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Found 13 results

  1. Waking up from the American Dream A Liberty City boy with heavy Greek admixture, Aerin has only done his best to survive the harsh reality he faces. After a good few weeks in Los Santos, he begins to realize that life in the city isn't all it was cracked up to be, back East. These are his misadventures through his life- however short it may be. His desperate attempt to make a living for himself in the city often leads to more than he could have expected, however his troublemaking personality tends to wean him into situations. He could barely remember himself, and the faces that he strove to ingrain into his memory that were now long gone. It started a while before, but the most recent event he could recall with the most clarity was the attack at the gas station. A simple mistake that could have been solved with an apology turned into a grim murder and a bout which Aerin would not forget. The two thugs waited for him outside of the shop until growing tired and tried to coax him into a vulnerable position. A fight soon broke out. The flurry of punches and stabs were quick in succession from both sides of the aisle, until it spilled out onto the street outside in a loud tussle.
  2. Joseph Roselano Las Venturas – 1966 Back in 1966, on March 21st, Joseph Roselano was born in Las Venturas. Joseph grew up as the only child in his lower class family. His parents were of Italian descent, his mother Lucia Roselano was a housewife and his father Flavio Roselano was a working man often busy with honest work. Joseph would stay around the house as a baby and toddler until the unfortunate passing of his mother Lucia. This is when Flavio was assigned to take care of his son. Having to work to provide for himself and Joseph, Flavio was away from home most of the time. Leaving his son Joseph to different families in his community during working hours. Fate struck and Flavio lost his job, devastated and in need of money. Flavio began to hang around the local entertainment industry in Las Venturas depressed and out of options. This is when he came in contact with Sylvester Buschetta. Later on he would work under Sylvester in the industry of Las Venturas, he would fix games as a bookie, rig gambling games and generally work his way up under Buschetta. Joseph would be dropped off at the Buschetta residence almost every day when Flavio would be out on business with Sylvester. Joseph would play with Frank and Benjamin Senior, developing a close friendship with the duo. Years passed and so did his Joseph’s father Flavio. Joseph later joined back up with Frank and Benjamin Sr a few years after the Hispanic racial war, and began collecting envelopes around the Old Venturas Strip working with the duo, in the footsteps of his father. Just like Frank and Benjamin Sr, Joseph's greed and wrath for money is what drove him to do the things he has done. In the end he managed to single-handedly work six casinos on the Old Strip, helping Benjamin Sr host his executive games almost every day. Once "The Buschettas" were only hanging by a loose thread after Benjamin Sr got whacked, but Joseph continued to work under Frank, now on a smaller scale, extending his grip on the scene.
