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  1. Geo.

    Habbo RP

    I don't recall saying that but if I did I was wrong
  2. Geo.

    Habbo RP

    Habbo was my upbringing into RP. I remember last year when @Gucci sent an image of GTA World in the Habbo Chat and I said 'looks interesting, I'll try it out'. Never looked back, but appreciate what that game has done for my rp.
  3. Geo.

    The O'Neill Mob

    Always a pleasure, nice work folks! ❤️
  4. ** The Application Rubric would be refreshed and updated with more information **
  5. The probability of outcomes in RPS is one in three, or thirty three percent. Every outcome in life has a fifty percent probability, either it happens or it doesn't. I believe /flipcoin satisfies most altercations where probability to achieve an outcome is presented. There are nine possible outcomes for RPS, whereas there are two if done by /flipcoin. Once player choice is introduced into the mix, it creates a great hassle for strategic playing and script dependency. Not to mention an awkwardness if it ends up being a draw (Again, a thirty three percent chance of this happening). If players agree to pursue multiple rounds such as 'best out of three or five', then players can bet against a Nash Equilibrium, which again, brings a lot more trouble and potential for rigging than needed. Flipcoin and Roll works just fine. Good suggestion, though, I can see your reasoning behind it.
  6. Purchased a Gaming Keyboard and mouse, followed by a Gaming headset. Goes a long way when rp'ing!
  7. @dontblink 'Berta boys, I'm in Calgary. Let's run some drinks, on me.
  8. Very well said. I second this.
  9. From someone who was subjected to Legal RP for the past 8 years, It was a hard adjustment moving into illegal RP, but I knew it had to be done. I recall joining one of @sage's MC's during my first week on the Server. It was difficult to play a character in which I had no knowledge of playing. Alas, I did it anyway. I'd say RP Diversity allowed me to improve my Roleplay exponentially. I've subjected myself to various types, and have found my niche. Sadly, it isn't Illegal RP, but I'm glad I did it anyway! If I could offer advice to New Players, it would be to try different things with different characters, see what works for you. Another great way to improve your Roleplay is merely watching how other people RP. The amount of Verbs and Adjectives I use has doubled if not tripled during my time on the server, and it's watching what other people do / say. This gives me, as the player, inspiration or allow me to do it myself in different scenarios!
  10. *An Application Rubric would be on the second page.* ((IC SECTION)) Full Name: Firstname Lastname Age: Age Phone Number: Number Past Experiences: Answer About yourself: Answer What you're expecting: Answer ((OOC SECTION)) Discord: Answer Timezone: Answer How active are you?:
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