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  1. OOC INFORMATION This faction will focus on the reality of a white gangster growing up in the county of Los Angeles / Los Santos in 2023. Although white supremacist imagery is utilized, this is in by no means a reflection of faction members' OOC beliefs. Those portraying their character and thus the faction in a bad light will ultimately lead to their removal from the faction. Forum PM @COUNTY SUPREMACY if you are interested in getting involved with the faction or have any questions.
  2. Agent

    Tony The Blaze

    Tony "Blaze" Thompson was born and raised in the bustling city of Liberty City. Growing up in a neighborhood where challenges were a part of daily life, Tony quickly learned the value of street smarts and resilience. His early years were marked by various encounters with the law, but Tony was always adept at staying one step ahead. As he entered his late teens, Tony found himself drawn into the world of small-time crime. The thrill of the streets and the allure of easy money were too enticing to resist. Despite his involvement in illicit activities, Tony managed to build a reputation for himself as someone who could get things done. However, the increasing heat from law enforcement and rival factions in Liberty City forced Tony to make a difficult decision. Seeking a fresh start and a chance to rebuild his criminal presence, he made his way to the quiet town of Paleto Bay. The peaceful facade of the small coastal community provided the perfect cover for someone looking to operate discreetly. In Paleto Bay, Tony embraced the road name "Blaze". He adopted a closed shave, leaving behind any recognizable features. As he assimilated into the tight-knit community, Blaze took on odd jobs and observed the ebb and flow of life in Paleto Bay. His streetwise instincts led him to identify opportunities within the seemingly peaceful town. Blaze became adept at blending into the local scene, understanding that success in Paleto Bay required a careful balance of discretion and ambition. He kept his dealings under the radar, establishing connections with locals and earning their trust. A fortuitous encounter introduced Blaze to the intricacies of the local underworld. Recognizing the potential for collaboration, he aligned himself with a group that shared his vision of discreet operations and the pursuit of profit without unnecessary problems. (( This thread will be the development of the character ))
  3. zakone


    This thread will follow the development of Casey "Spaz" Holman, a twenty year old member of the Los Santos County Skinheads.
  4. Greetings everyone, in the following guideline gonna be couple examples and ideas on how illegal scene should be executed. Some of the stuff gonna be basic back-bone of the development and faction hierarchy, ends of the day its pretty much the same structure in every faction, it's just different style, polices and standards. It's up to a faction to push strict standards forward, but the idealism behind the character-development in illegal scene is usually the same. Also loads of thing's will be straight forward here, thing's that people watered down and stopped talking about out in the open, so I'll keep everything straight forward and explain how things truly are and how they work, I been around the RP scene since 2007 and I've experienced it all. Both IC and OOC political stuff and dramas that came with it, it's just some stuff you must prepare yourself for because it's inevitable to dodge, it'll happen sooner or later. This guide also gonna go through the interaction with law enforcement and other factions, the street-politics. Character Development Faction Development Motorcycle Club Organized Crime Gang/Hood mentality Law Enforcement involvement Drug scene Distribution Gun scene Dog fights Prostitution ring Burglary & Heists Counterfeit & Fraud Car Theft Ring Counterfeit Business fronts Character Development - Understanding the streets! 1. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IMPORTANCE - Usually the way things work, people go through the "faction forum" and look up for a faction to role-play with. There is usually huge amount of factions to pick from, motorcycle clubs, organized crimes, local street gangs and people choose one of the factions and begin to look up a name to fit that factions ethical standards. People often go through the factions media, look at its reputation and role-play scene to see if its a nice fit. That's why lots of post all these screen shots, it's to inspire new people and showcase our development, it's something that role-players are extremely proud of, because that's the only way to showcase your perspective and angles to the public. So when you done with the finding yourself a nest to start off in, you should do some research. Let's say you picked motorcycle club, that's where you could google bunch of MC related articles, crime reports, news articles or even go on YouTube and check some videos out. It's a great way to collect some inspiration and build that mindset on the MC scene, and my personal note...do not pick all the inspiration from TV series, often people watch Sons of Anarchy or some show and wanna role-play in that manner, it's completely understandable...but it's just not true, because reality works differently and you must always think ahead of your actions and you never wanna sound cringe, because people on RP scene pick up on those things quickly, my advice? Be original, because that's how good development and talent gets recognized. So you picked a motorcycle club, done some research. Now you need to enter the grinding-stage. I call it the grinding stage because you spent couple weeks+ developing your character. Only because you are hanging around the faction doesn't mean you are a member, it takes time for the faction to trust you. Because you are the one that picked it, they didn't ask you to join them. So it's up to you to prove your loyalty and passion to them. It's very important you understand that, because no one wants somebody that got "Bad-ass" mentality day 1. I understand that you wanna role-play like a bad ass individual, we all seen these bad ass characters on tv series or bad ass people off news reports and public records, but you need to remember. Those people weren't always bad-ass, they all started off as normal citizens and slowly got their mindset opened up to the illegal side of things, because you must understand that a lot of this stuff is political and way of life. You have people working long hours and make shit pay, while bunch of businesses are ran by rich individuals who are paying scraps to people. People live often from paycheck to paycheck and they get on a little side hustle. And thatΒ΄s pretty much how you could do it over here, instead of pretending to be illegal individual day one, you could take your time to develop and sink into the scene, learning the ropes so to speak. It's probably one of the best experiences in factions, they baby-steps. Learning how they operate, listen to the factions stories and different angles on certain activities, because it all focuses on your trust. Because the tougher factions recruitment process is, the higher the standards are. When faction has its hands open to anyone, where they /initiate/ people extremely quickly, standards of that faction are terrible, because they are all about quantity and not quality. Having biggest numbers isn't always the best thing, it's about having good people around you and it's about educating people and ensure they follow the proper structure and development phase. That's why most factions have multiple guides and ideas lined up on their "discord" servers, telling people what they are expecting from you and how they'd want you to evolve your character. If factions sees the bad-ass mentality since the first few days, they'll just close their doors on you. You have to grind it out and suck it up, that's how they test how reliable you are and if your serious individual or just here for the "action" stuff. It's often a problem in gang factions, where people join a gang because of its large amount of shootouts, but it's not always about that, there's a lot more to it then just joining a gang and assuming it's just constant shootout, it's deep development from with in. My advice, start fresh, educate yourself, begin to understand the street-politics, have the hustle mentality and ensure that you value a dollar. Illegal scene is to make money, and that's what you should focus on. Chasing that paper, that's the only true value in the illegal scene, it's to make good money and knowing how and where. You got so many options here it's not even funny, you just have to use what's given to you. GTA World possesses loads of players and businesses, pawn shops and what-not, you can use those places for your advantage in the illegal scene. Instead of having the mentality of "Oh, it's just some business, it's just some thing" instead use what's provided to you, what's active. It's what keeps the flow going and circulation of servers social-life going. That's how the gears move around here, everyone helps each other, just in a different style and way. Use what's offered, don't be a selfish prick, because bad attitudes are quickly noticed and being an individual who is all over action stuff only, it'll label you as trash very quickly and one thing you must understand, bad news travel fast. Be humble, take your time learning things, explore and educate yourself on illegal scene, don't be a smart ass or day 1 gangster just because you played Mafia games or something, it's never gonna cut it. FOLLOW THE MONEY: As I mentioned before, you must have cash-mindset. Value the dollar, don't just throw it around left and right, value it. When you respect the dollar value, you'll be more realistic in terms of character development. I know it's a game and its easy to make it, but don't act like it. Only because most people get free-checks from mechanical job, doesn't mean you should have that laid-back attitude, talk about cash, have the mindset to earn extra bucks ,have a side-hustle, gamble and what-not. Understanding money value is extremely important, that's where you'll be respecting it when you'll start dealing drugs, firearms and other illegal goods. It's not that easy, even when it looks like it. You'll have law watching your every move and everyone out there wants piece of that action. That's why you need to respect the money, cash is king and people use that as a huge motivator to be part of illegal activities, it's quick cash for half days work or even less, but high cash rewards come in with consequences and risks, so you must learn how to remain on the balance and learn how to play the "game". You act too tough, you might get clipped. If you wanna act big, let your money speak for yourself, your reputation. Don't assume people gonna know you, just because your in some organization, not everyone is involved business-wise with your crew, and you don't know who the other guy is. Money talks, reputation is build on the money. And those who got mind for the business, they fly high and get recognized quickly. But when you got that negative wanna-be-tough-guy attitudes, that just puts you onto the small-time scale and acting like a clown ends up spreading the bad news about you a lot quicker. Bad news travel fast. Remember that little rule, because every stupid act you make will reflect upon your development and faction you are with. 2. FACTION'S DEVELOPMENT PHASES - MOTORCYCLE CLUB 101 - Each faction got its own style of development, the grinding stage. Let's say you joined up a motorcycle club. MC (motorcycle club) possesses couple stages, they got a thing called "HANGAROUND". That's the very first stage of joining their club, you basically just hang around their joints, most of the time its some sort of a business, mainly some bar/pub. So you'll show up there, hang out time to time, grab few beers, have few chats with some members and over time they might line your character and how cool you became as a regular guy around the bar and give you some sponsor stuff, they could offer you hoodie, t-shirt, stickers and what-not. They can even offer you that on the first day, buying support gear is nothing special, people been doing that for years, you can just go online and find motorcycle clubs support-gear and buy it. But getting support gear shows your interest into the club and that's the baby step you could take to help you with the "I wanna be recognized and so they club would notice my interest". After being a hangaround/supporter and hanging out for couple weeks, one of the patched members that took a liking in you may push your name forward during their weekly meetings (church). Church is a basically a weekly meeting for the club where they go through the current and next weeks stuff, it's basically a weekly report and during church's, that's where people get initiated, promoted and what-not. So after a patched-member vouches for you, you'll be issued a prospect status. You'll get a vest with a prospective patches. And that's where your initiation begins, that's where you'll have to grind and take orders from the club members. It's how they'll test your loyalty and how capable you are to become an asset in the motorcycle club. Don't be surprised if you'll be doing some crappy tasks, view it like military. Even soldiers had to clean toilets with brushes, here...you might have to do some chores, clean bikes and whatever. Even crap-jobs like that shows that your character cares and has no problems to help out, because clubs are like family, it's brotherhood and everyone chips in and helps out. Because that's the adult mindsets, you can't be lazy in life, you look at things as they are and there is no shame in doing crap jobs. No one is taking your manhood away if someone told your character to go clean bikes or toilets, you know? It's grinding-phase, everyone gets tossed into the shit and mud to see how you'd react and take the heat, the pressure, the shame. If you can contain it or not, it's baby-steps of testing your mindset, because down the line...when you'll be involved into illegal scene, they'll be able to determine how tough that brain of yours is. Everything starts in the baby-steps. Things that you can do if members/club isn't online: Development is key, that's where the value of the RP comes in. When there's slow down you can work on your bike, you can role-play ordering parts online and picking them up from the post office, take them to your place and work on your bike. Some people even apply for a storage-unit and use that as their little workshop for the bike. You can google bunch of motorcycle parts and learn how to replace them so you'd be able to explain these actions in detail over /me's and /do's. Down the line you'll probably meet other "hangarounds" and you guys could just become friends and do bike repairs together or any other stuff, that's how you'd build a bond with another and have something to do when clubs not on. You have to understand, motorcycle club or any other faction out there, isn't supposed to present you with 24/7 role-play. Nobody gets a handout, you are out here role-playing. Then just do it, go with the flow. Don't assume stuff or pre-prepare things, just develop things and take every stuff into the detail. Trust me, factions take quick notice when members only hop-on when some "insiders/patched" individuals are on and the word gets by very quickly and you'd just be looked upon as this selfish-individual who expects things on a golden plate, no one likes a player that's feeding off someone else when you could do things yourself, that's what true meaning of RP is. You go with the flow, you act