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  1. Kielbasa The Story of a Polish immigrant who turned down a dark path of violent crime.
  2. This thread will focus on the development of Thomas Dale. First Lieutenant Thomas Dale, grew up in a poor family in San Fierro under difficult circumstances. Thomas father was an alcoholic who, from day to day, abused the family, causing trauma to the young Thomas. His mother got into the bad habits of using to cope with pain and the life he brought Thomas into. There have been many tries on Thomas part to try and escape, but most of the time he got busted or simply just hesitated because he couldn't bear to leave his mother behind with a raging alcoholic. Around the age of 15, Thomas got struck with some bad news that his father was found brutally murdered behind a bar on the outskirts of Fierro. Thomas quickly knew that something was wrong there since he knew all the locations where his father usually went for booze from the multiple times he attempted to escape, but he decided to keep quiet and tell nothing to the local authorities. After some time passed, two goons showed up at their front door, in suits and a creepy smile plastered on their faces, bringing in the news that they are in a big debt, and if they don't want to have their house lit up on fire, they pay the debt however they can. As the noose got tighter around Thomas and his mother, he had no choice but to involve himself in the life of pickpocketing and dealing with drugs to pay a portion of the money back. The goons were satisfied with Thomas skill, so they decided to give him the chance to make everything right. That's when he came up with the idea of joining the army at the age of 18. Once David was accepted, he quickly began dealing contraband and smuggling drugs to the state under the nose of the millitary, making his run last for two years and eventually getting caught red-handed and landing him in jail for ten years. While spending his time in the pen, Thomas somehow managed to help the goons friends on the inside and eventually managing to get them off their backs, and after serving his time, and rumor has it that Thomas escaped to Los Santos and is still sending checks monthly towards his mother.
  3. Next Year in Jerusalem The Story of Hersh Blumberg Treading the thin line between crime, orthodox Judaism, and legitimate business
  4. *The website's quite plain in display, everything center-aligned: 'anotherdayinparadise.net.'* (( https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/117988-paradise-project-webportal )) Hey there. Butch here. Just would like to give you a warning that there is disturbing content in this article, particularly footage of police Neutralizing a suspect. If that bothers you I'd recommend avoiding this article. Pursuits, high speed chases.. criminals evading the law. They're the lifeblood of a night out stringing, between shootings, brawls and general disputes it's the sound of sirens wailing out into the night that draws a stringer in. It's quiet? Well there goes a dozen sirens. Honestly? When it comes down to it I personally try and avoid pursuits, but I have a habit of catching the tail end of a pursuit... or well. The end of the line. Ha, see what I did there? Whether the suspect continue to run on foot, be tazed, or even go out in a blaze of glory, you'll eventually see it all. Not every pursuit is the side effect of violent crime of course, it's quite common for street racers and joy riders to evade police for their adrenalin hit. I'd wager at least 50% of pursuits I see aren't worth bothering with as they are regularly a joyrider who feels lucky taking a gamble and fleeing from police rather than risking a suspended license or an impounded vehicle. Joke's on them of course.. if police have your plate it'll get impounded anyway when they raid your house. Great way to catch a worse sentence that one, but who am I to judge? Some just can't take the heat and have the urge to put their pedal to the floor. But anyway, I'm probably boring the shit out of you so I'll talk about some pursuit terminations that I personally have witnessed (and documented) within the recent past. First off, it's the 21st of January 2024. Ash and I have just finished documenting the recent raids on multiple apartment blocks when we head back towards Legion Square, spotting a car pulled over by multiple police vehicles. The suspect sits inside.. their car disabled. So what is it that they chose to do you may ask? Well. Obviously they run from the police, Metro Police included.. a stupendously bad idea. But here's the footage. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to have caught the moment the suspect was arrested following the foot pursuit, but you can see why his decision was ridiculously stupid. Multiple armed officers, armoured vehicles. It's almost like they wanted to spend some amount of time in the pen. It was a rather eventful night on it's own, but a foot pursuit like this? The perfect way to finish the night. Skipping forward to much more recent happenings I'll start with the most recent pursuit. Why not the one the night before? Well, we'll find out when we get there dear readers. It's the 9th of February, about 1am. Close enough to the witching hour that one wouldn't be surprised to find out that the most hectic of arrests are made in the small hours. Here, our suspect has been pit maneuverered into a wall, crashing and ending his pursuit. I had arrived to the scene following the suspect being detained. I had overheard the Officers stating that they had to taze and beanbag the suspect multiple times. Geeze. if that were me I'd have given up the second my car hit the wall. Course our suspect here made claims that police provoked him into evading.. when in reality they pulled him over in the first place for driving an unregistered vehicle. Rather stupid if you asked me. Well. If you don't know what police do with unregistered vehicles used in crime I'll tell you. They get crushed. Hope he didn't pay much for his ride. I would feel bad for the perp, following all the tasers and beanbags.. as well as his car being crushed. But truthfully? I don't. He threatened me after all. Finally.. from now on I will warn you, the following footage may disturb, especially considering the subject matter. It's the 8th of February, close enough to 2am. I'm driving around when I notice sirens, I slowly follow a Sherriff's Department vehicle as it rolls up near Forum Drive. There's cars everywhere so I cross the road. Right as I up my camera I capture deputies surrounding a perp. His car's tangled up in a tree. Multiple firearms pointed at him. Right as I up and focus my camera the suspect charges at police. Police open fire and he's shot dead on the scene. I wonder what the fuck was running through his head? Why waste your life like that. I apologize readers the following footage is rather disturbing. But it's the truth. This is what goes on inside Los Santos. I'll avoid poking fun here like I normally would as a man's dead. He wasted his life with one incredibly stupid decision. I don't know how he ended up fleeing police and what crimes me may or may not have committed. But at the end of the day a human life has ended. That's it. That's the end of the line for him. This wasn't an easy article to write, admittedly it's not every day you catch a human life ending on camera in this line of work. I feel for the family of this gentleman who just lost someone they cared for. I feel for the Deputies who went home knowing they had to end the life of another human being. But everyone makes stupid decisions. While the local government and the movie industry love to promote sunny Los Santos, those who live here know the reality is much more grim. I'd like to thank you for reading this article. It's been brewing for a few days. But I didn't know how I was going to tackle such a heavy subject matter. - Butch. DONATE IF YOU CAN PLEASE, THIS SHIT AINT EASY. Every dollar helps put food on the table and thus helps me make more content. CashApp: ButchParadise ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010002614 Paradise Donation.)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment:
  5. Life of a degenerate The Wayne Morris story
  6. The Angel Racing Car Club, a group of individuals in their late teens, has gained fame in the underground racing scene for their dangerous and illegal street races, as well as their involvement in other criminal activities such as theft. Despite their impressive driving skills and passion for high-speed thrills, the club's activities have drawn the attention of law enforcement and have led to a dark reputation within both the racing community and society at large. The club is known for hosting large-scale car meets, takeovers, and cut up sessions. Which attract enthusiasts from across the underground racing community. These events provide a platform for showcasing high-performance vehicles. They advertise these events on social media platforms like FaceBrowser, attracting new members and fueling the debate over the role of illegal street racing in modern society.
