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Found 13 results

  1. This will follow the already started development of Victor "Midget" Cambeiro.
  2. This thread will follow the character development of the character.
  3. This thread will follow the development of young motorcycle enthusiast, Ismail Reyes. Ismail was born at Paleto Bay 22 years ago. His only passion is riding a motorcycle and nothing else. 22 years old rider constantly suffers from his alcohol and nicotine addiction.
  4. Seeking two Criminal Defense Attorneys to assist in Past/Present/Future defense cases for the Mongols Motorcycle Club. MUST BE: Able to work with Group cases. Able to work with Solo cases. Openminded. Capable of contracting for permanent positions. (Optional but recommended.) * Do not have to previously know or bring in another lawyer with you in order to be accepted into the job. * For any further information or negotiations, please contact: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Or otherwise contact by phone: 488-4988. We look forward to all entries and inquiries as well as hope we conclude with a Retainers Agreement.
  5. This thread will follow the development of Thomas Flores.
  6. Michael Carrillo photographed with his ex-girlfriend, 2018
  7. Martin Joaquin Ríos Hidalgo (born on August 15th, 1971) is a Mexican-American whom once served as a Sergeant within the U.S. Army and a outlaw motorcyclist who belongs to the nomadic club known as Verdugos MC. Martin's life began in the neighborhood of El Burro, located in the eastern region of Los Santos, San Andreas. He was the only child of his father Joaquin and mother Rosa María, who immigrated from Mexico in their early twenties to seek a better life in America. Being an only child, Martin found it difficult to form the social skills typically developed through interactions with other children within his age group. His father, Joaquin, struggled severely with an addiction to heroin which often drained the family of the little assets they did have. His mother struggled with a language barrier and a lack of formal education, leaving her to chase after small jobs around the neighborhood which barely kept the family afloat. With an unstable and neglectful household, Martin found himself in search for some type of acceptance within his life. He began getting into trouble with other local preteens, committing crimes such as drug distribution, theft, and muggings in order to earn himself respect within his circle, as well as some pocket change to keep himself alive. Martin discovered a sense of completion by associating himself with these cliques of troubled youth, feeling as though he was a part of something tangible, a brotherhood of his peers. Not only this, the gang culture catered to aspects of his budding sociopathic tendencies. He found a real enjoyment in the adrenaline-pumping activities in which he’d participate. By high-school, Martin was an initiated member of El Burro Heights Rifa XIII, a sureño gang which would ultimately become defunct by the early 2000s. The year was 1988 and Martin found himself in his senior year of high school, just barely scraping by the years previous due to his lack of involvement in the classroom and his dedication to the destructive gangland lifestyle he’d began living. The era of the late 1980s was an interesting time in Los Santos. Gang activity had been on the rise since the start of the ‘80s with the crack epidemic, and high school environments had evolved into something more sinister, comparable to the yards of prison. Different cliques of various races formed together and often times clashed on school grounds, while the powers that be on the school board struggled to get a handle on the situation. This environment ultimately caused a media explosion in April of that year, and young Martin would find himself on the headline. During a dispute in Martin’s high school cafeteria, he found himself face to face with a member of a rival African-American gang who had begun uttering threats and racial slurs towards the young man. What started as a verbal arguments escalated in the two getting physically violent, and finally climaxed when Martin struck the teen in the side of the head with a glass soda bottle. The teen fell to the ground, bleeding profusely while Martin continued to kick the student in his ribcage, shattering three rib bones within him. School security broke up the fight and police were brought in to apprehend Martin and some of the other students involved. He was taken to the local police station to be processed and charged with assault. The injured African-American teen was rushed to the hospital where he was emitted into the intensive care unit. A few months later, Martin and three other Hispanic students with ties to the El Burro Heights Rifa XIII faced trial for the savage assault. They stood before a Mexican-American judge who, luckily for them, took some pity on them due to