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  1. This discussion thread aims at putting forward the community's ideas for businesses. Here are some optional questions to help set the tone: 1) - What sort of business do you find yourself wanting more of on GTA World? 2) - What types of businesses aside from clubs and bars would make the city feel less empty in your opinion? 3) - Are you pleased with the current state of the GTA World business scene? 4) - Do we need more server-owned businesses with some ''RPG'' elements to them? Or are player-owned businesses strictly the best option, or would a mix of both be better? 5) - Should businesses/companies move towards the county? Do you believe this would increase county RP's popularity? Whether or not you answer those questions, feel free to leave your business ideas below so that people might be more encouraged and share your thoughts!
  2. "Good luck in most cases comes through the misfortune of others." Jackie Stewart Motorsport can not be confused with street racing. Motorsport is a type of sport in which high talented drivers and enthusiats compete in race built machinery and test their limits on a controlled environment with rules, safety standards and organisation. San Andreas Motorsports - Hitting the Apex is going to show the path to glory and the issues our drivers and teams may find on their way to achieve success. With the upcoming events that are going to take place in Los Santos, this thread is the best place to present to the community what our members and drivers go through during events and during the preparation to it. PFISTER SUPER CUP This event is the pinnacle of San Andreas Motorsport, the event has six teams with sixteen drivers competing on two german GT3 ready machinery: the Pfister Growler and Comet S2. One of the most expensive events in San Andreas, all teams are backed by wealthy and known local companies and with full broadcast of the Los Santos News Networks. These drivers compete for the glory of becoming tne next Pfister Super Cup Champion, the highest prize a professional driver can receive in San Andreas. AUTONATION KANJO CUP This league is the entry level series for San Andreas Motorsports. Supporting the main event of the Pfister Super Cup, the aspiring star drivers compete on race-ready Dinka Kanjos, the perfect machinery to provide fair racing and a good learning curve to one day get a chance to drive in the main event. With the capacity of having twenty drivers at once on track, it's the best place to showcase your skills to the bigger teams and you may even end up with a contract signed by the end of the season. OOC NOTE This thread was made to showcase the roleplay of our teams, staff and members to the community. The main goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to present high roleplay within motorsport events and introduce high standards that makes sure all of our events and leagues are as realistic as possible. Being a member of this community requires respect to the server rules and extensive research on motorsport roleplay and how to portray it in Los Santos. The pictures posted here are not necessarily in chronologic order but will show the development, struggles and success of our drivers within the leagues we manage and take part. Only members of the San Andreas Motorsports group are allowed to post screenshots. If you want to be part of the events, all recruitment and registration of teams and staff is done in character without any exception. (( PM @joaoivis if you have questions ))
  3. A GUIDE TO VINEWOOD & MEDIA PRODUCTION During my two and a half years on the server I noticed that a lot of people want more of a celebrity presence in LS, and while this (sortof) exists in the form of long-lasting characters, or funny niche characters, or characters who are known for being a bartender at every club, it isn’t really formed in the right way. These are more so OOC celebrities passed through word of mouth on discord or by seeing a character’s name tag a lot, not because your character sees them as a celebrity in their world. Of course, someone can’t just create a character and start their story as an A-List movie star when no one has ever heard of them before. It just wouldn’t work in a GTA:W setting where characters constantly change, many characters being changed every couple of months. So really, the only way to generate some kind of celebrity status is to start small and build up the fame status organically. That’s where this guide comes in. I graduated university with a degree in Media Production and have explored various avenues of this on GTA:W before, but that doesn’t mean I know everything, so if there’s anything you would like added to this guide just comment on the thread or drop me a Forum PM and i’ll update it. I just want to see more of an authentic LS (LA) atmosphere full of the creative hipsters the GTA 5 story mode does such a good job of emulating. VINEWOOD BACKGROUND It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Vinewood is Rockstar’s interpretation of Hollywood, an area of Los Angeles bursting with wannabe actors, directors, editors, models, musicians, blah blah, you name it. Not only that, but it is often home to more affluent neighbourhoods and businesses, such as high-end fashion stores, luxury hotels and busy nightclubs. Like mentioned previously, it’s a hipster’s wet dream. If you wish to RP someone wanting to make it big in the entertainment industry, I suggest roleplaying them by being obsessed with this enclosed “culture” of creativity and fame. A lot of people are desperate to just get their foot in the door, while doing menial and dead-end jobs in the meantime to sustain them as they set out to achieve their dreams. This is naturally going to be a different story depending on the character you’re aiming to portray. Unfortunately, Vinewood doesn’t have the same influence in GTA:W as Hollywood does IRL, obviously. That goes without saying and it will remain that way even if multiple people start to RP it. However, Vinewood within the GTA lore is an influential area and would likely make up a large amount of San Andreas’ economy and tourism if it was functioning properly. Bare this in mind if you plan on RPing this concept - your character would have to be very, very, very lucky to get into a high-end production straight off the bat. Or if they are a director, they won’t be producing the next blockbuster, and a musician won’t be instantly playing at the biggest club/concert in town. It’s very much a rags to riches story that only a handful of people actually succeed in. With that in mind, don’t be scared to start small. When I made the Paleto Boys (a jackass inspired film) on the server, it was just me and two other dudes. MEDIA PRODUCTION So you have a character, an entertainment industry related goal and a few ideas up your sleeve. This is when things go from IC to OOC. Unfortunately, just roleplaying the production of something usually isn’t enough to grab the rest of the server’s attention. Not only do people want to see an actual finished product, but it’s better RP all around when the collaboration leads to something you can share. However, a lot of people get intimidated at this stage because they haven’t tried filming game footage before, or they haven’t used editing software or have no idea how to use Menyoo. This is what stops people from getting involved in a lot of cases, so hopefully this guide can provide some insight on what to do and how to do it so more people can get involved with the scene. FILMING OOC TECHNIQUES A lot of people think that you have to use menyoo to get any footage that looks remotely good. This takes a lot of time and takes away from the collaboration of doing it on the server. Menyoo is a great tool if you wish to use it, but this guide will be more focused on how to film things within the server itself, as there’s already plenty of menyoo tutorials out there. Not only that, but filming within the server can be beneficial RP for everyone and not just those involved in the production. The production company could hire people to block the roads where a specific scene is being filmed and on-lookers can see this while they walk through the street and watch it happen. This is something that happens IRL especially in places like LA, and will add even more of an authenticity to the state we’re trying to base our world off of. This goes without saying but any screen recording software is capable of doing this. The one I personally use is the geforce experience overlay, it’s easy to use and most people have a Nvidia graphics card. To bring up the overlay, just press Alt + Z. All recording and screenshot settings can be found in there as well as keybindings for recording (default: Alt + F9 to start recording, then again to stop recording). The footage automatically saves to your PC’s videos folder, or any other file destination if you change the settings to suit yourself. Now the software is out of the way, the fun itself begins. The main technique is the GTA 5 first-person view, then pressing F7 to remove the GTA:W chatbox and name tags. Now you are viewing the server through what would be the camera’s lens. However, the first person view is very limited on it’s own, so this is why we use the server provided animations. The ones I have frequently used are /anim liedown1 and /anim crouched1, as they give the first person perspective a lower angle, for example: https://streamable.com/ezgbeo Another option is to climb up onto in-game structures and buildings, giving you a higher up perspective. Just make sure to RP this - potentially falling off the structure while filming can be a funny situation to change things up a bit. If the shot still isn’t working for you, you can go into the game’s settings and adjust the first person camera field of view. This is easily done. While it doesn’t change much, it’s enough to make a difference and could transform a shot into something better. To film moving shots, you can use the /walk anim while in first person and it will create a smooth movement similar to that used in films when they pan a camera. It can be a bit glitchy at times but that’s just the nature of it and the number one thing you will need OOC is a little bit of patience. IC INFORMATION AROUND FILMING This is the most important part as obviously we are all on the server for the IC aspect, otherwise we would just be filming on another server or on GTA:O. A lot of people are unaware of the processes that go into filming and just how much time and organization is behind it. CREW STRUCTURE In blockbuster films/bigger productions: Producer: In charge of keeping everything organised. The paperwork person. Responsible for organizing filming dates, time, making sure equipment is available/booked, actors are looked after, etc. Director: More often than not the director will also be the writer. In very big productions they might be separate roles but in a RP setting this is unlikely. They have a clear vision of how they want the film to look in their head and will work directly with the Director of Photography to bring this to life. Writes shot lists, holds auditions for actors, etc. Works directly with the actors on filming days. Director of Photography: Might be a separate person or just the director depending on the size of production. Works alongside the director to decide on how they’re going to film a specific scene, what camera they will use, whether to use close ups, mid-shots, etc. Camera operator: Is responsible for the actual shooting of the film. Script Supervisor/Set team: Responsible for how the set looks and ensuring it matches up with the script and the writer's vision. Will make sure everything looks good between shots, including the actor's hair, make up, etc. Actor: Self-explanatory. Plays a character in the film. Often encouraged to put their own unique spin on things. Video editor: Takes the footage and puts it all together at the end. Adds any vfx or colour grading. Sound designer: Works on the soundtrack, sound effects, etc. Works alongside a video editor to turn the footage into an enjoyable film. In independent companies and short film productions, usually one person will take on several roles. For example, the director, producer, and editor may be all one person. Bigger companies, especially those on a Vinewood level, would aim