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Found 22 results

  1. | MASTER OF NONE | "A jack of all trades is a master of none- but it's a hell of a lot better than a master of one." - Shakespeare... Probably. The ballad of Louis 'English' Loose- a thread following a British immigrant with dubious morals and an empty wallet.
  2. Hey y'all, so I've always been fascinated by how people creatively establish their characters, especially seasoned veterans. It's almost as if they cross their t's and dot their i's before anything else. So my questions are, do you burn your eyebrows researching the concepts, backgrounds, and history of your character? Do you pick a general concept, let it fly off the handle, and go with the flow regarding your character's story? Or do you just pick a certain character that will easily fit into the faction you want to join? I understand that we all have our own personal touches and write brief character backgrounds before we begin with our characters, however, there are smaller details that add up to our overall roleplaying experience. This could also help other RP'ers build their character stories and improve everyone's RP'ing skills. Thank you!
  3. (THIS IS MY VERY FIRST ATTEMPT AT A FULL ON STORY FOR A CHARACTER WITH A VERY, VERY THOUGHT OUT BACKGROUND AND THAT'S BEEN FLESHED OUT. ANY FEEDBACK ON THIS ROLEPLAY PLEASE PM ME WITH ANYTHING THAT CAN BE IMPROVED UPON AND PLEASE ENJOY THE ROLEPLAY. YOU ARE MORE THAN FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS IN HERE OF COURSE BUT ANY NEGATIVITY OR JUST BANTER PLEASE KEEP IT OUT OF HERE) The family tree Buckley Spuckler as a child, 1984 Buckley Houston was born in Logansport Memorial Hospital on March 27th, 1981 by his two parents, Tucker Houston and April White. After the birth of their 2nd son, Buckley, the couple decided to tie the knot. Growing up, the family lived on a large farm in Logansport. They grew corn and sold their bunch at the local farmer's market. Tucker Houston worked hard to provide for his family and April mended to the family inside the kitchen and home. This is where Buckley learned a lot about hard work and appreciation for nature. Being from a rural town, Buckley grew up going on hayrides and going to small local fairs. He grew up going down the old rocky roads barefoot and shooting BB guns. He grew up where you got your water from a well. He grew up a country boy. Everyone in town knew each other for the most part. But whenever Buckley found himself in a tight spot, whether it be because he got stuck in a tree, or somebody was bullying him, his older brother Marshall had his back. Marshall was a great older brother who taught him many things, such as how to shoot, with a BB gun, and other not so good things like how to steal from the corner store without being caught. Around when Buckley turned 4, April gave birth to her 3rd child, John Houston. This is very upsetting to April because she's always wanted a girl. Buckley was ecstatic because now he can be the big brother that Marshall always was to him. He couldn't wait to pass on what Marshall taught him to his younger sibling. At about the age of 6, Buckley finally got to go fishing with his father Tucker, and Marshall. This excited him very much because he was always jealous of his older brother Marshall, who always got to go fishing with his father. Now being six years old, his father decided it was time for him to start learning how to fish and later down the line how to hunt, as this was instilled into his mind that to become a man, you must be a good fisherman and a good hunter. As they fished Buckley got to spend some quality time with his father and they talked and he learned very valuable things about becoming a man, and he even got to take a sip of his dads Budweiser. The same year, April gives birth again to a final member of the family, Debra Houston. April is excited to have a daughter, she's been wanting one for a very, very long time. Buckley and Marshall have vowed that they will protect their sister from anything and anyone, to be her protector from the world. They also vowed to teach her how to fish and hunt, as they think she will be into that stuff even though she's a girl. This is the morals they were raised on by their father. To protect family and the people who can't protect themselves. Their father instilled into them what it means to be a real man at an early age. Buckley during highschool, 1996 As Buckley gets older he eventually starts high school at Logansport Community Highschool. He was one of the coolest kids in his class. Women wanted him and men wanted to be him. He was popular around school. Marshall was now a senior in high school. Marshall was planning on joining the Navy since he was a sophomore and a recruiter went to talk to him about the benefits. At this point, Marshall was focused more on his future than his brothers. This did not take away from the brotherhood between Buckley and John. The two would continue a strong bond and Buckley worked day by day to ensure that John was on path to becoming the man he needed to become, not only for himself but for Debra as he will be the only one left to watch after her once the other two brothers left home. Buckley was not a trouble-maker in school, but at the same time he wasn't exactly a goody-two-shoes either. He was more focused on the school football team where he was a varsity linebacker and women. He didn't get into many fights, until his first fight at school, where a kid tried to fight him over a girl he liked named Rachel Spencer. The kid fighting him was Jason Freeman. Jason and they met up in the front of the school where Jason snuck in a couple of punches. Buckley ate the punches, and was no stranger to fighting growing up with two brother. He landed a couple of hooks that would lead to knocking Jason on his ass. This was enough to impress Rachel and he scored a date with her to a drive-in theatre. The two would grow closer to one another and the ladies' man that Buckley once was, is now settling down with the love of his life. Rachel became pregnant with Buckley's child at the age of 17. Buckley was 18 and ready to go to the US army and follow in his brothers' footsteps. This devastated Rachel as she would be alone to take care of the child as Buckley enlisted, but Buckley ensured he will stay there with her as at the time there was no sign of war. Buckley Houston pictured with other members of his battalion, 2001 Everything had changed in 2001. After 