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Found 16 results

  1. WELCOME TO MOUNTAIN MMA Mountain MMA is a gym and a MMA Team, located in Hawick, Los Santos. It's run by Garbon Meqvabishvili, training the best fighters in the state. Mountain MMA offers mixed martial arts training for any level, from self-defense to Pro-Fighting, with Pro-Fighters teaching our students. GET YOUR GYM PASS Visit our website for more information about the team and offers. Like our facebrowser page
  2. Hope Health Group Home About us Services Contact Hope Health Center is a professional and friendly medical clinic located in the heart of the South Central at Rancho. We aim to help the low socioeconomic areas by providing affordable, high-quality, efficient, and accessible healthcare services to patients from all across Los Santos. Our experienced staff offer urgent and primary care, as well as promote health in the community. Medical Care Hope Health Centerโ€™s medical department offers various outpatient service medical specialists aboard. The staff comprises primary care physicians, consultants in various medical fields, and specialists in a broad range of medical specialties. There are hardly any medical fields that are not covered by the center, and patients can receive full care they need. Medical services provided by Hope Health Centerโ€™s medical department are: - Routine medical care - Preventing care - Vaccination - Annual check-ups - Screening for health conditions - Treatment for mild symptoms and injuries - Health promotion - Pediatric care - Addiction recovery treatment using the Methadone maintenance treatment Mental Health Care With the highly skilled mental health personnel, consisting of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, Hope Health Center is well-equipped for patients in need for mental health consult. Whether it be the need for somebody to talk to, or serious mental health concerns, our mental health staff is always there for its patients. Hope Health Centerโ€™s mental health services include: - Individual therapy - Group therapy - Family therapy - Intensive outpatient care - Psychiatric medications and outpatient medical management In Hope Health Community Center we deliver a myriad of social and educational services and activities and open 24/7 in order to provide said services. Our mission at the community center is to provide a warm, welcoming alternative to the people in need. We want to provide social services, aid, and programs that empower individuals and promote community respect and self determination for all residents of Los Santos. Soup Kitchen The soup kitchen is operated by volunteers and provides warm meals to anyone who needs it at the center itself. The meals are provided by many generous donors of local restaurants as well as daily cooked by our volunteers. Visitors can ask any community center personnel for a meal at the soup kitchen any time of the day or night. The kitchen is open 24/7. Emergency accommodation The community center holds a humble amount of rooms available for civilians to use as an emergency shelter for a night or two, and do not serve as a long-term housing solution. Those who wish to use it should register at the reception and receive a key from the reception desk. The rooms are warmed, and equipped with clothing, towels, personal utilities, common shower, and laundry services. ((The property is set rentable using the old renting system. This means that whoever wishes to RP sleeping the night can just /rent themselves, even if our personnel aren't there, as long as Roleplayed accordingly. )) Medical ward The community center also provides first aid and treatment in case one shall be required by the residents or the visitors of the community center. The ward will be operated by medical staff from Hope Health Center and focus on primary and acute care that includes, but not limited to, minor and mild symptoms, minor injuries, burns, bandages, sutures, and more. Medical House calls At Hope Health Community Center, we offer to treat you with utmost comfort. No matter where you are, we're going to treat you. The service comes to fill an unmet need for medical care among patients who were unable to leave their homes or who had difficulty getting to a physician's office. Our staff is ready to provide medical care, along with mental support, and company throughout the vulnerable times. Hope Dental is committed to operate the best clinic that delivers the highest quality dental care at the most affordable cost to our customers. Our highly professional staff is devoted to provide oral health services, preventive and dental care in a community dental clinic to all age groups. - Apply diagnostic and therapeutic dental services to Hope Health Group patients while making reasonable and sound assessments and treatment plans within the scope of the clinic's dental program. - Examine individuals requesting care, diagnoses their dental/oral conditions, prescribes and carries out appropriate dental/oral treatment. That includes, but not limited to inspections, veneers, implants, root canal treatments, dental crowns and bridges, gum rejuvenation, teeth whitening and more. Vacancies Hope Health Group is an equal opportunity employer. With us, all employees have a plethora of opportunities to develop themselves. Because we expect a lot of quality and commitment to the project from our employees, they are rewarded appropriately. Hope Health Group divides each of its positions into three pay scales. Employees with a lot of experience and commitment will become subject to an increase in pay scale. Furthermore, at our clinics, doctors (MD, PhD, PsyD) are eventually able to embark on positions of leadership, where they can put their knowledge and experience into use when supervising a team and, potentially, manage an entire clinic. Last, but not least, the