their rough upbringing in a neighborhood where “they didn’t even stand a chance,” as the judge was quoted. The other students in question would receive twelve months probation, and be forced to go through a behavioral correction program while completing hours of community service. Martin was given the same, but due to his deeper involvement in the assault, was made to agree that he would join the army once he became of age. He had no choice but to agree to the ultimatum he was handed. Upon turning 18 in August of 1989; Martin left home to begin basic training at Fort Zancudo. He struggled at first with the strict regiment, routines, and discipline that the drill sergeants demanded of him, but after awhile he conformed and began straightening himself out. He adapted to life within the military and even began to excel in his training. He enjoyed the fraternity in which being a part of a unit provided; something he lacked growing up and chased after in his years of gang activity. Martin would pass his basic training and go on to be stationed permanently at Fort Zancudo, climbing through military ranks to land a position as a sergeant. In 1995 at age 24, Martin was given a bad conduct discharge from the U.S. army after he was caught having an inappropriate relationship with a senior female officer who was in charge of his unit. Martin was immediately made to pack his belongings and leave the military base, ultimately forcing him to return to his old stomping grounds of El Burro. Martin sought out employment with several establishments in the community, all of which turned out to be dead-ends once they heard of his past and reason for discharge. As his finances dwindled, Martin was eventually evicted from his apartment and forced to live on the streets. He began struggling with withdrawal from reality and alcohol addiction, coping once again with his endless need for acceptance and fraternity. It seemed luck was with Martin once again when he stumbled upon a man by the name of Armando "Pepe" Zayas, who took in Martin and helped rehabilitate him. Armando was a patched member of a motorcycle club known as Verdugos, who would bond with young Martin over respect for his military training and their shared culture. Armando helped him seek employment from a motorcycle garage in which he had invested, and began mentoring him in the life of a 1%er. It did not take Martin long before he would fall in love with the lifestyle of belonging to an outlaw MC. He saved up money through his new employment, got himself established, and purchased himself his first bike; a 1992 Harley Davidson Fat Bob Custom. It was around this time he began his prospect phase for Verdugos. In 1997, a year and a half after having embarked on his journey as a prospect, Martin was called upon by Armando, the other patched members and the officers of Verdugos to attend a meeting and their weekly chapter gathering, known in club culture as “church.” When Martin entered the room, he was brought face to face with Armando who beckoned him forward without uttering a word. The president at the time spoke a few words about the club’s roots, and how everyone in that room shared a sacrifice and honor of being bound together as a brotherhood. The president explained that Martin had come a long way in prospect tenure, and that those who stood before him in the room believed he was ready to take the next step. At this time, the president gave a nod to Armando, who squared up and socked Martin in the jaw as hard as he could. Martin tripped backwards and was caught by the patch holders behind him, who straightened Martin up and pushed him back in front of Armando. Armando looked him in the eyes and said in Spanish: “Now make me bleed too, brother.” Martin, obviously confused by the situation, was somewhat hesitant but eventually returned the hit to Armando, causing him to bleed from his lip as well. The president spoke up, and told the pair to spit the blood into their palms and shake hands as men. Upon doing so, he explained that the duo were now bound in blood as family, in the name of the Verdugos MC. Everyone in the room around the two applauded, and Armando embraced Martin before handing him his cut bearing the full patch of Verdugos MC. He was now officially part of the fraternity. As a full member of the motorcycle club, Martin began uncovering another side to the club he had not yet experienced. Although never referred to as a criminal organization, many MCs including Verdugos have members which walk a thin line between lives of criminality, which often comes with the 1%er lifestyle. Under Armando’s wing, Martin was looped into a drug trafficking operation with many other MC affiliates. The operation, which crossed state lines, originated from back in the early days of the club’s formation. Over the years, the smuggling route had become increasingly dangerous as other larger clubs sought to take a piece of the action; upset by Verdugos