like a real human being. Even if you'll end up saying something stupid, let it be. Nobody is perfect and in my experience, being unique and having "FLAWS" ic-ly is the best way to get recognized, because faction notices that you are role-playing mistakes and learning from them, you aren't 100 percent mister perfect, nobody like it. That's some robotic mind-set and play-to-win attitude. In the illegal scene, no one is perfect, you can only learn and adapt there. Your in the illegal scene, so remember that...actions have consequences, drama brings problems, problems bring heat. You must know how to read between the lines in order to survive it. You can repair your bike, go to the club bar or a club, have a side hustle. For all I care, you can even break into the properties and steal stuff and bring the stolen goods to the pawn shops to make a quick buck. There's multiple things you can do, take a ride around the town, maybe find some female to be your girl-friend or whatever, make some friends on a social level so you have most things to do and your development is "busy". What I mean by busy, when you are realistic and made few connections, you'll often be busy with social-aspect of things. Factions like motorcycle clubs, mobs and what-not, it's not always "ILLEGAL ACTIVITY" 24/7, all of these illegal individual in the real world got families and life, they aren't stuck in that thing 24/7, it's a thing amongst them-self, a brotherhood a secret society so to speak. They aren't savages, they simply see life from a different perspective and they aren't afraid to act out of the laws-bounds to earn couple bucks on the side. Because world is corrupt and dirty, rich people getting richer, poor people getting poorer. These fundamental things must be taken into the consideration. - Organized Crime 101- OC (organized crime) is probably one of the delicate role-play scenes, this is where most people view this as grown-ups scene. People in OC's are often extremely experienced players and provided the community with huge amount of RP. OC's usually set up bunch of business fronts, businesses that help the servers social-civilian scene and OC's are notorious in the distribution stuff. Firearms, substances, counterfeit goods...you name it, OC's are usually involved with everything, extortions, unions, anything to skim cash off the top. Multiple OC's are ran in a similar way, just with a different mindset, standards and strictness. But the base of OC development is similar in all of them. People that get involved into OC are usually individuals who came across an "organized crime" guy. This isn't a faction where you show up to their "spot" and expect to get recognized, things are a lot more delicate. It's easier to find gang members, motorcycle club members...because it's self explanatory, gangs usually operate in some block, motorcycle clubs got their club houses and bars that they got to and it's labeled with the clubs involvement, so it's a lot easier to find those spots, but organized crime? This is one of those situations where, you know a guy who knows a guy. Even if your one of those that "meta-games" the businesses ran by the organization and gonna wanna hang out there,...they'll just give you a cold shoulder every time. So the way in is to start off as a resident. You see, most of the organized crimes have a deep ethical background, Russian, Irish, Italian and what-not and they'll be residents them-self in those areas. If you are looking for Russians, you'll probably find most of them in Hove Beach and around Broker, if you are looking for Italians, they'll probably be in Little Italy or Alderney (aka New Jersey), if you are looking for Chinese Triads, they'll probably be around Chinatown, and so on. It's all about the ethics and the area...and to get recognized by either of the groups you wish to join, you must become a resident, a local individual. You don't have to try to become teachers pet 24/7 and try to link up with it, you can just be a local guy that got a blue collar job and what-not and you stop by the OC's joints time to time, you could get into some gambling scene, little side poker thing, maybe some diamonds and what-not, some side-hustle. Because most of the guys in OC all got a side hustle and are hungry for money, that's where OC's take a huge interest into the guy, it's a individual that isn't afraid to earn couple bucks and dodge tax payments. That's what side-hustle is most of the time, it's a good way to earn couple bucks and not pay "the man" his tax dollars. And as you build your reputation as this local guy doing certain something, OC may take notice and you'll end up hanging out with one of the "Associates" of that organized crime and you'll be doing some basic-small time stuff and progress as you go. Everything begins in baby steps, you'll be tested, you'll be doing boring tasks, you'll be educated and the further you go and the more active you are and most importantly, the more of a unique character you bring over, the further you'll go. Trust me, nobody wants to see "Mafia 1, 2, 3", Scarface, The Sopranos, Eastern Promises rip offs...its cringe and terrible, I know that these shows and games brought huge inspiration to you, and it's completely fine, because some of the stuff in those games/shows do make sense, some don't as its just a show/game, and in those shows/game things happen quickly. One hour you are playing as a nobody, next hour your a made-guy, but in RP server. Every day, every-step matters. Nothing gets fast-tracked, fast-tracked hierarchy means terrible standards, terrible standards equals garbage leadership, garbage leadership equals trash RP & waste of time. I know it sounds harsh, but it's the truth. You wanna be part of a faction that focuses on the character development, reputation of that character a safe factions to be part of, one that got strict hierarchy, internal politics even. You can do life stuff, get yourself an apartment, have a job as a front...it's a smart play because it'll pay off in the long run. Organized Crime stuff is usually hidden behind curtains, that's the whole point of it. Doing huge things but under the level. You should get a blue-collar job, some employment and remain as a "civilian" on the laws and public eyes, but in reality...you are in some serious business. OC remain under the radar because the law enforcement evolved over the last years, this isn't 60's where criminals get away with stuff...world adapted and being a criminal means being extremely careful and cover up the angles, use the system against itself. It's not what you know, its what you can prove. You can't act like a mob guy around the streets, it'll just cringe the hell out of things, you are just some dude that knows another group of dudes and you maybe meet up here and there. Most OC's also have their own business fronts, where they sign each other in so the tax-track would be on point. In OC you wanna have that mindset, where you ensure that you IC-ly got taxes paid off, ensure that you don't buy the things you wouldn't be afford with the blue-collar income. You wanna spend more, you must be employed in certain position to match the checks. You can't buy yourself a Bentley by being a bartender at a local bar, you know? You wanna get a Bentley, you need to have clean cash income from a real cash-making business, being manager of a club that bringing huge profits and what-not. You must ensure your street-status, the incomes, the cash value on governmental standards match. If you start buying expensive cars while having no legal job and no cash-tracks, it's gonna be easy for cops to assume that you are a illegal individual. It only takes that one detective to dig into little paperwork trail. You need to cover up your tracks and act smart. Additional input onto the OC affiliation: You see, it's not an unusual thing for certain people who been hearing and watching criminal activity happening in their backyards, you see it everywhere now-days. Either on your local news or even in tv series of movies and these /inspirations/ push some people who are tired of their 9-17 jobs to get involved with illegal activity to earn couple extra grand. There is a certain process that people go through, you can't just show up to some establishment and expect to get mobbed up or something. Everything starts off with the baby-steps and over the period of time you get noticed and introduced. Because image is everything, the attitude of yours and how you handle yourself and most important, who you are hanging out with. Because like anything else, it plays a huge human factor. Sadly, this isn't the 60s-90s where everyone wanted to get involved and certain organizations would just picking people up left and right, today its more distant and things are hidden. So even a regular mob guy is just a normal individual, the thing that he got going on is between him and people he is with, but over time these connected men get familiar with locals who got that spark and fire in them and they end up doing some basic tasks or even getting involved through multiple businesses that these ground breaking organizations own. Little chatter here over a cigarette, little chatter there outside the club and over the period of time your character becomes noticed, how you carry yourself and how well you do these certain tasks. Because its a quick notice onto somebody that got crocodile blood. Like any faction we present couple businesses that operate as fronts and money laundry for us and these spots are key entrances for some people, where they keep their civilian-face on and over period of time might start seeing a thing or two, and people get judged based on their hard work at that establishment, grinding long hours and putting bunch of effort in...that shows that thrive for the money. Talking about having debts, girlfriend that demand money and such...just everyday stuff. For all I care, you can even have a chatter about your side hustle to earn extra bucks and at some point somebody gonna see that blood thrust in you and you might get involved with some small time illegal scene. It's to test out your capabilities of keeping your mouth shut and slowly educate you on the ways of OC. I know everyone wants to be a top G since day 1, but you have to put in the hours and effort, it becomes evidence for us to invest into you and educate you into modern crime wave. Every faction possesses these factors, but it just depends on the quality and standards and how badly you wish to belong. HOOD MENTALITY/GANG ROLEPLAY -Gang roleplay 101- Gang scene always been one of the largest role-plays on RP community, often people assume that...only reason why people do gang-scene is over the shootouts. Some of it maybe true, but it's not the point. Gang's end up in constant shootouts due to the rival beefs and turf wars. Gangs are heavily focused on money making, and their primary cash flow is through drug business. Gangs are notorious in the drug scene because they often roll around certain neighborhood, neighborhood that builds its own reputation on distribution. That's why you got so many people who swing by the neighborhoods to get some drugs or guns that may have bodies on them. Every organized crime always tries to get a decent gang under its wraps, because when you got a good gang that's organized and focuses on money, they can easily distribute the drugs. But gangs aren't just corner boys, there's a lot more to it, there's an entire network if its properly set up, with the chain of command going through the roof. A decent gang structure is to take care of all the ranking spots. You need to have someone that's a smart businessman, someone with a clean record and has clean name for the business licenses and such, then you got someone who is all over the streets and controls the distribution and sales. Gang business isn't just bang-bang, it's a deep hierarchy with a large pyramid. Where top dogs are untouchable and unheard off. Nearly every gang out there got top-tier levels, top tier levels where dudes hang out at record studios or other large events, mainly hip hop related stuff due to the hood mentality. And this is where you could promote bunch of different role-plays, by having a large expanded possibility. You got the grinders in the hood, the beginners. And as they'd progress and build reputation, they could do different tasks and obtain different skills. You as a faction leadership should educate people. It's to ensure you got a self-evolving and independent structure. That's why you keep yourself in distance, while you educate the truth worth individuals to /ACT/ as leaders. If you wanna keep making that paper and remain off radar, be an adviser type on top. Don't be all about rumble-tumble shootouts, because it's just bad for business and you'll get extremely tired of it. You as a leader should focus on distribution, network and market. Without that mentality, you'll be over-ran and destroyed. When you are a beginner, someone that just decided to join the gang. You gonna be required to start off from a young age, Liberty City happen to have a high school that presents you with the awesome development capability. You can start off as a small time and end up pushing some drugs in school and simply experience the day to day bases of hood related individual. And as you'd progress with your sales and be educate on the drug scene, you'll be able to age up when times right and take on different roles. And it all depends if you wish to be a hustler or a hitter. It's no secret, most guys get pushed into the hitter thing. It doesn't mean its "DM" mentality, often gangs got couple rivals and that circle of war keeps going around, where singular gang may have 2-3 attacks on its block by those 2-3 different gangs. So that's why you got individuals who often step into the defense-role and get their minds set up as a hitter for the block. You need to view this as a strategical offense, you need defense around your block in order to let the other gangs know that you ain't weak. Soon as you show the down-fall of weakness, it'll be the end of your money making. When you'll keep getting wiped and you'll be getting frustrated by losing the money, drugs and clients. Trust me, people won't go to a block that's always hot, you need to know how to play the game. As the top-dog, its your job to have good network connection and reach out to your plugs or links with high connections to help you in the war. Often organized crimes with huge ties can crush these beefs, because they got way more resources then some street gang, and war on street isn't good for anyone. And that's another thing I wanna bring up, admire and respect the street-hierarchy and politics. It's not about YOU and your FACTION, you must take all the factions into consideration. Work with them, use them for your own advantage, because when you make this...selfish-attitude where no one in this server matters expect the faction your with, that's where you have failed and brought boring role-play. In the illegal scene, you need to have the network mindsets and street-politics, don't over-step...because you'll get on shit-list very quickly. And you'll be stuck battling wars with other organizations/gangs and also have to worry about cops, all because you couldn't swallow your pride once a while and go with the flow. Sometimes, we need to learn how to shut our mouth and respect the streets. It's how we do it. I understand no one wants to have their manhood taken away, but it's how it is sometimes. You just need to let someone walk over you, but it's to benefit you in the future. Because down the line, you can build your crew and be ready to expand. Maybe reach out to the "Organized-crimes" rivals and seek other allies. It can be so much fun by playing the