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  1. NEWS • Crime Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • May 15th, 2022 Motorist killed in high speed pursuit, two arrested Late this night in Little Seoul, two men were arrested for evading a traffic stop; a chase that led to the death of one motorist. One of the suspects being chased. - Yunisa Delgado-Flores Click the left and right arrows to see more. ((album on next page)) On May the 15th, early in the morning, a tragic accident occurred in the middle of a high speed chase between four LSPD-marked cruisers and two unidentified males. A traffic stop initiated on Carson Avenue at approximately 2:50AM where, the two suspects - two males in their early 20s - fled in their Chino. Officers began chase and, through the use of a spike trap, disabled the vehicle by Adam's Apple Boulevard. According to an officer on scene, in the middle of the pursuit between the officers and the suspects, the two suspects slammed into a man driving his motorbike down the street. An EMT quickly came to the victim's aide, however he was pronounced dead on arrival. The victim remains unidentified. The chase ended in Little Seoul by Adam's Apple Boulevard, where the vehicle crashed against a divider. The two men sprinted out of the vehicle, where a foot pursuit began. One of the suspects fell not long after exiting the vehicle, while the other sprinted a few yards before being brought down by a tazer. One of the suspects is in critical, but stable, condition; EMTs arrived on scene shortly after their detainment to take them into their care. The other was taken away for booking. The identities of the suspects nor their motives for evading the traffic stop remain unknown to the Daily News. Comments are enabled: Username: Comment:
  3. NEWS • Crime Written by Yunisa DELGADO-FLORES • May 15th, 2022 Man found shot dead in Del Porro parking lot, suspects at large A body was found late last night in a parking lot overlooking Vespucci beach with seven gunshot wounds, multiple directed at their head. The body, discovered by someone who wished to remain anonymous On May the 15th, early in the morning, a body was discovered by a pedestrian in a Del Porro parking lot off of Bay City Avenue on their way home from work. "I was making my way home from work, and I thought I saw a man laying on the concrete.", the witness said, who wished to keep their identity a secret. "Usually- I wouldn't mind. There's a lot of drunks in this city, you know? It's not uncommon to see someone passed out on a Saturday night. But something was rubbing me the wrong way." "I turned to pull into the parking lot and the headlights shown the blood." The witness then proceeded to call the police who, after five minutes, proceeded to investigate the scene. The medical examiners office state that the victim suffered a total of seven gunshot wounds from 9mm rounds; five of which were directed at his head. The exact details of the shooting remains unknown, including the number of shooters, suspects, and motive. However, experts suspect that this is a gangland-style execution due to the manner of injuries sustained. There are currently no known suspects behind this murder. If anyone has any information as to the identity of the victim or the shooters, they are encouraged to reach out to the Daily News and the Los Santos Police Department. Comments are enabled: Username: Comment: (())
  4. ((This thread will follow the story and activities of Isaac Hamaguchi)) Back Story Early Life: Isaac Hamaguchi is a 3rd generation Japanese American. He was born and raised in Little Seoul, where his grandfather, Haruto Hamaguchi, primarily brought him up. With his family being in poverty and falling just short of the living wage, his parents were always working desperately, trying to keep themselves afloat and food on the table. Leaving Isaac when he was not in school with his Grandfather Haruto, a retired mechanic. His time with his grandfather was an escape from reality until he got home. Since he was so young, he didn’t understand that this was wrong; to him, it was normal. Teenage Years: In Isaac’s teen years, his parents put more and more pressure on him, when he did not meet their expectations, he was greeted with scorn and disappointment. He understood why but it made life hard. He started to become closed off isolated, and he bottled up his emotions to the point where he only felt frustrated. The only time he felt at peace was when he was with his grandfather. As he moved into high school, things didn’t get much better; he struggled to make friends and was often bullied for his worn attire; in combination with his home life, he could only bottle up so much and began to lash out, he felt like nobody understood him, whenever teachers tried to talk to him he couldn’t express how he felt or why he felt the way he did, to them he was just another troubled boy to far gone to save. The only person he could confide in was his grandfather, but even then, he wasn’t able to tell him everything. As the years passed, Isaac became emotionally detached, having no empathy, but clung to things that were most dear to him, afraid of letting them slip away. A constant emotional battle in his mind, on the outside he was cool and calm, on the inside he was battling himself, unsure how to feel, and unable to let it out. As the years went on the divide between Isaac and his parents grew. The more they tried to push him in one direction, the harder he pushed back, doing the opposite of what they desired purely to spite them. By the age of 16, he had been kicked out of his parent’s house, they were unable to cope with him any longer. So, he moved into his grandfather’s house. It was at this time Isaac found his enjoyment in cooking, Haruto teaching him traditional Japanese meals, and dishes, alongside this Isaac and his grandfather, spent their free time working on his Sultan Classic, his pride, and joy. As a result of this, Isaac began to excel in his culinary classes and mechanic classes. Life seemed like it was looking up for Isaac, but the hard truth settled in very quickly, his grandfather couldn’t afford to keep him. This began to show after a few weeks, Isaac would see his grandfather having smaller meals just so Isaac could have more, it broke his heart seeing the one person he truly cared about giving up his health, just because of him. Isaac asked his grandfather about their position, and why he wouldn’t sell his car and use his money to live happily. To which he answered, “To take away what I have had for so long, will take away a part of what makes my living happy”. Isaac felt useless. He was determined to help his grandfather, he felt guilty. He knew there were drugs being sold around his school, and he knew that the kids who did it always had cash, he wanted a piece of that. Isaac began speaking to the dealing kids, putting up a charismatic front. He began to get friendly with the group over time, after a few months they brought him into their little enterprise. They believed Isaac was their best friend, the truth was Isaac didn’t care much about them, they got him where he needed to be, that was all he cared about. When the cash started coming in, he used it to help his grandfather, buying food, water, everything he needed. His grandfather questioned where the cash was coming from, but Isaac just shrugged it off and said it was a support fund from the school. He kept this up until he finished school, he had saved up enough to last him and his grandfather a while. Satisfied, he took a step back from selling, his group wasn’t impressed but Isaac convinced them to allow it, reminding them that it was more money in their pockets. Adult Life: By the time Isaac was 24, he and his parents stopped communicating altogether, it was just Isaac and his grandfather until he passed away that is. Haruto became suddenly ill, he tragically died, leaving Isaac feeling isolated and alone once again. The government took his house back, the only thing that his grandfather was able to leave him, was his Sultan Classic. By this time his savings were dwindling, he couldn’t look after his grandfather anymore, it was only him. Like Haruto once did, he refuses to sell the Sultan, seeing it as the only piece of his grandfather he has left. Now he sleeps in his car, using the money he had left for food, and fuel, with it quickly running out he needs to try to find a way to keep on living.