crossing their states and not sending a cut their way. The tension never erupted into full scale war but did bring casualties along the way, which was why Armando was hoping Martin’s fresh perspective over the situation could prove valuable. Martin’s suggestion? Move away from crossing into other club’s turf, and look for the answer south of border. The MC was no stranger of the Mexican cartels operating a few hundred miles south of Los Santos. Armando had close connection to high ranking members of the Mexican Mafia from his prison stints, and those individuals introduced the MC to numerous shady individuals involved in notorious organizations such as Sinaloa cartel. Martin himself held relation to the cartel through an estranged cousin by the name of Javier Hidalgo, a man who was suspected by DEA and ATF of controlling the San Andreas-Mexico smuggling routes. Martin managed to get in contact with Javier, and offered up his services to the cartel in exchange for protection in their routes as well as steady income for the club. In exchange, Martin had to get the cartel what they most needed - firearms. It is believed the Martin was able to acquire firearms for the cartel by using an existing relationship he had with active members of the U.S. army based in Fort Zancudo. These individuals, with crooked backgrounds similar to Martin, were in charge of keeping track of and documenting all equipment which was owned by the army. Another part of their job was the destruction of weapons which were decommissioned by the military. Many of these weapons, although non-existent on paper, were stashed away illegally outside of the army. Martin would purchase these decommissioned military wares to distribute among the cartel connection and other affiliates with which the club conducted business. In 1999, due to health complications, the long reigning President of the Verdugos motorcycle club passed away. This left a power gap to be filled by a voting of the club’s patched members and officers. Although proper procedure was followed, it was obvious that the one true fit for the role was Armando “Pepe” Zayas, whom had been one of the founding fathers. Armando was nominated, and subsequently voted unanimously by the chapter as a whole. Unlike other clubs of their nature, Verdugos does not hold a vote to decide the positions of Vice President and Sergeant-At-Arms; the second and third in command respectively. These ranks are selected by the President himself, leaving the roles of Secretary, Treasurer, and Road Captain to be chosen by a voting of their peers. With the election of the club’s newest President, it was time for new individuals to step up to the plate to become leading officers of the chapter. Armando decided to select Andres “Flint” Villegas to be his second in command as Vice President, and saw no one else appropriate for the senior enforcer role than Martin Ríos himself. He was patched in as the club’s Sergeant-At-Arms just before the dawn of the new millennium. --- (To be updated.)
  8. Ryan Burns Ryan Burns was born on October 12th, 1997 in Sandy Shores Medical Center to Adam Burns and Sarah Goodman who lived in a trailer in the outskirts of Sandy Shores where they still currently reside. His father worked on repairing bikes for most of his life seeing as Sandy Shores is a bike oriented town business was never short which allowed Ryan, who hanged out a lot at his father's mechanic shed, to gain first hand experience and meet a lot of people especially people from Motorcycle and Riding Clubs who he took a certain type of admiration to and valued the brotherhood system they had which appealed to him very much. In his early years he attended school like any other kid but never felt like belonged, he had his friends and all but they didn't relate to him on the level that he wished he wasn't a loner or anti-social at all he just never felt truly surrounded by real friends which led him to instead make friends around town rather than school which opened him up more to the local motorcycle chapter and while he was never a part of it he saw them from a distance while working in his fathers shed as they ran their local charity events. After he graduated high school he went into the city to study at Los Santos University, majoring in service mechanics of general transportation and received his bachelors degree, shortly after graduating he moved back to Sandy Shores upon receiving the news of his mothers passing as he has decided to renovate his fathers old garage and shed. After meeting a local patched member of the Old Cronies Motorcycle Club named Philip Freeman as well as meeting most of the other members. Ryan decided he would try to acquire a job repairing motorcycles and complete a lifelong dream which is join a Motorcycle Club.
  9. This thread will follow the character development of Aaron Woods, retired USMC 1st Tank Battalion Tank Commander, now a Tail Gunner for The Bastards Motorcycle Club.