strategic part, possibilities are endless. It's not only about corners, shootouts and drugs. There's a lot more to it. It's like an onion effect, just when you thought things were at the top...it just keeps on opening other layers. Thing that you can do when you're part of a gang: - Drug sales Selling drugs is one of the most important things in the drug scene, that's how you keep the illegal scales tipped over and providing the community with illegal and filthy scene. - Going to high school It's a nice spot to help you sell some substances, make some connections or have a low-level beefs with other classmates. Overall it's a great experience. - Become a scout on BMX around the bock Being scout is one of the important positions, you are out there roaming around block and letting other homies know about rivals that are on their way or informing on rivals spray-tagging your hood. I recommend you to get a Nokia 3310 (burner phone) and the guy that's in the gang to get one as well, so when you /sms Joe 5th Street, ops! He'd get the message on text instead of taking out smart-phone /phone and losing time, with nokia 3310, you just get the SMS on the text-box, so its a lot easier and quicker. - Defender of the block Being on defense is important, it's how you show your power and protect your money makers and people. Have some pride and honor in it, you can have a car rolling around the block that got guns in there and it's ready to pop off. You notice rivals car? Chase it away, lit it up and dip out. You got a solid roof top that got a clear vision on the block? Get on it with a pistol or whatever, someone tries to roll up, the block got an upper hand now, guy that got the high ground and flanks the ops. - Play some games You can also promote basic role-play, playing some poker, dices and what-not, some alleyway joints. It's just nice for atmosphere around the block to see people doing different activities. - Pull out a boombox It's always nice to see boombox's around the gang hoods with some trap or hip hop music playing, it brings so much life and immersion to the whole neighborhood. - Spawn your car(s) Even if you are role-playing 14, but got some cars. You don't have to IC-ly own them, you can just spawn them so the block feels alive. Plus when someone tries to shoot you guys up, you got quick cover. Having cars spawned is great immersion for the neighborhood, it makes feel real and active. It's that little illusion of joyful RP that brings loads of fun. Even something that simple, plays its part in hood scene. - Dead soldiers Talk about the people that died, the history of the block. Never forget them, set out some memorials for those who been character-killed. It's good to remember those who pulled their weight. History of the block always matters and brings bunch of awesome stories and rival provocations, it's how life works. Role-play is all about going with the flow and being realistic. - Animals around the block Those who got donator status could spawn their cats or dogs. Even if you don't like cats, but you still get the cat-in donator perks, spawn it. You don't have to RP owning it, you can just spawn a stray-cat and select "WANDER AROUND" and let the cat roam around the area. Even something this simple makes the block RP look alive and awesome. And if couple people who got donator status will do it, it'll make the neighborhood look sick. Same with dogs, if you don't wanna RP owning the dog, but it'll just be some local stray-dog, you can just spawn some random breed and let him roam around freely. Also, when cops come with their dog (K-9), realistically. The K-9 dog gonna be focused on other dog, and that means...the police dog is less focused on his drug-sniffing duties and he gets confused. It's a proven fact and the dog-pet/stray can play a decent part to help you fight fire with fire. - Car culture Those who are at the age and love lowriders or any car modifications, you could have a little car club in the block, where your pimped out rides would be lined up, having some party around it. Talk about the rims and expensive parts that you've installed. It's all part of the game and lively hood, the street cred and admiration. - Graffiti Tagging up isn't just some random thing, often its the streets-story telling and reputation build. Often gang members leave tags on walls after shooting up a block, or crossing over the current gangs tag to let them know, they pushing in. Graffiti thing can become real political for the streets, often...graffiti's are viewed as the "Letters of the Streets" and only handful of gang players can read between the lines and know what's up. But otherwise yes, you may also tag random shit around the hood for the sakes of it. Law Enforcement Involvement You must understand that, sooner or later the law enforcement will be involved in your life. This is something you cannot dodge forever, at some point in time...police gonna be extremely lucky and be introduced into your life, doesn't necessary mean it'll be "YOUR" fault, but it could be someone else's and that's where the chain-reaction begins. You see, cops are here to enforce the law, they aren't going around randomly meta-gaming or whatever. Lots of illegal RP'ers assume that cops are MGers and RP-gate-keepers, but in reality...police role-players are just doing their job, because when you are viewing this from PD's perspective, lots of the criminal acts are extremely stupid and sloppy. Idea is to remain off cops radar, not bringing in any un-necessary heat. Lots of people tend to provoke cops, talk shit, be involved in criminal acts and simply making it TOO EASY. Cops don't just interact with random people, they always need a reason to do that and if you see high amount of cop patrols in your area? That just means your faction been messing up too much and brought a lot of heat and that's gonna attract cops, it's really simple. The more crimes that happen in certain area, the more cops gonna be there. And they'll go visit that area every day if not hourly if it's slow day, it has nothing to do with "Yea, it's because my faction is active" none of it really matter. Either its active or not, they are there because they can and because itΒ΄s their job, to patrol around the neighborhoods, specially ones that are involved with drug dealing and shootings, kind of the whole point. Applying little pressure and showing the cops activity in the certain neighborhood. Lots of people got bad attitude towards the PD, if you ask me...before anyone opens their mouth and attempts to bad mouth it, call it MG'ers and what-not, join the PD on alternative account and see it for yourself, trust me...you'll be surprised how often people make clumsy criminal acts and assume cops MG'ed. You need to understand that cop rpers aren't above you OOC-ly or anything, they are players just as you. Cops develop, progress, join different divisions to play more important role in the department, no one out here is violating policies. If you wish to be a good criminal role-player, take a swing at the Penal Codes, some old court-cases, read through the cases and what-not. There is nothing wrong with it, because IC-ly its public record and OOC-ly it's a good way to adapt your criminal mindset. There is nothing wrong doing research on some arrests and how to dodge them, it's what loads of criminals do, they learn from others mistakes. You can even get yourself a lawyer, listen to the lawyers advices and know how to play the "game". Because criminals who do not know how to play the political-street-game, they don't last long. But there is nothing wrong with that, having a criminal career with terrible knowledge is common in the criminal world, but if you gonna be always caught and checked by cops because you been on radar too much, you must remember that...you made that happen by yourself, every actions has a reaction. Also, little heads-up. If some LCPD cop/detective got corruption rights, don't be surprised. It's extremely rare as PD approves one of the best cop-roleplayers to have this perk, as its extremely rare due to people...sadly, complaining too much. Loads of players have this weird attitude, where they expect cops to be 100 percent boy-scouts, but in reality...Liberty City aka New York, it's a dirty city and even cops can be dirty, where they set up their own markets and are involved with organized crimes and gangs them-self to earn extra dollar. Even if cops end up putting gun to your head, taking you into dark spots to have a little chat with you, don't be surprised that it might happen. Or even end up putting a bullet in you with a gun that they picked up while ago off the streets. You must understand that, at some point...fire will be fought with fire and you can't be dramatic about it, when you go out of lines, somebody worse will step in. I'm not saying this is gonna be a common thing as its heavily monitored by the FM and PD leadership, but don't be surprised if you encounter cops like that, your in the illegal scene...you must understand the nature of it, its all filthy and dirty and that's part of the reality and development, so don't be surprised if one day, you gonna be treated like complete trash by cops who got a lot of power, because world isn't fair and you need to take that into consideration. Development and growth in the society should matter and simply going with the flow. Drug game - Dealer & Distro Drug dealer mentality 101: Drug game - It's probably one of the main fundamental pillars of the criminal scene. You need to understand the drug game to be able to progress. Factions gonna start off the newly recruited members with small quantity of substances and see how they'll do. As you progress by selling the given products, they'll keep giving you higher amount and with the drug scene you can build extremely powerful reputation. When I'm doing drug dealer scene, I always wanna cover couple angles. I get myself a burner phone (Nokia 3310) for example, and I pass it out to my clients, regulars. You can even have a smart-phone that's used for illegal activity, but remember...if you ever get pinched by cops and they end up taking your phone, they could find a way to break into it and read the messages and it'll expose your entire little network that you build. So if I were you, I'd keep that phone with connects, plugs and entire network of yours stashed in the crib and have it when you are "working". It's a smart and careful play, because like I said before...police aren't stupid, they'll use what's offered to conclude investigations, because cops work is to keep following the trails, picking up clues and build cases. If you been busted with amount that could be considered as "Major Trafficking" , cops won't give up. They'll dig deeper, see where you live, file warrants with evidences to raid your property and you gonna end up losing more, that's why you should cover tracks and maybe have a system of your own, where you'd rent a property where you'd live in and have another spot as a stash joint, lots of factions have these type of "safe-house" properties, spots that are off the record for safe-keeping. You simply have to cover that angel, otherwise you place everyone at risk. And your action will pull out a heavy consequence, even a character-kill. You need to be a team-player and be creative when you dealing substances. Only because faction gave you drugs to move, doesn't mean you shouldn't have sense of responsibility. Those who execute this RP correctly, flying real smart and careful, they end up pushed further in the faction. Valuable asset, so to speak. Don't just look at drugs as "drugs", look at it more of...."goods". Supplying the demand, you have something that somebody needs and you are just there to make extra bucks. That's why you shouldn't walk around with a big-ego energy, unless you wanna get detected by cops quickly. Have a nickname or something, so no one would know your name when you are dealing. When I'm doing drug scene, I spend most of the time inside clubs or bars, offering people drugs. This is where you can learn another handful skill, fast-talk aka bullshitting. If you see someone at the club, they way they dressed, all cool and got swagger. You could yap with them about day-to-day stuff, about the clubs life style and what-not, some basic conversation and get into the guys friendly side and later you could offer him some stuff, get him to trust you, make him feel like he is solid and cool, it's gonna be hard for some people to back away from the compliments. If you happen to have a girlfriend, you could use her to help you sell the drugs quickly. Even in a RP community, when female character interact with the males, male character gonna be lean with them and that's where the female can be a good asset to get the guy to buy the stuff. With that said, any creative realistic aspect can be a huge benefit for you to get a guy in your pocket. You could even go into the toilets of these bars/clubs and do /cim ** There would be written phone number with Marijuana leaf with the marker on the toilets door - #######**. It's completely fine and realistic, because when you go to clubs/bars, you often see these numbers written on the wall and they are burner phones for the drug dealers. People who party and drink they love to crank up the party and when the alcohol isn't enough, they need something harder. It's from personal experience as well as I work as a bouncer, it's how it is. Most drug sales happen in clubs, as its filled with multiple people and when they are entering the drunk-world, they gonna go with the flow. In the game its similar, but you just need to know how to play it out right and be a good sales-man. It's one of those things you can learn during the drug dealing stages. If your part of a gang and happen to be in the neighborhood and someone drives to you to get some stuff off you, you should be smart how you go by the business. You shouldn't carry the stuff on you, if you got another homie with you, you can use him. Let's say there is three of you. You could have different roles to play, one of you is the runner, dealer and stasher. Runners job is to take cash, pass it over to the stasher and collect the stuff from the stasher and run back to the buyer and pass it over. Runner = Middle guy. If your a dealer, your job is to talk to the guy that arrived to you, offer him the product and such, become his little friend and what-not and let "Runner" know how much of the stuff you need after passing him the cash. Runner rushes towards the stasher afterwards. Stasher is a guy that sits somewhere around the block, could be inside a the complex, house or a car somewhere in the alley or something. Runner ensures he won't be detected where he going, take some fake-routes to avoid detection, arrives to the stasher and passes him the money and asks for the XX amount of substance. Stasher passes him the stuff and runner rushes back to the buyer and passes him the stuff. And that circulation continues, it's a smart way to avoid getting pinched with the stuff on you, it's one of the ideas you can use for your benefit, otherwise...you can come up with other unique ways of doing creative and fun drug sale RP. You can research bunch of different codes names for drugs, the amounts....like, eightball stands for 3.5 grams, O stands for an ounce which is about 28 grams. Mixing little dialog with street-context so its tougher for regular people to understand and for cops to get. Giving your drugs some names that only you and your faction would know and people who buy it off you, changing names up. It's to ensure you guys don't get picked by cops, maybe a possible wire. Always circulating things around to stay off the radar and making it tougher, because you NEVER know who might be