to have a separate person for each role and even assistant sub-roles. Directors will often create a clear dialogue with the actors. It won’t be entirely just shooting scenes and working with them directly that way. There will be communications on the side too, such as having small meetings to discuss what’s going well, any challenges faced, any ideas the actors may have, etc. This is just another avenue of RP that could be very interesting but often overlooked and not thought about. FILMING DAY These are heavily structured in a professional Vinewood setting and even in Indie settings. The crew usually agrees on a time and date and everything they wish to achieve in that time will be already planned out by the producer. Usually all would go in one vehicle to the filming location, most likely a company van that can accommodate everyone and the equipment. For films shot on a set, the actors just show up to work and may have their own trailers to relax in when they’re not needed. There is usually a risk assessment carried out before filming days to consider all the potential risks that come with filming and to ensure employee safety. Contracts would be signed with the actors too prior to this. One last thing to bare in mind is that filming days are getting longer and longer in the industry, perhaps not in an independent company but in Vinewood, people can be working 13-15 hours a day close to the deadlines. This can be an interesting avenue of RP, perhaps roleplaying a corporate production company CEO who cares more about getting the film released than the work rights of the actors and film crew, or someone who is a victim of this. There’s more to it than showing up and standing in front or behind a camera for a few hours then heading home. EQUIPMENT A subject often overlooked when roleplaying media production on GTA:W, since there’s no requirement to buy anything scriptly to record things and all the lighting is done for you by the game engine. But to RP this authentically, there are several things to consider, especially if you want to realistically RP a budget for the film production. Equipment can either be owned by a company or individual, or rented (usually in indie productions it is rented). A camera, obviously. These can vary from simple DSLR or mirrorless cameras all the way to the big production cameras you see on traditional film sets. Doing research about this is a must to create immersion for everyone you are RPing with. Lens often come separately to the cameras and are attached as of when they’re needed. Lighting equipment. These are usually LED lights with plastic gel sheets that go over the light to change the colouring of it. Can also be tungsten lights, which are warm light and often used to replicate the sun. Obviously you won’t have to do anything with this IC but it’s good to RP setting them up as though they were having an effect, or if using an indoor set, you can use furniture items to make the room brighter or have a specific colour to it. Generator. If you’re shooting outside with no power sockets in sight, a generator may be needed to provide power to the lighting equipment or charge up equipment. This is usually in extreme cases where the shooting location is in the middle of nowhere. Microphones. The most commonly used microphone in a film setting is the boom mic, the ones on a long pole with the furry covering. The furry covering is there to block out wind noises so the microphone only picks up what we want it to. Another type of microphone you might use is the Lavalier mic. These are essentially the clip on microphones with their own battery pack. Which you use depends on budget and context. POST-PRODUCTION AND EDITING Visuals Not going to touch much on this as for most, if not all, editing software has plenty of tutorials available on Youtube already, however I will recommend using Davinci Resolve, or if you can afford it/get a cracked version, Premiere Pro. Davinci Resolve is free and very beginner friendly. The editing is most likely the biggest part of the production as this is the section where you take it from everyday game footage and turn it into something cinematic or funny or thought-provoking or all of the above. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it and to mostly have fun with it since it is still just a game. It doesn’t have to be the perfect edit theoretically or even practically, just something substantial enough for the rest of the server to see it and think “hold on a minute, that’s pretty cool, i’ll support this.” Sound Probably the hardest part of the whole production as it’s near impossible to get people willing to act in game as well as to do voice acting OOC for the sake of the production. If you can get some like-minded people who aren’t afraid to voice act then perfect, but unfortunately this is rare, so I recommend taking audio from pre-existing videos on youtube and adding it to your content to bring a bit more life to it, if the context works. For example, when I do BMX edits, I will find audio from IRL BMX edits and place this in the edit to give the video more authenticity and life. Music/soundtrack is something to consider before you even start editing. The music should dictate the pace of the editing, not the other way around, only in rare circumstances should you edit without the music in that moment already decided. FINISHED PRODUCT - NOW WHAT? So now you have a video to share. You’ve worked on it for OOC months and maybe even IC years, you’ve had some good RP from it and now you want to do something with it. The first step is to find a pre-existing company that specializes in showing film, most notably is the Doppler Cinema or any variety of that. Working out a deal with them to showcase your film and getting a cut is usually the way that companies wanting to get big in the industry go. Smaller, independent companies may just share their work on YouTube and other social media sites (in this case, Facebrowser). They may submit their work to short film festivals or competitions, assuming the IC government or other IC businesses starts to facilitate those who wish to RP the entertainment industry. Hell, maybe you could start your own short film festivals where you can share your own work and other people’s work. At the end of the day, this is the part where media production and fame meets, and the only way to increase that fame is to continue putting your projects out there. Happy to write in more detail about anything mentioned here if anyone is wanting to get into the scene and not sure where to start, forum PMs are always open. Have fun with it and really don’t be intimidated to at least give it a go. Here’s some examples of what has been created entirely in-game through the methods mentioned above: https://streamable.com/696qsx Check out Torwald Pictures as well for a few menyoo examples.
  5. Hello everyone! The previous topic I made (HERE) was made in a rushed manner, and I had it locked when it became horribly outdated. With the new fishing update, maritime has gotten a big overhaul and I feel like a topic like this is warranted. It is important in that the community as a whole is able to give their input about this niche subject of roleplay in roder for us all to improve on the matter! People will be able to leave their feedback here, negative and positive. Just please be courteous; no bashing or nameshaming! ❤️ Before the fishing update, the Maritime sector was, quite literally, dead. We ofcourse had the Los Santos Marina Yacht Club, but that was about it. Their purpose was to provide a home and a roleplay environment around yacht ownership, which was and still is an amazing concept. But before the fishing update, this was the only Maritime activity we had. When the fishing update was deployed, the Tug saw its major entry for real into the maritime sector! Yes, its been in the server for a while, but this was the first time a boat was given a functional purpose. This made way for the Maritime sector to florish, and boy did it florish! The waters are more active than ever, even now after the big hype has calmed down a bit. We also saw the first introduction of the first real Maritime orientated business; Seo-Hee Min's Maritime (yes, self promote much?). This business is focussed on providing a roleplay environment around an actual naval business model for both legal and illegal roleplayers. What do you think about the current maritime improvements? What could be improved? What do you think should be long and short term plans? Personally, I saw the fishing update as a good basis to expand further on. It was a great addition, but there is much more that can be done. There are countless suggestions that deserve their attention for this sector, which will be linked below. So go ahead! Post up your opinion, your view, your feedback on this topic. Lets see what we can accomplish together with this. Add Marine VHF Radio Fix the fish selling point at Paleto Bay More low-end affordable boats. /Depositfish & /Withdrawfish Cruise control for tugs and bigger boats Make Tug fishing more profitable Add a boating license Fish Deliveries unrealistic & some changes for the Tug boat Add a depth indicator for boats. Add an official Maritime Authority Fishing Improvements Seo-Hee Min's Maritime San Andreas Park Rangers The Port of Los Santos
  6. Maritime Discussion Mega Thread --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! This is a discussion topic I've made for the Maritime RP in the server. Any input from the entire server is appreciated! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, with the summer coming, there will be a fair bit of players going into the maritime sector again like last summer. However, with the new 1.1 version of RageMP and the 1.1 update of GTA:World, the sync on the water has been significantly improved. One of the things improved; you can stand on moving boats! There have already been a few new companies rising up to do sea-bound roleplay, but there has still been a lack of illegal RP in my opnion. So lets discuss a few things. - What do you think about the current state maritime RP is in? - How do you think it can be improved? - How would both Legal and Illegal factions benefit from potential changes? - And any extra input you have For easy navigation, I have included a few links to current maritime involved companies and factions: ⛵⚓ Los Santos Marina Yacht Club | "Upward & Windward" ⛵⚓ Aswell as suggestions (do not discuss those here): New supplier for components: Fish hauling Allow furnishing in vehicle interiors Add Marine VHF radio Add More Boats Discuss! 🙂
  7. So your character just got CK'd and you changed the name to start over... but you have properties and cars left over from your previous character. How do you RP the properties? Do you sell them before you start or incorporate them in some way?
  8. Short description: Add a command like /melow but /meloud, which'll double the /me command radius. Detailed description: Sometimes a player who might be far away from my chat distance wants to perform an action, maybe a larger radius of players should be aware of the /me I'm performing (eg - Police shooting teargas during riots, fellow player performs some action over the other side of the road, etc etc. Commands to add: /meloud - longer range for /me (eg: /meloud shoots a teargas round to the riot crowd) /doloud - longer range for /do (eg: /do the teargas round near misses John Doe and starts to spread) Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? People will have better roleplay experience. Additional information: Cleared all of it basically. Self explains also.
  9. Ok I don't know if I should be posting this on here but here goes. It seems that for a lot of my characters I have good concepts for them but when I actually make them I suddenly don't even know what to do with them. I don't know if I'm just not doing something right or I'm just desperate for roleplay. Any advice that can be given to me?
  10. frostyworks


    So, new game just got released few days ago, kind of a tool that allows you to write your imagination in LUA language. New SAMP? What do you think? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1105810/Onset/
  11. Korzulmon

    Ped skins?

    Is there no way to rolplay with a ped skin anymore? Can't seem to find them, have they been removed? and if so is that permanent?
