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Found 17 results

  1. Character thread for Frank "Jester" Rivera.
  2. La Eme (Mexican Mafia) "THE GANG OF GANGS" The Mexican Mafia, or also known as La Eme, is at the top of a Hispanic organized crime hierarchy that includes both prison and street gangs in Los Santos. According to all accounts, La Eme was formed in 1957 by Luis 'Huero Buff' Flores. At the time, Flores who was only seventeen, was incarcerated at the Deuel Vocational Institute (DVI) in San Andreas. Flores created La Eme as a "gang of gangs". He approached fellow Hispanic gang leaders at the facility, with the idea of being equal in status. They would refer to each other as brothers or carnals and the gang would have no official leader. La eme quickly grew in size and strength. In the 1960s, the San Andreas Department of Corrections moved Eme members to Bolingbroke penitentiary which held the reputation of being the most ruthless adult prison in San Andreas, in an effort to break up the gangs activity at the Deuel Vocational Institute. This effort backfired and served to spread La Eme's influence into other prisons instead of limiting it to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. As La Eme expanded, the group saw the potential for profiting from drug sales, gambling and extortion rackets inside prisons, so leaders placed taxes on these activities, forcing Southern Hispanic inmates to hand over a small percentage of profits to the gang. In the late 1960s and early '70s, La Eme took this approach to the street. As members of the organization were starting to receive parole, they began forcing Los Santos street gang leaders to fall under their influence. Through this, La Eme began controlling activities like drug trafficking, extortion, contract killings, and debt collection from inside and outside prison walls. Los Santos has always been the 'crown jewel' of La Eme and it's street operations with the organization having a stranglehold on much of the city's Hispanic street gangs. This is a list that has grown to include some of the largest gangs in the entire state. Criminal operations within the city have largely been coordinated through a tight-knit core of seasoned 'Camaradas' that collects taxes and enforces its whims throughout Los Santos. Most recently at the top of this structure was prominent gangland figure Rene 'Bosko' Blajos whose reputation for cunning and extreme brutality earned him enormous respect within the Mexican Mafia. Bosko, throughout a two year period, worked virtually unopposed to step up in the leadership and establish a vast criminal enterprise that earned millions from drug trafficking alone. This brief empire was brought to an untimely end with an enormous city-wide law enforcement operation dubbed "Open Casket" that saw La Eme's street presence evaporate overnight with a series of indictments. Law Enforcement officials speculate that with the fall of Blajos' organization a serious power vacuum has formed between the survivors as well as a newer generation that seeks their place in the limelight and who are increasingly unscrupulous with how they attain it. Eme was not just an ordinary prison 'gang', their tentacles of influence were reaching out to nearly all of the southern (or as they are most commonly referred to - Sureno ) gangs. Most of their affiliates were stuck in between bars, and the ways of communication were very complicated, many of the La Eme mafiosos used to learn many languages, including Nahuatl - the language of the Aztecs, and various forms of improvised sign language are also used. Quotation from an external source of information - “We all study American Sign Language in Eme,” explained Boxer. “Most understand some form of sign language. There are signs for money, drugs, dead, hit, and so forth.” Sign language is used to avoid being recorded by correctional officers monitoring visits. Notes are another frequently used method of passing secret information to a visitor. The message is secreted in a body cavity to avoid detection, removed during the visit, and held up against the Plexiglas window for the visitor to read. “It’s impossible to stop,” claimed Enriquez. “In that visiting room every weekend there are crew instructions going out, hits are being ordered, money laundering is discussed, racketeering. Any crime you can imagine is being planned in that visiting room on a regular basis.” U.S. mail is essential to communication for those locked up at Pelican Bay. “We are able to correspond with anyone,” insisted Boxer, “and conduct mob business. One method is jokingly referred to as ‘Project X.’ We understand mail to Eme members is often flagged for special inspection by an institutional gang investigator. To avoid this, we write out a letter and hand it off to another inmate in our pod, let’s say a Mafia associate named Flaco Ramirez. He copies the exact letter in his own hand, signs his name, and sends it to the person I’m trying to reach out on the street. The recipient by prearrangement knows that the letter is really coming from Boxer Enriquez. The recipient answers the letter, sends it back to Flaco, and Flaco hands it back to me at Pelican Bay. The prison staff never sees it, not knowing the communication is really between me and some other mobster. The mail system is one of the best things in the world for the Mexican Mafia.” The Sureno car refers to the overarching group within which all inmates affiliated with a Sureno gang (and others) live, socialize, exercise and conduct criminal activity. In metropolitan Los Santos county jails, this car is more simply referred to as the 'Mexican car', as all Hispanic inmates are considered to be part of it. The majority of its members are indeed active members or affiliates of Sureno gangs, though the racial nature of southern San Andreas custodial environments dictates that any non-affiliated Hispanic inmates are considered Southerners for the duration of their incarceration. The Mexican car is dominated by and ultimately subject to the authority of the Mexican Mafia prison gang. County facilities in the Los Santos area are considered strongholds for this organization, as they are the closest facilities to most members' "homes" (territory and family). Members thus often actively seek temporary housing in county facilities by requesting to be called as witnesses in other inmates' trials and by other means, meaning there are usually a handful of 'carnales' in the county system at any one time. These Mexican Mafia members are considered to be "holding the keys" over their jail: imposing taxation, conducting 'business', settling disputes and setting rules for all Mexican inmates. Carnales employ a command structure of subordinate Sureno inmates scattered across pods, floors and buildings around the jail to collect profits and maintain authority. These subordinates may in turn appoint underlings of their own, creating a chain of command stretching directly from the Mexican Mafia itself to the most unassuming Hispanic inmate. The Mexican car is loosely affiliated with the White car owing to the Mexican Mafia's prison-based alliance with the Aryan Brotherhood gang. This alliance is very tenuous in jails, as the extremely high turnover of inmates through the system prevents long-term personal relationships from being formed between White and Mexican inmates. The 'alliance' usually only results in business dealings between the two races and does not often extend to riots and disputes with other groups as it does in state prison. At most, Mexican inmates may assist White inmates who have proven to be personally 'solid'. Mutual assistance is not guaranteed by race alone. The Mexican and White cars both dispute most often with Black inmates, as is the case in prison, though in poorly run facilities with limited Mexican Mafia influence (or few 'veterano' Surenos), gangbanging may occur between rival Sureno gangs. The Mexican car is often deeply involved in custodial crimes such as extortion and drug dealing, especially when being directed by a member of the Mexican Mafia. Contraband smuggling, particularly of drugs and phones, is frequently orchestrated by inmates through connections to their respective gangs on the streets. The Mexican car is usually considered the most organized and militant within the Los Santos county jail system, owing to the absence of Norteno inmates who usually earn this reputation on state yards. OOC & Character Kill Permissions The faction aims to maintain a high standard of roleplay which means that all recruitment is done in character. The easiest way to interact with the faction is to get involved with the street gangs of Los Santos and the sureno car in TTCF. All members and affiliates of the faction are reserving their characters killed for any serious infraction or not following the codes of conduct. We also reserve the right to CK characters from any gangs/groups who pay tribute/homage to the Mexican Mafia. Consult with the leadership of the faction to gain permission to post screenshots on the thread. Any questions or concerns can be directed to @SOLID24 Shoutout to @Large Hazard & @Alfonso_Chavarria for providing content for the thread.