listening. Even when it feels "safe" to speak, have that thought back of your head and assume that someone might be listening, it's good paranoid-mentality to have. DISTRIBUTION As I mentioned in the drug scene, distribution is extremely important to the illegal scene. Distribution/Smuggling should be taken into consideration if you'll be a distributor. Distributor or Distro role-play is extremely fun, but you must understand how things work. You should consider getting a trucking depo as a front, appeal for a business somewhere in port or industrial zone with warehouses, some sort of import/export business. Get couple vans or trucks and hire civilians to work there. It's highly important to have civilians inside to help the business remain under the radar, far as everyone else is knowns...it's just some trucker doing his runs, but you could use this legal-trucking front for your advantage and set up a network for smuggling. Most of the time, when your a distributor (major leagues), your connections will most likely possess businesses as well, different fronts. Bars, clubs, auto shops and what-ever. That's where you could have the truck loaded with illegal goods (weapons, counterfeit stuff, drugs) and you'd simply drive over to that "connections" business. You'd wear the truckers issued uniform, grab some crates out and deliver to his business. It's smart and under the radar, and with the dozens of truckers driving around...its a perfect blend and cover. You could also just do distribution through a mechanical shop. Getting yourself a flat-bed truck, place some shit-box car on top of it and deliver the shit-box car to the location. You should load the shit-box car with illegal goods, because...far as everyone else knows, it's just some guy doing vehicle-delivery for a client. And you could even deliver the shit-box to the guys front door or his garage. There are multiple ways to get creative around distribution scene, you just need to use the legal script-features and blend yourself in. How will anyone know there are guns inside the shit-box or inside some truck? Cops or rivals will only be aware of it, if someone from your crew talked, or if cops been monitoring your activity closely. And that only happens when you exposed yourself to the law and became their target. My personal advice: Don't act out to the point, where you'll be publicly known of being involved with organized crime. It's just not smart...those who know, KNOW. Keep the secret society/underworld thing under the radar. Gun dealer - Responsibility & Smuggling -Gun Runner 101- When you'll be involved with firearm sales, you should view things like goods, just like the drugs. You are on that, supplying the demand thing. You'll most likely start off with couple weapons, small time stuff. Maybe Tec9's, pistols, things in that nature and it'll be up to you to find yourself buyers, capable buyers as well. You must understand one important thing, everyone wants a gun. And its easy to sell it to any individual, but you must take responsibility into consideration, some people possess this stupid "DM" mentality, where they need a quick gun, their RP is off point, they urgently need a pistol or whatever. These people in my book are bad individuals, because they end up causing huge amount of stupidity with the guns, it's hard to detect these people sometimes, but if you do...you should consider not dealing them stuff, because it'll bring nothing but problems. So you should have sense of responsibility and value peoples RP and how they handle them-self and not just "I need a gun", you know? Read between the lines and choose proper players who are valuable RP'ers and not random people who show little care in RP and just wanna be trigger-happy. As a gun dealer you can also become real political, you can look at the city map and grid out the sectors, like...gangs for example. Gangs are factions that often are ready to buy the batches off your hands, it's simple nature. Gangs are always in war to protect their businesses to continue their dope sales, if gang can't defend itself and push their enemies away, they gonna lose money and street cred and when they do that, other organization will turn their backs on them. As you'll progress with your gun-running scene, you'll obtain more firearms for your supplier, and even heavier weaponry. And the low-base bond that you build with the gang or buyer, you can offer him something bigger. It's how it works, you evolve the partnership with the individual you worked with and push something more serious and the hierarchy of the gun flow grows. And as you progress in the certain organization yourself, you can educate the people under you on how to do things to ensure there are no mistakes and everyone makes money in a smart way. If you gonna be moving large firearms and quantities, you should get creative. Get involve with a business as a front, import / export or something, or a garage. Let's say you got a mechanical depo or your organization is involved with one, you could put money together and get yourself a FLAT-BED truck. You could buy some crappy cheap car and store the firearms and even drugs inside it, place the cheap-crap car onto the flatbed and deliver it to the "client", far as the law and everyone else knows...it's just some mechanical moving a car from A to B. That's the thing, nobody knows what's up and you are flying under the radar. Same with the import/export or even trucking depo. You got trucks, vans...it's just a guy doing his basic run, that's why its smart to get involved with businesses as fronts to remain under undetected radar. It's not what you know, it's what you can prove. DOG FIGHTS To make things clear, I'm a dog person myself. I had a dog and I love dogs, this doesn't mean I'm here to promote hate for the hounds. It's part of the game, the illegal criminal activity. And dog fights one of those dirty-filthy things that happen on the streets. And while ago I clocked it with the staff and they said it's completely fine to do dog-fight role-play, as long as its done in a secret place and people who are invited to the illegal dog-fight betting agree to this scene. Often people who go with it are top tier RPers who go with the flow and when they are offered to be part of the dog-fights, they roll through it. So basically this gonna require you to get couple things going. You should find a spot for the dog fighting, it can be outside the city, in a basement of some complex or inside interior. You should map out some fences where dogs gonna be inside, have some blackboard where the "bookie" gonna keep track of bets. And most importantly, you'll have to have a dog script-wisely. You and the other individual should spawn the dogs and do the bets. Let's say you and another homie got dogs, you could host the dog-fights yourself and change breeds aka changing dogs. OR you can also let your connections know that, they can bring their own dogs. So let's talk about how the function would work. We'll be using the good old /coinflip. There will be total of 3 ROUNDS. How do I know I won the round? Each individual that controls the dog/spawned the dog. Will do /coinflip 3 TIMES. Let's say INDIVIDUAL A flipped the /coinflip and got 2 HEADS and 1 TAILS. INDIVIDUAL B flipped the /coinflip and got 1 HEADS and 2 TAILS. That means INDIVIDUAL A won that ROUND. And they role-play resetting the round, patting their dogs, giving the dog something to drink and the next round begins. And it's the same, both individual spawn the /coinflip in 3x in row and one with highest "HEADS" moves to the next round. If both got DRAW either of the rounds, then its a draw. There is no repeat. That's why there's 3 ROUNDS because someone will win out of 3. PROSTITUTION RING Prostitution is one of the filthy businesses of the society, its the urges, needs and status for some role-players. We all know the stories, the e-sex and all that. I get it, we all do...but role-play is role-play and girmey filthy scene is part of it. There are bunch of people who role-play as local whores to earn quick cash. People often do that to grind money for XX month and name-change, it's no secret. It been done for years. If you wish to become representative aka "PIMP" type, you should know how to speak to these whore-roleplaying players. Be real about it, tell them that you got a business proposal where you both could benefit, where you'd help the girl have clientele and even reach out to strip clubs and get the girl hired to dance and get fucked in the backdoors. It's a filthy business what can I say, but it is what it is. You as a "representative" can also tell the girl that, she can tell her clients about some drugs, coke and what-not and she could be your eyes and ears on the streets and help you get clients without risk. Client is filthy and dirty as it is, he got girl that's taking care of his needs and he is dirty enough to get the party going and get some dope, it's how the dirty business works, filthy-filth finds its shit-pile. That's the nature of the grimey underworld scene. With girls on corners its also about the territory, territory means political effect. So if you got a girl working on a wrong turf and corner, you might have problems. And if you don't cough up bills to that local gang or organization, there could be a conflict. So you...as a girls representantive/pimp. Should cover these ends otherwise, girl could get beaten up, stabbed or killed and it'd be your fault and you just lost cash-maker to the streets. Be smart, be strategic. You can also set up an escorts service, it's even better if you got a club and you have couple girls inside dressed real nicely. These girls would approach an individual and ask them to buy them a drink, the guy buys a super expensive drink and girl would lead him upstairs. Where she could lap dance for him and even fuck him. Bartender downstairs would be the middle guy who would collect the bills or even the manager. But that's a theme for a "Gentlemen's club" not a strip-joint, it's a place where girls approach a guy and if their wallets thick enough, they get invited into backroom. Another thing can be shuttle-escort service. Where you can have a business, like a front....dating site. But in reality, it'd be escort service. You'd have people reach out to through the site (forum PM's after you made a article with girl pictures) and set up time and date for the meet, then you'd drive the girl to the guy. He'd pay you and you'd drop the girl off and pick her off later. It's good to recommend the clients to go to hotels/motels to remain under the level. You could also run a massage parlor, it's often a thing happening in Chinatown/Asian. Where girls would pretend to be professional in massages, but with the right price...there would be a happy ending or even more. It's filthy business , it's how the world works. Burglary & Heists Burglaries are one of the fun things to do, it's basic criminal 101 role-play. You should get your mindset ready for real adrenaline rush. Get yourself a skimask from the mask store, some dark clothes, swing by a hardware store for a crowbar and some other tools. Even if these tools won't actually work script-wise (wire-cutters and such) take them, role-play storing it into your duffle-bag, because when you gonna be inside a property, these tools gonna be handy. And if you don't possess certain "ITEM" on you, you can't just role-play having it. GTA World taken the liberty to stack up hardware store and other businesses with bunch of items that go into your inventory. So let's say you broke into a house and there's some chained up door and you need wire/chair cutters, or a crowbar...but you don't have those items script-wise. The admin that's spectating you during the /breakin ,he'll deny you access because you lack the necessary tools and you didn't come prepared and that's on you. Realistic burglary to-do-list: - Tools Visit hardware store, get necessary tools. Crowbars, wire cutters and other items that can be handy with your burglary, so you can easily break into things. - Outfit Wear a balaclava, wear something that'd be light-weight. Some dark sports clothes, hoodie, gloves. Play the part, wear the part. - /breakin Yes, it may take some time for administrators to respond to you, but that's the little down-side of great risk and achievement. When admin responded to your breakin, he or she gonna ask you why you picked this place and such, it's simple question and you are just there to break in to make some possible cash profit if goods inside will pay off. - Inside the establishment Try to be sneaky, if you gonna be too aggressive and loud, the "neighbors aka admin" will contact the cops. So you should be careful, use the apartment for your advantage. If nobody is home and alarm didn't go off, you got unlimited time. Turn music on, maybe TV. Have it a bit loud, but not too loud IC-ly. Go through drawers, closets, suitcases, check under the bed and mattresses. Check the fridge, freezer. Check out the fireplaces, inside of them, inspect the ventliation systems and the vent-covers. Check the toilets, the spot where water fills up, check the carpets, move them a side and inspect for the floor boards, some floor boards may have been moved around and could be a stash point. You need to be detailed and fair in the /me's, and admin will tell you if you found something, because people who store stuff in their houses use /stashinfo and they give information where the item is stashed/hidden. So when someone breaks in, its in a safe place where burglar wouldn't find easily. So you need to think outside the box, it can be in a easy place or hard. Its always a 50-50 thing. -HEISTS- You can use the regular burglary as the training-stage. You break into some properties, either you alone or you and your partner(s) and learn and adapt in that immersion, but later...you guys can set up a heist-crew. Where you'd have to investigate certain places, take down pictures maybe, draw a blue-print. Take care of some arsenal, outfits and what-not, role-play every detail. Don't rush it, have a pre-planning role-play, maybe get some property and map it into a safe-house joint so it fits the immersion. Sort out a plan, assign yourself with different roles, have a stolen car as a get-away and engage the business. Have a time-frame of 60 seconds to break into it, if you managed to obtain security-card IC-ly from a worker, then use it. You can scope the place for couple days or weeks even. Let's say there's a diamond store, it's active and got staff. You can walk in there to check the stuff and act like a curious client. At the same time you just look around the layout of the place and can draw the blue-print plan on the paint. Mark where's the exit, staff room, cameras and where diamonds are lined up. After that you can also keep distance and see where the staff members go, as they may have keys and ID cards. You could see where they'd go, maybe they'd go to through home, maybe to a club. Then you could get your partner to get these people into the bathroom or something, you could beat them up and steal their ID's or get them out carefully and kidnap them. But it's risky due to the crowd, so you'd have to drug the individual and pretend to be carrying them out as they had to many drinks /requestcarry. Otherwise, just wait for them to go to their crib and break inside it and steal their card. You could kidnap the player and break into the place day after as that staff member is gone and nobody gonna know why, but you got the guys access and can carefully sneak in. Can also beat the truth out of the individual, the alarm codes and such. Its effort, yes...but if you go inside with silence and get out scout free, you need to put in work and be creative with the scouting, otherwise...you