  12. Short description: Faction voice chat should be removed because its a detriment to the roleplay experience, i propose a alternative that captures 90% of the dynamics VC is supposed to solve. Detailed description: Currently, Voice chat is implemented for the PD faction to assist in chases. However there exist a solution that solves this in a purely TEXT based manner. The UI script of the PD player shows the street he's in. I don't see why' its not possible to broadcast these street information in a TAC TEXT channel along with a cardinal direction and or speed of the lead vehicle or the centroid average of a cluster of PD cruisers. Its not supposed to be GPS and recognizing street names requires spatial awareness the exact same skills as what a normal VC would require. This is what VC is supposed to solve anyway. Commands to add: Not sure Items to add: Not sure. How would your suggestion improve the server?, It would lay to rest this issue once and for all in a satisfying way. Additional information:
  13. Hey, there. Of course I know what /me is, generally. The short description of it is, /me is used to describe actions, right? After some time on the server, I have met several different type of roleplayers, and I usually judge their roleplay quality by, one, their spellings and punctuations, and two, the amount of /me's and how detailed it is. But, after I've seen a thread in Player's Guide, it's said that the longer the sentence is not always the best as it can be wordy. Examples of /me's in situations shaking hands *Thomas smiles gently towards Scott as he extends his right arm towards Scott, expecting a handshake. * Thomas offers a handshake to Scott, smiling towards Scott. (Which one is preferred?) Aside from GTA World, I also roleplay on an RP server on FiveM as an LEO (voice), I once asked the admins why their /me's are not required to be long? They said, "We have animations and scripts that support roleplays therefore we don't need to make /me's long just make them as short as possible, so we don't spend the whole time RPing by typing those /me's" On the said FiveM server, when we drink- we eat or anything that can be done via animation, we don't use me— we would simply play the animation and the animations are dynamic. Examples that we use /me's on the FiveM server, * John takes out info, and hands it over. * Thomas takes the info. * Thomas slings AR. * Thomas checks pulse. * Thomas grabs first aid kit. I agree that the /me's is too short and not that detailed, which I can separate the way I RP when on GTA World and on the FiveM server, but one thing I'm thinking that I would be implementing to my RP in GTA World is the using of animation. Instead of * Thomas rests his palm on the counter | /anim counterleanbar4 * Thomas takes a seat on the chair, smiling towards Scott then he says "Please take a seat" | /anim sitchair15, /ame smiles, "Please take a seat" (Which one is preferred?) I'm not saying GTA World or the FiveM server is right or wrong, but my question and discussion here is, what's the most effective way of using /me's and in what case that /me's is not necessary on GTA World?
  14. First off, if this has been suggested already, I'm sorry. I looked through posted suggestions already and couldn't find anything. Short description: Allow established trucking companies to bypass the truck delivery restriction via company ranks. Detailed description: Before I go any further, I need need NEED to state that this is by no means meant to be available for regular trucker players. This is for COMPANY EMPLOYEES ONLY. What I'm suggesting here is that companies get an inscript ranking system to track who does what. Trainee, junior driver, experienced driver, trucker, senior trucker, and so forth. Company vehicles could be locked to ranks - said ranks which would be attained as in-character promotions. Depending on your rank, you can drive different vehicles. Commands to add: /setrank [ID] [RANK] - Sets an employee's rank in game. /ranks - Gives a general list of ranks and their restrictions in your current company. /setvrank [RANK] - sets a certain vehicle's minimum rank to be used by. Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? As of right now, trucking in a company barely feels any different to dock rent trucking, except you get paid a little more. For people like myself who want to roleplay an actual trucker character, and not just some grinder trying to make a ton of money to buy a ton of sports cars, it'll make the experience much more enjoyable and immersive from an IC standpoint. Much more roleplay opportunity will arise and you'll be able to develop your logistics journey via actual roleplay instead of how many script jobs you've tediously done. Additional information: Don't think much is needed. Also, commands might be a little wonky, I'm not quite sure how legal factions ranks work in game already.
  15. The Split Kipper Fish Restaurant is hiring! Anyone wishing to dine here will be able to make reservations or walk in and be seated if there is space! We are currently looking for staff! Positions and requirements are as shown: Manager: Having prior managing experience is desirable . As a Manager your job will be to open and close the restaurant for when the owner is not available, you will be tasked with making sure everything is going how it should, and dealing with any customer complaints or requests. On top of this you will be in charge of the staff working at the time, should they have a problem it will become your problem. Chef: Preferably have experience preparing fish dishes or willing to learn, good English. As a chef you will be in the kitchen preparing the food orders, this can be a stressful job is the place becomes busy, so be aware of that. Waitress x3: Preferably customer service experience although not mandatory, good English is mandatory. As a waiter/waitress your job will be to show customers to their seats, hand out menus, take orders and payments, and to deliver food from the kitchen to the customers. If Interested in any of these roles please phone #5102217 or as an alternative email [email protected](Forum PM). An interview will be conducted, only then will pay and bonuses be discussed. The menu at the moment is as shown below.
  16. Short description: Set up a set of particular restrictions and modifications to the currently existing trucking script in order to incentivise more role play on the job. Detailed description: Step 1: Automate (and NPC out) the loading and unloading process of trucks, however add a timer for the completion of such process with the truck frozen in place, yet able to be departed from. Step 2: Set a limit to routes you can take per hour (or per day), however adjust trucks' crate holding capacity to even out the hourly profit as it is/should be with the then restricted/lesser amount of routes. PS: Consider (and likely do) lowering amount of deliveries needed to jump into a better/bigger truck for obvious reasons (limited routes per hour). Commands to add: N/A, just alter the currently existing ones. Items to add: N/A, just alter the crate capacity ratios of current trucking vehicles to even out expected hourly profits post route restrictions. How would your suggestion improve the server? Step one of my suggestion would get rid of the obnoxious two-emotes (un)loading process that people insist on calling role play and will instead add an incentive to human interaction/social role play around the job. Step two will replace a lot of the mechanical grind with free time to actually role play and develop a character, around the job/theme of trucking and otherwise. It will also further discourage truckers from racing around Los Santos for the sake of making an extra dollar. In cohorts these two changes of the trucking system will in my opinion change the scriptwise incentives the job provides and subsequently shift the mental focus away from speeding and grinding to an actually better paced and fitting one for a role playing environment. What's even better about my suggestion is that it doesn't (at least on paper) require a major/complete overhaul of the trucking-business inventory system. Additional information: Jobs like trucking and the way the script around them is set-up are by nature ones that actually financially penalize you for stopping and actually role playing on the job (unlike startshift jobs). Wether people are right or wrong for optimizing such systems and chosing to neglect role play for the sake of profit is a whole different subject. The fact is that the script allows it/that is its very nature and that is not okay for a role playing server. Such script setup is counterproductive in principle to the standards the community tries to uphold. People that chose to AFK out the timer times suggested and things a-like can and should always be punished. Just like racing people are now. Excuse typos or whatever, lmk if something is unclear.
  17. So...let's begin. As I seen on another PD this and PD that thread. Let us address few things, that kinda stand out. Highways are never empty. They are packed in real life and would be also in the game if we had NPCs, we don't have NPCs cause they take up player slots. But they are not empty. Then traffic lights are synced yes it's not an excuse anymore. If I have green I go, if you have red you stay put. And this sadly happens everytime. I always stop at lights and wait for the go. But in general the traffic on the server is quite sad. Also remember people you are not roleplaying in empty world, but rather one of busiest cities in US. Take that into consideration, that normally the beach is packed, normally the highways are packed. Normally every PD station is active, even that on the pier. Yes on the server it is not as it should be cause limitations. But just because your character doesn't die if you don't eat for a month, does that mean you shouldn't buy food? You don't have to, but in that case it's not realistic.
  18. Short description: Add a system that allows anyone to check the damages to a vehicle (Specifically from bullets, but other things as well) Detailed description: A command (/vdamages) would let you check a car in proximity to you for damages. This probably wouldn't be area specific (IE: Front,rear,side) as i don't think rage supports that data. However, you could /vdamages and see that a car has bulletholes in it for example. Logic: If car is hit by gunfire or involved in a collision with another car -> Store data including time/weapon caliber. -> If /vdamages is used, display damages to the vehicle to the sender of the command the same as /damages works on a player. Possibilities: Red car hits blue car -> /vdamages -> "Blue paint is seen on the vehicle". There are countless possibilities with this script, none of which are negative. Commands to add: /vdamages (Maybe another command for an admin to clear damages to a vehicle) The damages should also clear after a certain amount of time has passed. Items to add: No items necessary for this script. How would your suggestion improve the server? Currently, if you ask someone what damages there are to their vehicle, you have to rely on their honesty via /do. This script would eliminate one's ability to lie about these facts. Additional information: Cons: Someone can wreck into someone/something by accident and have it skipped/voided. This damage would persist in /vdamages script. Players would have to ask an admin to clear this damage. Alternatively players could be given a command to clear their own vehicle's damages, but this would come with abuse from people avoiding roleplay with police.
