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  1. Name: Elihay "Eli" Morchi Age: 34 Current Occupation: Entrepreneur; Shareholder of Pawn Crashers. Approximate Wealth: $2,000,000 Vehicle(s): Lampadati Novak Likes: Honesty, bluntness, loyalty, pineapple juice, relationships. Dislikes: Rashness, attitudes, disrespect. Closest Friend(s): Rami (@Mabzy) Harari, Aviv (@Moyles) Moskana, Jonathan (@Sexymofo) Tenenbaum This thread's going to follow the development of Elihay Morchi and his interactions with others! Stay tuned! All information and screenshots are OOC and not to b
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking to purchase a warehouse / industrial property for a mechanic shop. PM me if you have any leads!
  3. Send me the kind of business, the location and the price and we will talk.
  4. This city will bleed you dry, You are young, You will fight over things, Safety is bought with blood, Yours. Theirs. Ours, Make one mistake, and its over, Here no one hands stay clean, You will come to despise it, like I all do, but I waited so long, to see it again, This story starts with Avi Nadler, A businessman from Israel that moved to Boston for a few years for business purposes met a beautiful Russian girl named Yulia Gorlenko. the two fell in love and after dating for a year they got married and had a son and named him Marcus, Avi alw
  5. Hello, I'm looking to lease a business preferably in the city. E-Mail me at [email protected]
  6. FOR SALE Jewelry store located on Atlee Street in the jewelry district of Mission Row. Pictures ((pinfo)) Auction Starting Bid: $225,000 Bid Increment: Minimum of $5,000 Buyout: $700,000 Offers considered.
  7. Click Image to get access to company website.
  8. Looking to buy a small business. More likely a 24/7, pawnshop etc... Contact: 04660411 or e-mail ((FORUM PM))
  9. Red Apron Meat Market Exterior The interior of the business is all bordered up and has NO furniture inside what so ever. Located in Cypress Flats, El Rancho. Right next to Guns Direct. (( Market Price $150,000 | Furniture cost $0 | Script price $50,000 Bar script )) Starting bid is $300,000 Bidding increments MUST go up by 5k At the time of the first starting bid, the business will be sold to the highest bidder 24 hours from their bid. *A full stock overview of storage for the business*
  10. Contact us or visit our website for more pricing details. This truly is way to conveniently own your own food truck legacy fast and efficiently! What are you waiting for? Give us a call TODAY! ☎ïļ 3435 [email protected] ((forum pm @ChaosOne)) FaceBrowser
  11. Los Santos Transit - The cure to this city's awful driving? By Nathan Hastings Image taken from Los Santos Transit Website Los Santos is notorious for its poor driving. In 2019, official government sources reported just over 54,000 traffic accidents and an announced 236 fatalities from these collisions alone. With this information in mind, it's hardly surprising that car insurance in Los Santos is on average 500.00 dollars higher per month than any other U.S State. When the roads are as hectic as they are, some less confi
  12. The Lucky Buddha Gambling Parlor is for sale! Market price: $100,000 Furniture worth: $30,000 Buyout: $330,000 This is not a "first come first served", buyer will be hand picked. (( Approval from PM will be required for the buyer before the transaction is made ))
  13. Banner of Peace is an establishment that primarily focuses on gambling. Such as lottery tickets, Poker, Black Jack. Banner of Peace was founded in late 2019. Banner of Peace is located in the heart of Mission Row, right beside our lovely police station. Any questions can be forwarded to my email. (MP AND FP = 151870) BANNER OF PEACE GALLERY Buyout Price: 455.000$ Starting bid: 250.000$ Current Bid: 250.000$
  14. Short description: A new smell feature, to be implemented as a complete realistic system. New business type suggestion, offering a wide selection of fragrances. Detailed description: We will agree that the roleplay experience includes all of our characters' senses, except for the smell. It's rare to see a player stating the smell spreading out in a place. So why not have this new system, allowing us either to buy fragrances from specific stores (NEW BUSINESS TYPE SUGGESTION) or simply to smoke a cigarette, to automatically let your entourage know if your smell is plea
  15. The Lucky Buddha Gambling Parlor is for sale! A cozy two room interior, located in the heart of Little Seoul. Market Price: $100,000 Furniture worth: $37,000 Starting bid: $150,000 Minimum bid increments: $10,000 Buyout price: $337,000 (( OOC permission from the Property Management team granted for the buyer will be required before processing the transaction ))
  16. SOLD FOR 625,000$ Hello! I am looking to sell a dealership up in Paleto Bay. It has a full blown showroom 2 offices and 2 bathrooms, aswell as space for atleast 9 cars. There is also a bunch of space in the outside due to a big parking lot outside, and in the back. It has a front door, aswell as a backdoor and a garage door operated by remote control, and a panel beside it. When I opened the dealership, I recieved a lot of activity from both locals and outsiders in Los Santos, due to the luxurious atmosphere and a proper dealership feel, unlike most yard sale dea
  17. The Split Kipper Fish Restaurant is under new management and will be opening soon! Anyone wishing to dine here will be able to make reservations or walk in and be seated if there is space! We are currently looking for staff! Positions and requirements are as shown: Manager: Having prior managing experience is mandatory. As a Manager your job will be to open and close the restaurant for when the owner is not available, you will be tasked with making sure everything is going how it should, and dealing with any customer complaints or
  18. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/olve6Z6 Description: A luxurious Spa with two massage rooms, a sauna, a changing room, a reception area and an office upstairs. Good decoration of plants and paintings throughout. Also equipped with a WiWang alarm system. Also in Little Seoul which is a safe and low-crime area + business hotspot. Start Bid: $160,000 Buy Out: $406,000 Minimum bid raise: $5,000 Furniture cost: $71,000 Market Price: Building=75k, Office=20k, (total 95k) ((Has 50k createitem script, furnished customized interior. Office is a preset interior.)) SOLD
  19. Dollar Bill Card House located in downtown Vinewood is being put up for sale. Beautiful custom interior. Prime downtown location with lots of dedicated parking available. Room for expansion available. Alarm & Safe installed. Market Price ((Building+Business menu)): $200,0000 Furniture value: $75,000 Starting bid: 300k Buyout: N/A. Exterior: https://imgur.com/H50GcaT Interior: https://imgur.com/br7OEZc https://imgur.com/GK7jt1n https://imgur.com/fd7jIMa https://imgur.com/JyVSCVn https://imgur.com/J1nCRrh https://imgur.com/N7266A7 https://imgur.com/1b0DnEk https://imgur.com
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