can go loud, get armed up have a basic plan, rob & run, but it'll be risk because cops gonna respond quickly and you gonna be in the cross-roads with your life. Either you die by cops hands or get lucky and get away. You should consider stealing someone's car, because even cars without registration could be tracked back. VIN numbers, it's smarter to have someone steal a sedan to make the get-away. It's the smart play. COUNTERFEIT & FRAUD Counterfeit designer brands: Counterfeit clothing and goods: Counterfeit goods been an issue for decades now, multiple factories in Asia been creating certain clothing brands and pumping up their prices. Certain goods sales-men would even have a lower value of the real thing. People usually pay the expensive price for the "brands-name", that luxury life style of owning an expensive piece of clothing, bags. The market-demand for looking "rich" was an no-brainer for the organized crimes to establish certain side manufacturing. You got a Gucci bag that's are worth from 500$ to 30.000$ (bags for your glasses, purses, luggage, duffle bags), and not everyone possesses that kind of money to spend on a bag, but people still wanna look rich, purchasing things they don't need to impress the people they don't like (Fight club quota)...and its true, in modern society people wanna impress one another and most of the time you'd be valued depending on your wardrobe, the characteristics of the individual and his worth. Multiple Organized Crimes got behind this kind of business because its one of the "Supplying the Demand" circumstances, people with shitty budget will wanna purchase knock off brand that looks like a real thing and lot of times the OC's would even sell a crappy knock off of "Gucci" that costed them 5$ for 500$ or couple grand. People often don't notice certain stitching and design flaws, if it got a gucci logo and it looks like real thing once they google it, they'll be convinced. Con-artists been at it for decades, bullshitting people in purchasing trash for the same value, either its sun-glasses, clothing line, bags or even jewelry. Skimmers: Multiple thieves got devices that are simply attached onto certain places, ATM's, pumps...they even manage to slip their skimmer devices onto shops card receivers. The skimmer device is a pretty simple explanation. The device collects peoples card numbers and PIN. Once the device collected peoples information...skimmer gets picked up by the thieve and he uploads the information onto his computer and counterfeits credit cards. For that, you are required to have cards with chips in them and be able to repurpose those cards with the newly given card-number and pin. Many cases, certain hackers are involved to program these type of programs for thievery. In a singular day these devices could steal over 200 peoples information and when each individual has over 2.000$ sitting in his bank account, the thieves are pretty much well set when they purchase certain items through online and have it shipped to a faulty address that gets quickly replaced or they simply sell the card a week later to certain individual. Counterfeit cards are pretty handy in the organized crime world, they get to use someone else's money and fly under the radar without ever using their own personal cards. It got its own perks, but these cards can be tracked down by the banks and authorities, most of the time individual that's using these devices, has something covering his face to avoid the cameras. CAR THEFT RING There are bunch of awesome role-plays that can come out of the car theft ring. Sure, it may feel like...its simple enough, you go out there and steal a ride, but there's a lot more to it. You can basically have a career in car-ring. You can be real creative and use what's already offered to you. I'm gonna break down an "underground-dealership" idea, which is pretty unique and awesome for connected people to experience, discuss the car theft benefits and everything around car scene, including racing. Everything on rubber wheels gonna be discussed here and blend in, because its all the same vehicle world. -Underground Dealership: For couple years now, I've created this system that allowed /connected/ individuals to purchase cars for half-price of what itΒ΄s worth in the dealership. Basically, you could seduce the organizations that you work along-side with this perk. You'd send a guy or crew out on streets and have them take pictures of certain cars. In RP communities, when you spot a certain car in certain neighborhood...it'll most likely be there tomorrow. So...let's say, you got couple pictures of a BMW, Mercedes Benz...Let's say you got 3 type of BMW's, different marks, different colors, rims and such...you'd give these images to your allies and he'd end up returning to you with one picture. Let's say, out of 3 cars...silver, black and red, he picked a red one with certain rims on it. So now that's where you send the crew back on streets and have them steal that car. I know it may be tricky with the car-owner activity and what-not, but that's the risk and down-side of achievement, we need to suffer here and there or get back to the "connected" individual with bad news that, we can't get the red one...but we can get the silver or black. None-less, the crew would steal the vehicle and bring to the garage. So now you got a red BMW e46 with BBS rims...what now? For the realism sakes, visit the junk-yard, the car crushers. A lot of junk yards sell people the destroyed vehicle, before it hits the crusher. No matter the condition of the /vehicle/, it'll always have paperwork with it, with legal VIN number and such. So, for the realism sakes you'd role-play purchasing a damaged/windowless/engine-less body-frame of that BMW e46. Now, you simply deliver that car-frame to the garage and you pull out the VIN numbers from it. There are certain places you need to look for the VIN number, on the dashboard driver side, sometimes on the passenger side. On the drivers doorway, in the engine bay, usually somewhere above the engine bay and sometimes they got vin number plates on the frames under the car. But having a garage with car lift and such, it makes it extremely easy to pop them out. A lot of the VIN-number plates are stitched with these aerospace bolts, similar bolts you'd see stitched on the airplanes sheet-metal or even in car racing, an easy way to stitch things up with durable bolts. You'd need to roleplay popping them up, easiest and realistic way to do is...its by simply drilling them out with a thin-drill and then you'd just use the aerospace bolt-drill and nail it back in. Basically works like nail-gun expect it drills them inside...and that's how you'd replace the VIN number plates. You can visit a DMV for RP sakes and collect the licenses-plates for the car that you bought from the junk-yard, the body-frame and such...since people "restore" cars these days, nobody would bother asking you any follow up questions. For the realism sakes you could also role-play requesting vehicle color-change as well. In reality you'd need to notify DMV's regarding vehicle color change so it'd be matched up. And they don't really go into full detail what's the specific car-paint color it is, you got multiple types, metallic, matte, paint that possess crystal diamonds...not real diamonds, but it's that nice effect that paint gets. And after those steps, you now own a red BMW e46 legally. That's the way how it's done in reality, but now you need to get an actual car. Since it may take couple days to "role-play" around the vehicle and get these scenes complete...the vehicle will probably be despawned day after or even on the same day by a player when vehicle would just be sitting there in the garage. So now, you simply visit a dealership and purchase that car...you repaint it, add the specific rims that the car originally had on the picture. And you sell that connected-individual the car for half price of what it's worth in the dealership. Let's say the car costs 12.000$, you sell it for 6.000$. Here's the question "Hey, but won't we be losing money by buying cars for full price and selling them for half?" Yes, at that moment it may feel like it...but serious players that are "connected", they'll understand why its cheap...because your next business gonna be pricy. Let's say, you also sell firearms or drugs to this individual. So now, you can pump the prices up. Let's say...he was buying an AK-47 from you for 2.000$ each...now, he'll pay 2.500$ for it. You can of course boost prices up to 3.000$-4.000$ for it. And idea is to "pay-off" the debt for that missing half. So if you think about it, getting those 6.000$ back won't be a problem. So in a way, it's kind of like a credit-card...a system that allows both sides to experience realistic organized crime scene and believe me, people will get behind it. I've done for numerous years on SA:MP, and people enjoyed it...and I always got my money back. It may not be day 1 cash-guarantee, but over time you'd get the money back...end of the day, you just pushed your own and our factions reputation to the top. Something this simple and creative can be a huge plus for everybody. Chop Shop: Chop shop is a pretty valuable gig. Thieves usually do follow ups on certain "Needing parts" sites, multiple facebook groups and car-part websites that are always demanding certain car parts that are too expensive to purchase through the manufacturer and with that "Supply-the-Demand" thing, thieves steal cars that would pay off a decent toll. Single headlight alone is worth over 100$, 2x100$=200$. 200 bucks for some headlights, reinforcement bar can go up to 50-100$, if its stock rims that's solid 200$ per rim. Fenders are around 200-300$ , depending on the vehicle and its demand...prices are pretty flexible. Bumpers can be up to 400-500$, hoods about the same. Mechanical stuff such as "master break cylinder", the main pump for the breaks is worth 400$, if its a decent engine...it can be up-to 2.000$ / 5.000$. Alternator can be around 200$, starters are usually 150$-500$, depending on the vehicle. Seats could go for 400$. That's basically the golden part about the chop shop business, there will be always car accidents and people will always need a mechanic and in order for mechanic to complete his task, he seeks cheaper prices on car-part websites in order to save himself time from rebuilding certain items. A lot of times shops would simply buy a used transmission for 500-800$, put it into the vehicle in couple days time and ask the client to pay up 2.000$ for transmission replacement, same goes with everything else...a lot of times, they'd just clean up certain parts that work. They'd use a grinder and attach the metal-brushings or even sand-paper rolls and give it a nice look. Multiple mechanical shops or chop-shops, they got sand-blaster machines...and they just toss certain parts with bit of rust or mold on it and give it a brand new look. And once certain parts been extracted from the vehicle(s), they simply get the car delivered to a local junk yard...well, whatever is left of it. It's good to rip out the vin-numbers and have a backstory that the vehicle was used as a "donator-car". Donator car means...you got this car for cheap and you used certain parts out of it to get together another vehicle. By the realistic standards, nobody really does these deep follow-ups. Frankly, if the vehicle been stolen...its gone. Business fronts As I mentioned above, it's a smart play to have a business. It benefits your faction from a realistic stand point of view, and it also brings awesome role-play to the community. It's not secret, most businesses are ran by factions, as they keeping those places active. It's the spots that are active due to the possible recruitment phase for some people, so certain businesses got big activity. But having a front pays off, its organized and smart. Let's say you wanna be into smuggling scene, so you should look into businesses that would match that level, let's say...trucking depo or import/export. You could apply for a business, get couple vans/trucks going, hire civilians to work as normal staff, maybe even hire manager to operate the business for you. Trust me, the more civilian staff you have in the business the better, you blend it all in so the business looks like a solid operating front. If you start having only criminals there, it'll be extremely obvious for the cops and they'll start focusing on your place a lot more often and maybe on one unlucky day, they'll follow one of the vehicles and have you completely surrounded and busted, and you lose a lot of valuable goods. So it's better to be smart and treat business a clean business. You can also benefit from a business by placing some illegal money into it, not extremely much, but enough to match the businesses revenue. This would promote a money-laundry RP and you can even get some members to become accountants for you or just hire one. So you are now pumping bunch of other role-play possibilities. Every business has its benefit to the public, the bigger the business the bigger the laundry machine, so to speak. Businesses is also a vital thing for the community, it's what keeps players busy and entertained, and it keeps decent cash flow into the business too, money that can be used to help the faction during difficult times, having money put a side to purchase more businesses, properties and such. It's how it works, you use what you got to make the best of it. If you gonna run a nightclub, and it's an extremely nice one. You should get some drug dealers inside, make some side profits and what-not, control who sells the stuff in your business, because clubs always brought dealers in and problematic things. If you catch someone dealing inside your club, you can get your people to tell the guy to leave, but if he continues. You could shake him down for profit or reach out to his people with a number, because they are now operating on a wrong turf, and that's one of the steps onto the illegal political scene. You can also get a limo and have it parked outside to attract people over, the cooler you make it, the more people gonna visit you. Can even create a "VIP" sector inside with extremely nice mappings in there where people would pay decent amount to get inside and could even have a limo-ride home without a cost, create some sort of a VIP Membership card where they'd get a free limo-shuttle to the club. There are a lot of unique things you can do with a club and other businesses, you just need to get creative and know how to chase that money. Unique and realistic stuff sells and always will, people love it. You can create a security firm as a front as well, it's usually organized crimes with deep ties that do that. They got couple guys who apply for weapon licenses, carrying concealed firearm arm licenses and guard cards. And these individuals create some security firm and it's an excellent cover. So when important figure in the organization maybe under attack or something, you got group of individuals who are legal to wipe out whoever tries to kill the VIP, it's the nature of the security company, you use what's offered to you, and like I said before...you use the system for your advantage. Smart activity and blend in acts will keep you out of jail and keep you operating on completely different level. It's not a MUST, but it's an option that gives you a upper hand on things. If organized crime wants to be powerful, they should focus on covering bunch of angles and actually feel powerful. Only because in real world the OC is powerful and you portray it, doesn't mean people will value you the same way, IRL those organized crimes are involved with multiple things and possess deep hierarchy, you can do the same if you willing to give a damn.