  7. 𝐂𝐒𝐭𝐲 𝐒π₯𝐒𝐜𝐀𝐞𝐫 This thread will follow one Marino Padula, ostensibly an isolated taxi driver in Los Santos. β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬ β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬
  8. *The website's quite plain in display, everything center-aligned: 'anotherdayinparadise.net.'* (( https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/117988-paradise-project-webportal )) It's not Ash! I know, how surprising! I may as well start writing I suppose. It's like any other night in South Central. Sirens all around, bodies strewn about the streets, but tonight I don't exactly feel like writing about dead bodies and rather one of the most supreme acts of stupidity I've seen in a few weeks. (And there's a hell of a lot of stupidity to be seen in Los Santos.) It starts with a traffic stop like any other. Torrence, check. Carload of teenagers? Check. Multiple police? Sounds like we've got a long night ahead of us. Eventually after no small amount of questioning police have one of the passengers exit the vehicle, upon question this teenager he seems to grow rather agitated. Deciding to swing at an officer and run. (While assaulting an individual is rather dumb, assaulting a police officer is even more so, this teenager can expect no small amount of time behind bars.) And so he ran, but that's not all.. his friends despite being pulled over decided to flee the scene the moment officers pursued his friend, now that's one way to earn yourself an evasion charge. Stupid games huh? After a short pursuit on foot Officers eventually detain the suspect. Gun aimed and ready to stop him from potentially assaulting yet another officer. See kids? This isn't excessive force this is simply how officers treat potential threats to their wellbeing. Want your next traffic stop to go smoothly? Don't swing on a cop. Unfortunately PD wasn't too happy with me lingering around their police scene and snapping photos, I overheard them suggesting that they'd arrest me if they found out I'm an accomplice No clue where they may have gotten that idea in their heads? Guess that explains why these cowboys were waving guns at me like it was the gunfight at the O.K. corral. So I vacated the area, watching the arrest from afar. Soon enough it was time for the police to search this wayward youth. Now I know what you're thinking... was he was armed? Nope.. but he was carrying five figures in cash on him.. now losing that REALLY must sting.. wish I could be a fly on the wall when he finds out how long he'll be behind bars for. Of course, that's not all.. poor kid seemed to think cops would just turn him back to his parents.. he seemed to be really embarrassed about the possibility of his parents seeing him on the evening news. Well I have great news for you kid, here you are.. front and centre on my debut. Now, I hear you ask but what about the perp's friends? Well.. according to the Officers on scene they were caught too, having crashed into multiple police vehicles in the process of evading... so at least he won't be in the pen alone.. But really that's another special kind of stupid.. their friend was the one in trouble, why the hell did they have to go and evade and earn themselves a multiple year sentence behind bars. (Felonies aren't a joke kids.) In short don't be a fucking idiot, sure you may dislike cops.. but there's better ways to go about it than swinging on an officer and earning yourself a multi-year stint in the pen. Especially when you're still going through puberty. And guess what kid? You're famous now, congratulations. Moral of the fucking story? Don't waste your life pulling stupid shit like this. DONATE IF YOU CAN PLEASE, CAMERA GEAR IS FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Every dollar helps put food on the table and thus helps me make more content. CashApp: ButchParadise ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010002614 Paradise Donation.)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment:
  9. *The website's quite plain in display, everything center-aligned: 'anotherdayinparadise.net.' There's a disclaimer at the top of the page that reads:* GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ My day started relatively normal. Coffee and a few scenes in Vinewood. In my absolute fucking hubris, I thought it'd be an easy day as a result. I could not possibly have been more wrong. I enjoyed my coffee while it lasted. Some kid had gotten himself arrested by running his car into a K-9 Cruiser. Goofy shit like this never lasts for too long- only long enough for you to let your guard down. One minute you're sipping some overpriced bullshit from Rockford, the next you're wrist-deep in brains. I swing Southside to check out what's going on below the Olympic. It's usually quiet this hour. Traffic stop on three dudes who don't look like they wanna be there? K-9 onscene? In the industry, we call this 'foreshadowing'. It's moments like this I'm glad I run dashcam. I pull past this stop. Normal to