Community Center also offers positions of leadership, which are not restricted to doctors, but can be aspired by all employees of Hope Health Group, if they volunteer at the Community Center. There, they can supervise an entire team of volunteers, and eventually manage the entire Community Center. For a full list of vacancies, requirements, and application information click HERE (( OOC Information )) Our faction has been active since February 2020 and always aimed to provide a unique type of RP for the server that has not been seen yet. Not only that we aim to provide an immersive medical roleplay, but also give a sense of community to the players involved. We put a strong emphasis on the way we roleplay and present ourselves to the community and maintain a family like environment, welcoming everyone with a smile. If you wish to visit us as a patient - you're always welcome, and you don't have to come with a diagnosis in mind. You can roleplay your medical conditions and symptoms as you wish and our staff will happily assist you OOCly if you lack the knowledge on how you should RP it. If you wish to apply and join our staff team - please be sure you have at least a basic understanding of the field you're interested in roleplaying. Of course we don't require you to have an OOC medical degree to roleplay a doctor, but in order to create an immersive experience for our patients we do ask you to do some research and make sure you can provide that. For any questions, suggestions, or information you're welcome to PM me or any of our members, as well as join our Discord channel and take part in our activities. Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/sdzRycnXNd
  3. "What is Blue Water Logistics?" Blue Water Logistics, or BWL for short, is a one of a kind Trucking Company. Our family offers its drivers the best possible compensation and benefits packages in the business. Our beautiful blue family does everything in its power to make sure that its drivers are handsomely rewarded, as we don't just want them to dip their toes in the business, we want them to make a life in it. But maybe they don't want to make a life in it? Well, we don't discriminate! We accept employees on a Part-Time basis, as well! "What can I expect from working for BWL?" We're glad that you've asked. We like when potential employees ask us questions, as it shows they have a keen eye for detail and they care about the future. You don't want to get ripped off, and we don't want to rip you off! Let's outline some of what we offer below. Pay: 93% Commission on Weekdays, 95% Commission on Weekends. Currently we are working on structuring added bonuses, such as when our drivers increase the ranking on their license, as well as bonuses for when our drivers regularly complete an average of 10 deliveries a day over a full week. You heard right, ONLY 10 deliveries a day to earn a bonus! Benefits: The benefits that we extend to our drivers beyond their normal pay is fairly straight forward. We have an Employee of the Month program in which we handsomely reward our best driver over the span of the month. And no, you don't need to be with the company at the start of any given month to achieve this, nor is it tied to the amount of deliveries completed. Our drivers will be issued a company vehicle in which they are able to make deliveries with, insurance and fuel provided. And should some gang member attempt to rob you, we'll make sure that the officers that arrest them make sure their kneecaps have a nice little accident on the way to jail! Not enough? We also intend to host monthly events, such as drift competitions, drag races, and cookouts! All of which has the goods supplied by the company. "What experience do I need?" Close to nothing! Drivers must be 18 with a valid Driver's License and when you come to the company, you will be required to test for your Trucking License ((20 Hours in Game Time, no actual test)), other than that our Supervisors have provided the best possible care for new employees by creating a Trucking Manual. It outlines everything that it takes to be a driver. Need a little extra TLC? We can provide a Ride Along to show you the ropes! "I'm interested. What's the next step?" The next step will be to contact any of the following Team Members in order to apply. If you have any further inquiries, you're also welcome to send questions, comments, and concerns to them. Director: @lukashein Branch Manager: @LittleRainbowz Chief Financial Officer: @BassDropYou Supervisor: @Selu Supervisor: @APEX_Kettle Supervisor: @Leone Pasello
  4. I am selling my 1 bedroom apartment on the ground floor of the Sunshine complex in Little Seoul. The area is always lively with plenty of locals to get to know and plenty of shops for all your needs as well as the well renown Ji-OK night club. I will be selling to somebody already in the area or looking to set down some routes in the area. (( I will mainly looking to sell to someone that is going to use the apartment for their character, not to flip it or rent it out to another party. )) As you can see by the pictures above, the apartment has a good standard of interior design and is ready to be lived in. The buyout for the property is set at $376,360 If the correct suitor comes available the property could be sold for less than the buyout price. Starting Bid: $166,360 The property will be listed for a total of five (5) days and then the potential new owner will be contacted via E-Mail ((Forum PM)), so please leave your e-mail address on any bids made. (( )) (( I reserve the right to refuse a potential player offering the buyout if I find a person more suitable for the area. Preference is someone that roleplays in the area and will continue to do so. House flippers, landlords need to look elsewhere. )) Comments Enabled. Bidding Enabled. Bids below the starting bid, automatically cancelled.
