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Found 14 results

  1. This thread follows the character of River Dillon, a teen stranded in homelessness since the ripe age of 13. He is still living out in the concrete wilderness, looking forward to change.
  2. This thread was created to follow the everyday life of drug addict and homeless man Dantrell Harvey.
  3. ((Hello! Thanks for visiting my slightly pretentious little corner of the forums. The following thread will tell the story of Luna Chavez - a homeless teenager suffering from a slew of mental illnesses and addictions - using an experimental 2nd person narrative combined with traditional screenshots to give you, the reader, deeper insight into the mind of the character. I hope you like it!)) Hello friend
  4. Knotts

    hustle & seoul

    Michael Son Michael Son (born Son Min-chul; January 26, 2002) is an 18-year-old Korean-American orphaned teenager. He was aged-out of the American foster care system, resulting in his descent into poverty and consequent homelessness. Michael Son was left in the care of a foster home at the age of six after his mother was deported to South Korea following a case of migrant smuggling. Michael does not have any family, or any that he knows of at this point in time, living in Los Santos. He is commonly seen around the Little Seoul and Vespucci areas looking to make a living.
  5. (Credits goes to @Cyrus for the Chapter 2 edit.) Chapter 1: The Birth of Dillard & Co.
  6. This thread will follow the development of Mateo Cabrera, a 16 year old kid with nowhere to call home after running away from his current foster family. Short, skinny & full of child-like innocence, he attempts to survive on the brutal streets of LS with nothing but a couple of bucks and some of his very important belongings (e.g. his favourite spiderman poster.)
  7. This thread follows the development of Jasper Rhodes.
  8. Ronald Portis Ronald "Bugs" Portis is a homeless drug addict and dollar-cigarette connoisseur. He can be mostly found walking the streets downtown to South Central, selling cheap cigarettes to fund his addiction. Biography Earlier Years Ronald Portis was born June 26, 1981 at the Central Los Santos Medical Center in Los Santos, San Andreas. Portis was born to Leticia Walker and John Portis, both African-Americans. In late 1999, the older Portis removed Ronald from his home in response to his poor performance in school and has remained homeless. He has since then found solace in a plethora of drugs, thus earning his nickname "Bugs" among his fellow street folk. Current Life Bugs is often found roaming downtown Los Santos and the adjoining south central neighborhoods. He has cited to have been seen selling individual cigarettes by the dollar and very rarely with anything more than that.
  9. Jermaine Gabriel Born and raised in Strawberry, Los Santos, Jermaine Gabriel fell in love with punk rock, motorcycles, and Afro-centric, socialist ideals at a young age. He did badly in school, often instigating fights with other students. He dropped out at sixteen and by the age of seventeen was living alone on the streets of San Fierro having hitch-hiked his way there. Now, at 21, Jermaine has returned to LS. He has no place to call home other than the Strawberry underpass, and nothing to his name but his Hexer. Regardless, his convictions fuel him and he plans to survive with a positive mental attitude and malice against no one who does not bring it to him.
  10. (( Per donation, please pm @Rum for further instructions and details )) ASSIST YOUR CITY ASSIST YOUR COUNTY ASSIST YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS "It's all about making a difference for those who're in your back yard, save a life, protect your community"
  11. GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Carmina Sophia Almendarez Birthdate: May 24, 2002 Age: Seventeen Birthplace: Rancho, SA Sexual Orientation: Lesbian Ethnicity: Hispanic Nationality: Mexican American Current Living Environment: Homeless/Nomadic Height: 5'5 Weight: 135 lbs Addictions: Marijuana Basic Personality Traits: Reserved, Observant, and Defensive Brief Biography Throughout Carmina's short, but tumultuous, life, she's had nothing. Nothing to call her own, no friends, no money, or love. She was left to fend for herself, by her mother: an unconventional and mentally-ill woman, who chose the drugs and partying over her own blood. Her story was a bit cliche—an unwanted teenager, forced to live life on the street, without any guidance or structure —but, she still managed to make ends meet any possible way she could. Her father desired to not have any contact with either Carmin or her mother, after his deportation back to Mexico. On Carmina's fifteenth birthday, her mother died from a cocaine overdose, leaving Carmina homeless, helpless, and lost. ((W.I.P)) Criminal History 1/25/2018- Petty Theft 3/5/2018- Petty Theft 3/5/2018- Violation of Probation
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