  3. The Artero Varrio Gangsters 13 also known by the acronym AV13 is a faction composed of predominantly Hispanic-American affiliates. AV13 is a Los Santos based street gang that operates in the Southern area of Los Santos, specifically, Roy Lowenstein and has been since its creation. The faction’s origin traces back all the way to late 1975, where the gang was first formidable for protecting newer fleets of Hispanic-Immigrants from pretty much everything in Los Santos, such as poverty, discrimination, and limited opportunities. After fleeing from their country to Los Santos, many of them, without having any family over in the area, nor any idea on where to go results in them being lost, having to stay in dangerous areas which also includes section-8 housing. After about six-years is when the AV13 gang begin to have problems with other existing street gangs located in Los Santos for example gangs such as, Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods, Bounty Hunter Bloods, and even Athen Park Bloods. Their most notable issue though, is between AV13 and Athen Park Bloods. The feud between the two, started all the way in the late 1980’s, over petty disputes. Though already having many members though, during the civil war in the 1990’s, AV13 exploded by membership due to the active civil wars in Central America, in particular, El Salvador & Guatemala. Due to the war, many Immigrants fled over to Los Santos, in search of a brotherhood, more people to relate to, and which also led them to the AV13 gang who accepted them, without a doubt. Additionally, as the gang gained more members they became increasingly violent. Whilst in the era of the 1990’s, the Artero Varrio Gangsters gang actually got connected with the Mexican Mafia through prison and showed their loyalty to them by embracing the thirteen and just like that, AV13 was a verified faction under the Sureños card. Despite being under the Sureños card the Artero Varrio Gangsters 13 even had conflict with other Sureño factions such as.. Playboy 13, Inglewood 13, and Toonerville Rifa 13. In the early years to come, on the streets, the violence between AV13 and other existing street gangs would increase. It increased to the point of which AV13 began to claim the “Blood Killer” card, as they’d only beef with mostly blood factions. They’d do petty things, such as wearing Blue rags, and mostly blue clothing to display their hatred for the blood factions that they constantly had static with. In the present day, members of the AV13 usually wear some type of merch, or pieces of clothing to Identify each other. For example, affiliates over the AV13 faction would particularly use the New Era hat with a bold letter “A” printed in the center of it, they also use Oakland Athletics. The “A” in the hat is usually to represent the A in Artero. The beef between Artero and Athen Park Bloods still remains until this day. This has been one, if not the most deadliest conflict between two factions with blood being drawn since the 1980s, it’s safe to assume.
  4. TAVIO CASTRILLO DE LA MAFIA MEXICANA ___Description of Tavio Castrillo___ Age range: 30 to 36 Hispanic. 5 foot 11. 165lbs. Big Mustache. Heavy chicano accent. - ___Tattoos description of Tavio Castrillo___ "BARRIOX3" - "SOUTHSIDE" & "XIII" on his neck. Large Sureno image on back. Right Chest: Mexican flag Eagle holding "M", and "MEXICANA" underneath. Left Chest: BLACK HAND "EME" written inside it. Left shoulder: "M" inside Aztec Shield - "MAFIA" down back of right arm. Many other tattoos all over his body Aztec - Sureno - Chicano - Kanpolero related. Some MEXICAN MAFIA and LA EME related.
  5. Florencia 13 is a gang with roots in South Central Los Santos dating back to the 1940s in the Florence-Firestone District, originally formed to protect it's own people from surrounding and much larger black gangs who used to target Mexican-American residents living in the area, now sports over 2,000 members with cliques all around South Central Los Santos, West Los Santos and multiple other counties. The gang got its name from the Spanish pronunciation of Florence, the main street the runs through a majority of the gangs turf and also the name of the song by the Paragon's that members often called in to radio stations to play to let people know Florencia members were posted up. Florencia adopted the 13 in the 1960s after gangs in Southern Los Santos began pledging their allegiance to the Mexican Mafia in growing numbers, the gang's main motives quickly shifted and saw them gradually grow in to one of the largest Sureno gangs in Los Santos. War With The East Coast Crips A beef that started over members of ECC running off on a drug deal turned in to a two decade long war between the two gangs that saw countless bodies dropped in the streets of Los Santos. After Arturo Castellanos, a shotcaller from Florencia, sent out a message that members or Florencia were to cleanse the area of the neighboring East Coast Crips, chaos embroiled South Central with bodies from both sides dropping weekly at certain points in the war, which came to an end in 2020 after shotcallers from both gangs brought their people together to call a truce. Operation Joker’s Wild A large investigation was underwent during the early 2000's, looking in to the gangs reputation of drug trafficking, extortion and racially motivated murders targeting gang affiliated and innocent black people in the area which resulted in 102 members of the gang being listed in indictments in 2007. 