  5. The Dice-Man This thread will be following the life of Other Car affiliate Derrick Tuy... (Image of Derrick Tuy from his Snapchat stories. January 17, 2015.) (Image of Derrick Tuy via TTCF records, January 16, 2017.) (Image of Derrick Tuy from a surveillance camera. February 13, 2022.) Beach Life Derrick Tuy "Dice-Man" is a Cambodian-American male born in Vespucci Beach. Since a child he's been involved with petty crime such as shoplifting and other forms of petty theft. He was always surrounded by bad influences as most of his friends were doing drugs and constantly getting in fights. As he grew into a teenager he started to get involved with the narcotics trade, along the way he met his closest friend Harold "Omen" Neang. (Image of Derrick Tuy and Harold Neang via Neang’s Facebrowser. June 5th, 2008) Armed Robbery On January 16th of 2017, Derrick Tuy was picked up for an armed robbery. He had planned with Harold Neang to rob an LTD out in Strawberry that they'd been passing by for a while. Due to the high rates of crime in the neighboring town Davis, they figured they would be able to get away with it since the cops would be distracted. When the day came, Harold was picked up on a narcotics charge. Tuy had no clue, but since he was in desperate need of the money he decided to hit the place himself. (CCTV footage of the robbery, Derrick Tuy is seen holding the cashier at gunpoint. January 15th, 2017.) Jailbird Derrick Tuy failed to successfully pull off the robbery alone, his vehicle was tracked down to his aunt's house where she ended up folding after a few questions. The charges started to stack up against Tuy, leading him to a 5 year sentence. Within his time in TTCF he got close with Mark Gantuya and Kevin Heoi, two heavyweights of the Other Car. He managed to impress the duo with his relentless attitude and perseverance. This attention landed him a life-long spot representing the Other Car on the streets. Present Day Derrick Tuy's released five years later, he reunites with Harold Neang to get more people involved with the crew. Will the duo manage to run a stable crew without landing back in the slammer for the long run? We'll find out together... (this pic goes hard, feel free to screenshot)
  6. Maxim Yahontov DoB: 03/11/1984 Place of Birth: Med Tsentr “Kavkaz”, Chechnya Nationality: Chechen Early Life: Maxim was born in 1984 in the town of Gudermes in Chechnya. He was an only child, raised by his Mother Khava and his Soldier Father Anzor. The Chechen republic was a tough place to grow up in, filled with struggle and hardships, but his mother and father did the best they could for Maxim. His father being a soldier, taught Maxim Discipline and Respect and how to defend himself whenever he was around. Maxim always had food in front of him and clothes on his back despite the hard times, albeit rugged. He did well in school in his early years, having an affinity for numeracy and money. He mostly kept to himself and focused on his work. He was always a driven boy, trying to impress his father and walk in his footsteps. Crime was prevalent in his hometown even before the war. But like so many others the war changed his life. During the first Chechen war for independence, his father was killed in action, leaving only Maxim and his mother, before his father left, he said to him “My son you are the man of the family while I am gone, look after your mother for me”. Since then, Maxim strived to do better, to do whatever it takes to look after his mother, she was all he had left. Chechen Soldiers: Chechen War 1994-1996 Teenage Years: After the war had ended in 1996 Maxim was 12 years old, the horrors of the war had left him scarred, his town ruined, his father died, and his mother bitter. Since his father’s passing his mother hadn’t been the same, she became closed and scornful. She couldn’t look at Maxim the same way, Maxim never understood why but none the less she was his mother, and he had vowed to himself to protect her. Once the country returned to some sort of normality Maxim returned to school, trying his best so he can provide for himself and his mother. Financially Maxim and his mother were not doing well, as the weeks went on money became more and more of an issue. In school, he heard of some kids making extra money doing odd jobs for someone called “The scrapper”. Deciding that he needed to take matters into his own hands to put food on the table he approached one of his peers asking about the jobs, after chatting for some time the other boy asked him to tag along and see what it was about. The jobs consisted of going around the derelict and destroyed parts of the town and scavenging any metal that was left behind from the war, including building materials, former military weaponry/machine parts. The catch was that they had to avoid the police and military patrols in the area if not they would be punished extensively for trespassing. His first time out with the group went well, after that he was hooked on doing more and more odd jobs for “The Scrapper”. His only motivation was the scraps of cash he received for the jobs, Maxim never saw it as bad, just a means to an end. His mother never questioned where the money came from, she didn’t care, no matter what Maxim did she never thanked him, she never really even acknowledged him, just fed him, watered him, and left him to his own devices. Hellbent on fulfilling his father’s wishes he never thought twice about the way she treated him, he just got on with it. As Maxim got older and the more jobs he did for “The Scrapper” the more he was recognised and rewarded for his work. When Maxim was 19 “The Scrapper” asked to have a meeting with Maxim and discuss what he called “Career Opportunities”. Learning that Maxim was good with numbers and money he offered him a job as an accountant of sorts, running the books for his scrapping business and other activities. Maxim considered the position not knowing what rabbit hole it would lead him down, but the pay was too good to turn up, he hesitantly accepted, and “The Scrapper” put him to work. Police Sketch from Eyewitnesses of "The Scrapper" Adult Life: Running and making the books for “The Scrapper” became his full-time job, he didn’t know the man’s real name until he was 24, but even still he never cared much for his real name, Maxim always called him Scrapper and that was that. Maxim worked under Scrapper for years, helping him grow his business and watching it sprout roots into other industries like Insurance, Loans, and even building development. Of course, each of these business ventures had an anterior motive, however, Maxim never cared about the moral choices, all he cared about was results and profits, much to Scrapper’s delight. But like all tall and proud structures, at some point in time, they will begin to crumble. Maxim never really knew Scrapper’s age, but he could see him getting old, the older Scrapper got the looser his grip was physically and metaphorically speaking. His businesses started to become sloppy, his choices less calculated, and his judgment more clouded. Police inquiries were becoming more frequent, beat cops became men in suits flashing badges, things were starting to go bad. The decline was slow and steady at first, but Maxim could see it in the figures, he saw the ship was slowly sinking and decided he would not go down with it. Thinking only for himself and his mother, who now was getting old herself, he began secretly hiding cash away, stealing small portions from each business, and rigging the books to make it look legit. As soon as the ship was about to go under, he would take a step back and watch it sink from the shore. Of course, this was no easy feat, working so closely with Scrapper meant that eyes would also be on him, when he left, he had to vanish, but then he thought about his mother, she couldn’t disappear. Thinking back on how his mother had treated him the last 30 years she treated him like he was invisible anyway, he decided he could look after her from afar, not as if she would notice anyway. It took a few years for the police to crack down on Scrapper’s empire, during this time Maxim carefully articulated his escape plan, slowly depositing his stolen money into an offshore account, acquiring a fake ID to cross the border into Georgia then fly overseas from there. His plan worked, he left a note to his mother along with some cash stating that he will send more whenever he can, he was out of the country before Scrapper was even arrested. He felt like he should have said goodbye to Scrapper, after all they had worked together for nearly 20 years, but despite this, Maxim never really cared much for the man, only the work and money he provided. Maxim fled to the states, more specifically Los Santos where he used the money to set himself up for a quiet but comfortable life, he thought of it as an early retirement of sorts, after all, he had worked hard his whole life. Image of the mentioned stolen Cash. Present Day: Maxim is 37 years of age now, he has been living in Los Santos for nearly a year now, the first few months were bliss, and he enjoyed his “retirement”, spending days at the beach, going to the gym, sending money back to his mother every couple of weeks along with a letter asking how she was doing. The money was always received but he never ever got a letter in return. After nearly 5 months of living in the states, each day was becoming the same, there was no excitement, no variety just living. Maxim decided he needs to start doing something again, but what he decides remains to be seen…
  7. Duquan Wilburn Age 16 years. Duquan was born into stable household. His mother worked as a carer for children with learning disabilities and his father worked as a mechanic at a local garage. Duquan had a very comfortable upbringing in a quiet suburb within the city of Los Santos causing him to become a well mannered teenager with a desire to learn. He had been progressing well throughout school and was being heavily influenced by his peers around him to continue with his passion to learn. Duquans parents also had a big impact on his studies and he thrived off of the support he was given. His parents abruptly split following the discovery of an ongoing affair his mother had been having. This caused Duquan to isolate himself from his mother choosing to move out of the family home with his father to the Carson Avenue area. Duquans father began drinking heavily and slowly spiralled into an alcoholic causing him to gradually lose his job and source of income. Duquan was forced to move schools to one which was more local it was at this point he became a target of abuse and bullying, being singled out for talking differently and growing up in more advantaged area. He struggled to defend himself and would often take beatings off of the older kids, this caused him to drop out of school lounging around the family home with little to do. Duquan began observing his peers around the block and was soon fascinated how some of his younger peers were able to afford the lifestyle they were living. He began to develop a sense of wanting to be apart of the crowd. Duquan has little to no street smarts and easily influenced by those around him he usually sits around the block by himself nervously watching his peers. Over the past month Duquan began to associate himself with members of the CMGB, his first pack being sold to repair his bicycle tire, the next few being sold to provide funds to buy new clothing and essentials. By this point he was already hooked on making money discovering this was something he was seemingly good at doing, In his spare time Duquan has began visiting Gyms around the city and discovered a previously unknown passion for the fight game training whenever he has spare time to do so. Due to a series of unfortunate events that have unfolded over the past few weeks Duquan has been forced to adapt to the reality of life in the hood prematurely losing several of his close homies in quick succession. This in itself has driven Duquan with his ambition of focusing on his fight game and selling drugs to help provide him with an avenue away from the streets.