  5. A Globe Oil Subsidiary Company Welcome to Freedom Fuels, your trusted partner in fuel delivery solutions, a subsidiary company of Globe-Oil operating and based in the San Andreas Counties and surrounding areas to deliver essential resources to all within the state. At Freedom Fuels, we understand the importance of reliable and timely fuel supply for businesses and individuals alike. With our exceptional service, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that you have the fuel you need, when and where you need it. Freedom Fuels is a leading fuel delivery company dedicated to meeting the diverse fueling needs of our customers. Whether you're a construction company needing fuel for heavy machinery, a fleet manager looking to optimize your operations, or a homeowner requiring fuel for heating or backup generators, we have you covered. Our extensive fleet of delivery vehicles, equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring systems, enables us to provide efficient and prompt fuel delivery services. We understand that time is of the essence, and our team of experienced drivers works diligently to ensure your fuel is delivered safely and on schedule. At Freedom Fuels, we offer a comprehensive range of fuel delivery services tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our services include.... On-Demand Fuel Delivery: We offer on-demand fuel delivery for businesses and individuals. With our advanced logistics system, you can easily schedule a fuel delivery at your preferred location, and our team will ensure a hassle-free experience. Bulk Fuel Delivery: For businesses with large fuel consumption needs, we provide bulk fuel delivery services. Our fleet is capable of transporting significant quantities of fuel, ensuring uninterrupted supply for your operations. Emergency Fuel Delivery: When unexpected circumstances arise, such as power outages or natural disasters, you can rely on us for emergency fuel delivery. We understand the critical nature of these situations and strive to respond promptly to your fueling needs. Fuel Monitoring and Management: We offer advanced fuel monitoring and management solutions to optimize your fuel usage and reduce costs. Our innovative technology allows you to track fuel levels, monitor consumption patterns, and receive real-time insights to make informed decisions. Safety is of paramount importance at Freedom Fuels, and we prioritize it in every aspect of our operations. We are committed to ensuring the secure transportation, storage, and delivery of fuel to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Here's an elaboration on the safety measures we have in place... Trained and Certified Drivers: Our team of professional drivers undergoes rigorous training programs to ensure they have the necessary knowledge and skills to handle fuel transportation safely. They are well-versed in industry best practices, emergency response protocols, and defensive driving techniques. Compliance with Regulations: Freedom Fuels strictly adheres to all applicable safety regulations and guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies. We stay up to date with the latest safety standards, including those related to fuel transportation, handling, and storage, to ensure full compliance. Vehicle Maintenance and Inspections: Our fleet of delivery vehicles undergoes regular maintenance and inspections to ensure their safe and reliable operation. We conduct thorough checks of all safety-related components, such as brakes, tires, lighting, and fuel storage compartments, to identify and address any potential issues proactively. State-of-the-Art Equipment: We invest in advanced equipment and technologies to enhance safety throughout our operations. Our delivery vehicles are equipped with modern safety features, including GPS tracking systems, real-time monitoring capabilities, and emergency response communication tools. Comprehensive Safety Protocols: We have developed comprehensive safety protocols and procedures that guide our employees in the safe handling, transportation, and delivery of fuel. These protocols cover various aspects, including fuel transfer procedures, emergency response plans, and incident reporting and investigation processes. Emergency Preparedness: Freedom Fuels places a strong emphasis on emergency preparedness. We have contingency plans in place to address unforeseen circumstances such as spills, leaks, or accidents. Our drivers are trained to respond swiftly and effectively to mitigate any potential risks and ensure the safety of all parties involved. Safety Training and Education: We prioritize continuous training and education on safety practices for our employees. We conduct regular safety workshops, seminars, and refresher courses to reinforce safe practices, promote awareness, and keep our team updated on the latest industry developments. Safety Culture: Safety is ingrained in our company culture, and every employee at Freedom Fuels is responsible for upholding our commitment to safety. We foster a culture of accountability and encourage all team members to prioritize safety in their daily operations. Continuous Improvement: We continuously evaluate and enhance our safety practices through regular audits and reviews. We encourage feedback from our customers, employees, and industry experts to identify areas for improvement and implement proactive measures to ensure the highest level of safety. At Freedom Fuels, we believe that safety is a shared responsibility, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards throughout our fuel delivery services. Your safety and the safety of our employees, communities, and the environment are always at the forefront of our operations. Experience the freedom of reliable fuel delivery with Freedom Fuels. Whether you need fuel for your business or personal use, we are committed to providing exceptional service, quality products, and unmatched reliability. Choose Freedom Fuels as your trusted fuel delivery partner and unlock a seamless and efficient fueling experience. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can meet your fueling needs. CONTACT INFORMATION: JOVAN STANIMIROVIC (CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER) @CarterOne EMAIL: [email protected] PH: 419-61-65 STEFAN FILIPOVIC (ASSISTANT CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER) @Dynath EMAIL: [email protected] PH: 12-97 FIND US ON FACE BROWSER! https://face.gta.world/pages/FreedomFuels OOC: The aim of this faction is to bring a new serious roleplaying aspect/heavy roleplay of the trucking industry and to bring more County RP into the area. We plan to focus on hiring people from the county primarily and boost the roleplay around this sector/give people more job opportunities beyond "I fish, I hunt, etc" the faction will do IC training on dangerous goods transportation, safety equipment, vehicle inspections, and your daily logs with route to provide an immersive experience to all. The two owners of the faction are involved in the trucking industry and are certified/licensed both from different countries. Once you pass training, you will become a operator of the fuel trucks. If you wish to co-ordinate yourself with any questions or concerns prior to approaching us IC you can find our discords to be the following: Jovan (Jovan Stanimirovic #6428) and Stefan (dynath)
  6. Albano "Bano" Souza Albano Souza was up in the picturesque Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. On the island of SΓ£o Miguel, Albano grew up with a strong sense of entrepreneurship and a profound respect for his Azorean heritage. Albano moved to Sandy Shores, a picturesque seaside community in the United States, at the age of 19. Albano identified Sandy Shores as the ideal location to realize his goal because of his quest for new possibilities and his desire to open his own business. He set off on this thrilling voyage with hope and determination, with the help of his family. Albano spent time and effort learning the required business skills and information in order to pursue his passion. He attended seminars, consulted with local business owners for advice, and painstakingly created a business plan that demonstrated his original thinking and commitment. After a long time in Sandy and some difficult encounters, he is now a well-known person around Sandy. I will post some events of Albano's Journey, I'm really enjoying this character so I decided to start this project so I can share it with y'all.
  7. Short intro to the story: Many moons ago, in a vast and untamed land, lived a young Native American named Wemutu Imala. He grew up in the heart of his tribe, surrounded by the rich culture and traditions of his people. From an early age, he learned to respect nature and cherish the bonds of his community. Yet, Wemulu's heart yearned for adventure and exploration. He gazed at the horizon and dreamed of the vast world beyond his tribe's borders. One day, his father, a wise elder of the tribe, saw the restlessness in his eyes and knew it was time to depart. Wemulu's family, consisting of his parents and younger siblings, was known as the "Wind Nomads." Together, they decided to leave the safety of the tribe in search of new horizons and, perhaps, the fortune that awaited them beyond familiar lands. The path of the Wind Nomads was long and arduous. They traversed vast deserts, crossed rushing rivers, and faced sandstorms that seemed to test their resolve. In each challenge, Kai and his family found an inner strength they never knew they possessed. Finally, one day, as they beheld the grand state of San Andreas, they felt a mixture of fascination and trepidation. The towering structures and the bustle of the streets, bast woods were an entirely new world to them. Yet, Wemulu knew that this was the opportunity they had been waiting for. As time went by, Imala's family found their place in this new land. They adapted, learned new trades, and gradually built a "new" wooden caraban in County of San Andreas. Wemulu, the young brave who dared to dream beyond the borders of his tribe, found not only fortune but also a new definition of home. His heart remained connected to the traditions of his youth, but now he also carried with him the courage to explore the world and gratitude for having found a new home for his family. Thus, the journey of the Wind Nomads continued, marking each step with the story of a young brave who followed his heart in pursuit of a broader destiny. Basic Information about Wenutu Imala. Here you can see some basic details and trivia about Wenutu. Tattoo Reference. Tattoos Wenutu has. Currently server models or not applied on the server. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Story about Imala's family and their legacy. A short story about Imala's family. ((OOC NOTE: I am open to inviting new characters to join my journey if you are interested in participating in this style of RolePlay. I'm currently simulating through an NPC that my family has moved to San Andreas (Paleto/Sandy Shores) together with me, which involves: 1 Mother 1 Father 2 Brothers 1 Sister 1 Grandmother 1 Aunts 2 Cousins I may include some "friends" from the old tribe my character formed before moving to San Andreas, and I may include someone else if the vacancies are filled. If you're interested in joining me and creating a different kind of roleplay, one that's more passive, fun and focused on survival, exploration and family atmosphere, then you're in the right place. You can send me a message by PM to this forum account.))
  8. π€π‘π“π”π‘πŽ 'π‘πŽ' ππ€π‘π‘πŽπ‚π€π‹ Arturo Barrocal originates from El Burro Heights, Los Santos. Following an abusive childhood filled with neglect, seeing first-hand the damages that a drug-reliant life can have on a person, Barrocal fled his home at the ripe age of sixteen, and through either destiny or ill will, ended up in Sandy Shores, a stranger. Impressionable and hungry, Barrocal makes his ends meet however he sees fit, he has no problem in towing the fine line between what's just and unjust. This thread will follow Arturo Barrocal's development as he faces the trials and tribulations of life, dealing with the traumatic memories of his youth whilst attempting to handle the challenges thrown his way.
  9. TAVIO CASTRILLO DE LA MAFIA MEXICANA ___Description of Tavio Castrillo___ Age range: 30 to 36 Hispanic. 5 foot 11. 165lbs. Big Mustache. Heavy chicano accent. - ___Tattoos description of Tavio Castrillo___ "BARRIOX3" - "SOUTHSIDE" & "XIII" on his neck. Large Sureno image on back. Right Chest: Mexican flag Eagle holding "M", and "MEXICANA" underneath. Left Chest: BLACK HAND "EME" written inside it. Left shoulder: "M" inside Aztec Shield - "MAFIA" down back of right arm. Many other tattoos all over his body Aztec - Sureno - Chicano - Kanpolero related. Some MEXICAN MAFIA and LA EME related.
  10. Sandy's Few began working as a loosely knit group of local criminals performing residential burglary, robbery, and theft with an emphasis on "Don't shit where you eat". To begin with, the group did function without a chain of command, money was the deciding factor within the group creating a competitive but sometimes reckless atmosphere. As time progressed, connections were made and bigger, more lucrative business opportunities presented themselves. Members within the group began to realize that having no hierarchy was going to be more of a hindrance rather than a benefit. Discussions took place and decisions were made, a structure of order was implemented. Sandy shores was originally under the thumb of a once great Dixie Family however like most great things, it had run its course and fizzled out leaving a very select few criminal personalities out on their own. Sandy Shores had eventually degraded into a ghost town. A shell of its former self. Those that stayed fought for survival through the lack of business and the consistent robberies from those who reside within the city, looking to make an easy buck from the carcass of what remains. Several residents of this small town began to stand up and take charge in an attempt to bring those that stayed closer together to rebuild what was left to rot. OOC INFORMATION Sandy’s Few operates in ways similar to that of a Dixie Mafia with a heavy emphasis on character development. Not all characters within the faction have to be involved in illegal activities and we welcome those who wish to be a part of this faction's development and community. All recruitment to this faction will be conducted in character. We also have a short section within our discord where a short background for your character must be filed before being considered to join us. If you have any questions, or interested in joining the faction, Reach out to @Meatball
  11. For sale: 30 Route 68 Quiet neighbours Beautiful scenery Spacious front and backyard Perfect for family barbecues Cozy interior Starting bid: $350,000 Buyout: $700,000 SOLD
  12. Vincent Torelli From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vincent Torelli (born November 19, 1987) is an American reputed mobster, and an associate of the Alderney-based Torelli crime family, currently active in southern San Andreas. Vincent's father James Torelli, Jr. is the reputed boss of the Torelli crime family in Alderney City. Allegedly, Vincent worked closely with the Los Santos-based Martorano crime family. He was associated with captain John "Apples" Aparo in Downtown Los Santos during 2022. Prior to his association to the mafia, Vincent also worked as a business analyst for Faraday Securities Corporation, a stockbroking company on Wall Street in Liberty City, from 2005 until 2014. Vincent currently resides in Paleto Bay, San Andreas with his fiancΓ©e and their two children. Biography Vincent James Torelli was born on November 19, 1987 at the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Alderney City. His father James was the acting boss of the Torelli crime family, and is of Sicilian descent with ancestry in Messina, Eastern Sicily. His mother Rosalie (nΓ©e Sferra) was a homemaker also of Sicilian descent, with relatives in the commune of Ribera, in Agrigento, Western Sicily. Vincent also has a paternal relation to Western Sicily through his fifth cousin Samuel Cantavespre, who's family came from Bisacquino (only 82 kilometers from Agrigento). Samuel's mother Francesca Longo shared a cousin relation with Liberty City mobster Joe N. Gallo of the Amato crime family. Samuel is also a made member of the Liberty City-based Lombardo crime family, and is currently active in Birmingham, Alabama. Vincent was raised in the affluent Montclair neighborhood in Essex County, and attended Immaculate Conception High School. He graduated with a diploma in 2005, and later attended Vespucci University in Liberty City. He graduated in 2011 with a Master's Degree in Business Analytics. Career From 2005 until 2014, Vincent was employed as a business analyst for Faraday Securities Corporation in Liberty City. He was allegedly terminated in November 2014 due to job outsourcing. Vincent was unemployed from 2014 until July 2021. By mid-2021, he began living in Los Santos, San Andreas. He was employed by the Los Santos Waste Department as a driver and fleet manager until August 2022. According to organized crime researchers, Vincent was also employed as a laborer at Horizon Construction, a mafia-operated firm in Los Santos. According to public records, Vincent was also employed by several Martorano-connected bars and restaurants in Los Santos in 2022. As of July 2023, Vincent owns and operates the Pizza Bar, a restaurant in Paleto Bay, San Andreas. Organized crime history Organized crime researchers believe Vincent's initial involvement with the Italian-American mafia began in 2005, when he was hired by Faraday Securities Corporation. His father James Torelli reputedly used his connections to Wall Street businessmen in Algonquin, Liberty City to secure the position for Vincent. He also could've used extortionary tactics against then-executive Sylvester McCollough, who later died of natural causes in 2010. By 2021, Vincent was active in the criminal underworld of Los Santos. It is believed that during much of 2021 and early 2022, Vincent was associated with Melody Frey, a noted criminal figure and political anarchist active in southern San Andreas. It is believed that Frey was responsible for the importation and distribution of large amounts of fentanyl and cocaine via an importer with ties to the San Andreas government, and that Vincent worked as an enforcer for Frey's organized criminal ring on behalf of the Torelli crime family. By the summer of 2022, Vincent allegedly gained a connection to the locally dominant Martorano crime family, and worked primarily as a drug trafficker for the organization. He was associated to the Downtown crew, through captain John "Apples" Aparo (d. 2023). According to witness testimony, Vincent was also an associate of Rocco DiFiore (d. 2022), Ronald DiFiore (d. 2022), and Dominic Civella, the latter of which was indicted in April 2023 for racketeering and embezzlement. As of July 2023, Vincent maintains a loose connection to the mafia presence in southern San Andreas, reputedly working as a representative of the Alderney mafia. He conducts business from the Pizza Bar, a restaurant in rural Paleto Bay. References 1. ^ Black Hand Forum (needs citation) 2. ^ u/Wdstrvx (June 19, 2023). "James Torelli blood relatives c. 2023 ". reddit.com/r/mafia 3. ^ Capeci, Jerry (January 12, 2021). "The Torelli Crime Family - Is It Dead?". Gangland News. 4. ^ Stevens, Garry (November 4, 2004). "The Liberty Mafia - 50 Years After Its Heyday". The Empire Times. 5. ^ (August 27, 2013). "The Sopranos In Real Life - The True Story of the Alderney Mafia". Stonefield Productions. 6. ^ (December 11, 2022). "Bio: James Torelli, Jr.". lcnbios.blogspot.com 7. ^ [23GJCR00173] People of the State of San Andreas v. Dominic Civella
  13. About the job: Mechanic Nuts 'n Bolts Auto Repairs Los Santos County, SA 91069 Payment is commission based with performance bonuses. We offer a variety or learning and career opportunities. Preferably experienced mechanics. Contact us at [email protected]! Ph. 9285205, Leon, Manager. Ph. 26270888, Derek, Manager.