  3. Kujtim Neziri Age: 36 Origin: Albania
  4. This thread follows the life development of Adil "Adi" Gurakuqi or Adil "Mini/Baby Gura" Gurakuqi.
  5. The thread will develope the story of Farhad Muslimov.
  6. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE OR MODIFY IN ANY WAY ATF & DEA's introduction and background to the 'South-East Mob' to present day including an insight into documented illegal activities and events through time The is a group that for the most part is comprised of American-born individuals, often hailing from the lower and lower-middle class neighbourhoods but not limited too. The group was established within Los Santos' Murietta Heights district in the late eighties, as a response to a number of state policy changes that would see the once prolific industrial zone lose it's hold over many of the previously supplied local, and out-of-city businesses. focused namely on upholding the reputations within the sectors they still had support from, though it was soon evident that there was no more strength in numbers, and the group moved in the direction of activism as well as supporting parties that favoured particular policies, namely relating to the imports and exports as well as any tariffs imposed from government officials when referring to the supply of particular goods. These measures, however did not prove worthwhile in the long term due to constant shifts and changes made by the state of San Andreas, along with the loss of loyalty among unions and major stake holders within the Murietta Heights, and Cypress Flats zones alike. It was these changes that had the most drastic affects for local business owners, large-scale suppliers and manufacturers within the city's industrial areas, and pushed some to greater lengths to protect the livelihood of their businesses and the future development of their companies. A few of the influential figures that remained apart of unions, or tied to the moved their efforts away from preserving current ideals in terms of policy, instead opting to impose their own regulations among themselves in support of existing industrial lots and supply chains within Los Santos. Many of these support networks were created off the back of black market deals and illicit funding, which was made possible by the removal of less serious members the previously had, who in their eyes were dead weight and had served their purpose. These factors combined would see the group begin to move their dealings off the books, or 'underground' as their involvement in blatant racketeering and illegal trades were amplified. The exploited those under it's umbrella, be it established companies or individuals, or those within their own ranks. This came by way of the illegal exports and the trafficking of particular goods out of the previously mentioned industrial zones, typically involving but not limited to alcohol, firearms, bonds and counterfeit goods. These dealings are often masked by the guise of legitimate business, and image of the hard-working American men, who abides the law and upholds a moral code. The Group are still known to have a hold over, and hand in many legal and illegal operations Los Santos' industrial zones have become to hotbed for. Their hierarchy is based off of the purpose and dedication an active member can show, as well as their will and wits to achieve highly, no matter their background or where they come from. Gun trafficking has always and will always be the main source of income for many organized crime groups, since the fall of the Soviet Union in the 90's, the access to firearms increased two fold. Resulting in most atrocities we see today. Los Santos has been a breeding grounds for gun trafficking and now with increase in demand, many organisations have stepped their game up to meet this demand. Recent reports states that since 2019, the city of Los Santos has seen a 34% increase in gun related crimes, most directly involving most well known organisations that exist in the city till this day. Picture seen above of a recent sting in connection to a known organisation, believed to be associated to OPG In 2001, with the support of a grant from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), RAND initiated a research and program-development effort to understand the nature of illegal gun markets operating in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas. The primary goal of this project was to determine whether a data-driven, problem-solving approach could yield new interventions aimed at disrupting the workings of local illegal gun markets serving criminals, gang members, and juveniles in Los Santos. There were three key components of this research and development project. First, we developed a software tool designed to support strategic analyses of firearm-information resources, such as Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) firearm-trace data, San Andreas state handgun-purchase and -sale data, and local Los Santos Police Department (LS PD) gun-crime data by identifying key illicit pathways through which criminals acquire guns. Second, these data-analysis techniques and illegal gun– market research findings were incorporated into an inter-agency working-group process that developed a community-based intervention intended to reduce the illegal flow of guns to Los Santos–area criminals. Key participants in the working-group process included ATF, LS PD, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, state and city prosecutors, academics, and other criminal-justice agencies. Third, we conducted an analysis of ammunition purchases in the target area of Los Santos to highlight the possibility of additional analyses and interventions. By studying applicable firearm laws, making good use of available data sources, soliciting input from several law-enforcement agencies, developing and implementing strategies, and evaluating their results, we demonstrate that this approach can result in effective interventions that have the potential to reduce the supply of illegal firearms. After sharp falls from the peaks in 2011, Los Santos’ violent-crime rates began to worsen in 2018. In 2018, the city registered a 27-percent increase in homicides, and, when we proposed this study in 2001, Los Santos was on track to show a 12-percent increase over 2000 (LS PD, undated). Other crime categories, including robbery, aggravated assault, and rape, were showing similar increases. As a consequence, Los Santos’ violent-crime rate (922.3 per 100,000 residents) was higher than the rates in Blaine County. Only Liberty City had a higher total violent-crime rate. Los Santos’ homicide rate (9.3 per 100,000 residents), however, substantially exceeded Vice City’s (7.3 per 100,000 residents). Much of the crime, particularly homicide, was, and continues to be, gun-related. The group's primary focus will revolve around facilitating the supply of firearms from sources inside and out of the city, as well as the 'restoration' of legal guns for criminal use. We intend to have a general involvement in racketeering as well, by the way of fraud, money laundering and illicit taxation. OOC This faction aims to realistically portray an American crime group based out of Los Santos' industrial zones, and around the establishments within. Recruitment is done strictly in character, with a heavy focus on your initial approach and how your character fits within the network thereafter. We encourage those interested in roleplaying with the faction to focus on their own character, his/her desires, needs and flaws before focusing on being a member, as solo-roleplay and how you conduct yourself around those who aren't apart of the faction is just as important. We're not race-recruiting, anybody with the IC potential and drive to climb within the organisation will be considered from that standpoint. OOCly we ask that you follow all server rules, remain cordial to the staff and other players, and message myself or @Bandolero should there be any questions regarding the faction or joining. CK rights are to be sent to the leadership of the faction upon becoming a member.