2 years of being enlisted in the US army, on Sept. 11th, 2001, the twin towers were struck by two hijacked planes. Buckley remembers very vividly that he was heading to go pick up his son from daycare when he heard the news. He immediately pulled over and cried for his country. Not long after the United States had concluded that a terrorist group named Al-Qaeda was behind this horrific attack on US soil, and he was soon after deployed into Iraq. This was scary news for him and his family, as he is now being sent to a completely foreign land. He quickly befriends some of his squad-mates, such as Maurice Johnson and Robert Polinka, as they become close. The battalion was called to an IED in Erbil. The group was to defend the position as they were the closest to the designation. As they were defending the bomb squad from a safe distance, Buckley saw a flashing light from a distance. He wasn't sure what the light was as he paused a moment. Robert and Maurice saw Buckley freeze and started to look out into the distance. Within seconds, you'd hear the fire of a gunshot, and shortly after Robert lay dead by the feet of Buckley. Buckley stood there, he couldn't believe what he saw. Maurice had to pull him into cover. Everything else that happened that day was a blur to Buckley. He blames himself to this day for the death of Robert as he froze and he didn't say anything. And to add to the drama, he didn't even get to avenge Robert's death. He carries Robert's dog tags with him every day to remember his brother, who has been lost but never forgotten. A year later, as the group was heading to Baghdad in '02 as some allies were under direct fire and needed immediate backup. This led to the battalion moving faster than normal and made them exposed to any surprise attacks. About halfway there between Baghdad and Samarra, the group would trigger a hidden IED in the street. Everything was going great until the random explosion which led to their Humvee being destroyed from the blast. Maurice died from the explosion and Buckley was one of the few survivors of the blast. Unfortunately, the blast had destroyed his right leg and led to medics having to amputate his leg and give him a prosthetic one. Shortly after this unfortunate event, Buckley was discharged back home. He was given a purple heart for his service from President Bush, but at what cost? Mentally the war took everything from Buckley and physically crippled him. Buckley with his wife Rachel, 2004 Buckley returns home and he is blessed to be able to hug and kiss his wife and see his son again. He was sad his son had to see a paralyzed father, but regardless glad he was able to see his father at all unlike his military brother Robert. But, everything that glitters is not gold. After years of serving in the military, Buckley struggled to find a job as a disabled war veteran. He also obtained a very severe form of PTSD, he would wake up in the middle of the night in a fit of screams, he'd have very visual flashbacks of the war, of the IED explosion, of his friend who died right in front of his eyes. He was not the same man he was before and he was too ashamed to admit he had a problem. The life he planned to build after his service had started to crumble right in front of his eyes. Due to Buckley's unsuccess in life as well as the settling depression, he started to lean towards alcohol abuse. You see, the bottle helped relieve him of his pain. It helped him forget the past and his unfortunate present. However, it made him cold and bitter. Rachel saw his anger as a serious issue, and Buckley saw it as the only option to fix his issues. His anger would be undoubted as he'd get into loud fights with his wife. Yelling insults and throwing things across the room was commonplace. Cayden was scared and would always hide from his parents. Knowing what he's doing hurt him but only made him even more hateful and made the situation worse. The worst of all of his outbursts came out in 2008. In 2008 his PTSD started to delve into his alcoholic state and it led to very violent, uncontrollable fits of rage. One said fit led to him slapping Rachel across his face. This is when Rachel took Cayden and they moved in with her mother. Eventually Rachel would file for divorce from Buckley and during the court proceedings he lost full custody of his son due to him being mentally incapable of taking care of him. This led Buckley to a very extreme state of depression. He finally picked up a job. The only one he could do as a disabled man, he'd work at an office faxing papers out. He became a shell of the man he once was. On the bright side, he started to go to therapy which helped him get his anger issues some of his PTSD under control. He feels like it's time to speak on his issues, not for him, but for his son who he let down. Buckley fishing in the Alamo Sea, 2020 Buckley will move to Los Santos in 2020. His depression was starting to get under control but it was still pretty bad, so he moved somewhere where he felt like hunting and fishing would be a lot more enjoyable. He started to get his alcohol abuse under control, through hunting and fishing. The one thing that has brought enjoyment in his life since he was child. Los Santos was the new start he needed to take back control of his life and turn everything around. Buckley would still attempt to write to his family to check in on them, and every month or so he'd be greeted with a return letter. Marshall(currently 42) is also in San Andreas, where he was with Alice Houston until they had a falling off and she left him because he couldn't hold a job. As for John(35), he'd be at home taking care of the farm that their family had built, as Tucker was far too old to do this on his own anymore. As for Debra(32), she'd meet a man and they'd be living happily ever after in New York. She'd live the modern life now. He'd also write a letter to his son Cayden(21) nearly 3 times a week. He was obsessed with writing to his son. He's vowed to continue to write to him until he received a response because that's all he's ever wanted and to date Buckley has never received a return letter from him. Cayden only knows his father as an abusive drunk. He looks at Buckley as a dark spot in his life. That does not stop Buckley from writing to him as his son means the most to him. The thought of doing what was best for his son is what got him through the darkest times of his life. He'd do anything to see him again. He doesn't want to die never seeing his son again.