  19. ELENA LUMIERE Appearance Personality Traits -White -Stubborn -Female -Kind -Red hair -Humble -Brown eyes -Ambitious -160lbs -Gentle -Medium Fit -Critical & Analysing Character background Elena Lumiere, daughter of a nurse and a surgeon. The girl who found herself in Los Santos as a student that was sinking in college loan, homeless and studying under a light at the PD station. Her story begins in Paris, France 2010. That year was the year that shaped her forever. A terrorist attack led by a terrorist organization, left her without family. It was the year she was supposed to go to high school. The only family she had left was her uncle in Japan. He took her in during the three years of her high school. She then was offered a scholarship in LS, from the ULSA, to study Psychology. Thinking that a rising opportunity she accepted it. After the first year, she started spending what she had planned to last for 6 years. Well here is the problem. She was not even close to what she thought living in LS would cost her. At the end of the 2nd year of BA, she was completely dry and forced to take student loans. Yet she thought it’s fine. “I can work a job or two, and survive” she told herself. Well no! It was more like three or four jobs. Nobody would give a student full payment. In game events. Career Elena was close to finish her studies for Phd in Psyhcology, and all needed was on last push. Lucky for her, the restaurant owner she worked at, knew a person who would hire Elena. That person is doctor Shalimar Joy, owner of Hope Health Clinic. Elena worked there as an intern until she finished studies, and after that she had begun to work full time. Having all her sacrifices pay out, Elena finally had a stable job as a psychologist at the clinic. Didn't take long before she become one of the most valuable and productive members of the team. She devoted her life to helping people who struggled with mental health issues. After being witness to so many people in need for mental health counseling she thought of having more assistance and work on a big project. One month later she applied for a vacancy in the government as psychologist. She was the lucky one out of many people who applied for the job position and get accepted. When everyone else failed the application she successfully nailed it. To this day she is yet the only Psychologist who was successful in the government application, probably due to her outstanding performance or setting the bar too high for anyone else who wishes to join. Anyway, after successfully joining the government she immediately jumped into action. She began developing a campaign to raise awarness for mental health. With the assistance of Hope Health Clinic, and also with the help of the government she launched her campaign. She is now granted permission to use the Western District Hall to hold seminars. She is holding classes and inviting people on an open doors meeting with the community, where she educates and informs people about mental health, and helps them overcome their problem at the best of her abilities. Lately the government has been in a dormant state and it's starting to worry Elena for her future a little bit. Personal life, Friends and Family After finally having a stable career, she had some time to spare for herself. During her time working for the government, she met with a guy from the finance department called Marcus Cambridge. They've spent a lot of time together these past months and only recently, Elena moved in to live with Marcus at his house in Mirror Park. They are currently in love and looking towards the future. One of her best friends turned out to be the woman who hired her, Shalimar Joy. They're both quite busy with work, but never lose sight of each other, trying to find ways to spend more time out of work together with more and more friends. Another friend she treasures is Daquan and also his girlfriend Tracy. Despite being like a third wheel when around those two, she never felt like one. They're really kind and care for each other. The future of this character will be posted in the form of screenshots but the text will updated.
  20. Psychologist and Patient roleplay Hello everyone. In this guide I will try my best to give you an overview of how to roleplay a Psychologist and also how to interact with one if you decide to roleplay a patient. What is a Psychologist and what does he/she study? A psychologist studies normal and abnormal mental states, perceptual, cognitive, emotional, and social processes and behavior by experimenting with, and observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments. What does this mean? A psychologist technically is someone who even has the authority to conduct social experiments for research purposes, if allowed by the Psychologists Ethics Board. A Psychologists can be anyone. That tittle can be claimed by anyone and can be used to scam if the person wishes too. Now how to confirm if someone is a proper psychologist, and he/she is actually roleplaying a good intent? Usually the prefered terms are Clinical Psychologist and Counseling Psychologist. Anyone who uses such tittle for himself and still tends to scam or do it only for money should be reported for poor portrayal. Now, what is the difference? Anyone who has a level of BA(Bachelor) education, can be a psychologist, but to be a Clinical Psychologist or Counseling Psychologist you require a level of Phd(Doctorate), which usually takes up to 9 years to finish. What is the difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist? (Patients read this) Usually players tend to create character with symptoms that sometimes a psychologist can't help with. This happens because of the misconception that comes with the before mentioned terms. We already mentioned above what is a Psychologist, but what about the Psychiatrist? A Psychiatrist is someone who treats mental health conditions like, schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and addiction. Psychiatrist are medical doctors, psychologists are not. Psychiatrists prescribe medication, psychologists can't. Psychiatrists diagnose illness, manage treatment and provide a range of therapies for complex and serious mental illness. Psychologists focus on providing psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help patients. Great! Now you know how to tell the difference. How to get started? Now that you've accumulated the information above, you're ready to create a character and dive into the roleplay. Well no! Sadly a psychologist needs a workspace. You'll need an office, that can have at least a couch and a sofa. If you already have those it's awesome, but if you don't, there are a few options. First you can rent a place. Working from home is a great solution. If you're looking forward to be more appealing, then it's best if you have an office. Those can be easily obtained with a lease request forwarded to Property Management through the UCP system, and they're affordable. Another option is working somewhere. The server currently has many options for you to get started. Factions like Government and Police Department usually open their applications for civil positions, where they will require a psychologist. Another way to work for someone is a clinic. Players open private clinics, like Hope Health Clinic for example, and they tend to hire a wide range of staff, in order to have a variety of employees with one field of expertise. "I have a workplace, what do I do now?" When working by yourself, in your house or office, you'll need to start advertising your activity. Make sure to leave your phone number. What is important is not to overlap appointments. Set rules for yourself. How long do you want the sessions? How much will you charge per session? That is, if you'll work by yourself. Now when working for others you don't have much freedom. Let's work with the three examples. Government, PD, and Clinics. In government you'll be hired by the Public Social Services department. You will answer to a director and what needs he or she will have. There will be times that you will be called for projects. ICly you will be needed to provide your point of view on a project that will impact the civil populace and give your opinion on what is more benefitial for them. Another duty you will have is the welfare of staff. Being reponsible for employees mental health and stability is a psychologists job. I will not mention PD as the only job you have there is the welfare of staff. Now when it comes private clinics, you will be provided with a workspace. The owner/manager will advertise the clinic as a whole. If there are patients that will require a psychologist, you should be up to the task for it. Working alone is nice, but I recommend working with others as it gives more dynamic to your roleplay. None the less, it's your choice and your style of roleplay. "I have a patient!" (Patients read this) Great! Now you have a patient. If you're lucky the patient is someone who has visible symptoms and is expressive with his behavior, and you're able to finalize a diagnosis. But what if the patient is not that cooperative? Well you start making basic and simple question like, "Why are you here?" "What do you think is wrong with you?". If you're someone who can come up with better solution of how to make someone talk is even better. What I would suggest is that you, as the psychologist, use a fair amount of /do that would ask for any visible trait, or for any repetitive behavior. Anything that might give you a lead and start tracking down the root of the problem. On the other hand you have to expect the player behind the patient to give you a lead. This is a very delicate roleplay, and if the patient decides to roleplay a cold attitude, no generic behaviors, blank facial expression and give short cut answers, then you have no chance of breaking down that patient. It's not the psychologist foult, it's the patients. You patients roleplay have to realise that this type of roleplay is to help your characters. If you decide to give nothing about your character to the person roleplay a psychologist, then there is nothing we can do. In game is really hard to decipher a characters mind, so you have to be collaborative. Just a little paragraph as why I should be a reliable guide. I've roleplayed as a Psychologist for a while now. I'm currently roleplaying as part of government, a volunteer in a lower class clinic, and I take private appointments. I've doing this for the past 6 months. Meanwhile in real life, I've studied 1 years Human Behavior. A part in the field of psychology that explains why a person acts a certain way, or why a person does a simple action like standing, in a specific way. My knowledge is not on an academic level, but I've practiced for a while. I hope this guide can help those who want to roleplay a psychologist or those who want to roleplay a patient. Thank you for reading.
  21. Hello everyone. Since I'm new to the community, I guess I'll introduce myself by creating a guide for people that are completely new to roleplaying. I'll start with the definition of roleplay and move on to the passive roleplaying part and the general roleplaying part. I've got a larger guide but I'd like to see the current feedback on this guide before I expand it with more information. When you see something that could be improved, please tell me and I will get to it as soon as I can. What does roleplay mean? The literal definition of roleplay is to act out the role of a person to understand a differing point of view or social interaction. Basically, you pretend that you're a different person that has their own opinion, feelings, ideals and lifestyle. Perhaps you're a teenager that would love to know how it'd be like to be a police officer. Normally, it'd be a huge hassle because you'd have to request a ride along with a real police officer which will consume a lot of your time, but by roleplaying, you can even step into the shoes of a police officer and experience everything yourself first handed. In the end, it's you that decides what your character does, where he goes and how he thinks. You are completely in control, which is the most enjoyable part of roleplaying! How do I roleplay? This is probably the most asked question regarding roleplaying. Roleplaying is actually quite simple. In GTA V and GTA:SA we have two very simple commands which are the building blocks of roleplay itself. One of those two commands is the /me command Which is used to describe what your character's doing or how he's reacting to a certain situation. A good example of a /me command would be: * John Doe steps out of the airport and looks around him, observing the whole area. As you can see, that was a good way to describe what my character is doing. The trick to be a good roleplay isn't just describing how your character's reacting, it's putting a lot of detail into it. I could make a simple /me command this way: * John Doe sits on the chair. However, this is plain and honestly a bit boring. There's a way to spice up your roleplay by making it more detailed like so: * John Doe bends through his knees and leans backwards, placing his butt on the chair and making himself feel comfortable. This kind of roleplay is much more detailed and therefore also more enjoyable.Now let's move on to the other command, which is the /do command The /do command is used to describe the environment, a certain situation itself or your character! A good example of a /do command would be: * John Doe looks about thirty, has green eyes, is rather tall and radiates a warm smile. (( John Doe )) This is a great example of how to use a /do command to describe your character. This gives the people you roleplay with more information about who they're roleplaying with. Your skin doesn't always give off a clear vibration of how your character actually looks like, which is pretty important when you roleplay! Here's another example of how to use a /do command but instead, we're going to describe our environment: * The front side of the car has been shattered into a lot of pieces and oil can be seen leaking from the rear of the car. (( John Doe )) What is passive roleplaying? Passive roleplaying can be difficult to understand for some people, but in basic English, it simply means that you're roleplaying out of your ordinary habits. If you're a police officer, you will most likely be roleplaying just as a police officer while you, are in fact, still a citizen. You can still go off duty and go take a drink or go to a club to have some fun. The fact that you're a police officer does not mean that you're obliged to roleplay as a police officer at all times. Your character is human and also has his or her needs. Go to a park once in a while or start dating someone, it's all up to you as long as you contribute to passive roleplay! It might seem a little bit boring, but when you have a lot of people contributing to passive roleplay, it'll transform from boring roleplay into a very fun, exciting and challenging roleplay. Following will be a couple of examples that can be used in a passive roleplay situation. I will combine the /me and /do command to properly describe what my character's doing, how he's feeling and in what kind of environment he is. * John Doe walks around the park, inhaling the fresh air deeply into his lungs and exhaling afterwards. * John Doe slowly takes a seat on the wooden bench and crosses his legs, smiling as he glances around the park at the birds, flowers and trees. * There are several oak, elk and maple trees in the park. There's also a bush full of clovers and a botanical garden. (( John Doe )) * John Doe slings his backpack off of his shoulders and places it on his lap, opening it and taking out a small bottle of water. * The water bottle is made from blue plastic and has a label on it reading 'Aqua Water'. (( John Doe )) As you can see, I combined both the /me and the /do command to describe John, the park, his actions and his items. Be creative and soon enough you'll learn the ropes!
