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Found 4 results

  1. This thread will follow the life and development of Clint Hutchinson.
  2. Torian Mcclain also known as SK The Gunman. Picture of CPL. Yazmin Graham; Camp Pendleton OSD, aged 21 (Left) ~ Picture of United States Corps Marine Veteran Yazmin Graham; Chamberlain Hills Village SLS, aged 23 (Right)
  3. This character thread will follow the development of John "Scatter" Madeira, and may touch on some darker subjects, you've been warned! Born March 21st, 1984 in Dallas, Texas, John's only sister, Adeline, followed a few years after. Their father, Adrian, was a stonemason, a hard working man on a nine to five grind, and while he may've had little education outside of it, he was the type of wise that a long, troubled life may land you, while their mother, Jane, was left to be a stay at home mom, one to resort to alcohol in turn to her own long, troubled life. The moment things got stressful—with two kids to manage, they got stressful a lot—she did just that, and in turn, violence frequently followed. As wise as this man was, he was blinded by a love for his wife, John speaking up on his own with Adeline too scared to follow doing him little favors in convincing him of who his wife had become, yet he always stuck by her side. "You're no son of mine", years later, the last words spoken to John by his father and the last words he needed to hear to know it wasn't worth the effort, the death of his sister, having turned to drugs, breaking apart the family as it was. John, on the other hand, turned to the army, Operation Iraqi Freedom, MNF-I; perhaps they were both distracting themselves from the past, just in different ways. From 2003, it was 2006 when the impact caused by the force of a IED explosion shot out his back. Though he temporarily lost the use of his legs, he considered himself one of the luckier ones. This left John medically discharged and turning to Los Santos, Sandy Shores to settle. A few months later, he met a woman, Linn, one that he grew quite fond of and started to see. She lived with her father in Stab City, Harold, AKA "Hardy", a member of the Lost MC, of course, she only introduced him as she was already expecting their daughter, maybe not the best start between John and Harold, though respect was enough to fix that. Adeline was their daughter's name, named after John's sister, John, much like his father, taking a nine to five in a construction company, where he'd often head to the city to do so. With John pushing himself, the old injury began to act up, so he carried on after in the less legal route, gaining further trust with Linn's father, "Hardy", by assisting him in his drug trafficking, though a dispute between club and client, one day, wound up with Hardy's death and one very distraught daughter. This and the whole illegal employment was enough to push Linn away from John, saying she needed time, and so she left the father and daughter duo on their lonesome, in no mental space to look after her. Though it's not like John's much better off, his daughter was and is his world, vowing to himself he'd never fail in protecting her or being there for her, even with his many, many flaws, trials and errors.
  4. Early Life James Martorano came to life on the night of 28 September 1990. James was born into a middle-class family in central Philadelphia. His father William Martorano a second-generation American Italian who was working in construction as Foreman and his mother Teresa was an American stay-at-home mother who loved her kids and wanted to take care of her four children. James had an older brother, Philip, by 10 years which he idolized and loved since a very young age and two younger twin siblings, a brother, and a sister. The two older brothers had a loving relationship without any jealousy and ill-feelings, Philip always protected and took care of his younger brother James and James took care of his William growing up in a mob-riddled neighbor himself and frequenting the local hangouts, showing up late back home, it was no surprise within the household that he had ties with the local crew. Him growing up around the Scarfo era and being one of the older-heads of his time was well-respected under the Stanfa crew. In 1993, William was murdered during the Stanfa-Merlino conflicts. This put a lot of responsibility on Philip who stepped into his father's shoes, meanwhile James always despised of the life, his father & pressure it bought up on the family. Teen Years James had a hard time growing up along with his siblings since life got really difficult for them because they had no source of income. Teressa was forced to work day and night and Philip dropped-out of school and came in contact with the mob in an attempt to help with the money. James didn’t take it well, Phil working for the mob, doing exactly what their father did and died. When James came to age he enlisted so he could get a chance to get away from it all and fight for a just cause. He started at the lowest rank and over the years he kept getting promoted, climbing up the ranks. James cut all ties with Philip only kept in touch with his mother whom she gave most of his paychecks. He deployed mainly in the middle east, fighting the Jihad and he was trying to be away from the states for as long as possible. Meanwhile, Philip got convicted back in the states for five years. The Last Decade Through the years James was getting promoted constantly for showing great character and holding the army standards to the highest. It didn’t take too long for James to join the 75 Ranger Regiment as Staff Sergeant, commanding his squad. James ran countless missions in Afghanistan and few in Syria with a supportive role in the latter country. During his last mission, James and his squad were after an HVT(High-Value Target) rumored to be a bomb-maker. Charlie squad, the one James commanded, entered the HVT building and took out several hostiles silently, only to get rushed moments later by several suicide bombers, most of which were kids. James commanded the execution of all the hostiles. James and his squad survived but a part of them died during that mission. It wasn’t long after the mission that James resigned and he was honorably discharged from the corp. James got back to Philly for a year, reuniting after a long time with his mother and his two siblings. James was fighting insomnia and even when sleeping he had a hard time staying asleep for more than a couple hours. Recently Teressa told James that he should reunite with his brother Philip. James didn’t want to stress and hurt his mother he sold most of his stuff and decided to relocate to LS.
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