  4. Chapter 1: The Bastard Chieftain The vast steppe of Mongolia stretched out before Togtokh Batbayar, Chieftain of Bayan-Ulgii. He was a man of strength and determination, forged by the unforgiving landscape and his own turbulent past. Born a bastard son, he had faced countless challenges from the moment he took his first breath. Raised in the shadows of Bayan-Ulgii's towering mountains, Togtokh's childhood was marked by adversity. The absence of a father only fueled his desire to prove himself, to surpass the expectations of his birthright. From an early age, he immersed himself in the art of combat, training tirelessly to hone his skills with sword and bow. As he reached his twenties, Togtokh's prowess on the battlefield became renowned throughout the land. Tales of his unmatched strength and cunning spread like wildfire among the tribes. Chieftains watched with wary eyes as this young warrior emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Among those who saw him as a threat was Chieftain Uskhal of Tulun, a proud and ambitious leader. Uskhal had long held territorial ambitions, seeking to expand his influence and control over neighboring lands. Hearing of Togtokh's rising reputation, he saw an opportunity to eliminate a potential rival. In a brazen display of power, Uskhal sent messengers to Bayan-Ulgii, demanding allegiance and tribute. Togtokh, no stranger to confrontation, stood his ground and rejected the demands. With a fire in his eyes, he declared that he would not bow before Uskhal or any other leader who dared challenge him. The powerful chieftain set his sights on expanding his empire. His ambition knew no bounds, and he yearned to unite the fragmented tribes under his rule. One land, in particular, beckoned to him—the Chiefdom of Kropot, ruled by the wily and resourceful chieftain, Engke. Engke, known for his cunning strategies and skilled warriors, had held a firm grip on the Chiefdom of Kropot for many years. His dominion was a coveted prize, as it held fertile lands and strategic advantages. Togtokh, driven by the desire to consolidate his power and secure a stronghold in the heart of the steppe, made a momentous decision. He would march his forces towards Kropot, challenging Engke for control of the chiefdom. The rumble of hooves and the glint of sharpened weapons announced Togtokh's arrival at the borders of Kropot. His warriors, battle-hardened and loyal, stood behind him, their spirits aflame with the determination to conquer. Togtokh's eyes burned with the fire of a warrior, and his heartbeat with the resolute rhythm of a true chieftain. News of Togtokh's advance reached Engke's ears, stirring his own ambition. Engke, never one to shy away from a fight, gathered his warriors and devised a plan to repel the oncoming invasion. He knew that his territory, his people, and his honor were at stake. The fateful clash between Togtokh and Engke's forces took place on a vast, open plain. The sky above mirrored the intensity of the impending battle, swirling with dark clouds and crackling with the energy of an imminent storm. Warriors on both sides stood tall, their eyes fixed on their respective chieftains, ready to lay down their lives in pursuit of victory. The battle began with a thunderous roar. Warriors charged, their war cries piercing the air, as the clash of steel and the thud of arrows filled the battlefield. Togtokh's forces fought with unyielding determination, their skill and discipline evident in every maneuver. Engke's warriors, fiercely loyal to their chieftain, held their ground, pushing back against the relentless onslaught. Togtokh, at the heart of the chaos, led by example. His sword danced with deadly precision, and his arrows found their marks. His battle cries inspired his men, and his strategic genius guided their every move. Engke, equally skilled and cunning, matched him blow for blow, determined to defend his beloved Chiefdom of Kropot. The battle raged on for hours, neither side yielding an inch. The casualties piled up, and the air was thick with the scent of blood and the echoes of cries and shouts. Warriors fought with unwavering courage, fueled by their loyalty to their respective chieftains and their yearning for glory. In the midst of the chaos, a defining moment arose—a one-on-one confrontation between Togtokh and Engke. Their eyes locked, their spirits intertwined in a dance of fate. Swords clashed, sparks flying in the air as their strength and skill were put to the ultimate test. The duel between the chieftains was a clash of titans. Togtokh's raw power and unwavering determination met Engke's calculated precision and swift maneuvers. Blow after blow, parry after parry, they matched each other with unyielding resolve. But in the end, it was Togtokh's relentless assault that broke through Engke's defenses. His sword found its mark, piercing through Engke's guard, and the wily chieftain fell to the ground. The battle cry of victory erupted from Togtokh's warriors, echoing across the plain and sending tremors through the defeated enemy ranks. Togtokh, now the undisputed victor, looked upon the fallen Engke with a mix of respect and sorrow. Engke's defeat was not taken lightly, for Togtokh recognized the strength and courage of his adversary. In a display of honor, he extended his hand to help Engke rise, acknowledging their shared bond as warriors. With Kropot under his control, Togtokh's empire grew stronger, and his name resonated throughout the steppe. He ruled with fairness and wisdom, embracing the people of Kropot as part of his united Mongolian tribes. Engke, humbled by his defeat, pledged his loyalty to Togtokh, recognizing the vision and leadership that had conquered him.
  5. This thread will be two in one. So, two in one means that it will be the character development of Alexei Vasilevsky, a Russian male who left Los Santos in 2013, and he returned back to start a fresh star. Also, it will be a diary of the character and it will be a reminder for the development of where I stopped so I can continue his development further.
  6. This thread will follow the character development of my new character Vincent Haywood and his development to join a MC club. However, I have a really basic idea about how to develop a biker character, but I will try my best to portray it as much as I can. Also, I would be happy if I got some tips on tricks to make a believable biker from anyone who is following the thread.
  7. In that thread the development of Larry Adams a passionate business man will be posted. The main goal for that character is to become a famous business man or to become a well known lawyer that wants to start his own law firm. I will try my best to post related screenshots. However, I don't know what kind of screenshots that will be more relative to thread, but I will post the general development of the character to become a lawyer or a business man.
  8. Introduction: She's goth on the outside, weeb on the inside, and clumsier then a cat on cat nip, but Comet McFey always means well! When she's not got her head in video games, or distracted by anime, she's is the life of the party! She loves going out when she builds up the spoons for it, and is that kind soul who will do the simplest things like holding a door for someone to make their day a little easier. Helping others, making friends, and exploring the world to find who she is the never ending adventure for Comet. Sure she has social anxiety, and suffers from major paranoia, but thats normal in this day and age.... right? From her weeby antics, to her horrible puns and humor, Comet's that friend who's got your back if you got hers. Her past has been nothing but a wild rollcoaster, A LOT of crazy, and things that never made sense, but in the end, isnt life always a little bazaar?