the untrained eye. To me? Nah. Dog? Woofin'. Torrence? Black. Tints? Dark. Cops? Outnumbered. Hotel? Trivago. I keep going. I'll loop back around to take a look at things from across the road. Yeah, see this little piece of imported shit? It'll be come relevant in a moment. I drive up the road and pass it in the opposite lane on my way. Once I take the U-Turn, it speeds off towards Jamestown. I would soon find out why. So I sit my fat ass across the street and watch that first car like a hawk. I know something's bound to happen. ...I just don't know what. Or when. Being in LS this long, you develop a sixth sense. It's like a gaydar, but for hoodrats. So, I'm waiting for some funky shit to go down when a game of Call of Duty kicks off in Jamestown. Now, usually that would be normal, but right now, we also got this fucking stop next to it. I make the executive decision to break off and follow the Scout that split from the stop. Did you catch that? Guy in the Scout sure did, and he gave chase. Yeah- it's that rice-burner from earlier. Screaming out of Jamestown like a bat out of hell, that Sultan is carrying some serious firepower. I like to call them 'gunboats'. Apt enough name, I think. So- now we have a shooting. It's enough for me to pursue. Hook line and sinker. Can't blame the officer here, but needless to say, following that car was a bad fucking idea. We get just a little down Jamestown street before I hear the chattering of a Davis typewriter. The car ahead of me explodes into a hail of glass and gore. Shooting two. It isn't pretty. I get out to render aid but it's no use. The guy's a goner and I can see it from my driver's seat. Normally I don't blur anything, but I'd rather not get my ass kicked by SWAT or something. So instead, just imagine putting your hand into a watermelon and scooping out the inside. Then shoot the watermelon with a 12 gauge. That's what it looked like. Honestly? I wish that's where it ended. But it wasn't. While we're sitting there trying to figure out what the fuck just happened, another volley of gunfire erupts from where we were. This time it wasn't automatics, but it didn't matter. The end result was ultimately the same, either way. I get in my car and skid that way. Three more officers down. A K-9 Handler, patrolwoman, and patrolman. Dog made it out okay. No-one else did. Same as last time, I was in for a mindblowing experience on arrival. BLS Kit wasn't going to do shit. The top of the guy's head had been removed with a slug from a .45. I must've stood there getting circled by black four-doors for five minutes. Busy evening, I called twice. Eventually, I got sick of being gawked at and having to watch my back and just hit his panic button. Little orange switch on their radios. Sends every cop on the island to you in 30 seconds. My coffee was cold by the time all was said and done. I drive home and decide to cruise. ...And what do you know. I turn a corner in the middle of fucking nowhere. And there, sitting in front of me, is the Torrence from earlier. It's like no matter how much I wanted to get away from that shit, it found a way to bite me back. Thankfully, all its upstanding occupants had fled and were nowhere to be found. However, it had a license plate. So the driver is Grade-A fucked. If you're reading this, dude, you owe me a new shirt. So by now you're probably wondering, what's the moral to all of this? Surely there's a lesson to be learned here from the Author, right? Yeah, well, not really. The moral is don't fucking come here. Don't come to LS. Don't try to raise your kids here. Don't give in to tourism. Don't listen to LSGov. There are no more stars in LS. There is no more glamour, and there especially are no more heroes. The studios are closed, Vinewood is a lie. Every hero this city has ever had is dead and gone. A failed experiment, a place that has defied reason since its inception. Crude Oil and sunscreen. Build a metropolis in the middle of the desert and pipe water in. This is what happens when you play God. PARADISE Vol. I: First Impressions PARADISE Vol. II: Sodom & Gomorrah PARADISE Vol. III: Streets of Fire PARADISE Vol. IV: What the Hell? PARADISE: Dangers of Society PARADISE: January Riots PARADISE: Battle of LS PARADISE: Stormfront Donate to help me film this shit (it ain't easy): Every bit helps and is put toward my cost of living. And beer. CashApp: AshParadise Bitcoin Address (Bech32): bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010003978 Paradise Donation.)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
  10. This thread will follow a character development of Anwar Muhammad. An Egyptian young adult that is passionate about getting into the money world, and starting his dream business. His dream is to become like his father a famous business man, and continue his father's steps. The development will not be focused in the legal side of the character, but will also be focused on the illegal side of the character, that will happen if the development lead him to that.
