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  1. Kept us laughing and smiling until the end. Absolute legend and I'm proud to have called Joe a friend, a brother even. He will be missed dearly by everyone who got to know him, rest in peace my man.
  2. This guy role plays.
  3. SOLD, can be archived. 25/JAN/2022
  4. For sale: Mammoth DODO Float Plane Well loved and cared for as has been in our family for years, no longer have time to keep it maintained. Buyout is 300K OR Nearest Best Offer. Contact Information Call me on 52225 or email me at; (( Forum PM, Discord is Sulli#4759)) (())
  5. Oh nice! Well, there we go then. Sorted :'D
  6. Nice map! I was looking over the new rules and was like, man, that's a lot to take in but this helps 100%. Gold star, well done you.
  7. +1 Just a little addition to help with investigative RP, can't hurt!
  8. Instructions unclear, drank beer and had a nap.
  9. Amazing read and well put together! Took some of this myself for my American Chinese character, thank you muchly 😊
  10. Nice to see this being done again but with more moderation. Can't wait to see what I brings for illegal bros!
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