  9. Age: 21(14/01/1999) Born: North-bay Medical Centre (California) Family (Sister) Sarah Watson - Alive (Brother) Jake Watson - Unknown (Cousin) Madeline Watson - Alive (Mother) Quinn Watson - Alive (Father) Finn Watson - Alive Friend family Maya Roses - Alive Melanie Han - Alive Abigail Cossley - Alive Previous Employment Vivid Vixens (Dancer/Escort): May 2020 - June 2020 APEX Logistics: July 2020 - Present
  10. ELENA LUMIERE Appearance Personality Traits -White -Stubborn -Female -Kind -Red hair -Humble -Brown eyes -Ambitious -160lbs -Gentle -Medium Fit -Critical & Analysing Character background Elena Lumiere, daughter of a nurse and a surgeon. The girl who found herself in Los Santos as a student that was sinking in college loan, homeless and studying under a light at the PD station. Her story begins in Paris, France 2010. That year was the year that shaped her forever. A terrorist attack led by a terrorist organization, left her without family. It was the year she was supposed to go to high school. The only family she had left was her uncle in Japan. He took her in during the three years of her high school. She then was offered a scholarship in LS, from the ULSA, to study Psychology. Thinking that a rising opportunity she accepted it. After the first year, she started spending what she had planned to last for 6 years. Well here is the problem. She was not even close to what she thought living in LS would cost her. At the end of the 2nd year of BA, she was completely dry and forced to take student loans. Yet she thought it’s fine. “I can work a job or two, and survive” she told herself. Well no! It was more like three or four jobs. Nobody would give a student full payment. In game events. Career Elena was close to finish her studies for Phd in Psyhcology, and all needed was on last push. Lucky for her, the restaurant owner she worked at, knew a person who would hire Elena. That person is doctor Shalimar Joy, owner of Hope Health Clinic. Elena worked there as an intern until she finished studies, and after that she had begun to work full time. Having all her sacrifices pay out, Elena finally had a stable job as a psychologist at the clinic. Didn't take long before she become one of the most valuable and productive members of the team. She devoted her life to helping people who struggled with mental health issues. After being witness to so many people in need for mental health counseling she thought of having more assistance and work on a big project. One month later she applied for a vacancy in the government as psychologist. She was the lucky one out of many people who applied for the job position and get accepted. When everyone else failed the application she successfully nailed it. To this day she is yet the only Psychologist who was successful in the government application, probably due to her outstanding performance or setting the bar too high for anyone else who wishes to join. Anyway, after successfully joining the government she immediately jumped into action. She began developing a campaign to raise awarness for mental health. With the assistance of Hope Health Clinic, and also with the help of the government she launched her campaign. She is now granted permission to use the Western District Hall to hold seminars. She is holding classes and inviting people on an open doors meeting with the community, where she educates and informs people about mental health, and helps them overcome their problem at the best of her abilities. Lately the government has been in a dormant state and it's starting to worry Elena for her future a little bit. Personal life, Friends and Family After finally having a stable career, she had some time to spare for herself. During her time working for the government, she met with a guy from the finance department called Marcus Cambridge. They've spent a lot of time together these past months and only recently, Elena moved in to live with Marcus at his house in Mirror Park. They are currently in love and looking towards the future. One of her best friends turned out to be the woman who hired her, Shalimar Joy. They're both quite busy with work, but never lose sight of each other, trying to find ways to spend more time out of work together with more and more friends. Another friend she treasures is Daquan and also his girlfriend Tracy. Despite being like a third wheel when around those two, she never felt like one. They're really kind and care for each other. The future of this character will be posted in the form of screenshots but the text will updated.
  11. WeeMac

    Shaun Orlovsky

    Shaun Orlovsky comes from Liberty City, raised in a broken home by his alcoholic Father, but cared for by his Grandfather more often than not. Shaun's mother died when he was young leaving him to his Father. His Father Dimitri Orlovsky could not handle the grief of losing his wife, so he dealt with his problems at the bottom of a bottle, becoming a waste of space and neglectful to Shaun. His Grandfather owned a diner that was popular in the area, serving the best American Dishes but the business was not perfect, it was located in Dukes, a notoriously rough area in Liberty City. Thugs would try and rob the diner or assault and scare its customers. As Shaun got older he got into boxing begin one of the best in the gym, he used his skills to be security at the diner when he was not in the kitchen, roughing up anyone who was a danger to his Grandfathers business. Shaun was a kind person at heart, he was everything his father was not, but that was always his weakness, he trusts too easy. His Grandfather passed away from natural causes leaving the diner to Shaun, but it went down hill from there. It was too hard to both manage a business and protect it, a business man came into the diner one day to speak to Shaun, he offered to buy the place for a healthy sum, seeing no reason to keep the place running himself and nothing around him worth staying for he sold the diner, taking the money and moved to Los Santos for a fresh start, a new life, a better life, but he has not found what he is looking for.
  12. This thread will be showcasing the life of Peter Zhuolan who came from Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon City, leading to his daily basis activities, his emotions, experience and some foul business that might get into his hands.
  13. Name: Dorothy Bagshaw Age: 85 Nationality: English Height: 5"3 Weight: 70kg Dorothy was born in London in 1936. She met her husband, Morris, at a disco in her 20s and it was love at first sight - or dance. They never worried about not having children as they enjoyed each other's company so much. Dorothy remained a loyal housewife as her husband worked, happily living together for years and years. They talked about visiting America many times, but never ended up going, as they would miss their home too much. Unfortunately while Dorothy was in her 70s, Morris passed away from a short illness and Dorothy was deeply saddened. She had many friends and neighbours to comfort her as she had always been very lovely to everyone, but nobody truly close to her as her late husband was all she really confided in. Over the years that passed, she slowly began to get over the loss, but she also became more frail and forgetful. She decided to take that trip to America that her and Morris never got to do, but after continuing to extend her trip and with no reason to return, she ended up staying. Her memory has gradually began to get worse and often thinks that Morris is still alive, but back in England. Although wobbly on her legs, she continues to dance and loves ham sandwiches, which Morris always used to make for her.