  11. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Hope you've been doing your kegels, babe. Letter from the editor: Sis, stop reading the story and BE the story. Submit your gossip to our handy and under-fucking-utilized gossip submission form. Chop chop. Also Like, Subscribe, Share, is this your first time online? Click HERE ! LSVIXEN XOXO ❀️ Survey Says: Minors are Literally Dying in the Streets According to LEOs & Medical Responders. Is a Solution in Sight? (Photocred: Jenna Song) Duuuuuude, what the fuuuuuck? I know. Super-duper serious article time. Bear with me, I think it's worth talking about. Let's set the scene. Flash. You're at a Car Show at 2:00 AM having fun. A thirteen year old boy tries all the doors on your car to no avail as a girl from the group of children tries and fails at distracting you by challenging you to a footrace (Girl, I'm literally in heels. No.) A cop car drives by and scatters them. You leave and get a call from a friend who stayed behind. It turns out a massive brawl broke out a mere two minutes after you left. Flash. You're buying smokes at the 24/7 at midnight. The sixteen year old boy in line in front of you is yelling at the 19 year old cashier to give him cigarettes. She doesn't want to lose her job, but she doesn't want to lose her life. You decide to stay until the boy leaves and then escort the cashier to her car only to see the boy getting attacked by street thugs. You and the girl make it out safely, if a bit shaken and call the police to help the boy. Flash. You're covering a crime scene. An 11 year old boy in ratty clothes is roaming the roadway trying to throw himself into oncoming traffic. Is he suicidal? Is he trying to get a warm bed and meal at Pillbox Hill Medical Center? Who knows. The police intervene and he leaves your sight but not your mind. These stories are not uncommon. They are just a slice of the experiences I've had in this city and you've probably had your own. The final incident I mentioned stuck with me though and triggered something deep down in my icy cold heart. I needed to know how bad the problem is and if there are any real solutions our government can actually do to stop it if there is an issue. So I sent a six question survey to the Los Santos Police Department, the Los Santos Sheriff's Department, Pillbox Hill Medical Center, and the Los Santos Fire Department to see how deep the rabbit hole goes and what they're take is on a potential solution to the problem. Who did the LS Vixen ask and what is their level of experience? So I first asked a question to figure out who I was talking to. Mostly Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) responded from the Sheriff's and Police Department. We did get a solid 26 percent of the survey responding from the Medical Responders perspective which is really important when we talk about the gruesome results of interactions with minors by emergency responders. The second question could have killed the article before it was made. If the responders had rare interactions ("Yes, once or twice" or "No, never") when asked if they've ever witnessed or responded to incidents involving a minor being harmed, then we wouldn't have much of a problem to explore. Eighty one percent of those asked have responded to calls or witnessed incidents involving minors being harmed. These two questions established that I was surveying the people with the experience relevant to answering the deeper questions. Adult Guardians for Minors are Nearly Non-Existent. To get an idea of current trends, I asked responders whether an adult guardian was present the last time they responded to a call involving a minor. Eighty six percent of the first responders said no adult guardian accompanied the minor in the last incident, leaving only 5% of responders indicating some form of adult guardian was present. But that's just the last incident they recall. I wanted to know more. The next question asked them how often they encounter adult guardians with the minors that they interact with. A whopping ninety-four percent of responders indicated that almost never or rarely is an adult guardian present at the time. So what did we learn from these two questions? Well. The kids we see every day in the streets are usually unchaperoned. Lacking adult guidance and supervision, they're more likely to get involved in dangerous scenarios that lead them into interactions with emergency services and then have to navigate those interactions on their own. Without this guidance, LEOs and Medical Staff are forced to play babysitter for unchaperoned kids involving themselves in risky situations and it likely leads to some delays in responding to other emergency services. But it's not just a slow-down in emergency response times that's the risk here. There's a big fucking risk that I had to ask about. Are these kids safe? Kids are Fucking Dying. Guys, I'm going to be real with you. I don't have a funny haha joke for this shit. Fifty-seven percent of emergency responders indicate that Minor fatalities are "Often" or "Almost always" involved in these types of calls. Only fifteen percent of responders indicated Minor fatalities were rare or almost never happened in their experience. That is fucking insane. This reveals that half the time these folks are called onto scenes involving minors, it involves the death of the child. We established above that these kids are mostly unaccompanied by adults and the consequences are often enough death before they get a chance to actually live their lives. This is deeply fucked up. But is there anything that can be done? Survey says.... Most First Responders Support a Citywide Curfew. I've spoken extensively to sources within the Police Department, politicians, and civilians about this problem and one solution that kept getting brought up in casual conversation was some form of city-wide curfew for minors in order to make sure in the late hours of the night they aren't wandering into their own deaths or causing the deaths of others. Seventy-six percent of responders supported a curfew as a possible solution to this problem. And when we just look at medical first responders a little over half of them agree that a curfew might help curtail the amount of kids dying in the streets. All in All I know this is different from my usual content. I know it's super-duper serious and kind of sad. I'm not blind or deaf to the tone shift here. But I have a platform, I have the best readers in Los Santos, and I am a complex Vixen with complex tastes. When we've got politicians running for office on vague issues, I want to smash their face into a paper that shows a real fucking problem and have them create real fucking solutions. None of this charity mingling bullshit, none of this vague Red Versus Blue posturing. They can fuck off with all of that nonsense. Police Officers and EMTs are not childcare workers and they are not babysitters. We have real problems. They have real consequences. We demand real solutions. Vixen Out. XOXO, DISCLAIMER >Comments are enabled!
