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  1. This thread will follow the life and development of Clint Hutchinson.
  2. Joaquin Orozco Age: 21 Occupation: Gas attendant Joaquin was born to parents Felix and Esmeralda. He spent the youngers year of his life living with both parents in the Sandy Shores region, he had a humble up bringing and was taught the values of hard work from an early age. His mother worked as a store assistant and his father worked in a local bar. At around the age of 15 Felix and Esmeralda split, Joaquin opted to go and live in Davis with his father whilst his mother remained in Sandy Shores. Despite the distance between them Joaquin and his father still kept regular contact with his mother visiting her as often as possible and helping her financially with bills, essentials. Joaquins father Felix is a motorcycle enthusiast, he has always pushed Joaquin to show a similar interest but until recently Joaquin has had none at all. Joaquins father has currently been sentenced to a minimum of fifteen years for a variety of offenses, his mother still resides in Sandy shores. Joaquin is currently commuting to and from Davis to Sandy Shores for his job at the Gas Station, filling his time with any odd jobs in between. He is living pay check to pay check, struggling to make ends meet but doing the best he can with what’s currently on offer.
  3. County roleplay The county area is an amazing place, with great potential, that leads to unique ideas & factions. Over the years, I'm sure we've all seen some crazy ideas that were expanding the normal area of roleplay we might see every day on GTA WORLD (@Mecovy and his brewery - ACCESS, and many more, of course). I feel that some type of roleplay can only be made in these areas, and I'm not talking about the classical redneck roleplay, but farming, brewery, and much more that basically transforms a small town into a community. I see that there's a decrease in activity in such places now, compared to a few years back, and I was wondering what are your thoughts on this - how important is county roleplay for you and how do you see it, where does it stand? Do you think that county roleplay should be brought back to life? I'm not saying it's totally dead, but I can see that most of the time the place seems rather dead than alive. County community Some of you may know, and most will probably not remember, but I ran Carson over SA:MP, and it was basically this community&faction idea where we would merge into this big community to help the county roleplay exist. We had no rules but the server ones, we were both legal and illegal, we've had people that were roleplaying 15 y/o to old guys like myself, and it was very fun - having no restriction made the entire community very strong and diverse, and this is what I think it's missing from the county area right now. I see that they added park rangers, there's a lot of script to support the county roleplay, and also a lot of staff support on that matter, but I'm curious why people mostly avoid this area. It would be a great thing to have a 'smaller version' of Los Santos out in the desert, where people would act different and bring out the best in that environment. Thanks, Socrates #1 edit: I'm more likely speaking about a community rather than seeing factions - to have that small town community around, this was my main idea and how do you guys see it, how much of that exists, or does not.
  4. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/73137-north-valley-skinheads/
  5. Name: Samantha Dwayne DOB: 26-05-1996 Gender: Female Height: 5'9'' Weight: 154 lbs Languages: English Name: Bailey Morrigan DOB: 12-02-1994 Gender: Female Height: 5'11'' Weight: 182 lbs Languages: English Name: Tara Stoyavich DOB: 16-07-1998 Gender: Female Height: 5'6'' Weight: 120-130 lbs Languages: Polish | English This thread follows Samantha Dwayne & Bailey's family story-line.
  6. Greetings, I reach out today with one of Sandy Shores' few static properties, laced on a concrete foundation. The property is currently home to one, but can fit a couple if necessary. It's located in Sandy Shores - which is known for it's calmness from far away city hassles and for having all the amenities you'd need. The property currently has one trailer next door which is owned by the respective neighbor, ample parking space to the front, side and back, and is facing the beautiful Alamo Sea and Chiliad Mountain - having the water only a mere street crossing away. I'm looking to exchange this property for one in Grapeseed or Paleto Bay - or a business venue, either active or run down, money can be added if necessary. The property is NOT for sale. The property's exchange will occur starting from November 15th, and not a day prior. PHOTOS ((/pinfo))
  7. Butch "Butchie" Murphy is a 41-year-old man. This is a citizen of Sandy Shores. In this thread we will see his daily life.
  8. Hi, I'm Elwood Murphy - Owner and Operator of Murphy's Roadside Repair & Towing 'MRR&T' is a small operation proudly servicing the Blaine County area with their roadside automotive needs. Sometimes you don't need to be hauled off by a truck and spend hours waiting for an expensive mechanic to finally service your vehicle, only to find out it was something minor, Sometimes it can be more serious and towing IS necessary. The bottom line is your money and Time is precious, so why waste it? I'll Fix it or get you where you need to be quick! Call 782-950-18 today and forget about paying top dollar! Like us on FaceBrowser Today! https://face.gta.world/pages/MRRT All inquiries to be directed to [email protected](([email protected]))