96 were eventually taken in to custody and as of 2009, 94 of those were charged with crimes ranging from drug trafficking to murder, the rest having either been convicted, plead guilty, fled the country or even died during the investigation. Present Day Modern Day Enemies Florencia's main rival until recently was the East Coast Crips however they've maintained several other beefs along the years, mainly with Playboys 13, 38 Street Gang and 18th Street, the gang had tension with a lot of Watt's varrios in the 1950's, however most of those gangs have now formed in to other gangs or have gone defunct but they continue to maintain their beef with newer sets, their most known being with the Grape Street Crips who didn't take a liking to Florencia trying to push in to the area and claim turf. Numbers within the gang continue to rise to the present day, currently being one of the 3 largest Mexican gangs in South Central Los Santos. Florencia 13 has undergone several gang injunctions over the years but due to how big the area their turf actually covers, the gang continues to function and recruit the youth in the area, often preying on those from rough upbringings or people in search of acceptance who are willing to do anything to fit in, knowing the area they grew up in puts a huge target on their backs. The infamous Charleston projects are home to the 85th Street Locos and the Gangster Lokas, two cliques whose numbers and structure have been shaken up by joint police efforts to curb gang violence. As of 2023, both Davis cliques are rumored to be led by veteran gang bangers from within different institutions of the San Andreas justice system. Some reports claim only reckless young teenagers and adults remain. OOC INFORMATION The goal of our faction is to portray a realistic depiction of the Florencia X3 gang in the Charleston Projects area; the main focus is deeply developing our characters and providing roleplay within the South Central area . We aim to run the faction transparently for every member with as little OOC involvement as possible. Every aspiring member must write a detailed character story and understand our concept prior to joining. If you’d like to join the faction or have any questions on your mind, feel free to PM .drillz on discord. The faction is currently open join the discord at https://discord.gg/HsjwqErjJD
  6. This thread will follow the life and development of Javier Martinez young Hispanic male born into the gang culture around him. Ultimately raising to the top of the food chain, becoming a second generation Mexican Mafia member.
  7. José Castillo (18 y/o) received a life sentence for on 26/FEB/2021. This thread will show the further development of José. Charges: Murder, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Grand Theft Auto, Evading and Resisting Arrest.
  8. Drillz

    Maniac Cortez

    Maniac Cortez This thread will showcase the story of Gabriel "Maniac" Cortez, a former shotcaller of S/S Playboys 13, and now a La Eme Associate.
  9. Imprisoned at the age of eighteen, Santos Ortega entered the Los Santos correctional system a registered gang member and a young hot-head looking to prove himself, like most others. Serving a life sentence with the possibility of parole, Cuatro was quickly taken ahold of by the nitty gritty of the penal system life. It would not be until several years had passed for his name to gain reputation within the facility, both with the rank and file of the Sureño car, and the upper echelon, The Mexican Mafia. Through the vicious and numerous trials leading up to the present date, Cuatro had proven to, without hesitation, kill and die for the EME, La causa as they refer to it as. Thusly functioning as an aggressive extension of The Mexican Mafia within the confines of county jail, brushing shoulders with and carrying out the orders of the carnales housed in the facility. The power struggle he'd witnessed through his trip across shark infested waters, and the cut-throat nature of the criminal life he'd become accustom to left him with more wit than he had entered the penal system with. Forming lucrative schemes, often drug related, behind bars utilizing his position in the EME ladder and the willingness of the street gangsters. Concluding his thirteen year tenure as an inmate at TTCF, he hit the bricks at the pinnacle of his criminal career, being voted in as a member of the Mexican Mafia.
  10. Continuation of the development of Fabian "Money" Cortes. A teenager who grew up on Melanoma Street in Vespucci to a fully devoted Sureno the Mexican Mafia cause.
  11. This is the story and development of Cristian Wyatt Almendarez
  12. Taina

    Kamalla Arroyo

    Kamalla Arroyo is the 32-year old mother of a young son, and the wife of a man serving 30 years in prison. This thread will follow the course of Kamalla's life, starting with the moment that her husband begins to directly involve her in his affairs. ------------------------ Please note that all of the characters featured in this thread have aged up over time, as appropriate. Currently, Kamalla is 42 years old.