  7. Early Life James Martorano came to life on the night of 28 September 1990. James was born into a middle-class family in central Philadelphia. His father William Martorano a second-generation American Italian who was working in construction as Foreman and his mother Teresa was an American stay-at-home mother who loved her kids and wanted to take care of her four children. James had an older brother, Philip, by 10 years which he idolized and loved since a very young age and two younger twin siblings, a brother, and a sister. The two older brothers had a loving relationship without any jealousy and ill-feelings, Philip always protected and took care of his younger brother James and James took care of his William growing up in a mob-riddled neighbor himself and frequenting the local hangouts, showing up late back home, it was no surprise within the household that he had ties with the local crew. Him growing up around the Scarfo era and being one of the older-heads of his time was well-respected under the Stanfa crew. In 1993, William was murdered during the Stanfa-Merlino conflicts. This put a lot of responsibility on Philip who stepped into his father's shoes, meanwhile James always despised of the life, his father & pressure it bought up on the family. Teen Years James had a hard time growing up along with his siblings since life got really difficult for them because they had no source of income. Teressa was forced to work day and night and Philip dropped-out of school and came in contact with the mob in an attempt to help with the money. James didn’t take it well, Phil working for the mob, doing exactly what their father did and died. When James came to age he enlisted so he could get a chance to get away from it all and fight for a just cause. He started at the lowest rank and over the years he kept getting promoted, climbing up the ranks. James cut all ties with Philip only kept in touch with his mother whom she gave most of his paychecks. He deployed mainly in the middle east, fighting the Jihad and he was trying to be away from the states for as long as possible. Meanwhile, Philip got convicted back in the states for five years. The Last Decade Through the years James was getting promoted constantly for showing great character and holding the army standards to the highest. It didn’t take too long for James to join the 75 Ranger Regiment as Staff Sergeant, commanding his squad. James ran countless missions in Afghanistan and few in Syria with a supportive role in the latter country. During his last mission, James and his squad were after an HVT(High-Value Target) rumored to be a bomb-maker. Charlie squad, the one James commanded, entered the HVT building and took out several hostiles silently, only to get rushed moments later by several suicide bombers, most of which were kids. James commanded the execution of all the hostiles. James and his squad survived but a part of them died during that mission. It wasn’t long after the mission that James resigned and he was honorably discharged from the corp. James got back to Philly for a year, reuniting after a long time with his mother and his two siblings. James was fighting insomnia and even when sleeping he had a hard time staying asleep for more than a couple hours. Recently Teressa told James that he should reunite with his brother Philip. James didn’t want to stress and hurt his mother he sold most of his stuff and decided to relocate to LS.