  12. Story of Christopher Keevan II, aka "Bull-Dozer".
  13. The topic will see the development of Matthew Capanna fifth-generation Italian guy, dedicated to criminal activities such as, armed robbery and drug dealing.
  14. Danijel Aleksic, born on 07/AUG/1995 in Zvezdara, Beograd, RS
  15. "LSSD & LSFD Respond To Hit and Run, One In Custody Written by Scarlett Remington, 09/06/2023 (Pictured: Scene on Vespucci Boulevard, across from The Blue Lion) (( Plates blurred.)) On September 6th, at roughly 12:20am a unidentified vehicle occupied by two individuals was speeding down Vespucci Boulevard, when they managed to hit a stray civilian head on. The victim, Jacoby Aarons - aged 25, who just moved to Los Santos, was casually stepping off his motorcycle with intent to walk across the street to get a late night drink at the local bar, The Blue Lion, before his night turned for the worst. (Pictured: Aftermath in the Hit and Run of a victim, LSFD hard at work) (( These two pictures would have blurred portions: hiding any gore-like injuries. Blood would be visible. Plates blurred.)) The moment he stepped off his bike to cross the street, he was struck by the oncoming vehicle showing disregard for the mass amount of patrons in the area. "Well, I had just hopped off my motorcycle and was about to cross the street to the bar.. - Then out of no where I see a black compact car to my left; before I could react, I woke up here [Pillbox]" says Aarons from his hospital bed. Prior to arriving on the scene, the LSI was catching up to the area when our attention was caught by a Los Santos Sheriff's Department Deputy, who was seen utilizing his door to take down a fleeing suspect, unknown to be related to the scene near The Blue Lion at the time. Once near the scene, a Sergeant with the LSSD commented "So - just so you get the gist of this? Guy ran over a civilian, left the car on foot, and we got him here. Just behind us, the opposite sidewalk to the Blue Lion. On Vespucci basically, [he] tried running back towards the car (his friend was driving now), but I intercepted it and he wasn't able to get in the car." (Pictured: Suspect that fled the Hit and Run, apprehended by the hard working & quick reacting LSSD) Taking some feedback from some of the spectators who witnessed the gruesome hit and run, "He started walking and /boom/, he got smoked..", "I didn't see nothing but the sound was horrendous...", "He hit the guy, got out of the car, and started running. Lost sight of him when he went around the block." In response to telling Mr. Aarons that one of the suspects was taken into custody, "My legs are killing me, my ribs feel like they're in a million pieces, my face feels like a balloon. Sounds like something will happen to him at least." Expected to make a full recovery, the new resident of Los Santos got a taste of the life here, in the worst way possible.
  16. Tulburate by the past, destroyed by the present, killed by the future. The man trying to find reason within people. Nothing shall remain hidden from the truth.
  17. This thread will follow the development of Thomas Flores.
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