  5. This is the story of Desmond Brown, a 28 year old Jamaican immigrant living in Rancho, where he struggles to pay for a late University degree in Nursing at ULSA while trying to stay positive and strong, as he does his best to make a small difference in a wicked, struggling community.
  6. Procedurally updated story on the main post. Jeremie "Big Guala Bvby#1" Herron https://face.gta.world/guala127baby Alias: Guala Baby - More commonly referred to amongst peers as Guala, Guap and/or Baby guala [gwah-luh] WHAT DOES GUALA MEAN? It's used as slang for "money," often as guala guala. Story so far (pre-context): Jeremie Herron has spent his whole [19 year] life in a Brouge Ave. Housing Unit after being a product of home labour. He exists in a two bedroom household with his younger sister and his mother. Jeremie idolises the trap lifestyle, despite having no desire to jump off the porch into the rap game, he moulds his personality around famous names like Lil Baby, Young Thug & Lil Keed. Living a life with little option, Jeremie put on for the Darkside Neighborhood Bloods from a young age; with selfish ideals to get his own money up, leaving the brotherhood as close second. A natural born hustler like Jeremie is often seen to be flexing to his peers, his neighbours & most recklessly his opps. Jeremie is conceited, despite not being as ready to die for the hood as others, he still exudes levels of ignorance only hoodrats would reach. He sees himself as a top-tier money maker with grade A steelo (style). Donโ€™t get it twisted, most might look at his style and question why heโ€™s wearing such clothes. He thinks his future in the hills within grasp. Back to the flexing, Jeremie is as vain as they get, he is the definition of a walking lick despite not wearing any particularly expensive clothing. He is materialistic, and sees his only motivator as money. Jeremie's only real loyalties lie with his mother and his little sister, he tries to avoid the line of fire so he can always come home to them. In-depth In Character Story:
  7. Two bedroom apartment on the second floor of Lindsay Circus complex in Little Seoul, directly opposite the gas station. Plenty of local amenities and a friendly community to be a part of. Market Price: $110,000 Asking Price: $110,00 Not accepting lower than asking price.
  8. Apply Today โ€“ Save a Life Tomorrow! Hope Health Center, established in early 2020 as a private clinic, has been Hope Health Group's very first project, aimed at providing free, basic medical and mental health services to the people in need. Its main goal is to make medical and mental health care available to everyone, no matter their financial status. Located in Rancho, South Central, close to the low income areas of Los Santos, Hope Health Center spreads the message of hope and compassion, and encourages all individuals to regularly visit the clinic for both medical and mental health concerns. With a large variety of specialists working with the clinic, Hope Health Center aims at covering all fields of medicine and mental health in a professional manner. To further expand the team and help the cause, Hope Health Group is actively looking for talented individuals to join the team of Hope Health Center, in support of the concept of free basic healthcare services for everyone in need. An Equal Opportunity Employer Hope Health Group is an equal opportunity employer. There is no, and will never be, any sort of discrimination against employees. This includes the common protected characteristics, including: Race / color National origin / ethnicity Religion Age Sex / gender / sexual orientation Medical history To the contrary: Hope Health Group encourages all people qualified for a position with any of its establishments to apply. Any discrimination among colleagues will not be tolerated either. We aim at harmonious togetherness at work, and this is reflected with the diversity and the open-mindedness of our team. Plethora of Opportunities With Hope Health Group, all employees have a plethora of opportunities to develop themselves. Because we expect a lot of quality and commitment to the project from our employees, they are rewarded appropriately. Hope Health Group divides each of its positions into three paygrades. Employees with a lot of experience and commitment will become subject to an increase in paygrade. Furthermore, at our clinics, doctors (MD, PhD, PsyD, DDS, DMD) are eventually able to embark on management positions (shift supervisor, manager), where they can put their knowledge and experience into use when supervising a team and, potentially, manage an entire clinic. Last, but not least, the Community Center also offers positions of leadership, which