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Found 10 results

  1. It pretty much speaks for itself! Qualche italiano?
  2. This thread will follow the development of Joseph DiScala
  3. Giovanni's Trattoria is offering multiple job opportunities to hard workers with a passion for food! These positions range from chefs who are crafty in the kitchen to waiters who can adapt easily to our customers' needs. Experience is not required, but is highly encouraged. Waiters and waitresses will be in charge of taking orders, delivering food, and bringing customers their bills. We expect you to be kind and cordial toward every patron, even when it involves removing someone from the building. Because the customers will be paying the waiting staff for their food, you will be in charge of sharing that money with your coworkers at the end of the shift. You are allowed to keep your $4,000/hr salary AND any tips, but the cash you and your fellow waiter are given will be divided between the waiters, the chef, and the host. Cooks are expected to have a thorough knowledge of the basics of cooking. With orders flooding in, prepare to be quick on your feet! Orders will be delivered to you by the waiting staff or the person working behind the bar. Giovanni's Trattoria prioritizes quality over quantity, and we do our best to make sure the customer is fed top-quality food. Do some research on classic Italian cuisine, because our menu is a flashback to Italy! You will be cooking pastas to pizzas, so you'd better bring an apron! The pay is a basic $4,000/hr salary plus tips and the cash that the waiting staff gives you. Hosts and hostesses are in charge of greeting customers, seating them, giving them menus, and enforcing the dress code. You are expected to be welcoming and friendly to the customers as if they are your friends. However, if the customer isn't wearing the appropriate clothes, then you will be expected to notify and remove them. The job is simple, but can be quite busy! You will be paid $4,000/hr plus tips and the cash that the waiting staff give you. And last but not least, the restaurant manager. This position is crucial when it comes to organizing openings. It is a great responsibility to take on, so be wary; if you're not consistent, this may not be the job for you. The duties of a restaurant manager include: scheduling openings, hiring new staff, supervising staff, and restocking ingredients. You will be behind the counter for all of the shift, providing drinks for the orders and making sure the cook knows what to prepare. You will be paid $4,000/hr and 75% of the profits from the business bank. Apply today! Contact Paul at #281-3308 or at [email protected] ((Forum PM Gore))
  4. Silvano ‘Silv’ Gotorelli was born on June 14th, 1996 in Milan, Italy. Personal life Born into the Gotorelli family, Silvano grew up attending first class private schools and institutions. His mother, Gianna Gotorelli (formerly Gianna Novella), was a stay-at-home mother, who had cared for Silvano up until he had moved to Los Santos. Silvano’s father, Marco Gotorelli, was a successful businessman and brother to Amalia Gotorelli-Lippi. Marco's net worth is estimated to be around 104 Million Euros. Life in Brera Growing up in one of the richest neighborhoods in Milan, Silvano was pinned to a path of great success. Like most adolescents in Milan, Silvano grew up playing copious amounts of Soccer. Silvano was 11 when he procured a sudden distaste for Soccer, promising himself to never touch a Soccer ball again. Silvano’s parents of course, agreed to pull him out of Soccer so Silvano can pursue his true passion, which was Shooting Sports. At age 16, Silvano joined the Tiro a Segno Nazionale Milano, a private Gun Range close to his home. Silvano became a certified Weapons expert within a year of working at the shop, working part time as a Range Safety Officer while attending the University of Milano. In 2019, Silvano achieved a bachelor’s degree in Business with a Major in Human Resources from the University of Milano. Marco Gotorelli’s long time friend, Sergio Mancuso was the Vice President of Operations at Lloyd Manatexia LTD, a local trucking company that supplied Produce to in-town companies. Silvano started as an HR Consultant at LM LTD, and soon became the Director of HR. The timeline for his employment and departure from LM LTD is unknown. Present Chatter from Silvano’s friends indicate that Silvano Gotorelli has moved to Los Santos at the end of February 2021. Silvano’s friend, Davide mentioned that [Translated] “We didn’t know why he (Silvano) was moving to Los Santos, he had left in a hurry; repeating ‘It is my time’ for those who inquired about his departure. Tax Documents show that Vicente Lippi, Silvano’s first cousin, is also residing in Los Santos. Vito Berini, a close friend of Vicente Lippi - is also dwelling in Los Santos, no sightings of the three have been made. Criminal activity ERROR: 422-429, check IETF TFC 7231, 6585, 4918
  5. “Italian-American favorites, like mama used to make.” Joining the landscape of the Los Santos food scene is the newly opened Giovanni’s Trattoria. Located on Bay City Avenue on the corner of Sandcastle Way in Del Perro, Giovanni’s offers true Italian-American comfort food and flavors of the old country without the pressures of haute cuisine. Giovanni’s is proud to provide the community a variety of pizzas and pasta dishes that will allow you to tap into the rich tapestry of Italian-American cuisine, leaving you with a full belly, a full heart and without a three hundred dollar bill. Sourcing all ingredients from local farms/producers within the counties of Los Santos, Giovanni’s Trattoria makes supporting the food producers of our beautiful state their number one goal and mission. That, combined with incredible customer service, an entertaining atmosphere and delicious selection of menu items, promise to bring you back time and time again. Join us every Sunday for “Giovanni’s Sunday Gravy” - A bowl of handmade linguine dressed with our own tomato gravy. For inquiries about private catering and other needs, feel free to contact restaurant owner Roy Capra at 888-5877.
