or just looking for a place to safe place to relax with your buddies, we're the place for you! Click here to learn more! | Like & Review us on Facebrowser!
  9. WELCOME TO Mountain MMA is a gym and a MMA Team, located in Hawick, Los Santos. Founded by the Godfather of Los Santos MMA Garbon Meqvabishvili, training the best fighters in the state. WE offer mixed martial arts training for any level, from self-defense to Pro-Fighting, with Pro-Fighters teaching our students. Mountain MMA is currently oldest working gym in Los Santos and home of the most champions in the state from the names like Leonid Tukhachevsky, Catherine Tukhachevsky, Rafford Mann, Isaac Ryu, Ike Chambers, Naoko Mitsukuri, Ashton Winters, Jackson Hayes and many more honorable members like Nikos Karagiorgis, Elizabeth Lacroix, Adrian Martinez, Hunter White, Felix Stone, Elizabeth Ricci, Noah Jenkins, Sarah Byrne, Rimvydas Snariadov. Current roster of official Team Mountain MMA: Leonid Tukhachevsky (Head of the team and current Bellicose champion) Isaac Ryu (Former undefeated best pound for pound fighter and Bellicose champion) Jackson Hayes (Former King of the Ring and Bellicose champion) Eduardas Tyla (The current owner of Mountain MMA and head coach) Julian Esperanza Kenneth Nakagawa Ryeom Eui Naoko Mitsukuri (Former Queen of the Ring and Bellicose champion) Ramunas Baranauskas (Professional fighter coach) GET YOUR GYM PASS
  10. This thread will follow a character development of Anwar Muhammad. An Egyptian young adult that is passionate about getting into the money world, and starting his dream business. His dream is to become like his father a famous business man, and continue his father's steps. The development will not be focused in the legal side of the character, but will also be focused on the illegal side of the character, that will happen if the development lead him to that.
  11. Empowering Financial Prosperity in Los Santos Welcome to Los Santos Prosperity Partners – your esteemed ally in transforming your ambitions into tangible achievements. Positioned as a preeminent lending establishment nestled in the heart of Los Santos, we recognize the imperative of affording both individuals and enterprises the opportunity to flourish. Demonstrating an unwavering dedication to financial empowerment, we proudly extend meticulously crafted lending resolutions that chart a course for your triumph. Our spectrum of offerings encompasses versatile loan alternatives, expedited approval processes, bespoke interest structures, and a reservoir of proficiency in the realm of financial facilitation. Our Services Personal Loans Los Santos Prosperity Partners offers unsecured personal loans designed to meet diverse financial needs, such as debt consolidation, education expenses, home improvements, and more. Clients benefit from competitive interest rates and convenient repayment options. Business Financing The company supports businesses of all sizes with working capital loans, equipment financing, and lines of credit. Its efficient approval process ensures that entrepreneurs can access funds quickly to drive growth and maintain operations. Real Estate Investment Recognizing the dynamic real estate landscape of Los Santos, the company specializes in providing real estate financing solutions. Whether it's funding property acquisitions, development projects, or investment opportunities, Los Santos Prosperity Partners assists investors and developers in realizing their visions. Loan Application Unlock your financial potential: Experience our seamless Loan Application At Los Santos Prosperity Partners, we're dedicated to propelling your dreams forward. Our streamlined loan application process empowers you to secure the fund you need with ease. Whether you're aspiring to invest, grow your business, or achieve personal milestones, our user-friendly application ensures that your journey toward financial success begins promptly. Say goodbye to complexities - Apply today and embrace a future brimming with possibilities! LSPP | Loan Application Form
  12. 🏚️ https://face.gta.world/pages/Himensbar ☎️ 555-3425 San Andreas 🈺️ Opening hours: ??h - ??h 📫 Hi-men cocktail bar - Roy Lowenstein Blvd, Rancho, LS, SA. 💰 Price range: $ (Cheap) 👷‍♂️ Currently hiring: No information if business is hiring, contact this place for more info
