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Found 3 results

  1. This thread will follow the life of Irma Starnes, otherwise known as "Bottles", continued from the thread "white trash". Irma Starnes was born on the 2nd of September 2003 and was the second child of Michael Starnes and Amber Starnes, born seven years after her older brother, Elias Starnes. Michael and Amber lived unremarkably in Harmony, with a house and stable jobs. Michael was ex-military turned trucker while Amber dabbled in aviation and law enforcement. In early 2007, Michael and Amber divorced unexpectedly after Michael had an affair with Susan Gould. Amber turned to drink to cope with the destruction of her family and took an extended period of leave from the force, falling into a deep depression. Due to Michael's relationship with Susan and Amber's newfound drinking troubles, Michael was awarded full custody of his two kids. Irma and Elias ceased to hear from their real mother, who disappeared into obscurity and failed to keep in contact. Her role in the family was replaced by Susan, whom Michael would marry two years later. For a time, life returned to normal. Elias would never voice his initial discontentment with Susan replacing Amber, though Irma was so young it barely mattered to her. Life went on. Approaching 2016, several tragedies struck the family all at once. Susan became ill in late 2015, and after collapsing at her job and being rushed to hospital, it was discovered she had a malignant tumour growing on her brain. The same year, Irma would be admitted to a mental hospital after the culmination of her developing schizophrenia that had began since as early as 2013, causing the alienation of all of her close friends due to her "weird behaviour". Susan's tumour was deemed "inoperable" by surgeons and she was tragically given less than a year left to live. Irma would leave the psychiatric hospital after four months, managing to be in good enough mind to see Susan once again before she would inevitably succumb later that same year. Susan's passing tore a hole in the family. All three of them were devastated by her loss. For Michael, he had lost his wife and for Irma, she had lost her mother. Elias was perhaps the most disillusioned by the death of Susan, feeling that he had lost two mothers, not just one. They mourned for a time and then Michael returned to work, Elias returned to his metalworking apprenticeship and Irma returned to school. Now deemed "different" by merit of being a paranoid schizophrenic and considered on the fringe of high school society due to this, Irma would go on to associate with and befriend Sierra Nelson, another girl with her own string of personal issues; who would later become Irma's closest and most trusted companion in the whole world. The two of them would become almost inseparable from each other. In 2017, Irma came home from school like any other Wednesday afternoon. Michael worked late into the evening and Elias was usually gone as well. She opened the front door of their Harmony property and went to do her homework, freezing in horror at the bottom of the stairs, paralyzed by fear. Irma, at just 14 years of age, was faced with her brother's corpse suspended from the top of the stairs by a rope around his neck, face purple from asphyxiation. The traumatic event would go on to forever scar Irma and the horrific sight fed her schizophrenia to the point where Michael and Irma were left no choice but to move due to her becoming too terrified to even enter the house. This singular event would be the gust of wind that set her descent into drugs, crime and villainy into motion. Irma and her father moved into a trailer out in the county, downgrading from a house for lack of need and for easier living. Struggling to cope with what she had been exposed to, Irma turned to drugs and dragged Sierra Nelson down into methamphetamine abuse with her, schizophrenia worsening and her episodes becoming more frequent at home. Both of their addictions slowly worsened over the following years. Sierra Nelson was not an academic girl for several reasons, her plethora of personality disorders plus her newfound drug abuse causing her to fail most subjects. Irma however, excelled in school despite the setbacks she had faced and couldn't help but feel guilty over this, doubly so considering she was the one who had gotten Sierra hooked in the first place. Irma's father would go missing in December of 2021, later found to be murdered upon the side of the road in a case that is still unsolved by law enforcement, prompting Irma to begin struggling to cope with life in general. In a coup de grace of whatever was left of Irma's soul, her only loved one left, Sierra Nelson, unexpectedly and unexplainedly took her own life in March of 2022. Nowadays, Irma has nothing left to care for but herself.
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