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Found 9 results

  1. The Groves Crew “Arrest several drug dealers, and more will take their place.” Despite constant attempts at reducing the smuggling and trafficking of narcotics throughout The United States of America, drug trade organizations have developed unique mechanisms towards continuously smuggling drugs into and throughout the nation, whether it is by the land, sea, or air. For every single time that a drug trafficking operation is dismantled, another one seems to appear. This appears to be the case within Los Santos, in-which a total of sixty pounds of cocaine were seized by Law enforcement officers at the Los Santos International airport. The L.S.P.D. have reported that the suspect, known as Jevar Brown, bribed an L.S.I.A. fight attendant for a seized amount of fifty-thousand dollars to assist in the transportation and smuggling of sixty pounds of cocaine from the L.S.I.A. airport to New Jersey. The tip was revealed after the cocaine was discovered ditched in the airport’s restroom when L.S.I.A. fight attendant, Angela Robinson, was randomly selected for screening. The Federal Bureau of Intelligence stated that these arrests are simply an exceedingly small fraction of a much larger ring of operations which continues to plague the nation, as a whole. “It currently is a fight that we’re having very difficult time keeping control of. Every time we arrest somebody that is bringing the stuff into our community, there’s someone to replace them right away…” – New Jersey Police Chief “It’s hard to get a handle on them, because there’s no membership lists, like with the motorcycle gangs. There’s no initiation ceremonies, like the Mafia. There’s no signs, symbols, graffiti, or colours, like the street gangs.” Several dozens of these arrests have all connected back to one place: Kingston, Jamaica, and they seem to rely on both the Bahamas to Miami drug-trade route and the Mexico to California drug-trade route to smuggle narcotics throughout the nation. Sources indicate that smaller rings purchase a bulk amount of cocaine directly from suppliers, before cutting the substance and then selling smaller amounts to local street gangs for a higher price. “They don’t necessarily look or behave like the less powerful gangs they do business with… they’re very sophisticated. They’re very smart… it’s not like they’re going to be wearing colors or you’re going to run into them on a day-to-day basis. They don’t wear do-rags”, said staff inspector Mike Earl. “They have no name and no tattoos to signify their connections with one another”. OOC INFORMATION We are attempting to portray a small crew of Jamaicans that engage in nation-wide narcotics trafficking and laundering for an international-wide drug trafficking organization, whose main operations are within Kingston, Jamaica and Miami, Florida. We are NOT portraying a street gang, and this group is not intended for those that wish to engage in fast-paced criminal R.P., as these operations are usually off the grid and slow-paced. Numerous illegal and even "legal" roles are appreciated, as laundering is a major part of this org. All recruitment is conducted ICly. If you have any questions, contact @DLimit or Ras#4049 on Discord. Guides are available upon request, alongside with other necessary resources. Crew leaders reserve the Right to C.K. any character that joins the crew.
  2. Credits to Corey for the trailer (( OOC: The faction aims to portray a realistic drug distribution ring partly consisting of former BMF members, that focuses on the sale of cocaine and other narcotics via drug crews operating around the Forum Drive and Strawberry area, as well as bulk distribution to connected groups. With the real life counterpart formerly using the West Coast as their importing hub from Mexican cartels, we intend on replicating this within Los Santos, focusing heavily on cocaine and its supply. If your character intends to join and is associated to one or more people from the faction, leadership retains the rights to CK your character at their IC discretion at any point in time. This faction enforces a high standard of roleplay and ensures that server rules are followed. If you're looking for a typical shooter faction, keep looking. Any inquiries or joining or regarding the faction can be sent through to us, feel free to DM us on Discord, ren#1942, StefanM#1911, milos#5178, corey#3333. ))
  3. Primos Locos 22 (PL22), an nation pre-existing clique that formed on the south side of Los Santos; Los Primos Locos formed under the Sureno movement during this time, though had been presumed defunct by law enforcement groups after the incarceration of key figures from within, Benjamin "El Cazador" Atunez, and Thomas "Tommy Guns" Obrero. This information however was false, with affiliates from the same generational gang as the two previously mentioned having stepped up to the plate, most notably Ethan "Romes" Romero and Pedro "Nosey P" Caballero. It is thought that these individuals were the masterminds between some of the most grievous attacks on the south side in recent times. These prolific killers often went by the alias Troubleside 13 for their lack of care of consequences to engage in open conflict with their rivals, most notably Tongan Crips and Hoover Crips, the latter of which fell victim to Primos Locos' tactics early last August. "Blue skies turned red" is how it was coined, when gang members from 57 Hoover Criminals moved to carry out a hit on Troubleside members in the late hours of the evening. The attempt was foiled however before an all out gun fight ensued within the Rancho neighbourhood, leaving the majority of Hoover members mortally wounded and fighting for their lives. As investigations into the slaughter made way, it was later thought that members of the Primos Locos had been congregating within the neighbourhood prior to the attack, likely for safety or to orchestrate a pre-emptive type attack on 57 Hoover Criminals, or others they had ongoing street feuds with. "Benjamin "El Cazador" Atunez and Thomas "Tommy Guns" Obrero are thought to have been the key perpetrators and minds behind the attack, and others like it." The court heard when The Uniform Intelligence Detail and Detective Bureau were on the case. The two would later be released from Bolingbroke Penitentiary after a hard fought and drawn out court process cleared them of any major involvement. With two of the three acting Los Primos Locos figureheads now back in society, rumour spread fast that the once sur-ragging clique had opted to uphold their position in South Los Santos on their own terms, dropping any previous allegiance to the wider gang movement within the Rancho area, as other first generational gang members began