  14. "You are the way and the wayfarers. And when one of you falls down, he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone. Aye, and he falls for those ahead of him, who, though faster and surer of foot, yet removed not the stumbling stone." - Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet THE STORY SO FAR... "Birth." Alderney City. 1987. Vincent James Torelli was born into a household wrought with moral decay, veiled under secrecy and fear. His family's involvement in the North Alderney cosa nostra was kept hidden during Vince's early years. He was a child of the nineties, and the RICO predicates had delivered a clear and blistering blow to his grandfather James. It was obvious to those who experienced it that the golden years of the American mafia were over; shot dead suddenly and buried shallow, in the event that one day it could be dug up once more to produce forth its stink upon those who come upon its rotted cadaver. It wasn't brought up at the dinner table. It wasn't ever mentioned directly. The mafia was like an inherited, genetic disease for many in the Torelli household. Like a diagnosis of cancer, it was more a solemn, pitiful truth than the status of pride and arrogance it was less than ten years prior. Vince wasn't lied to when he was curious. He knew his grandfather was in prison on RICO indictments. He knew his father was connected. However, he never asked directly. He never took it as a thing of pride, yet he never took it as a thing to be fearful of. It was part of him, and as he aged he simply lived with it. "College." Columbia University, Liberty City. 2005. Vince ascended into the Ivy League, no doubt thanks to his father's many "friends" in Liberty City. Life was looking up for the young Vince, despite it not going in the direction he had hoped. Dreaming his entire life of being an astronomer, he dared not challenge his father's wishes for him to eventually work among the many millionaires of Wall Street. Come what may, Vince knew that with his girlfriend Abigail by his side, nothing could stop him from success. By late-2005 Vince was secured a full time position at Faraday Securities Corporation, located high up within 100 Wall Street. As he progressed through university, so did his portfolio. Married in 2007. A father to a daughter and a son in 2008. A Master of Business Analytics in 2011. Torelli's family thrived in North Caldwell. He drove an Albany V-STR. He was successful, but he was unhappy. He wasn't an astronomer. "Security." Wall Street. 2014. Rumors swirled in early 2014 about outsourcing. Faraday Securities Corporation was in turbulence. Vince started developing alcoholism, brought on in part by his hereditary double-genetic tendency for it. He'd spend many lonely nights zoned out in the Carpe Diem bar in Berchem. His wife was less concerned with wealth and more concerned with his happiness. He didn't belong where he was. He wanted to move to North Yankton. He never did. By August, Vince's position was targeted in the outsourcing layoffs. Cheaper analytical staff could be found overseas. By November, Vince was bleeding money. His wife was disgusted with him. He knew he was about to lose everything, as he sat within a house he could no longer afford. "Loss." Alderney City. 2016. Vince had sold most of his assets to afford those he actually kept. However, after a night of arguing with Abigail, the act of throwing a wine glass at her was justification enough for her to file for divorce and win with flying colors. Alcoholism. Domestic abuse. Marijuana usage. To the jury, Vince was a bad husband and an even worse father. A danger to himself and obviously to his own children. By 2017, all that was left in Vince's life was a Kanjo SJ and enough willpower to work odd jobs to satisfy his lust for whiskey. "Freelancer." Alcoholics Anonymous. 2021. A wealthy sponsor in Vince's AA group signed him up for a two-month long furlough in a rehab facility in the sunny city of Los Santos. On a bus bound for the land of milk and honey, he arrived one late summer's night in 2021 and immediately went to work as a garbage hauler for a company based out of El Burro. Many lonely nights were spent as the sole driver of a route from El Burro to Del Perro, idolizing the rich and successful members of Los Santos' high society. Clad in a polyester weatherproof poncho and beaten up jeans, Vince swore to himself that one day he would be like them. After several cases of harassment on the job, Vince acquired a gun from a man named Tyrone during a chance encounter at the Pacific Standard bank. Vince was robbed of the gun shortly after. Knowing he couldn't turn to the police, Vince embraced, in his small pathetic way, his status as a criminal. As the weeks rolled on, Vince became less concerned with sobriety and more concerned with survival. He eventually stopped showing up to the AA meetings altogether, instead opting to drive up to Paleto Bay. In Paleto, Vince met a mysterious figure by the name of 'David', who showed Vince how to grow marijuana in several public growing spots up north. Vince also met a lady named Charlie Bankshot, who would go on to show him the gang politics of the county. Many times, he was robbed at gunpoint by redneck gangsters. Vince later added to his trade the art of car theft, breaking into the parking lot of a mechanic shop in Paleto Bay and stealing cars right from under their noses. This is how he first wound up in Twin Towers. Vince knew the risk far outweighed the reward, and if he were to make any money he'd need to join an organization. By chance, he met a man named Christoph Wellerman. A suit-donning and clean shaven fellow, Wellerman had an aura of leadership about him as he rambled on subtly about crime. Vince was determined to work for Wellerman. "The Underground." Del Perro Pier. October 2021. In early October 2021, a cancer awareness gala was held on the Del Perro pier. Vince picked up a random hitchhiker and the two set off to the event. Upon arrival, it was filled to the brim with individuals wearing pink. On the far side of the pier was Wellerman, Charlie and a mysterious lady in pink camouflage. This lady would come to be known as Melody Frey, the leader of an anarchist organization known simply as The Underground. Seeking employment, Vince began to work for this group, which identified itself with pink clothes and cars. Vince's first murder committed for The Underground was that of a clown on the eve of Halloween. As he sat on the sands of Vespucci Beach cutting up the clown with a bowie knife, Torelli knew that his choice to enter into this life was permanent. Later that month, Vince and David were mugged in Paleto. Vince was shot at three times with a .50 pistol. The rounds were deflected by the car's metal, which sent shrapnels of lead, glass and metal deep into Vince's skull. By the time the doctors removed it from his frontal lobe, they concluded that enough had already seeped into Vince's blood to blind him. They also said that what couldn't be removed would lead to his own death from lead poisoning in a maximum of three years. Torelli's next few weeks were spent committing petty crimes, or chasing after the daughters of Misha McQueen with his friend and co-member, Sean O'Malley. Misha was actually the woman who inspired Vince to initially leave The Underground, as she told him of the moral corruption of Melody and her apathy towards her own members. Vincent left The Underground a few weeks later. Initially wanting to join Marcus Falcone's crew of Italian-American heist men from Liberty City, he opted instead to join a loose crew of Mexicans from Jamestown Street. They robbed stores, chopped cars and eventually targeted Melody. By mid-December the crew was in tatters, and it was obvious to Vince that he made the wrong choice. He sold them out to Melody, in exchange for forgiveness. "Grace." Del Perro. January 2022. Vince's life was back on track. He was earning regularly with The Underground. He still lacked a basic human component to survival - companionship. Vince encountered Grace Adams, who joined The Underground during Vince's hiatus. By chance, the two fell for each other during a night of sightseeing at the Kortz Center on a chilly winter's night, January 28th. For the next several weeks, the couple lived together in Del Perro. They'd spend their days fishing at the pier, getting high from hippie kush. Grace was a 27-year old widow from Arizona, who worked as a car mechanic in Los Santos. Eventually, an FBI investigation into the kidnapping and murder of a prison guard by The Underground forced Vince and Grace to leave the group. Instead of laying low, Vince was contacted by his father James Jr., and tasked with establishing a crew of Italian-American burglars based on Bay City Avenue, on behalf of Alderney City. He did this, recruiting mob associates Benjamin Benito and his brother Joseph, as well as Vincent Bozzi. Other associates included Misha McQueen, Diego Gonzel and Samuel Spade. In mid-March, as the Torelli Crew prospered, Vince proposed to Grace on the Chumash pier. The short-lived crew was eventually disbanded for unknown reasons, with several members absorbed back into The Underground, including Vince and Grace. Even within The Underground, Vince wasn't making enough money to support himself and his habits. Grace was making far more money working as an executive mechanic, and she repeatedly bought him cars and fancy clothes, leading to ridicule from members of The Underground. The pair moved into a condo in Eclipse Towers. Vince was still a lowly street thug, barely making enough to pay for the week's food. On April 11th, the couple separated and Vince was kicked out of the apartment. Alone again, Vince was broken and without a tribe. He couldn't stay in The Underground for as long as Grace was there. He had to find a new home. "Benny Diamonds." Mission Row. May 2022. Vince's initial time directly after the breakup was either spent in bars, or in the Richman Hotel as he stalked Grace online. Fate would blow in Vince's favor when he entered into Damiani's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry one late-May afternoon, the 7th. He had a chance encounter with a man named Benjamin Ruggieri, who quickly inducted him into a shadowy Italian-American community. He was introduced to a man named Samuel Villione and was tasked with chopping cars. The next few months were spent slowly working his way up the borgata's food chain. Members of the family would come and go. Benny Diamonds was shot twice in the head, as John Aparo came to take his place. Death became an accepted part of his new lifestyle... the Tarano crew... the DiFiore brothers... even a random bloke named Raymond Cirillo, whom Vince murdered with Brandon Conradina and Rocco DiFiore, one starry July night. "Chloe." Pillbox Hill. July 2022. Vince received a call late one night from a girl he happened to meet outside the Pharaoh beauty shop. Her name was Chloe Hill. She was out of friends and she wanted one. The two soon bonded, before they found themselves in love. Much like Grace, the two became closest when sharing their troubles with life. However, unlike Grace, Vince and Chloe shared solidarity in the fact that they were ill. Chloe - a PHMC-diagnosed schizophrenic with early-onset Parkinson's who had been in Pillbox's psych ward countless times... and Vince - a depressive, sociopathic loner with lead poisoning and frequent strokes. Vince and Chloe's affection for each other was unconditional. The two became engaged on July 31st. Vince stole Chloe's engagement ring from Damiani's. It was around this time they also went on a week-long trip to Liberty City on a sightseeing tour. During the trip, Vincent also made contact with an old Faraday associate who could help him with a phantom billing scheme in LS. "On Record." Mission Row. August 2022. Vince was put on record into the Martorano crime family by John Aparo on August 6th. Chloe was impregnated by Vince that same day. On August 7th, Chloe was taken from Vince's life in the middle of the night by men in white jumpsuits. She was taken to a psychiatric facility in upstate Flint County, San Andreas. Vince was once again alone in his day to day life. His thirty-fifth birthday approached quickly. He was broke, and he needed to make money. He continued to work with the Martorano crime family for the next several months, primarily as a bartender at Goldie's or making an attempt at a phantom billing scam through Horizon Construction, LLC. "Chloe, Part II." Flint County. September 2022. The days dragged on for Vince as he maintained his role in the Mission Row borgata. Regular weekly trips were made to the Flint County Psychiatric Facility, where he would visit Chloe and witness the abuse she would sustain at the hands of the orderlies. It wasn't her first time in a psych ward, having spent long months in Pillbox Hill and Mount Zonah. However, Chloe's unique illness of claiming to recall "past lives" attracted the attention of a Eurasian organized crime group who's leader, Nikolai Kalinov, shared the same disease. Together with a cabal of elite arms-dealers known only as "La Fuente Blanca", they kept Chloe prisoner in the ward, eventually attempting to murder Vince when he got too close. He survived a nearly-fatal stabbing from Kalinov himself, ending up in the San Fierro Medical Center. "The Maccaviti." San Fierro. October 2022. As Vince laid either in a comatose state, or so paralyzed that he required assistance to take a shit, he longed for his days on Mission Row. It was evident the first