  14. Police Artist drawing from mugging incident- Volgograd 23/06/2011 Kirill Sorokin and his family are from Volgograd, one of Russia’s most important industrial powerhouses. Growing up on the outer edges of the city poverty was rife, the men working long hard days in factories and chemical plants while the stayed women at home taking care of the children. Kirill and his younger brother Slava did not have the best upbringing, ever cast in their oldest Sister Natasha’s shadow. Kirill and Slava where forced into labour at a young age doing mediocre jobs in the plant factories, crawling into small spaces, attaching small bolts, their child hands being put to good use. Natasha however received better treatment, being the family’s ticket to a higher class. In school Natasha excelled, outshining the rest of the pupils, receiving great commendations from teachers, and students alike. Her parents put all their spare money into Natasha’s health and education, feeding her more food than her brothers, buying her new books leaving Kirill and Slava with hand me downs, and worn clothes. This reality carried on into Kirill’s mid-teens where he began to forge his own path along with his younger brother, sick of his parents neglection, rather than following his Sister up the ladders of greatness, he stepped down the stairs into the criminal underworld. He began creeping the streets at night mugging and robbing helpless tourists, with his partner in crime Slava. During his time, he made some close friends in the underworld, not just associates friends for life, Yuliy Safaryan and Fyodor Arseneyev. Yuliy was the duo’s close friend and means of escape, Yuliy was a corrupt cab driver, extorting tourists by overcharging, and pickpocketing, he helped the duo by picking them up a few streets away after the incident. This continued for some years, the duo delving deeper and deeper into the void of crime. They progressed from street muggins to grand theft auto. However, their small criminal world was flipped upside down. By the time, the duo was in their twenties, the unlawful brothers were experienced in their craft, what was once a side job, was now a profession. The duo was stalking a well-dressed middle-aged couple, they clearly had some money, the perfect target, Kirill and Slava waited till the couple reached a dark spot, then they attacked. They done the same thing each time, Kirill would do the talking, Slava would stand behind them ready to strike if necessary. Unfortunately, the man had company, before Kirill could even finish his first sentence, there was a thundering boom, too stunned to speak all he could see was Slava’s shocked face, and a thin line of blood dripping down from the small hole in his head. His brother collapsed to the floor; all Kirill could do is watch as the well-dressed man nodded his head to two burly fellows dressed in black behind him. Kirill ran like a coward, chased by the two men he used his knowledge of the streets to his advantage evading death, leaving his poor younger brother behind. Upon returning home he told his parents everything, they blamed him for his brother’s death, they told him it was all his fault, he should never have gotten into crime. Kirill pleaded for their forgiveness and their mercy, but he was shunned, they disowned him. They did not call the police for they did not want to ruin their precious daughters’ reputation, in fact they wanted nothing to do with Kirill or Slava at all anymore. Guilt ridden, Kirill stopped his crimes, he went back to labour work, landing a job in a chemical plant, he tried his best to live a regular life, constantly reminded of his actions, having friends helped distract him, but in the end, he was still alone, he needed to leave this city, start a fresh, leave behind what once was. Now Kirill is 28 years old, it has been 7 years since the incident. Seeing online that there was an influx of people going to America looking for work, he began saving what money he could, starving himself some nights for that little bit of extra money. He applied for a working visa in America putting down that he has experience in plant production and factory work. After a lot of fees and meetings in the US Embassy in Volgograd his working Visa was accepted, this was it, his escape, his fresh start, his chance at living a life far from his guilt, and far from crime. He packed little what possessions he had, resigned from is job, said his farewells to Yuily and Fyodor and left Russia, ready to start his new life. He does not know just how deluded he is... Kirill's Plane Ticket
  15. This thread will recount the life of Bryce Hollands. It will actively be updated, showing off some of Bryce's daily activities as a teenager growing up in South Central, Los Santos. Brief History: The fourteen year-old Bryce Hollands comes out of a area that is known as the Avenues, which is 46th Street and home to a major clique of the Rolling 40 Neighborhood Crips. He was born six out of nine children, which majority of them had different mothers located all around of South Central, Los Santos. In fact, he has a brother that was also born in the 40's and a brother who was born in the 50's, with both of them being prominent gang members. The older of the two, Brandon "Infant Foe Shots" Hollands, is an active member of the Parcside 40's, which is another clique of the Rolling 40 Neighborhood Crips. And the younger of the two, being Terek "Baby Fifty Blue" Gardener, is from the 53 Avalon Gangster Crips. Bryce has always had a troubled childhood, stemming from his broken up home and his environment. He's even landed himself some time in the Halls or Juvenile Correctional Center out in Sandy Shores.