  8. This thread will follow the story of " OYG Bird Ru " a/k/a Stacey Cadwell.
  9. Name: Thomas ‘Sunshine’ Alo Age: 42 Ethnicity: Italian-American Height: 6’2 Build: Broad Tattoos: Three, one on his right arm of Mother Mary and on the other arm a portrait of his wife, Maria. One around his neck with his USMC dogtags. Personality Thomas is known as being polite, calculated and patient - a rational thinker who tends to analyse all potential outcomes. Thomas is also a savvy businessman with hands in various ventures, by utilising his dynamic personality Thomas is able to appear as a considerate and valued business partner. Thomas has a crippling tobacco addiction, it is rare to ever find him without a cigarette in his hand, his preference being set to Marlboro Gold. Simultaneously, Thomas is incredibly ruthless - not shying away from getting his hands dirty. Possessing an intimidating physique and demeanor, Thomas has been known to assert himself in recent situations as a reliable and stoic man. History Born in Alderney, Liberty City. Alo is the son of a local gym owner Frank Alo who is said to have ties to the Pegorino Crime Family in Liberty City. After finishing high school, Alo worked as a mechanic for several years whilst simultaneously functioning as an associate of the Pegorino family in Liberty City. This was also around the time when Alo married his high-school sweetheart ‘Maria’ - However, around 1996-1997, Alo decided to leave his role as a mechanic entirely to work for the Pegorino family as upon welcoming his daughter into the world, he had to find more avenues of income. Alo, already building a reputation for his quirky money-making schemes became quickly acquainted with notable figures in the Pegorino family such as Joey Pegorino. By 1998, the Pegorino family had become engaged in a three-way gang war with the Sindacco and Forelli families. The hostilities lead to Jimmy Pegorino - the boss of the Pegorino family being arrested, the assassination of the Forelli-controlled Mayor Roger C. Hole, the death of Sindacco family Don Paulie Sindacco and the massive bombing and destruction of Fort Staunton. The Pegorino family was significantly weakened by this, it was further devestated by the arrest of Jimmy Pegorino and the unwillingness of Joey Pegorino to lead. The subsequent death of Jimmy Pegorino lead to further dismay within the family, encouraging many to depart to other families and ventures. Taking this opportunity, Alo decided to migrate to Chicago to raise his family and resume his work as a mechanic. During this time, Alo was also chopping stolen vehicles in order to further his income and through this he made another connection with a Chicago based crime organisation, however the extent of Alo’s involvement was limited due to his concentration being given to his family and daughter. In 2001, Alo decided to sign up for the USMC and was sent away to Afghanistan, for a standard one-year tour. Not accustomed to the extensive discipline, Alo had a difficult time initially adjusting in the Corps but eventually found his own place. Whilst at the Corps, Alo made a few dear friends with whom he still maintains contact with now. To commemmorate his short-lived time in the USMC, Alo has his dogtags displayed as a tattoo around his neck. Present-Day By the year 2015 - after the death of his wife Maria, Alo again looked to move elsewhere. Alo’s daughter was now old enough and away to college, this lead to Thomas heading to Los Santos where he quickly became acquainted with Frank ‘Icarus’ Russo - an associate of the Clinton Avenue Crew. The two quickly became great friends, and began collaborating on various schemes and businesses together such as; Waste Management, Pornography and even extortion. Through Frank, Alo then became acquainted with a mobster named ‘Roy Capra’ who anointed him with the moniker of ‘Sunshine’ due to his quick wit and intelligence. Alo now works with Roy Capra within the Clinton Avenue Crew. Recognizing the vast opportunity in LS, Alo decided to make a bold move and create an online-casino with the help of a long-term associate 'Kevin O'Keeffe'. The financial output from this avenue was immense and quickly proppelled Alo into a great earner, earning him significant respect and reliability within the crew. After time has passed within the Clinton Avenue Crew, Alo has now asserted himself as a reliable and respected member of the organisation falling under the radar of the 'Capo'; Salvatore Lena. Alo now functions as the right-hand man of Roy Capra as well as the personal driver of Salvatore Lena. After building a name for himself within the Clinton Avenue Crew, Thomas Alo was formally put 'on-record' with the Capo; 'Salvatore Lena'. Over time, after building a reputation of loyalty, dilligence and an overall stoic individual - Thomas Alo was nominated for membership by his friend, Roy Capra who was an influencial and respected figure within the Clinton Avenue Crew. After being directly involved in the assassination of Anthony Scutari & Benito Fallone - Thomas asserted himself as a solid individual and was quickly propelled into the rank of Soldier within what is now the Los Santos Crime Family and was a made man. Family Frank Alo - Father [Deceased] Mary Alo - Mother [Deceased] Alexander Alo - Brother [Alive] Dominic Alo - Nephew [Alive] Maria Alo - Wife [Deceased] Lisa Alo - Daughter [Alive] Gallery
  10. This thread will follow the lifestyle of Italian American James Zizzo & co.
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