  8. *In your character's bored browsing of the internet, they find a mysterious link to an independent local news project simply titled: 'PARADISE'. The website is quite plain; white background and black text accompanying a slew of images that are blurred until clicked. Everything is center-aligned. There's an imageboard comment section below.* My name's Ash. I'm an independent crime photojournalist. I've run pieces on Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, and Portland. None of those places hold a candle to the island of Los Santos in the slightest, but they don't pretend. Los Santos may be fake, but the images you're about to see are 100% real. This is an uncensored look into what the news media won't cover. Your sunny tropical paradise in its naked glory. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ 04:00 AM AUG 04 2021 First impressions weren't great. I landed on the island and got in my waiting van, needing to travel through the fabled South Central to make my way to the city's center. On my way, I noticed something peculiar in an alley to my right. A man was there with a few more. He had an UZI sub-machine gun in his right hand, pointing the muzzle at two guys he'd proned out against the wall. An armed robbery less than an hour in was how I knew I'd struck my grim gold. I booked a room at a motel I'll neglect to name and got a horrible few hours of sleep. Fucking jet lag. 09:33 AM AUG 04 2021 Street fight in El Burro Heights, at nine in the morning. You'd think these kids would be in school, but not here. Learning isn't necessary for the unfortunate life most are living in Los Santos. Held down by the government's ineptitude and false promises. Social programs that never come to fruition. I watched these two duke it out for three minutes. 10:38 AM 04 AUG 2021 Three guys hit the novelty shop together. They parked on the walkway and bought ski masks. I love a good masquerade. 10:43 AM 04 AUG 2021 The desperate and the dispossessed of Mission Row was one of the few truths this city had to offer me. Though, it didn't seem as bad in person. Maybe Los Santos projects its hate here and blames the homeless for the problems in the rest of the town. That's just an opinion. 10:00 PM 04 AUG 2021 A group gathers around the 24/7 I caught that fight at. Seems there's some kind of Sheriff's scene here. Couldn't tell you what about, I wasn't able to get close enough for that kind of blurb to put here. 10:11 PM 04 AUG 2021 Los Santos Police Department... tactical? Staging for something. Might have been something big. Didn't take the risk in following them there. Those SWAT guys don't play around. 10:33 PM 04 AUG 2021 Found this guy shot to death in the middle of the street. People were driving around him like he wasn't just lying there bleeding. One guy ran over his legs in a delivery van. Come rain, shine, or gore, the package got there, I guess. I called for Fire Department, but they didn't arrive in the ten minutes I waited. There were motorcycles swarming me so I left. 00:45 AM 05 AUG 2021 Some kind of police operation behind the Pillbox Bank. Probably a search warrant, if the last image is anything to go off of. I climbed a fire escape to take these pictures. Someone followed me up- homeless guy. He took one look at me leaning over the edge with a camera and left. He didn't even say anything. I don't blame him, honestly. Fucking weird. 03:34 AM 05 AUG 2021 Blood in the streets in the district of Rancho. Brass litters the blacktop like glimmering gold. No-one cares, and the world keeps turning. Somewhere out there, someone has been shot. Maybe we'll never know. 03:55 AM 05 AUG 2021 Two guys try to strong-arm me into not taking any pictures of the car accident they're involved in, for some reason. They were stuffing a motorcyclist into the back seat of a white car. I'll film where I please, unless there's a sign. Sorry, gents. Just the way the cookie crumbles. If you don't like film you shouldn't have moved to LS. 04:14 AM 05 AUG 2021 I found this girl shot outside of a strip club. One in the stomach. She was still conscious and lucid. She complained about the photograph until I started dressing her wounds and called EMS. Fire Department arrived and took care of her. I hope she's alright now, because she sure wasn't looking good when I arrived. 04:18 AM 05 AUG 2021 I was interrupted from helping the Fire Department by gunfire on an adjacent street. Twelve shots. Then six more. The rounds were going off even as I was driving toward the hair-raising reports of two or more handguns. When I arrived, I found another man lying face-down in an alleyway. He'd been shot to death, there was no way around that. I took a picture. As I was adjusting my focus, another man walked up and began running his pockets. I'm pretty sure he took everything. Sheriff's Department caught the guy being a vulture. He had a gun on him. Maybe it's an open-and-shut case. Maybe he's just a buzzard. 04:41 AM 05 AUG 2021 This deputy begged me to put him in 'the paper.' I didn't get a very good image because they were leaving anyway. Some kind of gunfight happened under the Strawberry Overpass. Right in the heart of the homeless camp, too. 06:09 AM 05 AUG 2021 A trucker is beaten up while making a delivery on the beach. Such a pretty view to be jumped to. That trucker should thank the attacker for such a thrilling and beautiful experience. 08:04 AM 06 AUG 2021 Two men get in an ego battle outside the bar I was at. Fists start flying while my camera's rolling. Checkered shoes won, and then he took it further. He stomped the guy on the ground until I saw blood leaking from his nose and he stopped groaning. Guy just walks off. It's only a murder of a dude you don't even know. Don't worry, scumbag. You'll get yours one day. 06:14 AM 07 AUG 2021 I foolishly go back to that bar the next day. When I'm just about to pull up, I hear shots pop off around the corner. I waited a few minutes then pulled around. There was a guy there- he'd been shot at least a dozen times. I couldn't help him even if I tried. The only way I can help him is by making sure he's not just a number in a drawer. This image makes him immortal. 06:23 AM 07 AUG 2021 Another body, less than five hundred feet away. I passed by him as I was driving away from the first one. He looked like he'd been there a while, and he'd been beaten to death with something. My guess was a brick or a bat. Who could tell? People kept using the clothing store, walking right around him like he didn't exist. People have a habit of that in LS it appears. 07:43 AM 07 AUG 2021 Yet another body outside this goddamn clothing store. This time, someone appeared to give a shit, but only because he was blocking the glass doors from opening with his inconvenient dead self. I'm sure they would have gone around otherwise. Los Santos is such a beautiful hellscape. Enjoy it while you're here, and remember, life is short and can end at any time. The photographs you've seen today were taken in only three days of roaming Los Santos. Every minute, every hour, something like this is happening. It's up to you whether or not you want to acknowledge it and push for change, or keep drinking the nightclub kool-aid and push those rose-tinted glasses further up on your nose. I'll be back for volume two at some point. PARADISE VOLUME II: SODOM & GAMORRAH PARADISE VOLUME. III: STREETS OF FIRE Donate to help me afford bills, equipment, and repairs: Every bit helps and is put toward my cost of living. I make zero revenue from PARADISE publications. Bitcoin Address (Bech32): bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010003978 Paradise Donation)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