  13. Current Vacancies Operations [Blue Collar] - Refinery Operator - Aurum Energy Refinery [UNLIMITED] [OPEN] - Refinery Foreman - Aurum Energy Refinery [3 POSITIONS] [OPEN] - Head of Operations - Aurum Energy Refinery [1 POSITION] [CLOSED] Corporate [White Collar] - Human Resources Specialist - Aurum Energy Field-Office [2 POSITIONS] [OPEN] - Marketing Specialist - Aurum Energy Field-Office [2 POSITIONS] [OPEN] - Junior Engineer - Aurum Energy Field-Office [2 POSITIONS] [OPEN] - Sales Representative - Aurum Field-Office [3 POSITIONS] [OPEN] - Executive Assistant - Aurum Field-Office [0 POSITION] [CLOSED] - Security Agent - All Aurum Sites [3 POSITIONS] [OPEN] - Envionmental Agriculturist - Aurum Field Office [1 POSITION] [OPEN] - Marine Biologist - Aurum Field Office [1 POSITION] [OPEN] Application Process Archived Roles
  14. Business Insider: Lola's Review Written by Kate Park, April 4 2023 Published by Scarlett Remington, April 4 2023 RATING: 5/5 STARS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Above: Lola's located on Bay City Avenue Vespucci is renowned to be a thriving area with beach views, warm air, and plenty of bars & restaurants wanting to please tourists and residents alike. One of these standout bars is Lola's situated on Bay City Avenue. On Sunday evening I had the pleasure of finally getting to check out the bar. As I arrived I noted that the exterior of the property was outdated, and requires some attentive work in regards to attracting passer-by's. That said, as I entered through the door I was transported into a different world. The bright LED signs illuminated the rest of the area setting the vibe. The décor could be described as random uniqueness which added to the ambiance, and arguably artistic in the way that the furnishings have been laid out. There were plenty of areas to sit, and enjoy the wares of Lola's including several booths which seemed popular amongst groups. Those that found themselves exploring the area alone found them fortunate enough to sit at the bar. Beyond that sat an area in the corner with a multitude of arcade games, and an ice-hockey table allowing socialising beyond contemporary sitting, talking and drinking. Above: The Front Bar with Lola, and a staff member pictured. The bar staff were friendly, and attenuative to my needs and were able to talk me through the menu, as well as adding there personal recommendations. I had the opportunity to speak to the owner Lola directly. Lola was a friendly, and chatty individual, and before even speaking to her I could see her enthusiasm for good customer care. This really showed I could see other patrons engaging with her directly, and speaking to her on a name to name basis. When I got the opportunity to speak to me she said that she designed this concept from her own ideas, hence the name Lola's. She hopes that the creations that she has placed into her drinks menu continues to attract customers from around the L-S area. It's evident she cared about the business itself and hopes to continue its growth following it's successful running over the last few months. Above: An area within Lola's As I perused the blackboard menu I was immediately drawn to the Special Cocktails, perhaps a little expensive but with cocktail of alcohol added well worth it from a costing point of view. Beyond the speciality drinks Lola's serves classic spirits such as gin, vodka, and whiskey as well as a wide-range of beers giving plenty of choices to customers, something to suit every taste. For those that don't drink soft drinks, slushies, and coffees were also being routinely served. After deliberation between the special cocktails I finally settled on a Skittles Margarita. I observed the bartenders mixing, shaking and stirring my drink with precision, care and accuracy it was evident that they cared about their craft, and it certainly showed with the presentation of the drink itself. As I sipped on the drink I was well-impressed at the quality of the ingredients, and as I sat back sipping on the fruity and moreish beverage I sat back and enjoyed the experience. Pictured: Lola's blackboard of alcoholic concoctions Overall my experience at Lola's was nothing short but fantastic. From the friendly, attentive staff to the delicious drinks, and unique vibe within I enjoyed every aspect of this well-rounded cocktail bar. I would highly recommend those in the area looking for a memorable experience to take friends and family to enjoy a drink by the beach. Like I said at the start, the only drawback is the entrance but once you are within - you will not regret your decision.
  15. In that thread the development of Larry Adams a passionate business man will be posted. The main goal for that character is to become a famous business man or to become a well known lawyer that wants to start his own law firm. I will try my best to post related screenshots. However, I don't know what kind of screenshots that will be more relative to thread, but I will post the general development of the character to become a lawyer or a business man.
