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  1. Quality content, all that we're about. Added to our main thread, love it brother.
  2. Too good with it
  3. We're looking for dedicated roleplayers who's main focus is character development and the betterment of the faction to join us, specifically for the more organized bit of the faction. We need individuals dedicated to the concept and wanting nothing but roleplay over any materialistic gain. If you'd like to join, feel free to contact me on Discord at: ren#1942 If you're more interested in roleplaying in the streets and developing a thorough gang character part of the White City Mafia, then feel free to message Geo on Discord at: geo#0617
  4. Congratulations to @TyJ & @Bryce Harrington, my boys Main post & reserved post updated.
  5. Top notch guide. I'm hoping more and more people get into this and get in-depth with their African American roleplay so that the standards everyone complains about can be upped as more people contribute. Solid guide boys.
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