  9. *In your character's bored browsing of the internet, they find a mysterious link to an independent local news project simply titled: 'PARADISE'. The website is quite plain; white background and black text accompanying a slew of images that are blurred until clicked. Everything is center-aligned. There's an imageboard comment section below.* My name's Ash. I'm an independent crime photojournalist. I've run pieces on Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, and Portland. I'm documenting my finds in Los Santos thus far, currently now nearly a month in to my stay on the island. This is what the major news networks won't cover- Crime on the day-to-day. A raw look into the real Los Santos, behind the mask of Vinewood glamour. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ 08:17 AM AUG 13 2021 I start my day off strong and early. Slept well for once. Davis is full of three-and-four deep sedans. Everyone's all masked up and ready for action, and it's a Friday morning. Somewhere along the line I find one of those cars flipped. Guy inside had been shot a few times, and the car rolled over on its roof. His friend ran off and left him- there was blood leading from the car across into an adjacent alley. There's not much he could have done for him, anyway. The deputy in charge of the scene was helpful in this case. Fisher or Fischer or something like that. 02:02 AM AUG 15 2021 I walk outside of the apartment block a friend lives in and spot a man lying face-up in the parking lot. Called for coroner's and police, but they didn't arrive until around 4:15 AM, where I caught them on my swing back around. Lots of bodies, not enough time. 02:28 AM AUG 15 2021 Bomb threat at the Yellow Jack Inn. All I wanted was a drink, but I got pictures, instead. Spoke with an officer of the LSPD for a few minutes while I was up on a billboard getting good angles. Turns out the whole thing was a hoax, guy caught charges for making threats on top of everything else he'd racked up. 05:18 AM AUG 15 2021 A teenager mourns the loss of his friend outside a block on Forum Drive, Chamberlain Hills. I arrived right after Coroner's were taking him away. Sad reality of life in South Central. 05:26 AM AUG 15 2021 Not too long after I'd taken that photo, police were back on that block- this time arresting a murder suspect. They sounded pretty sure they'd caught their guy. He had been stopped in the act, with the body of the victim right next to him. Two murders in thirty minutes, less than twenty-five feet apart. The density of homicides in South Central is unrivaled. 06:09 AM AUG 15 2021 Traffic stop on a four-occupied sedan on the Jamestown projects block. Law enforcement are very careful around these parts, and for good reason. The place is an ambush waiting to happen. 06:54 AM AUG 15 2021 Less than two hours after I'd seen him at a scene on Forum Drive, a deputy is shot dead in the middle of the road. Co-workers frantically work to save his life, but he didn't roll away in an ambulance. Death will come when you least expect it. 09:50 AM AUG 15 2021 Standing around in the parking lot of the block my friend's letting me stay at when a Dominator comes screeching up, nearly hitting us. My partner tells him to watch his driving. He gets out in a bulletproof vest and motorcycle helmet and says "he's debating whether to kill us or not." For a brief moment, I consider running him over in my car. He pulled a gun on us, then shoved it away and walked off. Cops were called, since he'd done it in front of quite a few witnesses who didn't take kindly to having pistols waved at them. Sheriff's Department pulled out the big guns on him. Good shots from above. 4:47 AM AUG 16 2021 In a particularly wild twist, I witness the guy in the orange hoodie here steal a masked biker's motorcycle and speed off on it. Around thirty minutes later, I spot orange hoodie in an alleyway with some friends. I pull aside. Gunfire erupts. When I return, one's dead on the ground, with orange hoodie bleeding out, and a third wandering around the scene. Sheriff's Deputies arrive in force to take control of the situation, placing the third suspect under arrest shortly afterward. Seemed to me like our masked biker is some sort of vigilante. If he's a good enough shot to kill two in a three-on-one gunfight and survive, he's doing something right. Can't endorse vigilantism, though. Bad for one's health. 9:35 AM AUG 16 2021 Myself and a few friends make the mistake of cruising around old abandoned industrial areas in my van. We head to Elysian Island- there's a trucking depot there with posted signs, so we go to a lot that doesn't belong to them to drive around and check out the old docks and machinery. A green Gruppe Six pickup truck starts chasing us before long, from Elysian Island all the way through Cypress Flats, El Burro Heights, La Mesa, and finally Mission Row Station. When the guy gets out of his truck he introduces himself as a "Protections Officer." It was ruled a 'misunderstanding' by the Police Department. What confuses me the most is the audacity to chase civilians in an unmarked car... as private security. Professional standards, right? 6:18 AM AUG 18 2021 Traffic stop on the Los Santos Freeway. Guns are drawn and both driver and passenger are brought out of the vehicle. No good details on this one, but I have a feeling it had to do with a situation I'd seen earlier where a deputy was shot near the Chianski mountain range. 9:23 AM AUG 18 2021 This is broken, can I return it? Two people are shot inside a car on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard during broad daylight. No further details about the shooting could be dug up, but they both left in Coroner's vans. 11:56 PM AUG 18 2021 Street fight in Chinatown erupted down the road from a bar. Guy on the ground was brutally beaten and had his money stolen right out of his wallet. The thief threw the empty billfold in the victim's face and ran off after kicking him in the ribs. I didn't stick around to try to talk to anyone. When I tried to offer medical aid they didn't seem to want it. 11:15 PM AUG 19 2021 I get pulled over on Forum Drive, probably matching a suspect of something or another. While I'm sitting there getting ready a gunfight erupts less than thirty feet to my left. I get let go from the stop, pull on my press badge, and film. Gangster shot down an LSPD canine handler, and in turn, the deputy who pulled me over shot the gunman dead. Neither of them made it. 11:52 PM AUG 19 2021 I walk outside my friend's apartment again and two people are shot in front of me. I lift my camera as the gunman runs past- he doesn't notice me, tunnel vision, I guess. It probably helped I was behind something, anyway. He zooms past me, gun in hand. I'd later film this same guy killing a third in not long after these pictures were taken. 1:06 AM AUG 20 2021 LSPD operation at a block I've unfortunately been to one too many times by now. SWAT were outside holding the door. Couldn't get much closer than I did here, didn't want to, either. 1:50 AM AUG 20 2021 The same guy from earlier shoots at someone out front of the DMV apartments and hops in his buddy's sports car to get away. Unfortunately for him, he did not get away, as he was killed by police during the pursuit after exchanging gunfire with them. If you'd believe it, we were just about to leave this location on merit of nothing happening, too. Lucky find. 2:17 AM AUG 20 2021 Los Santos Sheriff's Department in hot pursuit of... A taxi. Hazarding a guess he did something to warrant such a response. I was reeling video when they passed, and it came out wonderfully. 2:20 AM AUG 20 2021 I take a bathroom break inside a 24/7 on Davis and Macdonald Street. When I'm on my way out, a gunfight erupts a block over, near the public library. I used the digital recorder I bought at Seeker's to get a quick snip of the ambience of Davis. Blood and brass on the steps of the public library- A deadly reminder of how violence has taken precedent over knowledge. 4:39 AM AUG 21 2021 Another massive brawl, this time outside a corner store on Strawberry Avenue. Fists and feet fly. A passerby starts kicking one of the guys who'd lost the fight in the head. Our masked vigilante whips a Glock out on him and makes him back off, then picks all the injured up. Everyone goes about their day like that hadn't just happened. I'm not gonna get preachy at the end of this issue, I've had two before this to do that. By now, anyone who's regularly read these articles understands my prerogative. I want change. I can't force change, but I can try, by exposing reality. The island's gorgeous, but it's wasted potential. A dying flame. Gone are the days of movie studios and superstars. This is the here and now Los Santos. But it doesn't have to be. PARADISE Vol. I: First Impressions PARADISE Vol. II: Sodom & Gomorrah PARADISE: Dangers of Society Donate to help me afford bills, equipment, and repairs: Every bit helps and is put toward my cost of living. I make zero revenue from PARADISE publications. Bitcoin Address (Bech32): bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010003978 Paradise Donation)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