  16. Info Full Name: Elwood Tuwiligar Murphy Age: 39 Ethnicity: Caucasian Current Profession: Unemployed/Freelance Mechanic Religious Views: Christian Flaws: Below average intelligence - Smoking - Drinking Elwood Murphy's Back Story Elwood Murphy was born May 7th, 1982 and is a 39 year old Caucasian man that has spent the majority of his life living on Cholla Springs Ave. in Sandy Shores in a run down old house if you can even call it that. Elwood's father left his mother while she was still pregnant with him, So He was Born and raised in Sandy Shores by his mother alone. Eventually he inherited the property from his mother after her unfortunate death when he was 21 years old. Following that Elwood struggled to take care of himself, working part time jobs where he could to try and support himself, but often coming up short on his bills. One thing kept his mind busy and took him away from the stress of his life, and that was the Imponte Phoenix he had been trying to restore since he was 16 years old. When Elwood was a teenager he would hang around one of the local garages and hand the mechanics their tools while asking questions about the cars they were working on. Months passed and this became a weekend ritual for Elwood and one summer a beat up Phoenix came through the bay doors to be scrapped and Elwood's eyes lit up. Since it was just going to the junkyard anyway the head mechanic agreed to sell it to Elwood for next to nothing, using the money he had saved from his summer job, just like that he got his first car, which was towed to his backyard where it hasn't moved since. By the time he was 24 he decided he was fed up with working part time jobs and watching his bills pile up. He wanted a decent job with a decent rate of pay. Now, Elwood was never a very bright guy, but auto mechanics is definitely something he had learned a lot about so he decided to get serious and put a resume into all of the local shops he knew of around Blaine County. Finally after weeks of effort and no calls, Beekers Garage decided hired him on to start with cleaning the shop. Over the years Elwood eventually became one of the more experienced mechanics and worked there up until recently when management changed hands and new staff was brought in. All of the original mechanics were laid off with a bleak hope of coming back. The bills couldn't be paid, his debt climbed and eventually his home and Imponte Phoenix were taken from him. Now job-less, car-less and homeless, he is unsure which direction to even walk in, all he knows is that he has to just get up and start walking. The Present Following Elwoods' home and job loss he was forced into living in a worn out Journey camper that was parked behind what used to be his home. Not knowing what else to do, Elwood decided to park it in an abandoned junk heap far down a dirt path just off of Joshua road near Sandy Shores. After many interviews he managed to land a job doing various van deliveries around Los Santos and the surrounding area. Many late nights passed before he managed to save up a meager amount and with that he made the decision to purchase himself a tow truck. Having driven them many times at his previous job as a mechanic, he had the idea that he could start his own business. With the purchase of his truck, Elwood started Murphy's Roadside Repair and Towing. Elwood felt like a new man and knew he had to get serious. He made up some flyers and posted them around the area and began taking calls. He was even beginning to feel at home in his camper at the junk heap. Waking up each morning with a smile on his face and proud to be serving the Blaine County area, Elwood rides his tow truck off into the sunset each night with the dream of someday starting his own garage. TBC
  17. Marie Maple Name: Marie Maple Street Name: -RETRO- Crew: [REDACTED] Religion: Catholic, Agnostic. Age: 29 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Occupation: Driver - Graffiti Writer - H8TR Workplace: IMEX Logistics. Languages: English, French Respect is a Word. Love is a war. Style is a mission. Graffiti is a message. Bombing is a religion. -RETRO- VOCABULARY Piecebook: A graffiti writers most valuable possession, It displays all of their artwork. Passed and Present, Even artwork of friends who passed. All City: Being known throughout the city for your artwork. Tagger: Someone who only puts up tags, usually their name or a single image. Toy: A beginner. Write this person off, they suck. Cross their shit out. Writer: Someone skilled who paints graffiti or pieces. Angels: Famous writers that are well respected, All City, or one with the angels. King: An artist that has become the best of the best, Crowned King or Queen by their peers. O.G. Head: Similar to King or Queen, someone who has been designated HEAD, O.G. Piecemaster. HAT: Artists that are trustworthy. Honor Among Thieves. "Don't front, She's got a dope HAT." ROOK: A trusted crewmember. "She's Rook" Throw-up: A bubble letter tag that is usually the name of the writer. Racking: Stealing paint in order to put up artwork or storing paint in a given area. It's racked! Bombing: Writing your name on everything in a given area or block in a fast pace before someone calls the cops. Backjump: To hit the back of the bus or train while it's in service and stopped for passengers before it starts moving. Slam: Painting a dangerous area. Police stations or gang infested hoods. Bites: When someone copies your style or you copy someone else. You bitin' Buffs: The government goon that covers up your paint. Usually Anti-graffiti employees. <- Egg this bitch <- Beef: Trouble or problems with another artist or their work. Burning: A piece too good to be taken down by the state. It's usually preserved. Get-Up: Going out bombing or piecing. Cross Out: Crossing out someone else's work, it's a sign of disrespect. Fat Caps: Nozzle caps that let you spray fat lines. Skinny Caps: Nozzle cap that lets you spray thin lines. Heaven Spot: A spot up high where you might reach heaven if you fall. Halo: A piece with a halo hovering above it, indicating that the artist has passed on. Stencil: This is a tool used by lazy artists and sellouts. (I.e. Banksy) Floaters: A tag that hovers in an empty space on a wall with no meaning, it's disrespectful and toyish. MOP: Drippy graffiti put up with a mop. Filling: Painting the inside of your piece. Outline: Painting the outline after you have filled in the piece, this is where we add details. Poster: they are made at home and put up with wheat glue on the streets, political statements and big artworks. Stickers: stickers people slap on shit. "Hello My Name is: -RETRO-" Piece: Masterpiece work done by an artist that has moved on to art pieces. Kicks & Gear: Shoes and clothes. Wholetrain: A piece of work that covers the entire side of a train. Side2Side: Repeating pieces on each train car. Top2Bottom: A piece covering a wall or surface from top to bottom. S2S-T2B: Covering an entire area from side to side and top to bottom. Killing: Painting out a whole piece or multiple in one night. STYLES Soap-Bubbles: Usually reserved for Throw-ups It's also the most popular type of graffiti. ❤️ Wildstyle: A style of graffiti that is covered in bright colors, spikes, arrows and sexy curves. BEST. Blockbuster: Block letters that are usually painted with a paint roller. Wicked: A style that Is usually tall and faded on top and bottom. FX: 3D Style - attributed to one famous artist. DAIM. Dubs: UK style of Chrome and Silver paint. ❤️ Pichacão: Cryptic Style originating in Brazil Music Meyhem Lauren - Got The Fever Bas One - Toy Story
