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Found 12 results

  1. OOC INFORMATION This faction will focus on the reality of a white gangster growing up in the county of Los Angeles / Los Santos in 2024. Although white supremacist imagery is utilized, this is in by no means a reflection of faction members' OOC beliefs. Those portraying their character and thus the faction in a bad light will ultimately lead to their removal from the faction. Forum PM @ebk pete or @Sinatra if you are interested in getting involved with the faction or have any questions.
  2. This thread will follow the development of Chase Atwood, Clay Atwood and Cole Atwood. Clay, Cole and Chase Atwood, born and raised in the small town of Sandy Shores, shared a passion from kids too now the world of dirt biking. Their childhood was brought up by the dirt trails and the roar of engines as they rode the never ending desert together. The three brothers dreamed of making a name for themselves as professional dirt bike riders, hitting crazy jumps and working for a future filled with adrenaline and victories. As they grew older, the realities of life in Sandy Shores began to show. Limiting the opportunities and the financial struggles, this pushed the Atwood brothers to the border of society. Faced with financial problems, and the lost of their mother. They found themselves caught by the lure of quick money and easy gains. Caught in the addiction, Clay, Cole and Chase became trapped in the reality of their small town, where the lines between right and wrong were hard too see. Influenced by the wrong crowd, they quickly drifted into the criminal world, getting involved in illegal activities such as drugs, murder and guns. The once dreams of becoming dirt bike riders now seemed like a distant memory as the brothers deal with the consequences of their choices.
  3. SKINBYRD ROLEPLAY (TLDR version at the bottom for those of you who hate reading) INTRODUCTION A skinbyrd is the female equivalent of a skinhead. While skinheads are often associated with gangs, the females are not actual gang members, however, they are considered associates. These women are connected to white gangs either through dating a member or by having a family member who is mixed up in a white gang. They can have racist beliefs like their male counterparts, or they can just be indifferent to these beliefs. They can also range from being just average-looking females who hold regular jobs, to being full-on drug addicts who struggle to get by. There isn’t any specific “type” of female that can be a skinbyrd, the main two things that make a female a skinbyrd are their indifference or acceptance of racist beliefs and their association with skinheads. CHARACTER TYPES As stated in the intro, there really isn’t a specific type of female that you have to portray to be considered a skinbyrd, however this section serves to give some ideas of types of characters that would fit well within the white gang scene. (You absolutely do not have to stick to these three, get creative!) Drug addicts - hard drugs are prevalent among white gangs so portraying a female with a drug addiction is a quick and easy way to make an introduction with skinheads Punk/Alternative Chicks - punk rock can be a large part of the skinhead gang culture and there’s punk rock bands that cater exclusively to a skinhead audience so portraying a female that’s interested in these bands can be another way to get your foot in the door Civilians - holding a regular job such as a bank teller, cashier, nurse, etc can be hugely beneficial to skinhead gangs. Often times skinhead gangs are involved in white collar crimes and having an “in” to be able to conduct these crimes is a plus for them. This type of character can be mostly legal however maybe she is easily manipulated into committing fraud-type crimes by a skinhead boyfriend or family member GETTING INVOLVED Because females cannot be gang members, their connection to the gang relies on them being involved with a male member. This could be a relative or family member, someone they’re dating or friends with, or maybe even one of their friend’s boyfriends. There is always a male connection. Make an introduction and then start building the relationship from there. ROLES WITHIN A WHITE GANG Most commonly, a skinbyrd will be the girlfriend or relative of a skinhead and as seen in a multitude of articles about white gangs, these women often take direction and are influenced into doing crime by the men they associate with. These women often play a secondary, supporting role to the men in their lives. They do not take a leading role in attacking enemies, making massive drug or weapons deals solo, or play the mastermind role in white collar crime operations. Does that mean, they can't partake in these types of things? No, but it should be as a supporting character to a male who is leading the crime. If a skinbyrd is open to/influenced into doing crime, she can be tasked with a multitiude of things such as: organizing prison visits on behalf of the gang, smuggling drugs, or trafficking them and collecting money/payments for drugs/illegal goods, arranging three-way calls, etc. There are a few documented instances where women are involved in assaults, and witness intimidation situations too - however, they are doing so on behalf of a male gang member. Skinbyrds can also be more legal-sided characters who have criminal ties due to who they associate with or date. Additionally, as discussed in the book Inside Organized Racism and several of the source articles below, sometimes these women’s role is to simply raise the family that they have with the men in their lives. Not every skinbyrd has to be involved in the crimes of their partner or family members. MISCONCEPTIONS First and foremost - there is no such thing as a skinbyrd gang. While skinbyrds might be friends