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  1. Pre-Launch Update - November We have been hard at work at Greenwell to develop a wide array of strategies to approach the economic market. We have put an overview of our core strategies on the website to promote transparency towards our investors and business partners. We are also working on the acquisition of different companies in different sectors. We currently have our eyes on the technology and energy sectors and aim to push these industries further in terms of innovation and sustainability with our investment strategies. We are also currently putting together a diversified portfolio and are looking to work with different well-established companies to promote higher risk-adjusted returns. Our investment partnership is committed to excellence, therefore we only work with corporations that truly push the needle within the economy. If you are interested in working with us or think your company aligns with our vision and is looking to expand exponentially, feel free to reach out for any inquiries! The fund is still currently closed for retail investors, however we are accepting private investors. Contact us at 1912-2930 or [email protected] ((forum PM))
  2. ((The fund works with big corporations and high net-worth investors to fund large-scale innovative projects in the healthcare, logistics, technology, energy, and government sectors. This incentivizes companies to generate value with their projects through government & public funding. We aim to make it possible for players to invest in shares of these companies and projects, and reward the shareholders for their trust and commitment to said projects with high percentage returns over longer timeframes. Upon opening an account with Greenwell, we will manage clients' portfolios by giving them a variety of options to invest in and update the values of these portfolios accordingly. This will create a more dynamic and integrated economy between the players and corporations of this server.)) For now, we are very selective in who we work with. We are currently already in talks with several high-profile companies on the server, and will disclose further information as we progress with the development of the firm. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out.))
  3. ((The fund is currently exclusively open to institutional & high net-worth investors. However, Greenwell Capital will be available for retail investors in the near future.))
  4. Greenwell Capital Management, LLC. | Creating stability for investors. An investment partnership committed to excellence and the pursuit of superior risk-adjusted returns. "To be successful in this industry, a firm has to be able to reinvent itself again and again. Greenwell is always a work in progress." - Joseph Sarno, Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Sarno is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Greenwell. Before starting the fund, Mr. Sarno worked in the investment banking division of multiple large institutions for over ten years, most of which time he spent on the Eastcoast. Mr. Sarno graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Illinois. Core strategies Greenwell invests in public and private assets around the world. We implement ideas developed through critical thinking and rigorous bottom-up fundamental analysis. Our main focus is on emerging and innovative markets that make a positive impact on the economy, hence why our fund works exclusively with well established companies. Greenwell Capital Management seeks investments across asset classes and around the world through a process of bottom-up fundamental research and analysis emphasizing capital preservation. Our investment strategies include Direct Investments, Merger Arbitrage, Real Estate Investments, and IPO Strategy & Process Consulting. Direct Investments Our Direct Investments are typically longer-dated, less liquid private market transactions and may be in various parts of the capital structure. We generally look for inefficiently financed situations where we can facilitate a recapitalization, or situations in which traditional institutional financial capital is not available. We are prepared to move quickly, providing timely, customized financial solutions. This strategy can include transitional financing in the form of senior secured and mezzanine loans, project and acquisition financing, non-performing loan portfolios, convertible debt, and event and growth equity. IPO Strategy & Process Consulting Our IPO strategy helps established organizations open up paths to capital or boost their public profile by making its shares available for purchase by the general public. An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance. IPOs frequently are conducted by mature, successful enterprises eager to create value by going public themselves or to transform a subsidiary or line of business into a standalone public company. Greenwell works with companies throughout the IPO process to boost value and proceeds, ease complexity, and position companies for a successful path in the capital markets. Merger Arbitrage Our Merger Arbitrage strategy is focused mainly on corporate takeovers. Each investment seeks to capture the spread between the current and projected values of securities of companies involved in a merger or acquisition. To employ this strategy, we typically establish a long position (usually a purchase of common stock) in an announced takeover candidate and, if the proposed merger or acquisition is structured as a share-for-share deal, take a short position in the acquiring company. Long-Short Equity Our Long-Short Equity strategy primarily invests in common stock that we believe is underpriced or overpriced relative to its intrinsic or fundamental value, based on an in-depth, differentiated assessment of a company and its market compared to other market participants. Investments also may be made in anticipation of events, changes or catalysts. Market risk and other risks may be hedged through a variety of financial instruments. Real Estate Investments Our Real Estate strategy pursues generally illiquid investments in real estate-related assets, especially in cases where improvement of the asset, leasing and addition of management expertise can add value. We invest opportunistically across a broad range of real estate assets, in various parts of the capital structure, with a focus on office, retail, multifamily and industrial assets.
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