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  1. If not remove, at least up it!
  2. I'm with this. Would be a nice addition and save a lot of hassle. I've had to explain over and over why the person would be dead from it, so it happening auto would save so much time.
  3. Feel free to email me any properties you might have. I'm willing to pay for the right one ASAP. [email protected] ((Click for forum PM))
  4. Grats to @Boots& @UTOPIA Retroactive congrats to @Puck & @imi for the glitch being fixed.
  5. L&A on request.
  6. Bids are public, follow the forum rules in the future.
  7. Please change from "Full Performance", this isn't allowed.
  8. Please change from "Full Performance" in the future, this isn't allowed.
  9. Gore

    [SOLD] Weeny Issi

    Please change from "Full Performance", this isn't allowed.
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