  10. *In your character's bored browsing of the internet, they find a mysterious link to an independent local news project simply titled: 'PARADISE'. The website is quite plain; white background and black text accompanying a slew of images that are blurred until clicked. Everything is center-aligned. There's an imageboard comment section below.* My name's Ash. I'm an independent crime photojournalist. I've run pieces on Flint, Detroit, Baltimore, and Portland. I'm documenting my time in Los Santos thus far. I'm two months into my stay here on the island. This is a raw look into the star-studded hell on Earth Los Santos has become. All images are free for use by anyone for any reason. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ 8:23 AM AUG 22 2021 I'm roused from sleep by the chatter of gunfire outside my apartment. All brass, no blood. People can't aim. A drive through Davis wouldn't hurt anything, it was eight AM after all. I made my way there and was graced by a street fight as I arrived, more than I could have asked for on such a hushed morning. It didn't last particularly long. 8:48 AM AUG 22 2021 I make my way down the street to Little Seoul. There's a cruiser in the road with a few deputies surrounding it. Deputy-involved shooting, he had no chance. His life was taken for a traffic stop. I helped how I could and left. 5:34 AM AUG 23 2021 High-speed chase through the county with a company Burrito van. Some real acrobatic shit was going on. Against my better judgement I got close enough to film more or less the entire thing. A deputy blocked me off so I wouldn't be hit by the van. Thanks, deputy. You're a champ. 12:34 AM AUG 23 2021 Civil dispute at the local occult shop on Mission Row's Atlee Street. Neither side could really decide who was in the err so they were made to go their separate ways. I stood around and watched for a while. The two guys being trespassed claimed the owners were racist, and the owners claimed the two men were sexist. What a gargantuan mess. 3:07 AM AUG 23 2021 One hell of a scene outside The Vault at Pillbox Hill. Police trucks and all. Couldn't get close enough for context. 8:43 AM AUG 24 2021 Deputy went missing at a scene in Strawberry. During all of that, there were repeat incidents of hammer attacks around Davis from presumably the same guys who initiated the first call. They caught at least two of them to my knowledge. I caught pictures of the third biking all over Davis. Brazen, you have to admire the balls on the guy. 8:45 AM AUG 24 2021 Escort services are abundant in Los Santos, both on street corners and on public advertisement agencies. I offered these two cash in exchange for an anonymous interview, but they called me weird. So instead, I took their picture. Guess I am. 9:47 AM AUG 24 2021 Traffic stop right outside the cheapo plastic surgeon in Mission Row. The driver must have had warrants, because they'd got her in a high-risk formation, led her out of the car- the whole shebang. I feel the most sorry for the car itself. That red is gorgeous. 11:55 PM AUG 25 2021 Another scene on Vespucci and Strawberry. A road often traveled means a road often prowled around. 11:18 AM AUG 27 2021 Gang activity and an argument at a 24/7 leads to deputies pulling up in force to investigate. Things thankfully went back to normal when they left, but the tension was thick enough to be cut with a knife. I expected blood. 6:46 AM AUG 28 2021 A shooting in Davis leaves one dead and a car filled with holes. I received a tip from a reader that there was something going on, and arrived just in time to speak with some of the deputies onscene and get some details. Based on the evidence we all saw, it was probably a drive-by shooting. Killed without a chance to react. He didn't know what hit him. 1:30 AM AUG 28 2021 Hot pursuit through Davis. This guy must've cut twenty different alleys trying to escape. No idea if he did! It was entertaining while it lasted, though. 11:26 AM AUG 31 2021 Someone gets blasted outside the nightclub I was outside of. Didn't catch the shooting itself, only the aftermath. Right in the heart of Rockford Hills. Bullets don't discriminate where you're from or where you're at. You are not safe in your ivory tower. A fire marshal was trying to save his life when I got close enough to see what was going on. 2:22 AM SEP 01 2021 Two guys creeping around in a black car with hoodies, masks, and gloves. Certainly not up to no good, and no cause for alarm. I took pictures and called it in. They didn't come back when cruisers started swinging through. 6:18 AM SEP 01 2021 Some guy's beating the shit out of another guy's Baller with a wrench. The owner shows up, wrench guy runs at him, and gets blasted out of his socks with a .45. The guy with the wrench's friend there starts shooting at the Gallivanter's owner. Then me. He didn't make it far. I must've called the police four times, my friend another two. Nothing. 3:23 AM SEP 02 2021 Sheriff's dominate a scene on Forum and Carson. They used the less-lethal on the guy in yellow. He fell down. 3:40 AM SEP 02 2021 Just down the road, police shoot the hell out of some guy in his car. They pushed up behind a cruiser as cover. He didn't make it out of there alive, a coroner's van took him right across the street. 12:59 AM SEP 03 2021 Trouble in Jamestown. When isn't there? Particularly today. From my perch I saw a shooting, a fight, and enough police presence to make Times Square jealous. A Los Santos Police helicopter was spying on the people scattered around below. 12:59 AM SEP 03 2021 More hell on Roy Lowenstien Boulevard. The citizens of Jamestown can't catch a break from flashing lights. SWAT and SWT were swarming the place like a Hispanic Bin Laden was holed up inside that house. They left empty-handed. A starless sky overcasts a starless city. A place where some dreams are made, and most dreams are broken. I'm not sure how to wrap this volume up other than scratching my head and wondering what led to it all. How could a place with such massive potential crumble and fall? History repeating itself? How could a city filled with millions feel so empty and desolate? Enjoy it all while you can. After all, "When in Rome..." PARADISE Vol. I: First Impressions PARADISE Vol. II: Sodom & Gomorrah PARADISE Vol. III: Streets of Fire PARADISE: Dangers of Society Donate to help me afford bills, equipment, and repairs: Every bit helps and is put toward my cost of living. I make zero revenue from PARADISE publications. BTC (Bech32) ((this is not real, use the /banktransfer!)): bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX 010003978 Paradise Donation)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
  11. Full Name: Duane Rogers Current Age: 21 Ethnicity: White American Duane is the son of the notorious inbred white supremacist Harry Rogers and mother Jenny Smith. Her father was known in the countryside of San Andreas as a dangerous druggie. Duane was only six years old when his father died from a meth overdose. He spent his younger years playing in the desert with his sister Georgia Rogers and studying the hunters techniques for when they grow up. At around the age of eight Duane was introduced to a new father figure which was his mother’s new boyfriend, John “Johnny” Brown. Growing up with Johnny was different to when he was with his dad, Johnny was less biased and racist against other races. Even though Johnny was like that Duane still followed his deceased father’s beliefs that the whites were the one true race and all the rest were horrible people. At the age of ten Duane’s new father figure Johnny had organized a trip to Los Santos to see the big city, unfortunately this is where Duane’s feelings towards black people would pay. Upon arriving they bought a motel room on the eastside of Los Santos, from there Duane would sneak out the motel room with his sister Georgia while their parents were sleeping. They snuck out into the night of Los Santos filled with junkies, gang bangers, and other dangerous people of that sort. While walking around they stumbled into a black gang’s territory known as the East Side Slausons. After moving into there they spotted one of the gang members and Georgia yelled “Look at that n*gger!”