  18. Sarah Watson Probationary Firefighter/EMT - Los Santos Fire Department Facebrowser Age: 26 (23/09/1994) Origin of Birth: Dignity Health Medical Centre, California Sarah's Back Story: Previous Employment: Nicknames: Family:
  19. Name: Lazzaro Giuseppe Corvotti Age: Thirty-eight (38) Date of Birth: 15th of March, 1979 Place of Birth: Valentia, Calabria, Italy Nationality: White – Italian-American Criminal Convictions: Loan Sharking, Assault & Battery. Criminal Charges: Racketeering & Attempted Murder. Date of Sentence: 13th of August, 2008 Sentence began: 13th of August, 2008 Parole date: October, 2017 Lazzaro Giuseppe Corvotti was born on the 15th of March, 1979 in Italy, the city of Valentia. Both of his parents were of Italian origin, although his father worked on freighters and often traveled to America. By the time Lazzaro finished primary school in 1992, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, which proved to be fatal. At the age of 13, this would go on to twist Lazzaro's sense of morality at a young age. That same year, Lazzaro lost his mother. Lazzaro and his father came to the United States that year, to visit their American relatives in Chicago after the tragedy, but new opportunities rose for Lazzaro’s father. Cipriano got into contact with members of the Chicago outfit. Lazzaro's new Americanized name started to catch, people started to call him "Little Larry." Everyone knew "Little Larry" as Cirpriano's kid. His father's decision to stay in America and get involved with the criminal enterprise was for Larry's well-being. He choose to stay in the United States for a long period of time. Although he started out as a trusted accomplice to the mobsters, Cipriano became a gambling addict, and wasted most of the family’s money. This destroyed Lazzaro’s future education, and they lost so much money that they couldn’t afford to go back to the home country. Haunted by depression, his gambling addiction and fear of consequence, Cipriano committed suicide, leaving his barely adult son alone to fend for himself. "Little Larry" was now an Italian American orphan at the age of 18, in Chicago. The language barrier made Lazzaro disconnected from morality. Only 5 years into what seemed to be a new life, turned into a living breathing Hell for young Larry. And when it came time to pay the Piper, Lazzaro was staring in the eyes of the men who drove his father to commit the dastardly act of suicide. They were sympathetic, but Lazzaro did not connect with that. They were genuinely sad for Lazzaro, and many men offered to take him in as an adopted son in their family. Lazzaro refused. The cliché sorrow was short lived in Lazzaro's world, as his entire sense of security was now destroyed. He had instead made a different decision. While being faced with sorrow and sympathy, he took it upon himself at the age of 18 to demand to know who his father worked with. After making room, members of the Chicago outfit were able to get young Larry introduced to the soldier his father owed money to and earned for at the same time. Larry looked this man in the face, the embodiment of rage in the flesh. With a sneer and a sourpuss, Lazzaro demanded a job from the man, with what little English he spoke. A translator gave Lazzaro instructions translated into Italian. At the age of 18, young orphaned Larry was now an associate in the Chicago outfit. Only 3 years went by... Lazzaro turned 21. Lazzaro would collect payments from local businessmen who have been extorted around the area. He was also given money to lay beatdowns on people in the neighborhood who have wronged the family or tried the family's patience. Lazzaro developed the attitude of a withdrawn, angry young man. A very frightening and angry young adult, working for the ruthless and infamous Chicago outfit. By the time Larry turned 21, he was called upon by the soldier to do a hit. Lazzaro was told if he does this, he won't ever have to do it again. A local robber had stole drug money from his soldier, and he was tasked with making an example out of the robber. As anyone could imagine and as everyone would expect, Larry carried out that order with magnificence. Too much magnificence, while we're on the topic. Lazzaro murdered this robber so brutally and so gruesomely, when the feds found the body there was a news report that this could be the start of a new serial killer Saga, and they were convinced there was a new serial killer on the loose. Lazzaro Corvotti ripped the man's eyeballs out of his head. Lazzaro cut off the man's ears. And Lazzaro also cut out the man's tongue, after he had done his worst. Lazzaro left the man's corpse in a very open, very public area in Chicago. The Chicago Children's Museum. While the job was completed, this terrified the soldier who told Lazzaro to do the job. He paid Lazzaro for his services and instructed him to leave Chicago. It turns out that the murder was far too high profile for his liking, and he will not punish Lazzaro for his sick gruesome kill. But instead, he referred him to an old contact that went by the name of Martin Langella, a captain in the Luppino Crime Organization in Nebraska. Lazzaro understood and made his way down to Nebraska to be officially taken in, by reference. When he got there, it was the year 2000. Lazzaro was able to meet Martin Langella. He was introduced to Leonard Cicciarello when he was a soldier, and was told that he will be reporting to Leonard for the next coming years. That very same year, Martin Langella was struck and killed by an intoxicated driver on methamphetamine. The ranks were reformed and Leonard was promoted to "captain" on behalf of the recent news. Lazzaro treated Leonard with a passive aggressive attitude, and Leonard paid it no mind. Without learning his story he expected his kick up every week and sort of treated Lazzaro like a lesser being. Lazzaro was already clouded with too much anger of his own to let something that petty bother him. So after being redirected to a new soldier who occupied Leonard's new crew, Lazzaro got back to work. 8 years under the Cicciarello crew. Lazzaro would attempt to forget his life in Italy and his life in Chicago, and all it would do is turn him into an even sourer person. Lazzaro began to engage in Loansharking in 2000, and made a serious name for himself over the course of 8 