with each other, these groups are not the same as female street gangs. There is no leader. There is no official gang and these groups should not operate as such. Skinbyrds should not be pressured to partake or be involved in crimes by other skinbyrds, these types of things should be left up to the male who they’re involved with. Additionally, if one skinbyrd wants to play it more legally sided, the others should not “cast her out” for it. In fact, playing a lower-key character who works a civilian job can be very beneficial to the gang overall. These females also do not often commit violent crimes or partake in gunplay. If they do, it is as an accomplice to a male gang member leading the charge. TLDR - Skinbyrds are the female equivalent of a skinhead, but are NOT a gang member - Skinbyrds are usually linked to a white gang via a partner or family member - They often play a secondary / supporting role to the male members - Skinbyrds are not a gang of girls - They’re not all unemployed drug addicts - They don’t often commit violent crimes on their own - They can hold regular civilian jobs & lives - They are not typically pressured into crimes by other skinbyrds - There is no leader of all the skinbyrds - They don’t have to be hardcore racist - They can look like a totally normal female - They can have racist tattoos, but area codes, bolts and gang specific ink would likely result in negative reactions/consequences from gang members SOURCES AND FURTHER READING There isn’t much information about skinbyrds specifically, likely because they tend to keep a low profile and don’t get involved in violent crimes as frequently as their male counterparts. However, skinbyrds are mentioned in various articles regarding PENI and other white supremacist groups, and we can draw conclusions about their lives from those articles.
  4. OOC: We're trying to portray a white supremacist skinhead gang that operates in Vespucci, that doesn't mean we accept any instance of OOC racism or discrimination, behave yourself when joining the discord. Remember that upon entering the faction script or faction discord you agree to give Vespucci Skinheads leadership your CK rights. https://discord.gg/2RQh7eceG3
  5. Dogtown Skinheads, or Dog Town Skins, is a white supremacist skinhead gang based in the Dogtown area of Vespucci Beach in Los Santos, San Andreas. The early formation of the gang was formed as a hardcore punk rock crew called Dogtown Hardcore (DHC) in the early 1980's by a group of local suburban teenagers, who were heavily influenced by the violent Southern San Andrean punk rock scene. They frequently clashed with other punk gangs out on the streets and music shows and had already gained a deadly reputation for their violent behavior. Through time, the gang developed into a skinhead gang and were highly prominent in the late 1990's. With most of the members getting lost in the loop of hard drugs, catching life sentences and ending up on state prison yards, flipping and dying to street violence, the new generation of the gang operates around tightknit areas, squathouses and gritty motels in the Vespucci Beach area of Los Santos, with their main criminal activities ranging from petty crime to methamphetamine sales, burglaries, robberies, and assaults.
  6. Hate Fueled Joyride Rock Vespucci Beach March 12, 2023, 10:46 Written by Robert Grey Vespucci - A joyride turned into a nightmare for residents of Vespucci after a skinhead gang member went on a destructive rampage. Leo Mazza, a 21-year-old member of a local skinhead gang, drove through the streets of Vespucci, taking out street lights and driving over sidewalks in a meth-fueled frenzy. Mazza was eventually stopped by the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, who had been alerted to his reckless driving by concerned residents. During the traffic stop, deputies discovered that Mazza was carrying a loaded handgun and an undisclosed amount of cocaine and pills. According to witnesses, Mazza was driving erratically, swerving in and out of traffic and narrowly avoiding other vehicles and pedestrians. He was seen driving onto the sidewalk, knocking over garbage cans and causing damage to storefronts. One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said, "It was like something out of a movie. He was driving like a maniac, and we were all just trying to stay out of his way." Another witness, who also asked to remain anonymous, said, "It was terrifying. He was driving so fast, and I thought he was going to hit me. I'm just glad he's been caught." Mazza has been charged with a number of offenses, including reckless driving, possession of a loaded firearm, and possession of illegal drugs. He is currently being held in custody pending his arraignment. The incident has sparked outrage in the community, with many residents expressing their disgust at the actions of the skinhead gang member. "This kind of behavior is unacceptable," said one resident. "We need to come together as a community to stand up against hate and violence." The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department has vowed to continue to crack down on dangerous driving and gang-related activity in the area. "We will not tolerate this kind of behavior in our community," said a spokesperson for the department. "We will do everything in our power to keep our streets safe and to bring those responsible to justice." FOLLOW US ONLINE FOR LIVE UPDATES: HTTPS://SOSANSENTINEL.ORG/LIVE-UPDATES CLICK HERE TO COMMENT BELOW, TELL US HOW YOU FEEL! USERNAME: COMMENT:
  7. Senora Desert Skinheads The group roughly referred to as the "Senora Desert Skinheads.", or "SDSH." is a small gang of loosely affiliated skinheads operating out of Harmony. They frequent the motels as a sort of halfway home between prison and the street but by no means have a heavy population in the county or state penitentiary. They set their stake in the various motels up and down the six-eight to peddle narcotics and enact other illicit means of profit, several spikes in violent offenses can be attributed to them. The group is a relatively small drop in the pond when compared to the various motorcycle clubs and more organized crime groups that operate in the wider region of Blaine, they still however pose a threat to locals and many after-hour offenses have been attributed to them. In recent years however their already dwindling activity has ceased completely, most of the active, serious players have been placed behind bars following a 2016 RICO indictment. Notable members like Charles "Rocket" Johnson, Kyle "Big-Kay" Peters, and Samuel "Rebel" Richards have all been hit hard by this indictment and following the arrests made have had multiple other charges stacked against them. Officials fear that recent releases could reignite the gang's activity and cause another bloody spike in violence along the Route Sixty-Eight highway. The group uses a message of hate and racial violence to further their numbers, preaching a message of "Us." versus "Them." as a means to induct new members into a sense of belonging and brotherhood which over time will develop into a sense of "Family." that keeps this loosely organized gang together through various hardships and strife. They recruit exclusively on the street, but certain exceptions have been noted inside the San Andreas prison system. Methamphetamines abuse has been witnessed among most members of the gang for it's entire history, speculation believes that it was this very vice that lead to the gangs formation as a way to combine their strength and protect their supply. Shortly after the formation an increase in the discovery of methamphetamine labs and "Shake and bake." sites was noted among law enforcement agencies.
  8. EASTSIDE VINEWOOD SKINHEADS COMMUNITY AND ENVIROMENT A few short years after the unconditional surrender of the Axis Powers in WW2 and the blast of new opportunity that came with the start of the baby boomer generation, the area that is now known today as Vinewood was suddenly sparked to life with family, businesses and an overall bigger and flourishing community. New housing and property projects continued to pop up over the years, eventually turning what was originally farmland and the occasional home into the area we now know as East Vinewood. Eventually, East Vinewood grew into and became a great value neighborhood for new families and those with lower income, situated by the newly constructed highway; with lots to offer in the terms of homes and housing for its predominantly Caucasian residents. The community continued to do somewhat well throughout the years, but as better housing and community started popping up in different areas, the mainstay of Vinewood itself being generally known as a more rich, and unaffordable area, and the east side not generally having much to offer in terms of tourism, things to do, etc. It ended up being abandoned in the eyes of potential investors and anyone looking for a place to move in. As we hit the early 1980’s, property and living costs continued to rise, and in the middle of a drug and crack cocaine epidemic, the community wasn’t doing to great to say the least. The neighborhood’s reputation steadily declined, and the crime rate drastically rose, with many residents during this era left with empty pockets and addicted to drugs. Burglary happened often, and it was always a running joke to never forget to lock your car, or someone WILL break the window to take what pocket change is there. Years it continued and couldn't go unnoticed or be ignored, many complaints from residents across the board, the city of Los Santos attempted to remedy the problem with some half ditch efforts of installing new skate parks, inciting a neighborhood watch program, and even some new playgrounds and community centers. The new skate park park built in the area connected new and experienced skaters and random neighborhood kids alike, bonding over the new trends and culture that skating and Punk Rock brought up with its popularity. Also seen in places such as Vespucci and the rest of Vinewood at this time. It gave kids and teenagers alike something to do in their summers, often entire communities of kids and teenagers coming from all over the neighborhood to participate in local skate competitions and underground Punk Rock concerts, but overtime drug use has been glorified in the community, now a mainstay in the culture, but now known as one of the last standing communities in Vinewood that hasn't been touched by gentrification, Most households have had the same family for generations and scared to let go; the old designed buildings and abandoned apartments stuck in time from many generations ago is still what many people call home. built in the area connected new and experienced skaters and random neighborhood kids alike, bonding over the new trends and culture that skating and Punk Rock brought up with its popularity. Also seen in places such as Vespucci and the rest of Vinewood at this time. It gave kids and teenagers alike something to do in their summers, often entire communities of kids and teenagers coming from all over the neighborhood to participate in local skate competitions and underground Punk Rock concerts, but overtime drug use has been glorified in the community, now a mainstay in the culture, but now known as one of the last standing communities in Vinewood that hasn't been touched by gentrification, Most households have had the same family for generations and scared to let go; the old designed buildings and abandoned apartments stuck in time from many generations ago is still what many people call home. Ryder (Incarcerated), Grumps (Deceased) and Jack (Alive) Jack's going away party, circa 1994 