. The Slauson then turned around to see the two kids and reached to his waistband for his gun, Georgia ran but Duane fled too late and got shot in the back while running. Medics and police soon arrived after an anonymous caller told the police about the situation they witnessed while walking by. Duane was now in the hospital on life support as the bullet had hit and went into his upper back area near his cervical spine. In order to pay for Duane’s hospital bills and support Jenny had to take up a job as a cashier. After a week Johnny left Jenny and she was left depressed and her will to keep going on started slowly fading. Unfortunately even the job couldn’t pay for all the bills she had to pay and was eventually sued for their trailer in the countryside. They were now homeless and Duane had just gotten out of the hospital and physical therapy. By then a year had passed and they were surviving off donations and trash cans. When Duane was thirteen he was exposed to the white crime world of Los Santos when he and the rest of his family relocated near Dog Town. He soon cliqued with the local tagging groups and skatepunk scenes in the area and was known as “Country Boy”. He made friends with the kids around there and one day was invited to go with them to smash open some gumball machines and steal its cash. naturally as a young boy wanting to fit in he accepted and went with them on the mission. They hit up the first spot near the beach’s tattoo shop then hit up two more at the Cluckin’ Bell. The mission went successfully and Duane decided to start saying that he was from Dog Town. Shenanigans like that had kept going on until Duane turned sixteen and had finally got enough money to rent an apartment for his family and buy a small pistol. With the pistol he guarded his mother and sister from the dangers of the night. Soon enough his sister, Georgia who was seventeen at the time had decided to hang out with him and join up in the crime life. They soon planned more activities to engage in such as muggings or pickpocketing. Soon they decided to do something bigger and had planned to rob a gas station in China Town with two other Dog Town boys. They prepped for it and had bought masks and glasses and everything to hide their identity. When the day came they rode in a four seater sedan to the gas station and walked in brandishing their guns and demanding money. The Chinese man at the register refused to give them the money and thats when Duane shot one of his liquor bottles, the gun shot could be heard around the area and soon police came after them the Chinese man finally gave up the money. Georgia went and grabbed the car and drove it around back as the other two and Duane went through the back door and to the car. They sped off but unfortunately for them someone had taken a picture of their license plate and had reported it. They had made around four thousand dollars from the heist and were living quite lavishly to the area’s standards. Sadly their high life ended quickly as the police had arrived at Duane’s apartment and demanded him and his sister for questioning about the robbery. Their mother wept and cried as they took them away. The two didn’t say a word about what happened in the gas station and were put in jail for the night since they were both minors and it was both their first offence. The next day they got a taxi home and unlocked the door to see the horrific scene of their mother dead on the floor with an open pill bottle. They arranged a funeral for her up in the countryside where they came from where the Dog Town locals and distant relatives showed up. After the funeral they had talked to each other and decided to move back up to the countryside and settle down for a little bit. They moved there and into a trailer where they spent around three years working normal jobs, making talk with the locals, and just “chilling” out. After a while the pair had decided they have had enough of the boring lifestyle and decided to move back to Vespucci and get back into crime.
  12. The thread will follow Michael's development. Michael is a young Italian-American in his mid 20's and he was born in Los Santos. His father died when he was in early teens, his mother was sick and she could not work. So, as every good kid, he started working to survive with his mother. She would tear up every time he'd bring money home. He felt happy to be able to help his mother, two years later, his mom passed away and he was left alone. He felt very sad for the few weeks but he could not change the fact that they died. He's living alone and he is working different types of jobs to earn money. Michael Calabrese in 2019, three days before his birthday:
  13. *In your character's bored browsing of the internet, they find a mysterious link to an independent local news project simply titled: 'PARADISE'. The website is quite plain; white background and black text accompanying a slew of images that are blurred until clicked. Everything is center-aligned. There's an imageboard comment section below.* GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING - 18+ 03:55 AM AUG 11 2021, CARSON / BROUGE AVENUE On the 11/AUG/2021 at 03:55 AM myself and another Project PARADISE journalist were filming a traffic stop in Davis from a vantage point. While our video and DSLR cameras were rolling, all four occupants of the vehicle exited with firearms and opened fire. It is unknown as to the medical condition of the deputies who were involved in this shooting. All four of the suspects escaped on foot, and no further gunfire was heard in the area. Let this be a shocking example of how dangerous this city truly is. Any information that could lead to arrest should be forwarded to the Los Santos County Sheriff's Office. If this video and these images disturb you, that's a good thing. It means this place hasn't desensitized you yet. There's a war going on in your streets, and the folks on top don't seem to care. Push your politicians for change. It doesn't have to be this way. PARADISE VOL I: FIRST IMPRESSIONS PARADISE VOL II: SODOM & GAMORRAH Donate to help me afford equipment, an apartment, and repairs: bc1zg4tskar7xfwivy5l643lydlw9re59gtyzwf5mdq ((/banktransfer XXXXX Ashton Love Paradise Donation)) -COMMENTS ARE ENABLED- Username: Comment: ((Character Thread))
  14. What happened in Mission Row? A mysterious event occurred in the Mission Row police precinct today. Police were preparing for a "suspect" to come inside and presumably fill out a form of some sort (We all know the LSPD loves their bit's of paper). However, when the man entered he was taken into custody and has not been heard from since. I ask you, the readers, who was this man? what did he do to warrant such an offense on his freedoms? Only time will tell, stay posted for the full story as Sparrow News digs deep to unravel the truth. If you have any information please, do not hesitate to reach out. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
  15. Gang Killing in Strawberry. On Tuesday night 4 bodies were found outside Bert's Tool Supply Co. Three in the Alley, and one on the side walk outside the parking garage. A nearby witness claimed it was the Main St. and Families gangs fighting each other. The fight was attributed to "Gang Politics" by the witness. When pressed further, the 13 year old claimed "They just don't F*ck with each other". Upon investigation of the scene police officers found assault rifle casings. When asked what happened the Officers on scene stated they could not comment on an ongoing investigation. After going to the police station Officers said events like this occurred all the time. Are we as citizens of Los Santos just ok with this? A lack of caring? A lack of transparency form our Police force? Why are bodies piling up in the street with no answers? Is it just because it's "Gang Politics"? Do people not matter in Los Santos? These are the questions I pose to you, the reader of Sparrow News your independent news source, focusing on what's getting overlooked. Stay tuned for our next pieces on local business in Los Santos, and city biker gangs taking crime to Sandy Shores. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
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    Gabriel Messina

    This thread will follow the character development of Gabriel Messina in The Conti Crime Family.