  10. Copyright Infringement & The Fight For Original Content. WHAT IS COPYRIGHT AND ITS INFRINGEMENT? Under the copyright law, the creator of the original expression in a work is its author. The author is also the owner of copyright unless there is a written agreement by which the author assigns the copyright to another person or entity, such as a publisher. Using content without permission or legal rights to it, in any way, is copyright infringement. Even if it is not monetized. As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner. This thread is not to discuss whether or not a group would/should contact for legal reasons, because we can all argue if that could occur or not for ages without any sort of outcome to this thread. WHERE IS THIS HAPPENING? With a dive into the forums, it seems as if plagiarism was previously a rule against the server as early as 2017-2018, and last seeing it in 2019. Below I’ve pulled up as many of the motorcycle club factions that I could find using copyrighted material from real life. This is being used on the forums, and in game. Currently it’s popular to have a client side mod between these factions that sport copyrighted logos on their back for ‘added realism’ and for screenshots. So the use goes across many fields. A C T I V E FACTIONS: -Mongols MC -Vagos MC C L O S E D FACTIONS: -Cossacks MC -Red Devils MC -Sons Of Silence MC P O T E N T A L FACTIONS: -Outlaws MC (Not an Official faction as of 3/AUG/2020) Use of these are not advancing understanding of political, human rights, economic, democracy, and social justice issues, etc. So this does not constitute under ‘fair use’. WHY WE SHOULD RESPECT THE LAW / MORAL GROUNDS. Most of us who research into the 1%er and outlaw club life know very well how disrespectful using their logo is. There is an entire brotherhood built upon the MC name and patch that takes effort and time to earn. Ethics wise, these logos are not ours to use or reproduce, especially when we are the ones who advertise the server to potential donors with such materials. Just in the past few years, the Hells Angels have brought more than a dozen cases in federal court, alleging infringement on apparel, jewelry, posters and... yo-yos. The group has also challenged Internet domain names and a Hollywood movie — all for borrowing the motorcycle club's name and insignias. Recently they have sued rapper Young Jeezy for his knock off apparel. Morals aside - and speaking in a more broad sense - I have concern for GTAW as a whole. Any actual people using these images, logos, materials could be at risk for DMCA / EUCD take down. The community acts as a singular unit, and while this is a platform - I’m not entirely clear who would be responsible if something such as this would happen. I feel as if it is paramount that Management would enforce a new Copyright and Plagiarism rule for the sake of protecting everyone, and themselves, from any potential legal jeopardy. Motorcycle clubs are worldwide, therefore, a lot of these copyrights are protected under international laws and treaties. Here are some examples of the Mother Chapters’ copyright info using such; MONGOLS Active Copyright. VAGOS Active Copyright. OUR CONFLICTING RULES. 6) Character Rules -Names cannot be famous or be similar to a famous person's name. -Names may not be the same as or similar to characters in video games, movies, TV shows or any other form of media. Not sure why names have been the extent of famous use. Businesses and Logos should be included. We aren’t allowed to use real life face claims on facebrowser, yet, most faction threads use pictures of actual gang members in their opening posts. WHAT THIS CAN CHANGE? -Having these real life factions in the game create previous and existing allies and enemies. Hindering IC relationships to blossom. -Factions use of “In real life, X is known to Y” as arguments for certain actions they perform. Your faction should be KNOWN for what they do - because they’ve actually done it. Not just referring back to the real life equivalent. -Using pre-existing turf outside of Los Santos as leverage for deals and actions. These MCs have their own turfs and allies that could cause issues if one would attack the other in LS - causing an entire worldwide war. -Promote more original content, original stories, original logos, original character development and goals. THE FIGHT FOR ORIGINAL CONTENT. Original content is one of the greatest things this server has. It backs up our claim for being strict and full of quality. To base and start off your faction from a Wikipedia article is a small amount of effort compared to those who have created their own logos, their own backstory, and did not use existing lore and grounded rules to their advantage. This type of groundwork for development is astounding. Plus, The sheer amount of quality control it would take to make sure everyone is properly conveying these real life clubs and gangs seems unfeasible. While this thread is to point out issues with copyright, I commend all of you who have worked tirelessly to produce your own original content, and only want to see more of it! CLOSING STATEMENTS. I understand that this thread could inevitably be populated with an army of faction members trying to defend their use, and I understand that this may feel like just pointing fingers. I hope that the hours I have put into writing this statement proves to you that there is no personal ill will, but instead a push forward to make our server fair, right, and better for everyone. For the argument that this is simply a game server. Regardless of the purpose of any content or its intended use, there is still an end product and these images are being misused.
  11. Property Type: CLUBHOUSEAddress: Grapeseed / Grand Senora Desert Area: GrapeseedDescription: Old Motorcycle Club, very well cared. Large building with fenced land. It is fully furnished with appliances included, bar and wooden table carved for meetings. Full bathroom installation. The location is unbeatable, close to Sandy Shores. Starting Bid: $600,000 Current Bid: - Buyout: - Contact: [email protected] ((forum MP)) / Phone : 9438326 / 3941998 EXTERIOR: INTERIOR:
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