  16. This thread aims to follow Jacob Barbieri, age forty.
  17. Nadler

    Marcus Nadler

    This city will bleed you dry, You are young, You will fight over things, Safety is bought with blood, Yours. Theirs. Ours, Make one mistake, and its over, Here no one hands stay clean, You will come to despise it, like I all do, but I waited so long, to see it again, After Avi and Yulia moved to Israel, the brothers were sent to a border school in Ashkelon that fits for immigrants while knowing the basics of Hebrew. The first years weren't easy for them and while Mason got into a lot of fights with other students his big brother Marcus studied alone and avoided the conflicts, for 3 years they kept this type of behaviors until they knew pretty much everyone and slowly the conflicts stopped, Marcus was staying in a room with three Russian students and during that time he studied the basics of the language as it is considered to be tough to study. when the boys reached the age of 18 they had a choice whether joining the military or a college, Mason decided to go serve in the military and Marcus decided to go to college and start his degree in 'International Business Degree Specialization', International business specializations can take him across the world and open up global opportunities. These programs explore how international trade and finance policies and relations affect business decisions and analyze the real-world practices of international marketing, global financial markets, international trade operations, and many other relevant areas. he also studied how to adapt marketing strategies for international markets, construct management practices and processes in an international environment while recognizing global differences, and manage operations and production on a global scale. he always wanted a way to start his way in the business world. for four years Marcus studied while Mason served and the two hardly saw each other at that time since both were extremely busy with studies and training, Marcus finished his studies and started to work for a few companies around the country and slowly gained his experience within the field he studied. After 3 years of hard work in Israel Marcus gained more experience in the field that he studied and slowly met new friends and business partners around the world in different types of companies and agencies, during that time Marcus took courses in A.B.A and became an Arbitrator for the companies he met during the years, what made Marcus known among the companies is the fact that he has a great experience when it comes to business management and marketing and that he knows how to remain neutral when solving issues between companies. Marcus decided to return to America and continue his work from there as the dollar is always the best option, he had a few contacts in Los Santos city and was sure that a good fresh start in that location would be a good way to expand and find new ways in the businesses inside the city so he spoke to Mason and the brothers left Israel after 2 months of arranging everything for their parents, they left and flew to Los Santos to do what they do best, business. "Well.....this is not what I expected" was the first thing that went through Marcus's mind while spending his first week in the city, the crime rate was very high and most of the companies weren't what he was looking for. he arranged a meeting with a few business partners so they could give him more information about the city and how things work around it, he found out that the nightclubs and bars are what makes the money around the city so he met with ***** ******* who was looking for a manager to run his clubs, the two spoke and became business partners in addition to Marcus managing the clubs and earning his share each night. What's funny about nightclubs and bars is that you meet a lot more people then you do in big companies, all types of people and groups arrive at the club to have a good time and meeting their friends. this is where Marcus many new people and started fresh partnerships with different companies, groups, and individuals with who he can benefit. today Marcus spends most of his time during the nighttime doing what he does best, business. Marcus kept working around the nightclubs as a manager, he did his duties around and made sure those businesses are functioning perfectly and no issues are raising from anywhere. 2 months later he noticed that the government are hiring a e-procurement manager for the city contracts division and decided to apply as this will be a great step forward in his life to become a government employee. he applied and a week later had an interview with the head of the finance department Marcus Cambridge and deputy director Sofia Moreno, the interview went well and he got an email 3 days later letting him know he was hired for the position. Marcus decided to leave the nightclubs behind and focus on his new job completely for now, he manages to help around where he can as he is a good friend with many business owners around the city but his main focus is the contacts the city are willing to take and signing companies. So a few months passed and it seems that the job didn't go that well for Marcus as the payment wasn't so great and the work around the city was not as active as he planned it will be when he applied. he decided to stay a bit longer and see how things will go, Marcus started to become more miserable with each day as the work was very dead and he left the clubs behind so he had nothing to do. one day while sitting in a coffee shop he noticed an female with a hijab walking inside ordering some coffee so he approached her and turns out she was a lawyer so they changed numbers and a week later he called her and they went on their first date at Gusset, Malikah Saleh introduced herself as a lawyer and a professor in ULSA university and very quickly charmed Marcus with her personality, Marcus really fell for her and they started to date since then regularly. Not so long after Marcus decided to resign from the government and start to work as an architect in the city which made him very known around and increased his financial status to a very new level, he learned that architecture was something that he can both work in and have fun and decided to stick to this occupation and continue to Date Malikah. These months were his best in the city as he kept dating Malikah and supporting her in her mayoral elections both spiritually and financially and at the same time he continued to become more popular around the city, he is one of the most known architects around Los Santos and helped a few small businesses and those who can not afford an the work with their requests, basically doing the work and not taking any payment or refund for the materials he used, he lost some money over doing those favors but at the end he kept earning more then he was spending, it is true that he bought a sport car and a yacht after making his big bucks from the first projects but after learning how to deal with such amounts he learned that those things are plain boring and sold them back with no profit only to stay with his dream car the V12. Marcus purchased a warehouse to serve as a brewery for his company, the MGN brewery started to manufacture alcohol businesses around the city. The orders came in quickly as Marcus already knew most of the city businesses that operate daily. He hired a graphic designer and started to work on his new business cards, Brewery menus and website to make things look more professional. During the last months Marcus bought percentages in small businesses around the city that looked for help, each business evenatually brought a small passive income each month. Marcus is the co owner of Perseus Nightclub, a club that is fully packed everytime they open it and brings good income. How do people become successful? truly, is it money? that is the big lesson that he learned from the last few months as he met the love of his life and at the same time became a lot richer, but what is money compared to love? absolutely nothing, the money is only a mean to survive in a hard city to live in but meeting his soul mate is the true thing that kept him happy. it doesn't matter to them if they have to do things around to achieve their goals as long as they true to each other. The couple kept working hard and got engaged as both of them were really happy together, Marcus started to look for a bigger house for him and Malikah that has a bigger yard where they could invite people over and have parties. The two like to host people and wanted a bigger house so they could have more space and have a big yard where they could invite over business partners and guests which is something they tend to do a lot.
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