  22. ** I'D LIKE TO SAY I TAKE NO CREDIT OF THIS ADVANCE ROLEPLAY GUIDE AND IT WAS NOT CREATED BY ME HOWEVER DUE TO RULES I CANNOT CREDIT THE OWNER WITHOUT ADVERTISING ANOTHER COMMUNITY SO I'D JUST LIKE TO SAY I HOPE THIS ROLEPLAY GUIDE GIVES YOU A BETTER PERCEPTION ON ROLEPLAY AND HAS HELPED YOU DEVELOP FROM IT AND GIVE IT A LIKE IF YOU DID LIKE IT AND HAPPY ROLEPLAYING! ** Introduction This is just my own view on roleplay. It'll be more a philosophy than an actual 'how to /me' My emphasis lies around fun and storytelling! So without further ado, lets begin! Index 1. Plots 1.1 World plots 1.2 Personal plots 1.3 Tiny plots 1.4 Zen of Roleplay 1.5 acting from character or, You've Got A Brain, Use It. 1.6 People will talk 1.7 Dignity 2. Types of RP 2.1 Passive RP 2.2 Active RP 2.3 Progressive RP 2.4 Sandbox RP 3.0 Involvement 3.1 Factions 3.2 Players 3.2 Cliques 3.3 Gm's & Storytellers 3.4 Leaders 4.0 Fun 4.1 Respect 4.2 Consequences 4.3 The real powergamer 4.4 Personalities 5.0 Conclusion 1.0 - Plots Definition: Also called storyline. the plan, scheme, or main story of a literary or dramatic work, as a play, novel, or short story.This is what roleplay is all about plots. My story, your story, and our story. We're all writing a story here in Los Santos. Consider our RP to be one giant novel. When you think: Hey this would be an enjoyable read if this were a book ... Then you did a good job! All fiction is based on conflict and this conflict is presented in a structured format called PLOT. Exposition The introductory material which gives the setting, creates the tone, presents the characters, and presents other facts necessary to understanding the story. Foreshadowing The use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in the story. Inciting Force The event or character that triggers the conflict. Conflict The essence of fiction. It creates plot. The conflicts we encounter can usually be identified as one of four kinds. (Man versus…Man, Nature, Society, or Self) Rising Action A series of events that builds from the conflict. It begins with the inciting force and ends with the climax. Crisis The conflict reaches a turning point. At this point the opposing forces in the story meet and the conflict becomes most intense. The crisis occurs before or at the same time as the climax. Climax The climax is the result of the crisis. It is the high point of the story for the reader. Frequently, it is the moment of the highest interest and greatest emotion. The point at which the outcome of the conflict can be predicted. Falling Action The events after the climax which close the story. Resolution (Denouement) Rounds out and concludes the action. 1.1 - World plots In role playing games, what defines a world plot is basically: A plot that involves most people in the world. It's a red line that runs through your game. In normal games these might be called 'campaigns' or 'main missions' ... In roleplaying games something like this is a world plot. It's the servers admins their responsibility to set up world plots, and the players their responsibility to pick it up and do something with it. 1.2 - Personal plots Personal plots are plots that concern and develop your character. You start a business or get employed. You get a new car or you buy a new house. You repaint that new house and you lose that promotion to the cunt bitch *U#@*U$ employee you loath because she sucks the boss's dick. Right, never considered painting your house is fun roleplay/a plot did you now? You're looking at it from the wrong angle. It's not about the mundane action of painting the wall. There's no progress bar you complete after 50 lines. It's about the social action of painting your walls with a bunch of army friends, followed by a BBQ to thank them. That's - fun - ... 1.3 - Tiny plots These are the bread and butter of a RP server. And that's why this section is going to be kinda huge. But first, an introduction. A tiny plot is basically a world plot, that concerns a specific sort of people. For example, a bank robbery is a tiny plot between robbers and the police. A big collision is a tiny plot between the people in the collision, PD and ES etc. But PD academy is as always a large tiny plot within the PD. And so is a robbery in a mafia or a sit-down. This is very important to realize. Noted how tinyplots can encompass multiple groups? Some groups are even ic'ly rivaling groups! So, here's the secret people, so pay attention: We're in this together. There's no such thing as us vs them. There's NO SUCH THING as us VS them... It's just us. We're writing a tinyplot together. If everyone sees it that way, I can guarantee you'll find rp a lot more enjoyable. If the chief of PD can talk to the Mob boss in OOC saying. Hey mate, I don't want to sabotage your faction or kill it, so lets make this fun and I'll make sure you'll have plenty of room for continuation between our conflict. PD isn't out to kill factions. To harass you... PD is out to create fun RP with you. In an ideal world, you would be too. 1.4 THE ZEN OF ROLE-PLAYING What would RP be without TinyPlots? I think they'd be pretty darned Boring. Coding and building can be dandy activities--both absorbing and satisfying to the people skilled in them. But a RP server with prettily designed rooms and little player interaction has all the zip and excitement of a museum in which paintings are displayed at a distance behind glass, and the tourists numbly move from one exhibit to the next. Yawn. Think of your RP as a stage. Each room is a unique set. The character you've created is costumed, poised, equipped with props, and ready to act. But the real stage has a well-groomed and attired audience sitting on the other side of the proscenium, waiting to be entertained. The witnesses to your performance, though, will be the other players. And every other player, just like you, sits at their computer terminal, assimilating and judging the messages and /me’s that scroll down their screen. And they want to be entertained, too. RP players are not interested, however, in watching two other characters act out scenes from Death of a Salesman , fine as the acting may be. RP players want their character to become a living, vital part of the big improvisational troupe that uses as its stage the dozens or hundreds of sets available. When players come together with the characters they've created for this shared experience, it can be sheer magic. I hope that at one time or another you've experienced the thrill of losing yourself to your character. There you are, sitting at your terminal, playing a game of make-believe. Suddenly the action begins...perhaps it's a conflict between two personalities that your character must stop. Perhaps it's a birth, or a wedding. Perhaps an evil sorceress, her lips brightly enamelled with poisoned lipstick, attempts to give her wayward daughter the Kiss of Death. Your real-life self becomes absorbed with the proceedings, and Real Life fades out. You begin to think the way your character thinks. Your body responds physically the way your character's virtual body responds. You breathe more quickly. Your palms sweat. You laugh aloud, or bite your lip with tension. And then you crash back to reality to find the boss or lab attendant or your significant other giving you a quizzical look. This feeling isn't unusual. It's the creative high. Fiction writers experience it when they're working on a story. The Stanislavski method of acting is based on submerging your personal, physical self to a character's responses and rhythms. Ask an artist you know who deals with creating characters what they experience during a really good performance or workday. They'll say, "It was wonderful...the character just kind of took over, and the real me just sat there, watching what happened." Honest, they will. They'll use those exact words, too. Money back guarantee. (Now, exactly how much money did you pay for these observations?) A RP offers unlimited opportunities for players to experience this creative high. The larger RPs often have scores of players online at a time. Even with as few as a dozen players, imagine the possible combinations. When two players role-play in a room and a third character begins to participate, the dynamic of the situation changes. If the third player leaves and another enters, the situation changes once again. And when more characters begin to interact...well, I'm not about to calculate the number of different combinations possible with a dozen players. The words "a whole bunch" pop to mind. Role-playing in a RP is acting. It's interactive fiction-writing. Uniquely exhilarating, it should be thought of as a creative, shared, utterly human experience. 1.5 ACTING FROM CHARACTER or, You've Got A Brain, Use It. You will make your biggest imaginative investment in a RP as you create your character. I'm not referring to the login process, in which you think up a name and a description, and what sex your character will be. That's just the beginning. As you continue to play a RP, your character will evolve. The description might change. You might start to notice that the character has a rhythm of speech that differs from others, or that she chooses a certain vocabulary. The character's background will accumulate depth. She'll have parents, perhaps, and brothers and sisters to which she refers, or past experiences that, while they were never role-played online, influence the way she thinks. I hope you don't want to play a shallow, two-dimensional being. I don't think you'll have much fun. Like any living, breathing person, a fictional character (and remember, that's what you're playing on a RP) has quirks. Characters have good points, and characters have flaws, too. All of these accumulate into increasing layers of depth. If you're playing on a themed RP, respect its theme above all. Players on NarniaRP don't take kindly to a cowboy from the Wild West in their midst. Pern MUSH RP will resent characters beaming in from the Starship Enterprise. Be clueful: a lot of people have gone to a lot of trouble to keep their themed universe consistent. If you choose a character that ignores the milieu of a RP, however interesting you may think he or she is, the chances are good that no one will play with you. You will be ignored. Point blank. It's the Law of the Sandbox. If you want to join in TinyPlots on a particular RP, test the waters with one toe before you plunge in. Contact your TP Coordinator (GM or faction lead) and see if he or she knows of any TinyPlots that need participants. Observe other players involved in TinyPlots. Don't go diving into all the plots that interest you; just as you, in Real Life, don't run around the world interfering in dozens of people's lives, don't let your character zip around the RP trying to do everything. Involve your character only in those TinyPlots that would appeal to his or her motivations--and don't expect just to 'jump in' to an ongoing TP. Let your character work his or her way in, naturally. Try to keep in mind that many TinyPlot originators have gone to considerable trouble to keep their plot interesting and exciting for other players. If you're involved in a mystery plot and on your own find the all-important clue that solves the case, or if you're on a quest and find the magic axe that will relieve your nation of all ills, resist being a plot-hog. Don't arrest the villain yourself, or chop down all the evil Rassafras Trees on your own...get some other people involved! They'll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and more people will get to enjoy the fun. And you'll still get credit in the end. And above all, observe the rules of common courtesy. Don't expect other characters to behave the way you want. They have their own agendas. Don't harass other players, in-character or out, to play with you. If your character plays nicely--that is, behaves consistently and doesn't attempt to harass or intimidate anyone else--you'll have plenty of opportunities to contribute to TinyPlots and start your own.