week that he was stripped from his whole life he built for himself and Chloe in Los Santos... he was stuck in the small, cramped hospital due to Nikolai Kalinov's attack. However, while Vince rotted away in the hospital, Chloe had found new friends in an equally powerful and secretive organization of private counter-terrorists with a focus on extra-sensory perception (ESP), of which they believed Chloe to be a possessor. This group was known as "The Maccaviti." They had the resources to not only bust Chloe out of the hospital, but also her daughter Layla who was trapped in a foster home in Los Santos. They also rescued Vince from San Fierro, taking the family to a shelter in the Queens district. In return, Chloe would be recruited into The Maccaviti to hunt Kalinov. On October 30th, the plan was set into motion. Simultaneously, and initiated by shortwave radio signal, three teams converged on the psychiatric hospital, the foster home and the San Fierro Medical Center, freeing Chloe, Layla and Vince. Originally wanting to go to Liberty City, their plans changed... their new identities would be in Paleto Bay. "The Maccaviti, Part II." Paleto Bay. November 2022. In November 2022, The Maccaviti "disappeared" Vince, Chloe and Layla to a small apartment in Paleto Bay, giving them new identities, clothes, cars and livelihoods. It's as if the answer to every gangster's proverbial prayer - the ability to walk away - had struck Vince and his family in an incredible display of luck. However, with the rebirth of the Martorano crime family in Los Santos, as well as Vince's close contact with an old Cuban-Mexican friend of his, how long Vince and Chloe could maintain their act was uncertain... though several altercations happened with John Aparo's men, Vince and his family remained untouched in Paleto. Their daughter, Olivia Marie Hill, was born on January 3rd, 2023. "A Quiet Life." Paleto Bay. April 2023. Today, Vincent, Chloe, Layla and Olivia live outside of a two-bedroom apartment unit in Paleto Bay. Chloe works as a stay-at-home mom, spending her days attempting to improve her own mental health, all the while making an attempt to be a mother to Layla and Olivia. Vincent works odd jobs, often moonlighting in the service industry and making extra cash selling small amounts of pot to his close associate network. Long gone are the glorious days of life in the American Mafia as he lives a quiet existence in the county, spending most of his free time with his family. Despite the otherwise normal and stable condition of the Torelli household, the threat of Kalinov and the return of The Maccaviti lingers over their heads. It's like a muffled, ever-present tension that refuses to release itself. With each passing day, life grows more comfortable... something potentially detrimental if those unseen forces ever came back into their lives.
  15. Rum

    The Mojito Inn

    About us Paleto Bay, the workforce of blue-collared men and woman, beautiful scenery and routes around the coastal town. Paleto Bay has been home to a wide array of individuals, all hard working and country bound, the best spot to enjoy a nice hardy meal and or a beer after a long days night? The Mojito Inn. At the Mojito Inn we pride ourselves in a good field of entrees and a wicked delicious blend of southern meals with a Mexican notes. Enjoy our outside seating with a nice cold brew and or drink of your choice with a meal to die for! Location Just off the highway take a left and go on the main drag into Paleto Bay, you can't miss us, we're the biggest diner around! | Contact E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Rum )) The Floor One of our finest attractions is the floor, we arrange everything from events, catering events and of course a few parties here and there. It's never too early to get your jig on, bring your drink to the floor and have some fun. We as well have some "unique" decor on set around the diner, can you find them? Restaurant Nothing but love into each dish, if you're looking for a savory, sweet, hardy type of dish? You're in the right location. We've got a menu to die for, choose from all our mighty home-style cooked dishes from our crunchy Carne Crujiente to our savory Venison BBQ Slow Fry, there's much to choose from. Each place comes with a side of tortilla chips and dip for starters. Our Menu
  16. This will follow the progress and story of Skiver Industries, the company is a hub for all things work. The focus being quality blue collar jobs in the county and city. Jobs such as Trucking, Construction, Towing, and much more! Recently reformed from the previous name "Coastal Industries" The company made a slight transition into the new year after settling a law suit with the corporate share holders. About Us Welcome to Skiver Industries! Our company was formed in 2020 under the name Coastal Industries, but we recently changed our name to better reflect our expanding services and growing team. At Skiver Industries, our focus is on providing exceptional logistics and shipping, construction, and recovery and repossession services to our clients. Located on Joshua Road in Harmony, we are proud to be a local business that is committed to hiring residents from the area. We believe that by investing in our community and the people who live here, we can build stronger relationships and create better outcomes for everyone involved. Our team at Skiver Industries is made up of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We understand that every project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations. Whether you are looking for reliable logistics and shipping services, expert construction solutions, or trusted recovery and repossession support, Skiver Industries has the expertise and resources to get the job done right. We are committed to delivering outstanding results and building lasting relationships with our clients. Thank you for choosing Skiver Industries. We look forward to working with you! Our Services At Skiver Industries, our core services are Logistics & Shipping, Construction, and Recovery and Repossession. Here is an in-depth explanation of what each service entails. Logistics & Shipping: Our logistics and shipping services are designed to help our clients move goods and materials efficiently and safely. We provide a wide range of logistics solutions, including freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and transportation management. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific shipping needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs. Our logistics and shipping team is experienced and knowledgeable, and we use the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that our clients' shipments are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Construction: Our construction services cover a broad range of projects, including commercial, industrial, and residential construction. We work with our clients from the planning and design phase through to completion, providing a wide range of services, including project management, site preparation, excavation, and building construction. We are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship, and we use only the best materials and equipment to ensure that our clients' projects are completed on time and on budget. Towing Recovery and Repossession: Our recovery and repossession services have been revised to specialize in towing services. Our towing services are designed to help our clients recover and transport vehicles efficiently and safely. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific towing needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs. Our team is highly trained and experienced in towing and transportation, and we use the latest technology and techniques to locate, recover, and transport vehicles efficiently and effectively. Our towing services cover a wide range of needs, including emergency roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, impound towing, and long-distance transportation. We use only the best equipment and techniques to ensure that vehicles are safely and securely transported to their destination. Our team is also well-versed in the legal and regulatory requirements of towing and transportation, and we ensure that our clients' interests are protected throughout the process. At Skiver Industries, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and outstanding results. Whether you need emergency roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, impound towing, or long-distance transportation, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done right. How to find us Skiver Industries is located on Joshua Road in Harmony (GPS Skiver Industries), a bustling and growing community in the heart of the region. Our location is easily accessible from major highways and transportation routes, making it convenient for our clients to visit us or for our team to reach clients in the area. Our fleet of vehicles is diverse and well-maintained, consisting of ten Speedos, two Boxvilles, eight Mules (four of which are hybrid), four Bensons, two Pounders, two Flatbeds, two Tankers, four Utility Trucks, one Mixer, one Tiptruck, and one Scarp Truck. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and safety features, and we take great care to ensure that they are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest standards. We are always available to answer questions or provide information about our services. The best way to contact us is through our website, where you can find our contact information, including phone numbers, email addresses, and a contact form. We also have a social media presence on Facebroswer, where we share updates about our business and industry news. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, and we are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. We take pride in our fleet of vehicles, which is a critical component of our ability to provide reliable and efficient service to our clients. Whether you need logistics and shipping services, construction solutions, or towing and recovery services, Skiver Industries has the expertise and resources to get the job done right. Apply today! For further information reach out to our Human Resources Department or visit our depot in Harmony today! Contact information Human Resources contact info 6397512 (Aspen Duffy) - Human Resources 6719 (Chandler) - Operations Manager (( OOC SECTION )) INTERESTED IN JOINING? VISIT OUR HIRING SECTION TODAY OR JOIN OUR DISCORD! WE PROVIDE QUALITY ROLE-PLAY EXPERIENCE THAT FOCUSES ON NORTH AMERICAN BLUE COLLAR WORKING SECTOR. WE STRIVE FOR STANDARDS ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE. No comment section is visible anywhere on the site. It would be none existent, nor would there be a chat board for reviews or chatting.
  17. Two Stooges Diner ran by two brothers! (( @Moe & @Jax )) Recently opened in Sandy Shores! Diner also includes a bar containing various alcoholic beverages, but mainly cold ass beer!
  18. Madre mΓ­a no tenga cuidado, tus oraciones son mis soldados El sobrino asΓ­ me apodaron AprendΓ­ ser disimulado This thread will follow the life of Jonatan Landivar
  19. OOC INFORMATION The Tainted Souls Motorcycle Club's mission is to portray a 1%er motorcyce club. We do not portay any real or supporting motorcycle club. Our faction prides itself with strictly IC-driven roleplay and character development. We encourage unique roleplay as long as it meets the community’s standards. RECRUITMENT Is held exclusively In Character. We’re happily available to assist other players in adapting to our roleplay. We expect a strong commitment to our portrayal goals. Any sort of OOC toxicty will not be tolerated. For additional information, contact @Mobb Skit and @hispanic187 Design and topic @munnezza
  20. This thread will follow Hank Smith. An average typical man. He is remarkably unimpressive and basic. Hank Smith is a 43 year old man who enjoys cheap beer after work, the sports channel and high quality construction work. He doesn't like high gas prices and people who chew with their mouths open. DISCLAIMER!: This thread will be very average. Don't expect too much. Enjoy regardless.
  21. Rum

    The Mojito Inn

    About us Paleto Bay has always been a beautiful area for such scenic routes, the best spot to enjoy a delicious hardy meal after a long days night, or maybe you'd like to stop in for one of our savory morning hours, delicious waffles, pan-cakes with a slab of bacon and sausages on the side, what's not to love?! The beach is only a few steps away from taking your dinner and or serving in a to-go package and enjoy the nights sky or the mornings rise. Location Just off the highway take a left and go on the main drag into Paleto Bay, you can't miss us, we're the biggest diner around! | Contact E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Rum )) Main businesses page: The Mojito Inn The Dance Floor One of our finest attractions is our dance-floor and the parties that range from nine to five, never too early to get your jig on! Bring your drink and mix to the floor, scoot boot with your best friend or perhaps significant other and let the stress flow off your shoulders. Restaurant If you're looking for some southern-styled traditional dishes, you came to the right place, the best in the county in fact! We have a menu to choose some mighty dishes from, all offering large plate fulls of soothing warm dishes to satisfy any foodie! Our Menu
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