  6. The Capaci name has been associated with the fishing industry for several generations in Naples. Benito Capaci (1959 - 1994), was an avid fisherman in his younger years. When returning from a trip, Benito would often distribute the fish to the beautiful women of Naples. For their gratitude, they would promote the business to their friends and family. This is how Benito met his wife Isabella (mother to his son - Marizio). In 1984, Benito had taken the reigns from his father, who was a retired fisherman himself. The family had an established store, where local businesses would purchase goods. The Capaci's were held in high regards within Naples for sourcing their products from the Tyrrenhian sea. Whilst Benito went out to sea, his wife Isabella would sell fish to their customers. The company was a success in the area for years, until 1994, just two years after the birth of Marizio Capaci, as Benito had passed away. Isabella decided to leave Italy with her son after the death of her husband. In 2018, Marizio Capaci has resurrected his families company, breathing new life into the San Andreas seafood market. We are continuously aiming to bring continuity to the role of the fisherman, providing employees with the opportunity to enjoy what they do best. San Andreas offers a variety of fresh fish, from Red Cod to Snapper. Our logistics team specializes in moving the fish from A-B. The efficiency of our routes ensures fast delivery to satisfy our clientele. Through a framework of commercial relationships and friendships, we purchase fishing products at all the ports of San Andreas. Now that the company has been reborn, we are looking to hire talented workers to increase our outreach within the city. Feel free to inquire regarding positions available or business related queries. Tel - 3142626
  7. Bella Rosa Violante Name: Bella Rosa Violante Nationality: Italian-American Date of Birth: 16/MAY/1991 - 27 Y/O Gender: Female Race: Caucasian Height: 5' 6' | 167cm Hair color: Naturally dark brown Eye color: Dark blue Languages: English, Italian and Latin Occupation: Sergeant in the Los Santos Police Department Relationship status: Single Sexual orientation: Heterosexual Personality Bella is one thing throughout her whole personality and that is a mirror, if you're hostile to her she is going to be hostile back with the exceptions for her amusement. While she can come across cold in her actions it's never her intention to but she doesn't consider for a second to waste her time on someone who wouldn't listen either way. As for those who she holds dear, she puts them above all else, those who she trusts she will open up and show her vulnerable side, being someone that they genuinely enjoy to be around. Likes: Dogs Socializing Clubbing Martial arts People who can take jokes and have a sense of humor Adrenaline and taking risks Exercise and sports Loyalty Gum Dislikes: Liars Two-faced people Racism and bigots Ignorant people Bad coffee People with bad fashion Push-overs Background Bella Rosa Violante, born to Isabella Rosa and Kane Violante in the early months of 1991, was considered a blessing to her family, her eyes from the moment she was born beamed blue with promise. Her parents, both living in Milan, Italy at the time, were American-Italian citizens as they were each other's high-school sweethearts, married as soon as they came out of college, chasing their dreams together before Isabella fell pregnant with baby Bella. The sweet love-story of her parents didn't last, they began to argue and often fought in the early years of Bella's life which in the end caused their divorce, her father, Kane, returned to America and took Bella with him as he raised her with the support with various nannies, his attention mainly focused on his medical career. Desperate for the recognition of her father, she'd study endlessly in order to be top of her class from a young age but even after all her efforts her father paid little attention to her activities, caring more about progressing himself, becoming engrossed in his work with no care for family connections. As for her school life, she had no trouble making friends, if anything she found it easy, trusting them was the hard part. Eventually, Bella became numb to her father's ignorance as she simply lived each day as it came by with no end goal in mind, studying medicine and psychology but not being able to feel herself getting attached. It was only when she was out at night with some of her friends in Miami and their drinks had been drugged did she wake up from her fantasy and reality settled in, rarely does she speak about what happened that night. That is when she came across martial arts, she began to learn how to defend herself and what kind of self defense techniques she could use to her advantage when typically she might've been at a loss. She found herself signing up for the New York Police Department, passing through her academy with flying colours, soon graduating and working harder then she ever had before. As stress took a toll on her, she picked up nasty habits, smoking was her main one which didn't help her relationship with her father at all, he attempted to stop her addiction but as time went on he decided Bella wasn't worth his troubles. Kane discarded her as his daughter, shouted obscenities, degraded her with each word. Everything became too much for her, she wanted to escape it all which was why she planned for a transfer to the Los Santos Police Department. The move was anything but easy, learning the city along with the people and colleagues was another thing entirely, either way she decided that this time she is just going to be herself, no matter the cost. Turns out being a hot-headed Italian female costs a lot. Si dice sempre il lupo più grande che non è - Lying a little might make the story better.
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