- As a TinyPlot Coordinator on a MUSH, I get asked this question frequently. It's often easier to illustrate with negative examples. The following's taken from a real RP experience, heavily disguised to protect the offenders (but I hope they feel really, really guilty). *One day, a popular character (we'll call her "Abby") at an unnamed site sat down in a public area, the primary hangout of the server, to knit. She was the only character there. Two characters entered to act out a scene in which a woman repudiates her slimy ex-lover. Abby watched in horror, allowing the pair to fight for a few moments, occasionally emitting /me's of shock and concern. When the slimy gentleman pulled out a knife and attempted to threaten the target of his desires, Abby acted in character by trying to warn the woman, and then to lure the attacker away. *The two other characters suddenly left Abby alone in the room, and within minutes they bombarded her player with pm's, accusing her of ruining a carefully-plotted TP. Her Roleplays were distracting, they told her, and her attempt to intervene they considered offensive and unwarranted. "Next time you see us role-playing," pm's the player whose character was the woman at risk, "Don't you DARE say a WORD." What's wrong here? Simple. Abby wanted to participate in a TinyPlot, and proceeded to do so, in character. The two other players, however, pounced on her for expressing herself. I see this as a serious offense--it's the squelching of another's creative impulse. No one signs onto a RP server to watch two characters, however well they may role-play, enact a drama of the day while they ignore everyone else. The key concept to a TinyPlot is participation. Not the participation of two select players, three players, or even ten players to the exclusion of all others--but the participation and contribution of potentially everyone who plays on the game. An argument performed in public between two people may be good role playing. So might an assassination attempt of a popular character. A tender personal soliloquy of love might be an exquisite performance. But unless other players feel welcomed to join in an argument, their creative contribution remains only a potential. If players are discouraged from tracking down an assassin, they're not likely to want to return to the server. And a declaration of love isn't a TinyPlot until other characters can gossip about it, laugh at it, or attempt to thwart or advance it. Let me admit right now that my opinion isn't universal. Many people, good role-players among them, see nothing wrong with plotting and acting a TinyPlot that involves no more than a select group of people. They don't necessarily welcome outside participation, though they will accept kudos for a fine performance. But in my experience, the finest moments of role-playing have often come from the most unexpected contributors. Real life's not pat and neat. And a fantasy world gets boring when events are too predictable. Good TinyPlots are distinguished from and elevated above random moments of roleplaying by a sometimes difficult-to-maintain balance between careful direction and spontaneous, unpredictable participation. Anyone should be able to join in, if the plot strikes their fancy and it's logical for their character to do so. Someone has to run the thing, of course. There's always janitorial work to do with a TinyPlot--rooms to create, objects and puppets to manipulate. And sometimes TinyPlots must result in a certain outcome. But there's no plotline so perfect and inflexible that it can't bend to accommodate spontaneity. And there's no greater satisfaction on a RP than in knowing you helped someone else enjoy themselves. Remember the stage metaphor I used earlier? Everyone on a RP wants to be entertained and to entertain others. The more you work to ensure that others players enjoy themselves, the more you will enjoy the TinyPlot. It's a positive feedback loop! 1.6 PEOPLE WILL TALK Keeping Track of Everything When Too Much is Happening Remember Dynasty? Knots Landing? Ever watch EastEnders or All My Children? Don't sneer...shows like these last for years. They're long lived because they cleverly blend drama with intrigue, mystery, and comedy. They're not afraid to be outrageous. They're not afraid to recycle stories and use them. And they know how to balance all the ongoing plot lines so that from episode to episode the audience isn't overwhelmed. So am I saying that your RP should resemble the goings-on of the Carringtons? Yes, in a way. At any given point, your RP can have multiple TinyPlots involving threats to collective happiness, threats to individual happiness, romance, and comedy. Let's look at each. *Threats to Collective Happiness: These are the grand, sweeping TinyPlots that affect every character on the RP. It may be a war, a plague, a threat of invasion. Pern themed games have the permanent and convenient TinyPlot of fighting the Thread that can destroy their planet in a single pass; other milieus have similar built-in threats. Generally a RP can handle only a very few major threats at a single time. More than a few of these spread the players' attentions thin. *Threats to Individual Happiness: Arguments. Fisticuffs. Misunderstandings. Bullying. The events of everyday life. The RP can stand lots of these. *Romance: Ah, the complexity of Love! Everyone loves a wedding/handfasting/joining together. Properly publicized, they can be the most popular events on a RP. And everyone enjoys themselves even more when a couple has problems. There are arguments to be had, sides to take, threats to make, gifts to return, gossip to spread, faces to slap. . . . Just remember that a union is all the more sweet when the lovers overcome hurdles a-plenty. Comedy: Face it. People like to laugh. If you're good with comedy, try your hand at a comic TinyPlot. Grand comedic TPs are few--they tend not to support their own weight. Well-managed comic characters, however, tend to be popular RP attractions, and their antics can involve many, many other players. In a running gag on NarniaRP, the hyperactive and more than slightly paranoid squirrel, Thizzletwit, regularly sends people into a frenzy looking for a teeth-gnashing monster in the woods that inevitably turns out to be kindly Aunt Fizzia. Similarly, if a meddlesome character is tied up in her own knitting yarn by fire lizards, chances are good that more people will remember it than if she received a mere scolding from another player. Once you have several TinyPlots underway, your RP server will need a way to keep people aware of them. In a place, where I coordinate TinyPlots, has several mechanisms to keep players apprised. Three of these are administratively controlled: we altered the login message of the day to reflect any major upcoming opportunities for role-playing, such as balls, gathers, baked bean-offs, and mudfish festivals. We have a global command, +rumor, to provide players with the latest gossip from world. And finally, once a TinyPlot is played out and done, we write up a summary and put it in the online news. If you're considering a way to distribute TinyPlot information to your RP, think of something that fits its mood or theme. A 'newspaper' that people could buy for a daily update might work on some RPs, for example. As in Real Life, however, news spreads fastest by word of mouth. I know that many people shake their heads at the word 'gossip'. On a RP server, however, in-character gossip is practically a necessity. It's easier to avoid gossiping in Real Life than on a server. Here's an example: Let's say you're out with friends. Among them is a couple who've been dating for years, and they argue violently in a restaurant in front of a score of people. He retires to the bar and drinks too much; she shoots him nasty looks now and again as she sucks down cigarette after cigarette. Ugly, eh? Now, in Real Life I don't think you'd immediately turn to the person sitting next to you and say, "Now, is it true that he is a recovered alcoholic, and she's never smoked before in her life?" I hope you wouldn't. Most people want to appear to best advantage, and that kind of behavior wouldn't be appropriate, or kind. Even if you whispered it, the chances are that one of the subjects would put two and two together and realize you're talking about them. And as for talking about it later...well, you need to be pretty sure of the person you're with before you ask them to dish some dirt. In any RP server, however, remember that the object of a TinyPlot is to encourage other players to have fun. When a couple argues in the local tavern, they want players to react to it. The pair putting on the show realize that some of the newer players might not know that Kassiopia has been wooing Schlomo the Dog Boy while Dirk the Decent was out of town fighting sea serpents. They might not want anyone to break up their little love spat, but you can just bet they'll be mighty disappointed if the entire server isn't talking about it in ten minutes. If not sooner, that is; back then the server I administrated supported a wonderful global called +mutter designed just for gossiping about people to their faces. If Hedda mutters "That Dirk! Every time he goes to the bar with Kassy, he turns into a potty mouth and boozes all over the place!" to Ariel, Ariel hears the entire sentence as a whisper, but the rest of the players in the room merely hear "...Dirk!...he goes...potty...all over...!" or some other tantalizing combination of words randomly chosen from the sentence. As the ads say, imagine the possibilities! Of course, not every player will be online during role-playing developments. That's why you should have player-generated mechanisms, in addition to the administrative devices, to keep people apprised of TinyPlot happenings. Provide a bulletin board in a public place so that characters can post their responses to recent happenings. Encourage people to post their gossip there. I'll bet that the board will be more current (and substantially less accurate, though that's fun, too!) than any of the administrative news outlets. In-character gossip spreads news. In-character gossip keeps people feeling up to date on the latest developments on the RP. It's a powerful socializing factor--newbies, by listening to the gossip, can learn what is and isn't acceptable role-playing behavior on an individual RP. And players who have established characters will only get more involved with the server as the TinyPlots get increasingly complex, and the characters acquire depth as their history grows. For, as anyone who has become addicted to All My Children or EastEnders can tell you, there's immense satisfaction in the accumulative effect of a character's history. Someone watching a scene in which Angie the pub owner drinks an ale, gathers her courage, and sits down to chat with a surly-looking stranger, might find it interesting, but unimportant. Longer-term watchers might understand that Angie survived a suicide attempt and clawed her way to gain control of the pub, and have more interest in the scene. And those of us who remember way back to the time that Angie was actually engaged to the surly chap before she discovered he had multiple personality disorder....well, we've got our faces pressed against the TV screen, egging her on. RP servers are much the same. The more you learn about other characters through role-playing, the more you appreciate and enjoy them. The more you enjoy the other characters, the more vivid and imaginative the TinyPlots become. Hey, it's that positive feedback loop again! 