EARLY DAYS/STARTUP Originally starting from a small tight-knit friend group of friends and other local teenagers around the neighborhood of Glory Way in the early 1990’s, most of these friends not meeting through school, but instead meeting through skateboarding, or their parents being friends with another family who happened to have children as well. They always got along well, hanging out every day and even starting their own garage band. During their time at Vinewood High, these teens would almost always stick together with their friends, family, and kids from the same neighborhood, as many other students liked to point fingers and tease and bully some students from the area, often yelling on the bus and screaming about “White trash”, “Hillbilly!”, “Hick!” and other things, generally based around the fact that East Vinewood is seen as the thumb of the area, and often avoided because of the mostly white population, and while not a neighborhood stricken with poverty, it’s a “lower class” area, especially compared to the rest of Vinewood.More often then not, this constant teasing and problems at school led to students skipping, or even full out dropping out. Often turning to drugs and petty crime such as vandalism, theft and alcohol to pass the time and get a cheap thrill. This escalated quickly, and eventually most of the friends ended up dropping out of school together, not wanting to be alone in classes. As things escalated from just small things like smoking weed, it quickly started turning to doing things like psychedelics, cocaine, and things like that as it became plentiful and easy to get in the area. Now hyped up on drugs, jobless and without much education, these now late-teens started bringing down younger generations with them, teaching them things about drugs, and getting them to shoplift for them so they don’t risk getting banned from stores. This, mixed with heavy drug use, eventually rose to teens running around with their father’s rifles, robbing nearby community gas stations and forming stick-up crews. Heavily influenced by skateboarding and punk rock music at this time, they often took most of their culture from Vespucci beach, which also happens to be predominantly white. With the skateboarding and drug culture, also came the skinhead culture of local gangs in that area. The group slowly and surely started and pinning their hate, lack of money, and drug problems on those from other neighborhoods who originally bullied them at school, or even those who wouldn’t hang out with them. Quickly adapting their hate of those specific teenagers to instead take pride in themselves and take pride in their own race, now mixed with the skinhead culture, being proud of being called things such as “White trash” and “Hick”, where originally kids felt ashamed. The small warband of Caucasian teenagers had heavy influence from nearby skinhead gangs, and through the culture of skateboarding, was taken under the wings of the older heads. The formerly innocent group of white kids quickly adapted and took on the skinhead culture, and in their prime, was a very violent group of teenagers, often thought to be the culprit of many racist attacks and hate crimes. They were also largely involved in the methamphetamine trade in the area.Drugs thrived throughout Los Santos; Methamphetamine being a common hit in the drug trade, a cheap substitute for the addictive and expensive pills that were prescribed. Once the infamous drug "Tweak/Crank/Scante" hit Los Santos, the word came out that a new drug that was more affordable and easier to get their hands on. Rapidly violent crimes spread through ought the city like wildfire for the small crystals that gave a liveliness, energetic, addictive high. MODERN DAY/ADAPTING THE M's Considered as a "newer" founded skinhead gang but following the same rules and structure as any other skinhead gang. What was originally a misfit group of kids eventually adapted recruiting new members and living a new way of life. The younger heads eventually coining the name "Meth, Money, Murder", "Triple M Gang", and many other nicknames for the crew. The once small and tight-knit group of teenagers in the 90’s exploding in growth over the years, recruiting their children, siblings, friends, and others around the neighborhood. Exploiting the poverty-stricken Caucasian teenagers throughout East Vinewood. Meth, Money, Murder deliberately recruited from high schools’ areas, middle schools and took in kids who came from unstable house holds and dysfunctional families. Taking advantages of kids who just wanted friends and a sense of a real family, picking them out and their traits; some being crash dummies and some being smart, the list goes on. Forcing many of the kids into difficult situations and seeing how they react. Learning from what their older generation taught them of street gang warfare tactics. Their tactics functioned heavily on younger kids, brainwashing them and training them as a "soldier" in their eyes; their militant ways caused heavy racial attacks and crime throughout Los Santos. Selling whatever they get their hands on, ranging from all types of drugs from psychedelic drugs to hardcore narcotics. Typically using the "Get Down or Lay Down" tactic to extort local Laundromats, convenience stores, and other small-time businesses and residents in different areas to make some money, but always having brotherhood like love to everyone in their community and neighborhood families who raised them. This war band of skinheads mostly tend to keep sticking to themselves, generally spotted at a local park either drinking, skating, or senseless fighting for fun. Still remembering their roots and passing down knowledge through the generations as the older heads ended up dead, serving life in prison or still roaming the streets.
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