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  1. Dropping by to say how friggin' amazing these guys are. RP is top notch, 10/10 would RP again!
  2. User: Leah Comment: I hope the relatives of the people you are standing on don't see these photos. That cemetery holds the deceased of some very important people who I know I'd never want to mess with. Good luck to you if you picked the wrong ones to do your little fancy dress photos on top of. Absolutely, disgusting.
  3. Username: LThompson Comment: What happened to our lovely Zane was just horrible. I'd like to update everyone that he's doing fine thank the Lord above. He's still wheelchair bound but I feel like he's enjoying it more than he did his BMX! Thompson Company Limited will be paying all hospital and legal fee's for Zane. I'd also like to use this opportunity to say that anyone who has Gruppe Six on on their payroll should instead switch over to the more trusted and professional Holland Private Security. We use them ourselves and know for a fact, they do not shoot kids. Thank you.
  4. Buying all of these, for buyout. #1559 Thank you!
  5. Username: LT Comment: If there is one thing in this life that's a turn off, it's a man in a suit at the top of a corporation who cries like a baby when the Law comes knocking. Good Lord above. Should pay the Officers more to deal with it, honestly. What a waste of time.
  6. I think it's allowed on a criminal character, if they make sure it's known those assets aren't being RP'd by that character, however if it's not and the case is that they are being told to /charity it all, then I agree it should be the same for LEO's and FIRE etc. Can't let one side do it and not the other, that'd be unfair. EDIT, back on track. PD rules! Totally not biased.
  7. username: Tay comment: This place is totally amazing, recommended highly by myself! Ten stars out of five! Oh', give me number 9! 🙂
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