are not restricted to doctors, but can be aspired by all employees of Hope Health Group, if they also volunteer at the Community Center. There, they can supervise an entire team of volunteers, and eventually manage the entire Community Center. Human Resource Officer (m/f/d) Pharmacist (m/f/d) Administrator (m/f/d) Special Services (m/f/d) Registered Nurse (m/f/d) Medical Doctor / Clinical Psychiatrist (m/f/d) Clinical Psychologist (m/f/d) Application Process Hope Health Center accepts applications via e-mail under "[email protected]". Please write a full letter of interest and include a thorough resume. You will then be reached out to by Hope Health Group HR as soon as possible, and all else will be discussed individually. We look forward to receiving your application. In case of further questions, feel free to reach out via e-mail as well, or contact us over the Hope Health Group landline: #6524-544. (( In order to apply, that IC e-mail mentioned above will have to be written by you utilizing the GTA:W Forums Private Message System. Please write a PM to both "MrsHamster" and "Palpie" in form of an IC e-mail, utilizing the above mentioned e-mail address as a basis to reach Hope Health Group. While your application does not have to be of the same depth as a usual application in real life, we expect a certain amount of effort, resembling the fact that we are playing on a heavy roleplay server. With your application, we also expect to see that you have given your character more than just a bit of thought, and you are aware of its story, strengths, weaknesses, education, work history, qualifications, motives and more. An invite link to our Faction Discord enclosed: https://discord.gg/sdzRycnXNd )) Hope Health Group - The Skill to Heal - The Hearts to Care
  9. This thread will follow the life of Kerderius Ware. Kerderius Ware is a 17-year-old African American, a resident of the Davis community in a small shotgun house, containing two bedrooms, and five individuals. At the age of 14, he was already influenced by vicious crimes, that laid around the area of Los Santos. At the age of 15, he watched his classmates fall victim to the vicious, and brutal crimes around the local Davis area, with majority of them being from gangs. This Involved several of his classmates dying from homicides due to the high rate of Los Santos's gun violence, in the less fortunate area(s). By 16, he was already charged with numerous crimes such as: several counts of burglaries, Vandalism, Aggravated Assault, and a gun charge, Penal Code 25850.
  10. Little Israel is the unofficial name for the Jewish communities within Los Santos, with the people living widely ranging in income and wealth. This thread seeks to document said communities within Los Santos. There are people from every background in the community, from doctors, policemen and students to thieves, delinquents and robbers. While the Jewish community tends to be more religious than that of other communities, it doesn't stop you from playing any sort of character you want - For a lot of Jews, religion is more of a tradition that is upheld simply to preserve the culture rather than strict adherence to all the rules. Please keep this thread for RP within or based around the Jewish community. If you want to post on the thread and you're not sure, send me a PM.
  11. DropOut Boyz is a small clique consisting of teenage highschool dropouts who do credit card fraud, the dealing of narcotics, drug usage, and other dumb shit. They all have something in common, they idolize the scam rap culture. This includes people such as Shittyboy Tron, Shittyboy Stan Wil, Teejayx6, Kasher Quon, and etc.
  12. Legate

    Brouge Ave.

    Brogue Avenue is a small north-south street in Davis, South Los Santos. It begins at Grove Street, passes through Covenant Avenue and Carson Avenue, then comes to an end at Macdonald Street. It is comprised mostly of single family homes and a few businesses. Brogue Avenue is disputed territory for many gangs in the area and is a low income neighborhood. The group that this thread is about is a band of teenagers from mostly poverty stricken or low income homes of different races and backgrounds simply living their lives. This is meant to develop into something bigger icly and we're not really forcing the direction despite there being a vision. If you want to role play with us or just in the area in general you're welcome to do so, it's not a hostile environment at all but it is a bad neighborhood, the more the merrier. Hit me up on Discord Captain#3847 if you want to get involved.
  13. aldo


    Post screenshots of role play taken around the Davis area?
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