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Found 10 results

  1. "Mickey - he's the stock image of a wily kid from Serbia, man. Known him since we were little kids, we got reeled in, they manipulated the loyalties of a dispossessed and persecuted minority. Jaunty, in his early twenties now - a perfect storm for the Serbian underworld. Some of our friends pursued ambitions of becoming key players and forging business empires in Serbia, Mick? He focused on cornering his traditional market niche: severe violence." "And he made it big time, in his own small way, in his own small town." - Anonymous Interviewee 2011 This thread will follow the criminal uprise of Mihail "Mickey" Gajevic through his lackluster scams, frauds and murders in order to achieve a better life, thronged with reputation, money and women.
  2. Paul Longo is a soldier in the Colombo crime family (NYC) though operates in Los Santos, under capo regime Dominic Montemarano. His operations span out of Sabella's social club (Mirror Park) and his rackets primarily focus on murder-for-hire, armed robbery and loan-sharking. Paul Longo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York to an underworld associated father and a stay-at-home mother. He was described as a relatively mediocre student but with a talent for sports, in particular ice hockey. Although it served him well in the hockey ring, Longo's overaggressive attitude and haste to solving issues with his fists led to an early high school exit and no college scholarship to the dismay of his mother. Longo had a job as an errand boy for local grocery owned by friend of his father and mafia inductee, Thomas Capelli. Under Capelli, Paul would begin regularly selling stolen cigarettes and liquor to his high school friends. It was here he would catch the attention of two integral players in his career of organized crime, Dominic Montemarano and Angelo Sisca. After the internal Colombo war, Montemarano proved to be on the winning side as a loyalist to Carmine Persico. It was here he would form his own crew in Los Angeles, taking Longo and Sisca across to the West Coast. It was in Los Angeles that Longo would receive his first criminal conviction for first degree assault. On the eve of the new millennia, Longo, Irishman Lenoard Collins and Colombo associates Louis Sabella and Robert Mazzari, were arrested by police for assaulting a local African-American drug dealer in Mirror Park. Collins, Mazzari and Sabella were sentenced to a year as no weapons were found on their persons, unlike Longo who was found in possession of a bat leading to three years incarceration. It is unsure as to when Longo received his knighthood in the Colombo organization. However, mafia experts believe it to be around the time of his release. And ever since his leave from prison, the Montemarano crew have flown under the radar, dabbling in low level criminal activities to avoid attention of federal agents. However, recent increases in organized crime in the West Coast, in particular the growth of a satellite crew from the Philadelphia crime family has seen Longo's resurgence. On January 22nd, Longo's long time mentor and capo, Dominic Montemarano, passed away due to a foreign flu. During his last few years, Montemarano had semi-retired in the Vinewood Hills leaving the day-to-day operations for both Longo and Sisca. Unbeknownst to Montemarano, the duo had been in long term discussions with Carroll Street through influential ex-Colombo captain, Carmine Lupo, regarding a merger between Philip Martorano's Philadelphia satellite crew. The demands from Carroll Street were straight forward: one of either Longo or Sisca must be on the panel of the newly formed borgata and 15% of all illicit earnings be returned to New York's hands. Sisca was brought forward to Martorano as his new consiglierie with Longo now taking role of capo regime in the newly formed family's Downtown crew. Unfortunately for Longo, these plans were put on halt after the murder of Anthony Limone, an associate of Longo's, slain for his disrespect of inducted Colombo member, Ernest Savona. Both Savona and Longo were arrested for the shooting alongside the clean up crew, Ronald Ganisa and Robert Bonfiglio. The latter three were offered an unrefusable plea by the District Attorney's LS office - Conspiracy of Second Degree Murder and six months incarcerastion with Savona choosing to stand trial, citing a lack of evidence. The news story of the trios' plea deal spiraled out of control with popular Los Santos News Network (LSNN) journalist, Victoria Miller, airing the story on primetime television. However, unknown to the newly formed crime family on the West Coast, Longo developed devious sexual relations with Miller and used her to damage the reputation of the DA's office claiming discrimination toward the Italian-American community. Miller revealed her undoubtable loyalty to Longo, feinting on television to avoid reading a statement to the article by the DA's office. As a result of Miller's media storm, on the 3rd January a march of over 30 stormed the courts demanding the release of Ernest Savona, orchestrated by the puppeteers behind the scenes, Longo and Sisca. (Thank you to the @The Dirty Dukefor your help with the formatting and layout. After a six month hiatus from the game, Paul Longo will be my new character going forward. This story will share personal character development, as well as screenshots from the The Philadelphia Connection faction thread.)