1.7 DIGNITY I like to believe that people, and RP players in particular, have a modicum of common sense. It's pretty to think so, at least. Of course I've run across some players who have to be warned about everything or they'll cry foul. You know the type...they whine, "But you didn't tell me I couldn't --------!" (You fill in the blank: a) "name puppets after other players and make them do unspeakable things!"; "kill that newbie!"; c) "pick up every object that wasn't nailed to the ground and carry it back to my hut!"; d) "follow around female players and beg them for Sex!") In all the advice I've given in this manual, I've made some assumptions. I can't list them all, but here are a few. * Do Unto Others: You know, the Golden Rule. It may be perfectly in character for Yorgo the Vulgarian to emit various bodily odors and sounds, be verbally abusive, and to swing a weapon at every living thing he drunkenly sees. But when he does it on MyPrettyPonyRP, no one's going to like him much. Remember the Law of the Sandbox: If you play in a way that is not consistent with the theme or mood of the RP, or if you play in a way that offends or disrupts others, no one will play with you. * Respect, respect, respect!: When you see a player's TinyPlot unfold, or when you see that character roleplaying to the best of his or her ability, you are receiving an especially private, privileged glimpse into their imaginative life. Each player is offering up a very secret part of themselves when they extend their imagination into your office, home, or computer lab. Respect it, please. How many of your Real Life friends offer you such a gift? * Harrassment: Whether it's sexual or otherwise, harrassment and intimidation is a no-no. If you perform some action and you see that you're causing discomfort, stop. If you can't see that you're causing discomfort and another player asks you to stop, stop. Never assume that any character, even a female who wears veils, kohl, heavy perfume, and a tantalizing description, will welcome your advances, no matter how suave, no matter how subtle. If you're confused about what's welcome and what's not, ask someone. I can't be more serious about this caveat; there is no RP I know of that welcomes harrassment. Don't find yourself a victim of the Law of the Sandbox! * Surprises: Plot twists enliven books and films and videos, but if you're running a TinyPlot, remember that there are fun surprises (Uh-oh! That Calormene guard you thought was on your side is really a double agent!) and then there are not-so-fun surprises (you whisper to another player, "Oh, by the way, this is the part where you're supposed to roleplay to get killed by the Mutant Pink Hamster. What do you mean, I didn't tell you?"). People are attached to their characters. They've put a huge investment in them. Don't treat them cheaply. This is VERY IMPORTANT. People take CK's too lightly these days. If you throw a plot twist that will endanger a player's character without his or her consent, or if you force a player to do something with his or her character they would never do under normal circumstances, they have every right to refuse, walk away, and never play the RP again. And that's not what we want. There do exist Tiny RPs in which players have a chance of random, unpredictable death; these RPs warn the player of this possibility usually on the first login. I don't think it's particularly good for any RP to invite players to spend hours working on characters and then to the CK of them in a drastic conclusion, but at least the players know what chances they're taking. * Toe-stepping: Don't start a flame-war over a TinyPlot. Fascinating and vivid as they may be, they just aren't worth Real Life hurt feelings. If you are planning a TinyPlot and another involved player doesn't like the pro-Roleplay outline, don't waste your time shouting at each other. Human experience (and by human, of course, I include the virtual elves, Marsh-wiggles, talking animals, and furries that populate the RPs everywhere) is so vast, so flexible, and often so downright strange (watch a daytime talk show recently?). Believe me, it's possible, with a little thought and time and communication, to avoid flame-fests and construct a TinyPlot that will satisfy everyone. Likewise, if you're involved in a TinyPlot and don't like the way it's progressing, have an out-of character chat with the person running it. Find out why certain things are happening, and if you're still dissatisfied, compromise. Be flexible. Trees bend in strong winds, you know....the trees that are rigid and ungiving topple over. * Fun and games: The object of RPing is to have fun. Think not of just your fun, however, but also that of the other players. And RPs are games. But keep in mind that Tiny RPing is not like handball, or Monopoly, and you're not going after trophies and glory and points and money. When I was a kid, our physical education instructors very often would haul out a huge old parachute. It was circular, and the class would grab hold to the silky fabric and stand around its rim. On command, we'd loft our arms upwards, and the taut fabric would catch an updraft and billow up majestically. We'd feel a skyward tug as the parachute pulled our bodies upward, nearly lifting our toes from ground. No single one of us could have effected this giddy exhilaration by ourselves; it had to be done as a group. I know I've dished up a lot in these pages, but it's this last point that I hope you'll remember once the manual's out of your hands. A Tiny RP is a community project. You're free to explore your creativity on the RP--free to contribute as much or as little as you want. Always keep in mind, however, that although your neighbors in this community are perhaps thousands of miles away and you may never see their Real Life faces, you are all counting upon and relying on each other for support and encouragement. It's just like a Real Life family, though the only lines connecting you are those of the Internet. The community begins to overcome the barriers of electronic communication the instant it works as a unit for everyone's mutual enjoyment. The result--the creative, kaleidoscopic, imaginative group project that is the Tiny RP--can be enchantingly beautiful. 2. Types of RP There's several types of RP we need to explore and know. 2.1 Passive RP Passive RP is basically the 'rp side dish' ... The RP that makes us human. Dropping the dishes, making coffee, drinking coffee, slipping in the snow. Anything that's RP, that's defining yet has nothing to do with any ongoing story. 2.2 Active RP Active RP is all the other RP that just occurs. PD going on patrol, EMS treating a victim or you running your business. These are all part of your character's main story. 2.3 Progressive RP RP specifically designed to progress one or more characters, think of marriage or something of the likes. 2.4 Sandbox RP RP that has nothing to do with the world. Something that happened with spoofed characters. Like a mini-story on the side. 3.0 Involvement You're supposed to get involved! But how? 3.1 Factions Factions are there to be an establishment facilitating RP. And a social circle to hang out with. If they can't do that then they failed. Factions should be encouraged and supported by administration. They should be accessible and a good reputation is an absolute necessity. 3.2 Players There's always individual players walking around, just as bored as you! Engage them in conversation, start a RP and give them a hook to hook into! You never know who you'll meet! 3.2 Cliques: Cliques have a very bad ring to them. That's because a lot of them get bad tendencies. But cliques aren't bad in themselves. People who like to RP with each other and get together regularly. Less accessible than a faction but often more rewarding. A well executed clique is worth a lot! Unfortunately most get out of hand. Exclusivity gets to the roleplayers head! 3.3 Gm's & Storytellers: I'll be Frank (and you can be Jamie) ... All jokes aside, I do think the GM team here is a flawed concept. It's once started in SAMP and frankly (that's my name with -ly behind it!) it's failed time and again. That's because SAMP failed to understand the role of a GM. The GM is a storyteller. A neutral referee. A GM is the person who creates plots! You heard it here first, GM's are plot making machines, that should be their one and only goal! Teaching people to RP can't be done with boring lectures. You teach RP by involving people! I think this should go hand in hand with 'you don't need to rp unprovoked RP' ... Which means, if you didn't provoke a RP (ICA = ICC) then you can say: "I'm sorry, your RP is not to my standards and I don't want to RP This." ... It's a thin line to walk, when did you provoke rp? I think if you set up proper guidelines it's rather doable! Remember, speeding means provoking the PD, walking in gang territory means provoking violence, rape or robberies and insulting a mob-boss means provoking a beat-up/firebomb on your house. By unprovoked I mean, you're walking by IGS and some Hobo walks up and RP's pissing all over you. Want to rp that? Go ahead, but since you didn't provoke it. I think you should be able to say no. What this does is, some people who don't rp up to standards don't get as much rp anymore. And they'll have a reason to learn to do better! And GM's are a gateway to do that, through plots, not through RP schools. This also means that the 'would I succeed in x' question should be directed at the overseeing GM. And the 'you must rp x' command should be a rule set in stone GM's can issue. 