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  1. In that particular instance, the G6 was just lucky he got PK'd, not his fault he got plugged in a cruiser. He shot a dude, his friends shot him back. Is what it is however I do agree PK's are a very easy tool to get out of consequences of your actions. Only thing I can see work this is out just reporting people if they get PK'd in a stupid way to avoid. Other than that, eh... Be good to hear some ideas though.
  2. Contact me on 15911 or via email [email protected] ((Forum PM)) for a viewing.
  3. Your bid wins if no more come in before 4PM
  4. Name: T. Lane Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Phone Number: 15911 Offer: $400.000
  5. INTERIOR ((OOC )) Sweet little one bedroom apartment up for sale. Professional previous owner, property is immaculately kept. Walking distance to Legion Square. Starting bid of $170.000 Buyout: $300.000 Duration: 48 hours
  6. Face only a mother could truly love.
  7. Username: Ihavedaddyissues Comment: Social Media crazies, immune to violence from behind their screens, get a taste of real life and cry about it on the internet. Stay at home and make sure you don't breed, please. You'll be doing us all a service.
  8. Thanks for the kind mention! It was a pleasure to RP with you man, we had some great times! I wish you the best of luck in what you move to next. 🙂
  9. When getting into a car and starting the engine, there is no initial sound, the engine sound just starts playing it's idle sound. Also when getting out of the car with the engine still on, it shuts off and turns back on when you get back into it.
  10. Hey man. We are on the scene of a shooting you just died at on Cougar Ave, Del Perro. We are LSPD and we have CSI here. Did you manage to shoot one of the guys that shot you? If so, where would we find the blood on the scene?

    1. Wolfyy


      Yeah I shot him with the micro smg multiple times in the head, as well as another dude that got shot with a combat pistol.

  11. Statistically, one in maybe six cases conclude in actual arrest roleplay. The rest are binned because of ooc reasons like name changes, giving weapons to friends, logging to avoid, changing character mid scene, lying while being asked ooc questions about crime scenes or GSR and many many more reasons. Investigations for LEOs are highly OOC reliant, and unfortunately people like to take advantage of that. Investigations are happening but one tiny hiccup and poof, it's voided. We do our best and those of us who do it enjoy it a lot but people need to realize just how it works on our side. Invest
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