  9. Looking to purchase property, preferably between Sandy and Grapeseed.
  10. Gamble

    2154 Senora Way

    2154 Senora Way - Ron Alternates Wind Farm An old yet precious trailer on the outskirts of Sandy Shores, located inside a beautiful valley. Ideal for those who like peace and quiet. Now accepting bidding offers. Property will be sold on September 10th! Interior Hide contents Exterior Hide contents (( Property information )) Hide contents (( OOC Disclaimers: Your character’s roleplay should mainly be in the County. Those that are part of a County faction, such as LSSD, SAPR or O’Neill, or those that can prove their character is mainly roleplaying in the County will receive priority. If you’re a city character looking to get a vacation place I will deem your bid invalid. A background check will be done at the end of the auction. The auction will take place until September 10th and may be sold for any price at that point of time in accordance with the new housing rules. I am selling the property due no longer being part of LSSD. ))
  11. "Hello there. I'm Osarios Dionicos, and I'm tired of living in an RV. Do anyone sell any properties in this area? I'm willing to pay maximum thrice the original price" **Just comment on this post when "sending a text" cause I'm obviously not online 24/7**
  12. Zephaniah Peterson is a twenty-five year old man child who still lives with his mother in their trailer located in Sandy Shores. (The goal of this thread is to follow his antics and character development through roleplay screenshots.)
  13. This thread follows the story of Marlena Cromwell, Sandy Shore resident.
  14. Contact us or visit our website for more pricing details. This truly is way to conveniently own your own food truck legacy fast and efficiently! What are you waiting for? Give us a call TODAY! ☎️ 3435 [email protected] ((forum pm @ChaosOne)) FaceBrowser
  15. Ryan Burns Ryan Burns was born on October 12th, 1997 in Sandy Shores Medical Center to Adam Burns and Sarah Goodman who lived in a trailer in the outskirts of Sandy Shores where they still currently reside. His father worked on repairing bikes for most of his life seeing as Sandy Shores is a bike oriented town business was never short which allowed Ryan, who hanged out a lot at his father's mechanic shed, to gain first hand experience and meet a lot of people especially people from Motorcycle and Riding Clubs who he took a certain type of admiration to and valued the brotherhood system they had which appealed to him very much. In his early years he attended school like any other kid but never felt like belonged, he had his friends and all but they didn't relate to him on the level that he wished he wasn't a loner or anti-social at all he just never felt truly surrounded by real friends which led him to instead make friends around town rather than school which opened him up more to the local motorcycle chapter and while he was never a part of it he saw them from a distance while working in his fathers shed as they ran their local charity events. After he graduated high school he went into the city to study at Los Santos University, majoring in service mechanics of general transportation and received his bachelors degree, shortly after graduating he moved back to Sandy Shores upon receiving the news of his mothers passing as he has decided to renovate his fathers old garage and shed. After meeting a local patched member of the Old Cronies Motorcycle Club named Philip Freeman as well as meeting most of the other members. Ryan decided he would try to acquire a job repairing motorcycles and complete a lifelong dream which is join a Motorcycle Club.
  16. Hello there. I'm Osarios Dionicos, and I'm tired of living in an RV. Do anyone sell any properties in this area? I'm willing to pay maximum thrice the original price.
  17. Rex's Diner Davis Quartz & Senora Way [GPS] For inquires, call ☎️3435 or email [email protected] ((forum pm @chaosone))
  18. The Woods Family Family history, and a little legend... The Woods have lived in Sandy Shores for generations, tracing all the way back to George Woods, who allegedly settled in Blaine County after a string of bank robberies and heists across the Eastern half of the United States. George hid his ill-gotten goods somewhere in Blaine County, however died before he could tell either of his sons, Houston or Earl, where the treasure was buried. The mystery of it consumed the brothers, though Earl far more than Houston. Earl went mad and never had the time for a wife or anything of the sort. He died diving into the Alamo sea, convinced his father's treasure was there. Houston on the other hand went on to have four boys, and the current day Woods family's all descended from him. The Woods are known as rambunctious trailer trash, getting into loud domestic arguments, and fights. Their fleet of junk vehicles, old trucks, bikes, and ATVs usually litter in front of their multiple trailers along Smoke Tree road. Crazy personalities, family drama, and rumors of that long lost treasure, the Woods are living the American dream. Meet (some) of the Family: (This thread will follow the story and development of the Woods family.)
  19. Current bid: Starting bid: $120,000 Bid increment: $5000 Market price: $35000 Furniture worth: $48022 Buyout: $153,022
  20. I'm looking to buy a property in Blaine County, preferrably a trailer or a house in the Sandy Shores or Grapeseed area. Budget: 200 - 250k. If you are selling one, feel free to contact me with offers.
  21. Blaine County is a geologically diverse county, featuring a large desert region, dense forest, and several mountains. Blaine County is the single largest rural area in San Andreas. Blaine County contains the towns of Grapeseed, Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay, as well as several other smaller settlements. Blaine County is separated from Los Santos County by Route 68. Despite being a separate county, its policing remains under the jurisdiction of Los Santos, with Los Santos County Sheriff officers patrolling the county's highways. This page is for people who roleplay in Blaine County while showing the scenery which is out there.
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