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    Incase the problem wasn't fixed for you. Do the following: - Close your game if it is already running - Open RAGE Launcher - Click the settings icon - Ensure "Accelerated CEF rendering is
  2. Understandable, you do need something that others want but not everyone actually like that there are some nice people around that just like to hang around and have fun. Some factions don't ask much of you and gives you the freedom you want for your character (Most in the legal world). When it comes to businesses you should try to work in one rather then owning one.
  3. I can understand that you like RPing alone but eventually you will want and need to have friends or associates ICly to pass the time around here. Default jobs are nnice but you also have other ways to work around here, the business world around here Is extremely active and gives endless ways for you to work and make friends during work hours. You also have the option to join a certain faction, some are government, some are just legal and the rest are illegal. Government jobs will be a good pick if you like RPing alone.
  4. Lowering the mask prices won't fix the crime in the city, so +1 for lowering the prices to something more logical.
  5. A great idea, will definitely be nice to sit without a boombox and hear music outside.
  6. If it's possible to make, I am supporting this completely. The more options players has to be creative without script limitations the more unique characters you will see around.
  7. Like they said, I am sure this rule was created after the wave of robberies in the county area where Davis characters looked to rob hunters in the woods.
  8. I would say that the staff should bring this into an IC manner that the government or real estate agencies could somehow work with, giving more jobs to people.
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