  17. This thread will follow the development of Thomas Flores.
  18. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. A Nightmare in Fantasia: Two Dead after G6 Shooting at Magnolia Event. BY RANA KHATI Fantasia Event Hall Logo. On January 23rd, 2021, a Gruppe SIx guard fatally shot a young African-American man after a security breach lead to a brawl on the dance-floor of the Fantasia Event Hall; later, the same guard was then fatally shot while sitting detained in the back of an LSPD cruiser. The G6 Fantasia Hall shooting has seized the internet in the recent days, with press releases from Magnolia Records, G6, and Fantasia, a call to protest G6, and many often conflicting online accounts of what actually happened. The Rana Report contacted both G6 and Magnolia Records to hear what their understanding of the truth is to present you with a more solid understanding of the nights events from the different perspectives. G6 Armed Response Logo Rana sat down for an interview with CEO Clifford Hunter of Gruppe Six, who has been the CEO for half a year now: Manager Daniel Jones (left) & COO Melissa Cole (right) of Magnolia Records We also sat with both Chief Operations Officer Melissa Cole and Manager Daniel Jones of Magnolia Records who were on scene at the event and had their own perspective of the harrowing event: While we are unsure at this time whether Fantasia Event Hall will be taking civil action against G6 with regard to the lost revenue, we are sure that the loss in lives is a cost beyond measure. The LSPD has no comment at this time. The story will be updated with a link to the CCTV footage when it is released by Magnolia Records. With a community in heartache, a demonstration planned for tomorrow January 25th is sure to bring people together to express collective frustration, grief, and anger but may provide the necessary closure many need. The Rana Report will be covering the protest and has reached out to Fantasia Event Hall to arrange a final interview on the harrowing night, perhaps to lend the last bit of clarity needed for Los Santans to have a clearer picture of a truly dark night. UPDATED 10:58 pm 1/25: CCTV Footage Released With the release of the CCTV footage, one can see much more of t he situation. below you can see the young man being shot for the first time in the crowd, The Rana Report cannot detect glass bottles near his position. The images show the initial shot and as he is falling after having been shot three times, another security guard winds up for a strike with the flashlight. While it does show the security officer shooting the young man a number of times, the CCTV appears to show that the guard stopped shooting once the victim was on the ground. These images are disturbing and should not be viewed by sensitive readers. Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent news! > Comments are enabled
  19. THE RANA REPORT Your source for the latest Los Santos news, investigative journalism, and city-wide updates. BREAKING NEWS: Two detained in LSPD raid on Sabella's in Mirror Park BY RANA KHATI LSPD Tactical Team initiating the raid on Sabella's On Thursday January 21st, 2021, a tactical team was deployed and raided a Mirror Park/Murietta Heights bar known to locals as Sabella's at around 8:00 PM. The teams were tightly organized with assault rifles and had an armored car, suggesting they expected a level of resistance. The raid was performed in under an hour producing two suspects who left with armed officers and were summarily transported to Mission Row PD for detainment and questioning. The first detainee approaching an LSPD transport. The second detainee to have been transported from Sabella's The LSPD offered no comment at this time. Remember to like and subscribe for more city-wide news! Thank you for supporting independent journalism > Comments are enabled Edited 1 hour ago by Al-Malikah
  20. Detectives search Radley "Rascal" Morton's home for evidence of child pornography Radley "Rascal" Morton Arrested on Child Pornography Charges Detectives Currently Combing Through Evidence Ryan D Price Radley Morton, commonly known by his FaceBrowser moniker "Rascal", was arrested by LSPD officers Wednesday evening for allegedly, "trafficking child pornography in the state of San Andreas." Outside of Morton's trailer in Stab City, Police Chief Charles Hughes addressed the media. "Over the last week, the Detective Bureau's Cyber Crimes Section has been working hard on identifying and investigating key individuals involved in trafficking child pornography in the state of San Andreas. Today we are standing in front of the house of Mister Radley Morton. Mister Morton has been found to be the person behind several Facebrowser accounts, including but not limited to: Rascal, Rascai, Bird is the word, NotRascal, and Rascalification. Following our investigation into these FaceBrowser accounts, we identified him to be the source. The detectives behind me are currently checking out the house for any signs of child pornography stored inside. Mister Morton was arrested five minutes ago for his involvement in trafficking Child Pornography and should be en route to Mission Row Station as we speak. I must clarify that so far the LSPD has only found mister Morton peddling his wares. We have not found any actual child pornography, which is the reason why we're currently searching his domicile." Police, at the time of this article's writing, are currently combing through evidence taken from Morton's trailer in search of evidence to pin him on charges of Child Abuse and Endangerment. Each item of child pornography, if found by detectives on Morton's personal computers, would see him face a minimum of three years in prison. "If there are fifty videos, he will be charged with fifty counts.", Chief Hughes said of Morton's possible charges. When asked how LSPD became aware of Morton's acts, Hughes elaborated, "We were issued an electronic surveillance warrant which we used to breach his accounts. In his private messages, we found repeated attempts to sell child pornography to random users on Facebrowser. Mister Morton, however, did not share any over the medium. Thus we are still investigating how he delivers it to his clients." If child pornography is not found on his personal devices, Morton will still be facing charges, according to Chief Hughes, "At the moment, we are looking to charge mister Morton with Child Abuse and Endangerment, which this crime falls under. If it turns out that he does not possess said pornography, we will be seeking to charge him with different charges relevant to infringing on public decency or something of that likeness. We and the DA's office take sex offenders very seriously, as we should." This is the first operation carried out by the LSPD's new cybercrimes team. According to the Police Chief, cyber crimes will be a larger focus moving forward. "This case will be our first official one, and hopefully, our first successful one." He went on to say, regarding the unique situation modern technology puts law enforcement in, "We feel like the digital landscape is very much still the unknown, and our people working it should have as much leeway as possible." Saints News will continue to cover this story as it develops. Saints News
  21. LSPD Officers look on as LSFD units work to extinguish the fire Fire in La Mesa Arson Suspected as "FireBat" Claims Responsibility Ryan D Price Flames engulfed a small trailer on the concrete banks of the canals and sewers new Little Bighorn Avenue in La Mesa this evening. LSPD and LSFD units responded immediately, extinguishing the structure fire quickly. This comes amidst a series of arsons for which a FaceBrowser user under the moniker "FireBat" has taken responsibility. Soon after LSFD arrived on scene, FireBat posted on FaceBrowser. LSPD had a detective on the scene shortly after the fire was extinguished and are continuing to investigate the matter. If you have any information regarding this incident or any other related to this string of arsonry please contact LSPD. Saints News will continue coverage as this story progresses. Saints News
  22.  Galaxy Nightmare  Ryan D. Price Galaxy Nightclub's FaceBrowser page boasts that its management is "always setting the necessities of clients ahead of themselves". Upon hearing what happened to Lexi Miller last night at Galaxy that seems a bit hard to believe. Saints News sat down with Lexi hours after the incident to hear her story. "Once we stepped in, some guy randomly grabbed me and held me to his body in the middle of the club. I obviously shoved him off and stepped away. The only guard who was inside noticed and approached us." This sounds like effective security work until learning what happened next. "The guard literally stared at that guy trying to assault my boyfriend." As the situation got worse, the inaction of the security staff continued according to Miller. "Eventually, the guard called the other one who was checking up IDs outside. I pulled my boyfriend aside to avoid causing a scene out of it. However, the guy didn't even care about the guards and approached us to snatch my hat and insult me again. Then he simply headed outside with the rest of his crew. One of them was like 'You didn't inform us about it' while he was standing right next to us." Executive Security handles security operations at Galaxy. According to their own FaceBrowser page, the company is "a professional organization with experienced leadership and security contractors." Miller's incident comes on the heels of other controversies involving the security firm ranging from potential dishonesty pertaining to their connection with Executive Association, to blatant incompetence that cost a life. Miller says she's not angry about what happened at the club, noting that incidents like this happen all the time in Los Santos. "I'm more frustrated about the lack of management and security in that club." Saints News