  3. Plata o Plomo = Silver or Lead?
  4. The thread will follow Michael's development. Michael is a young Italian-American in his mid 20's and he was born in Los Santos. His father died when he was in early teens, his mother was sick and she could not work. So, as every good kid, he started working to survive with his mother. She would tear up every time he'd bring money home. He felt happy to be able to help his mother, two years later, his mom passed away and he was left alone. He felt very sad for the few weeks but he could not change the fact that they died. He's living alone and he is working different types of jobs to earn money. Michael Calabrese in 2019, three days before his birthday:
  5. Silvano ‘Silv’ Gotorelli was born on June 14th, 1996 in Milan, Italy. Personal life Born into the Gotorelli family, Silvano grew up attending first class private schools and institutions. His mother, Gianna Gotorelli (formerly Gianna Novella), was a stay-at-home mother, who had cared for Silvano up until he had moved to Los Santos. Silvano’s father, Marco Gotorelli, was a successful businessman and brother to Amalia Gotorelli-Lippi. Marco's net worth is estimated to be around 104 Million Euros. Life in Brera Growing up in one of the richest neighborhoods in Milan, Silvano was pinned to a path of great success. Like most adolescents in Milan, Silvano grew up playing copious amounts of Soccer. Silvano was 11 when he procured a sudden distaste for Soccer, promising himself to never touch a Soccer ball again. Silvano’s parents of course, agreed to pull him out of Soccer so Silvano can pursue his true passion, which was Shooting Sports. At age 16, Silvano joined the Tiro a Segno Nazionale Milano, a private Gun Range close to his home. Silvano became a certified Weapons expert within a year of working at the shop, working part time as a Range Safety Officer while attending the University of Milano. In 2019, Silvano achieved a bachelor’s degree in Business with a Major in Human Resources from the University of Milano. Marco Gotorelli’s long time friend, Sergio Mancuso was the Vice President of Operations at Lloyd Manatexia LTD, a local trucking company that supplied Produce to in-town companies. Silvano started as an HR Consultant at LM LTD, and soon became the Director of HR. The timeline for his employment and departure from LM LTD is unknown. Present Chatter from Silvano’s friends indicate that Silvano Gotorelli has moved to Los Santos at the end of February 2021. Silvano’s friend, Davide mentioned that [Translated] “We didn’t know why he (Silvano) was moving to Los Santos, he had left in a hurry; repeating ‘It is my time’ for those who inquired about his departure. Tax Documents show that Vicente Lippi, Silvano’s first cousin, is also residing in Los Santos. Vito Berini, a close friend of Vicente Lippi - is also dwelling in Los Santos, no sightings of the three have been made. Criminal activity ERROR: 422-429, check IETF TFC 7231, 6585, 4918
  6. Frank "Frank the Greek" Vondopoulos, a reputed member of the aforementioned Philadelphia Greek Mafia. It's unknown if Frank has any connections to international Greek mob groups. The Greek Mob was formed in southern Greece by the original boss Steve Pattakos. Pattakos also had strong ties with the Karakostas family of Macedonia in Northern Greece. When the Karakostas family was run out of power in the 1960s, Pattakos decided to move his operations to the culturally diverse America. When Pattakos was sentenced to jail to serve life for murder, mobster Chelsais "Steve" Bouras of Upper Northeast Philadelphia took over. Throughout the 1970s until 1981, Bouras headed the Greek Mob in Philadelphia, participating in mostly loansharking, extortion, methamphetamine trade, and illegal gambling. Bouras directed the mob efficiently, and he carried out business with more prominent families such as the Philadelphia Mafia. He was a close associate of Italian wiseguy and Scarfo soldier Raymond Martorano. The Greek Mafia is known as νονοί της νύχτας (Godfathers Of The Night) is arguably the most secretive traditional organized crime group in the world. Small numbers and a lack of formal structure allow for the organization to fly under the radar and members are experts at avoiding police detection. It's often said you won't know the Greek Mafia was there until they've left, its design allows for the group to quickly dismantle and disappear whenever a threat appears. The Vondopoulus Entourage remains small by design preferring quality members and longevity over reputation, territory, and notoriety. Members operate in extremely small crews that can last years or dissolve just as quickly as they formed. When the money dries up or the operation garners attention they quickly move onto the next racket.
  7. Brunetti is a known name in the community of Chamberlain Hills from West Forum Drive to East Forum Drive the Brunetti's has been there for ages as a part of the hard working class taking the jobs no one else wanted. The Brunetti family has always done it their way, staying out of trouble, keeping the police on their good side so to speak. The youngest member of the Brunetti's is Raymond he is the black sheep of the family. In an age of only nine years old Raymond was suspended from Davis elementary school when he came home with the note his father, Frank Brunetti Junior beat him so hard no one could recognize him for the next month. When the school heard about the beatings that Raymond got they came over to the Brunetti household. They couldn't see any signs of Frank JR and Maria beating their son. As Raymond was getting older the beatings got worse, and now the school got involved trying to take Raymond away from Frank and Maria by the age of thirteen, as a trial was going on they sent Raymond over to his uncle Angelo who lives in the other part of the city. Angelo was nothing like the rest of the family, he was quiet, he wouldn't rage out on Raymond when something bothered him at work, and he showed him love. After living with his uncle in the Hawick area for ten years Angelo suffered from a stroke on his job which lead Raymond into a depression, trying to hide his pain away with alcohol, drugs, and even sex. Everything came back to the old school days of Raymond's life. He moved back to Forum Drive in a single room apartment on the west side, he began where he left off dealing small amounts of drugs just enough for his rent, stealing anything of value just to make enough for the next fix.
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