3.4 Leaders Shees, I lead a faction! But it's everyone elses fault nothing works out. Look at it as.. You're leading a faction. You got a few jobs. - Making the faction achieve it's goals/work. - Providing for RP- Solve internal issues and most importantly: - TAKE RESPONSIBILITY Yes, I'm telling you here, if one of your faction members fucks up, it's YOUR fault if they're in your faction. And YOUR responsibility... Maybe even more so than the admin's to correct this player and teach him or her how to do better! I know, for some this is a painful truth. But crossing your arms and going: 'not my job' doesn't at all make you a good leader. Good RP only gets you so far 4.0 Fun This is what it's all about... Period, if a RP server can't offer this to you, then the RP server is WRONG. However, everyone experiences fun from different things. So there's a fine line servers need to walk to be able to facilitate to as many people as they can. 4.1 RespectFun starts with respect. Respect for your own fun, respect for the admins their fun, and most importantly, respect for other player's fun! Without this healthy respect you get sad painful events, which MTA is unfortunatly infected with. It's a lot of : ME ME ME and barely any: US US US .... We need to change that! And I guess we need to start somewhere right? 4.2 Consequences Pfft, always a difficult subject. Yet I'm going to try and keep it short. ICA = ICC, it's true and it's neccasery. HOWEVER, most people make the mistake of taking ICA = My pass to do whatever the fuck I want. That's wrong. I mean, people have made CK apps because "MY char is macho and don't take insults from nobody..." ... Well I'm sorry but your character is as shallow as my faith in humanity's grave. I'm dead serious here, if you're incapeable of containing the ICC (In character consequences) to a level they're there but the victim is also content with the RP, then you're a-social, and you need to change. Not your victim. A lot of people are surprised by people by afraid to RP losing. Here's why. The moment you lose on MTA, you lose for good. People are addicted to ck-ing others. It's like saying you're addicted to ruining Rembrandts's paintings! That's just sick! 4.3 The real powergamer Consequently, this brings us to this. The real powergamer is the one who forces his RP on others who clearly don't like it. Learn to listen and talk to people, and put them at ease. "Hey man, don't worry you won't be ck'd ... Just beat up, great roleplay by the way!" IS all it takes to calm most people down when you're assaulting them for whatever reason. It'll improve your RP and their RP! Seriously, try it... 4.4 Personalities Please develop your characters. We have seen too many angel sculpted muscular pro-sportsmen rich gun nuts who drive and shoot like Jason Bourne and kill everyone with their evil stare of doom if you cross them mildly. Honestly, if you think this is you, I hope you realize that everyone sees a freckled and fat 12 y/o with no irl power and a serious complex/trauma sitting behind his screen in the dark scratching his balls, wheezing and belching when he commands his will on the world through his superhero character... Seriously, if you're going in that direction, at least put on tights! 5.0 Conclusion If you read this, good job. I hope I could impose some of my knowledge on you and I helped you through this guide. If you skimmed through it, equally applause. If you're just reading this, then BOO... I know there's going to be some TL;DR comments. That's your own loss, I think it's a bit immature. But alright, off to the conclusion. I think MTA as a community as a whole needs some serious changing in attitudes. Get rid of the us vs them, get rid of the power complex, get rid of the rotten server attacking and ddos'ing. Get rid of the hate, PG MG and all the other shit. And through what? THROUGH FUN. Lets just have fun TOGETHER. As a team, because frankly, I'm here to play my part in the stage that is Los Santos. And I want you to be my co-actor while we entertain our audience. No matter who you are, no matter what you did in the past. If you can do that, then I'll love you and your RP. And I hope some people will join me in this, because we need more cuddles and less knifes!
  23. Hi, this is just small guide I think I will make to help people who are completely new to role play and would like to learn complete basics of the most commonly used commands in RP server like GTA:W. I think there might be a guide similar like mine, but I thought maybe I will refine and go in more depth for each command for better understanding. Sorry if not so good, I will edit later on I make this in a rush. 1. /me This command is an action command. It is the most commonly used command in role play. /me is used to describe your characters actions. It can be anywhere from getting up to get a glass of water, to picking up the phone. E.G: /me stands up, dusting off his shirt. Result: John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. E.G 2: /me reaches his dominant hand out, offering Bob a handshake. Result: John Doe reaches his dominant hand out, offering Bob a handshake. 1.1. In the examples shown above.. when you use /me it will be used for your characters name. This mean, when using this command you do not need to use /me and follow with your character name, otherwise it will come out as something like this: Incorrect E.G: /me John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. Incorrect result: John Doe John Doe stands up, dusting off his shirt. Important: You do not have to type your character name out after writing /me. 1.2. When use /me, try not to capitalize letters following it. Your sentence will look much more clean and nicer if you do this. Incorrect usage: /me Capitalizes the first letter of starting sentence after /me. This does not look good. Incorrect result: John Doe Capitalizes the first letter of starting sentence after /me. This does not look good. Instead, do this: Correct usage: /me does not capitalize the first word, after /me. This looks much cleaner. Correct result: John Doe does not capitalize the first word, when using /me. This looks much cleaner. If you are using multiple sentences in one /me [action] then you would place a period '.' to end sentence and capitalize as normally would following new sentence. E.G: /me gives an example of above. This is how to properly write more than one sentence with correct capitalization. [1.]: /me command is used to perform actions. It can be used to describe what your character will do. [Refer 1.1.]: /me substitutes for you character in game name, you do not need to write it after writing /me. [Refer 1.2.]: You should not capitalize the first letter to start you action . If it will contain more than two sentences, then capitalize as normal after. 2. /ame Now we will talk about /ame. This command is very simple, very basic. In fact.. /me and /ame are the same commands, with minor nuances. Beyond their immediate denotation, they are performed slightly different. Below I will show difference examples: The command /me permanently appears in the chat box. Whereas /ame appears over a characters head, and for a short duration; it disappears afterwards. You can use this command for very short actions or emotes. /me is predominately used for long actions whereas /ame is used for very small actions. /ame can also be use for when you want to perform an action from far away to a player who may be across street from you for example. This is because the command appears above a character so it can be better visible from farther distance. E.G: /me stomps his shoes on the steps before entering inside the property. He lifts his opposite foot, using it to scrape against the side of his right heel to assist removing his shoe; repeating this. E.G result: John Doe stomps his shoes on the steps before entering inside the property. He lifts his opposite foot, using it to scrape against the side of his right heel to assist removing his shoe; repeating this E.G: /ame takes a drink. /me is used for long or detailed actions. /ame is used for small actions, or used when far away from another player where the radius or /me would not be seen. This command shows above a characters head, whereas /me does not. 3. /do This command can be used in conjunction with /me. It can be used to further detail an action your character performed, or can be used to ask question. E.G 1: /me walks up to property door, trying the door. /do Is the door unlocked? E.G 2: /me searches around for a clean cup to use. /do Are there any clean cups in the sink to use? E.G 3: /me pays the bartender, taking the Bloody Mary. [result]: John Doe pays the bartender, taking the Bloody Mary. /do The amount paid would not cover the costs. [result]: (John Doe): The amount paid would not cover the costs. This command can be used hand in hand with /me. It is used to further detail actions emotes, or to ask questions during role play. 4.1. /s, /low, /b. 4.1.1. /s This command very straight forward. IT is a /s(hout) command. You use this command when you want to make it clear your character is raising their voice, or shouting. Correct usage: /s I hate being broke! Result: John Doe shouts: I hate being broke! 4.1.2. /low This is another very straight forward command.. it is a command used when you want to lower your character voice and speak lower. As a result of this, the radius of which your text is seen is greatly reduced compared to typing without using /low. It can be used when you don't want other people around to hear what you say. Usage: /low Hey, you see that person over there? Result: John Doe [low]: Hey, you see that person over there? /low is used to 'speak' lower. You can use /low to lower the radius in which your text is seen by players nearby. It is a role play command, that mean it should be used for anything in character and not out of character. 4.1.3. : /b This command very simple. You use it to type (o)ut (o)f (c)haracter (ooc). This command is used for anything as said.. out of character or otherwise mostly unrelated to the game. If you want to use smiley faces, poor capitalization and punctuation, abbreviations then you use this command. This command also will be used for RP scenes that require a pause and require admin intervention for explanation. In Character and Out of Character should not be mixed. Correct usage: /b gta wolrd rocks lol ((: )) Result: (( John Doe: gta wolrd rocks lol ((: )) OOC stands for Out of Character. It is for mostly anything unrelated IC or game itself. It can be used for any situation that need to be resolved which require admin intervention and RP paused. You should not mix ooc with ic and vice versa. Click here for complete list of basic server commands.
  24. "My heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect our world and make it a better place - police, firefighters and members of our armed forces." "If you think people are inherently good, you get rid of the police for 24 hours - see what happens." "Police officers put the badge on every morning, not knowing for sure if they'll come home at night to take it off."
  25. So, my question is: What is the minimum age that a player can roleplay on the server? This question may have been asked before, but I couldn't find any topics talking about this exact matter. I apologise, if there is a topic already about this. But still, my question still stands. What is the limit for the roleplaying age? Can a person make a character who is still a teenager - like 15-16 years old? Or is 18 the starting point? 21? Since 18 is also somewhat regulated in America.
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