  13. NEWS • Crime Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • June 14th, 2022 — 8:40PM Sureno gangster stabbed Mexican Mafia member over 10 times, prosecutors say An indictment regarding the murder of a Mexican Mafia gangster named Gilbert Montiel was brought against Paul Rubio, aged 18 and a San Andreas Gang Database, often shortened to SANGANG, verified Sureno gangster. Prosecutors say he stabbed Montiel over 10 times. Twin Towers Correctional Facility - Stephen Yun, Getty Images. April 15th 2021 On June the 13th, at 57 minutes past midnight, the District Attorney of Los Santos County’s office announced the prosecution for Paul Rubio, an 18-year-old who has been accused of murdering a Mexican Mafia figurehead, Gilbert Montiel, within the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Paul Rubio, was initially convicted of drug trafficking of category B drugs earlier this year. The SANGANG validated member of Traviesos 13, a local Sureno or “Southsider” gang based in Rancho, was found to have possessed almost 200g of methamphetamine after a search warrant on their property. The SANGANG database is a database of known gang members as well as information of their gangs ran by the Los Santos Police Department and maintained by participating gang-related taskforces within Los Santos County's law enforcement agencies. Established as a part of the Street Terrorism and Enforcement Protection Act (STEP act), it serves as a database for law enforcement agencies across Los Santos County to access to help tackle street gangs. If someone enters the SANGANG database and commits a felony benefiting their gang, they may be subject to harsher sentencing guidelines. He also faced charges of two counts of murder after an altercation against two men wielding hammers. However, the judge ruled “not guilty” due to a lack of evidence of criminal intent and testimonies supporting the defence that it was in self-defence. The sentence he was given, charged with trafficking, carrying an unlicensed firearm, and resisting arrest, would have saw his release from the Twin Towers Correctional Facility later this month. However, the District Attorney’s office of Los Santos County recently filed charges against him for the murder of an alleged high-ranking Mexican Mafia member, Gilbert Montiel, during his sentence. He is facing life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. From the report given by the District Attorney’s Office within their press release, they claim that Rubio used a make-shift shank that was approximately 6 to 8 inches long. The account of the situation read that Rubio entered a cell that Montiel was in and proceeded to stab him repeatedly. After Montiel attempted to fight back, the fight spilling out of the cell and onto a catwalk, he collapsed due to his injuries. Rubio then continued to stab him whilst he was down. Montiel died from his numerous stab wounds. The total number of times he was stabbed in total was more than ten, according to the DA’s press release. "Once again, we have a violent jailhouse killing on our hands and we will seek maximum punishment for the culprit.”, wrote District Attorney Terentiy Shwetz. “Our correctional facilities are not places of violence; they are places of reform. Mister Rubio made a terrible mistake and we will prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law." This is the second instance of a supposed high ranking member of the Mexican Mafia being killed by fellow gang members. Earlier this year, after the results of a taskforce named Operation Maria, conducted by LSSD’s Operation Safe Streets Bureau, George “Flippem” Palamino, 27, and Dominic “Devious” Ruelas, 52, were prosecuted and sentenced for the murder of Santos “Cuatro” Ortega. In the Deputy District Attorney Diana Molina’s opening statement in the court, she claimed that Ortega’s murder was due to a power struggle between Ortega and Palamino. “It has been now confirmed that what Palamino did, hand to hand with Ruelas was a premeditated, pre-planned, pre-orchestrated power move - it became evidently clear that Palamino was to take Ortega's spot, as a made man in the Mexican Mafia.” In an interview with the lead detective spearheading Operation Maria along with a sergeant a part of the task force, they described the politics of the Mexican Mafia as “real cutthroat.” “There is no leadership when it comes to the structure of The Mexican Mafia. There is no one leader.” said the Sergeant from Maria’s taskforce. “Instead of looking out for each other, these other guys were probably taking a look about how they could spin this for themselves, you know?” George Palamino entered a plea deal with the DA’s office, pleading guilty to all charges, on May the 10th. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment, with the possibility of parole after 16 years. Dominic Ruelas was found guilty on all accounts and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Details as to the possible motives as to why Rubio may have murdered Montiel have yet to be revealed. Comments are enabled: Username: Comment:
  14. Development of the A Character Name: Angel Varela Origin: Mexican-American Occupation: Davis High Family: N/A Story: Angel Varela is a 15-year-old male from Davis Avenue South Los Santos, San Andreas. Like every other Mexican American man who was born and raised in inner-city Los Santos, he had a rough upcoming as a kid. With a mother with two jobs, and an absent father who left him once he was conceived, Angel had no father figure in his life, and quite frankly he had to be his own father figure. Growing up off of Davis Avenue there was no doubt that Angel would fall victim to the streets. Though Angel was tied up in the streets, he still attended school and eventually graduated from South LS High at the age of 15. Not interested in any post-secondary education, Angel continues his dedication and dependency on the streets to make money for himself. As time passed, Angel is moved out of the spotlight of being the only child, not knowing how to handle this change, he becomes a growing reckless hazard, which causes him to eventually be put out of his mother's home. Today, Angel crashes on a couch every night that sits in government housing in the area of Brogue Avenue quiet, content, and to himself. Current Faction
  15. Eric ‘Scrappy’ Suarez (born 17th of September, 1980) is a 40 year old criminal figure from South Central Los Santos. Eric has spent his entire life primarily living in the neighborhood of Chamberlain Hills, an area known to be dominated by the Sureno gang ‘Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats XIII’. Eric has demonstrated his commitment to the gang since his teenage years however due to connections made in prison, Eric became acquainted with Gonzalo ‘Joker’ Garcia and Alfred ‘Esco’ Grajeda - two EMEROS representing the Mexican Mafia. Early Life Eric Suarez was born on the 17th of September, 1985 to ‘Isaac Suarez’ and ‘Maria Espinoza’. The oldest of two siblings, Eric from an early age showed promise in academia and excelled at school however subsequently dropped out of High School at a young age after the unfortunate death of his father, Isaac Suarez. Eric grew up in a gang-dominated society and his early exposures were dominated by figures involved within the Sureno gang lifestyle, his father Isaac ‘Smiley’ Suarez was a respected member of a neighborhood Sureno gang and was heavily involved with the drugs and violence that came with it. This extensive involvement subsequently led to the fatal drive-by shooting which claimed the life of a young Isaac Suarez. Raised by a now lone mother taking care of two sons, things became more difficult for the boys who subsequently began idolizing senior neighborhood figures who were heavily involved within the gang-lifestyle. Fascinated by fictional glamour and the allure of the various amenities such as cars, money, women - the duo began working their way up the ladder and subsequently got jumped into the ‘Flats Gunners XIII’. It was during his early years in the gang that Eric earned the moniker ‘Scrappy’ attributed to his outspoken demeanor and willingness to fight. Twins In his early teens, Eric was arrested after committing a string of armed robberies and was sentenced to a long prison term. It was during his time in prison that Eric became acquainted with the Mexican Mafia or La Eme for whom he did various tasks such as passing messages and assisting in hits, however most notably stabbing a fellow inmate fatally several times. Due to this event, Eric was sent to the Security Housing Unit (SHU) of the prison. In the SHU, the environment and atmosphere was different to the other levels - there was an atmosphere of respect. Immediately, Eric realized the position he was in surrounded by heavy-hitters from all groups. His initial aggressive personality faded swiftly out of fear and respect for the inmates within the SHU as well as the natural need to survive. In the SHU, Eric met a senior La Eme EMERO by the name of Oscar ‘Cuate’ Cabral for whom he did various tasks. Under the guidance of Oscar ‘Cuate’ Cabral, Eric slowly learned the trade and what came along with it. His personality, way of talking and thinking were all adapted to the mould created by Oscar, his initial outspoken and aggressive demeanor influenced by his gang lifestyle slowly subsided into a calm, calculated young man who didn’t burn many words and spoke only for a reason. Under the guidance of Oscar, Eric became a ‘Camarada’ within La Eme . Present-Day Upon his release from the Twins, Eric resumed his role within the Mexican Mafia and works with Gonzalo ‘Joker’ Garcia & Alfred ‘Esco’ Gradeja. His personality now altered due to his tenure in prison, Eric attempts to reintegrate himself within society whilst also utilising the skills learned from Oscar. Eric operates primarily within South Central Los Santos and has been spotted with various Surenos. After his release and immediately falling into the service of both Joker and Esco, Eric was able to distinguish himself amongst his peers at a rapid pace due to his dilligence and efforts to consildate South Central Los Santos under Esco. Eric 'Scrappy' Suarez was voted into to the rank of EMERO, and over time Eric has developed into a prominent, 'heavy-hitter' of the Mexican Mafia.
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