to crop up out of the woodworks and occupy the surrounding Carson Avenue & Roy Lowenstein areas. This came about due to previous years worth of progressive disagreements between Los Primos Locos 13 and other notable Rancho 13 cliques, NGF (Never Gave a Fuck) and Frontline Lokaz. It's now believed that the the events prior to the breakaway of LPL13 and the formation of Primos Locos 22 garnered conflicted views among Hispanic sets at the time, but still ultimately lead to the breakaway of the money-infused death squad members that once banged for "13". Little else has since changed among Primos Locos members by way of mentality, or from a functional standpoint. It's presumed that with the additional freedom they gained from the initial switch, the gang operate with near impunity for their often heinous acts and violent tendencies. The Hispanic youth within the Roy Lowe area had yet again been tainted by prolific gang members, but under a new cause. Bolingbroke Penitentiary served as little more as an educational stop for Atunez and Obrero, and likely did more harm than good within South Los long term. With the heavy presence of interstate traffickers at the upstate system, the two found solace among those inside and with the outside tensions already at full mast, thought nothing of banding with those that fit their agenda at the time. This all came down to the bad blood that remained after a series of conflicts within the Rancho area. 57 Hoover, Tortilla Flats, and Tongans all clashed with the wider SSVR set, though namely came in contact with LPL members at the time. Truces were formed soon after law enforcement agencies had detained Atunez and Obrero, which only furthered the duo's dismay for their former peers due to the premise of potentially facing big time for the war that had just called off. It was this moment when the separation became inevitable, and soon lead to "El Cazador" and "Tommy Guns'" association with The Border Brothers 22 function inside Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
  4. The following thread chronicles the life of Taynara "Taya" Devereaux Backstories: Taynara -also nicknamed "Taya"- was born in New Orleans on the 19th of December, 2000. She has got one older sister, Azalea. Their mother died at a very young, when Taya was just 3 years old. Their father was a heavy drug-addict, and was unable to take care of his daughters, nor really cared about them. Thus, the Devereaux sisters moved to their Grandma where they grew up, in a house with 5 kids. They had financial struggles, and lived mostly in poverty. Despite such, the family was really close with each other and lived in happiness together. In fact, this period was the last time Taya truly experienced any happiness in her childhood. When Taya was 8, her Grandma unfortunately passed away, and so the two sisters got adopted by a family in Davis, Los Santos. This was a complete mismatch, however. The new family treated the girls horribly, as they fell victim to domestic violence. Taya was often abused both physically and sexually, to a point where it became a daily occurance. Because of this, Taya's personality and attitude also suffered greatly, as she became a rather violent person herself and often got herself suspended at school, and at one point even kicked out. Because she dropped out and was left without any educational certifications, her "mother" had new purposes for Taya, going as far as to selling her to strangers for sexual pleasure at still a considerable young age. When Azalea turned 18, she immediately moved out and took Taya with her, as she always took care of her little sister and continues to be a mother-figure for her to this day. Personalities: Whilst her sister Azalea is a calm, sensible, strong and intelligent person, Taya on the contrary is often seen as childish, violent, unintelligent and very easy manipulated. Taya suffers from emotional and psychological trauma — her childhood has a devastating impact on her physical, mental and emotional health which includes depression, shame, anger and suicide. She often uses alcohol and other drugs to deal with the pain. Furthermore, Taya is a complete stranger to positive and respectful relationships. Azalea on the other hand certainly has a temper and still finds herself making poor decisions, but most of her energy is spent trying to unravel the years of trauma inflicted on Taya by providing for her and being her only support system. Lastly, Taya suffers from ADHD, resulting in her being extremely energetic and wild. The usage of marijuana and her ADHD medication pills are nearly the only possible way to get her to calm down and "put her on a leash". This thread will be documented by myself, portraying Taynara. It's going to be my first character story thread, so any feedback is absolutely welcome.
  5. Andre "Dre" Diamonds Pictured: Andre Diamonds, Age 16. Andre “Dre” Diamonds born on October 14th, 2000 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dre was abandoned by his mother at the time of his birth and his grandmother was granted full custody of him. Dre lived with his grandmother and five other kids till she passed away when Dre was four years old. Dre was separated from his family members as they were all placed in to foster care. After being bounced around from Louisiana to Florida. Dre is now residing in Davis, Los Santos in a foster home where he is neglected and mistreated by his foster parents. Dre can be seen around the Davis area riding his bike around or shooting hoops as he aspires one day to make it out of the hood and become a professional basketball player. Dre stands at 6”1 185lbs. When Dre speaks you can hear a slight southern accent tied with his southern hood lingo. Current Day: Pictured: Andre Diamonds, Age 20 Since rekindling with two of his cousins, Azalea and Taynara. They’ve introduced Andre to a group of people that he calls his family now. Andre is currently residing on Forum Drive, he’s currently a solider within the Morrison & Meadows DTO. Pictured: Andre Diamonds, source: www.lossantosmugshots.com Andre has built up a rap sheet for himself. His arrest record includes Assault, Distribution of Narcotics, Possession of Marijuana, and Evasion. Despite being arrested for the following charges, Andre has only served time in Twin Towers for the possession of marijuana and Evasion. This was due to the lack of evidence against him on the Assault and the distribution of narcotics charges.
  6. ( Valentin Zaragoza A.K.A El Toro, an ex-convict, affiliated with Border Brothers 22 )
  7. This thread will follow the development of Quadell Moore, an ex-gangbanger and a Kumi 415 affiliate on the outside.
  8. This highlights the story of Anthony Sosa.
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