years. He turned the $3,000 his father left behind in 1997, into a solid $340k by the end of that quarter in 2008. As a result of this, Lazzaro was inducted at a young age into the Luppino Crime Family, 29 years old. It was a good eight years, for Lazzaro, until one day a man under Larry's thumb decided to tell him to go fuck himself because he had some newfound Irish friends in Omaha. Federal authorities caught onto Lazzaro's antics and it wasn't long before they had ears on him. Lazzaro was caught on wiretaps threatening to kill the man on his landline phone. A few weeks into the feds jotting down charges on Lazzaro, they get a call from the local police department, informing them that they have just arrested Lazzaro Corvotti at the victim's house. The man's face was burned to a second degree and was a victim of a horrible facial beatdown. Investigators and medical professionals say that the beating was so bad, it would certainly earn the man a court settlement. During the trial, it has been uncovered that Lazzaro held the man's head in his own sink, filled with hot water, nearly drowning and killing the man. The victim would go on to explain how Lazzaro was a member of the Italian Mafia in Omaha, and has been giving people loans with the mafia's money for years now, since he's arrived. New charges were filed during the court case, attempted murder & racketeering. Lazzaro's life seemed over at this very point in time, he was facing up to 65 years in prison if all the charges stuck, which is essentially a life sentence. Even then, the look on his face remained the same. After the trial, Lazzaro was given one last offer by the district attorneys. One last chance to surrender and come clean. He was offered a plea deal on attempted murder and racketeering charges if he plead guilty to Assault and Battery in the first degree and loansharking. He accepted the offer and was convicted on both charges. He was sentenced to 9 years in prison and hauled off to Nebraska State Penitentiary where he'd go on to spend the next 9 years of his life. In 2012, Leonard Cicciarello was reunited with Lazzaro in Nebraska State Penitentiary, after Leonard was convicted on Money Laundering and Fraud charges. Though Nebraska State was a medium to low level security prison, there was still drama. By this time, Larry had already spent 4 years inside, and had established a name for himself as a bad man. But on the bright side, Lazzaro picked up the Bible and started to morally rebuild himself as a man in a rehabilitative correctional facility. Lazzaro swore an oath to protect all members of the family before he was put away, and Leonard was no exception although he was his superior. But now, Lazzaro took the reigns. Lazzaro welcomed Leonard with open arms but there were rules. Lazzaro told Cici that while they were "inside," he was the one who ran the show. Larry stared into Leonard's eyes, with that old, shark eyed gaze he's been known to have. Without any argument, Leonard agreed. Leonard became his old associate's "bitch" for lack of a better term for the next five years, but was extended the courtesy any made man would deserve. Lazzaro did not ever hurt Leonard or encroach on Leonard's personal space or endeavors. Although Leonard was considered an inferior to Lazzaro on the inside, they got along like equals. For the first time in his life, Lazzaro started to know Leonard as a humble man. He didn't fight over rank on the inside, and Lazzaro truly respected the passiveness. Over the course of the next 5 years, they would go on to survive Nebraska State Penitentiary and leave unscathed thanks to Lazzaro's leadership. They were released just a month apart from each other in 2017. After Lazzaro was finally released in October, he was a free man, back on the streets of Omaha. While they were on the inside, rumors of their bosses and board members have been that they are withering away, and losing a very serious covert war with the Biase organization. He came home to nothing, couldn't even find Leonard. After asking old friends and following breadcrumbs for a short week, Larry learned that Leonard had moved to Los Santos to start a new life. What Larry learned when he got to Los Santos was, what Leonard was actually up to. He got in contact with Leonard and they met up in a local bar around the way in Mirror Park. He would come to learn that while he was inside, the people who accepted Lazzaro into the family have been incarcerated for life. He would not be inside to protect them and he will be forced to start a new life. Until Leonard made clear that there was a new boss in town. Sure enough, Lazzaro's protectorate was now the boss of the Luppino Crime Family. He was immediately praised for his hospitality in Nebraska State Penitentiary and was immediately offered a job as captain. Leonard promised to have Lazzaro's back on the outside as he would've before the prison issues. But this time, Larry's much higher up on the food chain. "The Luppino Family will rise once more" he said, in his broken English dialect. The duo shook hands and took to the streets as partners once more. Today, Lazzaro Corvotti is a captain in the broken down Luppino Crime Family, helping Leonard Cicciarello reorganize and re-established in Los Santos. Lazzaro has a less angry and more mysterious behavior now, after 9 years in prison. And nobody knows him as the man he once was. He goes on to live his life with his demons, but has decided to keep them silent for now in the most crucial time for the family. The new beginning.
  20. Morning

    Khaled Haddad

    خالد حداد Basic info: Name: Khaled Haddad D.O.B: October 13, 1994 Nationality: Arabic Religion: Christian Height: 6'0ft / 183cm Background: Khaled Haddad (23) was born and raised in Las Venturas to two Immigrant parents. His family never had much money, his parents owned a gas station in Pilgrim where once he turned 15 he started to work at to help his family out. Khaled was a big fan of beats especially in Hip-Hop songs that he would hear online. In school he wouldn’t pay much attention to the teacher and lessons, but rather listening to songs on his jail-broke iFruit he bought off a classmate. For Khaled’s 18th birthday his parents, bought him a laptop with software to start producing his own music, except there was a catch... He couldn’t actually have the laptop till he got his high school diploma. Khaled spent his senior year turning his failing grade around, ending up getting the bare minimum GPA to pass. After graduating high school Khaled began focusing full time on producing beats while also working at his parent’s gas station. At age 21 Khaled ended up getting signed to a local record label, after two years of barely seeing any compensation for his efforts in the agency, him and another talent in the agency decided to drop their label, pack their bags and make their way to Los Santos to begin their own Record Label. WIP
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