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  1. LOOKING FOR. I'm currently looking for a house preferred next to the water or at the beach. Also a penthouse will do the job with an indoor swimming pool. I like a lot of windows and a luxe interior. If you are willing to sell your house or apartment please send me a email with your asking price and if possible pictures! Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM or BarbieXL#1111))
  2. So why not 'staff-reports' public as well. Or are they superior?
  3. We use the forums to either report staff-members or players. All the player reports are public ,while the staff-reports aren't. I was wondering if the forum can get updated, so player reports are not public for everyone, as it can be embarrassing. A staff member told me that player reports go public so involved people can respond on the topic as well. But with staff-reports if someone is involved you'd put him in CC, all private where no one else can see it. Why is there a difference here? I'd feel like it would make more sense if player reports are also private, as I just had to report s
  4. Bump + extra portfolio material: Graphic Designs: https://imgur.com/a/GWD83yM Photography: https://imgur.com/a/79FdxxX
  5. Nice background story. I just couldn't read it.
  6. Dear, I need legal advice and might sue a company. Therefor, I'm looking for someone that can help me. Please write or call me. PH: 36465212 Email: [email protected] Best regards, Atvi Ganbold
  7. The only IC way of solving this issue would be taking it to court. The owner of the shop is wasting the time of the truckers, the truckers invested their money in the supplies and the truckers wasted their fuel. There is no other way to solve it IC as there is 0 contact information about the owner.
  8. Which is also unrealistic, real truckers don't do that either. Most of the time, they'd deliver it to the neighbor's
  9. Yea, and besides that. In real life, such a big delivery = appointment.
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