  23. Broken Homes, Poverty, and Intimidation The forging of the modern-day gang member & awareness By Miia. R. Novak, Psy.D Inclusion. Nearly everyone you know seeks it. It is a natural state we are all capable of, and fall back on due to being human - the social creature. We all find that inclusion with various aspects in our lives, be it at the workplace, school or at the end of a suburban cul-du-sac with neighbors. But how does that inclusion, that need for community lead some adolescents or young adults into the life of crime? How can one find a sense of community in a gang? When we think of gangs, the conclusion nearly everyone jumps to is the gang-land violence that ensues with the title. Gang-culture rose during the eighties and nineties, which anyone who resides in Los Santos would probably be accustomed to either by tales or first hand experience. Today however, as society moves forward, so does the thinking and mentality of established gangs. However, what does remain untouched is the brutality and intimidation that has always been present in gang-culture. As with practically all cases relating to gang-culture, violence is inherent at its core. Anyone participating plays by the notion of it being fair game and feel subject to said violence. This often leads to dangerous scenarios where innocent bystanders may be killed, or injured by the violence inflicted by said gangs, regardless of being a man, woman or child. Some victims of this violence are, or were often once-rival members of an opposing gang. Violence being the central element, it often makes the situation more damaging and complex compared to other forms of violence outside of what would be considered gang-culture. As the modern-age moves forward, adapting to the new technologies forming around us is the norm - same goes for gangs. Once upon a time, gang-members used weapons such as knives, heavy duty chains or homemade crude weaponry such as deadly pipe or zip firearms. Nowadays, it’s shotguns, automatic rifles, handguns and even explosives. Their tools adapt to the changing world, but so do their prevention measures to being caught by law enforcement. In the past, clothing was in essence, the identity of that gang. Seeing as the culture surrounding gangs is built on identity and the sense of inclusion in a community - you can imagine how important the colors are for a gang. Colors like red, or blue were the identifying colors for two major gangs in Los Santos. Nowadays, while the identity still is the biggest factor in gangs - the deception measures needed to avoid law-enforcement have called for changes in how members dress and what colors they use. The use of accessories such as caps, jewelry and bandanas have diminished in an effort to thwart law-enforcement profiling and noticing them, or recognizing their affiliation. However, even with these deception measures in place, it can still be recognizable. When it comes to young teenagers or adults, what are the possible tell-tale signs that could hint to gang-involvement? Gang involvement can begin as early as elementary school. Children as young as seven or eight years of age have been recruited to work in criminal street gangs, and are often selected due to their age. This opens the path for manipulation, which many criminal gangs do attempt on young minds. Many parents are unaware that their children could be involved in gang activity. Parents and even educators should watch for signs that their children and pupils might be involved with gang activity. Typically, when it comes to younger ages the most obvious signs would be behavior changes. Many parents chalk it up to being simply a phase, however there could be more to it. In terms of early warning signs, there are a few. Not to be taken as a direct sign of it, however merely to keep awareness to the fact. Early signs could include; Experimental drug use. Truancy, or absenteeism from school. Change of friends. Rebellious behavior at school and home. Poor family bonding. Having large sums of money or new expensive items which cannot be explained. However, when it comes to direct tell-tale signs, there are a variety of factors that start showing. Such factors include; Gang graffiti in their bedroom on items such as books, posters and bedroom walls. Wearing a gang’s clothing or colors. Disclosure of gang membership. Using hand signals to communicate with "friends", other gang members. Excessive swearing or cursing. Having photos showing gang names, gang slogans, gang insignia or gang activities. Initiation activities. May carry hidden weapons. While these signs are more than likely the case that the person is involved, there are a few that may not show these signs at all. Not all gang members are obvious in their dress or manner. Asian gangs, for example, are not immediately recognizable by their attire. They often remain respectful to their peers, to authority. They maintain a respectable image, remain in school and keep their grades high. Involvement in a gang is not known until an incident happens. Gang Awareness - What consists of gang-culture as a whole Gangs typically exist in urban areas, and more recently in Blaine County areas as well. They number well over a quarter million youths throughout the West-Coast region. When it comes to Los Santos itself, their violent acts claim an average of one life a day. Due to the easily obtainable supply of firearms, this is the sad fact of the effect gang-violence has on society. This, coupled with the availability of drugs, including alcohol, leads to much of the impulsive violence that occurs. Also worth mentioning that movies, the internet, and to an extent Facebrowser - often seem to glamorize the rebellious nature and gangster lifestyle which can often lead to younger adults pursuing that type of lifestyle. Street gangs in Los Santos are described by definition under law-enforcement, as a group of individuals who may or may not claim control over a certain territory in the community and engage, either individually or collectively, in violent or other forms of illegal behavior. They do exactly that. When it comes to gang hierarchy - few gangs have some form of leadership, most do not have a formal organization however and resort their leader to the strongest or most active member. When it comes to the naming of a gang, they often take claims to a particular territory or neighborhood and directs its criminal activity towards rival gangs and the general population in the form of robberies, assaults and narcotics sales. That, in essence is the fundamental reason gangs do when they seek that need for identity, that need for community. Rather, leadership roles in street gangs are normally assumed by a member who demonstrates or asserts dominant control at a particular incident they may be involved in. With smaller gangs, however, it is more likely that a single individual will become a recognized leader. When it comes to how gangs may come up with their name - many adopt names that have significance when related to their neighborhoods (street names, hills, valleys, housing projects, etc.) Some gangs are generally further be divided into smaller groups and such. An established gang may then participate in a variety of anti-social behaviors, such as battery, sexual assault, damage to property, murder, gang wars and other criminal activity that fall under any such gang-related incident. While a gang may participate in such activity, there are various divisions in law-enforcement that are directly involved with the suppression of gang-activity and outreach. Such divisions like the Gang Impact Team of the Los Santos Police Department tend to be involved in such situations. Outreach is also another factor in which the department tries. Reaching out to try and dissuade youngsters from falling in with gangs, and ultimately helping so it won’t affect their life as a whole. Reaching out to those affected by gangs is hard, but there are people who are there to help. If you feel affected personally, try your best to distant yourself from the actions of these gangs. It will be hard, but there are support and youth groups out there that help push you in the right direction. More from Saints The Perception of Gangs Saints News
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